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Culpeper Times • April 7-13, 2016

BEHIND THE BADGE Mack's presence shines over the Culpeper County Sheriff's Office His voice booms across the Sheriff’s Office, “Good morning everybody!” It’s a daily ritual for Chief Deputy James Mack, who strides across the office floor a force larger than life. He clearly exuded that presence even at a young age playing football at Culpeper High School both for the defensive and the offensive line. “Whereever the best player was – I was in front of him,” Mack said. It didn't matter which position Mack filled - only the challenge before him mattered to he and his coach. The burly Chief Deputy, commonly known as “Mack,” says it was that attitude which has guided his career since he began law enforcement 29 years ago: it’s not the position within the office that matters - only that the job gets done. After high school Mack went to work in the new jail in 1987 under then Sheriff Robert Peters. From there he moved to patrol before

James G. Mack

Chief Deputy Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office Married: 3 Children, 3 Grandchildren Pastor: Divine Life Ministries, Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church Hobby: Auto mechanics being promoted to night shift Sergeant for the road deputies. In 1996 he went back to jail duties under a new sheriff and in 2000 he moved to the Criminal Investigations Division (CID). He spent 12 years in CID before finally ending up as Chief Deputy under Sheriff Scott Jenkins. The two men had worked together and more importantly became friends over the years. “It was a natural match,” Mack says of the position under Jenkins. The two men share the same moral outlook and both men put “God first,” according to Mack. His dual calling in law enforcement and ministry began in 1986

when the 21-year-old Mack announced to his pastor that God had summoned him to the pulpit. In December of that year Mack preached his first sermon at St. Stephens Baptist Church. In 1989 the then ordained minister began pastoring at Shiloh Baptist Church in Rixeyville, beginning a second career that carries on today. “We must live under the law and be obedient to Christ,” Mack said. As a result he says the two roles combine for a more effective ministry and job performance in law enforcement. “People come to trust you,” he said of his dual role, “they know I am a man of my word.” Mack does not force his beliefs on anyone, he says, but “when the door opens” he is ready to minster to the spiritual needs of others. “It’s been a blessing to be trusted by my co-workers,” he said. “Mack is my Chief Deputy for a reason. He is a man of integrity


Chief Deputy Culpeper County Sheriff's Office James G. Mack.

that I can trust. We share similar views about how a Sheriff’s Office should operate and that too is essential for a Chief Deputy. I am fortunate to also be able to call him a friend,” Sheriff Jenkins said.

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April 7th, 2016 -- Culpeper Times  

April 7th, 2016 -- Culpeper Times