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Culpeper Times • August 9-15, 2018

KC Club offered for middle school students ➤ New school schedules necessitate need for after school program at FTB, CMS By Jeff Say Culpeper Times Staff Writer With school starting in less than a week, many parents are asking the question “what am I going to do with my middle schooler?” This year, Culpeper County Public School changed its schedule so high school and middle school students will start the day at 7:45 a.m. with dismissal at 2:15 p.m. That earlier time leaving school has caused some parents concern about where their children will go - reluctant to have their preteen staying at home alone. Kid Central has it covered. According to Rachel Palmer, Kid Central program manager, the organization known for after school programs at elementary schools will now offer KC Club

for middle school students at both Floyd T. Binns and Culpeper Middle School. “We’ve always talked about having the idea of having middle school but never pursued it,” Palmer said. “When the times changed and we realized the middle school students would get out so early, we decided to start the after school club. Dr. (Anthony) Brads (CCPS Superintendent) was really excited and they’ve been really onboard with doing this.” Palmer points out that middle school students could attend Kid Central after school care in the past, but they had to get on a bus and travel to one of the elementary schools. “The kids are very excited,” Palmer said. “They’re very excited to have an after school program with a club feel to it. They’re very excited to stay in their own school with students their own age.” Palmer said that the KC Club will have more of an older feel and not be positioned as a daycare. It will be an opportunity to middle schoolers to interact with their peers in a controlled setting.

Various programs will be offered, such as - Fast and Curious (STEM Club), Art-Attack (Arts Club), Homework Time, Healthy Kids (Fitness Club) and Walkie Talkies (Social Club). The club will start at 2:15, right after school ends and students will be able to stay until 6:30 p.m. Palmer said she heard from a lot of parents that were OK with their middle school-age child being dropped off under the previous schedule because the child


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wouldn’t arrive home until 4 p.m. or later - meaning they were home alone for less than an hour. Under the new schedule, that time increase made many parents feel uncomfortable. “From the parents I’ve spoken with, they’ve been really grateful we’re going to offer this because they were concerned about the kids being home alone for that amount of time,” Palmer said. Palmer said Kid Central offers competitive rates and also have a pay by the day option, so parents only pay for the days their child attends. They’ve hired more staff to help with the after school program, growing to more than 100. “We’re actually quite a big employer in the county and I’m not sure many people realize that,” Palmer said. As of Monday, more than 20 children are already registered for the program and Palmer expects that number to grow as the reality of school starting creeps closer. For more information or to register call 540-829-2124 or visit

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Culpeper Times | 8-9-2018  

Principal Interest, Kelsey's Big Give gives back, National Night Out makes a connection and more

Culpeper Times | 8-9-2018  

Principal Interest, Kelsey's Big Give gives back, National Night Out makes a connection and more