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Culpeper Times • August 30-September 5, 2018

➤ French, from Page 8 1861-1865. In researching Count Henri Charles de Chambord 1820-1883, there has been no evidence discovered that the Count married an Anna Lamar. His wife of record was Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria-Este and they are noted as having no children. If indeed Edgar was Count Henri’s son, then possibly he was the illegitimate child of an unsanctioned union. Or maybe, Edgar was the son of a different royal line. Duphane stated in his letter to the citizens of Culpeper that his father and uncle fought for the Confederacy. A closer look at the military records reveals that in fact, two Frenchman of the d’Orleans line and sons of King Louis Phillipe served from 1861-1862 but not with the Confederacy. These two noblemen donned the blue uniform of the Union Army under the command of George McClellan. Louis Philippe d’Orleans, Count of Paris was also a contender with his cousin Henri Charles de Chambord for the throne. The Count of Paris’ younger brother Robert Philippe d’Orleans was known as the duc of Chartres. Could one of these men have been Edgar’s father in a dalliance with Anna Lamar? Edgar Duphane suffered a tragic death cloaked in yet another letter of inconsolable misery. On June 8, 1901, The Washington Times reported that

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Edgar de Duphane was found dead in a cell at the Second police precinct stationhouse having been arrested the night before for drunkenness and incarcerated until sober. The coroner indicated that Duphane died of heart disease. Duphane had 12 cents in his pocket, a photo of his wife and a receipt for a registered letter he had sent to his wife on June 4th. Based on new evidence The Washington Times on June 11, 1901, amended the cause of death from heart disease to a probable suicide. Having received a letter dated June 5th on stationary from the St. James Hotel where Duphane had paid in advance for his lodging, a friend of Duphane’s informed the newspaper that Duphane’s mood was desolate and had written, “When you receive this I shall be dead.” Captain Edgar Duphane is buried in St. Matthews Cemetery in New Market, Virginia. We may never know the full story of this fascinating individual, but the intrigue causes one to ponder just who else has been living next door? Until next week, be well. Zann Nelson is a researcher specializing in historical investigations, public speaker and award -winning freelance writer and columnist. She can be reached through the Culpeper Times, at or www.facebook. com/ZannsPlace.

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➤ Health, from Page 9 I first performed this operation arthroscopically in the 1990s, something that wasn’t generally done at the time. One of my patients generously allowed me to operate on him through the arthroscope. The surgery was relatively easy and the result most satisfying to both the patient and me. However, the hardest portion of the surgery was his tattoo. He had tattoos over his entire body, and because his favorite one lay directly over the affected joint, my greatest challenge was choosing the appropriate spots for

the small incisions to avoid deforming the tattoo. Acromioclavicular arthritis can occur by itself, or it can be associated with rotator-cuff disease. Arthritic changes of the joint often form osteophytes (OSS-tee-oh-fights), or bone spurs, that can protrude into the subacromial space, irritating the rotator cuff underneath. Failure to look for and correct such conditions in the course of repairing a rotator cuff may leave the patient with continued pain. Widening the joint surgically eliminates the bone spurs and does not interfere with the mechanics of shoulder motion.

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Culpeper Times - Aug. 30, 2018  

Got The Blues - Eastern View Wins Cannonball Classic - Culpeper Fiesta set for Sept. 14 and more

Culpeper Times - Aug. 30, 2018  

Got The Blues - Eastern View Wins Cannonball Classic - Culpeper Fiesta set for Sept. 14 and more