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Culpeper Times • August 2-8, 2018

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Anniversary of Battle of Cedar Mountain set for Aug. 9 By Ashleigh Christopher Culpeper Times Intern

Aug. 9 marks the 156th anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Mountain, the bloodiest battle to date in Culpeper County. To commemorate it, the Friends of Cedar Mountain Battlefield is hosting the annual Living History Weekend event on August 11 and 12. The Battle of Cedar Mountain had a very significant impact on Culpeper history, according to Friends of Cedar Mountain Battlefield president Diane Logan. “The battle was one of the earlier battles during the war,” said Logan. “It was during this time that the civilians actually realized that war was on their doorsteps. There were a lot of civilian casualties here. Homes were destroyed in this area around the battlefield, and there are a lot of civilian stories related to this battle.” This year is the sixth year the Friends of Cedar Mountain Battle-

➤ Give, from Page 2 motto of “Passion for Christ, Passion for others.” That motto comes from the sermon Kelsey was to give the Sunday of the weekend she was killed. It was her way of life, to put others first and to find ways to help them. Even in death, her mission remains. “The last words I had with her before she left, she was volunteering for the Free Clinic and I had just seen a lady at the hospital who was telling me what a great

field will host the Living History event. According to Logan, part of what makes the event so successful is the living historians that work the event. “We make sure that we have the best quality living historians we could possibly find, and I’m very glad to say that we do,” said Logan. “These people are very much involved in not only knowing the proper equipment to bring and the uniforms that would have been worn, but they study the battle itself, and they know the events that happened on this field. They will be portraying units that were actually here.” The Cedar Mountain Battlefield, along with the Brandy Station Battlefield, is being considered as an addition to the Virginia State Park system. “We do hope that Cedar Mountain Battlefield and Brandy Station Battlefield will become part of the Virginia State Park system,” Logan

said. “We continue working with our state legislature, and we have lots of support on the state level and certainly with the community around Culpeper. This will not only impact Culpeper but Madison and Orange. Civil War Trust continues to work with the state and we hope that it will come to fruition in the next year or two.” The event will take place at the battlefield along long James Madison Highway/Route 15 south of Cul-

peper at 9465 General Winder Road. Festivities will begin at 11 a.m. on Saturday, and parking is available. “[The battle] is part of Culpeper’s history, and Culpeper’s history is what makes it so unique,” Logan said. “This had a huge impact of the civilians of that day and knowing your history I think instills pride in the community whether you are born and raised in Culpeper or, like me, you’ve moved here from another state.”

job she was doing at the Free Clinic,” Orndorff said. “That’s the kind of thing she liked to do.” Orndorff said that as a pastor, you prepare to help others cope with their grief - but there’s no preparing when it’s your bad news. “It’s just devastating, it’s heart wrenching,” Orndorff said. “You have to call your family and just the agony of that. I’ve never had any more pain in my life than that night and of course the weeks ahead.” The church rallied around him and his family, and continue to do

so with Kelsey’s Big Give. “I have heard those things happen in different ways in different churches, that people go through these things and people don’t know how to deal with it,” Orndorff said. “That wasn’t this church. This church stepped up and did amazing things in helping us. Not only the church, the staff, the district superintendent.” That’s how the church ended up with Pastor Norma Jean Fellows and soon the Stephen Ministry at the church followed - a ministry that helps people cope through

that type of crisis. Orndorff said that experience has helped him relate to others who face similar tragedies. “You go through other losses in your life, you lose your grandparents or that type of thing so you have an idea of what grief is,” he said. “But you go through something like that, your empathy level with people just goes off the scale. You really have been there and experienced what that pain is.” For more information to sign up to volunteer for the Big Give, email


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Culpeper Times - Aug. 2, 2018  

The Big Cheese, Bus Schedules, Kelsey's Big Give, Battle Anniversary and more

Culpeper Times - Aug. 2, 2018  

The Big Cheese, Bus Schedules, Kelsey's Big Give, Battle Anniversary and more