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Culpeper Times • March 16-22, 2017


Come watch the bees

Wow! This season has been a roller coaster of a ride for not only our bees but for us as well. It seems as if the weather changes from one day to the next, with temperatures ranging in the 70s for a few days to bone chilling wind and rain the next. It’s no wonder we are all a bit confused. Our observation hive that we have in our shop has the best of bee worlds. First of all, it is inside the building which means it’s nice and warm and since it is glass enclosed we are able to view the inner workings of hive activity. We had thought it would be a good idea to move the bees from the Observation Hive into a more traditional hive in our bee yard but our window of opportunity to move them never came


Felecia Chavez

about because of the fluctuation in weather. We felt it would be more stressful for them so it was decided that we would over winter them in the hive at the shop. In the winter months the hive actually slowed down but as soon as it became warmer outside we saw an increase of activity. The queen was not as lethargic and began to lay eggs and we saw more and more brood (baby bees waiting to be born). With all of the brood, we then found we had an increase in the bee population and it became a bit crowded. It is a strong hive and decided we would move some of the frames into one of the hives that was showing signs of not being as strong in our bee yard. That in itself is a huge undertaking. If you see us late in the evening, in our bee suits, moving a massive glass enclosed wooden hive full of bees on Davis Street you’ll ➤ See Bees, Page 9

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) is seeking candidates for the position of Region I Director. As of this election, Region I will consist of Culpeper and Orange counties, and there is no incumbent candidate for this region. REC members who desire to become a candidate for this position must reside within Culpeper or Orange county, meet director qualifications, and complete the nomination petition process. To request further information regarding the Director elections you may call 1-800-552-3904 or email Director elections will take place on Aug. 10, 2017 at REC’s Annual Meeting. The nomination process must be completed no later than 5 p.m. May 1, 2017. REC’s Director Qualifications and Bylaws are posted on

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Culpeper Times - March 16th, 2017  

Culpeper Times - March 16th, 2017