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Culpeper Times • May 26-June 1, 2016

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VIEWS Brat nominated as Republican nominee in 7th District As you know, my good friend Congressman Dave Brat won the Republican nomination at the 7th District Convention this past weekend. This is fantastic news for every passionate conservative in our community and in our Commonwealth. That’s because while so many talk about conservative values these days, Congressman Brat has been a true leader fighting to protect our values and our rights – even before he got to Washington. I’m proud to be represented by him in Congress because he’s fighting to protect our Christian morals and principles every day. This November, we must stand together to keep Dave Brat working for us. Please sign up today to help Dave continue the work he’s started. I also want to congratulate Susan


Lascolette, Dewey McDonnell, and Ron Hedlund on being elected to the Virginia State Central Committee. They ran a great grassroots-focused campaign that should be a model for future contests. Their principled, conservative leadership will be a huge asset to the Republican Party of Virginia this year and into the future. The next several months are going to be very exciting here in Virginia and across the nation. The Republican leadership we just elected makes me even more confident we can take back the White House in November and begin to restore conservative values and morals to our national government. Please join me in congratulating Dave Brat when you see him – he’s one of the strongest conservative voices not just in our community, not just in Virginia, but in our great nation. Have a great week. Elected in 2011, Sen. Bryce Reeves represents the 17th. District in Virginia. You may reach him at 540-318-0678 or district17@senate.virginia. gov


Congressman David Brat (R-7th District) will run again in November.

Over 50? Interested in learning, engaging and being inspired? Consider joining CORPS Pastor Brad Hales along with Al Aitken have partnered in creating CORPS (Christian Organization of Retired Persons). CORPS is founded to bring us back to our 'CORPS' Judeo-Christian values including faith in God, selfreliance, service to others, fiscal and regulatory restraint in a free market economy, personal responsibility and self-discipline and strength in the face of evil through a strong national defense and our confidence on God's


May celebrates older Americans: Let’s start to embrace aging Disrupt Aging. Turn back the clock on aging. Delay aging. These have become commonplace headlines in the media and product advertisements, shouting at us to do something before it’s too late. Frankly, I find this disturbing. Is it really that terrible to grow older? Does it have to be that terrible to grow older? 10,000 people daily are turning 65 – a trend that is expected to continue for the next

loving protection. For those 50 and older and retired or about to retire, we'll remind ourselves of our Judeo-Christian values through meetings held the third Monday of every month, from noon until 2 p.m. Meetings are free and agendas will include: Prayer, Bible Study, Lunch, Viewing of an Episode From David Barton's "American Heritage" Series, Guest Speaker, or Study of our Founding Documents,

Announcements, Games, Prizes, Field Trips The third CORPS meeting will be Monday, June 20, at the Reformation Lutheran Church at 509 So. Main St. in Culpeper, VA. Meet in the Fellowship Hall beginning at noon, and, following prayer and Pledge of Allegiance, enjoy lunch provided by Pancho Villa's. Bible and program follows. Special guest for June meeting

is Congressman Dave Brat, representative from the 7th Congressional District of Virginia. Congressman Brat, one of the most popular congressman in recent history, will update on the "happenings" in Congress and tell us of the influence of Judeo-Christian values in Congress' legislative process. Please RSVP for this meeting by calling (540) 729-0536 or email to al@

decade. Technology to help us remain healthy, to have global connections, to learn more and learn faster is growing at a tremendous rate. People are retiring with decades more time to enjoy leisure, start an encore career or even a whole new business. Isn’t this exciting? What are we afraid of? Yes it’s true that as the population increases and people live longer the rate of Alzheimer’s and dementia is growing. And older bodies don’t always move the same way or at the same rate as earlier in our lives. Research has shown that our brains don’t work as quickly as when we were younger, but they do work deeper because of the knowledge

we have acquired. Let’s start to embrace aging. If it is something that we value and we look forward to then this change in attitude will change how we respond. Because what we think about something drives how we act. If growing older is celebrated as an accomplishment - if every major decade birthday card had congratulations rather than some joke or insult about growing older - what would we do differently? Would we fuel ourselves better with good food and healthy exercise? Would we incorporate older people into our daily activities? Would our land planning, economic development planning and business

planning anticipate the needs of people from birth to 100 plus? May is Older Americans month. I challenge you to rethink aging. Celebrate it. If there’s something that’s not working for you about aging, change it. When you see people denying aging, call it out. Whether it’s an ad in the media, a stereotype being perpetuated, a policy that creates a barrier – call it out. Then keep on going, sharing the fun and the joy and the opportunity that comes from aging together.


Chris Miller Executive Director Aging Together

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May 26th, 2016 -- Culpeper Times  

May 26th, 2016 -- Culpeper Times