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RISD VALUES AUTHENICITY, NOT EXPEDIENCY. IT ASKS YOU TO OPEN UP, WORK HARD, DIG DEEP AND LISTEN INTENTLY. The creative mind is not limited to black/white or to either/or. It’s comfortable with nuance, ambiguity and a range of hues. Because of this, at RISD you can “do both” — design and make art, teach and learn, work with your hands and with complex software. In my own work, I try to do both every day — create and lead, calculate and dream, speak and listen, focus on the big and the small. We know that being creative is hard work, and that creative passion — from the Latin word for “pain” — is both a blessing and a curse. The need to create can make you feel welled-up and restless until an idea em aerges as something tangible. When it does, it feels great. And then the cycle begins all over again. In my own experience, I never worked as hard as I did as an art student in Japan. Making art was gut-wrenching, intense, and hugely satisfying. And even though I literally worked day and night, I enjoyed it so much that I have since translated that passion for making into everything I do, whether it’s through business, politics, design or education. So, as you make your college decision, consider what my parents forgot to tell me: make sure you love what you do in life because you’ll spend a lifetime doing it. Now, more than ever, society needs the passion, creativity and right-brained innovation our graduates have to offer. It’s up to us to show the world the power of the visual, the tactile, the non-linear — of artful, open thinking.

+John Maeda President


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RISD Academic Programs Four-Year Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in 16 disciplines Apparel Design Architecture Ceramics Film/Animation/Video Furniture Design Glass Graphic Design Illustration Industrial Design Interior Studies Jewelry + Metalsmithing Painting Photography Printmaking Sculpture Textiles

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in 11 disciplines Ceramics Digital + Media Furniture Design Glass Graphic Design Jewelry + Metalsmithing Painting Photography Printmaking Sculpture Textiles

Fifth-Year + Post-Baccalaureate Degrees Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) Post-baccalaureate programs Glass +4

Master of Architecture 1 (MArch 1) Master of Arts in Art + Design Education (MA) Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Master of Arts in Interior Architecture (MA) Master of Design in Interior Studies (MDes) Master of Industrial Design (MID) Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)

“We encourage students to look at the world with a pure, inventive spirit. Designing isn’t just about making improved versions of what already exists, it’s about imagining a future in which people live better lives because of the innovations you develop.” +Leslie Fontana

Associate Professor of Industrial Design BFA, Carnegie Mellon University BS, University of the Arts


Apparel Design If you’ve always loved clothing, fashion and the way apparel is used to express individuality, studying Apparel Design will give you the confidence and expertise to stand out as a designer. Professors will challenge you to stretch and develop your own vision through studio projects that help build the technical skills needed to express your ideas. You’ll learn pattern drafting, draping and construction, along with how to use high-end industry software for designing and rendering apparel. And you’ll actually create everything from wearables made from recycled (non-fabric) materials to collections of exquisitely constructed clothing for people of all ages and lifestyles. Each spring a jury of professionals in the field visits RISD to select the best student-made apparel for a popular runway show. The annual Collection event will give you great experience in working with models to present your work to the public. As a senior, you’ll also get a real feel for working in the fashion world through a six-week internship at a New York fashion house or design studio matched to your own sensibilities and interests. FOR DETAILS:

Architecture As part of an art college, the Architecture department is unique among its peers, which are typically set in universities or technical colleges. Our values as artists and designers set us apart: Artistic sensibility, material reasoning, spatial cognition, critical visual thinking, symbiotic meaning/making and imagination prosper here. By studying architecture, you will learn to think critically; to design through inquiry, reflection and invention; to directly experience construction; to understand the technical demands of building; to think through drawing, making, writing and speaking — and to be socially, sustainably and ethically responsible.

“At RISD I learned that part of success is about not giving up. Determination is everything.”

While history, theory and technical metrics are important and integral parts of the broad education our program provides, they are not themold for your development. Instead, we recognize and emphasize the creative process as the generating source of ideas and the means of finding out what you are passionate about and exposing you to the essential nutrients for becoming an autonomous, created and known self, posed to make a difference in the world.

+Judith Schaechter

BFA ’83, award-winning glass art+7

Film | Animation Film/Animation/Video (or “FAV” as it’s known at RISD) invites you to explore the time-based art of the moving image by making live action or animated films — or a hybrid of the two. Professors will guide you in formulating the technical, aesthetic and conceptual questions central to creating strong content with a unique voice. They’ll also provide critical feedback, regular interaction withvisiting artists and specialists, and access to professional development opportunities. As an FAV major, you’ll have the option of producing works in a wide range of genres — documentary, experimental or narrative film, for instance — and using diverse outlets, including installation and interactive media. Although the path you choose will be your own, FAV faculty will help you to hone your creative vision and master the skills and working methods needed to produce meaningful films and prepare you for a lifetime of making in the art world, the entertainment industry and beyond.


“At RISD we’re not defining what graphic design is, but constantly imagining what it can be.” +Bethany Johns Professor/MFA ’83

Graphic Design As a Graphic Design major, you’ll dive deep into the meaning of visual communication, exploring a field that’s essential in today’s information-rich world. Think of the posters, websites, books, ads, street signs, magazines, package labels and other visual information you engage with every day. Each one involves graphic design. You’ll study communications theory, design history, visual form-making, color, systems thinking and information design along with a progression of typography courses, from the anatomy of letterforms to expressive and experimental uses of type. You’ll also have the opportunity to take studios in everything from traditional book arts to interactive texts and digital media. Professors will challenge you to develop your own visual language as you create strong responses to assigned projects. You’ll graduate prepared to work in almost any field imaginable — from education to publishing to health care to retail. With the ability to think critically, you’ll leave RISD understanding how to convey even the most complex information as powerfully as possible.


Photography Everyone takes photographs, but not everyone is a photographer. It takes an artistic eye, a certain passion and well-honed technical skills to develop into a professional. As a Photography major, you’ll push the boundaries of the discipline and challenge established ways of seeing as you fully explore how photographic images are made, presented and interpreted. Beginning with film processing and darkroom printing, you’ll move on to experimenting with digital capture and imaging in various forms. This includes high-end printing at medium and large scales, and web, installation, book and video projects. Professors will challenge you to really think about and articulate your ideas and will help you to strengthen your expressive and technical skills in response to both studio assignments and personal projects. Whether you go on to specialize in commercial or editorial photography, teach, pursue a fine arts career, start your own business or combine several options, you’ll leave RISD able to fully express your own unique way of seeing the world.


Contact Information Primary Contacts Admissions Office phone: 401 454-6300 or 800 364-7473 fax: 401 454-6309 email: Financial Aid Office phone: 401 454-6661 fax: 401 454-6412 email: Other useful Numbers Main switchboard: 401 454-6100 Continuing Education: 401 454-6200 Museum of Art: 401 454-6507 Student Affairs: 401 454-6600 Mailing Address for Rhode Island School of Design Two College Street Providence, RI 02903-2784 USA Website


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