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October 11th- 17th 2018

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➤ Unfinished helps victims of domestic violence 2 | Town Council supports Culpeper Medical Center imaging center 3 | Zann's Place: The story of William Grayson: Part 2 14

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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

LOCAL NEWS Unfinished looking to help domestic violence victims and those in poverty By Jeff Say Culpeper Times Staff Writer Unfinished is looking to help Culpeper, Fauquier, Orange and Prince William counties love, empower and grow. The 501c3 nonprofit’s goal is to be able to supply all children in the community with Christmas presents, school supplies, clothing and haircuts for the first day of school - as well as supporting women or children that may need emergency services or shelter. “We are all unfinished, we all need to grow,” Unfinished coordinator Chelsea Flinn said. Flinn, manager at PR at Partners in Warrenton, and co-worker Jenna Cooper started working with the impoverished through offering haircuts at their salon a few months ago. Calling it a mission from God, the pair went on to found Unfinished in hopes of providing relief and hope to those who seek it. “We started cutting hair at shelters and we just realized how much

is not provided for them and what a huge need there is for women and children,” Flinn said. The nonprofit was started in August and since they’ve been growing themselves - as the first fundraiser held in Culpeper on Sept. 21 at Buffalo Wild Wings helped raise enough money to create an emergency service fund - to help people seeking shelter through SAFE in Culpeper County and SERVE in Prince William County. “We’re hoping to become part of their exit plan, so when they leave we can put together a care basket or we can help with gift cards or food or utilities,” Flinn said. Once the duo became involved working with shelters and children living in poverty, the two parents knew they had found their calling. “It was definitely a calling from God,” Flinn said. “I personally was looking for a calling from life and this has become my purpose.” In Culpeper County, there are 3,783 single parent home in the county with 15 percent of children living

in poverty. In Fauquier there are nine percent of children living in poverty with that number growing to 17 and 16 percent for Manassas City and Orange. Those numbers spoke to Flinn and Cooper and led them to wanting to help. “A lot of missions you go for the mission of helping serve, but in return the mission is we feel it back,” Cooper said. “It’s incredible what you get back, we receive sometimes more than we can give.” Flinn, who attends Lifepoint Church in Culpeper, and Cooper, who attends Bridge Community Church in Fauquier, said the church community has shown an amazing response so far to the nonprofit. “When God decides to start something, he provides for it,” Flinn said. “He’s totally been above and beyond providing for it in terms of resources, events, people that want to help.” They will host another fundraiser in October, Paint the Town Purple, in support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Events will be held Oct. 20 at the PR at Partners Studio Oct.

20, the PR at Partners Warrenton Oct. 21 and Center Street Glam in Manassas Oct. 29. The money raised will also help fund their Christmas project, and they will have Christmas Basket donation boxes at Successful Hands Barbershop in Culpeper, Subway in Bealeton, Subways in Culpeper and Morgan Oil in Marshall. They’ve already started to receive Christmas lists from students in Fauquier, and the items they asked for are for many - basic items most students take for granted. Cooper pointed out that her fourth grader and first grader likely attend school with someone in poverty or who is homeless and they don’t even realize it. “Our kids go to school with kids that are in a poverty situation, it’s just a leap of faith getting into this, just doing the hair it’s amazing how much awareness it’s brought to how much need their actually is,” Cooper said. For more information about the nonprofit or to volunteer, visit www.


THE JOB DONE. Abigail Spanberger is working to make healthcare and prescription drugs more affordable and protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.



Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

throwers. The story of the star thrower goes that a man came upon a boy throwi into the ocean. The man told the boy that there were too many starfish to save a Reach Your in the Next Issue—Callit540.812.2282 Local News 3 making a difference. The boy then picks up Customers a starfish, throws into the ocean, and says, “It made a difference for that one.” ​A star thrower is someone who tri difference in people's lives, even just one person’s life, any way they can: no m miniscule their efforts may seem to others. and Jim are ShaynaEllen Showalter MDcertainly star throwers, and they raised Jamie to be on Surgical - Breast Surgery star throwers. Ultimately, that is the mission of Cul JamieOncology is helping us become help the youth grow into the leaders of tomorrow: our now and future star throw UVA SURGICAL SERVICES A Department of Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center The Gala was beautiful, the food was delicious, and I got a picture with 541 Sunset Lane, Suite 305 | Culpeper, VA 22701 | 540.825.2600 | ultimately it was the story of the star thrower that I walked away with.

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Town Council approves letter of support for Culpeper Medical Center Culpeper Town Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a letter of support for Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center for a new imaging center in downtown Culpeper. Culpeper Medical Center and Fauquier Health System have both applied to the Virginia Department of Health for a new imaging center in Culpeper County, with Fauquier Health’s proposed $6.9 million, 6,500 square foot facility along U.S. 29 on Bennett Road, across from Eastern View High School having already received a recommendation of condition approval from the state agency. Culpeper Medical Center’s $3.95 million project located in a former church building at 509 South Main Street has been recommended for denial according to the Virginia Department of Health Division of Certificate of Public Need. On Tuesday, Fauquier Health Chief Operating Officer Donna Staton spoke in front of Town Council, presenting Fauquier Health’s plan for their imaging center. She said they started the process in February in an effort to meet a need of Planning District 9. She said the final round of comments will close on Friday and a decision will be made by the Department of Health Division of Certificate of Public Need by Nov. 21. Councilman Jon Russell asked for clarification on the Certificate of Public Need, pointing out that the issue the Town Council faced seemed to be caused by this government regulation. Staton explained that the Commonwealth looks at planning zones and balances demand vs. supply and they determined Planning District 9 was in need of additional imaging centers. “Why do you think the citizens of Culpeper would want a Fauquier imaging center in Culpeper?” Town Councilman Bobby Ryan asked. “I think it’s a profit vs. a nonprofit hospital.” Novant Health UVA Health System


Josh Houston (Editor's note: This is weekly series highlighting members of Culpeper's Youth Council. To join Culpeper Youth, go to to apply.) When Jamie Clancey, our friend and Councilwoman, invited the Youth Advisory Council to attend the 2018 Raise the Region Gala we were thrilled. Every year, The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia awards the Community Leadership Award. This year, on the Foundation’s 40th Anniversary, Ellen and Jim Dyke were the recipients. Ellen and Jim have both dedicated their lives to public service and the betterment of Virginia. In their speeches they both spoke of their partner’s work, of their own, and on being a leader. Their proudest accomplishment, Ellen said, was their children. One of their children is Jamie Clancey. She went on to say that she and Jim had tried to raise their children to be star throwers. The story of the star thrower goes that a man came upon a boy throwing starfish back into the ocean. The man told the boy that there were too many starfish to save and that he wasn’t making a difference. The boy then picks up a starfish, throws it into the ocean, turns to the man, and says, “It made a difference for that one.” A star thrower is someone who tries to make a difference in people's lives, even just one person’s life, any way they can: no matter how miniscule their efforts may seem to others. Ellen and Jim are certainly star throwers, and they raised Jamie to be one as well. Now, Jamie is helping us become star throwers. Ultimately, that is the mission of Culpeper Youth. To help the youth grow into the leaders of tomorrow: our now and future star throwers. The Gala was beautiful, the food was delicious, and I got a picture with the Governor; but ultimately it was the story of the star thrower that I walked away with.

Culpeper Medical Center is a nonprofit, while Fauquier is a for profit hospital. “The need is what drew us, to provide a service,” Staton said. “It’s irregardless of profit or nonprofit.” Russell expressed concern about Fauquier Health’s ability to work with local governments, as he said Town Council first learned of the project last month, despite the process beginning in February. Later in the meeting, Jeff Hetmanski, president and COO of Culpeper Medical Center, encouraged Town Council to approve a letter of support for Culpeper Medical Center’s proposed imaging center. “This is an important project for our community and for its hospital,” Hetmanski said. For its proposed imaging center on Main Street, the Culpeper hospital proposal would include the purchase of two new imaging scanners. Town Councilman Keith Price asked Hetmanski what it would mean if Fauquier Health were to be approved for its imaging center, when it came to Culpeper Medical Center’s bottom line. Hetmanski said that last year the hospital operated with a $3 million revenue, but if Fauquier Health were to open a center along Braggs Road, then they estimate they would have a $2 million loss. The Town Council then voted 9-0 to approve the letter of support for Culpeper Medical Center. In other business, council approved 9-0 new amenities to Rockwater Park, which include a 40-yard dash course, a rock climbing area and an “American Ninja Warrior”-like obstacle course. The new features were made possible through a $210,000 donation from Culpeper Wellness Foundation, a $3,000 grant from the PATH Foundation and a $20,000 grant from the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation. The features were added after a study done by the Culpeper Wellness Foundation with area youth to see what recreational activities they would be interested in. “I want to thank the Culpeper Wellness Foundation for their foresight and for bringing this to us,” Town Manager Chris Hively said.

November 6th

VOTE "NO" TO QUESTION #3 The Culpeper YMCA is costing you much more than your $13,144,000 in tax dollars... ...and then you have to pay to use it.

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Local News

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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

SAFE support group introduces inmates, therapy dogs By Jeff Say Culpeper Times Staff Writer “Who’s a good dog?” A female inmate at Culpeper County Jail gently asks Neska, a therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International, during a visit Monday in the jail library. She gently strokes the spaniel mixes fur, cooing at her and feeding her snacks provided by her handler Marie Murphy. The visit - a calming moment in a hectic time for the inmate - is part of a monthly initiative between TDI and SAFE Inc. Margaret Kautz, Justice System Advocate for SAFE, started visiting female inmates in the jail every Monday back in April, after contacting chief jailer Capt. John Jenkins and explaining that many female inmates are also victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. He agreed to set up the weekly meetings and soon Kautz had reached out to Tabitha Riley, Co-Director of Chapter 191 of Therapy Dogs International, Inc., about having handlers and their dogs come once every other month. On their second visit Monday, Kautz announced to the inmates that the visits from the therapy dogs would be monthly now - because

so many handlers wanted to help brighten their lives. “I personally believe that petting a dog, being able to interact with animals decreases anxiety and increases your moral,” Kautz said. “There was an inmate here facing 10 years but there was a German Shepherd here the last time and she was hugging on that dog, and the dog held eye contact with her for an hour and 10 minutes.” On Monday, Kautz and four women - and members of the press, Neska and Murphy - sat in the crowded jail library as Neska made her way from inmate to inmate, putting her muzzle on their hand to encourage them to pet her and receive belly rubs. While Neska alleviated the stress, Kautz spoke to the women about narcissism, gaslighting, power and control and coercive control. While the women weren’t as talkative as they normally are, they were clearly appreciative of Neska’s attention. Kautz has started support groups with the dogs once a month at Visions as well, and she said just having a therapy dog come along brightens everyone's day. “Animals seem to bring out the best in people,” Kautz said. “Visions,

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An inmate at Culpeper County Jail pets Neska, a therapy dog, during a recent support group session with SAFE's Margaret Kautz. for the developmentally delayed, they just love the dogs. They really mesh with the dogs. I like to couple it with coping with stress and anxiety.” Murphy, who rescued Neska which means “Little Girl” in Basque - when she was a year and a half old, said that the experience is rewarding for the therapy dog too. “She has a purpose in certain ways, knowing that she’s going to be doing something,” Murphy said. Murphy and her husband trav-



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el to Puerto Rico for three months each year and Neska goes along as well, visiting the Boys and Girls Club there once a week, bringing joy to the children. “Working with Neska as a therapy dog is tremendously rewarding,” Murphy said. “Not just on therapy dog visits, but when we are in public and people ask to pet her, it's heartwarming to know that she imparts some softness and love in their lives. ➤ See Dogs, Page 5

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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

Local News

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➤ Dogs, from Page 4 Many times folks will say that just petting Neska has made their day!” Riley said that basic obedience is a must for therapy dogs and they must pass the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. The CGC test consists of 10 different points evaluating you and your dog on basic obedience cues, like walking politely on a leash and not pulling you down the street, being able to walk next to you (the handler) through a crowd of people and stay with you, and being able to sit politely while a stranger pets them. “Once you and your dog have the basic obedience down, then you must be evaluated by a therapy dog organization’s evaluator,” Riley explained. “We (Chapter 191) are certified by Therapy Dogs International, Inc out of New Jersey, but there are numerous organization out there, however

most facilities will only work with one organization.” The pet therapy test consists of 15 different points and evaluates your dog’s temperament around other dogs, people, medical equipment, and different scenarios that you might encounter during a visit. Some of the points include the dog waiting politely while the handler fills out paperwork, or the dog walks up to someone and they offer them a treat and the handler has to tell the dog to “leave it” and the dog cannot take the treat. The dog has to show a willingness to visit with a stranger and demonstrate that it can be made readily accessible for petting – small dogs can be put on a lap or held, medium / large dogs can sit on a chair or stand near the individual to be easily reached. After getting close to an hour of petting and loving, Neska and Mur-

phy left the jail. Murphy said that Neska is usually exhausted after working on a therapy session - almost like she absorbs all the emotion those in the therapy session exhaust. Neska has also become a minor celebrity to those she visits - which is one of Murphy’s favorite stories to tell about Neska’s last trip to Puerto Rico. “Last winter, Neska and I volunteered at a boys and girls club in Puerto Rico,” she said. “Through this volunteer work, she became quite well known to the children on the island. One afternoon, we drove to a remote beach for an afternoon swim. There was a large family birthday party being held at the beach. One of the little girls recognized Neska and was so excited to see her she ran to our car followed by many of the other children at the birthday party. Our car was mobbed before we could park, and all because

they knew Neska.” Neska was mobbed outside the jail as well as employees from the magistrate’s office and jail personnel were excited to see her and give her some extra loving. Riley, who takes her dog Kayla to many therapy events and plans to visit the jail next month, said that just comes with the territory. “This is a very rewarding experience,” she said. “There have been so many times when you walk into a room with your dog, and the person you’re there to visit just lights up because the dog is there. Nursing Home and Hospital staff have a tough job, and for them to be able to take just a few minutes during their day and kneel down and pet a dog, you can see the stress leave them for a few minutes. Some staff when they hear we are in the building, track us down, just so they can have their dog petting moment.”


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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

Local News

AirFest sparks students' interest in STEM ➤ Collaboration between CCPS, Germanna, local businesses helps kids get hands on learning By Jeff Say Culpeper Times Staff Writer “It’s like balancing a bowling ball on a fence,” Frank Bossio said, showing the controls of a Robinson 22 training helicopter to A.G. Richardson fifth graders Matthew Weaver and Dalton Smith. The two young boys smiled broadly, sitting in the cockpit of the R-22, owned by local pilot Steve Nixon. They touched the controls, they asked questions and most importantly - they learned. More than 650 Culpeper County Public School fifth graders and homeschool and private school students got an opportunity to have that hands on learning Wednesday and Thursday at the Culpeper AirFest STEM day - a collaboration ➤ See STEM, Page 7


Students from A.G. Richardson Elementary School learn how to put on a 'bunny suit' with help from Micron employees at the AirFest STEM day Wednesday.



Wings of Freedom Tour Experience WWII Flying History B-17 Flying Fortress

We had a great event on Saturday, October 6th with just over 200 cyclists attending.

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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

➤ STEM, from Page 6 between Germanna Community College, CCPS and local businesses. Students received first hand training on robotic exercises, airplane building, solar kit builds experiments in states of matter, magnetic principles and electricity and where electricity comes from. Matt Ortman, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, for A. G. Richardson said that many students didn’t even know that there was an airport in Culpeper County, and now they are showing an interest in aviation because of their experiences at STEM day. “It’s an amazing opportunity, not only because of what is here, but they don’t even realize that these things exist,” Ortman said. “To actually be able to play and have fun with it, is an amazing opportunity. “It ties into things we are doing and it ties into things we are trying to prepare them for.” Germanna Community College’s Center for Workforce Development helped coordinate the day, introducing the students to drone flying and local businesses like Nextera Energy and Micron. Micron’s presentation was a popular one because students participated in bunny suit races - learning how to put on all the protective gear the technology company uses. Micron, based in Manassas and in the midst of a $3 billion expansion, had a host of employees working with the students to spread their love of engineering and technology. “Micron is a tech company and we want to make sure kids today are learning about science and engineering so that we have future employees,” Semon said. “We want to make sure we have good representation here so all the kids know they can be engineers.” Another popular presentation was where electricity comes from and the job of a line worker, presented by Rappahannock Electric Cooperative and Southside Virginia Community College. SVCC offers a power line worker training school, said Pam Taylor a Fast Forward Career Coach at the community college. The 11-week training helps students receive credentials in commercial driver’s license, OSHA 10, CPR/First Aid, NCCER Power Line Worker Level 1 and VDOT Traffic Controller. She said almost all graduates leave the program and immediately are able to find employment, many starting at $18 an hour. A high school diploma or GED is required and in state tuition is $4,200. Visit for more information. It was those opportunities to learn that appealed to the fifth graders, but getting a

Local News chance to sit inside the helicopters was the real highlight for Weaver and Smith. Both admitted they had never been to the airport before, but Weaver excitedly said he was going to have his mom bring him to the AirFest Saturday. “Today kind of sparked (my interest),” Smith said. “It just looks really fun to fly.” Bossio and Nixon were just as excited as the students, giddily sharing details about the art of flying. “I think it’s the most critical thing we can do for our children, is to make sure each of them to have that hands on learning,” Bossio said. “They love the hands on stuff. They’re hungry and eager for someone to let them try their own limits. That’s where the excitement really is.” Nixon said that once the kids climbed into the helicopter, he lets them ask questions before going into the details of what it takes to pilot the craft. That helps facilitate the learning. “I kind of let them lead me into what they want to know, because otherwise they go glassy eyed if you give it all to them at once,” Nixon said. That interaction between seasoned pilot and young student is what started Bossio down his career path. “If I was a kid, if someone hadn’t done that for me, where would I be at my age,” Bossio said. “I always love to share aviation with young people because we need them.” Randi Richards-Lutz, Director of Career and Technical Education, said the collaboration between the schools, Germanna and location businesses is what makes the STEM day so special for the students. “They are learning about all the different careers, who knows maybe after today one of them may choose an aviation career path,” she said. Marley Kidd, a fifth grader at Pearl Sample, said she was already interested in science and technology but working with the robots hands on and learning about coding was exciting. “I like coding and I like computers and things like that so I like learning about things like that,” she said. After CCPS visited Wednesday morning, a group of home school and private school students were coming through at 2:30 p.m. said Barbara Kirkwood-Taylor, Director, Business Development Services of Germanna Center for Workforce. “We’re very excited to open it up because we’ll be able to reach fifth graders of all ages, all schools in the entire area and it’s important to get them interested in STEM at this age,” Taylor said. Almost every fifth grader said they were looking forward to attending the AirFest Saturday, their interest piqued.


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Students from A.G. Richardson Elementary School and Pearl Sample Elementary School listen to Rappahannock Electric Cooperative line workers as they learn about where electricty comes from.

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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

HOME & GARDEN Seventy eight trips around the sun OUTDOOR OUTLOOK

Though we tend to move though it like there is no end, it is not endless. Life is a cycle. For most of us, 78.. plus or minus times we will enjoy Christmas with family, carving a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner or a pumpkin for lighting our front steps during Halloween. Seventy eight times we will enjoy the warming of spring or the cooling of fall. The blistering heat of summer or the bitter, blowing, cold of old man winter. Each trip presents us with an opportunity. Opportunity to grow as a person, as

Donald Sherbeyn

a lover, a brother, a sister, as a father or a mother. At this stage in my life I have put 41 of these trips behind me and I see them in my mind as though I am standing in a large field late at night. Thousands of acres with post set up and a small light on each post. The post In my mind are a single day and as I walk past them looking at the next, the light goes out letting me know I may never return to that day again. It is lost in the dark forever, a bag of different color light bulbs hangs over my shoulder and as I move though the field I can stop at any day and change the bulb on that post. When I put the effort foreword to make this day different to make it stand out by changing the color of this light the light will burn long ➤ See Landscaping, Page 9

Explanation for Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Be Voted On at the November 6, 2018, Election PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT ARTICLE X. Taxation and Finance. Section 6-A. Property tax exemption for certain veterans and their surviving spouses and surviving spouses of soldiers killed in action. BALLOT QUESTION Shall the real property tax exemption for a primary residence that is currently provided to the surviving spouses of veterans who had a one hundred percent service-connected, permanent, and total disability be amended to allow the surviving spouse to move to a different primary residence and still claim the exemption? EXPLANATION Present Law The Constitution of Virginia currently requires the General Assembly to exempt from taxation the principal place of residence of any veteran who has been determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to have a 100 percent service-connected, permanent, and total disability. This tax exemption is also provided to the surviving spouse of such a veteran, so long as the surviving spouse continues to occupy that property as the surviving spouse’s principal place of residence. Proposed Amendment The proposed amendment would allow the surviving spouse of any veteran who has been determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to have a 100 percent service-connected, permanent, and total disability to continue to claim the tax exemption currently provided, even if the surviving spouse moves to a new principal place of residence that is owned by the surviving spouse. A “yes” vote will allow these surviving spouses to move to a new principal place of residence that is owned by the surviving spouse and still claim the tax exemption. A “no” vote will not allow such surviving spouses to move and still claim the tax exemption. FULL TEXT OF AMENDMENT Amend Section 6-A of Article X of the Constitution of Virginia as follows: ARTICLE X TAXATION AND FINANCE

Kristen J. Johnson

Wayne English

Available for you - in your time of need. 11190 James Monroe Highway Culpeper, VA • 540-825-2361 •

Section 6-A. Property tax exemption for certain veterans and their surviving spouses and surviving spouses of soldiers killed in action. (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 6, the General Assembly by general law, and within the restrictions and conditions prescribed therein, shall exempt from taxation the real property, including the joint real property of husband and wife, of any veteran who has been determined by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or its successor agency pursuant to federal law to have a one hundred percent service-connected, permanent, and total disability, and who occupies the real property as his or her principal place of residence. The General Assembly shall also provide this exemption from taxation for real property owned by the surviving spouse of a veteran who was eligible for the exemption provided in this subdivision, so long as the surviving spouse does not remarry. This exemption applies to the surviving spouse’s principal place of residence without any restriction on the spouse’s moving to a different principal place of residence. (b) Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 6, the General Assembly by general law, and within the restrictions and conditions prescribed therein, may exempt from taxation the real property of the surviving spouse of any member of the armed forces of the United States who was killed in action as determined by the United States Department of Defense, who occupies the real property as his or her principal place of residence. The exemption under this subdivision shall cease if the surviving spouse remarries and shall not be claimed thereafter. This exemption applies regardless of whether the spouse was killed in action prior to the effective date of this subdivision, but the exemption shall not be applicable for any period of time prior to the effective date. This exemption applies to the surviving spouse’s principal place of residence without any restriction on the spouse’s moving to a different principal place of residence and without any requirement that the spouse reside in the Commonwealth at the time of death of the member of the armed forces.

Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

➤ Landscaping, from Page 8 after I move past the day. I continue to move down my path, post to post in whatever order I choose to move. some days I move simply to the next post and pass it by, creating another dark post and some days I look far ahead and skip past a thousand post to see what might be at the other end of the field. I have continued to move in angles and zig sags or circles for years always moving to the next post, to the next light and along the way I have stopped many times to change the color of the light on my post. As my years pass and the number of post that have now grown dark behind me grows so to have the number of post with a colorful light. The lights are full memories, full of the ideas of what it was that made that day special. Sometimes there are paths of lights that have changed and these paths are the paths of those I was able to help along the way who are now creating their own light on their own path. We are entering into the largest family holiday season in our country. The next three months end with an opportunity to do something with someone special to you. You will walk past 90 of the most special post in any trip so be sure to leave a few changed. You just might walk past those post

Home & Garden

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again and the memory of that light will brighten your day in a world were perhaps there could have been only darkness. The October Garden: Cleanup and pruning will begin in October. With the leafs falling already it is important to keep your beds clean to help reduce the chance of insect infestation or breeding in your beds. This is a good time of year to treat your beds for late season insects as well as go through your gardens and prune the decorative trees and shrubs. They have time to heal before it gets cold and a well pruned shrub or small tree will handle winter weather much better. New plant and tree installation October is typically a fantastic time to install new plantings in your garden. In some cases the growers are digging again meaning your getting a very fresh plant and in other cases the nurseries may have plantings they have held since spring and they would like to see them gone before winter. If you're looking at spring stock from a quality nursery you can check the root system on the b and B plantings by just pulling back the burlap a bit. Some of the easiest transplants I have ever done were picked up from a good nursery late into the season. The young trees had

had a few months of proper water and attention to regain new root which made the transplants much easier on the new plant. If you're looking at new plantings I always recommend container plants when available. To get the plant out of the container please dont just stomp the edge of the pot and pull the plant out by the top. I have seen this done far to many times or had the call ..." Donald can you come tell me what killed my plants' A broken root system for a plant is like a broken spine for us. It may not kill us right away but there is always going to be issues. Irrigation: It's time to shut those irrigation systems down. Don't forget to have your back flow brought in side and be

sure all lines are blown out to prevent freezing. If you have had problems in the past with heads freezing you can pull the top of the head and drop a bit of Epson salt into the body of the head. The salt will actually be good for the plantings and will help to keep any moisture in the head from freezing over winter. Young plantings: Protect your young plantings with a decent layer of mulch. Waiting till spring to mulch in your new gardens would be like telling your new born, I will change your dipper at the end of the week because I only want to have to do this once.... It does not work so well for the baby and letting mulch get to less than 4" cover on a new plant root base does not work out so well for the plant.

SHENANDOAH GARDEN SPOT MUMs - 5 for $20 - FULL SERVICE FLORIST Mums • Pumpkins • Gourds • Straw • Trees Shrubs • Flowers • planters • Garden Decor • Flags Fresh Produce • Cemetary Pieces • Amish Gifts Hand Made Country Primitives All grown in virginia! Culpeper’s Best of the Best

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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

R E A L E S TAT E Students recognized for 'I voted' sticker design Natalie Nicholson, a fourth grader at Farmington Elementary School and Culpeper County High School Senior Jeffrey Maldonado were honored at the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors meeting Oct. 2 for their work in designing stickers for the Culpeper County Electoral Board. Maldonado designed the "Future Voter" sticker while Nicholson designed the iconic "I Voted" sticker. “Wearing their ‘I Voted’ sticker is an important part of the process for many voters,” said Director of Elections James Clements. “We’re hopeful the entire community will be inspired by the winning artwork to exercise their right to vote in November.” Culpeper County fourth grade students were asked to create a new design for the iconic “I Voted” stickers given out on Election Day. Middle school and high school stu-

dents were tasked with designing a special “Future Voter” sticker given to children who come to the polls. Entries were posted to the County website and the winners were determined by public voting. The contest was made possible by a grant from the PATH Foundation. “It’s important to invite students to participate in the election process,” said Electoral Board Chair Janet Huss. “We’re grateful to the PATH Foundation for their support of this contest which will encourage our youth to use their artistic talents to be a part of elections.”

OPEN HOUSE Saturday October 13 12-3pm 1385 FREEMAN DR, AMISSVILLE, VA 20106

OPEN HOUSE Saturday October 13 1-3pm 478 BLOSSOM TREE, CULPEPER, VA 22701

AMISSVILLE. 3BR. 3.5BA. Found in a well-established neighborhood on 1.6acres. Open plan interior with main level bedrooms..................................................................$480,000 Dir. From Warrenton: Rt.211 west, turn right on Freeman Drive, house on right From Culpeper: North on Rt. 229, turn left on Rt.211, turn right on Freeman Drive. House on right.

CULPEPER. 4BR 2.5BA. Better than new with many recent upgrades; beautiful home with all flooring replaced including hardwoods on main level; gourmet kitchen.............$319,500

OPEN HOUSE Sunday October, 14 1-3pm

OPEN HOUSE Sunday October 14 2-4pm

20313 COUNTRY LN, LIGNUM, VA 22726


LIGNUM. 3BR, 3BA Cape Cod Main level bedroom with full bath and separate jetted whirlpool tub and shower. Family room with kitchen area in lower level......................$329,000 Dir. From Culpeper: Travel Route 3 East to left on Rt. 647 (Rivercomb Rd.) at Lignum to right on Rt. 610 (Eley’s Ford Rd) to right on Country Lane to property on left with sign.

Dir. From Culpeper: Rt. 522 North about 1 mile. Left on Blossom Tree Rd. for half mile to house on right with sign

BLUEMONT. 6BR, 3BA home on 43 acres, large deck, swimming pool. 10 stall barn w/tack room equipped with electric and water, fenced training area................$949,900 Dir. Route 50: (between towns of Upperville and Middleburg), North onto Willisville Rd.; right onto Greengarden Rd.; left onto Trappe Rd. to address. Recommend using GPS for best directions to property address from you starting location.

OPEN HOUSE Sat. & Sun. Oct. 13 & 14 3-5pm 2479 POST OAK DR, CULPEPER, VA 22701

CULPEPER. 5BR, 3.5BA. Colonial featuring new hardware throughout, new carpet, new cooktop and new refrigerator. Fenced yard backs to reserve of trees...................$349,000 Dir. From Culpeper: Long and Foster office down Rt. 15 to left on Chestnut, right on Blue Spruce, left on Cottonwood, right on Post Oak to house on right with sign.

OPEN HOUSE Saturday October 13 1-4 285 STONEBURNER RD, EDINBURG, VA 22824 EDINBURG. Situated on 4.3 acres 3BR, 2BA new home construction with granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, bonus rm., and two car garage.........................................................................$299,900 Dir. I-81 to Woodstock exit 283. West on Senedo Rd. (aka St. Rte. 42) approximately 4 1/2 miles to left on Stoneburner Rd. Look for Long and Foster for sale sign on left side of road. 911 address not yet assigned - adjoins 301 Stoneburner Rd

15169 Montanus Drive In the Center of Culpeper Culpeper, VA 22701

540-829-7900 877-436-0282

Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

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Real Estate

Sembler, Forge announce retail center acquisition in Culpeper The Sembler Company and Forge Capital Partners, in their Forge Real Estate Partners IV (FREP) investment fund, recently purchased Center at Culpeper, a 72,869 square-foot property located in the primary retail node of Culpeper. “Culpeper is a growing housing/office market that offers an affordable alternative as more and more people are priced out of the Northern Virginia suburbs closer to Washington, DC,” said Sean Davis, Sembler Chief Investment Officer. “It’s a well-established center with a renovated anchor, and it’s a great fit for our fund to add value through leasing and improvements.” The center is anchored by Aldi, with a strong collection of both local and national tenants in inline spaces. Located at the high-visibility corner of Montanus Drive (US Hwy. 15/29) and Brandy Road, there are only two spaces currently available for lease. Sembler will serve as Property Manager and Leasing Agent for the property. Emily Mills (emily.mills@ is the contact for property leasing information. “Sembler has a 54-year history operating in all aspects of retail real estate: acquisitions, leasing, management and development,” said Sembler CEO Ron Wheeler. “That considerable

expertise adds value to our centers and the communities we serve.” Sembler and Forge have now acquired twelve shopping centers together in Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas – and the joint venture partners are actively seeking additional investments in grocery-anchored shopping centers throughout the Southeast. FREP is a community development entity whose intent is to provide bestin-class returns to investors seeking socially responsible investment opportunities while promoting economic revitalization, business development, and job creation in or near low and/or moderate-income communities. Investors include public financial institutions that will receive credit under the Community Reinvestment Act for such investments. About Sembler: The Sembler Company is celebrating more than 50 years of creating retail real estate value. Sembler provides a full array of retail real estate services, including development and redevelopment, acquisition, property and asset management, leasing and other related services throughout the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico. Sembler has developed more than 350 projects totaling more than 27 million square feet.


Put years of experience to work for you! Founders Club Member 2010-2015 15169 Montanus Drive Culpeper, VA 22701 Office: 540-829-7900 Direct: 540-825-2424 Cell: 540-229-9026

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Donna Deal


* 540.718.7191 Duckett-Corbin Team

CU10330650 $314,900

3258 Thompsons Mill Rd Goldvein, VA

5BR 3.5BA 7,000+/- sf main home with 1,800+/- sf attached garage and horse barn with ten stalls. Includes an original 3BR 2BA 1,600+/- sf house Open: 1-4pm Sun Oct 14 Auctions: 12pm, Tue Oct 23 on site or bid online


VA Press Association

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Duckett-Corbin Team * 540.219.1358 Duckett-Corbin Team * 540.219.1358


CU10356404 $349,900

l Custom built French Provincial, 4BR, 3.5 BA. l l Hardwoods throughout, Den with built-ins l


Move-in ready! 5BR, 3BA, 3 Ac. Eat-in 2itchen w/DR, Full finished lower level

Duckett-Corbin Team * 540.219.1358 Duckett-Corbin Team * 540.219.1358

Boo Ingram

97.5+/- Acre Equestrian Farm


l Charming One-level renovated home l 3BR, 2 BA, 2.70 Ac., FR w/stonewall FP

l Charming One-level renovated home on 2.7 Ac. l Motivated Seller! Spacious 4BR,2.5 BA l 3BR, 2 BA, Gourmet kitchen, LR w/cathedral ceiling l Brick Front Colonial, Open floor plan


A Division of Williams & Williams Worldwide Real Estate Auction

FV10354500 $299,900

l Home built in the 1800’s, Lots of History l 4BR’s, 4BA’s, Pond, Spring house, Approx. 40x80 Barn

CU10307596 $309,900

l Townhouse w/ open floor plan, 1896 sq. ft. l Family room, fully finished Bsmt, Private yard

Luxury Group Auctions



l Large Colonial, 4BR, 3.5 BA, Gourmet kitchen

l FR w/ FP & Sittng Rm, Oversized rec room in Bsmt

* 540.718.3364 Duckett-Corbin Team * 540.219.1358

LAND, LAND, LAND! Orange Co - Perfect rolling land! Lot 1 is 5Ac, $65,000! Lot 2 is 4 Ac, $55,000! Call Martha Hust * 540-905-2725 Rixeyville - Forested 4.9 Ac; create your views by taking down some trees! Call Boo Ingram * 540-718-3364 Richardsville - A home or retreat in River Ridge Subdivision! Choose 17-141 Ac parcels, priced from $89,900 to $549,900 & easy access to Culpeper & Fredericksburg. Call the Duckett-Corbin Team * 540-219-1358


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Real Estate

Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

What What Moves Moves You... You... What What Moves Moves You... You...

LET US TAKE THE FRIGHT OUT OF YOUR HOME BUYING & A newAplace new to place hang to out hang with outfriends! with friends! EXPERIENCE! Our SELLING agents have Our agents the experience have the it experience takes to get it takes the job todone get the job done

in today’sto market. in hang today’s Whether it’sWhether a place to it’s spend a place time tofriends! with spend time with A newAplace new place tomarket. out hang with out friends! with friends or cheer friends on the or cheer homeon team, the we home canteam, help.we can help.

Our agents have Our agents the experience have the it experience takes to get it takes the job todone get the job done in today’s market. in today’s Whether market. it’sWhether a place to it’sspend a place time to with spend time with Each Office Independently Each Office Owned Independently and Operated. Owned| and Accredited Operated. by the | Accredited Better Business by theBureau. Better Business Bureau. friends or cheer friends on the or cheer homeon team, the we home can help.we can help. • team, 540.825.1800

Main St., Culpeper, VA 22701 Ph: h: 540.825.1800 Visit us on Facebook “REMAX Crossroads Culpeper, Each Office Independently Each Office Owned Independently and Operated. Owned| and Accredited Operated. by the | Accredited Better Business by theBureau. Better Business Bureau.


10 S. Main St., Culpeper, 810 S. Main VA 22701 St., Culpeper, Ph: 540.825.1800 VA 22701 Ph: 540.825.1800 Visit us on Facebook Visit“REMAX us on Facebook Crossroads “REMAX Culpeper, Crossroads VA” Culpeper, VA


These property transfers These for September property transfers 2013 were for September provided by 2013 the Culpeper were provided Countyby Assessor's the Culpeper Office. County Assessor's Office. Appreciation is extended Appreciation to Director is W.extended Jason Kilby to Director and hisW. staff. Jason ThisKilby List Made and his Possible staff. This by RE/MAX List Made Crossroads Possible by ofRE/MAX Culpeper. Crossroads Total: 89 of Culpeper. Total: 89

Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

Real Estate

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PROPERTY TRANSFERS These property transfers for September 2018 were provided by the Culpeper County Assessor’s Office. Appreciation is extended to W. Jason Kilby and his staff. September Top Dollar Deal: Jefferson District $3.8M The printing of this list is made possible by ReMax Crossroads of Culpeper. Total: 69

Catalpa District 9/13: Jenkins, Michael R to Beaman, Richard C and Wife; 3.00 acres located at 12378 Heidis Way, $470,000 9/27: Grant, Michael Eric and Other to Settle, Samantha N and Other; 3.16 acres located at 10481 Sperryville Pike, $215,000 Catalpa Town District 9/19: Kandetzki, Walter III and Other to Gonzalez, Audenago Lopez; .16 acres located at 1125 Jackson ST, $155,900 9/24: Erdodi, John to Williams, Franklin; .33 acres located at 1121 Old Rixeyville RD, $129,000 Cedar MTN District 9/12: Jenkins, Sam B JR to Kincheloe, Joseph C; 21.04 acres located at 20111 Camp RD, $250,000 9/12: Broyles, James H and Other to Klein, Jennifer and Husband; 1.04 acres located at 19464 Hickory DR, $269,900 9/17: Rizik, Jacob and Wife to Young, Benjamin R and Wife; 1.08 acres located at 9336 Blackbird Loop, $355,000 9/28: Sisk, Ivan and Wife to Bailey, Robert L and Others; 1.83 acres located at 20397 Miller DR, $309,000 East Fairfax District 9/4: Carden, Travis O and Wife to Caylor, David; .19 acres located at 728 Amanda CT, $245,000 9/5: Lesson Never Learned LLC to Draper, Gary Medford II; Townhouse located at 280 Lafayette DR, $178,000 9/11: Richmond American Homes of Virginia INC to Blackman, Cody Oliveria and Wife; .43 acres located at 609 Electric AVE, $310,794 9/12: Young, Benjamin and Wife to Cooper, Danielle Ashtan and Other; Townhouse located at 2178 Forsythia DR, $249,900 9/14: Smith, Brian and Other to Dohl, Sarah E and Husband; .27 acres located at 726 Kingsbrook RD, $379,900 9/20: NVR INC to Rojo Uribe, Justino ET AL; .29 acres located at 2451 Post Oak DR, $309,990 9/24: Woodward, Ann E to Cole, Eain J; .30 acres located at 420 Azalea ST, $210,000 9/25: Tashjian, Raffi S to Boretos, Heather Alyson and Other; Townhouse located at 2180 Cottonwood LN, $249,000 9/25: Oliver, Cynthia Louise to Whitmer, Sherry Melissa; Townhouse located at 1970 Peachtree CT, $212,000 9/26: Watts, Suzanne Michelle Boren to Heitshusen, Patricia Julia ET AL; .35 acres located at 413 Standpipe RD, $326,000 9/26: Richmond American Homes of Virginia INC to White, John Michael II and Wife; .41 acres located at 713 Electric AVE, $388,266 9/28: Richmond American Homes of Virginia INC to LeLacheur, Duane C; .46 acres located at 714 Saddlebrook RD, $380,060 9/28: 4960 Commerce Drive LLC to Herndon House LLC; .21 acres located at 609 N Main ST, $390,000 Jefferson District 9/4: Boris, Edward J to Simmons, Rebecca; 1.07 acres located at 2031 Somerset DR, $429,999 9/4: Davis, Bryan Keith and Wife to Grimes, David and Wife; 1.05 acres located at 3389 Southampton DR, $440,000 9/5: Hileman, Bettie J to Walker, Timothy and Wife; 1.00 acre located at 17267 Banbury CT, $427,000 9/5: Bower, Bonnie W and Other to Hite, Kristy D; 1.25 acres located at 16297 Black Hill RD, $190,000 9/6: Centex Homes to Saadeh Financial LLC; multiple parcels located near Golf LN, $3,800,000 9/11: Lambert, Esten E and Wife to Hudson, Thomas Mitchell JR and Wife; 1.19 acres located at 2398 Somerset DR, $460,000 9/18: Andrew J Crockett INC to Williamson, Diane Elizabeth and Husband; 1.02 acres located at 15496 Riley School LN, $379,000 9/21: Ashcraft, Lawrence S and Wife to Silveri, Dennis E and Wife; 1.08 acres located at 3410 Stratford DR, $390,000 9/21: Salehi, Morteza and Wife to Lee, F Gordon and Wife; 1.00 acres located at 2496 Donnington CT, $489,000 Salem District 9/4: Johnson, George Howard II and Wife to Hoffman, Joseph F; 5.10 acres located at 16155 Bellevue DR, $347,000 9/4: Pacific Union Financial LLC to Walker, Ronald C; 2.12 acres located at 13584 Reva RD, $190,000 9/7: Miller, Ronald to Marks, Jason J; 3.21 acres located at 10011 Montelago LN,

$395,000 9/11: Klein, Stephen G to Palmer Garcia, Sherri L; 1.00 acres located at 9128 Sperryville Pike, $189,900 9/14: Edwards, Barry Eugene and Others to Holmes, Shannon B and Wife; 30.67 acres located near Mountain Run Lake RD, $260,000 9/14: CTS Properties LLC to Kilby, Lance and Other; 3.80 acres located near Covington Home PL, $108,000 9/17: Robles, Isabel to Eggbornsville Properties LLC; .92 acres located at 11558 Scotts Mill RD, $140,000 9/19: Broadway, Virginia E to Settle Excavating & Construction; 2.00 acres located near C L Jackson DR, $50,000 9/19: Caroon, Wayne L and Wife to Williams, David Ray; 1.78 acres located at 10927 Mountain Run Lake RD, $300,500 9/20: Wells Fargo Bank to Avenir Properties LLC; 1.00 acres locate at 10574 Dunkard Church RD, $124,000 9/24: Price, Joe C and Wife to Duarte, Milton Harrinson and Wife; 2.95 acres located at 7522 Noelle RD, $450,000 9/28: Gerganoff, Carolyn Zdravko to Grant, Michael E and Wife; 5.00 acres located at 6847 Sperryville Pike, $349,900 Stevensburg District 9/7: Stickbow LLC to NVR INC; .49 acres located at 14219 Belle AVE, $80,000 9/11: Pardee Virginia Timber 1 LLC to Van Lear, Richard and Other; 9.6289 acres located near Eleys Ford RD, $41,610 9/11: Dermer, Joshua A to Ianve, Krassimir I and Wife; .30 acres located at 19650 Carpenters Branch RD, $100,000 9/17: Brown, William Anthony and Wife to Lancing, Ronald D; .50 acres located at 19249 York RD, $209,900 9/18: Stickbow LLC to NVR INC; .46 acres located at 14619 Manorwood DR, $80,000 9/24: Digges, Brenda C to Kent, Joseph E JR and Wife; 2.17 acres located at 21475 Thoms RD, $215,000 9/25: NVR INC to Coggin, Randy and Other; .54 acres located at 14509 Kingsmill Way, $397,330 9/28: Forrest, Dwayne D and Wife to Robson, Ted H and Wife; 29.75 acres located at 19604 MT Pony RD, $260,000 West Fairfax District 9/5: NVR INC to Page, Benjamin Jackson and Other; .27 acres located at 811 Fairwood DR, $286,057 9/5: NVR INC to Mohan, Surat and Other; .16 acres located at 826 Virginia AVE, $355,000 9/10: Hughes, Harry M JR and Wife to Gilmore, Charles W and Wife; .17 acres located at 830 Mulberry LN, $210,000 9/12: Tenney, Duane P II and Wife to Navarro, Rafael A and Other; .27 acres located at 873 Ambleside DR, $335,000 9/18: Ross, Garrett R and Wife to Nelson, Alexis and Other; Townhouse located at 829 Gallows CT, $200,000 9/18: Rice, Lawrence M to Martin, George William JR and Wife;.21 acres located at 1044 Riverdale CIR, $300,000 9/19: Lil Ragner LLC to Fulton, Eric M; .17 acres located at 209 W Davis ST, $145,000 9/20: Doll, Daniel W ET UX to Malmgren, Maxwell; Townhouse located at 360 Snyder LN, $200,000 9/20: Richmond American Homes of Virginia INC to Walters, Elizabeth A; .30 acres located at 124 Wayland Manor DR, $293,695 9/20: Lewis, Brandon L ET AL to Tyree, Lloyd W JR; .15 acres located at 940 Longview LN, $229,000 9/21: Routt, David C JR and Others to Comstock, Shawn R and Wife; .28 acres located at 810 Deer Chase RD, $375,000 9/21: Donelson, Danny and Others to Ashrifeh, Nawrass; .14 acres located at 117 McDaniel ST, $56,000 9/24: Whitmer, Dennis L and Wife to Rodriguez, Jesus Eulalio; .22 acres located at 817 Lakeland CT, $288,000 9/24: NVR INC to Nixion, Alexandria and Other; .15 acres located at 838 Virginia AVE, $315,254 9/24: Johnson, Adam H to Peterson, Eric and Wife; .35 acres located at 217 Stacey CT, $332,000 9/26: NVR INC to Zimmerman, Max T and Other; .15 acres located at 683 Bloosom Tree RD, $327,410 9/27: Haroldsen, Robert to Miller, David and Wife; Townhouse located at 778 Colonels CT, $200,000 9/27: Mitchell, Page Borst to DRJ Investors LLC; .24 acres located at 311 S West ST, $200,000 9/28: Lakeview/Culpeper LLC to Johnson, Conrad W; .13 acres located at 915 Virginia Ave, $309,000


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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

Real Estate

HISTORY Story of William Grayson: Part 2 Before we return to the details of the William Grayson story, it will be useful to clarify a statement in the previous column (10/4/18). The judge ordered the sheriff to carry out the sentence of death by hanging at the “usual place.” As this was a legal and recorded proceeding, it is fair to interpret the “usual place” to indicate where Culpeper County officials conducted all their executions. It is not meant to reflect on a “usual place” for hanging Negroes nor was there any specific place yet discovered for lynchings to be conducted. William Thompson, the 1877 victim was said to have been hanged near the old Confederate cemetery- believed to have been located on the south end of Blue

ZANN’S PLACE Zann Nelson

Ridge Avenue between there and the Methodist Church. The report for Charles Allie Thompson murdered in1918 stated that he was hanged near the roadside about a mile north of Catalpa. I had once been told that the county’s location for execution was the property on the northwest corner of West St. and the Sperryville Pike where a large brick house now stands. I have not verified this piece of information but am searching for that and a recent question, “When did the last legal hanging occur in Culpeper?” From the Death Penalty Information Center, https://deathpenaltyinfo. org/virginia-1, here are a few facts. The first execution in the United States was Captain George Kendall at Jamestown in 1608. Virginia has legally executed more people than any other state and the last hanging was by the state was in 1909. The research seems to indicate that the state took over executions from the counties in 1900. I have

found a site Death Penalty USA, state/virginia4.htm, that lists by state and county in chronological order the legal executions. I cannot say that the data is complete or even accurate, however, the last reported legal hanging in Culpeper County was in 1874. We will keep digging until we can substantiate the facts. Help is welcome! And now a bit more about William Grayson. I have a great deal of reading to do, thirty-two pages of hand- written reports by Judge Richard H. Field to be exact. I expect to discover the answers to several mysteries within those reports particularly the one that compelled the higher court to reverse the Culpeper Circuit Court not once but twice and ordered a third trial. In the meantime, I wish to share some of the names that I have come across in the records in hopes that some reader will recognize them. David W. Miller was the co-owner with John Settle of a store located about 10 miles from the town. Sorry, no further details about the location were mentioned.

Other names: James Parr, William Wood, Felix Huffman, Mrs. Armstrong and Woodford Settle all residing in the neighborhood of the store. The gist of the story is that William Grayson was indebted to Miller and Settle to the tune of two plus dollars. He had recently gotten a job ditching for at a nearby farm but required a shovel and spade to perform the work. Miller and Settle would not extend the credit for the purchase. Apparently, the employer advanced the funds and the tools were collected. However, Grayson was not allowed to keep them until he had paid off his debt. He borrowed the fifty cents he lacked, returned to the store collected the tools and received a receipt. The next morning Miller, who usually slept in the store was found dead. Until next week, be well. Zann Nelson is a researcher specializing in historical investigations, public speaker and award -winning freelance writer and columnist. She can be reached through the Culpeper Times, at or www.


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SATURDAY, OCT. 13 - Noon to 3:00 pm | SUNDAY, OCT. 14 - 2:00 to 4:00 pm Gorgeous, Better than New! Beautiful kitchen with granite, stainless steel, maple cabinets, island. Large finished room in basement with full bath - could be rec room, 4th bath. Large master and closet. Whole House Generator is negotiable. Call Holly at 540-729-9333.

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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

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NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC OF AN APPLICATION BY COLUMBIA GAS OF VIRGINIA, INC., FOR AUTHORITY TO INCREASE RATES AND TO REVISE THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLICABLE TO GAS SERVICE CASE NO. PUR-2018-00131 •Columbia Gas of Virginia, Inc. (“CVA”) has applied for authority to increase rates and to revise the terms and conditions applicable to gas service. •CVA requests an increase to its total revenue requirement of $22.2 million. •A Hearing Examiner appointed by the Commission will hear the case on April 23, 2019, at 10 a.m. •Further information about this case is available on the State Corporation Commission’s website at: On August 28, 2018, Columbia Gas of Virginia, Inc. (“CVA” or “Company”) filed an application with the State Corporation Commission (“Commission”) pursuant to Chapter 10 of Title 56 (§ 56-232 et seq.) of the Code of Virginia (“Code”) and the Commission’s Rules Governing Utility Rate Applications and Annual Informational Filings, requesting authority to increase its rates and charges, effective for the first billing unit of February 2019, and to revise other terms and conditions applicable to gas service (“Application”). In its Application, CVA indicates that the proposed rates and charges are designed to increase the Company’s non-gas base revenues by approximately $22.2 million per year, which includes approximately $8 million currently being collected by the Company outside of base rates in a surcharge associated with its Steps to Advance Virginia’s Energy (“SAVE”) plan (“SAVE Plan”) pursuant to Code § 56-603 et seq. (“SAVE Act”). CVA states that it is proposing to include recovery of the costs associated with approximately $67.5 million of net rate base SAVE investments as of December 31, 2018, in base rates, as permitted by the SAVE Act. Further, the Company indicates that its proposed revenue requirement incorporates the income tax savings from the federal Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017, which reduced the federal corporate income tax from 35% to 21% effective January 1, 2018. CVA asserts that its Application is in compliance with the Commission’s Order dated April 25, 2018, in Case No. PUR-2018-00005. CVA states that the requested increase in annual non-gas base revenues reflects its costs and revenues for the test year ended December 31, 2017; the increase in the Company’s rate base since its last base rate increase in 2016; an updated capital structure and requested return on equity of 10.95%; and certain rate year adjustments that “reasonably can be predicted to occur” during the 12 months ending January 31, 2020 (“Rate Year”), as permitted by Code § 56-235.2; as well as certain customer benefits described in the Application. In the Application, CVA represents that in the time since it was last authorized to increase its rates and charges in the 2016 Rate Case, the Company has made significant capital investments to improve the overall safety, reliability, and integrity of its natural gas system for the benefit of customers and to accommodate steady customer growth. CVA states it will have invested more than $300 million in capital expenditures on behalf of its customers from the beginning of 2017 through the end of 2019. The Company asserts that, of this amount, it will invest over $110 million in modernization through its SAVE Plan and approximately $130 million to support growth on the CVA system. In its Application CVA states that, in the time since the 2016 Rate Case, the Company has also continued to enhance pipeline safety and reliability through its formal integrity management program for its distribution system (“DIMP”) by identifying, prioritizing, and reducing gas distribution pipeline integrity risks. CVA indicates that, apart from DIMP initiatives, the Company conducts other operations and maintenance activities focused on further enhancing the safety of CVA’s infrastructure, its employees, and the communities it serves. CVA asserts that, during the Rate Year, it expects to continue safety-related initiatives including (i) implementation of a Pipeline Safety Management System; (ii) remediation of post1971 shallow transmission mains and remediation of unplanned exposures on distribution mains; (iii) maintenance and repair of measurement and regulation stations; (iv) enhanced emergency response; and (v) enhanced right-of-way maintenance. According to the Company, the proposed rate increase would increase the average monthly bill of a typical residential customer using 5.4 dekatherms from approximately $74.32 to approximately $79.93, or by 7.55%. Interested persons are encouraged to review the Application and supporting documents for the details of these and other proposals. TAKE NOTICE that the Commission may apportion revenues among customer classes and/or design rates in a manner differing from that shown in the Application and supporting documents and thus may adopt rates that differ from those appearing in the Company’s Application and supporting documents. The Commission entered an Order for Notice and Hearing that, among other things, scheduled a public hearing on April 23, 2019, at 10 a.m., in the Commission’s second floor courtroom located in the Tyler Building, 1300 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219, to receive testimony from members of the public and evidence related to the Application from the Company, any respondents, and the Commission’s Staff. Any person desiring to testify as a public witness at this hearing should appear fifteen (15) minutes prior to the starting time of the hearing and contact the Commission’s Bailiff. The public version of the Company’s Application, as well as the Commission’s Order for Notice and Hearing, are available for public inspection during regular business hours at each of the Company’s business offices in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Copies also may be obtained by submitting a written request to counsel for the Company, Vishwa B. Link, Esquire, McGuireWoods LLP, Gateway Plaza, 800 East Canal Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219. If acceptable to the requesting party, the Company may provide the documents by electronic means. Copies of the public version of the Application and other documents filed in this case also are available for interested persons to review in the Commission’s Document Control Center located on the first floor of the Tyler Building, 1300 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219, between the hours of 8:15 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Interested persons also may download unofficial copies from the Commission’s website: On or before April 16, 2019, any interested person wishing to comment on the Company’s Application shall file written comments on the Application with Joel H. Peck, Clerk, State Corporation Commission, c/o Document Control Center, P.O. Box 2118, Richmond, Virginia 23218-2118. Any interested person desiring to file comments electronically may do so on or before April 16, 2019, by following the instructions on the Commission’s website: Compact discs or any other form of electronic storage medium may not be filed with the comments. All such comments shall refer to Case No. PUR-2018-00131. On or before January 15, 2019, any person or entity wishing to participate as a respondent in this proceeding may do so by filing a notice of participation. If not filed electronically, an original and fifteen (15) copies of the notice of participation shall be submitted to the Clerk of the Commission at the address above. A copy of the notice of participation as a respondent also must be sent to counsel for the Company at the address set forth above. Pursuant to Rule 5 VAC 5-20-80 B, Participation as a respondent, of the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure (“Rules of Practice”), any notice of participation shall set forth: (i) a precise statement of the interest of the respondent; (ii) a statement of the specific action sought to the extent then known; and (iii) the factual and legal basis for the action. Any organization, corporation, or government body participating as a respondent must be represented by counsel as required by Rule 5 VAC 5-20-30, Counsel, of the Rules of Practice. All filings shall refer to Case No. PUR-2018-00131. On or before February 26, 2019, each respondent may file with the Clerk of the Commission, and serve on the Commission’s Staff, the Company, and all other respondents, any testimony and exhibits by which the respondent expects to establish its case, and each witness’s testimony shall include a summary not to exceed one page. If not filed electronically, an original and fifteen (15) copies of such testimony and exhibits shall be submitted to the Clerk of the Commission at the address above. In all filings, respondents shall comply with the Commission’s Rules of Practice, including 5 VAC 5-20-140, Filing and service, and 5 VAC 5-20-240, Prepared testimony and exhibits. All filings shall refer to Case No. PUR 2018-00131. All documents filed with the Office of the Clerk of the Commission in this docket may use both sides of the paper. In all other respects, all filings shall comply fully with the requirements of 5 VAC 5-20-150, Copies and format, of the Commission’s Rules of Practice. The Commission’s Rules of Practice may be viewed at A printed copy of the Commission’s Rules of Practice and an official copy of the Commission’s Order for Notice and Hearing in this proceeding may be obtained from the Clerk of the Commission at the address above. COLUMBIA GAS OF VIRGINIA, INC.


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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

What’s Happening 10/11•10/17

AIRFEST • The 19th Annual Culpeper AirFest will be held Saturday.


downstairs seating, the entire facility is non-smoking. Call 825-3424.


Brandy Station Volunteer Fire Department is having its fried chicken dinner from 5 to 7 p.m. Cost for adults, $12; children 6 to 10, $6; children under 5, free. Carry out available. Park in rear of firehouse. Proceeds benefit Brandy Station Volunteer Fire Department and Auxiliary.


Stephen’s Episcopal Church – Women’s Group The Order of Daughters of the King (DOK) is a spiritual sisterhood of women dedicated to a life of Prayer, Service and Evangelism, making a commitment to Jesus as our Savior, and following Him as Lord of their lives. Please contact us for more information. Address: 115 N. East St., Culpeper | Parking: 120 N. Commerce Street | 540-825-8786 | |www.

REFORMATION LUTHERAN CHURCH • Reformation Lutheran Church, 601 Madison Rd., Culpeper, Tuesdays, 12:30 pm: Lunch & Learn, Senior Pot-Luck Luncheon and Bible Study Thursdays, 12:15 pm: Adult & Senior Pot-Luck Luncheon and Bible Study


dine at any Glory Days Grill including Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland from October 1st thru October 30th, Glory Days will contribute 10% of the total food and beverages purchased to the All Fur Animals Rescue fundraiser. Simply ask your server for the itemized copy of your GUEST CHECK receipt (not the charge card receipt). We can provide an address to send the guest check to or provide it to an AFAR member

The Culpeper County Sheriff's Office will once again present Deadwood Trail beginning Oct. 13.

OCT. 11 FILM • “The Wiz” (Universal, 1978) Charlie Smalls’s jazzy, updated version of “The Wizard of Oz” won seven Tony Awards on Broadway in 1975, and was brought to the screen three years later with Diana Ross taking the lead role of a grown up, urban Dorothy that Stephanie Mills originated on Broadway. Shown in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the film’s release and in conjunction with the special event “Declassified Designing The Wiz” being held at the Coolidge Auditorium in the Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, October 27 at 11 am where

production and costume designer Tony Walton will join Solomon HaileSelassie of the Music Division for an intimate look at some of the designs he created for film. 35mm archival print, 134 min. 7:30 p.m. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken.

OCT. 12 BINGO • VFW Post 2524 weekly bingo sessions on Friday nights. Doors open at 5 p.m., play starts at 6:45 p.m. Guaranteed $1,000 jackpot, regular games pay $100 if 90 or more players. Upstairs and

FILM • “House on Haunted Hill” (Allied Artists, 1959) An eccentric millionaire (Vincent Price) offers a group of people $10,000 each if they'll spend a night in a sinister old mansion where several murders have occurred; he even gives each of his guests a tiny coffin containing a loaded handgun, designed to protect them from the spooks that emerge in the house over the course of the night. Produced and directed by William Castle, the king of gimmick horror films, “House on Haunted Hill” was a great success, especially with younger audiences, and most of his future efforts were geared toward the teenage market; “13 Ghosts” (1960), “13 Frightened Girls” (1963), and “I Saw What You Did” (1965) being prime examples. Digital presentation, 75 min. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken.

Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

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OCT. 13

LOCAL AUTHOR EVENT • Join the Friends of the Culpeper County Library as they host the sixth Local Author Extravaganza. Held in the Library’s meeting room from 1 to 4 p.m. Each author will have a table and be available to talk to the public about their books. The authors will have books available for purchase and autographing. Each author has been invited to speak briefly about their book, or books, check at the Library for specific times. We will have 26 authors in attendance and are very excited to extend an invitation to the public to come and meet this very talented, dedicated group of people. In addition to the individual authors we will have a table for the Windmore Writers Group. POE SHOW • Experience

Edgar Allen Poe through twin tales of mystery, murder, and mortar in Greg Oliver Bodine’s one-man show, directed by DeLisa M. White, and adapted from Poe’s classic tales “The Cask of Amontillado” and “The Black Cat.” This must-see for Poe enthusiasts and fans of mystery and horror will be at the Culpeper County Library on Saturday at 7 p.m. This performance is suitable for adults and for children (ages 12 and over) and is graciously sponsored by the Friends of Culpeper Library.


Jeffersonton Community Center will hold its monthly all-youcan eat country breakfast from 8-11 a.m. at the Jeffersonton Community Center, 5073 Jeffersonton Rd., Jeffersonton. Cost for the breakfast is $8 for adults, $5 for children 6-12 and under 6 is free. Carry-out will be available! All proceeds go to maintaining the Community Center and community projects. All are welcome. For information, call 540-937-9979.

DEADWOOD TRAIL • Do you dare to walk the Deadwood Trail? Sheriff Scott Jenkins presents Deadwood Trail, Culpeper's haunted trail. Fear awaits at every turn, with clowns, zombies, bonfires, food, entertainment and more! Deadwood Trail begins its reign of terror Saturday, Oct. 13, from 7 -11 p.m., with the scares continuing each Friday and Saturday in October

or guardian. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken.

OCT. 14

CHURCH • St. Stephen’s

The Culpeper AirFest will be held at 9 a.m. Saturday.

Episcopal Church - Join us in Worship. We offer three Holy Communion Services each week: Sunday at 8 a.m. or 10:30 a.m., Childcare from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Wednesday Centering Prayer at 11 a.m. followed by Healing and Holy Communion at 12 p.m. St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church: Address: 115 N. East St., Culpeper | Parking: 120 N. Commerce Street | 540-825-8786 | |

CHURCH • Mount Pisgah thereafter, ending November 2. Upon entering Deadwood Trail, ticket holders will wander in fear and dread from one scream event to another amongst the darkness of a foggy wooded trail, a maze, and venues of horror! Also this year, in response to popular demand, we will sell $2 tickets for entry to the grounds for those who do not want to walk the Deadwood Trail but still want to get in on the fun! Proceeds benefit the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office Santa Cop Program, which funds Christmas gifts and holiday meals for less fortunate children and seniors in Culpeper. $10 per person admission; $2 per person entry to the grounds only; free parking. For more information visit www. or call 540-7277520.

CHURCH • All are invited to

a concert of sacred Russian Orthodox Church choral music and folk songs starting at 7 p.m. at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Culpeper. The one hour concert will be held in the Parish Hall. All of our musical events are free to the community, however, donations are graciously accepted. For information, visit www. or call, 540-825-8786. Parking at 120 N. Commerce Street.

AIRFEST • The award winning Culpeper Air Fest is one of the most exclusive air shows in the country, and is the largest

annual event in Culpeper. The Culpeper Air Fest Foundation is pleased to present the Culpeper Air Fest 2018, featuring the world's ONLY privately owned Harrier, aerobatic aircraft and vintage warbirds. Be sure to bring earplugs, cameras, folding chairs, sunscreen and cash for food and treats. For everyone’s enjoyment, please leave your coolers and tents in your car or at home. Our wonderful Air Fest vendors will have plenty of food and beverages available throughout the day. The crowds and aircraft noise can be stressful for your pets, and they’ll be much happier if left at home. Carriage of weapons is permitted only in a manner consistent with the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.” 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

FILM • “Eve’s Bayou” (Trimark Pictures, 1997 – rated R*) This critically-acclaimed drama is a tale about the shifting psychological ties that bind an affluent Southern black family in the 1960s, as seen through the eyes of 10-year-old Eve (Jurnee Smollett) who worships her philandering father (Samuel L. Jackson). “Eve’s Bayou” is the first feature film written and directed by Kasi Lemmons, who went on to direct “The Caveman’s Valentine,” “Talk to Me,” and “Black Nativity.” Lemmons is a mentor with Project HER, where new women directors are paired with established women directors. The film won the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature. 35mm archival print, 109 min. Rated R for sexuality and language. *No one under the age of 17 will be admitted without a parent

Baptist Church, Tanners, celebrates the 15th Pastoral Anniversary of Rev. Walter E Bryant, with services at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. The guest preacher for the morning service is Rev. French Bryant of Threshing Floor Deliverance Baptist Church, Bowie, Maryland. Guest preacher for the 3 p.m. service is Rev. Arnold McLaurin of Shammah Ministries, Washington DC. Lunch willing be served following morning service. Location: 217 Mount Pisgah Church Drive, Tanners, VA. 540-6729065.

BINGO • Mid-Day Lions Sunday Night Bingo. Help support local groups with a fun night of games. Held at Pepper’s Grill located at 791 Madison Road in Culpeper (by Best Western). Doors open at 5 p.m. Games begin at 6:30 p.m. Three progressives each night, $1,000 jackpot.

CHURCH • Join Mountain View Community Church this for Sunday, Oct 14: "Experiencing God: God Speaks " Worship Service with 5 other churches & children’s ministry. Regular worship services will resume Sept 16 at 8:30, 10:00, & 11:30 AM at 16088 Rogers Road, Culpeper.

CHURCH • Antioch Baptist

Church, 202 South West Street will be celebrating their Annual Missionary Day at 3 p.m. Rev Walter Bryant will be the guest preacher with his choir and congregation.


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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

What’s Happening OCT. 15

WELLNESS CLASSES • Powell Wellness Center (PWC) in Culpeper is hosting three special wellness classes in October. “Focus on the Back” is a 6-week aquatic small group training class held twice weekly focusing on exercises and stretches for a healthy back. A Heartsaver® CPR/AED class will be held on October 10 and a First Aid class on October 24. These classes are open to the public. For registration please call PWC at 540-445-5406 or visit for additional information.

OCT. 17

CHESS • Culpeper Chess Club

meets each Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Culpeper County Library located at 271 Southgate Shopping Center. All ages and all skill levels welcome, even those who have never played. For information contact Charity Karstetter at 540-727-0695 or

OCT. 18

FILM • “An Evening of Folk,

Blues, Soul and Rock Highlights from ‘Soundstage’” (1974-1982) “Soundstage” is a live concert television series produced by WTTW Chicago and distributed by PBS. The original series aired between 1974 and 1985; it was revived in 2003 and is still being produced. Emphasizing live performances, “Soundstage” presented a dramatic contrast to the way music had been televised until that point when variety shows (such as “The Ed Sullivan Show”) and lip-synched cabaret shows (such as “The Andy Williams Show”) were the norm. This unique program curated from the television archive of the Library of Congress features performances by Jackie Wilson, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, Ry Cooder, Jackson Browne, Al Green, Dr. John, Doc & Merle Watson, Leonard Cohen, Jesse Winchester, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, John Prine, Tom Waits, Phoebe Snow & David Bromberg, Don Williams, Waylon Jennings, Etta James, Graham Parker, The Blasters and Tina Turner. Digital presentation, approximately 90 min. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus

Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken.

OCT. 19

FILM •“Dracula” (Universal, 1931) Bela Lugosi's portrayal of Dracula defined the ultimate vampire characterization for decades to follow, and the actor made a career of it, both on screen and on stage. Director Tod Browning referenced Bram Stoker's 1897 novel and subsequent stage plays, including a 1927 Broadway production starring Lugosi, to inform his cinematic approach to the legend. Browning, cinematographer Karl Freund and art director Charles D. Hall created an eerie gothic atmosphere to frame Lugosi's performance. Dwight Frye is memorable as Dracula's creepy minion Renfield. Unusually, “Dracula” did not have a specific score written for it and only two pieces of music are on its soundtrack: Tchaikovsky's “Swan Lake” during the opening credits, and the overture of Wagner's “Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg” during a scene at an opera. Ben Model will be on hand to fill the gaps by providing a live theatre organ underscore for the film. Selected for the National Film Registry in 2000. 35mm print produced by the Library of Congress Film Preservation lab in 1984, 73 min. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken.

OCT. 20

AUTO SHOW • The Brandy Station Volunteer Fire Station, 19601 Church Road, is having their 14th Annual Car, Truck, Tractor, and Motorcycle show from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. at the fire station. Entry fee is $20 which includes a dash plate. Free for spectators along with an open house at the fire station. Lunch will be available from the BVFD Auxiliary. For more information, call 540-222-1400. FILM • “Häxan” (UFA, 1922) This Swedish-Danish documentarystyle horror film written and directed by Benjamin Christensen is a study of how superstition and the misunderstanding of diseases and mental illness could lead to the hysteria of the witch-hunts. Leonard Maltin describes it as “A visually stunning history of the occult,

recreating actual incidents based on records of witch trials, demonic possessions, and torture by the Inquisition. A genuinely scary, noholds-barred silent film.” Live musical accompaniment will be provided by Ben Model. Digital presentation, 91 min. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken.

OCT. 21

CHURCH • Good Hope

Baptist Church, Norman, Missionary Ministry will have their anniversary at 3 p.m. Our guest preacher will be Rev. Ada Summers, of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Criglersville.

OCT. 23

ROTARY • Rotary of Culpeper is inviting you to assist the Rotary Club in Ending Polio. Oct. 23 is World Polio Day. Along with our partners, we have helped immunize more than 2.5 billion children against polio in 122 countries. If you are interested in donating, email Milton Pierce at

OCT. 25

FILM • “Homicidal” (Columbia, 1961) The horror films produced and directed by William Castle were often more famous for their promotional gimmicks than their effectiveness as movies. This one was typical of Castle's carnival barker approach with its tagline - "The picture with a Fright Break." 35mm archival print, 87 min. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken.

OCT. 26

FILM • “The Bride of Frankenstein” (Universal, 1935) Director James Whale took his success with "Frankenstein," added humor and thus created a cinematic hybrid that perplexed audiences at first glance but captivated them by picture's end. Joined eventually by a mate (Elsa Lanchester), the Frankenstein monster (Boris Karloff reprising his role and investing the character with emotional subtlety) evolves into a touchingly sympathetic character as he gradually becomes


Want your event to appear in the Culpeper Times What's Happening expanded regional weekend calendar? Email editor Jeff Say at jsay@

more human. Ernest Thesiger as Dr. Pretorius is captivatingly bizarre. Many film historians consider "Bride," with its surreal visuals, superior to the original. “The Bride of Frankenstein” was added to the National Film Registry in 1998. 35mm archival print produced by the Library of Congress film lab in 1995, 95 min. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken.

OCT. 27

FILM • “Frankenweenie” (Walt Disney, 2012) A boy named Victor loses his dog, a Bull Terrier named Sparky, and uses the power of electricity to resurrect him - but is then blackmailed by his peers into revealing how they too can reanimate their deceased pets and other creatures, resulting in mayhem. Tim Burton remade his 1984 short film of the same name as a stop-motionanimated horror comedy feature. Both a parody of and a homage to the 1931 film “Frankenstein,” based on Mary Shelley's book, the voice cast includes Winona Ryder, Martin Short, Catherine O'Hara and Martin Landau. 35mm archival print, 87 min. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken. FILM • “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” (TriStar Pictures, 1994 – rated R*) Considered to be a faithful adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein despite some differences and additions in plot, the story begins in the Arctic Sea as the feverish Baron Victor von Frankenstein is rescued by a passing ship. He tells the skeptical captain the ghastly story of how he created a living monster out of exhumed corpses. 123 min. Rated R for horrific images. *No one under the age of 17 will be admitted without a parent or guardian. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken.

Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

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from 10 a.m to 4:30 p.m. at the lodge, 3626 Old Blue Ridge Turnpike, Syria. Pick your own apples or select from apple bins on the festival grounds. Enjoy food, bluegrass music and cloggers, kids activities, hay maze and hayrides, horseback rides and crafts vendors. Free Admission and free parking. All dogs must be leashed. For more information, call 540-923-4231 or visit Rain or shine. The festival continues Oct. 13-14 and Oct. 20-21.

SECOND FRIDAY TALK • The much admired essayist Marion Winik appears at 8 p.m. at Rappahannock County Library to discuss her new book, The Baltimore Book of the Dead, a collection of mini-essays about people (and a pet or two) whose lives touched hers in a deep way and have since died. Rappahannock portraits are included in her gallery. The talk is free. All are welcome. For more information, 301-246-0022.

OCT. 13


• Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue will be having its allyou-can-eat dinner from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at their station. Come enjoy all your favorites prepared by your local volunteer Fire and Rescue Personnel. Adults $30, kids ages 4-10 $15, 3 and under free. All proceeds will be used to fund daily operations. For more information, call 540-675-3615 and speak with one of their members.

BAKE SALE • Rappahannock

Senior Center is having a bake sale from 9 a.m. to noon at Quicke Mart, Washington. Cakes of all varieties, scrumptious pies, fresh muffins, breads, brownies, melt-in your mouth cookies and lots more. All homemade. Special music by Johnnie Broyles. For more information, call 540-987-3638.


Bouquet from Boston, will offer his alabaster and soapstone carvings from Sept. 28 through Oct. 28 at the Middle Street Gallery in Washington. A public reception will be held at the gallery from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. today.

CONCERT • Larry and Barry Jolliffe along with "Country Joe" will be performing at the Laurel Mills Store, 461 Laurel Mills Rd., Castleton, from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. All are welcome. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the music. For more

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY OCT. 18-21 Steel Magnolias, presented by the Fauquier Community Theatre will play Oct. 12-14. information, call 540-937-3015.

OCT. 14

CONCERT • World-renowned Korean prodigy Jiyeong Mun will perform classical piano selections during an electrifying performance at 4 p.m., at the Theatre House at Castleton, 663 Castleton View Road. Tickets prices are $15 to $35. Call Connie Payne at 540-937-3454 for more information and visit to purchase tickets.


STEEL MAGNOLIAS • Steel Magnolias is set in Truvy's beauty salon in Chinquapin, Louisiana, where all the ladies who are "anybody" come to have their hair done. It is the classic tale of that “stronger than hairspray” bond between southern ladies with their Louisiana charm. Six ladies from the south weather the sunny and stormy days that come their way throughout the seasons of life, together. Steel Magnolias is presented by Fauquier Community Theatre by

special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York. The show is directed by Don Bachmann and produced by Brooke Lyn Clark. Ms. Clark says “the story is truly genuine and sincere in the journey it travels through every scene with displays of moments we as humans can relate to in our own lives. Make sure you bring your tissues and are ready to laugh with joy through tears! It’s fixin’ to be a grand ol’ time” she says thematically with a radiant smile. Performances of Steel Magnolias will be held on October 5, 6, 7, 12, 13 and 14. at the Theatre at Vint Hill located at 4225 Aiken Drive, Warrenton, VA. Saturday showtimes are at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 2 pm. Ticket purchases are for reserved seating so early reservations result in best choice seating. Order tickets today at www. or by calling 540-3498760. Ticket prices are $15 for students and senior citizens, and $17 for adults.



Graves Mountain Lodge’s 49th Annual Apple Harvest Festival

DRACULA • Manassas Ballet

Theatre opens its 2018-19 season with the ultimate vampire story, “Dracula.” Performances at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 3 p.m. Sunday. Theatrical and seductive, the Hylton stage becomes Transylvania after dark, where just one taste of blood guarantees eternal youth. Hylton Performing Arts Center, Manassas. Tickets ($25-$65) may be purchased online, via phone, or at the Hylton Center Ticket Office. 703-993-7759 (processing fees apply for online and telephone orders)

ORANGE COUNTY OCT. 21 WALK • Enjoy the crisp autumn air and the beauty of the forest and contemplate our connections to Madison’s era through our mutual dependence on this important natural resource. Learn about the ecological and economic contributions a wellmanaged forest provides to our society in terms of habitat, wildlife, wood products, and such basic needs as clean air and water. $5/person. The tour begins at 2 p.m at the Visitor Center, 11350 Constitution Highway, Montpelier Station, and goes through 4 p.m. For more information, see In case of inclement weather, call (540) 6722728, ext. 141 or ext. 252 for further information.


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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

VIEWS Phones, presidential texts and friend requests Throughout my life I have had an uneasy relationship Marshall Conner with phones. The vintage ones with cords, the ones in phone booths, the flip phones and the fancy smartphones we use today. My first memory of an important phone call was one my mother and I received from my father on a Christmas Eve. He was serving as an advisor in Vietnam during the war. My father was away on his second year-long deployment in the U.S. Army. I recall the joy, the relief in my mother’s voice and the crackling line that connected me to my dad’s voice. My mom told me that the static was due to the waves in the Pacific Ocean. My paratrooper dad patiently listened to at least three encores of Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer. In military families there’s also a dark side to phone calls — it could be bad news. My mom would jump every time a phone rang. Thankfully, that type of call never happened. For the less important calls mom taught me an old school way to not be bothered. She would pick up the phone receiver and let it hang by the

cord. Sure, it would beep in protest — but no calls, meant no worries. In my teens a phone booth linked to me to family and girls. It allowed for brief escapes to the world outside the brick walls of Fishburne Military School. Phone booths again entered my life as a young soldier at Ft. Leonard Wood. There was a magical place called “phone city” where the drill sergeants marched us to make calls when we earned them. Somewhere in the 1980s it all changed with beepers — followed by the earliest cellphones. Remember life before our phones became essential? Remember the stress of calling for a date? Today, our smartphones are used for entertainment, work, photos, texts and the occasional voice-to-voice call. Phone calls have become secondary to amusement. Last Wednesday at 2:18 PM cell phones in the U.S. received a "Presidential Alert" text message to test FEMA's National Wireless Emergency Alert System. The Silver Club, a senior’s group I coordinate, knew the message was coming as they played an afternoon card game. Still it was strange to hear a room full of phones simultaneously emitting a strange tone. Instantly, the notice spawned laughs when we pondered how various groups would react.

Republicans: Yeah! It's the president! Democrats: I hate that guy! Libertarians: Why does the government have my number? Socialists: It's not my phone it’s a government phone. Green Party: How much energy was wasted? Anarchists: I tossed my phone in the river! Ancient Alien Theorists: Aliens perhaps? Survivalists: WOLVERINES! Fly fishermen: Voice Mail African Prince: Donald Trump called me back? Silver Club: Why did one phone beep minutes after everyone else? Fellow senior answers: Maybe you’re a Democrat! Criminals: Don't answer that! Government: We finally did something that worked! My wife’s elusive cousin: "So am I the only one who got that creepy government text? The possibilities were endlessly amusing. Did anyone else think of the 1970s film Telefon, starring Charles Bronson as a KGB agent? Over the weekend, people played in their favorite social media worlds where they blasted each other over politics, morality, and sports. Facebook was filled with people

fighting over the Supreme Court confirmation vote and Taylor Swift’s political loyalties. Then something odd happened, as a “hack hoax” invaded nearly everyone’s feed. This look familiar? “Hi....I actually got another friend request from you….” The associated reactions and hand-wringing quickly spawned anxiety…and humor. One friend posted, “If someone hacked my identity they will probably return it shortly after seeing my bills and credit score.” The scary speed that the “hack hoax” spread was eye-opening. Group panic never looks good. I took the fly-fishing approach, quietly watching and assessing the scene before swinging my casts into unfamiliar pools. As a journalist, I also know that breaking news is not always the most accurate. One can also bet that Bill Gates and the Rock are not giving away money for Likes. While we were all preoccupied with hoaxes, hackers and badmouthing each other - the conflict in Afghanistan entered its 17th year. What else are we missing in the world? How easy it was to get people swimming in circles like frightened mullet.


responsible for all maintenance and repairs. After a year, with no private money forthcoming and due to public outcry, the supervisor's cronies came forth pretending to be a fundraising committee. They were the typical good ole boys and girls who had been running our county for 30 years. Of course, they were unable to raise funds for a building already completed, and so sought funding from several area developers who just happened to want a certain outcome to a vote on their projects by our supervisors. Our swamp/supervisors promptly delivered that vote in the affirmative and monies just under $60,000 appeared in this group’s coffers. In addition, the whole affair ended up in the Free Lance Star Newspaper and is just a Google search away where you can read about a petition in support of this

developer’s project, where the cake was iced by the signatures of 50 plus dead people and also the exchange of signatures for free butchered pig meat from food stamp recipients. A lawsuit which looked into the whole matter from local residents interrupted the ‘fundraising” group’s money flow, so we will never really know just how much was promised in exchange for a vote. The county never saw even a dime of the money. Most of our Board Swamp was sent home in 2015, but with refinancing the original $5 million, the debt to the taxpayer is $9 million with the tax payer still responsible for a building they can only own if the Y no longer exists there. With the size and income level of our county - 11th largest in Virginia, only the folks in Western Caroline on 95 can actually practically use the Y.

The other areas of our county, Hanover, Fredericksburg and King George are closer, and in addition the fees would prohibit the majority. The Y organization continues to supplement our Caroline Y as it will never be self-supporting. There was a lame promise to allow our schools to use the Y for a swim team, but this of course never materialized. Did I mention the son of the supervisor who pushed this through got the first job there at the Y when it opened? In any event, the majority of our citizens have never seen the inside of the Y, but must still pay for the few who have. I encourage Culpeper residents to Vote No against the proposed Recreation Center. Learn from our lessons. It’s not worth it.


Warning on the YMCA from Caroline County I have been following the upcoming vote in Culpeper on the Obligation Debt for a Recreation Center. Let this be a warning to all taxpayers in Culpeper. In many ways although the amount was smaller, our YMCA/REC Center in Caroline County is a debt albatross that will hang around our necks for many years to come. A pet project of a longtime supervisor used to running the county HIS way, the initial "gift" from the tax payers to the YMCA was five million dollars with interest only payments for the first few years of $100,000, twice a year. It was sold to the public as a venture which private funds would repay. Even worse the "gift" was to build the building with the county

Susan Sili Caroline County


Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

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Culpeper Wellness Foundation strives to enrich Culpeper community HEALTH AND WELLNESS

(Editor's note: This week we welcome Shari Landy, President of the Culpeper Wellness Foundation as a monthly columnist to the Culpeper Times.) In August 2016 I came to Culpeper to take the position of president of Culpeper Wellness Foundation. It was a big move for me after living in New Hampshire my entire life but I haven’t had a moment of regret. When I arrived for my first interview I was immediately taken by beauty of the area, the quaint town and the friendly interactions with everyone I met. But what really sealed the deal for me was when I was given a tour of Powell Wellness Center. As I walked through the building I saw people of all ages and sizes and abilities exercising with varied levels of intensity. Some people were obviously athletic and regular gym-goers while others were beginning exercisers learning to use the equipment or building stamina by walking along the indoor track. I decided right then that I wanted to be part of this organization and its mission to improve health and wellness. Thankfully the hiring committee

Shari Landry


Re-elect Congressman Dave Brat on Nov. 6 Other than “having our backs”, what exactly would Abigail Spanberger do to represent the citizens of Virginia’s 7th District? She wants to lower drug costs, raise taxes, and enact universal health care ($32 trillion over the next 10 years). That would require quite a tax hike! As an employee of John Brennan’s CIA, what did she do? Why did she suddenly move here from California and decide to challenge our Congressman? She was a French major at UVA.

and I were on the same page! Culpeper Wellness Foundation was established in October 2014 when the University of Virginia purchased Culpeper Medical Center. As a condition of that purchase the University contributes annually in support of the Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to address health and wellness needs in Culpeper, Madison and Orange counties, the hospital’s service area. Typically, a “legacy foundation” formed upon the sale of a community hospital is solely a grantmaking organizations that provides funding for program and services consistent with its mission. Culpeper Wellness Foundation is not your typical legacy foundation. In addition to making grants throughout the three counties, this Foundation operates the Free Clinic of Culpeper, Powell Wellness Center and Culpeper Sport & Fitness. In 2018 we will provide $1 million in grants and charitable investments, up from $875,000 last year. Let me share a quick overview of our four major initiatives. Grantmaking: We invite nonprofits, schools and municipalities to submit health and wellness related grant requests each spring. The grant decisions are made by a volunteer advisory board. Other grants are made throughout the year for strategic initiatives or time-sensitive, highimpact requests. Free Clinic of Culpeper:

Free health care and prescription medicines are provided for 500+ uninsured low-income adults. If a family of 4 earns less than $62,750/ year, the adults can receive care at the clinic and get free or reduced fee services at Powell Wellness Center. Powell Wellness Center: PWC is one of only 3 certified medical fitness facilities in VA. That means our staff are highly trained and that we have medical oversight of programs designed for people with limitations or medical conditions. We also offer fitness programs for children, families and active adults. Culpeper Sport & Fitness: A fun workout facility that offers adult fitness classes, youth classes including tumbling, Tae Kwon Do and sports performance training; boot camps for children and adults and indoor tennis and pickleball. Both fitness facilities offer reduced fees for low-income residents. The Foundation is guided by local volunteers who serve on our Advisory Boards and is governed by a 13-member Board of Directors. We work closely with community organizations to provide programs that are needed and sustainable and build on our vision of healthy people in healthy communities. Going forward this monthly column will focus on health and wellness. I look forward to sharing information you can use to improve your health!

At the CIA was she a translator or was she wielding a gun in the field as her ads suggest? What exactly was she doing during her years in Belgium? What entities are funding her candidacy? Who is Abigail Spanberger anyway? Other than making dishonest attacks on Congressman Brat, Spanberger speaks in “feel good,” liberal generalities. People say that she is “so nice.” OK…take her to lunch, but don’t send her to Washington! Dave Brat is the only economist in Congress, and replacing him doesn’t make sense. Brat does not take any special interest money.

He is faithful to ethical economics and American capitalism - the system of government that has raised the standard of living for more people in history. Brat believes in personal responsibility, small government, a strong middle class, and the miracle of the Constitution. He is working to maintain its principles for future Americans. The Democratic Party and Spanberger are working hard to diminish those principles. Vote on Tuesday, November 6, and re-elect Congressman Dave Brat!

Shari Landry is the President of Culpeper Wellness Foundation.

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Ann Beauchamp Richmond

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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

H E A LT H Cancer detection from a whole new angle There’s a reason you’re seeing more pink – from athletes donning pink cleats on the field to grocery stores switching to pink bags: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The color pink and ribbon serve as a symbol and reminder of the importance of breast health. During October, community events such as marathons, special luncheons and “pink events” – like Novant Health UVA Health Center Culpeper Medical Center’s 13th annual Pamper Me Pink event on Oct. 23 – also provide an atmosphere of comradery to raise awareness, support and funds to help cover treatment for those who can’t afford it. “At Culpeper Medical Center, a heightened focus on breast cancer awareness is more than just a monthly celebration, it’s a year-round commitment,” said Jeff Hetmanski, president and COO of Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center. “Thanks to the

generous support of the Culpeper Hospital Auxiliary, this commitment is demonstrated by our investment in 3D mammography – technology that allows our expert radiologists to provide better imaging results to women and men in our community.” “Early detection provides the greatest chance for finding curable breast cancers, and the best chance for early detection is through use of 3D mammography,” said Brandi Nicholson, MD, Fellowship-Trained Breast Radiologist at Culpeper Medical Center. “It’s truly an important component of the screening process and to early detection of breast cancers.” What is 3D mammography? The 3D mammogram takes a typical mammogram to the next level. An X-ray arm sweeps across the breast, compiling multiple low-dose images, called “slices,” of the breast acquired at various angles one-millimeter at a time. The state-of-the-art technology lets

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radiologists view inside a breast layer by layer. The vantage point minimizes overlapping tissue, allowing fine details to be seen more clearly. This leads to earlier detection of breast cancer, better visualization and fewer patient callbacks. Novant Health UVA Health System breast radiologists are highlytrained and experienced with the 3D

technology, giving patients an added level of confidence in screenings. “Women awaiting mammography results don’t want any guesswork when it comes to analyzing their imaging results,” said Dr. Nicholson. “They want results they can trust and we’re seeing fewer errors as technology continues to ➤ See Health, Page 23

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Power On.

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Visit to sign up-No purchase necessary. Valued at $1308 Free 2’x4’ Bound Rug with visit. Drawing Oct. 31 • 5p.m.

SEE INSIDE FOR DETAILS! (Highway 211) 14574 Lee Hwy. Amissville, VA 20106 •


Local News

Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

➤ Health, from Page 23 advance.” Benefits of 3D mammography At Culpeper Medical Center our 3D images are done and the “slices” are used to generate the regular 2D images. This allows us to get the benefits of 3D at similar radiation dose and with only five additional seconds per view compression. No woman wants to prolong the discomfort of a mammogram, but the benefits are

worth the longer procedure. Those benefits include: Earlier Detection. Minimizing the impact of overlapping breast tissue helps physicians detect early signs of breast cancer. Radiologists expect to see up to a 30 percent increase in detection. Fewer Callbacks. This technology helps distinguish harmless abnormalities from real cancers, which leads to 15-20 percent fewer callbacks. Better Visualization. Radiologists can better visualize the size, shape and location of abnormal tissue.

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The Ideal Candidates Despite its benefits, 3D mammography is an optional service, but gaining ground to become common practice as part of a comprehensive breast health screening. Since the FDA approved this technology in 2011, millions of patients have left the dreaded mammogram appointment with added confidence in their testing. Women with dense breast tissue, women ages 40-49 and women at “high risk” for developing breast cancer


due to family history are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this advanced technology. However, Dr. Nicholson recommends that all women, regardless of age, history or breast density, get a 3D mammogram as their annual study. Women and men interested in more information about mammograms are encouraged to attend Pamper Me Pink, held from 5:00-8:45 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 23. For more information, visit or call 540-829-8855.

Explanation for Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Be Voted On at the November 6, 2018, Election PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT ARTICLE X. Taxation and Finance. Section 6. Exempt property. BALLOT QUESTION Should a county, city, or town be authorized to provide a partial tax exemption for real property that is subject to recurrent flooding, if flooding resiliency improvements have been made on the property? EXPLANATION Present Law Generally, the Constitution of Virginia provides that all property shall be taxed. The Constitution of Virginia also sets out specific types of property that may be exempted from taxation. For example, the Constitution of Virginia allows the General Assembly to permit localities to provide a partial exemption from real estate taxes as an incentive for property owners to make substantial improvements to existing structures by renovating, rehabilitating, or replacing those structures. Proposed Amendment The proposed amendment would authorize the General Assembly to allow localities to provide a partial tax exemption for real property that is subject to recurrent flooding, if improvements have been made on the property to address flooding. The General Assembly and participating localities would be allowed to place restrictions or conditions on qualification for the tax exemption. A “yes” vote will authorize the General Assembly to allow localities to provide a partial tax exemption for real property that is subject to recurrent flooding, if improvements have been made on the property to address flooding. A “no” vote will not allow such a tax exemption. FULL TEXT OF AMENDMENT Amend Section 6 of Article X of the Constitution of Virginia as follows: ARTICLE X TAXATION AND FINANCE Section 6. Exempt property. (a) Except as otherwise provided in this Constitution, the following property and no other shall be exempt from taxation, State and local, including inheritance taxes: (1) Property owned directly or indirectly by the Commonwealth or any political subdivision thereof, and obligations of the Commonwealth or any political subdivision thereof exempt by law. (2) Real estate and personal property owned and exclusively occupied or used by churches or religious bodies for religious worship or for the residences of their ministers. (3) Private or public burying grounds or cemeteries, provided the same are not operated for profit. (4) Property owned by public libraries or by institutions of learning not conducted for profit, so long as such property is primarily used for literary, scientific, or educational purposes or purposes incidental thereto. This provision may also apply to leasehold interests in such property as may be provided by general law. (5) Intangible personal property, or any class or classes thereof, as may be exempted in whole or in part by general law. (6) Property used by its owner for religious, charitable, patriotic, historical, benevolent, cultural, or public park and playground purposes, as may be provided by classification or designation by an ordinance adopted by the local governing body and subject to such restrictions and conditions as provided by general law. (7) Land subject to a perpetual easement permitting inundation by water as may be exempted in whole or in part by general law. (b) The General Assembly may by general law authorize the governing body of any county, city, town, or regional government to provide for the exemption from local property taxation, or a portion thereof, within such restrictions and upon such conditions as may be prescribed, of real estate and personal property designed for continuous habitation owned by, and occupied as the sole dwelling of, persons not less than sixty-five years of age or persons permanently and totally disabled as established by general law. A local governing body may be authorized to establish either income or financial worth limitations, or both, in order to qualify for such relief. (c) Except as to property of the Commonwealth, the General Assembly by general law may restrict or condition, in whole or in part, but not extend, any or all of the above exemptions. (d) The General Assembly may define as a separate subject of taxation any property, including real or personal property, equipment, facilities, or devices, used primarily for the purpose of abating or preventing pollution of the atmosphere or waters of the Commonwealth or for the purpose of transferring or storing solar energy, and by general law may allow the governing body of any county, city, town, or regional government to exempt or partially exempt such property from taxation, or by general law may directly exempt or partially exempt such property from taxation. (e) The General Assembly may define as a separate subject of taxation household goods, personal effects and tangible farm property and products, and by general law may allow the governing body of any county, city, town, or regional government to exempt or partially exempt such property from taxation, or by general law may directly exempt or partially exempt such property from taxation. (f) Exemptions of property from taxation as established or authorized hereby shall be strictly construed; provided, however, that all property exempt from taxation on the effective date of this section shall continue to be exempt until otherwise provided by the General Assembly as herein set forth. (g) The General Assembly may by general law authorize any county, city, town, or regional government to impose a service charge upon the owners of a class or classes of exempt property for services provided by such governments. (h) The General Assembly may by general law authorize the governing body of any county, city, town, or regional government to provide for a partial exemption from local real property taxation, within such restrictions and upon such conditions as may be prescribed, (i) of real estate whose improvements, by virtue of age and use, have undergone substantial renovation, rehabilitation or replacement or (ii) of real estate with new structures and improvements in conservation, redevelopment, or rehabilitation areas. (i) The General Assembly may by general law allow the governing body of any county, city, or town to exempt or partially exempt from taxation any generating equipment installed after December thirty-one, nineteen hundred seventy-four, for the purpose of converting from oil or natural gas to coal or to wood, wood bark, wood residue, or to any other alternate energy source for manufacturing, and any co-generation equipment installed since such date for use in manufacturing. (j) The General Assembly may by general law allow the governing body of any county, city, or town to have the option to exempt or partially exempt from taxation any business, occupational or professional license or any merchants’ capital, or both. (k) The General Assembly may by general law authorize the governing body of any county, city, or town to provide for a partial exemption from local real property taxation, within such restrictions and upon such conditions as may be prescribed, of improved real estate subject to recurrent flooding upon which flooding abatement, mitigation, or resiliency efforts have been undertaken.


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Local News

Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

'Heisenberg' - A whirlpool in a bottle Fair warning: If a stranger kisses you on the back of the neck in a train station (or a bus station or an airport) use caution. It might be a charming pathological liar. It might be your future soulmate. It might be a case of mistaken identity. You can never be sure. And that’s the point, such as it is, of Simon Stephens’ intriguing little nugget, “Heisenberg”. Named for the German physicist, Werner Heisenberg, who proposed that quantum mechanics has an “uncertainty principle,” this twoperson, 90-minute play unpeels layer after layer in a relationship that begins strangely and ends in the middle. Michael Russotto and Rachel Zampelli are a compelling duo as Alex and Georgie, a pair so absurdly different as to call to mind Neil Simon’s reliable formula for his best known comedies: match two wildly disparate personalities, put them in close quarters, and turn them loose.


Maggie Lawrence


Unlike Simon’s work however, “Heisenberg’s” humor, when it happens at all, comes from Georgie’s startling devotion to telling lies. She “loves making things up” and wonders if, perhaps, the much older and staider Alex finds her “exhausting but captivating”. After a sporadic courtship initiated by Georgie which includes ambushing him at work, flattery, and eventually sex, he does. The expected shoe drops, of course. Georgie’s through-line is her heartbroken love for her son, Jason, who has gone to the States, told her he is “sick of her”, and has disappeared somewhere in New Jersey. Georgie is broke and wants – we all guessed it – money. Or maybe there is no Jason. That’s the trouble with liars. The most practiced ones are so believable. Joe Calarco directs with a delicate hand, and even though Georgie comes with her own blinking red warning signs, the quiet, single life of the aging Alex makes his vulnerability a given. When he gets a little drunk and has a fascinated young woman to listen to him, he opens up – always in that faultless Irish accent that could seduce far stronger women ➤ See Curtain Calls, Page 25


Michael Russotto (Alex) and Rachel Zampelli (Georgie) star in the DC premiere of Heisenberg at Signature Theatre.

WONDER WOMEN of Customer Service!

ic e off e th – s i n e l p fu l n ! e i d h t a l a io y T h e r e v e r mu n i c . H a c om seph t a o gre -J

Appleton Campbell is the best. Great office staff! - Robin W.




the W A R R E N T O N L I F E S T Y L E



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8/28/18 2:46 PM

Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

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Local News


➤ Curtain Calls, from Page 25 than Georgie. “Sometimes I burst out crying” he confesses. And Georgie knows she’s found her mark. Pamela Weiner’s scene design makes a virtue of simplicity in the Ark stage, configured for this show in the round. A red platform with two black multi-purpose tables are all we need for a train station, a bedroom, a bar, an Indian restaurant. Georgie and Alex themselves carry out the swift, dance-like scene changes to Kenny Neal’s sound design. On the subject of music, Alex catches us up short. “Music exists in the spaces between the notes,” he asserts, and points out the unpredictability of all things Bach. We didn’t expect that from a celibate, lonely London butcher with a failing business. Georgie, for her part, does the only predictable thing she can do. She lies – aggressively, embarrassedly, playfully, constantly. This out of control habit has one slender vine to hang from, and that is her certainty that people will reject her if they know her, and so she must be in control of the reasons they reject her. It almost makes sense. This production of “Heisenberg” succeeds in creating a cell-like world in which nothing is extraneous, and nothing is “for sure.” And because as it is with Bach, we don’t know what the next note will be, we want to keep

Want to go?

What: “Heisenberg” Where: Signature Theatre, 4200 Campbell Ave., Arlington, Va Call: (703) 820-9771 or visit Playing through Nov. 11

watching. It may be that we are meant to see them as two particles obeying an incomprehensible attraction in a coldly disinterested universe. Though their individual stories and needs circle one another in an ever closing tango of maybes and what ifs, the dance comes to rest at last when Georgie confronts a moment that at least feels like truth, and Alex puts fear aside. Life may be uncertain, but as he finally acknowledges, it is “terribly brief.” Maggie Lawrence is a member of the American Theatre Critics Association. She is a retired English and drama teacher.

Amazing Seats & Sound COMING SOON TO

Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018 5 to 8:45 p.m.

Germanna’s Daniel Technology Center 18121 Technology Drive, Culpeper Grab your friends for a night out at the 13th annual Pamper Me Pink event. Enjoy an evening of awareness and indulgence while supporting the breast health of the Culpeper community. Prepare to be pampered with chair massages, hand wax treatments, health education, food, music and door prizes. In the spirit of support, cancer survivors will share their inspiring stories and a keynote speaker will provide valuable education and insight. Proceeds benefit the Pamper Me Pink Mammography Fund in providing financial assistance to women and men in need of a mammogram or follow-up screenings.




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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

L E T S E AT ! Open Daily at 11 a.m. Closed on Monday

Fun fall stuffed poblanos EPICUREAN MUSE

I love peppers, all kinds of peppers, and especially those on the spicy side. Barajas Produce at the downtown farmers market typically has an amazing selection of spicy chili peppers, including jalapenos, serranos, habaneros and poblanos. With so many choices I may be guilty of over buying every now and then. With that said, I recently had an abundance of poblano peppers to use up, as well as some sweet potatoes, so I came up with a fun stuffed poblano recipe that’s easy, super flavorful and gives a nod to fall. The wine choices to pair with the stuffed poblanos are plentiful, but a white Rioja from Spain is a particular standout. This one is a blend of two grapes, Viura and Malvasia, from 60 year old vines, so it has a fairly rich mouthfeel. It’s fresh and herbaceous with crisp minerality that balances the floral richness. All of these flavors play so nicely with the subtle heat of the peppers, the sweetness of the potato and tang of the chevre. Enjoy!

Kim Kelly


Best BBQ in Culpeper...

Come experience the difference!


129 E. Culpeper Street

at The Stable, behind the Culpeper Post Office

11am-4pm everyday

16125 Ira Hoffman Lane Culpeper, VA 22701 540-825-4978

l Mon-Fri 11-3 l Lunch buffett l 3 Entree’s daily l Salad and desert l Homemade soup and hot vegetables

791 Madison Rd, Culpeper, VA 22701

(540) 825-1037

Roasted Stuffed Poblanos with Sweet Potatoes, Black Beans and Chevre Ingredients 6 Poblano Peppers 2 Sweet Potatoes, fairly small in size 1 ½ cups Cooked Black Beans, rinsed and drained 1 small Jalapeno, seeded and finely diced 1 Tbs Unsalted Butter 1/4 Tsp Garam Masala (a blend of ground spices, usually coriander, black pepper, cumin, cardamom and cinnamon.) 3 or 4 oz Plain Chevre 1 Tsp Orange Zest 1 Tsp Orange Juice Raw Pepita Seeds Salt and Pepper to taste Instructions Preheat oven to broil and line a sheet pan with

Mexican Restaurant

foil. Place poblanos on foil and roast directly under broiler turning until evenly charred on all sides, approx 10 minutes. Remove from oven and place in a covered bowl to steam for 10 – 15 minutes for ease of peeling the skins. Once peeled, make a slit on one side from near the top to the bottom without completely opening the pepper up and try to remove as many seeds as possible without removing the top of the pepper. Lower oven temperature to 425, poke a few holes in the sweet potatoes and place on a sheet to bake for approx 45 minutes or until fork tender when pierced. Once they are cool enough to handle, scoop out the flesh and mash in a bowl with butter, garam marsala, salt and pepper. In a separate bowl, stir orange zest and orange juice into chevre. Add half of chevre to mashed sweet potatoes and stir in along with finely diced jalapeno and black beans. Assembly Coat the bottom of a baking pan with olive oil or grape seed oil. Carefully stuff each pepper with the sweet potato filling. Top each pepper with the remaining chevre. Bake uncovered in a 375 oven for about 15- 20 minutes; sprinkle with pepita seeds and continue baking for 5 minutes to lightly toast the seeds. Serve immediately with a simple mixed green salad. Kim Kelly is the owner of Vinosity in Downtown Culpeper. She can be reached at info@culpeperwines. com

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applesauce toothpaste shampoo canned vegetables other than corn and green beans The Culpeper Food Closet is an outreach ministry of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 120 N. Commerce street. Call 825-1177. Drop off donations M-F from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Arrangements should be made ahead with Bob Hilton at 547-4950 if you are bringing a large amount, i.e. from a food drive.

Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018


Arrest Reports

Age: 49, White/Male Hgt./Wgt.: 5-7/135 Hair/Eye: Brown/Blue Last known: Culpeper, Va. Wanted for: Possession of Schedule I, II Controlled Substance.

Oct. 3 Richard Leslie Bowers II, 36, 20000 block Batna Road, Culpeper, contempt of court John Earl Smith, 50, 5500 block Jeffersonton Road, Jeffersonton, probation violation on felony charge Oct. 4 Jamie Christina Beatty, 39, 21000 block Thoms Road, Elkwood, assault and battery - family member, assault and battery with threats/force Oct. 5 Linda Carol Tilson, 64, 12000

Milton Gary Campbell Age: 38, White/Male Hgt./Wgt.: 6-3/185 Hair/Eye: Brown/Brown Last known: 16142 Brandy Rd., Culpeper, Va. Wanted for: Fail to Appear.

Eugene Lura Curry Age: 47, Black/Male Hgt./Wgt.: 5-10/162 Hair/Eye: Black/Brown Last known: 11676 James Madison St. 2, Remington, Va. Wanted for: Revocation of Suspended Sentence and Probation.

Avery Cierra King Age: 26, Black/Female Hgt./Wgt.: 5-10/218 Hair/Eye: Black/Brown Last known: 2110 Blue Spruce Dr., Culpeper. Wanted for: Fail to Appear.

Warrants current as of Oct. 10


Culpeper County Sheriff's Office: Oct. 3-9 Following are the county police reports from Oct. 3-9. Reports are provided by the law enforcement agency listed and do not imply guilt, however are the charges placed by the CCSO.

Charles George Bauer

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block Hazel River Road, Rixeyville, unlawfully allow goats to run at large Amy Ruth Horak, 39, 19000 block s. Merrimac Road, Culpeper, assault and battery - family member Oct. 6 Ariana Wallace, 26, 34000 block Constitutional Highway, Locust Grove, no driver's license, assault and battery - police officer or firefighter, resisting arrest/ obstructing justice without threat of force, driving under the influence of alcohol Ernest Sparks Green Sr., 38, 1900 block E. North Ave., Baltimore, Md., driving under the influence of alcohol, obstructing justice

Oct. 8 Michael DeWayne Minifield, 39, 9000 block Carver School Lane, Rapidan, driving after illegally consuming alcohol, driving with suspended or revoked license Oct. 9 Joshua Alan Butcher, 37, 15000 block Little Fork Church, Rixeyville, revocation of pretrial Cody Allen Modlin, 21, 1700 block James Monroe Hwy., Colonial Beach, sentence to community based corrections Gary Michael McDaniel, 35, 3100 block Meander Run Road, Culpeper, probation violation on misdemeanor charge, obstructing justice without force (two counts), failure to appear on felony charge

Culpeper Town Police: Oct. 1-7 Following are the police reports from Oct. 1-7. Reports are provided by the law enforcement agency listed and do not imply guilt, however are the charges placed by the police department. Oc t. 1 Sarai Veronica Solorzano Figueroa, 34, 2500 block Post Oak Drive, conspiracy to commit felony (two counts), solicitation to commit felony (two counts) Enna Elizabeth Perez Santos, 18, 100 block N. Madison St., Orange, conspiracy to commit felony Brianna Rogers, 18, 100 block N. Madison St., Orange, failure to appear Amber Nichole Pollard, 18, 300 block Belleview Ave., Orange, failure to appear Demarius B. Howard, 23, 600 block Meadowbrook Drive, Culpeper, revocation of suspended sentence and probation, possession of marijuana Helen Marie Banks, 48, 100 block East Davis Street, Culpeper, failure to appear Jordan Malik Hicks, 22, 500

block Mimosa St., Culpeper, failure to appear Maria Elena Gomez, 50, 1100 block Hiden Ave., Culpeper, driving under the influence of alcohol Oct. 3 Christopher Allen Patterson, 27, 300 block Belleview Ave., Orange, petit larceny, possession of controlled substance, vehicle/ aircraft/boat/etc. destroy/injury (five counts) David Boynton Green, 63, 7300 block Greenwood Lane, Rapidan, possession of schedule I, II controlled substance, possession of marijuana, driving under the influence of alcohol, driving with suspended or revoked license Stephen Michael Frost, 28, 8200 J. David Lane, Mechansville, credit card fraud, petit larceny, credit card fraud, credit card theft Maynor Choc Maaz, 19, 1100 block Meander Drive, Culpeper, giving false identity to law enforcement officer, no drivers license

Neil Waynd Hounshell II, 46, 2100 block Cottonwood Lane, Culpeper, petit larceny Oct. 4 Cherie Kate Hardy, 46, 11000 block Lee Highway, Sperryville, assault and battery Oct. 5 Anjeliqua Savanna Sanders, 20, 700 block Belle Court, Culpeper, failure to appear Oct. 6 Leroy Kenneth Johnson, 61, 400 block East Spencer St., Culpeper, obtaining money by false pretenses, issuance of two or more bad checks in 90 days Brandon Lace Lewis, 23, 800 block Persimmon Place, Culpeper, assault and battery, assault and battery - family member Oct. 7 Willie Richard Hume Jr., 58, 900 block Sperryville Pike, Culpeper, drunk in public, profane language

CULPEPER TIMES Local News. Regional Reach.


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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018


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ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES BIG ANTIQUES & Collectibles Sale/Show, October 12,13,14. 63rd Shenandoah Antiques Expo, Augusta Expoland, Fishersville, VA (I-64,Exit 91), 300+dealers, five buildings plus outside. Fri. and Sat 9-5, Sun. 11-4., 434-8467452. AUCTIONS On-Site Estate Auction Saturday, October 13 - 9 a.m. 412 3rd Avenue, Farmville, VA. 23901. Antiques, Old Toys, Collectibles, Riding Mowers,Trailer, Accumulations, Tools, More for information, VAL #348 FARM / LIVESTOCK FOR SALE Fish for Ponds - Lakes, Plants, Lilies, 32 Species Available. Free Catalog. Delivery or Pick-up. Zetts Fish Hatchery, 878 Hatchery Road, Inwood, WV 25428 (304) 229-3654. FINANCIAL SERVICES REAL ESTATE LOANS for sale. Long Term Yields of 9% or more. Secured by real estate and guaranteed by current noteholder. Varied Amounts. 540-294-2007. MISCELLANEOUS SAWMILLS from only $4397.00 - MAKE & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship! FREE Info/DVD: www.NorwoodSawmills. com 800-567-0404 Ext.300N REAL ESTATE FOR SALE LAND IN CENTRAL VIRGINIA - Cumberland County. 2.5 acre rural homesite. Open, level, usable lane on state road. Unrestricted. $40,000. I’ll Finance. Low Down Payment. 434-534-1681.

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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

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LEGAL NOTICES TRUSTEE’S NOTICE OF SALE 17133 Raccoon Ford Road Culpeper, VA 22701 County of Culpeper, Virginia Culpeper County Tax Map Parcel No. 77-15B

Busy retail office is looking for seasonal

Tax Technicians and Client Service Associates

In execution of a deed of trust, recorded in Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Culpeper County, Virginia, as Deed Instrument No. 140002936, conveying certain real estate described therein to Bruce T. Clark and Samuel R. Walker, Trustees, the undersigned, Samuel R. Walker, Sole Acting Trustee, will offer for sale at public auction in front of the entrance to the Courthouse of the County of Culpeper, Virginia, at 135 West Cameron Street, Culpeper, Virginia, on Thursday, the 18th day of October, 2018, at 11:00 A.M., all that certain property described in said deed of trust lying in the County of Culpeper, Virginia, identified on the Culpeper County Tax Maps as Parcel No. 77-15B, lying and being on the east side of State Highway Route No. 617 Raccoon Ford Road, in Cedar Mountain Magisterial District, Culpeper County, Virginia, and according to a survey made by Stearns L. Coleman, Surveyor, on October 27, 1976, revised October 23, 1981, a plat of which is recorded in the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court of Culpeper County in Deed Book 353, Page 238, containing 2.955 acres. As provided in the deed of trust and pursuant to the provision of applicable law, the undersigned Trustee may exercise all of the powers, rights, authority, and duties granted in the deed of trust. TERMS OF SALE: CASH. A bidder’s deposit of at least ten percent (10%) of the purchase price, or $10,000.00, whichever is less, by certified or cashier’s check will be required at the time of sale. Additional terms and conditions may be announced at the sale. Closing shall occur at the office of the trustee within 15 days of the date of sale, at which time the balance of the purchase price will be due and payable in cash. The property will be sold “AS IS” and will be conveyed by special warranty deed, subject to all liens, objections, rights, reservations, leases, covenants, conditions, easements, and restrictions superior to the lien of the deed of trust as they may lawfully affect the property. The purchaser at the sale will be required to pay all closing costs except the grantor’s tax. Real estate taxes will be prorated as of the date of sale. Samuel R. Walker, Sole Acting Trustee Fray, Hudson, Clark & Walker, LLP 115 S. West Street Culpeper, VA 22701 540/825-0701

10/4 & 10/11/18

Seeking Foreman, Equipment Operator & Quality Control Inspector Come Grow With Us: (Purcellville, VA)

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Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

Week of 10/22/18 - 10/28/18


The Weekly Crossword


by Margie E. Burke

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 ACROSS 1 Grimm beast 14 15 16 5 Turkish bigwig 17 18 19 10 Cass of 60's music 20 21 22 23 14 Show some muscle 24 25 26 27 15 Acquired relative 29 30 31 16 Methane's lack 28 17 Solidarity symbol 32 33 18 Overcharge 37 38 19 Lizard look-alike 34 35 36 20 "The Silence of 39 40 41 the Lambs" 42 43 44 45 46 surname 22 Notary's mark 48 49 47 24 Bakery buy 25 Russian 50 51 52 horseman 53 54 55 56 57 28 Beat-heat link 29 TB, in olden 58 59 60 days 61 62 63 32 Kitchen set 33 Taro root Copyright 2018 by The Puzzle Syndicate 34 Cleanser brand 37 1942 flick "My 4 Background 36 Rail family water 45 Ricky Martin, ___ Sal" actor bird notably 38 October handout 5 Blast furnace 38 Like some 46 Promise to PBS 39 Milky gem output agreements 49 Eat greedily 40 St. Louis Arch, 6 Briefly 40 Dumpster filler (with "down") e.g. unknown? 41 Andy Taylor 51 Bungle 42 Itinerant 7 Garden pest was one 52 Flow slowly 44 Matterhorn, e.g. 8 Frightful old 43 Scorecard 53 Likely 47 Trap woman number 54 Sticky stuff 48 Cheerless 9 More than cool 44 Ethically neutral 56 Looker's leg 50 Rosemary, for 10 Religious one residence 51 Writer's bottom 11 Capital of South Answers to Last Week’s Crossword: line? Australia O C C U R A W A Y P A L M 53 Turkish title 12 Do some yard A L O N E R O B E A G U E 55 Burning bright work T O T A L B O L T N E S T 57 Rainless 13 Frida's forte S T E R I L I Z E B A S T E 58 Frost, e.g. 21 Authorized M E A T Y B U M 59 First-aid kit 23 Psychic ability E G O F U R E A T A B L E staple 25 Serving of veal A U L D D A I S Y C H A I N 60 "You ___?" 26 End piece V I D E O T O T H A S T E 61 Voicemail prompt 27 Maritime speed E L E C T R O N I C T E E M 62 Glowing remnant 30 Make invalid M O T D R Y S E N A T O R 63 Arctic ice mass 31 Cabinet D E B P A R I S department C H -E10/28/18 E R P O T E N T I A L Week DOWN 32 Showof by10/22/18 D E L I H A R D Y H Y M N 1 Compensate for drawing O L I O A L K I E E P I C 2 Computer snag 34 Deal with N E O N T E S T S 3 Used car deal 35 Dentist's order W E R E



3 5 8


5 4 2 6

2 4


3 1 8 5


• • • Antiques Antiques • Crafts Crafts • Collectibles Collectibles • Trains Trains

Over Over 220 220 Vendors Vendors on on One One Floor! Floor! Virginia Virginia Living Living Magazine Magazine Winner Winner for for Antiques Malls in Central Virginia Antiques Malls in Central Virginia

6 4 7


Copyright 2018 by The Puzzle Syndicate


Each row must contain the numbers 1 to 9; each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9; and each set of 3 by 3 boxes must contain the numbers 1 to 9. Answers to Last Week’s Sudoku:

2 6 9


Edited by Margie E. Burke

Difficulty: Medium


Village Frameworks & Gallery


2 9 4 6 1 5 3 8 7

7 1 5 4 8 3 9 2 6

6 3 8 2 7 9 5 4 1

8 5 6 7 2 1 4 9 3

3 4 1 8 9 6 2 7 5

9 2 7 5 3 4 6 1 8

5 7 3 9 4 8 1 6 2

1 8 9 3 6 2 7 5 4

4 6 2 1 5 7 8 3 9

FREE FREE Parking Parking •• Air Air Conditioned Conditioned Mall Mall Check our Facebook page for upcoming Check our Facebook page for upcoming events events facebook/comMinuteManMiniMall facebook/comMinuteManMiniMall 746 746 Germanna Germanna Hwy Hwy •• Culpeper, Culpeper, VA VA 540-825-3133 540-825-3133 Open 7 Days a Week • Mon-Sat Open 7 Days a Week • Mon-Sat 9-6, 9-6, Sun Sun 12-5 12-5 Rt 3, one block west 29 ByPass Rt 3, one block west 29 ByPass

Culpeper Times • October 11-17, 2018

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Dunkin’ Donuts Eagle Postal Embrace Home Loans Enterprise Rent-A-Car Epiphany Catholic School Eppard Orthodontist Eyecare of Virginia EXIT Cornerstone Realty Farm Credit Federated Auto Friendship Heights Frost Cafe Full Circle Thrift Gary’s Ace Hardware Gannett Insurance Germanna Daniel Tech Center Germanna Community College (Locust Grove Campus) Gilmores Grill 309 Illusions by Teresa Intergrity Auto Holiday Inn & Express H&R Block IHOP Inn at Kelly’s Ford Jersey Mike’s Jiffy Lube K&M Lawn Equipment Knakal’s Bakery Liberty Tax Service Lifestyle Physicians Long & Foster Real Estate - Culpeper office Main Street Weddings Martin’s Mattress Firm Maw and Pa’s Country Store MedExpress Merriman Grocery Montague Miller Real Estate Moving Meadows Bakery McCarthy Tire Microtel Minute Man Mini Mall Murphy’s USA Northridge Apartments Pepper’s Grill/Best Western Pixley’s Automotive Premier Auto Powell Wellness Center Quality Inn Randy’s Flowers by Endless Creations Ravens Nest Ray’s Automotive Red Carpet Inn REMAX/Crossroads Reuwer’s Grocery Reva Market Rising Sun Auto Safeway Salvation Army (Meadow Brook Shopping Center) Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ Shear Love Salon

Soap Opera Laundry Spring Leaf Starbucks Supercuts Surge Tammy’s Family Hair Studio Tech Box The Ole Country Store Town of Culpeper Uncle Elders BBQ & Family Restaurant UVA Pediatric Verdun Adventure Bound VeloConcepts / 18 Grams Coffee Lab Verizon Vinosity Virginia Community Bank Virginia Orthopedic Center Weis Markets (Culpeper Town Square) Weis Markets (513 Madison Road) Westover Market Westside Grocery Wellspring Health Services Family Practice and Walk-in Clinic ORANGE COUNTY Round Hill Inn Silk Mill Grille WJMA 103.1 Orange County Tattoos Jim Woods Barbershop Orange County Chamber of Commerce Dogwood Village Grymes School FLINT HILL Skyward Cafe WARRENTON Fauquier Chamber Piedmont Publishing Warrenton Chamber Warrenton Police Department Fauquier Times Fauquier Hospital Bistro McClanahan’s Camera REMINGTON The Corner Deli in Remington Remington Barbershop Dollar Store Wally’s Automotive MADISON The Mountaineer Cafe Yoders Country Market Eddins Ford Autumn Care Nursing & Rehab Prince Michel Vineyards & Winery Madison BP Pig N’ Steak Orange-Madison Co-Op SPERRYVILLE Trading Post Cafe FT Valley Store

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Culpeper Times | Oct. 11, 2018  

Flight of Fancy | Town council supports Culpeper Medical Center imaging center | and more

Culpeper Times | Oct. 11, 2018  

Flight of Fancy | Town council supports Culpeper Medical Center imaging center | and more