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Protection that negates a crossing of fingers Jockeys I, 1987, oil on canvas, 24 x 58 inches Collection of Jonathan Morris and Irene Lummertz,Washington, DC and Palm Beach, Florida, © Clarice Smith

The Power and Grace of Clarice Smith By Vicky Moon Middleburg Life


’m not at all horsey,” artist Clarice Smith told Middleburg Life in an exclusive interview recently. During a one-on-one chat set against the backdrop of her show “Clarice Smith: Power and Grace” at the National Sporting Library and Museum here in Middleburg, Smith revealed she tried riding horses 30 years ago. Things just didn’t work out. She also developed an allergy. The astonishing aspect of this exhibition is how Smith flawlessly captures the horses: galloping, walking or poking their heads out of a stall at her Heronwood Farm in Upperville, and at the races in Saratoga, Keeneland, England and France. Many of the 33 pieces are on large canvases. “I’m a good observer,” says Smith who received her BA and MFA in Studio Art at The George Washington University, where she also

Clarice Smith standing in front of Dead Heat, 1999. An exhibition of her work “Power and Grace” will be on view at the National Sporting Library and Museum in Middleburg through September 28. Photo courtesy of the National Sporting Library and Museum

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taught for seven years. “I paint the feeling one gets of the pastoral scene or a race with thundering hooves.” The must-see show is on view through Sept. 28 n Mortgage & Commercial Loan Company



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Twilight Race, 1986, oil on canvas, 35 3/4 x 47 1/2 inches Private Collection, © Clarice Smith

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July 2014

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Woodland Ride, 2001, oil on canvas, 36 x 76 inches Courtesy of the University of Maryland, © Clarice Smith

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Horse Huddle, 2009, oil on canvas, 18 x 30 inches Collection of the artist, © Clarice Smith

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Middleburg Life, July 2014  
Middleburg Life, July 2014