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Culpeper Times • April 14-20, 2016

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BEHIND THE BADGE Collins cares about people and about preserving our links to the past William Collins works in the present but his passion is in the past. The bespeckled jail supervisor looks more the scholar than a man who straps on a firearm every morning to go to work. When he isn’t on duty or grilling prime cuts of meat at home, Collins is out scouring the land with his metal detector recovering the past. “Sometimes when I find a relic I’ll just leave it in place, look at it, and think about how it got there,” he said. “I’ll do that for a half hour or so sometimes.” Finding the relic is only part of the process for Collins who researches the units which traversed the land 150 years ago. This month he found a North Carolina belt buckle, a rare find according to Collins. With buckle in hand, he is now researching the Battle of Brandy Station and the units involved. “He [the cavalry combatant] probably took off the belt and just threw it aside,” Collins said. The buckle was poorly soldered and

William H. Collins III

Age: 43, married First Sergeant: Culpeper County Jail Hobbies: Civil War relic hunting, reading, history buff probably broke apart, he theorizes. Reading history, researching courthouse records, understanding battles and encampments of 150 years ago, Collins traverses the great divide between today’s world and the Civil War era. The burly First Sergeant came by the hobby easily. He grew up in Hanover County amidst battlefields and relics “surrounded by history” as he put it. Then, one day he saw some relic collectors out in the field near his house. They showed him what they found and he was hooked. He got his own detector and searched the fields near home. “When I was a teenager I sold what I found at the country store,” he said. It kept him in pocket

change. But relic hunting is neither Collins’ profession nor his career path. Public service began as a volunteer at the fire department starting as a junior firefighter at age 14 and ending 23 years later in the department as an Assistant Chief. During the same time as he volunteered at the firehouse he worked for the Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Board (ABC) as a security officer for the headquarters and then later for all of the stores in the state. He left that position to work security for J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College, then Homeland Security as a police officer, moving from there to the Warrenton Police Department. The then sheriff of Fauquier County noticed Collins in the Warrenton P.D. and recruited him for a position in the Sheriff’s Department. It was only a short leap to Culpeper when Sheriff Jenkins snagged Collins for his new administration in Culpeper. ➤ See Collins, Page 6


First Sergeant William H. Collins recently unearthed a North Carolina belt buckle circa the Civil War period.

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April 14th, 2016 -- Culpeper Times  

April 14th, 2016 -- Culpeper Times