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Culpeper Times • April 28-May 4, 2016

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How will you react with cheese in the future? Fresh, line caught grilled rainbow trout and iron skillet fried eggs may be the best breakfast that I have ever had. Though that particular breakfast has been duplicated many times since the “discovery” some decades ago, it’s never been as good. It was the first time that I had witnessed a fish caught, gutted, cleaned and grilled. Admittedly, the ambiance and aromas may have a lot to do with my memory as well. Outside in cool morning air, basked in warm sunshine, wisps of smoke from the charcoal grill all while sitting next to a stocked trout pond in the Shenandoah helped to create this collection of experiences that, when taken together, etched a memory beyond taste. Each of my senses was involved. This past Thursday night I attended a seminar and learned how we, as people, perceive and interact with food and create memories. It turns out that our interaction with food, and particularly cheese, is very sensual and complex. If you start with mother’s


milk as our first food, memories of satisfaction and warm touch, together with sound (suckling) and sight (curves and smiles), are each tied to drinking milk. Counted together as senses, you have taste, sight, sound and touch all associated with mother’s milk. With that as a baseline, how will you react with cheese in the future? Ever wonder why cheese is used for making groups smile for a photograph? Sure, it shows your teeth and moves your cheeks to a smile, but that can be done with the word “Peachy.” Just look in the mirror and say the words to yourself. You can see the “Kodak moment” in each word, but can you sense a difference? Cheese goes deeper and exposes memories of happier thoughts. It also works the other way around. How do you react when you see a cheese? What emotions are elicited by sight and touch? What emotional reactions are you having to the tasting and hearing the cheese? Meaning that tasting a cheese can create and elicit involuntary facial muscle movements. In turn these reactions trigger the trigeminal nerve – a cranial nerve that is responsible for transmitting sensations from the face to the brain. Where that science becomes truly interesting is when you are introduced to a new cheese and need to quantify


This pudgy, rosy-orange colored washed-rind cheese captivates the eye with curiosity. What lies beneath the rumpled rind? Stop to smell the rind for a moment and savor the soft aromas of peat, roasted beef and onions. To the touch it’s moist and soft, but not tacky. Slice into the thin rind and find the semi-firm buttery, milky, herbal and ripe-peach flavors within. The gooey interior (think pudding-like) texture softens with age. Plan to enjoy this cheese with a friend a juicy rose, funky saison (beer) or floral honey.

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senses when evaluating a cheese. You will find that the collection of interactions builds a greater understanding and appreciation for the cheese. Discovery should be fun and memorable. Take time to play with your cheese and engage your senses.

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its properties. Evaluating a cheese as a Certified Cheese Professional, the emotions and technical knowledge of the cheese need to come together to create a greater understanding. In more simple terms, take the time to play with your cheese before you simply pop it in your mouth. Examine the rind. Smell the rind. Pull it apart. Can it come back together once broken? Mash up a piece of the cheese in your fingers. How does it feel? Smell it again – has the aroma (or your impression of them) changed? In essence, strive to involve all of your

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Our cheese memories run deep. All the senses are called into play, not just the taste. Although that certainly makes a lasting impression.

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April 28th, 2016 -- Culpeper Times  

April 28th, 2016 -- Culpeper Times