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Culpeper Times • February 9-15, 2017 TOWN AND COUNTRY

Culpeper Soccer Club scores more fields

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The Culpeper Soccer Club netted a goal Tuesday evening with the approval of a conditional use permit to create a private recreation facility in an area zoned agricultural in the Stevensburg District. The area will be used to create additional soccer fields The request came from the owner of the property Stanley Hawkins. The property is located at the corner of Route 647 (Batna Rd) and Route 663 (Batna Rd) in the Stevensburg Magisterial District and contains 231.32 4 Acres. This case was considered by the County Planning Commission after proper advertising and a public hearing held in January. They gave it their blessing with a 9-0 vote and recommended the board Pressapprove was the developer of the them away! ecommend regularthatDr. with the following findings: 1. The use first tinted, soft ucoma, does which can not affect adversely the health or contact lens called Whether you need a routine eye Custom Eyes gh an eye pressure safety of persons residing or workingin 1980. He licensed in the second neighborhood of the proposed the technology to Bausch and exam, or are interested in special ma is the use. 2. The use is not detrimental to the Lomb and set up their facilities in contact lenses that can change of blindness in the public welfare or injurious to property nd while it cannot Rochester and Waterford, Ireland. your eye color like Acuvue Define or improvements in the neighborhood. company it is diagnosed 3. The use and is not inHis conflict with the was sold in 1986 to and Air Optix Colors, do not hesiRevlon which can be successfully purposes of the Comprehensive Plan ofis now owned by tative to contact us. We are your the County of Culpeper. local eye care professionals! Novartis. The Planning Commission did have one condition - that the recreational We can also tell you if you are Dr. Press and the Eye Care of W. Pressarea has been be limited to 23.5 acres. a candidate for, or if you want to Virginia team stay up to date on ater Culpeper and Representatives from the club the that latest advances in eye health learn more about LASIK surgery, communities expressed tofor the board additional fields are sorely needed the soccer and as vision care, ensuring our Cul- our Culpeper vision team is here w. He has practiced a year-round andreceive the most to help. Our one-on-one approach peper program patients decadesclub as operates an Opis trying to address the growing demand nsed byfor the state of progressive vision care and oppor- to optometry makes Dr. Press and more playing area. The fields would tice optometry, be used for Dr. practicetunities only and currently primarily available. What’s the Eye Care of Virginia team the new contact lenses, you ask? We providers of choice for the King und includes anat-hours in the evening frominMarch through May and again stry, and physiolonow from haveSeptember one day, multifocal con- George and Culpeper communito November. There are currently available for our dry- ties. Call us in Culpeper at (540) ualifying him to di- tact lenses two paved entrances to the area. Initially eyed patients. range ofthere eyewill health be no restroom facilities otherThese astigmatic 825-3937 and in King George at lenses are now available for you (540) 663-3937, or schedule an apng thethan diagnosis portable units. to use you choose. Just pointment online today! PHOTO BY RICH CROWLEY macular degeneraDesy Campbell, who liveswhenever in Stevensburg, and near thethem proposed wear for one day and throw and hypertension. fields is “all for kids” and was herself This is not your ordinary mail carrier. When I saw her walking at one time a soccer coach. She is serving from location fora 49 herone route she had bigyears! smile on her face and was literally concerned about traffic alongthe the Community on bouncing as she walked. You know I had to get her picture. secondary roads near the proposed This is Monique Carpenter and when I asked about the smile fields and doesn’t want to end up in she said, "I love my job and making people happy!" She said a ditch when riding her bike. She that customer service is her thing. She was an Air Force baby recommended to the board that “share and so grew up all over the world. Lucky for us she ended up in the road signs” be added to remind Flooring Specialists & More Culpeper. drivers of the speed limits and other bikers, runners and walkers who use ➤ Check out Rich’s blog at and those roads. Faces of Culpeper on Facebook Like Campbell, Joe Houck is all for



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New Pathways starts the journey Former county administrator Frank Bossio got a green light to pursue a new venture. The Culpeper County Board of Supervisors passed a Memorandum of Understanding between the county and New Pathways Tech, Inc. and Culpeper Human Services. Bossio had introduced the project several months ago which would require rehabilitating part of the George Washington Carver Building to a machine shop. The county would create an account for this operation in the amount of $100,000 for the first year with a one time expense of $60,000 for equipment. They would enter into a lease agreement with New Pathways for use of the building and Culpeper Human Services would provide the personnel. New Pathways Tech, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The vote was unanimous with the exception of Sue Hansohn who abstained since she sits on the New Pathways board. The creation of this machine training shop is part of the board’s efforts to bring more vocational training to Culpeper.

Town chooses new finance director/treasurer Howard Kartel has been selected as the new Finance Director/Town Treasurer. He started Monday, Feb. 6. He is a Certified Professional Accountant and holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Bentley University and a MBA from Dowling College. Kartel has worked for the last 10 years as the Accounting Manager for the Prince William County Service Authority.


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soccer but questioned the location. Stevensburg supervisor Bill Chase knows the Hawkins and has no concerns that the fields will be maintained. While not overly confident of VDOT’s response time, he certainly agreed that the board could look into signage. Jefferson District Supervisor Brad Rosenberger felt that road signs were a vain attempt and that “It’s going to cause problems, no doubt.” West Fairfax Supervisor Gary Deal, a strong advocate for youth programs, applauded the initiative. “I definitely support this..this is a good opportunity.” The motion carried with a five-year review period.

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Culpeper Times - Feb. 9th, 2017  

Culpeper Times - Feb. 9th, 2017