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Culpeper Times • November 8-14, 2018

HISTORY A Special Event of Unity and Brotherly Love ZANN’S PLACE

Everyone is invited to attend a “Remembrance and Reflection” event on Sat. November 17th at the Culpeper Baptist Church at 2 PM. The music and remarks will fill you with a sense of unity and provide an opportunity to embrace those whose grief has been neglected. My dad ingrained in a most important lesson: “I am my brother’s keeper,” founded in the understanding that my position in the community, my health, my wealth (if I had any) and other positives were not mine to possess due to some entitled intrinsic birthright. Therefore, according to Jack Nelson, I had a duty to others.

Zann Nelson

Trying to live up to that idea has not always placed me in a comfort zone. Nonetheless, I do not disavow the accuracy of his pronouncement. Republican presidential candidate George H. W. Bush’s most remembered campaign slogan was a call for a "kinder, gentler nation." I say hooray for President Bush and his courage to speak about such an ambitious goal. We must not give up on Bush’s call for a “kinder and gentler nation.” The event is “A Remembrance and Reflection” of the tragic deaths of three men documented to have been lynched in Culpeper County. It is a very special commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of the murder of one of those three, Charles Allie Thompson. I believe President Bush would join others in heralding the event as an opportunity to share a collective and individual sorrow for the pain of

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past events. Perhaps it would even qualify as a Thousand Points of Light event. We grieve with friends, neighbors and family over the loss of a loved one from natural disasters, war, drugs, suicide or the violent actions of terrorists. But somehow, that same overwhelming suffering associated with death by lynching is different. Communities sadly have buried the stories, denied the discussions, threatened the outspoken, failed to punish the perpetrators and admonished the families to move on in silence. No wound physical or emotional heals without treatment. No issue is resolved by refusing to discuss and listen. Proudly Built by According to Jessica Senehi and Sean Byrne in their book, Modern Hard-Working Americans. Violence: Analysis, Intervention and Prevention, there are five proven steps to emotional recovery. The 12P Mighty Mac® shredder-chipper by • Regaining a sense of safety SALE PRICE MacKissic is the right model for the homeowner • Unlearning the lesson of looking for toughness, versatility, and speed helplessness on those big jobs. Choose performance as • Medication and relaxation powerful as your needs. techniques K & M LAWN, GARDEN & ARBORIST SUPPLIES • Retelling and restructuring the 16033 Ira Hoffman Lane Retail Equipment Rental Culpeper, VA 22701Store & Service Center story of the trauma 16033 Ira Hoffman Lane, Culpeper, VA 801 Germanna Highway, Culpeper, VA • Mourning 540-825-8371; 800-577-8733 540.825.8371 540.829.9600 K & M EQUIPMENT RENTAL - 540-829-9600 As a community of ordinary M-F 7:30am - 5pm Sat. 8am-12pm • • kmlawnandgarden people, we can be facilitators of a few



of these steps. The event on Nov. 17 will open doors for all of us. We will also be talking about what we can do in our own communities to become healthier and “kinder.” This is a chance to make a difference. Please consider attending and offering your presence as a statement of love and unity. We are inviting pastors of all faiths to join us in an opening procession. They should be at the church at 1:45 PM. One more thing. We are also seeking those who would love to share their voices in the chorus of our last musical selection: Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Your age, gender, ethnicity or even the quality of your voice is not a factor: only what is in your heart. If you wish to participate in this portion, please be at the church at 12:30 for a brief rehearsal. Questions: contact Zann Nelson at or 540-718-3465. Until next week, be well. Zann Nelson is a researcher specializing in historical investigations, public speaker and award -winning freelance writer and columnist. She can be reached at or

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Culpeper Times - Nov. 8, 2018  

Veterans Day events scheduled | 'That's a wrap' | Spanberger shocks Brat | Community center shot down by voters

Culpeper Times - Nov. 8, 2018  

Veterans Day events scheduled | 'That's a wrap' | Spanberger shocks Brat | Community center shot down by voters