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June 20th- 26th 2019

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➤ Health: June is HHT Awareness month 2 | Results of Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby 6 | Lions Club honors Melvin Jones winners 10 | Martin's goes mobile 18


Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

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H E A LT H We’ve got a bleeder! My Story living with HHT I’ve been a nose bleeder for as long as I can remember. I have vague memories as a young boy with my parents holding towels up to my nose trying to get the bleeding to stop. I remember a specific instance my freshman year of high school of a major nosebleed during gym that was something out of a slasher horror film. Its wasn’t until years later that I was diagnosed with an inherited disease that causes malformed blood vessels called HHT (Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia) also known as OslerWeber-Rendu syndrome. It is amazing the things in life that we will suffer through. Things that we have learned to incorporate into our daily lives, work around, or just try to avoid instead of attempting to find the root cause and eliminate the problem once and for all. I was no different with my constant nosebleeds. Watch a movie, get a nosebleed. Stand in the checkout line, get a nosebleed. Sit in a business meeting, get a nosebleed. In the middle of the night, get a nosebleed. I have years of evidence of my nosebleeds. I’ve lost count the number of times that I have run out of the room with no warning to others. The ruined shirts and pillow cases. Blood marks on the seatbelts of my vehicles. The bathroom sink that looks like it should be a crime scene investigation. I don’t remember what my breaking point was. I don’t recall the exact moment where I said enough was enough and I had to get a grip on this. Back in 2007, I finally reached that limit. And it was good that I did, as things were going to get whole lot scarier. I scheduled an appointment with a local ear, nose and throat doctor or otolaryngologist (ENT). I remember the first visit distinctly. A quick scope of my nose and he said “hmm, that’s strange”. Instead of the normal tree branch shape of blood vessels, he described it as little pods. But I underwent the typical treatment for a nosebleed which was a chemical cauterization of


John Barker

More next week

June is HHT Awareness Month, next week we will have more about the condition and what Johns Hopkins is doing to treat it. the surface level blood vessels with powdered silver nitrate. Let me explain the silver nitrate procedure really quickly. Both nostrils are hit with a numbing spray and the silver nitrate is put on a something like a Q-tip. It burns, cauterizing the vessels. I had two main side effects of this treatment. The worst running nose you can possibly imagine that lasted 1224 hours. And once the numbing spray wore off, the sensation was if someone lit a match inside my skull. It wasn’t fun. I thought the problem was solved. And it was. For about a year. Then the nosebleeds came back. We repeated the silver nitrate treatment a couple more times. Each time with less of a result. Finally, my ENT recommended an outpatient electrical cauterization procedure at the hospital. The main difference I experienced with this procedure is my nose was packed with a gel like substance that was supposed to dissolve in a couple of days. But the gel didn’t dissolve. It hardened like concrete and was extremely uncomfortable. I got an emergency follow up with my ENT who had to use the equivalent of medical needle nose plyers to pull out the now solidified gel packed in each of my nostrils. Again, not fun. This triggered a decent nosebleed in the office. He chose to treat it with more silver nitrate, on the open wound, without numbing spray. It was like a full bonfire going on in my head. My ENT leaves me in the room for roughly an hour. And he comes back and says I need to setup an appointment at the Johns Hopkins Hospital HHT Center of Excellence. He thought I had this rare disease that he hasn’t encountered before called HHT. At this point we are in 2011, nearly 4 years since my first trip to the ENT. I wasn’t my normal self. Friends of mine were noticing how I seemed out of breath doing mundane activities. Watching TV, I would sit and sweat. I was bowling and if you saw me it looked like I had just run

a marathon. I was worn out all the time. I didn’t know it at the time, but the fatigue and the shortness of breath turned out to be another symptom of HHT, but in my lungs. The time for my testing and appointments at Johns Hopkins finally came around mid-2011. It was at these appointments where I finally understood the potential gravity of HHT and my situation. I was given an expansive list of tests: brain MRI, chest CT scan, heart echo, EKG and blood work. Also, physical exams from multiple doctors. The Johns Hopkins team is great. The doctors were looking for arteriovenous malformations (AVM) in my brain and in my lungs. These are abnormal blood vessels that form in people with HHT. They disrupt normal blood flow and oxygen circulation. They can have abnormal structures or pool up blood. And I had several in my lung. Including a big one in my lungs that resembled a small water balloon filled with blood. My oxygen saturation level was in the 80s. This explained the crazy sweating and being out of breath. I was at risk of having a stroke or having my newly discovered AVM burst and hemorrhage. My procedure to fix the AVM was scheduled within a couple days of the diagnosis. It was in an older building at Johns Hopkins back then. The prep room and the surgical rooms were divided by the family waiting room. They ran out of gurney’s right before my procedure. I threw on another gown, so my rear wasn’t hanging out and walked thru the waiting room like a boss. And jumped on the table myself. The procedure to treat this from the patient prospective is relatively simple. A catheter goes up through the groin and it’s completely painless. It is similar in nature to angioplasty, but the catheter goes into the lungs. I won’t ever forget the first time I sat up after the procedure. It was like getting a shot of adrenaline. My O2 level was back up in the high 90s. I felt fantastic. There are some areas too small to be treated. I just completed my 3-year checkup (May 2019) and will have to undergo the procedure again. One of the vessels has grown to the point it needs to be dealt with.

I am fortunate at this stage in life to be on the lesser end of the severity scale. I currently sit between an 1-2 on the 10-point nosebleed severity chart. I must remember to take antibiotics before dentist appointments as I am more susceptible to a blood infection. That is easier to prevent than to treat. We have installed a whole home humidifier to help with the dry air during the winter months. It has greatly reduced the amount of horror film style nose bleeds that I used to get when the dry heated air is cranking full blast during the cold months. I participated in Johns Hopkins double blind clinical trial a few years ago. They were testing out different sprays to help with nosebleeds. I get a follow up call from that once a year. They check in to see how I am doing. I will be monitored for the rest of my life. I am crossing my fingers that as I get older, the progression of HHT in my GI tract, liver, etc. will be on the minor side. But I do expect something. I just turned 40 and I get to experience my first colonoscopy before my next lung treatment later this summer. Joy. I urge everyone, if you know someone that has regular consistent nosebleeds to go see visit your nearest HHT Center of Excellence or local ENT if you are not near one. Ask your local ENT if they are aware of HHT. If you don’t have nosebleeds, but your oxygen level is lower than a 97%, ask to get checked. Don’t let an aversion to doctors prevent you from getting a test that could save your life. It is estimated that 85%-90% of people are currently undiagnosed. I never got my nose bleed problem solved. And probably never will. But I know that finally getting checked prevented me from experiencing a potentially deadly outcome. Don’t wait! For further information please visit The Cure HHT Foundation website contains information about HHT Centers of Excellence, Physicians, and other resources. You will find a donate button, where 93 cents of every dollar funds scientific research, drive awareness campaigns, and help create Centers of Excellence.

Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019


Masco putting cabinet division up for sale Masco Corporation, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of branded home improvement and building products, announced Monday that it has concluded its strategic review of its Cabinetry and Windows businesses and will pursue the sale of these businesses. The Culpeper Merillat plant is one of the businesses affected by the sale. “Since we announced the strategic review of our Cabinetry and Windows businesses in March, we have worked with our external advisors, our Cabinetry and Windows business units, and our Board of Directors to evaluate alternatives to best deliver long-term value for our shareholders,” said Keith Allman, Masco’s President and CEO. “We have determined that pursuing the sale of Masco Cabinetry, Milgard Windows and UK Window Group in three separate transactions is the most appropriate path forward to accomplish this value creation. We expect that the sales of these businesses will be concluded in approximately six to nine months, assuming that each of these transactions can be completed on acceptable terms and conditions.” Masco Cabinetry, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, manufactures and sells semi-custom, stock and value-priced assembled cabinetry for kitchen, bath, storage, home office and home entertainment applications in a broad range of styles and price points to address consumer preferences. Masco Cabinetry’s Kraftmaid® And Cardell® products are sold primarily to dealers and home center retailers, and its Merillat® And Quality Cabinets™ products are sold primarily to dealers and homebuilders for both home improvement and new home construction. For 2018, Masco reported net sales of its Cabinetry Products segment of $950 million, operating profit of $86 million and EBITDA of $99 million. “Over the past five years, we have executed on our strategy to reduce our cyclicality by increasing our exposure to the repair and remodel segment of the housing market,” continued Allman. “This began with the spin-off of our installation services business and continued with a focus on improving the operations of our Cabinetry and Windows businesses. The strategic actions we are announcing today will complete the process of reducing our exposure to the new construction segment of the market and position us to focus on our less cyclical Plumbing Products and Decorative Architectural

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Products businesses going forward,” concluded Allman. According to Sue Sabo, DirectorCommunications and Corporate Giving at Masco, "Prior to the completion of the divestiture, we expect that business will continue as usual and we do not anticipate any immediate changes in the day-to-day operation of the business." The Merillat plant employs approximately 200 people. She said Masco expects that the divestiture of these businesses will be concluded in approximately six to nine months. For 2018, the Cabinetry Products and Windows and Other Specialty Products segments on a combined basis reported $1.7 billion in net sales, $120 million in operating profit and $161 million in adjusted EBITDA (defined as operating profit plus depreciation and amortization expense of $36 million and excluding $5 million of rationalization charges), which represented 20 percent of Masco’s consolidated net sales, 10 percent of consolidated operating profit, and 11 percent of consolidated adjusted EBITDA.

Annual CAYA 5K race scheduled for Sept. 21

Riley Simpson (Editor's note: This is weekly series highlighting members of Culpeper's Youth Council. To join Culpeper Youth, go to to apply.) With my senior year quickly approaching, I’ve began to compile my long list of extracurriculars, cocurriculars, and of course my achievements. When my fingers first hit the keyboard I immediately, almost reflexively, put down Youth Advisory Council Secretary and CCHS Executive Council Vice President because in all honesty, that’s the footer at the end of all of my emails. But it made me realize, that before I even had to think I had already written one of the things that has shaped me over these past 4 years- leadership. As a student who understands and cherishes the importance of my involvement in the fine arts, other various clubs and societies, and community service, I can testify that these 2 opportunities that have been granted to me have affected every other activity I’ve participated in over my high school career. Leadership isn’t just having meetings and taking charge, it’s about public speaking, strategic planning, complex thinking, communication, advertising, creativity, and persistence. So before any upcoming freshman (and their parents) start to worry about being a well-rounded student over these next four years, look no further than finding your inner leader. And right here in Culpeper, look no further than Culpeper Youth.

When Moira Satre lost her 31 year old son, Bobby, to a heroin overdose in April 2015, she decided to be part of the fight against substance abuse. Since then a new coalition called CAYA, aka Come As You Are, has been working within the community to provide support & treatment options to those struggling with addiction as well as to create greater awareness through education and prevention programs by collaborating with other community organizations addressing the opioid crisis. Fatal drug overdose has been the leading cause of unnatural death in Virginia since 2013. Staging the 4th annual 5K run on Saturday, Sept. 21 at 9 a.m. continues the effort to raise funds to achieve CAYA’s goals. In 2018 over 250 runners registered for the event; monies raised through fees and sponsorships far exceeded previous years’ amounts. Funds raised in 2019 will continue to support CAYA’s vital programs (see additional information, CAYA Coalition Services, provided). The event will take place again at Verdun Adventure Bound on Rte. 229 in Rixeyville. Online advance registration (at or by mail to P.O. Box 3457, Warrenton, VA 20188) is $30 and extends through September 6 (registration fee increases to $35 after this date); registration the day of the race (7:30- 8:45 a.m.) is $40.


Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

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Volunteers at derby 'raising the youth' ➤ Annual race has dedicated group that truly cares about the drivers By Jeff Say Culpeper Times Staff Writer Sean Brown met each driver at the Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby at the end of the track. His smiling face was the first thing they saw as they hit their brakes and the former All American Soap Box World Champion greeted each driver with a fist bump, a high-five or a hand signal to let them know they did a good job. Brown isn’t far removed from his derby racing days. A former local champion, world champion and junior committee member - on Saturday he wore the familiar bright blue Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby committee member shirt. It’s a shirt that signifies what being a volunteer truly means - hard work, selflessness and a passion for the sport. Dozens of volunteers wearing those shirts are what have made the Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby a success for 17 years. The derby was the brainchild of Tony Troilo and Frankie Gilmore as a way to pay tribute to 75 years of their family’s business - Rosson & Troilo. The first race was held in 2003 and on Saturday many of the original volunteers remembered how they first got their start and why they keep coming back. H.B. Chapman IV has had all of his children participate in the derby. Now, his son Miguel competes in the Super Kids races for children with disabilities, but H.B. says his involvement has more to do with the community than his family. “I went into Rosson Troilo, basically to talk to Frankie about getting a tire changed when they were there and she said ‘do you know anything about Soap Box Derby?’ I said like the Little Rascals and she said ‘yes, be here Thursday night.’” He came to the initial meeting and the rest is history. “I wanted to help because I had children,” Chapman said. “I started


Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby Committee Member Sean Brown shares a fist bump with a driver during the annual race Saturday. Brown is just one of the many volunteers that makes the race special for the local drivers. out wanting to do it for my children and my interest in the mechanical side. What it evolved into is more of a volunteer effort because you can see the difference in the community.” He looked around early Saturday morning at the multitude of youngsters from as young as 7 years old all the way to 18 year olds running around, getting pumped up about going down the hill. He smiled to himself, knowing that someday those kids will grow up to be volunteers. “You’re raising the youth of a community,” Chapman said. “It takes everybody, you create well-rounded kids, well-rounded people.” Around him were young people wearing red shirts - signifying they were members of the junior committee. Those committee members were racers who decided to take on more responsibility and now they help the younger drivers learn about brake pads, lines to follow on the track and just being a good sportsman. “The derby is a family,” Chap-

man said. “Once you get that common core, then you look for people with similar interests to bring them in.” That’s how Tony Windland got started. His daughter Suzie and son Andrew both raced. Now Suzie is a volunteer as well and Tony has stayed involved - for the kids. “It’s just to get the kids involved,” Windland said. “It’s good for the families and its good for the kids. It teaches them too, it teaches them responsibility, it teaches them a work ethic, a mutual respect.” Paul Bates was so involved they named the racetrack after him. Another original, Bates spent countless hours helping build the racetrack along Cherry Hill Road, grading the track, coordinating the volunteer construction crew and putting his finger prints on virtually ever part of the track. He did it not for the recognition, but for the racers who clearly enjoy spending time at the derby track. “I enjoy watching the kids race, I like to see the smile on their faces,” Bates said. “The people that come

out to help, they’re my friends some of the best friends I’ve ever had.” The volunteers Walking down the track, there are volunteer stories galore. Each volunteer has an origin story, and many of them begin with helping their own children - but they continue with the bonds formed at the track. Robin Johnson, who coordinates the heat sheets at the bottom of the track, first became involved in 2012 when her daughter Emily Maley started racing. By 2014, she was heavily involved as a volunteer and her daughter has become a threetime winner of the sportsmanship award. The two of them routinely cheer on each racer as they come down the track, trading jokes and sharing stories as the drivers are pulled off and readied for another run. Seeing how the volunteers jumped at every chance to help the drivers inspired her to do the same. ➤ See Volunteers, Page 5

Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

Local News

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➤ Volunteers, from Page 4

said that thought never crossed his mind. “Everyone pitched in to help,” “The bottom line is your values Robin said. “I was a single mom at never change, if your values are the time and I”m at the top of the about the kids, our community hill and there was that core group whether your kid is racing or not always there for you. Everybody - these are all our kids, that’s how wanted to help everyone out.” I treat it,” Frazier said. “Whether Fontaine Halsey is a visible they win or not, they’re Licensed all champi& Insured member of that core group. On ons in myLicensed eyes.” & •Insured INSTANT Residential and Commercial CREDIT INSTANT Saturday, Super Stock racer KayThom Pellikaan, a commit• Residential and Commercial AVAILABLE CREDIT la Crawford made a beeline for Licensed tee member from Rappahannock & Insured Licensed & Insured AVAILABLE INSTANT INSTANT Halsey early in the morning. •He County, eyes for champions. Residential and has Commercial • Residential and Commercial CREDIT CREDIT was helping organize cars lining Last year Jeremiah Foscato, a drivLicensed & Insured AVAILABLE AVAILABLE • Residential and Commercial up to go to the top of the hill whenLicensed er from Rappahannock, won the & Insured Licensed & Insured Licensed &and Insured Licensed & Insured INSTANT INSTANT Crawford found him, quickly envelMaster’s Division thisandyear • Residential and Commercial • Residential Commercial INSTANT INSTANT • Residential and Commercial • Residential and Commercial CREDIT CREDIT oping him in a hug. Pellikaan helped recruit 10 drivers CREDIT CREDIT AVAILABLE AVAILABLE Licensed & Insured AVAILABLE AVAILABLE PHOTO BY IAN CHINI For a moment, the two stood in from Rappahannock to compete in INSTANT(right) Residential andArea Commercial Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby volunteer Fontaine Halsey an embrace as Halsey shared years •the Piedmont Soap Box DerCREDIT checks out a tire while chatting with driver Eddie Rutherford of fatherly advice, before sending by. AVAILABLE(left). Licensed Crawford away with a playfulLicensed pat. hopes &toInsured add even more next &He Insured INSTANT Specialists and More • Residential and Commercial No Purchase Necessary INSTANTtwo hours a night He got involved originally because and year,Commercial as they have 14 carsFlooring sponTroilo just shakes his head ing in the garage • Residential CREDIT Purchase CREDIT of his competitiveNo nature, butNecessary nowby Karastan sored in – the county He said ‘you brought my Oriental 100% Woolavailable for when he thinks about the volun- together. AVAILABLE AVAILABLE Licensed & Insured the teers and the impact they and the family back together.’ I walked out Oriental by voice Karastan – 100% he’s the encouraging always He says it’s evident FREE 5’ 6” xdrivers. 8’ Wool 3” Sierra Mar INSTANT • Residential and Commercial + Necessary CREDIT and over to Frankie FREE ECIALderby have hadNoonPurchase giving positive advice the kids Mar commitment people have in the community. of my office Pthe 5’ 6” xto8’ 3” Sierra S AVAILABLE Sedona– Beige/Ivory Background with Rust Border L IA C Oriental by Karastan – 100% Wool E P S - it’s not whether you winBackground or lose, withcounty to help supportLicensed the youth likes to tell a story, about af- (Gilmore) and said I don’t care if Sedona– Beige/Ivory Rust Border & Your Hometown SoMar Much Under One Roof! ERSterHe DCommercial RInsured Oand Retail Value $1,308 Purchase No Purchase Necessary 5’ when 6” x Store 8’ 3” Sierra INSTANT but howNo you conductNecessary yourself while through the derby.DE the first race, a man cameThe we ever do another race, that was • Residential S L R IA C Largest In-Stock of Carpet, CREDIT Hunter Douglas Window Treatments Free Installation R PE –Inventory S O Retail Value $1,308 Visit store to sign up. Sedona– Beige/Ivory Background with Rust Border AVAILABLE Y doing it. by Karastan –Oriental “My –people in Rappahannock into Rosson Troilo and thanked the most successful thing we ever L N Oriental 100% Wool by Karastan 100% Wool O Hunter Douglas Window Treatments – Free Installation Much Under One Roof! Your Hometown Area Rugs,Store Orientals, Vinyl, Hardwood, Visit store to sign up. DERSdoing RLaminate Y SoBox GetNo a Free 2’ County x 4’Necessary Bound Retail Valuesure $1,308 NLvisit. “When I learned Culpeper was areRug intowith the Soap Der- Tony. At first, he wasn’t what did andO we’re itSave again.” O Hardwood – Ceramic – LVT – WPC – 50¢/sqWindow ft No Purchase Necessary Purchase Laminate, Ceramic & Hunter Remnants! Douglas 5’Necessary 6”Get x 8’ Free 3”NoSierra Mar 5’Necessary 6” x on 8’by 3” Sierra31st Mar No Purchase 2’Purchase x Drawing 4’ Bound Rug with visit. Visit toHis sign up. held October 5:00pm LY50¢/sq having it, my adaughter (Amanda) because of at that,” Pellikaan said. he was thanking himstore for. story Seventeen years later, the race Hardwood – Ceramic – LVT – WPC – Laminate Save ft N O Flooring Specialists and More Oriental byDrawing –sponsor Oriental 100% Wool byBorder – 100% Wool Get a Free 2’ x 4’ Bound Rug with visit. held on October 31st at“The 5:00pm Beige/Ivory Background Sedona– with Rust Beige/Ivory Background wi th Rust Border – Ceramic – LVT So Area Much Under Roof! Your Store got to drive because aby sponpeople from Rappahannock brought tears toOne Tony’s eyes and hasHometown become oneHardwood of Culpeper’s suciental bySedona– Karastan –Karastan Oriental 100% Wool Karastan –Karastan 100% Wool Thank You for Helping Us Make Room in Our Warehouse Rugs Drawing held on October 31st at 5:00pm No Purchase Necessary 5’ 6” x 8’ 3” Sierra Mar 5’ 6” x 8’ 3” Sierra Mar Thank You for Helping Us Make Room in Our Warehouse car through County know they are supporting ensured that the derby would con- Years cess stories - thanks in part to the Come Celebrate 52 Area Rugs Help 5’$1,308 6”our x 8’church,” 3” Sierra 5’ 6”sored x 8’ 3”a Sierra Mar Retail Value Retail Mar Value $1,308 To Go!Us Thank You for Area Rugs Halsey said. “We raced about seven theirNecessary drivers and the environment tinue on. strong volunteer nucleus. No Purchase +Background Oriental by Karastan – 100% Wool Sedona– Beige/Ivory Background Sedona– wi t h Rust Beige/Ivory Border wi t h Rust Border To Go! Reg. Sale Smartstran Visit to sign up. Background Visit store to sign up. Wool Area Soap 2’x4’ na– Beige/Ivory Background Sedona– wistore th Rust Beige/Ivory Border th Rust Border To Go! years, we’ve met so many of the Box “He said my family Fabric couldn’t talk, “We’ve been blessed with so FREE Vinyl Remnents Oriental by wi Karastan – Piedmont 100% – Assorted $10.00 Reg. Sale 70 oz.wonderArtisan Delight: Smartstran No Purchase Necessary Specialists and More 14574 LeeFlooring Highway, Amissville, VA 20106 Reg. FREE Sale 52 Come Help Us Celebrate Y ears 5’ 6” x 8’ 3” Sierra Mar Smartstran $62.00 sq yd $32.00 sq yd No Purchase Necessary Retail Value $1,308 Retail Value $1,308 Your Hometown Store So Much Under One Roof! Vinyl Remnents Fabric – Assorted 5’ 6” x 8’ 3” Sierra Mar ful Value and people Derby. We’re so proud thatIACulpepmy son and I couldn’t get along tomany great people,” Troilo said. 2’x4’ $10.00 Get ainvolved Free$1,308 x 4’ Bound Rug with visit. Get afamilies Free 2’ 4’ Bound Rug with visit. Heavy Texture. 32’ Colors: Size 5’x6’ and below 3’x5’ $20.00 70 oz.xArtisan Delight: 540-937-5500 Retail $1,308 Retail Value Pieces or Bolts Fabric – Asso 2’x4’ $10.00 L 70 oz. Artisan Delight: $62.00 sq- Gilded yd $32.00 sq yd PEsqCus. $3.56 ft Sfor Oriental by Karastan –Amanda 100% Wool $62.00 sq yd $32.00 sq yd Size 5’x6’ and below Coachman -with Creek Bend The Largest In-Stock Inventory ofsaid Carpet, No Purchase Necessary Heavy Texture. 3 Colors: Sedona– Beige/Ivory Background with Rust Border Visit store to sign up. Visit store to sign up. Heavy Texture. 3said. Colors: 3’x5’ $20.00 Sedona– Beige/Ivory Background Rust Border with their kids. 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Visit store to sign up. edona– Beige/Ivory Background with Rust Border Sandyour Dollar - LVT Ice Crystal AftVUnder PAD Hardwood – Ceramic –Crafts –&WPC – Laminate Save 50¢/sq ft Ssq Carpet Rugs • Much Residential and Commercial Crafts 6’x9’next year $59.00 You already know we are hometown carpet wing held on October Drawing held on October 31st at 5:00pm $2.84 sq ft I hope 8’x10’ $89.00 Sand31st Dollar -at Ice5:00pm Crystal some don’t have dads, have our drivers. we’ll Cabinet Liners S 45some oz. Pearly Gates: R E 8’x10’ $89.00 D Drawing held on October 31st at 5:00pm Small Areas R vinyl experts. But did The(We’re Largestnot In-Stock Inventory of Carpet, Table Covers O 45 oz. Pearly Gates: Retail Value$44.60 $1,308 Basis kidding!) sq yd $26.00 sq yd $89.00 Retail Value $1,308 Table Cove and you know… 8’x10’ Get a Free 2’ x 4’ Bound Rug with visit. $44.60 sq yd $26.00 sq yd Heavy Tweed Texture. 3 Colors: 9’x12’ $129.00 Retail Value $1,308 45 oz. Pearly Gates: Hunter Douglas Window Treatments – Free Installation dads that aren’t mechanically inbe able to getup.some of the schools Heavy Tweed Texture. 3 Colors: Small Areas Sale ing Hardwood, Thank You for Helping Us Make Room in$2.89 Our Warehouse t$129.00 Visit store tosqsign Table Covers D e9’x12’ Area Rugs, aVinyl, Rugs Reg. Reg. Sale r (We’re not kidding!) Licensed &Orientals, Insured e $44.60 sq yd $26.00 yd o Smartstran Heavy Visit Smartstran c $2.89 sq Area ft $129.00 NLY - Harmony -Sale Shades Earth O sq ft om 12’x12’ H Atrium - Harmony - Shades Earth Tweedstore Texture. 3Atrium Colors: Licensed & Insured to sign up. 9’x12’ Huge In-Stock Broadloam Sale 12’x12’ $159.00 $159.00 clined. We dosign whatever we31st can with thewith STEM The2’x4’ Specialists Get Freeinvolved 2’ x 4’ Bound visit. program.” Drawing held onup. October atdoa5:00pm Visit store to Remnents Vinyl Laminate, Ceramic50¢/sq & Remnants! and Commercial – Assorted ––Assorted To Go! Fabric 2’x4’ $10.00 $10.00 $2.89 sq ft Rug Hardwood –Solo: CeramicFabric – LVT WPC• Residential –Vinyl Laminate Save ft Remnents Atrium - Harmony - Shades 70 oz. 70$62.00 oz. Artisan Delight: Artisan Delight: • Residential and Commercial 25 oz. 25Earth oz. Solo: FREE FREE 12’x12’ $159.00 12’x15’ $199.00 12’x15’ $199.00 sqRug yd $32.00 sq ydon $62.00 sq yd $32.00 sqVA yd 20106 Reg. Sale Get Free 2’ x 4’ Bound with visit. Drawing held October 31st at 5:00pm $20.90 sq yd $12.00 sq yd Smartstran toTexture. help kids.” The derby’s involvement with $20.90 sq yd $12.00 sq yd Texture. 2 Colors: 14574 Lee Highway, Amissville, CUSTOM Texture. 2 Colors: Heavy Texture. 3 Colors: Heavy 3the Colors: Get aSmartstran Free 2’ x a4’ Bound Rug with visit. Reg. Sale Reg. Sale Size 5’x6’ and below Size 5’x6’ and below F Vinyl Remnents 25 oz. Solo: Smartstran 3’x5’ $20.00 3’x5’ $20.00 M – Assorted orr.Fabric Pieces or Bolts 2’x4’ $199.00 $10.00Pieces 12’x18’ $249.00 70 oz. Artisan Delight: 12’x15’ WBolts $1.34 sq ft Room Sale Reg. Sale Brushed - HomesteadYou for Helping Us 12’x18’ $249.00 ood NickleThank Make in Our Warehouse ran Coachman Smartstran $62.00 sq yd $32.00 sq yd$1.34 $20.90 sqthe $12.00 sq yd540-937-5500 sq ftyd 2’x4’ $3.56 sq ft ftat2’x4’ Area sq Brushed Nickle - $3.56 Homestead y Halsey isReg. famous for his joking STEM programs local Vinyl Remnents Vinyl Remnents First Come Basis Texture. 2on Colors: - Creek Bend - Gilded Coachman - Creek Bend -In-Stock Gilded Drawing held October 31st at 5:00pm Heavy Texture. 3 Colors: FabricRugs –$30.00 Assorted FabricVinyl – Assorted Size 5’x6’ and below $10.00 $10.00 3’x5’ $20.00 Pieces or Bolts RE-UPHOLSTERY 70 oz. 70 oz. Artisan Delight: Artisan Delight: Huge Broadloam Sale Remnents Vinyl Remnents We can bind or serge rawing held on October 31st at 5:00pm 4’x6’ $30.00 4’x6’ Fabric – Assorted Fabric – Assorted $3.56 sq ft 12’x18’ $249.00 2’x4’ $10.00 2’x4’ $10.00 Excellent for Bath & Excellent for Bath & Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm ~ Sat 10 am to 4 pm Coachman Creek Bend Gilded Excellent for Drapes Excellent forBasis Drapes $62.00 sq yd $32.00 sq yd $62.00 $32.00 yd 70$62.00 oz.Nickle Artisan Delight: Artisan Delight: $1.34 sqsq ft yd led Nylon Brushed - Homestead We can bind or serge To Go! First Come $30.00 Excellent for Bathbelow & any with the drivers, sometimes neeschools also tosq4’x6’ the annual Excellent for Drapes size. sq yd $32.00 sq yd $62.00 sq yd $32.00 sq yd Heavy Texture. 3 Colors: Heavy Texture. 3 Colors: FREE FREE EMERGENCY SERVICES Nylon Size 5’x6’ and Size 5’x6’ 3’x5’ $20.00 3’x5’ $20.00 45 oz. Delightful Character: 45 oz. Delightful Character: Pieces or Bolts Pieces or Bolts Castle Ground: 45 oz. Delightful Character: ts below lis nEverything Reg. Sale xture. 3 Colors: Heavy Texture. 3 Colors: any size. Smartstran ouand Size 5’x6’ below Size 5’x6’ and below $40.00 $40.00 5’x8’ $40.00 3’x5’ $20.00 3’x5’ $20.00 We or5’x8’ serge $37.60 sq ydsq $25.50 sq ydcan or Bolts PiecesFabric orEverything Bolts $37.60 yd $25.50 ydSale 5’x8’ $37.60 $25.50 sq ydPieces DiscLow $3.56 sqsqftGravity $3.56 sq ftbind Laundry $66.70 sqand yd $24.50 sq ydRooms Day, Night &yd Weekends Available Re-upholstery Laundry Rooms Rooms ideLaundry listed Must Go at Ridiculously Prices! Reg. Castle Ground: Re-upholstery Re-upholstery Colors: Coachman - Creekthem, Bend - Gilded Coachman -2sq Creek Bend - Gilded w Vinyl Remnents Cashmere-Tweed Texture. 2– Colors: dling other times cracking Challenge, which this year First Come re Smartstran Assorted Nylon 2’x4’ $10.00 2 Colors: 2 Colors: to —Your Hometown Store— $3.56 sq ft $3.56 sq ft S 70 oz. Artisan Delight: First Come First Come $30.00 4’x6’ n - Creek Bend - Gilded Coachman - Creek BendCashmere-Tweed - Gilded 6’x9’ $59.00 sfor Bath &Styl $66.70 sq$2.84 yd$30.00 sqyd yd 4’x6’ any size. Excellent for Bath &5’x6’ Excellent cSize $62.00 sq ydsq ft$24.50 $32.00 sq Sand Dollar - Ice Crystal AMust EExcellent 14574 Lee Highway, Amissville, VA Excellent for Drapes Excellent Drapes $2.73 sq&ftLiners R20106 Cabinet Folk Stone -–Sterling abri& LY’SforGo F Texture. 2 Colors: Crafts W Vinyl Remnents NO NG ll I E Heavy Texture. 3 Colors: 4’x6’ $30.00 4’x6’ $30.00 D Fabric Assorted Everything listed at Ridiculously Low Prices! 6’x9’ $59.00 6’x9’ $59.00 A Castle Ground: Size and below R 2’x4’ $10.00 3’x5’ $20.00 $2.84 sq ft $2.84 sq ft V U for Bath Excellent for Bath n Pieces or Bolts Basis O A Excellent for Drapes Excellent for Drapes Sand Dollar Ice Crystal Sand Dollar Ice Crystal 70 oz. Artisan Delight: S at Character: the expense ofFolk volunteers. hosted from seven 540-937-5500 8’x10’ You know your $2.73 hometown carpet$89.00 45 oz.jokes Delightful 45Texture. oz. Delightful Character: Liners Cabinet $3.56 Size Style Cabinet Color for Bath Reg. Liners Sale– 9’ Up Crafts Crafts $66.70 yd -already $24.50 sq ydwe are 45 oz. Gates: Coachman - Creek Bend Gilded sqftft CulpepMatador: - Pearly Sterling $62.00 sq yd $32.00 sq$37.60 ydteams Small Areas 5’x8’ $40.00 5’x8’ $40.00 Table Covers Cashmere-Tweed 2Stone Colors: Delightful Character: 45 oz. Delightful Character: 4’x6’ $30.00 $37.60 sq yd $25.50 sqsq yd $25.50 ydsq (We’re not kidding!) Laundry Basis Basis $44.60 sqsq yd yd$26.00 sq yd sq9’x12’ Excellent & Clearance Laundry Rooms Excellent for Re-upholstery Heavyall Texture. 3effort Colors: Heavy Texture. 3 Colors: Reg. Sale $129.00 $40.00 5’x8’ $40.00 LICENSED & INSURED RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL Size 5’x6’ and below $18.90 sq ydRooms $8.75 sqFirst yd Rooms 3’x5’ 8’x10’ $89.00 8’x10’ $89.00 and experts. But did you know… $20.00 Mon-Fri 9 am to or 5 pm ~ Sat 10Re-upholstery am toLaundry 4 Drapes pm 2 45 Colors: 2 45 Colors: Smartstran $37.60 ydto $25.50 sq yd45-Tweed $37.60 sq ydvinyl $25.50 sq yd$2.89 Texture. 2 Colors: Pieces Bolts First Come Come It’s an keep them at er County Public Schools. Almost Size Style Color Reg. Sale Laundry Rooms 12’x10’7” Textu oz.5’x8’ Delightful Character: Re-upholstery Re-upholstery oz. Pearly Gates: oz. Pearly Gates: $2.73 sq ft Folk Stone -sq Sterling Reg. Sale Matador: Clearance – 9’ Up To 12’ g 5’x8’ $40.00 sq ft n 2 Colors: S rtstran i Atrium Harmony - Shades $3.56 Earth $37.60 sq yd $25.50 sq yd tnotTable Small Areas Areas Berbe D ale Covers First First sq ft$44.602’x4’ Laundry RoomsSmall EMERGENCY SERVICES Covers Re-upholstery om–eTanCome Vinyl Remnents 6’x9’ $59.00 $59.00 e cUp oraTo 12’x12’ $159.00Table Sherwood - Soapstone $2.84 sqsqft yd 6’x9’ sqsq ftsq 2 Crystal Colors: Coachman - Creek Bend - Gilded Fabric Assorted (We’re kidding!) (We’re not kidding!) First Come $Come .98 sq ft Liners $10.00 $44.60 sq yd $26.00 yd $26.00 yd$30.00 Sand Dollar Crystal Sand Dollar - Ice 12’x9’ H 70 oz.- IceArtisan Delight: Cabinet Cabinet Liners $18.90 sq yd$2.84 $8.75 yd 9’x12’ Vinyl Remnents 6’x9’ $59.00 6’x9’ $59.00 Crafts Crafts Texture. 2 Texture. Colors: $2.84 sq25 ftoz. $2.84 sqsq ft$10.00 4’x6’ Heavy Tweed Texture. 3Dollar Colors: Heavy Tweed Colors: Fabric – Assorted 6’x9’ $59.00 ease. every single volunteer helps Day, Night & Weekends Available 9’x12’ $129.00 $129.00 $2.84 sqthat ft 2’x4’ 12’x10’7” Texture Snowy Hill $293 $52 Excellent for Bath & Matador: Solo: The Specialists Clearance – 9’ 12’ Sand - Ice Crystal arz.- Ice Crystal Sand Dollar -3 Ice$32.00 Crystal Excellent for Drapes Cabinet Liners $62.00 sq yd sq yd Artisan Delight: Cabinet Liners Cabinet Liners 12’x15’ $199.00 Crafts Basis Basis Crafts Crafts One-Time 10’x9’5” Level $20.90sqsq3’x5’ yd $12.00$89.00 sq yd Remnants –WideCARPETS –Basis Remnants Basis Size $62.00 sqAtrium yd $32.00 yd Heavy Texture. 3 Colors: $89.00 Texture. 2sq Tan -Shades Soapstone +Earth and Basis $20.00 ARLY’S $300 100% Wool 13’2” Ebelow $18.90 sq $8.75 yd 8’x10’ $89.00 45-Pearly oz. Delightful $2.89 sq ftyd 8’x10’ $2.89 sq ftwas Pieces or–First Bolts $ .98 sq ft 8’x10’ G$52 Texture. 2Character: Colors: Harmony -kids Shades -Pearly Harmony -Colors: O5’x6’ W 45Atrium oz. Gates: 45 oz.Sherwood Gates: 12’x9’ Berber Sugar 45 oz. PearlyEarth Gates: Texture Snowy Hill $293 INAreas E Nbelow D R y Texture. 3 Colors: $80.00 sq(We’re yd $30.00 sq ydAreas 12’x18’ $249.00 8’x10’ $89.00 8’x10’ $89.00 U Almond Small “The are a little bit nervous, during annual race there Size 5’x6’ Small Small12’x10’ Areas$96 Freize 5’x8’ AVnot Table Covers 3’x5’ $20.00 Pieces or12’x10’7” Bolts $1.34ydsq ft $26.00 Table Covers Table Covers CUSTOM $159.00 $159.00 Brushed Nickle - Homestead Sand $37.60 sq yd sq $25.50 sq12’x12’ ydthesq not kidding!) $3.56 ft$44.60 $44.60 sq$40.00 yd 12’x12’ Come Basis Pearly Gates: 45 oz. Pearly Gates: Laundry Rooms You already know we are your hometown carpet (We’re not kidding!) (We’re kidding!) Newberry Stripe: Silver Sage Offer $44.60 sq yd $26.00 yd yd sq yd Mr. sq$26.00 Re-upholstery Coachman - Creek Bend - Gilded Heavy Tweed Texture. 3sq Colors: 9’x12’ $129.00 Small Areas Small Areas No Purchase Necessary Sherwood Tan Soapstone 2 Colors: Table Covers Table Covers Woo $3.56 sq ft One-Time First Come $ .98 sq ft Heavy Tweed Texture. 3 Colors: Heavy Tweed Texture. 3 Colors: 10’x9’5” Level Loop Bliss Beige $211 $52 9’x12’ $129.00 9’x12’ $129.00 12’x9’ Berber Sugar Almond $300 $96 (We’re notfor kidding!) (We’re not kidding!) 4’x6’ $30.00 hman Texture. - Creek Bend - GildedHeavy $44.60 sq don’t ydTexture. $26.00 sq yd $44.60 sq ydthe $26.00 sq6’x9’ yd Challenge 12’x11’3” Freize $3.34 sq ft Excellent for Bath & dy or serge andExcellent $2.89We sq$59.00 ftcan Atrium -9’x12’ - for Shades Earth 25 oz. Solo: 25 oz. Solo: vinyl experts. But didDrapes you know… 100% Wool –Harmony 13’2” Wide sometimes they feel comfortGravity asbind well. weed 3 Colors: Tweed 3 Colors: $129.00 9’x12’ $129.00 RE-UPHOLSTERY $30.00 Nylon 12’x12’ $159.00 $2.84 sq12’x15’ ft$20.90 Excellent for Bath &c Beige $199.00 12’x15’ $199.00 Excellent for Drapes Sand Dollar - Ice Crystal Heavy Texture: New! $80.00 sq yd$2.89 $30.00 g Sale $293 $2.89 sqsqft4’x6’ sqsqftsq size. nColors: 12’x12’ $120 Heav One-Time Atrium45 - Harmony - Shades Earth Atrium - Harmony -Stripe: Shades Earth 12’x10’ Freize Straw t4i$52 oz. Delightful Character: Cabinet Liners D 10’x9’5” Level Loop Go at Bliss Beige $211 e a m Crafts r Oriental by Karastan – 100% Wool $20.90 sqColors: yd $12.00 yd sq12’x12’ sqftyd $12.00 yd ydany o e o Everything listed Must Ridiculously Low Prices! Castle 25Ground: oz. Solo: Newberry Silver Sage Offer $2.89 sq ft $2.89 sq 12’x12’ $159.00 $159.00 5’x8’ $40.00 © H z. Delightful Character: armony - Texture. Shades Earth Atrium Harmony Shades Earth 2 Colors: Texture. 2 100% Wool – 13’2” Wide $37.60 sq yd $25.50 yd 12’x15’ $199.00 Basis Laundry Rooms $66.70 sq yd $24.50 sq yd Commercial Level Loop or Pattern what they’re doing ITexture. “The volunteers make Re-upholstery sq yd12’x12’ $12.00 sq$89.00 yd a world 12’x11’7”$52 Berbe Remnants –squnCome CARPETS –Glimmer Remnants $40.00 The Specialists 12’x12’ $159.00 $159.00 ts $80.00 sq5’x8’ yd $30.00 sq $20.90 yd Cashmere-Tweed 2 Colors: 8’x10’ 2able Colors: Freize Carmel $293 Texture. 2 Colors: $3.34 sq $37.60 sqSilver yd $25.50 sqso yd 12’x10’ Freize Straw Beige $293 $120 First Laundry Rooms isco 12’x18’ $249.00 12’x18’ $249.00 Re-upholstery oz.about Pearly Gates: No Purchase D$30.00 Carrera eSierra Newberry Stripe:25 Sage oz.New! Solo: ors: 25 oz.45Solo: Size Style Color Reg. Sale 12’x18’ $249.00 Zippering. Colors: $1.34 ft difference,” sqOffer ft ftft 12’x15’ Small Areas Nickle --Homestead Brushed Nickle - Homestead 5’ 6”S12’x11’3” x re 8’w 3”idNecessary Mar First Come $2.73$199.00 sq$1.34 ft $1.34 Folk Stone - Sterling yd $8.50Basis sq yd Table Covers sq No4Non Purchase Necessary First Come Basis First Come Basis Brushed Nickle - sq Homestead 12’x10’6”$96 Freize to $59.00 First Come $199.00 $2.84 sq12’x15’ ft$20.90 (We’re kidding!) Heavy Texture: Colors: $44.60 sq12’x15’ yd sq $26.00 sq yd sq6’x9’ Solo: Brushed 25 oz. Solo: Seafoam (Teal) Sand Dollar Ice Crystal snot 12’x12’ Heavy Texture Platter $352 like to joke with them and get that of Sheila Rutherford, L c 12’x11’3” Freize Carmel $293 $52 $3.34 ft Cabinet Liners ri $20.90 sq yd $12.00 yd sq yd $12.00 sq yd CUSTOM b IA 6’x9’ $59.00 Crafts Beige Grey Sterling Silver $2.84 sq ft $199.00 12’x15’ $199.00 Heavy Tweed Texture. 3 Colors: C Fa 9’x12’ $129.00 ll E M Dollar -Texture. Ice Crystal A 2 Colors: $20.90 sq yd Texture. 2sq Colors: Matador: P Sea – 9’ r.Up 12’On We can bind orClearance serge S Roll Specials Cabinet Liners UpRust To $15.00 sq yd WE Oriental by Karastan – 100% Wool $12.00 ydNylon Level $20.90Loop sq yd or $12.00 sq ydbind WooTo Basis Crafts DO WINDOWS: Medium Size 13’ T We can or serge We can bind or serge Commercial Pattern Heavy Texture: 4 Colors: d– New! 2 Colors: 45 Texture. 2 Colors: Sedona– Beige/Ivory Background with Border Glass (Gray) y12’x11’7” Oriental by Karastan 100% Wool Berber Pebblestone $321 $52 8’x10’ $89.00 Carpet only. Pad & installation extra. $18.90 sq yd $8.75 sq yd 12’x12’ Heavy Texture Platter $352 $96 Glimmer Basis 12’x18’ $249.00 12’x18’ $249.00 Texture. 2 Colors: $2.89 sq ft any size. 12’x10’7” Texture Snowy Hill $293 $52 Atrium Harmony Shades Earth fear stress and just have Piedmont Area Soap Derby RE-UPHOLSTERY oz. and Pearly Gates: away The Largest In-Stock Inventory of Carpet, $1.34 sq$26.00 ft8’x10’ $1.34 sq ftBox Nylon Nylon Brushed Nickle - Homestead Brushed Nickle -Castle Homestead $89.00 Small Areas Everything listed Must Go at Ridiculously Low Prices! First Come Basis First Come Basis Ground: $249.00 12’x18’ $249.00 Wide Selection of Custom Window Treatments Table Covers 12’x12’ $159.00 12’x13’3”$52 Freize z. Gates: Non Zippering. Colors: Sherwood Tan12’x18’ - Soapstone (We’re not kidding!) $44.60 sq yd sq yd S $1.34 sq ft $1.34 sq ft $ .98 sq ft $30.00 sq yd $8.50 sq yd 5’ 6” x 8’ 3” Sierra Mar icklePearly - Homestead Brushed Nickle Homestead any size. any size. Commercial Level Loop or Pattern 12’x9’ Berber Sugar Almond $300 $96 R $66.70 sq yd $24.50 sq yd 12’x10’6” Freize Creamy Shag $280 Warm Beige Small Areas First Come Basis First Come Basis 12’x11’7” Berber Pebblestone $321 $52 E Glimmer Table Covers Cashmere-Tweed Texture. 2Director Colors: 9’x12’ Heavy Tweed Texture. 3 Colors: Seafoam (Teal) $129.00 5’serge 6” x 8’ 3” Sierra Markidding!) (We’re not $44.60 sqCastle ydBeige $26.00 yd Silver L ourReg. in workroom” Retail $1,308 Ground: Ground: a25good time,” Halsey said. Race said. “The volunteers 12’x15’ Heav ts Grey - sq Sterling oz. Solo: ECDIA$280 We bind or serge We bind or y TweedCastle Texture. 3 Colors: 10’x9’5” Level Loop Value Bliss Beige Creamy Size Style Color L SOP$52R“made coun 9’x12’ $129.00 Non- Zippering. Colors: $2.73 sq ftOne-Time Folk Stone -13’2” Sterling IA $30.00 sq ydbind $8.50 sqcan ydydsq e DisDouglas C$211 12’x15’ Up To $15.00 yd 12’x10’6” Freize Shag $52 idSale 100% Wool –yd Wide EVinyl, $2.89 sq ftinstallation w $66.70 sq yd $24.50 sq yd $66.70 yd $24.50 sqsq yd$199.00 P We can or serge We bind or can serge Atrium - Harmony Shades Earth re Hunter Windo Nylon Nylon Sedona– Beige/Ivory Background with Rust Border S Medium Size 13’ To 15’ Seafoam (Teal) Stoappointment! Freize $20.90 sq $12.00 sq yd $80.00 sq12’x12’ $30.00 sq yd can Area Rugs, Orientals, Hardwood, 12’x10’ Freize Straw Beige $293 $120 Sea Glass (Gray) Cashmere-Tweed Texture. 2 Colors: Cashmere-Tweed Texture. 2 Colors: Carpet only. Pad & extra. $2.89 sq ft $159.00 Visit store to sign up. Sedona– Beige/Ivory Background with Rust Border Please make an m - Harmony - Texture. Shades Earth 2 Colors: Beige Grey Sterling Silver any size. any size. Nylon Matador: Clearance – 9’ Up To 12’ brics12’x13’ Newberry Stripe: Silver Sage Just a few feet away from Halsey, make this race happen, without Offer Roll Specials Fa Y ll L A N n 12’x12’ $159.00 Tip Shear: Bay watch Up To $15.00 sq yd O O S 12’x14’ any any Everything listed Must Everything Go atTexture Ridiculously listed Low at Ridiculously Low Prices! 12’x11’3” Freize Carmel $293 $52 Castle Ground: Castle Ground: $3.34 ft $8.75 RMocha Size Style Size Color Style Reg. Color Reg. Sale Comm 12’x13’3” Freize $381 $102 $18.90 sq ydsqSea sq yd size. ESale 12’x18’ Medium Size 13’ To 15’ 2 Colors: $2.73 ft size. $2.73 sqyd ft$249.00 12’x10’7” Snowy Hill $293 $52 RPrices! S OGo Glass (Gray) Folk Stone -yd Sterling Folk25 Stone oz.- Sterling Solo: Carpet only. Pad &Texture. installation extra.sqyd RRidiculously $1.34 sq$66.70 ft 12’x15’ Retail $1,308 Brushed Nickle - Homestead Warm Everything listedBeige Must Everything GoValue at Ridiculously listed Must Low Go Prices! Low Prices! round: Castle Ground: •E Drapes •DSwags/Cascades • Blinds First Come Basis DMust Heavy New! $199.00 $66.70 sq $24.50 sq Get a Free 2’ xValue 4’ Bound Rug with visit. Rat 12’x12’ Heavy Texture Platter $352 $96 Size Style Color Sale OReg. Troy Frazier calls drivers names them this all fall apart.” z. Solo: Retail $1,308 12’x15’9” Sherwood Tan sq - $12.00 Soapstone 2 Colors: $sq .98 sq ft Texture: 4 Colors: $20.90 sq yd sq yd Cashmere-Tweed Texture. Colors: Texture. 2Loop Colors: 12’x9’ Berber Sugar Almond $300 $96 Douglas Hardwood – Ceramic –Textu LV 12’x15’ Heavy Texture Split $450 $150 12’x15’ $199.00 12’x13’3” Freize Mocha $381Pea $102 $66.702$20.90 sq yd Cashmere-Tweed $24.50 sq yd $66.70 sq yd $24.50would sq yd yd $24.50 Hunter Windo Laminate, Ceramic & Remnants! Texture. 2 Colors: • Verticals • Shades Pleated/Roller Commercial Level or Pattern sq yd $12.00 sq yd e-Tweed Texture. 2 Colors: Cashmere-Tweed Texture. 2 Colors: 12’x11’7” Berber Pebblestone $321 $52 Warm Beige Glimmer Visit store to sign up. Hunter Douglas Window Treatm 5’7”x7’11” English Manor Ivory Blue $1308 $700 Matador: Matador: Clearance –12’x10’6” 9’Size Up To Freize 12’ Clearance –Loop 9’ Up To•Sale 12’ 12’x14’ Sale Textu bind or serge One-Time re. 2 Colors: 10’x9’5” Level31st Bliss Beige $211 Specialists $52 Reg. Size Style Color Size Style Color Reg. Sale Y ©We can L Cream $2.73 sq–$1.34 ft12’x18’ $2.73 sq ft$249.00 12’x18’ Drawing held on October at 5:00pm Visit store to sign up. N Folk Stone - Sterling Folk Stone -Non Sterling though his loudspeaker, directing volunteers play the roles of O 12’x13’ Freize Wheat $225 Zippering. Colors: Flooring and More $90 100% Wool 13’2”The Wide 12’x15’ Heavy Texture Split Pea $450 $150 Y $30.00 sq yd $8.50 sq yd Luminettes • Silhouettes • Wood Blinds sq ft Nylon Brushed Nickle Homestead L Creamy Shag $280 $52 Size Style Color Style Reg. Color Reg. Sale First Come Basis N $249.00 $80.00 sq yd $30.00 sq yd $2.73 sq ft $2.73 sq ft O 3’8”x5’ a Free English Manor Chesterfi eld RedHill $660 $300 Seafoam (Teal) eed - Sterling 12’x13’2” $52 Loop 12’x10’ Freize Straw Beige $52 $293 $120 $293 $18.902Beige sqColors: yd $8.75 sq yd $18.90 sq yd $8.75 yd Carrera 2 Colors:Folk Stone - SterlingTexture. $1.34 ft Silver NickleTexture. - Homestead anysqsize. Greysq - Sterling Newberry Silver Sage Get 2’ x 4’ Bound Rug withTo visit. Offer 12’x10’7” Texture 12’x10’7” Snowy $293 Snowy Hill• Cornices First Come Basis Tip Shear: Grey • Shutters • Rods Up To $15.00 sq yd 12’x14’ Commercial Cocoa $410 12’x13’ Freize Wheat $225 $90 Hardwood Ceramic –Berbe LVfo Get aBay 2’ xTo 4’12’ Bound Rug with visit. Everything listed Must Go at Ridiculously Low Prices! Castle Ground: Matador: Medium Size 13’ To 15’ Clearance –Tapestry 9’Texture Up 12’ Clearance –Free 9’watch Up 12’x11’3” Freize Carmel $293 $52 – $3.34 sq ft serge them their cars Matador: and keeping ev-Stripe: mentor, cheerleader, counselor and 5’9”x9’ Karastan-700 Persian $1778 $850 15’x12’4” Sea Glass (Gray) Carpet only. Pad & installation extra. We can bind or Area Rugs Hardwood – Ceramic – Thank LVT$121 – You WPC Sherwood Tan -to Soapstone Sherwood TanNew! - Soapstone Visit UsFleck Online: Matador: Clearance – 9’ Up To 12’ Clearance – 9’ Up To 12’ $66.70 sq yd $24.50 sq yd $ .98 sq ft $ .98 sq ft Heavy Texture: 4 Colors: We can bind or serge Tip Shear: Bay watch Nylon WE DO WINDOWS: 12’x9’ Berber 12’x9’ Sugar Almond Berber $300 $96 Sugar Almond $300 $96 Size Style Color Reg. Sale 12’x13’3” Freize Mocha $381 $102 12’x12’ Heavy Texture Platter $352 $96 Drawing held on October 31st at 5:00pm 12’x15’9” Texture Tan $426 $130 12’x14’ Commercial Cocoa $410 $121 2 Colors: $18.90 sq yd $8.75 sq yd $18.90 sq yd $8.75 sq yd 5’3”x7’9” Ariana-2153C Beige w/TealTexture & Brown $285 $185 Cashmere-Tweed Texture. 2 Colors: Texture. 2 Colors: Texture. 2 Colors: Warm Beige Visit Us Online: 12’x10’7” Texture 12’x10’7” Snowy Hill $293 $52 Snowy Hill $293 $52 Drawing held on October 31st at 5:00pm any size. n Room Size – 16’ T erything moving atColor the sometimes - yd a second parent. $18.902sq ydsmoothly $8.75 sq ydCommercial $18.90 sq ydLoop $8.75 sq Level orBlue Wide Selection oflisted Custom Treatments 2 Colors: Castle Texture. Colors: 12’x15’ Heavy Texture Split Pea $450 12’x11’7” Berber Pebblestone $321 $52 Glimmer 12’x10’7” Texture Snowy Hill$150 $293 $52$373 12’x10’7” Texture Snowy Hill Window $293 $52 any size. Everything Must Go Ridiculously Low Prices! Ground: To Go! Size Style Color Reg. Sale 5’7”x7’11” English Manor Ivory $700 Everything 7’10”x11” Ariana-623h Blue/Grey &Beige Black Beigeat $558 $449 Size Style Reg. Sale 12’x14’ Texture Tahoe Your Hometown Store So $112 Much Under On $15.00 sq. yd. 12’x15’9” Texture Tan Fleck $426 $130 ©“made $2.73 sq ft Pattern 10’x9’5” Level Loop Bliss Level Loop $211 $52 Bliss Beige $211 $52 2$1308 Colors: FolkTan Stone - Sterling Oriental & Area Rug Clearance Sherwood - Soapstone Sherwood Tan - Non Soapstone Thank You for 12’x17’3” Textu Cream Window Blinds & Shades Zippering. Colors: listed Must Go at Ridiculously Low Prices! eTan Ground: FRE in10’x9’5” our workroom” $ .98 sq ft $ .98 sq ft $30.00 sq yd $8.50 sq yd KH 12’x9’ Area Rugs 12’x13’ Freize Wheat $225 $90 Berber 12’x9’ Sugar Almond Berber $300 $96 Sugar Almond $300 $96 12’x10’6” Freize Creamy Shag $280 $52 $66.70 sq yd $24.50 sq yd The Largest In-Sto 100% Wool – 13’2” Wide 100% Wool – 13’2” Wide Thank You for Helping U - Soapstone Sherwood Tan Soapstone Seafoam (Teal) bottom of the track. originally Brown working his 8’x10’’ Utopia Eden EarthReg. $655$96 $422 Almond Carrera Cashmere-Tweed Texture. 2 Colors: Sale Area Rugs $He .98 sq $ .98$700 sqRed 3’8”x5’ English Manor Chesterfi eldrecalls $660 Smartstran 12’x9’ Berber12’ Sugar 12’x9’ Berber Clearance Sugar Almond $300 $66.70 sqManor yd $24.50 sq yd- Sterling Beige Grey Silver 5’7”x7’11” English Blue $1308 12’x13’2” Loop Tahoe Ocean Breeze $346 12’x14’ Texture $373 $300 $112 Tip Shear: Bay12’x10’ watch 12’x16’8”$90 Textu $80.00 sqftIvory yd $30.00 sq yd $80.00 sqft yd Up $30.00 sqsq$300 ydyd with 12’x14’ Commercial Cocoa $410 To $15.00 Area Rugs, Orien Freize 12’x10’ Straw Beige Freize $293 $121 $120 Straw Beige $293 $120 mere-Tweed Texture. 2 Colors: Cream $1.67 sq. ft. $96$211 Matador: – 9’ Up Medium Size 13’ To 15’ Please make anTo appointment! Grey One-Time One-Time Size Style Color Reg. Sale 10’x9’5” Level Loop 10’x9’5” Bliss Beige Level Loop $211 $52 Bliss Beige $52 Sea Glass (Gray) 5’x8’ Braid Rectangle 4 in 9 Patch $599 $479 Carpet only. Pad & installation extra. Fabric – As Newberry Stripe: Silver Sage Newberry Stripe: Silver Sage $2.73 sq ft 2’x4’ $10.00 Folk Stone Sterling To Go! 70 oz. Artisan Delight: Laminate, Ce Size Style Color Reg. Sale 5’9”x9’ Karastan-700 Persian Tapestry $1778 $850 12’x15’9” Texture Tan Fleck $426 $130 12’x16’ Freize 3’8”x5’ English Manor Chesterfi eld Red $660 $300 15’x12’4” Berber Foggy Mist $500 $100 started in 2012 with his daughter dad Todd his race but 2 Colors: One-Time One-Time Size12’x11’3” Style Color Reg. Sale 12’x13’2” Loop Breeze $346 10’x9’5” Level Loop Bliss Beige $211$90$52 $52 $293 10’x9’5” Level Loop Bliss Beige $211 $52 WE DO WINDOWS: 100% Wool – 13’2” 100% Wool –213’2” Wide $2.73 sq To Go! 12’x13’3” Freize Mocha $381 $102 Stone -–Sterling FREE $18.90 sqft$3.34 ydWide $8.75 sq yd during $62.00 sq yd Ocean $32.00 sq yd Texture. Colors: Freize 12’x11’3” Carmel Freize $293 $52 Carmel $52 ft $1778 $3.34 ft days, • Drapes • Texture Swags/Cascades Blinds 8’x10’Texture. Rectangle Log Cabin $1299 $1115 Warm Beige Grey 12’x10’7” Texture Snowy Hill $80.00 sq yd $30.00 sqsqyd $80.00 sq yd sqsqyd$185 Wool 13’2” Wide 100% WoolKarastan-700 13’2” Wide 5’7”x7’11” English Manor Blue $1308 $30.00 $700 FREE 12’x10’ Freize 12’x10’ Straw Beige Freize $293 $120 Straw Beige $293 12’x14’ Tahoe $373 $112 Heavy 3Braid Colors: Sale Wide Selection of$293 Custom Window Treatments 12’x17’ $120 Textu 3’x5’ $20.00 Smartstran Pieces or 5’3”x7’9” Ariana-2153C Beige w/Teal &Offer Brown $285 Cream Early’s Carpet isGrey•Reg. pleased to be aSplit Centurion dealer for: Matador: 5’9”x9’ Persian Tapestry $850 12’x15’ Heavy Texture Pea $450 $150 Clearance –- Creek 9’ Up To 12’Nat. Carpet Only Price 15’x12’4” Berber Foggy Mist $500 $100 yd–Newberry $30.00 sqStripe: $80.00 sq&ydIvory $30.00 sq yd Silver Newberry Stripe: Silver Sage sq Reg. Sale Offer 12’x10’ Freize Straw Beige $293 $120 12’x10’ Freize Straw Beige $293 $120 •Colors: Verticals •Casbah-Akola Shades - Pleated/Roller Katie and son Jacob (now ayd junior always had a stable of other faSmartstran Room Size – 16’ To 18’ 5’6”x8’ $698 $500 $3.56 sq ft Sherwood Tan -$80.00 Soapstone 3’8”x5’ EnglishSage Manorhe Chesterfi eld Red Rug $660Clearance $300 Heavy Texture: 4 Colors: Heavy Texture: 4 dor: Oriental Area New! Clearance – 9’ Up To 12’ “made in our workroom” 12’x13’2” Loop Ocean Breeze $346 $90 Coachman Bend Gilded Fabric – Heav Ass $ .98 sq ft y Stripe:New! Silver Sage Newberry Stripe: Silver Sage 2’x4’ $10.00 12’x12’ Heavy Texture 12’x12’ Platter Heavy Texture $352 $96 Platter $352 $96 Offer Offer 12’x17’ 12’x9’ Berber Sugar Almond $300 $96 Freize Wheat 4’x6’ $225$30.00 $90 70 oz. Artisan12’x13’ Delight: $18.90 sq yd $8.75 sq yd 12’x11’3” Freize 12’x11’3” Carmel Freize $293 $52 Carmel $293 $52 $3.34 sq ft $3.34 sq ft Grey 7’10”x11” Ariana-623h Blue/Grey & Black Beige $558 $449 Texture. 2 Colors: Fabric – Assorted 5’3”x7’9” Ariana-2153C Beige w/Teal & Brown $285 $185 • Luminettes • Silhouettes • Wood Blinds 2’x4’ $10.00 $15.00 sq. yd. 12’x10’7” Texture Snowy Hill $293 $52 Excellent for $62.00 sq yd $32.00 sq yd 70 oz. Artisan Delight: 5’9”x9’ Karastan-700 Persian Tapestry $1778 $850 5’6”x8’ Casbah-Sirsi Grey-Natural $698 $500 15’x12’4” Berber Foggy Mist $500 $100 $18.90 sq yd $8.75 sq yd 12’x17’3” Texture Oatmeal $453 $185 12’x11’3” Freize Carmel $293 $52 12’x11’3” Freize Carmel $293 $52 $3.34 sq ft $3.34 sq ft Tip Shear: Bay watch Room Size – 16’ To 18’ re. 2 Colors: 12’x14’ Commercial Cocoa $410 $121 committee member himself), and thers heEarth could turn to for advice. 12’x16’8” 12’x10’7” Texture Snowy Hill $293 $52 Please make an$20.00 appointment! sq• yd $32.00 sq yd Bliss Beige Heavy Texture. 3 Colors: Commercial Level Loop orAriana-623h Pattern Commercial Level Loop orBeige Pattern 3’x5’ 45 oz. Delightful Character: • Shutters •$62.00 Rods Cornices One-Time Pieces or B Heavy Texture: 4$655 Colors: Heavy Texture: 4Room Colors: New! New! 10’x9’5” Level Loop $211 $52 12’x11’7” Berber 12’x11’7” Pebblestone Berber $321 $52 Pebblestone $321 $52 Sculp Sherwood Tan -7’10”x11” Soapstone 8’x10’’5’3”x7’9” Utopia Eden $422 Ariana-2153C w/TealGlimmer & Brown $285 $15.00 $185 Heavy Texture. 3Heavy Colors: 12’x12’ Texture 12’x12’ Platter Heavy Texture $352 $96 Platter $352 $96 Blue/Grey & Black $558 $449 5’x8’ $40.00 $Beige .98 sq ft 3’x5’ $20.00 or Bolts 12’x9’ Berber Almond $300 $96 $37.60 sq yd Sugar $25.50 sq yd• Fleck $3.56 sq ft Size Style Color Reg. Salesq. Size – 16’ To 12’x15’9” Texture Tan $426 $130 Heavy Texture: 4Black Colors: Heavy Texture: 4Glimmer Colors: New! 2yd. Colors: 12’x16’8” Texture $430 $132 100% Wool – 13’2” recruited Wide Re-uphols wood Tan Non - Soapstone Coachman - Creek Bend -18’ Gilded Visit Us Online: 12’x17’3” Texture $453 $185 12’x12’ Heavy Texture Platter $352 $96 12’x12’ Heavy Texture Platter $352 $96 Drapes • Avalon Swags/Cascades • Pieces Blinds 2Bend Colors: $7’10”x11” sq ftAriana-623h $3.56 sq ft Oatmeal $1.67 sq. ft. 12’x9’ Berber Sugar Almond $300 $96 Extra Large –for 18’D Blue/Grey &Ivory Beige $558 $449 Zippering. Colors: Non Zippering. Colors: 4’x6’ $30.00 Coachman - Creek - Gilded $15.00 sq. yd. he was quickly to.98 be an “A lot of the other dads that were $80.00 sq yd $30.00 sq yd $30.00 sq yd $8.50 sq yd $30.00 sq yd $8.50 sq yd 5’x8’ Braid Rectangle 4 in 9 Patch $599 $479 Excellent 12’x10’ Freize Straw Beige $293 $120 5’7”x7’11” English Manor Blue $1308 $700 Visit Us Online: 8’x10’’ Utopia Eden Earth $655 $422 Commercial Level Loop or Pattern Commercial Level Loop or Pattern 12’x10’6” Freize 12’x10’6” Creamy Freize Shag $280 $52 Creamy Shag $280 $52 12’x17’3” Texture Oatmeal $453 $185 12’x14’ Texture Tahoe $373 $112 12’x11’7” Berber 12’x11’7” Pebblestone Berber $321 $52 Pebblestone $321 $52 4’x6’ $30.00 6’x9’ $59.00 One-Time Glimmer Glimmer $2.84 sq ft• Verticals •$430 Shades - Pleated/Roller Cream 10’x9’5” Loop Beige $211$321 $52 Excellent for Drapes 12’x16’ Freize Cornbread $275 $125Crafts Seafoam Seafoam (Teal) Newberry Stripe: Silver Sage Dollar - IceLevel Crystal 14574 Lee Highway, VA 20106 Offer 12’x16’8” Texture Avalon $132 We Bliss Can Keep Your Image Clean! 8’x10’’ Utopia EdenAmissville, Earth Chesterfi $655 (Teal) $422 rcial Level Loop or Colors: Pattern Commercial Level Loop or3’8”x5’ Pattern 45Sand oz. Delightful Character: 12’x24’ Textu 12’x11’7” Berber Pebblestone $52 12’x11’7” Berber Pebblestone $321 $52 $1.67 sq. ft. One-Time Glimmer Glimmer 10’x9’5” Level Loop Bliss Beige $211 $52 English Manor eld Red $660 $300 100% Wool – 13’2” Wide 12’x16’8” Texture Avalon $430 $132 12’x13’2” Loop Ocean Breeze $346 $90 Beige Grey Sterling Silver Beige Grey Sterling Silver 5’x8’ $40.00 45 oz. Delightful Character: $37.60 sq yd $25.50 sq yd 8’x10’ Braid Rectangle Log Cabin $1299 $1115 • Luminettes • Silhouettes • Wood Blinds $1.67 sq. ft. 5’x8’ Braid Rectangle 4 in 9 Patch $599 $479 Non Zippering. Non Zippering. Colors: integral part of theColors: organization. the committee - Fontaine, 12’x11’3” Freize Carmel $293 $52 $3.34 ftsenior $30.00sq$80.00 sqyd yd5’9”x9’ yd $30.00 yd $8.50 sq sq yd yd GreyCarpet sq yd $30.00 sqsq$8.50 yd 5’x8’ $40.00 KHon % Wool – 13’2” Wide 5’x8’ BraidsqKarastan-700 Rectangle 4Persian in 9 Patch $599 $479 Up To(Teal) $15.00 Up To$8.50 $15.00 sq yd 12’x10’6” 12’x10’6” Freize Shag $280 $52 Creamy Shag $280 $52 8’x10’ $89.00 2Freize Colors: $37.60 sq ydCreamy $25.50 sq yd To 12’x10’ Freize Straw Beige $293 $120 12’x17’ Texture Endurance $315 $132 Textu 12’x19’4”Re-upholst 12’x16’ Freize Cornbread $275 Tapestry $1778 $850 12’x10’ pering. Colors: Non Zippering. Re-upholstery 45 oz.To Pearly Gates: 12’x16’ Freize Cornbread $275 $125 15’x12’4” Berber Foggy Shag Mist $500 $100 Only Price Seafoam Seafoam (Teal) Medium Size 13’Dollar 15’ Medium Size 13’ 15’ $30.00 sqSage $30.00 sq &ydRectangle sqsq yd • Shutters • Rods •$125 Cornices sq$8.50 ydGrey $30.00 sq yd 2 Colors: 540-937-5500 Stripe: Silver Offer 12’x10’6” Freize Creamy $280 $52 12’x10’6” Freize Creamy Shag $280 $52 Fi Sea Glass (Gray) Sea Glass (Gray) Freize Straw Beige $293 $120 Table Co Carpet only.$80.00 Pad &ydinstallation extra. Carpet only. Pad installation extra. 6’x9’ $59.00 $2.84 sq ft ydOffi 5’6”x8’ Casbah-Akola Nat. Grey $698 $500 Home & ce CLEAN Braid Log Cabin $1115 8’x10’ Braid Rectangle Log Cabin $1299 $1115 BeigeNewberry Grey - Sterling Silver Beige -8’x10’ Sterling Silver Heavy Texture: 4 fatherly Colors: New! $44.60 sqftyd Carmel $26.00 sq Sand - Ice Texture Crystal Seafoam (Teal) Seafoam (Teal) berry Stripe: Sage 12’x12’ Heavy Texture Platter $352 $96 Offer 12’x18’5”$110 Level 5’3”x7’9” Ariana-2153C Beige w/Teal &$1299 Brown $285 $185 Visit Us Online: 6’x9’ $59.00 12’x17’ Endurance $315 $132 Crafts “I wasBeige totally overwhelmed with H.B., Paul Bates another $2.84 sq 12’x17’ Heavy Texture Glacier $498 Heavy Tweed Texture. 3Size Colors: 9’x12’ $129.00 12’x17’ Texture Endurance $315 $132 12’x11’3” Freize $293 $52 $3.34 sq ft To $15.00 sq yd Up To $15.00 sq yd Carpet Only Price Sand Dollar Ice Crystal y - Sterling SilverSilver Grey - Sterling Silver Up Room – 16’ To 18’ Carpet Only Price Crafts 5’6”x8’ Casbah-Akola Nat. Grey $698 Beige $500 12’x13’3” Freize 12’x13’3” Mocha Freize $381 $102 Mocha $381 $102 Medium Size 13’ To 15’ Medium Size 13’ To 15’ Visit Us Online: Clean 2 or More Rooms GET ONE FREE 12’x11’3” Freize Carmel $293 $52 $3.34 sq ft Up To $15.00 sq yd Up To $15.00 sq yd 5’6”x8’ Casbah-Sirsi Grey-Natural $698 $500 8’x10’ $89.00 Sea Glass (Gray) Sea Glass (Gray) With a limited lifetime warranty, customers enjoy the benefit of 5’6”x8’ Casbah-Akola Nat. Grey $698 $500 7’10”x11” Ariana-623h Blue/Grey & Black $558 $449 12’x17’ Heavy Texture Glacier $498 $110 Carpet only. Pad & installation extra. Carpet only. Pad & installation extra. $2.89 sq ft 12’x24’2” Textu $15.00 sq. yd. Atrium Harmony Shades Earth 45Medium oz. Pearly 12’x17’3” Gates: Commercial Level or Pattern Warm Beige Warm Medium Size 13’ ToBeige 15’ Size 13’ ToTexture 15’ Oatmeal $453 $185 $450 Heavy Texture: 4 Colors: New! 12’x11’7” Berber Pebblestone $321 $52 8’x10’ $89.00 12’x16’8” Sculpture Kaluah $155 12’x17’ Heavy Texture Glacier $498 $110 Sea Glass (Gray) Sea Glass (Gray) Table 12’x12’ $159.00 12’x12’ Heavy Texture Platter $352 $96 5’6”x8’&8’x10’’ Casbah-Sirsi Grey-Natural $698 $500 Carpet only. Padwelcoming & installation extra. Loop only. Pad installation extra. 45 oz. Pearly Gates: how andCarpet inclusive figures, just having a different perMon-Fri 9 the am to 5 pm ~Eden Sat am to 4 $422 pm Minimum charges Call for your free quote. $44.60 sq $26.00 sq yd apply. Utopia Earth 10 $655 Heavy Texture: 4Glimmer Colors: ! 12’x16’8” Sculpture Kaluah $450 $155 Table 12’x13’3” Freize 12’x13’3” Mocha Freize $381 $102 Mocha $381 $102 12’x15’ Heavy Texture 12’x15’ Split Pea Heavy Texture $450 $150 Split Pea $450Covers $150Cov 12’x12’ Heavy Texture Platter $352 $96 Heavy Tweed Texture. 3 Colors: 5’6”x8’Colors: Casbah-Sirsi Grey-Natural $698yd $500 9’x12’ $129.00 (WeO 12’x16’8” Texture Avalon $430 $132 $44.60 sq yd $26.00 sq yd yd Non Zippering. free, lifetime parts for your custom window treatments. $1.67 sq. ft. 25 oz. Solo: Warm Beige Warm Beige Heavy Tweed Texture. 3 Colors: $30.00 sq yd $8.50 sq 12’x16’8” Sculpture Kaluah $450 $155 12’x13’3” Freize 12’x13’3” Mocha Freize $381 $102 Mocha $381 $102 9’x12’ $129.00 Commercial Level Loop or Pattern 12’x10’6” Freize Creamy Shag $280 $52 Carpet VCT Vinyl Ceramic Hardwood Upholstery 5’x8’ Braid Rectangle 4 in 9 Patch $599 $479 12’x11’7” Berber Pebblestone $321 $52 12’x15’ $199.00 Glimmer Extra Large – 18’ To 24’ $2.89 sq ft Atrium Harmony Shades Earth Seafoam (Teal) Extra Large – 18’ To 24’ 12’x16’ Freize Cornbread $275 $125 organization has been,” EMERGENCY Frazier spective I think was big,” Brown Warm Beige Warm Beige SERVICES $20.90 sq yd $12.00 sq yd mmercial Level Loop or Pattern 12’x15’ Heavy Texture 12’x15’ Split Pea Heavy Texture $450 $150 Split Pea $450 $150 12’x11’7” Berber Pebblestone $321 $52 $2.89 sq ft 12’x12’ $159.00 Glimmer 12’x13’ Freize 12’x13’ Wheat Freize $225 $90 Wheat $225 $90 Atrium Harmony Shades Earth Texture. 2 Colors: Beige Grey Sterling Silver 8’x10’ Braid sq yd Rectangle CabinKeep $1299 $1115 Pick UpCreamy and Delivery of Area RugsBeige Available for$249.00 Cleaning Non Zippering. Colors: 12’x12’ $159.00 WeLogCan Your Image Clean! w 12’x15’ Heavy Texture 12’x15’ Split Pea Heavy Texture $450 $150 Split Pea $450 $150 We Keep Your Image Clean! 12’x24’ Texture Beige $320 $30.00 yd To$8.50 12’x17’ Texture Endurance $315 $132 $15.00 sqTip ydNat. 12’x10’6” Shag $280 $52 12’x24’ Texture $512 $320 12’x18’ Extra –13’ 18’ To15’ 24’ Carpet Only Price 25 oz.Large Solo: Zippering. Colors: $1.34$512 sq ft 12’x15’ Brushed Nickle -Freize Homestead Medium Size To 5’6”x8’ Grey Seafoam $698 (Teal) $500 $30.00 sq &ydinstallation $8.50 sqsq ydUp said. just fed into it. Casbah-Akola Shear: BayCan watch Tip Shear: watch 12’x10’6” Freize Creamy Shag $280 $52 $199.00 Sea Glass (Gray) 12’x13’ Freize 12’x13’ Wheat Freize $225 $90 Wheat $225 Day, Night &said. Weekends Available only.what Pad extra. 25 oz. Bay Solo: 12’x14’ Commercial 12’x14’ Cocoa Commercial $410 $121 Cocoa $410 $90 $121 12’x19’4” Texture Snow White $520 $200 12’x17’ Heavy Texture Glacier $498 $110 Beige Grey“That’s - Sterling Carpet Silver $20.90 sq yd $12.00 sq yd Seafoam (Teal) 12’x15’ $199.00 We Can Keep Your Image Clean! 12’x13’ Freize 12’x13’ Wheat Freize $225 $90 Wheat $225 $90 Texture. 2 Colors: 12’x19’4” Texture Snow White $520 $200 12’x24’ Texture Beige $512 $320 5’6”x8’ Casbah-Sirsi Grey-Natural $698 $500 Up To $15.00 sq yd $20.90 sq yd $12.00 sq yd Home & Offi ce CLEAN Grey - Sterling Silver We can$381 bind or serge Texture. 212’x13’3” Colors: 12’x18’5” Level Loop Multi Mocha $360 $192 12’x16’8” Sculpture Kaluah $450 $155 Freize $102 Medium 13’ To 15’ Cocoa Tip Shear: Bay watch TipONE Shear: Bay watch Licensed & -Insured 12’x18’ $249.00 First Come Basis On All$410 Sale We$121 Install Warr Up To $15.00 yd Sea Glass (Gray) 12’x14’ Commercial 12’x14’ Commercial $410 $121 Cocoa It’s whole mission has been theShear: Now, hopes to12’x14’ continue that only. PadColor &Size installation extra.sqStyle Color Sale Size StyleCarpet Reg. SaleSea $1.34 sq ft Nylon Brushed Nickle Homestead 12’x15’9” Texture 12’x15’9” TanBrown Fleck Texture $426 $130 Tan Fleck $426 $130&Com Early’s Carpet, Inc. Warm Beige 2he Colors: 2FREE Colors: Medium Size ToSize 15’ 12’x18’ Tip Bay watch Tip Shear: Bay watch Clean 2 orReg. More Rooms GET 12’x18’5” Level Snow Loop Multi $360 $192 12’x19’4” Texture White $520 $200$121 Glass (Gray) Commercial 12’x14’ Cocoa Commercial $410 $121 Cocoa $410 A EWe$249.00 sq Brushed Nickle13’ -12’x24’2” Homestead any size. Texture Purple $640 $160 Carpet only. Pad & installation extra. RBrown First G Residential & Commercial L Merchandise. O Extra Large –Tan 18’$1.34 ToW 24’ftDMocha N N Y We Appreciate 12’x13’3” Freize $381 $102 12’x15’ Heavy Texture Split Pea $450 $150 I Everything Castle Ground: E ’ Flooring Specialists and More Flooring Specialists and More Minimum charges apply. Call for your free quote. Size Style Color Reg. Sale Size Style Color Reg. Sale S R Clean 2 or More Rooms GET ONE FREE 12’x15’9” Texture 12’x15’9” Fleck Texture $426 $130 Tan Fleck $426 $130 can bind or serge V U 2 Colors: 2 Colors: 5’7”x7’11” English Manor Ivory Blue 5’7”x7’11” English $1308 Manor $700 Ivory Blue $1308 $700 Over 200 In Stock – Visit Showroom Warm Beige thealready kids,Sale the val-2we tradition by showing the kids the Highway Route 211 •Multi Amissville, VA A 12’x13’3” Freize Mocha $381 Texture 12’x24’ Tahoe Texture $373 $112 Tahoe $373 $160 $112 Rt. 64 12’x24’2” Texture Purple $640 12’x18’5” Level Loop $360$512 Keep Your12’x14’ Image Clean! $66.70 sq yd Brown $24.50 sq ydbind or$102 We can serge S12’x14’ Stylesportsmanship, Color Size You Style Reg. Color Reg. Sale Texture Beige $320 Nylon Texture 12’x15’9” Tan Fleck Texture $426 $130 Tan Fleck $426$192 $130 Colors: 2Ceramic Colors: Cream Cream know are hometown carpet Cashmere-Tweed Texture. 2 Colors: Carpet - VCTWe - Minimum VinylCan - 12’x15’9” - Hardwood -Call Upholstery Warm Beige any size. Nylon 12’x15’ Heavy Texture Split Pea $450 Washington, VA charges apply. for your freeCastle quote. 12’x13’ Freize Wheat $90 Clean 2your or More Rooms GET ONE FREE 5’7”x7’11” English Manor Blue 5’7”x7’11” English $1308 Manor Ivory Blue $1308 $700 past 12’x14’ Texture 12’x14’ Tahoe $373 Tahoe $373 $112 WeStone are only 13 miles from Warrenton. TakeTexture Rte. 211W toward Washington, VA$112 pass the$225 stop light$160 at$150 229 crossroads, 12’x19’4” Texture Snow White $520 $200 any size. Everything Ground: Over 200 –Ocean Visit Showroom Size Stli 12’x24’2” Texture Purple $640 12’x15’ Heavy Texture Split Pea $450 $150 3’8”x5’ English Manor Chesterfi 3’8”x5’ eld English $660 Manor$700 $300 Chesterfi eld that Red $660 $300 Pick Up and Delivery of Area Rugsthe Available forTexture Cleaning 12’x13’2” Loop 12’x13’2” Ocean Loop Breeze $346 $90 Breeze $346 $90 Mus $2.73 sq ftIn Stock Cream Cream ues, what comesIvory out ofRedit. passion he has for race, Folk - Sterling 5’7”x7’11” English Manor Ivory Blue $1308 $700 English Manor Ivory Blue $1308 $700Making Everything listed Castle Ground: 12’x14’ 12’x14’ Tahoe Texture $373 $112 Tahoe $373 $112 Home & Offi ce CLEAN $66.70 sq yd $24.50 sq yd Tip Shear: Bay watch Carpet -Call VCTCream - your Vinylfree - Ceramic - Hardwood -Loop Upholstery 12’x13’ Freize $90 12’x18’5” Level Loop Brown $360 $192 Minimum charges apply. for$300 quote. Cream Cashmere-Tweed Texture. 2 Colors: Grey Grey 12’x14’ Commercial Cocoa $410 $121 proceed approx. 2Over miles Amissville sign,Wheat make U-turn acrossMulti from Rte. $225 645. Early’s is on right (211E) $66.70 sqbeyond yd $24.50 sq yd 3’8”x5’ English Manor Chesterfi 3’8”x5’ eldTapestry Red experts. English $660 Manor $300 Chesterfi eldyou Red $300 $660 12’x13’2” 12’x13’2” Ocean Loop Breeze $346 $90 Ocean Breeze $346 $90 200 In Stock – Visit Showroom Cashmere-Tweed Texture. 2 Colors: 12’x13’ Freize Wheat $225 $90 and vinyl But did know… Matador: Clean 2 or More Rooms GET ONE FREE Clearance – 9’ U 5’9”x9’ Karastan-700 Persian 5’9”x9’ Karastan-700 $1778 $850 Persian Tapestry $1778 $850 + + 15’x12’4” Berber 15’x12’4” Foggy Mist Berber $500 $100 Foggy Mist $500 $100 Size Sty 3’8”x5’ English Manor Chesterfi eld Red $660 English Manor Chesterfi eld Red $660 $300 12’x24’2” Texture Purple $640 $160 an impact and goodColor it does forCarpet and passing itShear: $2.73 sqpm ft • Saturday Loop 12’x13’2” Ocean Loop Breeze $346 $90 Ocean Breeze $346 Size $90 Folk Stone - Sterling Tip- Ceramic Bay watch Grey Monday-Friday 9 am-5 10 am-4 pm$410 Pick Up and Delivery Rugs Available Cleaning -Shear: VCT -Grey Vinyl - 12’x13’2” Hardwood - Area Upholstery Style 12’x14’ Cocoa $121 First Come Basis On All Salefor We Install & Commercial Warranty ONLY What We Sell!Mist Size Stylethe Reg. Sale $2.73 sq Folk Stone - Sterling 12’x15’9” Texture Tan Fleck $130 Minimum chargesof apply. Call for your free quote. $18.90 sqftydIn $8.75 sq 2along. Colors: Tip Bay watch Texture. 2 Colors: Early’s Carpet, Inc. 5’9”x9’ Karastan-700 Persian 5’9”x9’ Tapestry Karastan-700 $1778 $850 Persian Tapestry $1778 $850 Grey Grey 15’x12’4” Berber 15’x12’4” Foggy Berber $500 $100 Foggy$426 Mist $500 $100– 9’Tex 12’x10’7” (540) 937-5500 • 1-800-870-9098 Over 200 Stock – yd Visit Showroom 12’x14’ Commercial Cocoa $410 $121 5’3”x7’9” Ariana-2153C Beige w/Teal 5’3”x7’9” & Brown Ariana-2153C $285 $185 Beige w/Teal & Brown $285 $185 Matador: Clearance U 5’9”x9’ Karastan-700 Persian Tapestry $1778 $850 Karastan-700 Persian Tapestry $1778 $850 Merchandise. 15’x12’4” Berber 15’x12’4” Foggy Mist Berber $500 $100 Foggy Mist $500 $100 We Appreciate “Do It Yourself” Sales! Carpet VCT Vinyl Ceramic Hardwood Upholstery Pick Up and Delivery of Area Rugs Available for Cleaning our community, once IIvory saw thatReg. “If they from Flooring Specialists More Size Style Color Sale 12’x15’9” Tan $426 $130 Sherwood Tan Soapstone 2211 Colors: Your see Hometown Store and So Much Under Your Hometown One Roof! Store So- Texture Much Under One Roof! Matador: Room Size –Texture. 16’ To 18’ Room Size – sq16’yd To 18’ –12’x9’ 9’ Up To 12’ Be 5’7”x7’11” English Manor Blue all $1308Beige $700 $ Fleck .98sqsq 12’x14’ Texture Tahoe $373 Clearance $112 12’x10’7” Highway Route •Upexcitement Amissville, VA 5’3”x7’9” Ariana-2153C Beige w/Teal 5’3”x7’9” Brown Ariana-2153C $285 $185 w/Teal Brown $285 $18.90 $8.75 ydft e Ariana-2153C Style Color Reg. Sale Tan Fleck $426 $130 2 VA Colors: 2Blue/Grey Colors: Cream Pick and $185 Delivery of12’x15’9” AreaRoom RugsTexture. Available forTexture Rt. The 645 Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm 10’x9’5” • Texture Saturday 10 am-4Text pm $18.90 yd $8.75 ydof 7’10”x11” Ariana-623h Blue/Grey 7’10”x11” &&Blue Black Beige Ariana-623h $558 $449 &&Rte. Black Beige $558 $449 Room Size –Rt. 64316’ ToCarpet, 18’ Size –Cleaning 16’ To 18’ Washington, 2First Colors: 5’3”x7’9” Ariana-2153C Beige &$660 Brown $285 $185 Beige w/Teal &The Brown $285 $185 The Largest In-Stock Inventory of Carpet, LargestsqIn-Stock Inventory Warrenton 12’x10’7” Specialists Come Basis All Sale We Install &sqTexture Warranty ONLY What We Sell! 5’7”x7’11” English Manor Ivory $700 12’x14’ Texture Tahoe $373 $112 We are only 13w/Teal miles$1308 from Warrenton. Take 211W toward Washington, VA pass the stop–12’x17’3” light at 229 crossroads, One-Time I3’8”x5’ was all in.” someone else who’s not racing, or Lev Stop Light Sherwood Tan On - Soapstone Texture 12’x17’3” Oatmeal $453 $185 Oatmeal $453 $185Nam English Manor Chesterfi eld Red $300 Room Size 16’ To 18’ Room Size – 16’ To 18’ Early’s Carpet, Inc. 12’x13’2” Loop Ocean Breeze $346 $90 Cream $ .98 sq ft 12’x9’ Berb ’11” 7’10”x11” English ManorAriana-623h Ivory Blue $1308 $700 Blue/Grey 7’10”x11” & Black Beige Ariana-623h $558 $449 Blue/Grey & Black Beige $558 $449 12’x14’ Texture Tahoe $373 $112 100% Wool – 13’2” Wide $15.00 sq. yd. $15.00 sq. yd. Sherwood Tan -Vinyl, Soapstone Retailer Rt.Orientals, 211Oatmeal $ .98 sq ft Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm • Saturday 10 am-4 pm 12’x9’ Berber Cream Area Rugs, Orientals, Hardwood, Area Rugs, Vinyl, Hardwood, Grey proceed approx. 2 miles beyond Amissville sign, make U-turn across from Rte. 645. Early’s is on right (211E) 12’x17’3” Texture 12’x17’3” Texture $453 $185 Oatmeal $453 $185 8’x10’’ Utopia Eden Earth 8’x10’’ Utopia $655 $422 Eden Earth $655 $422 $80.00 sq yd $30.00 sq yd 7’10”x11” Ariana-623h Blue/Grey & Black Beige $558 $449 Ariana-623h Blue/Grey & Black Beige $558 $449 Merchandise. 9“Do We First Come Basis On All Sale We Install & Warranty ONLY What We Sell! Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm • Saturday 10 am-4 pm 3’8”x5’ English Manor Chesterfi eld Red $660 $300 12’x10’ Fre $15.00 sq. yd. $15.00 sq. yd. We Appreciate It Yourself” Sales! 2What 12’x13’2” Loop Ocean Breeze $346 $90 2 First Come Basis On All Sale We Install & Warranty ONLY Sell! One-Time 10’x9’5” Leve . Early’s Carpet, Inc. 5’9”x9’ Karastan-700 Persian Tapestry $1778 $850 Now with neither of$660his kids $422who has raced before, can + Newberry Stripe: Silver SageCarpet 12’x16’8” Texture 12’x16’8” Avalon Texture $430 $132 Avalon $132 12’x17’3” Texture 12’x17’3” Texture $453 $185 Oatmeal $453 10’x9’5” $185$430Level Loop Early’s Offer 15’x12’4” Berber Foggy Mist $500 $100 Early’s Carpet, Inc.only Rt ’ English Manor Chesterfield Red Earth $300 8’x10’’ Utopia Eden 8’x10’’ $655 EdenHighway Earth $655 $422 12’x13’2” Loop Ocean $346 $90 One-Time Route •itAmissville, VA Grey X12’x16’8” Wool –Oatmeal 13’2” Wide Laminate, Ceramic &100% Remnants! Laminate, &Breeze Remnants! Merchandise. 12’x11’3” Fre Amissville $3.34 sq Merchandise. 12’x16’8” Texture Avalon Texture $430 $132 Avalon $430 $132 Freiz We“Do Appreciate It yd Yourself” Sales! (540) 937-5500 •sq. 1-800-870-9098 $80.00 sq $30.00 sq ydft 8’x10’’ Utopia Eden Earth $1778 $655 Utopia Eden Earth $655 $422 5’x8’5’9”x9’ BraidKarastan-700 Rectangle 5’x8’ 4 in$1778 9Tapestry PatchUtopia $599 $479 Rectangle 4 in 9$422 Patch $599211 $479 100% Wool –Newberry 13’2” Wide WeStripe: Appreciate ItCeramic Yourself” Persian $850 Grey 12’x10’ 15’x12’4” Berber Foggy Mist $500 $100 Rt.Culpeper 645 Rt. 643 $1.67 ft. $1.67 sq. ft. Washington, VA“Do $80.00 sq yd $30.00 sqSales! yd 5’3”x7’9”Braid Ariana-2153C Beige w/Teal &Braid Brown $285 $185 Highway Route 211 •Washington, Amissville, VA Silver Sage 12’x16’8” Texture 12’x16’8” Avalon Texture $430 $132 Avalon $430412’x10’ $132 Offer Warrenton 12’x16’ Freize 12’x16’ Cornbread Freize $275 $125 Cornbread $275 Freize $125 ’ Karastan-700 Persian Tapestry $850 driving, one may assume that it help their desire and their pas15’x12’4” Berber Foggy Mist $500 $100 Highway Route 211 • Amissville, VA M 5’x8’ Rectangle 5’x8’ 4 in 9 Patch Braid $599 $479 Rectangle 4 in 9 Patch $599 $479 We are only 13 miles from Warrenton. Take Rte. 211W toward VA pass the stop light at 229 crossroads, Heavy Texture: Colors: New! $1.67 sq. ft. $1.67 sq. ft. Newberry Stripe: Silver Sage 12’x12’ He Offer Your Hometown Store So Much Under One Roof! r Room Size – 16’ To 18’ Stop Light Rt. 645 Rt. 643 . Washington, VA 12’x11’3” Freiz $3.34 sq ft W 12’x16’ Freize 12’x16’ Cornbread Freize $275 $125 Cornbread $275 $125 Warrenton 5’3”x7’9” Ariana-2153C Beige w/Teal & Brown $285 $185 5’x8’ Braid Rectangle 4 in 9 Patch $599 $479 Braid Rectangle 4 in 9 Patch $599 $479 8’x10’ Braid Rectangle 8’x10’ Log Cabin Braid $1299 $1115 Rectangle Log Cabin $1299 $1115 Rt. 645 Rt. 643 We are only 13 miles from Warrenton. Take Rte. 211W toward Washington, VA pass the stop light at 229 crossroads, o Washington, VA 12’x11’3” Freize $3.34$275 sq ft Stop Light oBrown Rt. 211Heavy 7’10”x11” Ariana-623h Blue/Grey &Frazier Black Beige $558 $449 Warrenton Room Size – (211E) 16’ To 18’or Pattern dLog 12’x16’ Freize 12’x16’ Cornbread Freize $125 Cornbread $275 $125$315 ’9” Ariana-2153C Beige w/Teal13Rectangle &miles Brown $285 $185 Commercial Level Loop $15.00 sq. yd. 12’x17’ Texture 12’x17’ Endurance Texture $315 $132 Endurance The Largest In-Stock Inventory of Carpet, y Amissville We are only from Warrenton. Take Rte. 211W toward Washington, VA pass the stop light at 229 crossroads, Texture: 4 2Colors: New! 12’x11’7”$132 Hea Be 8’x10’ Braid 8’x10’ Log Cabin Braid $1299 $1115 Rectangle Cabin $1299 $1115 proceed approx. 2 miles beyond sign, make U-turn across from Rte. 645. Early’s is on right Glimmer was time to walk away, but sion,” said. Rt. 211 12’x12’ Stop Light 9 $185$315 Carpet Only Price Carpet Only Price 12’x17’3” Texture Oatmeal $453 Room Size – 16’ To 18’ 2 proceed approx. 2 miles beyond Amissville sign, make U-turn across from Rte. 645. Early’s is on right (211E) Heavy Texture: 4 Colors: New! 7’10”x11” Ariana-623h Blue/Grey & Black Beige $558 $449 9 12’x17’ Texture 12’x17’ Endurance Texture $315 $132 Endurance $132 8’x10’ Braid$1299 Log$655 Cabin Nat.$422 $1299 $1115 Rectangle Log CabinBlack $1115Rectangle Heavy Texture $15.00 sq. yd. 5’6”x8’8’x10’’ Casbah-Akola Casbah-Akola Nat. Grey 5’6”x8’ Casbah-Akola $698 $500 GreyU-turn $698 $500 Early’s CarpetRtGlimmer Non Zippering. Colors: Carpet Only Price Carpet Only Price . 22 Rt. Rt. 12’x12’ Area Rugs, Orientals, Vinyl, Hardwood, $30.00 sq ydCarpet $8.50 sq yd Early’s 12’x17’3” Texture Oatmeal $453 $185 Utopia Earth Commercial Loop or Pattern 12’x10’6” Fre 11” Braid5’6”x8’ Ariana-623h Blue/Grey Beige $558 $449 12’x17’ 12’x17’ Endurance Texture $315 $132 Endurance $315 $132$498 12’x11’7” $15.00 sq. yd. XAvalon proceed&Nat. approx. 2Eden miles beyond Amissville sign, make across from Rte. 645. Early’s is12’x17’ onTexture right (211E) 12’x17’ Heavy Texture 12’x17’ Glacier Heavy Texture $498 $110 Glacier $110 Berb X211Heavy Grey 5’6”x8’ $698 $500 Nat.$422 Grey $698 Seafoam (Teal) Carpet Only Carpet Only Price Commercial Level Loop or&Level Pattern 12’x16’8” Texture $430 $132 12’x17’3” Texture Oatmeal $453 $185 12’x11’7” Berber Amissville Glimmer Culpeper Amissville 229 Culpeper Beige Grey - Sterling Silver (540) 937-5500 •$500 1-800-870-9098 8’x10’’ Nat. Utopia Eden Earth (540) 937-5500 • 1-800-870-9098 Heavy Texture 12’x17’ Glacier Texture $498 $110 Glacier $498 $110 5’6”x8’ Casbah-Akola Nat. Grey $655 $698Price $500 $1.67 Grey $698 $5004Casbah-Akola sq. ft. Non Zippering. Colors: Laminate, Ceramic Remnants! Early’s Carpet 5’6”x8’ Casbah-Sirsi Grey-Natural 5’6”x8’ Casbah-Sirsi $698 $500 Grey-Natural $698 $500 $30.00 sq yd $8.50 sq yd Rt. Up To $15.00 sq yd 12’x10’6” Freiz 12’x16’8” Texture Avalon $430 $132 ’ Casbah-Akola Utopia Eden Earth $655 $422 5’x8’ Braid Rectangle in 9 Patch $599 $479 Sale ends June 3, 2019 Sale ends June 3, 2019 Non Zippering. Colors: 12’x17’ Heavy Texture 12’x17’ Glacier Heavy Texture $498 $110 Glacier $498 $110 X Seafoam (Teal) Medium Size 13 $30.00 sqAmissville yd $8.50extra. sqSculpture yd $1.67 sq. ft. 12’x16’8” Sculpture 12’x16’8” Kaluah $450 $155 Kaluah $450 $155 5’6”x8’ Casbah-Sirsi Grey-Natural 5’6”x8’ Casbah-Sirsi $698 $500 Grey-Natural $698 $500 12’x10’6” Freize Sea Glass (Gray) Carpet only. Pad & installation 12’x16’8” Texture Avalon $430 $132 Beige Grey Sterling Silver 14574 Lee Highway, Amissville, VA 20106 14574 Lee Highway, Amissville, VA 20106 12’x16’ Freize Cornbread $275 $125 Seafoam (Teal) Culpeper Braid Rectangle 4 in 9Grey-Natural Patch $599 $1.67 $479 (540) 937-5500 • 1-800-870-9098 Sculpture 12’x16’8” Kaluah Sculpture $155 Kaluah $450 $155 sq. ft.12’x16’8” 12’x16’8” 5’6”x8’ $698 $500 Casbah-Sirsi $698 $500 Up To Cornbread $15.00 sq$450 yd s Beige Grey - Sterling Silver t n 12’x16’ Freize $275 $125 540-937-5500 540-937-5500 12’x13’3” Fre Medium Size 13’ Braid5’x8’ Rectangle 9 Patch $599 $479 u 8’x10’ Grey-Natural Braid 4 in Casbah-Sirsi Rectangle Log Cabin $1299 $1115 o Up To $15.00 sq yd Sculpture 12’x16’8” Kaluah Sculpture $450 $155 Kaluah $450 $155 Sea Glass (Gray) c Carpet only. Pad & installation extra. Warm Beige is Medium 12’x16’ Freize Cornbread $125 12’x17’ Texture Endurance $315 $132 Size 13’ To 15’ Sea$275 Glass (Gray) Carpet only. Pad & installation extra. eD 8’x10’ Braid Rectangle Log Cabin $1299 $1115

Flooring Specialists Flooring Specialists and Moreand More

Flooring and MoreInc. FlooringEarly’s Specialists andSpecialists More Carpet, Early’s Carpet, Inc. Flooring Special

So Much Under One Roof! YourMore Hometown Store Specialists Flooring andSpecialists More and Early’s Early’s Carpet, Carpet, Inc. Inc. SoFlooring Much Under One Roof! Your Hometown Store Flooring Specialists Flooring and Specialists More and More Early’s Ca Storewide Discounts ~Roof! SALE ENDS October 31 Flooring Specialists and More Early’s Early’s Carpet, Carpet, Inc. Inc. So MuchEarly’s Under So One Much Roof! Under Your One Hometown Your Store Hometown Store Storewide Discounts ~ SALE ENDS October 31 Early’s Carpet, Carpet, Inc. Inc. Come Help Us Celebrate 52 Years Door Prize! Come Help Us Celebrate 52 Years Discounts ~ S Door Prize! Flooring Specialists and More Storewide Early’s Carpet, Inc. Flooring Specialists and More So Much Under So One Much Roof! Under Your One Hometown Roof! Your Store Hometown ~ ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS ~ Store SoStorewide Much Under SoDiscounts One Much Roof! Under One Hometown Roof! Store Hometown Store Storewide ~Your Discounts SALE ENDS ~Your October SALE ENDS 31 ~ ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS ~31 October

So Much Under One Ro

Come Help Us Cel Door Prize! Karastan & Mohawk Flooring Specialists and More Early’s Carpet, Inc. Early’s Carpet, So Much Under Roof! Your Hometown Store Come Help Us Celebrate Years Come Help Us Celebrate 52 Years Karastan & Mohawk ~ October ANNIVERSAR Early’s Carpet, Inc. Door Prize! Door Prize! Storewide Discounts Storewide ~One Discounts SALE ~ October SALE ENDS 3152 Storewide Discounts Storewide ~Discounts SALE ENDS ~ENDS October SALE ENDS 31Inc. October 31 PAD31 Carpet & Rugs

Early’s Carpet, Inc.


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Carpet & RugsSPECIALS Karastan & Moh Flooring Specialists and More ~ ANNIVERSARY ~ ANNIVERSARY ~ SPECIALS ~ So Much Under One Roof! Your Hometown Store Come Help Come Us Celebrate Help Us 52 Celebrate Years 52 Years So Much Under One Roof! Your Hometown Store Come Help Come Us Celebrate Help Us 52 Celebrate Years 52 Years Door Prize! Door Prize! Storewide Discounts ~ SALE ENDS October 31 Carpet & Rugs Door Prize! Door Prize! Early’s Carpet, Inc. FREE FREE Karastan &L~Mohawk Karastan & Mohawk ANNIVERSARY ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS ~SPECIALS ~ ~ ANNIVERSARY ~ ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS ~ SPECIALS ~ Come Help Us Celebrate 52 Y ears IAL~ IADiscounts C C E E P P S S Storewide ~ SALE ENDS October 31 Door Prize! Storewide Discounts ~ SALE ENDS October 31 Storewide Discounts ~Rugs SALE ENDS PAD31 FREE PAD Carpet &Mohawk Carpet &Mohawk RugsOctober FREE Karastan & Karastan & HugeDoor In-StockPrize! Broadloam Sale S S R R E E FREE FREE Karastan & Mohawk Karastan & Mohawk D D RECIALCome REUs ~ ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS ~– Free Installation OPSale OHelp IAL Celebrate Us Celebrate 52 Y ears C Huge In-Stock Broadloam L L P S S IA IA FREE FREE Early’s Carpet, Inc. Come Help 52 Y ears Door Prize! C C E E Storewide Discounts ~ SALE ENDS October 31 P P Hunter Douglas Window Hunter Treatments Douglas Window – Free Installation Treatments Huge In-Stock Broadloam Sale S Door Prize! S ~ ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS ~ PAD PAD Carpet & Rugs Carpet & Rugs FREE FREE Y Y PAD PAD L L N N Carpet & Rugs Carpet & Rugs O O S S R R E E FREE Karastan & Mohawk D D R R S S O– Ceramic SPECIALS ~–ftFree Installation Karastan & Mohawk DER O Prize! DERANNIVERSARY ~SPEANNIVERSARY SPECIALS ~ ORDoor OHunter IARL~ CDouglas Hardwood Hardwood – LVT – WPC – Ceramic – Laminate – LVT Save – WPC 50¢/sq – Laminate Save 50¢/sq ft Hunter Douglas Window Treatments Douglas Window Treatments – Free Installation Hunter Window Hunter Treatments Douglas Window – Free Installation Treatments – Free Installation ~ ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS ~ Y Y PAD L L N N Carpet & Rugs O O Y Y L L FREE &LVT Mohawk Early’s Carpet, Inc. ON ERLOSN Karastan FREE Karastan & Mohawk DIA REHardwood O Karastan & Mohawk – Ceramic Hardwood – – WPC – Ceramic – Laminate – LVT Save – WPC 50¢/sq – Laminate ft Room Save ft C Thank You for Helping Thank Us Make You Room for Helping in Our Warehouse Us Make in Our Warehouse L P S IA Area Rugs Area Rugs Hardwood – Ceramic – LVT – WPC – Laminate Save 50¢/sq ft50¢/sq Hardwood – Ceramic – LVT – WPC – Laminate Save 50¢/sq ft C Hunter Douglas Window Treatments – Free Installation SPE Broadloam PAD Carpet & Rugs Huge In-Stock Broadloam Huge In-Stock Sale Sale Flooring Specia PAD & Rugs ODNELGo! RYS CarpetThank ToFREE Go!for HelpingThank ORTo RS Area You Us Make You Room for Helping in Our Warehouse Us Make Room in Our Warehouse RDERugs FREE FREE OArea Rugs Area Rugs Thank You for Thank Us Make Room for in– Our Us Make Room in Our Warehouse Hardwood –Helping Ceramic – You LVT – Helping WPC – Warehouse Laminate Save 50¢/sq ftFREE Area Rugs Hunter Douglas Window Treatments – Free Installation Huge In-Stock Broadloam Huge In-Stock Sale Broadloam Sale Hunter Douglas Window Treatments Free Installation Y e In-Stock Broadloam Huge In-Stock Sale Broadloam Flooring Specia Early’s Ca Y SaleO ToNLGo! To Go! ToFREE Go! Flooring Specialists a OToNLGo! FREE FREE FREE Remnan Remnants – CARPETS – Remnants FREE FREE FREE FREE Hardwood – Ceramic – LVT – WPC – Laminate Save 50¢/sq ft Thank You for Helping Us Make Room in Our Warehouse EARLY’S CARPET, INC Area Rugs Hardwood – Ceramic – LVT – WPC – Laminate Save 50¢/sq ft Remnants – CARPETS – Remnants Huge In-Stock Broadloam Sale Early’s Ca So Much One R Carp Flooring Specialists and Flooring SpecialistEarly’s & More . . . Under To Go!More

You forUsHelping Us Make Room in Our Warehouse FREE FREE Area RugsThank YouThank for Helping Make Room in Our Warehouse Rugs Huge In-Stock Broadloam uge In-Stock Broadloam Sale SaleArea So Much Under One ~ Ro SoStorewide Much Under One Roof! Yo To Go! To Go! Discounts FREE FREE Roll Specials

Early’s Carpet, Inc.

FREE Come Help~Us Ce Prize! Storewide Discounts ~S Storewide Discounts SALE ~ ANNIVERSA Come Help Us Ce Come Help Us Celebra Door Prize! Remnants – CARPETS Remnants – Remnants – CARPETS – Remnants Door Prize! Your Hometown Store Remnants So Much–Under One & Moh ~ Karastan ANNIVERSAR ~–ANNIVERSARY SP CARPETS Remnants – Roof! Remnants – CARPETS – Remnants Remnants – CARPETS Remnants Remnants – CARPETS – Remnants Carpet & Rugs Karastan Moh Karastan & Mohawk EverythingOriental listed Must Everything Go atRug Ridiculously listed Must LowGo Prices! at Ridiculously Low&Prices! & Area Clearance Remnants – CARPETS – Remnants Carpet &Carpet Rugs & Rugs Fu zz y

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FREE Roll Specials Roll Specials Door

Remnants – CARPETS – Remnants Remnants – CARPETS – Remnants Oriental & Area Roll Rug Specials Clearance Roll Specials Oriental & Area Rug Clearance Roll Specials Roll Specials Early’s Carpet, Inc Roll Specials Roll Specials Huge In-Stock Broadloam Sale

LOWEST PRICES LOWEST of PRICES the Season of the Season Roll Specials Roll Specials LOWEST PRICES of the Season

One-Time One-Time Huge In-Stock Broadloam Huge In-Stock Broadloam Sale Sale Roll Specials Offer Offer


SHE 1968/6-19 Fauquier

14574 Lee Highway, Amissville, VA 20106 540-937-5500 M-F 9am to 5 pm ~ Sat 10am to 4pm EMERGENCY SERVICES Day, Night & Weekends Available

LOWEST PRICES Oriental & Area Rug Clearance Oriental & Area Rug Clearance Remna Oriental &RugArea Rug Clearance Area Rug Clearance entalOriental & Area &Rug Oriental Clearance & Area Clearance Remnan Home & Office CLEANOF THE SEASONRemnants – C Home & Office CLEAN Oriental & Area Rug Clearance Oriental & Area Rug Clearance SHE 1968/6-19 Fauquier

You already know we are your hometown carpet and vinyl experts. But did you know…

The Specialists ®


SHE 1968/6-19 Fauquier


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riental & Area Rug Clearance

oody Mr. W

era Carr

Early’s Early’s Carpet, Inc.Carpet, Inc. Roll Specials g n S i t D e a a m r o e o Roll Specials c H Roll Specials le $15.00 sq. yd. $15.00 sq. yd. LOWEST PRICES of the Season Early’s Inc. $1.67 sq. ft. Carpet, $1.67 sq. ft. CUSTOM RE-UPHOLSTERY id

V www


Reach Your Customers in the Next Issue—Call 540.812.2282

Local News

Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

hair and there salon + décor

$25 SPECIALS FOR JUNE We are offering a men’s haircut AND shave + conditioning treatment. Call for an appointment. 121 e culpeper street • culpeper, va 22701 p: 540.485.4931 e:

*Complete Design/Build *Patios *Walls *Ponds *Irrigation *Outdoor Kitchens *Lawn Mowing *Maintenance Programs

CALL 540-727-8835 TODAY! 511 Germanna Highway, Culpeper, VA PHOTO BY JEFF SAY

Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby Super Stock Division champion Sophie Morris (right) is congratulated by Alana Durica (left) and Emily Maley Saturday. Timeless Tradition, Legendary Service!

• Flowers for ALL occasions • Unique Gifts, Floral arrangements & fresh cut flowers available daily • Locally made wind chimes, soaps, candles, teas & more! • Delivering WOW! We take pride in bringing smiles to everyone! • Tuxedo Rental 211 West Evens St. Culpeper, VA • 540.825.4440 • 540.825.7686 •

ESTATE LAW CENTER, PLLC Katherine S. Charapich, Esq.

ESTATE PLANNING ELDER LAW BUSINESS LAW (w) 540-812-2046 • 219 E. Davis St., Suite 320, Culpeper, VA 22701







Sonia’s Bakery and More Panaderia & Pupuseria Hours: Monday-Saturday 7 am - 7:30 pm


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Soap Box Derby champions move on to Akron after local race victories ➤ Morris has a master plan when it comes to her Soap Box Derby career By Jeff Say Culpeper Times Staff Writer Sophie Morris has a master plan. The 2019 Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby Super Stock champion is looking to make a clean sweep of the derby’s championships. “I wanted to win three locals in a row in three different divisions,” she said. Last year, she won the Stock division. This year, she defeated Alana Durica in the finals to win the Super Stock Division and next year she moves up to Master’s to challenge for the title her brother Luke

just won. If she were to win the Master’s next year, she would become just the third triple-crown winner for the Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby. Moving up a division this year, she said there were some subtle differences to preparing for the race. “They are a lot faster, they are a little harder to brake,” Morris said. “I have a little more room because I’m tiny.” Emily Maley took third place, and won the Sportsmanship Award for the third year in a row, and Maeve Ciuba finished fourth. After defeating Durica, Morris, Durica and Maley all embraced at the bottom of the track. “I hate knocking people out because I feel bad, but I’m glad that I won and I wish the best for Alana next year,” Morris said.

➤ Harper gives his dad a Father's Day present he won't soon forget By Jeff Say Culpeper Times Staff Writer Trenton Harper gave his dad Jason a special Father’s Day present. The second-year driver took home the Stock Division championship Saturday at Paul Bates Raceway, bursting into tears as he hugged his dad at the finish line.

“It means a lot to me because he worked on the car himself,” Jason Harper said. ➤ See Stock, Page 7

Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

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NOW HIRING Tula’s Restaurant & Bar is looking for motivated servers, bartenders & dishwasers to join our team. Full & Part-time positions are open. MUST HAVE TRANSPORTATION To apply please call us at 540-675-2223 or send an email to: You may also apply online. Check out our ad on PHOTO BY IAN CHINI

Brandon Pressley (right) defeated Miguel Chapman (left) to win the Super Kids race at the Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby Saturday.

➤ Pressley fits in as the Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby Super Kids champ By Jeff Say Culpeper Times Staff Writer Brandon Pressley was welcomed into the Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby with open arms. That’s what made it so special when the rising sixth grader at Floyd T. Binns Middle School won the Super Kids race Saturday. The Super Kids race is held for children with differing abilities, giving them

➤ Morris becomes second triple crown winner at the derby By Jeff Say Culpeper Times Staff Writer Luke Morris became just the second triple crown winner in Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby history Saturday. Morris won the Master’s Division, defeating Joey Kratochvil in the finals, to secure a clean sweep in titles at Paul Bates Raceway. Last year he won the Super Stock title and two years prior to that he was the Stock Champion. Zach Miller was the first triple crown winner at the Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby. Aidan Durica took third place and Conner Hodgston took fourth place in the Master’s Di➤ Stock, from Page 6 Harper bested Ava Morris in the finals, having to beat her twice down the hill. Harper came into the finals the “winner of winners” and Morris would have had to defeat him twice to win the title. She was able to beat him once down the hill, but the second run, and the championship, went to Harper.

an opportunity to ride in tandem down the track at Paul Bates Raceway with a junior committee member. Pressley, who his mother Victoria says is on the Autism Spectrum, felt welcomed by the derby. “He has trouble fitting in with groups, he’s had a few clubs and groups that’s he’s been politely asked to leave so it’s really good that he’s been able to do this and they found someone to help him fit in,” Victoria Pressley said. It was a family affair for the first-year racer, as his younger sister Ella was racing for the first time on Saturday. “It’s tremendous, I’m proud of him,” his father, Christopher Pressley said. “He’s excited, he’s been talking about this all day.” vision. Morris said racing the aerodynamic Master’s cars made a big difference in speed, estimating he was going 10 miles per hour faster. “I think it’s a little easier because you don’t have to get low or do anything with you sit in the car,” Morris said. It was a bittersweet moment for Morris, who with his Master’s win will not be eligible to compete at Paul Bates Raceway again. “I’m going to miss racing here,” Morris said. “It’s very special. I’ve been racing since I was very young and I have a lot of good memories of this place. It’s just the people, the drivers I’ve made friends with. Everyone here is just so encouraging and friendly.” “I just followed where the car wanted to go, but if it went too close to the cones I turned away from them,” he said. His dad said the derby helped the family work together on a wholesome project. “I just think it’s a good bond for us, it gives the kids something to do and keeps them interested in something,” Jason Harper said.



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Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

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TECHNOLOGY I failed at doing the right thing The devices we use on a daily basis are getting smaller, more expensive, more powerful, more portable, and, did I mention more expensive? Just walking around in the gym in the morning, I see people wearing Fitbits or Apple Watches to track their workouts. Wired headphones are now Bluetooth with new versions completely wire free, think Air Pods or Bose SoundSports. The prices of these portable devices are roughly $150 to over $500. But what happens if you lose one? What are the chances you can get it back? My wife and I just returned from vacation in Charleston, South Carolina, the Isle of Palms, to be exact. We spent almost the entire time at the Wild


John Barker

Dunes Resort. The resort is over 1,600 acres and a mix of different type of villas, condos, townhomes, single family homes, and hotels. For some people, it is a permanent residence, but for most, it is a getaway. There are different management companies that run various parts of the resort. We went to the beach daily and had roughly the same spot each day. On Thursday, as I was packing up, I found an Apple Watch Series 4, which is the newest one. I almost stepped on it. We asked the people around us if it was their watch and they called other family members, but it didn’t belong to anyone in the vicinity around us. I use an iPhone but have been a Fitbit user for years, so I didn’t know a lot about the Apple Watches. I did know that you could put the watch in Lost Mode if it was connected to the internet, a message could be displayed to call if found. Unfortunately, the battery in the watch that I found was dead. There was no one to turn the watch

into. After reading online forums, it was clear not to waste time calling Apple. Yes, they know exactly who’s device it is by matching the serial number to the online account, but they do not use that information to track lost devices. For security purposes they won’t give you the contact info, which is great, but then again, you also can’t send it to Apple to forward on to the owner. Which, in my case, this turned out to be not so great. When we got home, I bought a charger for it, thinking that if I could get it online, the owner would be able to activate the lost notification. That’s when I discovered that the Apple Watch requires its owner’s paired iPhone to connect to a new internet connection. Even if you reset it, which I tried, it will only connect to wireless networks it’s been on previously. If you find an Apple Watch and do a hard reset to delete the data, the phone is still tied to the owner’s ICloud account, and you can only see a partial of the email address. Again, a great security

feature and total deterrent for would-be thieves, but not so great when I want to send this $400+ device back to the owner. Side Note: If you buy a used Apple watch (or other product), ensure the original owner has deactivated the device in their iCloud account. I totally agree with keeping the lost devices locked to an iCloud account, but I needed a way to get it connected to a new internet connection to allow the owner at least an opportunity to put it in Lost Mode. I have discussed at length in this column on how everything we do is tracked. Companies know who bought what product and where it is at any given time. Since the devices are smaller and more expensive, what role do they have in helping lost products get back to their owners? John Barker President at Barker Management Consulting. He can be reached at jbarker@barkerleadership. com or




Lenn Park Discover Camp

Studio C Photography



Bring your camper out to discover all the fun and creativity to be had at Lenn Park (19206 Edwin Way, Culpeper). This fun and exciting camp will showcase the wonderful variety of activities available at Lenn Park. Your camper will discover games on the field to build their strategy skills such as capture the flag. They will also improve on their hand eye coordination with sand volleyball, and they will have some team building time with a few relay races – we won’t guarantee it but water may be involved! They will enjoy a nature walk and see what birds and other creatures are hanging around the park. No camp is complete without a few creative sessions – so of course your camper will enjoy creating a few arts & crafts projects to take home and share with their family and friends. Be sure that they wear clothes that they can have lots of good messy fun in! Make sure your camper has a bottle of water and a snack – they will need lots of energy to get through each day!

Mon. – Thurs. 7/15-7/18 $70 Ages 5-8 10:00a-11:30a Ages 9-12 12:30p-2:00p Register By: 7/8


Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

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The Culpeper County Republican Committee hosted a watch party Tuesday evening as President Donald Trump announced his re-election campaign.

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Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

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Lions honor two with Melvin Jones Award By Jeff Say Culpeper Times Staff Writer Chris Jenkins and Lawanna Stanley received the Lions’ highest honor last Thursday. The Melvin Jones Award is presented to Lions Club members who are a model of exemplary service to their club and the community it serves. Jenkins, the Culpeper Town Police Chief, joined the Mid Day Lions in 2010 and has served as first vice president and a director. “He’s being honored for his service to the community of Culpeper,” said Wilma Murphy, District 24A Governor. Jenkins has served for the Culpeper Police Department for 42 years and has served as an executive member of Blue Ridge Narcotics and Gang Member task force and a board member of Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services. He created Team Jordan,a nonprofit organization for suicide prevention and surivivor support group, following the death of his son Jordan in 2014.


Lawanna Stanley (left) and Culpeper Town Police Chief Chris Jenkins (left) were honored with Melvin Jones Awards Thursday through the Culpeper Mid Day Lions. Presenting the award is District 24A Governor Wilma Murphy.

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“He has touched countless lives in this community and beyond during their most difficult times,” Murphy said. Jenkins accepted the honor, praising Culpeper as great place to live. “It’s an honor and privilege to be a part of this organization that makes such a positive impact on our community,” Jenkins said. “This is the only club I joined because it makes the most impact. This is a great community and this is a great Lions club that makes a great impact.” Stanley has served many roles as a Lion - President, Vice Pres-

ident, Director, Tail Twister and Lion Tamer. “She is willing to help with any project,” Murphy said. “She embodies Lionism.” The Culpeper Mid-Day Lions are extremely active in the community, especially when it comes to sight and hearing screenings. Last year they provided 3,402 service hours to the community, while donating $27,352 to the Culpeper area. Their Christmas program served 62 children. Hank Milans was elected President of the Mid Day Lions at the meeting.

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Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

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Local author helps Siamese cats Contributed report Siri Zwemke, a resident of Locust Dale, Virginia, is stepping outside the box with her first book, Rescue Meez. This quasi-memoir explores both the hard and humorous lessons of rescue and is a light and enjoyable read for anyone who likes animals, has rescued an animal, or has an interest in Siamese cats. Zwemke, the founder and Director of the Siamese Cat Rescue Center which began in 1998, captures

her readers by recounting her transformation from teacher to non-profit Director, all fueled by the quest for the next soulmate cat. Zwemke invites the reader to join her as she laughs at her missteps while chronicling her adventures facing a rifle-wielding hillbilly, swimming with cats, diapering her soulmates and doing the Dance of the Dead Mouse. Available in E-book and paperback, Rescue Meez can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

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Culpeper County Volunteer Fire Department Co. 1 recently thanked Jesse and Janet Wise, of Wise Services and Recycling of Culpeper, for their generous $2,500 donation to the organization. Pictured are (from left to right) CCVFD President Steve Corbin, Jesse and Janet Wise of Wise Services and Recycling, and CCVFD Chief Kenny Mills.

CCFVD Co. 1 thanks Wise family for generous contribution to the fire department The Culpeper County Volunteer Fire Department wishes to thank Jesse and Janet Wise, of Wise Services and Recycling of Culpeper, for their generous donation of $2,500 dollars during our regular monthly business meeting on June 13. This donation was the grand prize won by Wise Services & Recycling at our annual carnival last month. We thank them for their support at our carnival and for their continued support at our meeting tonight. The generous contributions of individuals and businesses like Wise Services and Recycling make it possible for our organization to keep our community a safe place

to live and work. These donations also help us provide 100% volunteer fire protection to the citizens of the Town and County of Culpeper, as well as our neighboring counties.

Browse event listings from the Piedmont to the Potomac, and buy tickets through our fast, secure site.

Independence Day E V E N T S InsideNoVa Workhouse Fireworks 2019: Parking Pass June 29 at 5PM Workhouse Arts Center, Lorton Flags For Heroes: 4th of July Celebration by the Rotary Club of Lake Ridge, VA July 3 at 9AM The Rotary Club of Lake Ridge Independence Day Stay-cation and Wine Down! July 4 at 11AM Pearmund Cellars, Broad Run YOUR SOURCE FOR LOCAL TICKETS



Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

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What’s Happening 6/20•6/26 CULPEPER JUNE


Stephen’s Episcopal Church – Women’s Group The Order of Daughters of the King (DOK) is a spiritual sisterhood of women dedicated to a life of Prayer, Service and Evangelism, making a commitment to Jesus as our Savior, and following Him as Lord of their lives. Please contact us for more information. Address: 115 N. East St., Culpeper | Parking: 120 N. Commerce Street | 540-825-8786 | |www.


Lutheran Church, 601 Madison Rd., Culpeper, Reformation Lutheran Church - A bible study just for seniors "Graying in Grace" meets each Tuesday at 10 a.m.


the partnership between UVA Health System and Culpeper County Public Schools, VHSL sports physicals will be available throughout the month of June on a walk-in basis for only $25 at the three UVA Health Systems locations. Please call ahead to limit wait time. All student-athletes who wish to participate in athletics for the 2019-2020 school year must have a valid physical on file with their respective school. VHSL physicals are valid from July 1 - June 30 each year. This applies to all workouts and tryouts. Please plan to complete the physical prior to team workouts or tryouts. UVA Primary Care Culpeper Family Practice: 1200

Sunset Ln, (540) 825-6100, M-F, 8:00am5:00pm UVA Primary Care Family Care of Culpeper 16240 Bennett Rd, (540) 825-5951, M-F, 8:00am-5:00pm UVA Pediatrics Culpeper 16244 Bennett Rd, (540) 825-5381, M-F, 8:00am-10:00am Parents must ensure that pages 1, 2, and 4 of the physical form are complete prior to meeting with the physician. Incomplete forms will not be processed. VHSL physical forms can be obtained at the main office of any middle or high school or at vhsl-physical-form/. Onsite option For family convenience, sports physicals will also be performed by UVA Health System providers at Culpeper Middle School on July 30, starting at 6 p.m. To decrease the wait time on July 30, CCHS students should arrive at 6:00 pm, EVHS students at 6:30 pm, and middle school students at 7:00 pm. The cost on July 30 is $25. Checks should be made payable to CCHS. Please contact your school athletic director with any questions.


View High School will be holding tryouts for fall teams in late July and first week of August. All athletes will have to have a VHSL physical form AND the signature page from the CCPS Student Athlete Handbook. These documents can be found at under the files tab. Students in the 8th grade and who will attend EVHS as 9th graders are eligible to try out for field hockey, cross country and volleyball. Athletes will have to pay a $100 activities fee on Aug. 7, once team rosters are set. The following is team specific information: Field Hockey- Tryouts will be held on the EVHS field hockey field. Athletes need to bring a pair of tennis shoes, cleats, mouth guard, shin guards and a water bottle. For more information, please contact

3RD THURSDAY • CRI hosts its second 3rd Thursday concert of the year Thursday with The Entertainers.

Coach Allen at peggyallen1001@gmail. com. Golf- Golf tryouts will begin on Aug. 1 starting at 3 p.m. at the Culpeper Country Club. All players should report to the course with own golf clubs. All players should also wear a dress shirt and shorts. Additional information can be obtained by emailing Patrick Thornhill at pthornhill@ Cross Country- Cross country practice will begin on Aug. 5 starting at 3:15pm. Practices will conclude around 5:30pm. Athletes should report behind school just below weight room for practice. If you need more information, please contact Paul Lutz at plutz@ Football-Football tryouts are open to any student in grades 9-12. There will be a mandatory player/parent meeting for all perspective football players on June 27th starting at 7:00 auditorium. Tryouts will begin on August 1st at midnight players should report to EVHS on July 31st at 8:00 pm. The first practice will be over at 3:00 am and all players will stay at EVHS and will be available for pickup around 8:00 am after team breakfast. Practices on August 2nd and 3rd will begin at 7:30 am. Starting on August 5th, practices will begin at 3 p.m. and will be over at approximately 8 p.m. All perspective players must make contact with Coach Greg Hatfield before trying out to get proper equipment. His email is Cheerleading-Any student interested in cheer tryouts should report to EVHS on August 5 at 4 p.m. Tryouts will last until 7 p.m. On Aug. 1, cheer evaluations and judging will take place starting at 4:00pm and lasting until 7:00pm. The coaching staff will give details of the practice schedule once rosters are established. Summer open mat time will continue on Tuesday and

Thursdays at EVHS from 8:00am to 10:00am. Questions about cheer can be directed to Melissa Summerscales at Volleyball-Girls Volleyball tryouts will be held starting Aug. 5 from 3:30-5:30pm in the EVHS gymnasium. Interested athletes should wear athletic attire & shoes. Knee pads are not required but suggested. Additional questions should be directed to Ainsley Dickens at Any general information can also be obtained by visiting or by emailing athletic director Mark Settle at msettle@culpeperschools. org.s.


BINGO • VFW Post 2524 weekly

bingo sessions on Friday nights. Doors open at 5 p.m., play starts at 6:45 p.m. Guaranteed $1,000 jackpot, regular games pay $100 if 90 or more players. Upstairs and downstairs seating, the entire facility is nonsmoking. Call 825-3424.

3RD THURSDAY • Join us in

historic downtown Culpeper directly in front of the Depot for the kick-off concert of the 3rd Thursday Summer Concert Series, brought to you by Culpeper Renaissance, Inc., a downtown development organization dedicated to enhancing, celebrating, and enriching Culpeper’s Downtown. The festivities continue on June 20, with The Entertainers, known across the Carolinas for being at the forefront of classic beach music with their soulful sounds.

Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

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What’s Happening Be certain to join us from 5 to 9 p.m., directly in front of Depot on Commerce Street in historic downtown Culpeper, for great music and an enjoyable evening for the entire family!Advance tickets are available for $5 per concert or a DISCOUNT SEASON TICKET may be purchased for $15. General admission the day of the event is $7 at the gate for those 21 and over. KIDS ARE FREE!

Rootes, 195 E. Davis Street, 540-7644229. No cover.


drink to Culpeper’s Kate Hohman at Grass Rootes, 195 E. Davis Street, 540-764-4229. No cover.

For Seniors Fundraiser June 22. Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services will hold their 12th Annual Bowl For Seniors Fundraiser at Mountain Run Bowling Center on Saturday, June 22 from noon to 4 p.m. Monetary Sponsorship, Door Prize Donation, Bowling (team of 4 w/$30 pledge or more per bowler, shoes and event T-Shirt included; $200 cash prize for the team w/highest pledge total!)

SWIMMING • Noon - 1:00 pm

AARL FIELD DAY • It’s the most

LIVE MUSIC • Enjoy dinner or a

Community members who want to learn to swim are invited to participate in the World's Largest Swim Lesson at Powell Wellness Center. This worldwide event, now in its 10th year, highlights the importance of swimming lessons to help prevent drowning. Powell's aquatics staff will offer a free introductory swim lessons to children and adults who want to develop swim skills. 1005 Golf Drive, Culpeper. For more information, contact Powell aquatics manager Stacey Aucoin:, 540-4455383.

FILM • “The Kids Are All Right” (Focus Features, 2010 – rated R*) Annette Bening and Julianne Moore star as Nic and Jules, an upper middle class, same sex couple raising two teenaged children, Joni (Mia Wasikowska) and Laser (Josh Hutcherson), each conceived by the same anonymous sperm donor. The imperfect but stable home life of the family is thrown askew when the kids decide to seek out their birth father (Mark Ruffalo) and make him part of their lives. This critically acclaimed comedy/drama was co-written (with Stuart Blumberg) and directed by Lisa Cholodenko, based in part on some aspects of her life. 106 min. * No one under the age of 17 will be admitted without a parent or guardian. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken. 7:30 p.m.

JUNE 21 LIVE MUSIC • Enjoy dinner or a drink to Nashville Superstar Blake Esse at Grass Rootes, 195 E. Davis Street, 540-764-4229. No cover.

JUNE 22 LIVE MUSIC • Enjoy dinner or a

drink to Aubrey Driggers at Grass

popular amateur radio on-the-air event in the US and Canada. On this fourth weekend of June, more than 35,000 amateur radio operators gather with their clubs, groups or simply with friends to operate for 24 continuous hours, from remote locations without commercial power, as might be the case in a real emergency. This year members of the Culpeper Amateur Radio Association (CARA) will be on the air from 2 p.m. Saturday until noon Sunday at Lenn Park in Culpeper. Lenn Park's new address is 19206 Edwin Way (off Stevensburg Road). We hope you will come out and join us for Field Day; after all, it's your turn to get on the air!


Cruising for Heroes will be having our second Brusters’s cruise-in of the season this from 4 to 7 p.m., in Culpeper.Address is 16170 Rogers Road (just off Rt. 29 at Braggs Corner Road / 666). Our flyer is attached. Please forward it to anyone you think may be interested in attending.Summer officially begins on Friday and the weather for Saturday looks good so we hope to have another great turnout like last month. As always, DJ “Chip” we be providing the music, there will be a 50/50 raffle, door prizes provided by PDM Motorworks will be awarded every half hour starting at 4:30PM with the Manager’s Choice Trophy presentation at 7PM. Remember, a donation is made to the Fisher House Foundation by the owners of Bruster’s based on their sales during the Cruise-In, so please come hungry for great food and ice cream. We also donate our 50/50 portion to Fisher House as well as any funds collected at our Cruisin For Heroes booth from donations/sales of Fisher House items


CHURCH • St. Stephen’s

Episcopal Church - Join us in Worship! We offer three Holy Communion Services each week: Sunday at 8 AM or 10:30 AM, Childcare

from 9 AM – 12 PM. Wednesday Centering Prayer at 11 AM followed by Healing and Holy Communion at 12 PM. For information: www. | 540-8258786 | | Address: 115 N. East St., Culpeper | Parking: 120 N. Commerce Street.

HISTORY • The Carver 4 County

Museum will host Charles Jameson, Culpeper Minutemen and graduate of GWCRHS’ Class of 1965, as he talks on “The Forgotten Patriots African Americans and American Indians in the Revolutionary War.” The talk will be in the Carver 4 County Museum at 3 p.m. The museum is located at 9432 James Madison Hwy., Rapidan. All are welcome.

BINGO • Mid-Day Lions Sunday


Want your event to appear in the Culpeper Times What's Happening expanded regional weekend calendar? Email editor Jeff Say at jsay@

be held from 10 a.m. to noon at Culpeper Presbyterian Church. The workshop is designed to share information and offer support to those who care for an adult loved one with chronic, long-term health challenges. Contact Karen Gregg to register or for more information. 540-348-2889 or email

Night Bingo. Help support local groups with a fun night of games. Held at Pepper’s Grill located at 791 Madison Road in Culpeper (by Best Western). Doors open at 5 p.m. Games begin at 6:30 p.m. Three FRIED CHICKEN DINNER • progressives each night, $1,000 jackpot. Richardsville Vol. Fire & Rescue will serve a Fried Chicken Dinner CHURCH • Mountain View from 5 to 7 p.m. The cost of the Community Church's Sermon dinner is $10 for adults, $5 for kids Topic for Sunday, June 23: "The 6 - 12, and kids 5 and under eat free Reversal - Deep Clean." Worship with an adult. For more information Service Times: 8:30, 10, 11:30 AM. please call 540 399-1890." Live Stream available at 10:00 AM via our website NAACP YOUTH SUMMER Children's programs available for birth JAM, FRIENDS & FAMILY - 5th grade. We are located at 16088 DAY • The NAACP Culpeper Rogers Road, behind Brusters Icecream. Branch #7058, also representing Small groups also meet throughout the Madison and Rappahannock week. 540-727-0297 Counties, will host its 2019 Youth Summer Jam, Friends & Family Day from noon to 3 pm at Yowell Meadow Park in Culpeper. The annual celebration will include a cookout, FARMERS MARKET • Culpeper musical entertainment, games, prizes, Medical Center, a Novant Health and information on joining the NAACP. UVA Health System facility, will Yowell Meadow Park is located at 522 host a community farmers market N. Blue Ridge Avenue in Culpeper. featuring produce and goods from Special guests include Greg Stroman, local vendors every Wednesday Jr., cornerback for the Washington from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. beginning Redskins. Prior to playing as a rookie May 8 and running through for the Redskins in 2018, Stroman October. played for Virginia Tech, where he was a first-team All ACC player and CHURCH • Beulah Baptist graduated with a degree in Consumer Church, 9297 Eggbornsville Road, Studies. The event is free and open to Culpeper hosts a call-in Bible all NAACP members and their friends study every Wednesday from 7:30- and families. Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the oldest and largest civil 8:00 p.m. Free Dial-in 302/2021118; access code 862090. For more rights organization in the nation. The organization’s mission is to ensure information, email bbc9297@ the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination. For more information, visit




CAREGIVERS WORKSHOP • A Caregivers Workshop will


Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

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Greg Stroman Jr., cornerback for the Washington Redskins, will be part of the NAACP Youth Summer Jam, Friends & Family Day June 29 at Yowell Meadow Park.

CLEAN UP DAY • Bring your own heavy duty gloves, clippers and loppers to Rappahannock County Park, 7 Park Lane, from 9 a.m to noon.


Unitarian Universalists of the Blue Ridge services at Hearthstone School, 11576 Lee Hwy, Sperryville, at 10:30 a.m. presents “Slavery: A Legacy that Lingers” with Madlyn Bynum. Race is a myth—a social construct without biological meaning— but it was necessary for establishing and maintaining the institution of slavery. Author, Ta-Nehisi Coates, author of “Between the World and Me,” asserts that the history of this country is the story of people who consider themselves to be members of the white “race,” exercising control over the bodies of those whom they consider to be members of the black “race.” A friend relates a well-intentioned experience that later lead him to regard himself as complicit with this bitter legacy. All are welcome. For more information, email Ellen Adams



Rappahannock Democrats and candidates Laura Galante and April Moore! The first 25 marchers will have dinner on us! Meet up at 5:45 p.m. along the parade route on Rt. 211 between Rt. 729 and the Carnival. The parade steps off at 6:45 p.m. Let’s keep the Blue Wave rolling! Questions? See www., email chair@ or call (540) 9878912.


Women are shaping Virginia in

their local communities and with the outcome of the November election. Learn about effective political leadership at the 3rd Women’s Summit, which will take place at the Tysons McLean Hilton, 7920 Jones Branch Drive, McLean: Politics to public safety, education to racial and social justice, the environment to rural economies such as here in Rappahannock County. Highlights include 150 speakers, 50 workshops, over 75 election Virginia and federal officials, all over 3 days on 3 stages. Complete schedule: https://


HAZARDOUS WASTE COLLECTION DAY • From 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Farmer’s Co-op, Route 211 between Washington and Sperryville, Rappahannock County residents can dispose of the following hazardous items: Oil based paints and thinners; pesticides, herbicides, fungicides & insecticides; old gasoline/fuels; furniture strippers & finishing products & hobby chemicals; solvents & degreasers; oven & drain cleaners; metal polishers & rust removers; mildew removers; swimming pool chemicals; household cleaners (allpurpose, rug & bathroom); mothballs; household batteries & smoke detectors; fluorescent lamps; small propane tanks (camping size only).


COMMUNITY PRAYER • Amissville Community Prayer at Payne's Auction Gallery, 10 Maddox Lane, Amissville, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Prayer is fundamental, not supplemental.

Please consider taking time to pray together for our families, neighbors, volunteers, churches, troubles, government, soldiers, and yes our enemies. Everyone is welcome. Feel free to join us every first Tuesday. For more information, call 540-923-0077.



James Madison’s Montpelier is location for Nature Exploration, Mushrooms and Other Forest Floor Dwellers, 10 a.m.-Noon. Join Old Rag Master Naturalists and other experts as they share their topical knowledge and provide a small group experience. The walk may involve some moderate hills and is suitable for elementary age children and up. $10/ person. Meet at the Montpelier Visitor Center. For more information or to register: events. In case of inclement weather, call (540) 672-2728, ext. 141 or 252.


• The annual tradition benefits the Sperryville Volunteer Fire Department at Ben Venue Farm, 98 Ben Venue Rd. Flint Hill. Gates will open at 1 p.m.; fireworks at dusk. General admission $25 per vehicle; tailgate $50 per vehicle. More information, call 540-987-8124.


and snacks at the Rappahannock Democratic Tent at Ben Venue Farm, 98 Ben Venue Rd, Flint Hill VA. Around 3 p.m., chat with candidates Laura Galante (House of Delegates 18th District) and April Moore (Senate 16th District). See you there! Questions: See, email or call 540987-8912.


FESTIVAL • The third annual John Bourgeois American Festival Concert will be held on the lawn of Avon Hall in Washington at 6 p.m. Come and enjoy an old-fashioned family celebration of America. Bring lawn chairs, blankets, and picnic coolers. No charge for admission.


AUG. 11

MONROE • Your Obedient

Servant: James Monroe’s 1819 Presi-dential Tour of the Southern States. At The James Madison Museum of Orange County Heritage Elected to the presidency in 1817, James Monroe toured the country on three consecutive years during his first term. A supporter of national unity and political conciliation, Monroe reached out to the South in 1819 with an agenda reflective of national interests including defense works, frontier settlements, Indian affairs, and education. 3 p.m. Monroe & Madison A Presidential Friendship Jarod Kearney, Assistant Director and Curator of the James Monroe Museum will speak about the unique relationship between two Virginia Presidents James Madison and James Monroe.

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Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019


Culpeper Times • April 30-May 6, 2015

VIEWS Culpeper Times • July 9-15, 2015

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Wally Bunker

Pardoe Perspective on Confederate Flag debacle resonates

Spanberger needs to answer on voting age



The Yard Sale Queen She issimpler Fun inDoggone bloom Car buying made

About 16 For the Raise yourpast hand months ago, I several weeks, if you enjoy car whined, cried, the Yard Sale shopping? moaned, begged Queen has been OK, I will raise putting on her and groveled at the mine. dance moves in feet of my sweetie, Several months thethe form of Sale a The Yard Sale ago, Yard Happy Dance. Queen.and YouIknow, Queen spent Spring, with generally acting several weekends its warming like a man. driving around car temperatures, She works lots looking forlots a not only small, economical of hours soturns that everything green SUV to replace the retired me can continue to live inthe but also signals the beginning 2008 Ford Escape that was become getting the lifestyle to which I have of (drum roll, please) yard salecare some age on it. It was well taken accustomed. And for that my Queen, I season. of, but you the miles were from all thank so much. Butshowing I was missing The Yard Sale Queen has a those trips to Charlottesville for UVa. something. broad smile on her face and a joysporting events. After we had to put our She beloved ousWe bounce in her step. longs tried visiting closed car lots on 13-year-old Yorkie named Zoey to sleep for this time of year. It simply Sunday so you can actually get out of in September 2017, I missed theyard daily doesn’t better than your car get andany leisurely walk around, companionship a fur buddy offers. sales for her. look inside and suffer sticker shock. those of us who don’t get So secretly, I searched internet ButFor some car dealers arethe getting excited about yard sales, Spring for a Yorkie breeder. After several smarter or perhaps greedier, opening simply means timeand to phone cut grass, months of searching calls, seven days a week. sneezing, watery eyes, sore throats The Yard Sale Queen and I brought I am sure all of us have had that and manifestations of allerhomeother aexperience 12-week-old, bundle of joyous of 2-pound being swarmed by gies. fur and named her Riley. a salesman flying out of the showroom to Ithe Queen Iminute knew wasYard infoot forSale a challenge. theBut your hits the ground. Spring it means there are to You almost like road kill, deals with the Yorkies are feel notoriously difficult be had. vultures waiting to pick your to housebreak, according to mybones, or The last few Saturdays, the at least your wallet. veterinarian. You don’t have to tell Queen has crawled ofa bed possibly you more feelout like baby me.Or I have washed throw rugs, before the birds thought about seal on a Cape Cod sandbar watching shampooedShe more carpet, wiped moreFrichirping. went to the bank hungry great white menacingly floorsgetting and picked up sharks more and random day small bills stuffing swimming nearby waiting forsome you to “presents” in my lifetime than them inthe her favorite fanny pack. slip into water. housekeepers. She out comfortable Inpicked all fairness, I know theseshoes folks You see, Rileyclothing is my sixth and set aside suitable are trying to make a living like for Yorkie. either a masochist to the dayI am ahead. ofjust thegive stuff everyone else, butSome please she wears is almost like a yard housebreaking or I simply love the customers some space. sale breed unconditionally. Baby gates Weuniform. pulled into a local dealer’s Yard shopping her into carpeted solvedruns partin of the lot just tosale lookrooms at sticker prices. family, apparently. A few weeks problems andabeing home ran to mostly Immediately salesman from the ago, she loaded her mother, daughensure she does her business outside ter and granddaughter in the car has helped immeasurably. LETTER TO THE EDITOR andYorkies off they went. Four generaare categorized as a toy tions sales. breed off The Yard Sale Queen wanted Meanwhile, I was left to toil a small dog. Well, she got what she with my neighbors, cleaning up asked for. Riley, now 17 months old the neighborhood, picking up trash weighs a whopping and stumbling in 4.5 thepounds. mud up to Now youin would think that a dog that myYour knees the stormwater recent inpond the small would be VIEWS timid. Noarticle way! plucking trash tossed by people Culpeper Times was spot on! You Riley istrash wide cans. open. She is afraid without brought a level of maturity and The based Yard Sale Queen perspective and her reason on historical carload were on a mission. Another to the Confederate Flag discussion family member was moving to a of seldom seen today given the clutter new house. They needed all kinds LETTER TO THE EDITOR nonsense surrounding the issue. of furniture. The Yard Sale Queen scored a huge deal - five beds, box springs, mattresses and a like-new recliner for Iabout $72. Holy was suprised thatcow! Rep. Abigail Tell me she can’t spot a5 deal. Spanberger voted on March for an She bought a stunning white amendment by Rep. Ayanna Pressley dress at a yard sale. To say that to reduce the voting age in federal election from 18 to 16. She and Don Beyer were the only members of Virginia's 11 person delegation to vote


she lookedtoward good would showroom me. be an unaround. No salesman in sight. I derstatement. She received numer“STOP!!!!” I shouted, thrusting an thought maybe the business was ous compliments about the dress. open palm in the air. closed, but I could see people sitting “It kept cost me $3 at a his yard sale,” He coming, but pace at desks inside. What were they she told a stunned group of admirslowed. thinking? Here I am looking at cars, ers.“Go away,” I said sternly. and they are inside – waiting. Sheslowly claims to beand lowslinked mainteHe turned back When the Yard Sale Queen started nance. She is, indeed. to the showroom. I glanced at the toward the showroom door, a young I canprice do aand Happy sticker droveDance off. No on salethat. man came out, introduced himself and One recent Sunday, we drove to that day. asked if he could help. It was so low Double Toll Gate a huge flea marAt another dealer – this one out key, I almost fainted. kettown near City. I was so of – IStephens saw men strategically He explained that this dealership busy talking that I missed my exit. does business differently. He said he stationed in the parking lot, one With noonplace turnIaround talking a cellto phone. quickly on was salaried and not on commission. I-66, I continued north on to I-81 realized these guys were pickets, He also said the so-called “processing and then off atWar Stephens A much like Civil soldiersCity. watching fee” was $195, unlike the almost $600 fewenemy more movements. miles we were at Double for In this case, pure profit processing fees at other Toll Gate, through the back way. these parking lot sentries waited for dealers. “How did you do that?” the Yard customers. I drove the bright red Chevy Trax, Sale Queen a window I went to glance and loved the handling and mileage Luck, sheer Not really. sticker, and in a luck. nanosecond a rating. Long story short, the low key, We walked through the flea salesman was breathing down my no hard sell, deal was done. The Yard market, picked Well, up aexcept few items ofneck. next to nothing. when and to Sale makeQueen it squeak. Shethe alsoTrax plays thinks iswith cute. left. She with she was 12I was weeks. Myimpressed neighbor and shakes pinkislamb. proudly “May help not you?” he asked,with with Cute? aHow 3,300She pounds of thethick selection even lessover the German accent came the plastic house with a rather the gleam of a and potential sale inimhis eye. parades metal,around glass and cute? Stylish, pressed with prices. for a“No short visit. Her black cat Pokiinto my large pinkbut bunny in her thanks,” I said, hopping maybe, what do Imouth know?as if it The Queen a good deal came overtoas wellknows and planted himself were She someliked sort of Escape escape. thetrophy. new Trax so much when she sees andnoted she how didn’t outside full-glass storm door Shesuggested will grab agiving toy and dare Thethe Yard Saleone, Queen she the redus Trax to see many. awaiting hisgetting mom’s in return. Riley she darts undercolor tables fast I was and out of saw the car chase her her, – it as was her favorite – and Two weeks ago, I hadprofusely, a very at my age. buying a ruby metallic red one – the cat and started yipping and down me halls. unhappy Yard Sale Queen. She Although Sundays better for my favorite color. attempting to protect herare territory from At times, Riley will come nudge my had to work. It may be the first of sticker price looking, Saturday was Three weeks this big black furry “thing” outside. 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She can do this for when she gets We walked around the lot looking car buying, I didn’t feel like a baby seal hilarious. an extended period of time. I have to shewindow can’t yard sale. The pretty at stickers and peering inside or road kill. She barks at moving blades of grass smile is replaced by an ugly frown. several small SUVs. I’m not sure what stop it. And we are making Trax. clothes grandand pedestrians sidewalk. She is If she bites too hard, I will say ouch we Finding expected deals, to on seethe inside thefor car. After kids andhave even her daughter is a aall, realcars and noisy or Wally yow, she will stop, cock her head and aprotector. steering wheel and Bunker is a freelance contributor passion with her. But seriously, Riley is a joy. She look at the me Culpeper quizzicallyTimes. as if toYou say,may “I’mreach with seats. Lastalmost Saturday, we headed to graduated from 10 puppy kindergarten sorry.” him at For minutes, we walked Hagerstown for our annual trek and still sits on command – for a treat She hates going out in the rain but see some of my old classmates oftocourse. loves snow. Go figure. from high school. ItYard wasAmerican our 49th by the She loves when The Sale When sheof goes to bed, she has to be I am British by birth, Army Northern Virginia.. the class gets reunion, although am not choice. finest against army toyour everchest. take to any field of Queen crushed ice from Ithe fridge, pressed sure the significance ofinthat other over 52the years the US battle. withServed pieces falling floor. She naps on my lap during the day. th Riley is like than it is after the 48 and before Army so my loyalty to this great wisdom and a vacuum ButThank most ofyou all,for sheyour provides th cleaner sucking up errant ice. the 50 is. firm, as is my wife's. The Nation your courage. Riley loves to play hasQueen companionship, unconditional love and In the past, thefetch. YardShe Sale (national) will aConfederate number of toys butreally lovesflag the furry them. has found some good neigh- kisses anytime we want continue flying at Goodwood alongside Anthony T. Reed, Sr. squirrel with twosales squeakers. Thanks We made a good choice. We think borhood yard to occupy her the flag of the United States 24/7 Colonel, AUS, Ret goodness she hasn’t figured outradio how or Riley did too. time, while I listen toancestors the in honor of Mrs. Reed's USAR Ambassador Emeritus readfought a newspaper. who for the Confederacy and Senior Fellow, International Even though it was cold and their absolute right to dissent. And, Strategic Studies Association overcast, there were yardon the Southern Cross willmore be flown Culpeper sales than expected. She found General Lee's birthday in honor of all kinds of clothes for her grand kids. things as mortgages and motor for this amendment. Meanwhile, listenedthe to the Abigail needs toI answer vehicle purchases. radio and read newspapers. following questions on this issue: I thank Representative Spanberger 1. Do you favor restoring the in advance for answering these military draft and drafting 16 yearquestions. Wally Bunker is a freelance contributor olds? She is very intelligent and surely with the Culpeper Times. You may 2. Should the legal age for has sound information and reasoning reach him at drinking alcohol be be reduced from for this vote. 21 to 16? 3. Should 16 year-olds be allowed Kurt Christensen to enter into legal contracts for such Richardsville

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Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

Local News

Culpeper Hospital Auxiliary celebrated for contributions ➤ Auxiliary honored for helping with renovations to hospital's dining room By Kimberly Stewart Special to the Culpeper Times On June 12 the Culpeper Hospital Auxiliary was honored for their generous donation to the Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center dining facility renovation project. After Culpeper Medical Center president Jeff Hetmanski welcomed staff and Auxiliary, the hospital's assistant director of food services, Aaron Bostian, presented the Culpeper Hospital Auxiliary past president, Betty Burns, with a dedication plaque. Ms. Burns was selected to represent the Auxiliary because in addition to being Auxiliary chair at the start of the project, she was an integral member of the planning committee. At the dedication celebration,

she passionately conveyed their appreciation for the recognition. "The Culpeper Hospital Auxiliary thanks you for honoring us with this plaque. Thank you for acknowledging our financial contribution to the renovation of the serving area of the cafeteria... and thank you for allowing the Auxiliary to be part of that planning process." She also expressed admiration of the Culpeper Medical Center food services team providing full meal service during the construction phase. Improvements include cafeteria style serveries for hot and cold items, new fryers and grill, an efficient point of sale system, updated décor, and Betty's favorite feature - phone charging stations in the seating area. The added services and menu selections have been well received. Betty remarked that it's truly a community benefit. "The cafeteria is a huge asset to the community. I had one couple tell me they meet friends for date night at Senior Supper." Culpeper Medical Center's Thursday Senior Suppers are very popular. Ages 55 and up can enjoy dinner


Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center Assistant Director Food Services Aaron Bostian presenting the dedication plaque to Culpeper Hospital Auxiliary Past President Betty Burns. from 4-6pm for $5. Food services director Aaron Bostian noted that it is certainly a team effort and closed by again thanking the Auxiliary, “The renovation funded by the Culpeper Hospital Auxiliary has been a dramatic and welcome update to

our food service operations, and today’s dedication reminds me personally how connected I feel to our community through the work we do.” The plaque is now proudly displayed in the dining room, commemorating the dedication.

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Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

Local News

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CulpeperFest draws in thousands to meet businesses PHOTO BY JEFF SAY

The Culpeper Chamber of Commerce hosted more than 3,000 people at the annual CulpeperFest held at Germanna Community College's Daniel Technology Center Friday. "We'd like the community for coming out" Culpeper Chamber of Commerce CEO/President Wes Mayles said. "Without your support we would not be able to promote as many local businesses as we did."


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Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

L E T S E AT ! Open Daily at 11 a.m. Closed on Monday


Best BBQ in Culpeper...

Come experience the difference!


129 E. Culpeper Street

at The Stable, behind the Culpeper Post Office





Mexican Restaurant


Martin's Grocery Manager Kevin Canard cuts the ribbon Monday for Martin's new Martin's Direct service, which will allow customers to order online and pick up groceries at the store.

Martin's Direct comes to Culpeper 500 Meadowbrook Dr. Culpeper, VA 22701

540-727-0404 l

M-W LUNCH SPECIAL $525 & Drink Specials Any Purchase of $5 OFF

$25 or more

With Coupon Ony. Not Valid With Any Other Offers

11am-4pm everyday

16125 Ira Hoffman Lane Culpeper, VA 22701 540-825-4978

By Jeff Say Culpeper Times Staff Writer Martin’s Direct has come to Culpeper. Martin’s Grocery hosted a ribbon cutting Monday afternoon, welcoming the new service to the community. “With this new service, our customers will have a more convenient and innovative way to shop,” said Kevin Canard, store manager. “Martin’s Direct will offer customers the same trusted value and quality they have come to expect from Martin’s, offered within a simple and easy to use digital experience.” This new strategic e-commerce addition to the MARTIN’S family of brands provides same-day pickup service, where online orders are carefully selected within the store and delivered directly to customer vehicles pulled up outside. To place an order with Martin’s Direct, customers can use any device to visit the Martin’s Food Stores website, the Peapod website, or the Peapod app, enter their zip code and begin shopping.

Before checking out, they’ll be asked to select when they would like to pickup their order. “People can order their groceries online and we’ll deliver their groceries out to their car,” Canard said. “There’s also an option where they can call Lyft and have it delivered to them as well.” Canard said the store hired 15 new employees to be part of the click and collect program and that during a soft launch last week they had 13 orders. Almost every item is available now, with beer and wine expected to be added to the list at the end of July. “We really like for us, with our fresh foods, it’s going to be an advantage to us that our competitors don’t have,” Canard said. “We do audits on every order that comes through.” Canard said customers can have an item substituted if it’s not available but said the store would call to ask first to get approval. “This is a whole new venture for us,” Canard said. “This is something we’ve talked about as a company for years.”

Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

Arrest Reports

Reach Your Customers in the Next Issue—Call 540.812.2282


CRIME SOLVERS Culpeper County Sheriff's Office: June 12-18 Following are the county police reports from June 12-18. Reports are provided by the law enforcement agency listed and do not imply guilt, however are the charge place by the CCSO. Matthew Wayne Blevins Age: 31, White/Male Hgt./Wgt.: 5-10/150 Hair/Eye: Brown/Brown Last known: 12001 Saint Just Rd., Unionville, Va. Wanted for: Revocation of Pretrial.

Teresa Lynn Brown Age: 42, White/Female Hgt./Wgt.: 5-1/160 Hair/Eye: Brown/Hazel Last known: 434 Covington St., Culpeper, Va. Wanted for: Larceny or Theft -3rd or Subsq. Offense.

June 12 Anthony Derrick Jenkins,34, 10000 block Lees Mill Road, Warrenton, contempt of court, General District Court June 13 Jason Lee Mullins,42, 6000 block Waterford Road, Rixeyville, no driver's license, eluding police endanger persons or police car, DWI, second offense within five years Kristen Jean McPeak, 23, 17000 block Black Oak Drive, Brandy Station, assault and battery - family member Wesley D. Parker Jr., 31, 18000 block Owen St., Boykins, driving after forfeiture of license

June 14 Gary Elroy Mays Sr., 100 block Depo St., Amherst, aggravted sexual battery June 15 Jaley Marie Jobe, 19, 1000 block Burwell Road, Noakesville, possession of schedule I, II controlled substance Ronta Jesse Robinson, 36, 100 block W. Edmondson St., Culpeper, driving with suspended or revoked license June 16 Philip Tierre Saunders, 40, 20000 block Williams Drive, Culpeper, driving under the influence of alcohol April Nicole Corsaro, 35, 8000 block Windswept Lane, Culpeper, assault and battery June 17 Eric Alexander Coram,44, 1600 block Harrier Lane, Culpeper, sale,

distribute marijuana Clide Nebraska Fisher, 59, 100 block Duke St., Culpeper, driving under the influence of alcohol Jason Lee Mullins, 42, 6000 block Waterford Road, Rixeyville, violate condition of release June 18 Dontay Deans, 27, 10000 block Dunkard Church Road, Rixeyville, possession of marijuana, driving under the influence of alcohol Jeremy Burnett Adams, 34, 11000 block Rotherwood Drive, Culpeper, drunk in public, profane language Ariana Rashei Wallace, 26, 200 block Kings Mill Court, Fredericksburg, possession of controlled substances, prisoner make, procure, possess unlawful chemical compound Kristen Taylor Martin, 24, 600 block Bridlewood Drive, Culpeper, obtaining money by false pretenses

Culpeper Town Police: June 10-16

Ashlie Lauren Frazier AKA: Ashlie Lauren Butler Age: 33, White/Female Hgt./Wgt.: 5-2/142 Hair/Eye: Brown/Blue Last known: 16401 Wayland Rd., Culpeper, Va. Wanted for: Probation Violation on Felony Charge.

Leanna Brooke Hensley Age: 21, White/Female Hgt./Wgt.: 5-3/130 Hair/Eye: Black/Green Last known: 2100 Cypress Dr., Culpeper, Va. Wanted for: Sentence to Community Based Corrections and Driving w/ Suspended or Revoked License. Warrants current as of June 19

Following are the police reports from June 10-16. Reports are provided by the law enforcement agency listed and do not imply guilt, however are the charges placed by the police department. June 10 Traci Michelle Lane, 46, 10000 block Hidden Lake Lane, Rixeyville, credit card forgery (four counts), credit card theft Chandler Thomas Wilson, 18, 200 block Deal Drive, Portsmouth, possession of marijuana

June 13 Elias Moises Samayoa, 18, 300 block Layfayette Drive, Culpeper, revocation of pretrial Jason Allen Hulverson, 41, 1100 block Oakmont Court, Culepper, assault and battery - family member William Jacob Ceuvas, 29, 300 block Snyder Lane, Culpeper, assault and battery Jamie Teresa Nichols, 35, 500 blok W. Scanlon St., Culpeper, assault and battery family member

June 14 June 11 Russell Thomas Payne, 36, 11000 William Floyd Smith Jr., 50, 700 blcok Blackwell Town Road, Midland, block Blackjack St., Culpeper, shoplift, alter accident, driver not report with death/ price, conceal good injury/damage, driving with suspended or Malik Shaeed Thompson, 23, revoked license 100 block Hefferson Ave., Locust Grove, Jason Allen Hulverson, 41, 1100 concealment, price alter merchandise block Oakmont Court, Culpeper, violate protective orders June 12 Michelle Rivera-Rodriguez, 36, Alayna Leshie Miller, 33, 900 block 1300 block Old Fredericksburg Road, Old Denny St., Richmond, embezzlement, Culpeper, grand larceny, stolen goods: conspiracy to commit felony buy/receive, larceny, obtaining money by false pretenses (two counts), driving after forfeiture of license

Billie Jo Posey, 42, 900 block Meander Run Road, Locust Dale, possession of marijuana June 15 Driew Kendall Austin, 27, 2200 block Forsythia Drive, Culpeper, drunk in public, profane language Shawn Kelly Alexander, 56, 1500 block Carlton Ave., Charlottesville, drunk in public, profane language Ernest Eugene Kilburn, 38, Diamond Road, Troy, possession of marijuana June 16 Yvonna Evette Hackley, 47, 400 block E. Chandler St., Culpeper, driving under the influence of alcohol Angel Gabriel Licona Escota, 21, 1500 block Harrier Lane, Culpeper, drunk in public, profane language Philip Scott Johnson, 28, 600 block Overlook St., Culpeper, assault and battery Jose Carlos Loayza, 28, 800 block S. Main St., Culpeper, possession of marijuana


Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

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NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE OF 15371 Sheads Mountain Road, Rixeyville, VA 22717.

Retirement Sale Offers considered Clover Meadows Farm

In execution of a Deed of Trust dated September 30, 2013 and recorded November 19, 2013 as Instrument Number 130007587 in the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court of the County of Culpeper, at the main entrance of the courthouse for the Circuit Court of Culpeper County, 135 W. Cameron St, Culpeper, VA, on June 20, 2019 at 11:00 am, the property described in said deed of trust and located at the above address, Parcel No. 13-42.

571.261.1823 Call today

TERMS OF SALE: A bidder’s deposit of $2,500.00 or 10% of the sales price, whichever is less, will be required in cash, certified, or cashier’s check at the sale, with the balance of 10% of the sales price due within 3 business days of the sale. Settlement within 30 days of sale. The sales contract (Memorandum of Sale) to be signed by the successful bidder, in addition to the bid price, will include a 10% buyer’s premium to be paid to Motleys Asset Disposition Group. The property is being sold “AS IS”. Additional terms will be announced at the sale. This is a communication from a debt collector and an attempt to collect on a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Substitute Trustee: Fortis Trustee Foreclosure Service, LLC (W. Scott Dillard II, Attorney for Fortis). For more information contact: (804) 822-3147, 3600 Deepwater Terminal Road, Richmond, Virginia 23234,

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Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

In Memoriam Professor Andrew “Andy” McIntyre


ndy McIntyre, 87, died peacefully on March 2 from complications of pancreatic cancer. He was a long-time resident of Washington, VA and an academic transplant from NYC.

Andy was a scientist. Born in NJ, Andy was a graduate of the Steven’s Hoboken Academy, Columbia College, U.S. Army (Korean Conflict) and Columbia University. He earned his PhD in oceanography and reinvented himself every few years, going from studying oceanic nanoflora to becoming an expert on climate change. In Andy’s long and successful career at Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory, Columbia University’s Earth Science research institute, he produced more than 80 scientific papers and helped establish the new fields of paleo-oceanography and paleo-climatology. As a Full Professor at Queens College of the City University of New York, Andy inspired the next generation of scientists through his wit and superb lectures. Andy was a keen observer, a fine thinker, and an adamant supporter of our constitutional rights. He did not suffer fools gladly. He loved his family and he loved science (not always in that order). He thought Truth was its own reward. His two guiding mottos were “Be succinct!” and “Add to, do not subtract from, the sum of Human Knowledge!” His favorite quote came from Horace Walpole, 1776, “Those that think find life a comedy, those that feel a tragedy.”Andy was always amused. Andy is survived by his wife Barbara, daughter Kate, son-in-law Scott Trager and granddaughter Catriona Trager, as well as by relations scattered worldwide. A celebration of his life is planned at Trinity Episcopal Church, Washington, VA, on June 29 at 11 a.m., with a reception immediately following. In lieu of flowers, the family requests all donations be made to the Rappahannock County Library, 4 Library Road, Washington VA, or the Trinity Episcopal Church, 379 Gay Street, Washington VA 22747.

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Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

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Week of 6/24/19 - 6/30/19


The Weekly Crossword ACROSS 1 Waiter's handout 5 Zodiac crossover 9 ____ of the art 14 Andy's radio partner 15 Poker pot starter 16 Defame in print 17 Spanish Steps city 18 Street sign 19 Strongman of myth 20 "We Built This City" band 22 Cunning plan 23 Coop denizen 24 Token 26 Eject, as lava 28 Nightmarish street 29 Make a seam 32 Acquired relative 34 Tart fruit 37 Ecclesiastical residence 39 Like a spreadsheet 40 Fit for distances 42 Part of a book 43 Period's place 44 Go kaput 45 Kind of wave 46 Two parts of MIA 49 High ball 52 Timeout spot 55 Something detested 57 Take down a peg 58 Wide-mouthed jug 59 Hardly ____ (rarely) 60 Certain twowheeler 61 Spots for shots 62 Toy block brand 63 Insignificant 64 Memory unit 65 Map out




by Margie E. Burke




















44 46

47 55 58










Copyright 2019 by The Puzzle Syndicate

DOWN 34 Sour sort 47 Poor 1 Wet land 35 Playing hooky 48 Like helium 2 Ham it up 36 Insect stage 50 Last Greek letter 3 Dangerous area 38 Clerk of the 51 Title of nobility 4 Anagram for 4077th 52 Summer destina"ruse" 41 Heist planner's tion, for scouts 5 Mixed-nuts nut concern 53 Reed instrument 6 Disentangle 45 Raspy 54 Deeply absorbed 7 Bottle sealer 46 Map within a 56 "S.O.S.!" 8 Get-up-and-go map 58 Kind of tide 9 Give in a rope 10 Church Answers to Last Week’s Crossword: contribution 11 Up to the task C H A T A N N E S P A S M A O N E M A I L T R U C E 12 Bulls or Bears L U T E B I L E R O T O R 13 "Who ___?" F R E T F U L P R O M O T E 21 Kabob rod C H A S E H A V E 22 Brazilian dance T H R E A T E N I N G 25 Writing tablet of A L E L A D L E A N T A N O N old I D E A T A S T Y D I V A 27 Gut feeling? B E N T A C E P E T E R 29 House style I L L I N T E R R E L A T E 30 Snap C O O T L A R V A 31Week "Whereof ____ 6/24/19 - 6/30/19 R I S O T T O L I M I T E D you?" N O E L G I V E A R O M A 32 Like some E R G O O V E N G O F E R threats S E E R R E N T E N T R Y 33 Kind of sign

Edited by Margie E. Burke

8 1 6 9


7 4

7 4 3


5 6 9 8 6 3

Copyright 2019 by The Puzzle Syndicate


Each row must contain the numbers 1 to 9; each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9; and each set of 3 by 3 boxes must contain the numbers 1 to 9. Answers to Last Week’s Sudoku:

3 2

2 1 1

49 56












Difficulty: Medium



















24 26


8 2 4 6 5 1 3 9 7

7 6 1 8 3 9 5 4 2

5 3 9 4 7 2 8 1 6

6 4 5 7 9 8 1 2 3

3 8 7 1 2 5 4 6 9

1 9 2 3 6 4 7 5 8

4 1 3 2 8 6 9 7 5

2 5 8 9 4 7 6 3 1

9 7 6 5 1 3 2 8 4

Weekly Tarotscope - June 20 Ace of Swords, the Chariot And we have a breakthrough! Last week’s Cara Cutro message was rough. Here are the rewards for facing our fears and challenges by allowing the process to work itself out. The Ace of Swords is a new beginning, one that brings great clarity, purpose, and victory. We have reached a point of being connected to the mind in a way that is purpose driven and clear. The Ace of Swords is the Sword of truth. We are cutting away what no longer serves us, we are releasing limiting beliefs by boldly stepping into the confidence that this card provides. The Chariot is all about moving forward boldly and confidently. We


know where we are headed and we have the mark of victory upon us. The Chariot is also the card of the astrological sign of Cancer, and we enter Cancer season on the 22nd of June. This card showing up tells me that we are aligned with the current energies and our mission is right on track. This week’s combination is a strong affirmation to move forward on whatever we might be working on. Breakthroughs and forward momentum are here for us. Cara Cutro is a spirit centered teacher and life coach residing in Sperryville, VA. She is an herbalist, massage therapist, reiki master, intuitive counselor, tarot reader, and the owner of Abracadabra Massage & Wellness and the Wisdomkeepers School. For a full list of services or to setup an appointment with her or one of her team members, book online or call 540878-7085.

Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

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Find YOUR local weekly community paper at more than 300 locations throughout the region! AMISSVILLE Amissville Post Office Mayhugh’s Deli CULPEPER 7-11 (Main St. near Shenandoah Garden Spot) A.B. Kearns Trucking & Stone All Smiles Dental AJ’s Market Amberwood Animal Hospital Antonio’s Barbershop Arbors at Culpeper Surgical Center Ande’s Store Restaurant & Pizza Baby Jim’s Snack Bar Battleford Toyota Billy Fox, State Farm Agency BP (Across from CVS) Bonnie Reb Boots Brooks Chiropractic Clinic Bruster’s Ice Cream Century 21 Cintas Christina Mills D.D.S. Clancey Counseling, LLC Commonwealth Eye Chik-fil-A Chrysler of Culpeper Coin Laundry Commonwealth Medical Center Comfort Inn Country Cookin’ Country Shoppes of Culpeper County Farm Service CRI Culpeper County Jail Culpeper County Library Culpeper County Parks & Rec Culpeper Country Club Culpeper Chamber of Commerce Culpeper Cosmetology Culpeper Economic Development Culpeper Family Practice Culpeper Farmer’s Co-Op Culpeper Museum Culpeper Diner/4C’s Culpeper Senior Center Culpeper Thrift Shoppe Culpeper Health & Rehab Culpeper Post Office Culpeper Resource Center Culpeper UVA Hospital Culpeper Visitor Center Culpeper Town Police Department Culpeper Department of Human Services Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office Culpeper Sport and Racquet Club CVS - Culpeper Dairy Queen Dave the Mover & Genesis Home Improvement Double J’s Antiques & Collectibles Duke’s Store Dunkin’ Donuts Eagle Postal

Embrace Home Loans Endless Creations Enterprise Rent-A-Car Epiphany Catholic School Eppard Orthodontist Eyecare of Virginia EXIT Cornerstone Realty Farm Credit Federated Auto Friendship Heights Frost Cafe Full Circle Thrift Gary’s Ace Hardware Gannett Insurance Germanna Daniel Tech Center Germanna Community College (Locust Grove Campus) Gilmores Grill 309 Illusions by Teresa Intergrity Auto Hair & There Salon + Décor Hampton Inn & Suites Culpeper Holiday Inn & Express H&R Block IHOP Inn at Kelly’s Ford Jersey Mike’s Jiffy Lube K&M Lawn Equipment Knakal’s Bakery Legacy Market-Culpeper Liberty Tax Service Lifestyle Physicians Long & Foster Real Estate - Culpeper office Main Street Weddings Martin’s Mattress Firm Maw and Pa’s Country Store MedExpress Merriman Grocery Montague Miller Real Estate Moving Meadows Bakery McCarthy Tire Microtel Minute Man Mini Mall Murphy’s USA Northridge Apartments Pancho Villa (891 Willis Ln) Pepper’s Grill/Best Western Pixley’s Automotive Premier Auto Powell Wellness Center Quality Inn Ravens Nest Ray’s Automotive Red Carpet Inn REMAX/Crossroads Reuwer’s Grocery Reva Market Rising Sun Auto Safeway Salvation Army (Meadow Brook Shopping Center) Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ Shear Love Salon

Soap Opera Laundry Spring Leaf Starbucks Supercuts Surge Tammy’s Family Hair Studio Tech Box The Ole Country Store Town of Culpeper Triple Image LLC Uncle Elders BBQ & Family Restaurant UVA Pediatric Verdun Adventure Bound VeloConcepts / 18 Grams Coffee Lab Verizon Vinosity Virginia Community Bank Virginia Orthopedic Center Weis Markets (Culpeper Town Square) Weis Markets (513 Madison Road) Westover Market Westside Grocery Wellspring Health Services Family Practice and Walk-in Clinic Xpress Copy ORANGE COUNTY Round Hill Inn Silk Mill Grille WJMA 103.1 Orange County Tattoos Jim Woods Barbershop Orange County Chamber of Commerce Dogwood Village Grymes School FLINT HILL Skyward Cafe WARRENTON Fauquier Chamber Piedmont Publishing Warrenton Chamber Warrenton Police Department Fauquier Times Fauquier Hospital Bistro McClanahan’s Camera REMINGTON The Corner Deli in Remington Remington Barbershop Dollar Store Wally’s Automotive MADISON The Mountaineer Cafe Yoders Country Market Eddins Ford Autumn Care Nursing & Rehab Prince Michel Vineyards & Winery Madison BP Pig N’ Steak Orange-Madison Co-Op SPERRYVILLE Trading Post Cafe FT Valley Store

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Culpeper Times • June 20-26, 2019

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July 4


Window & Patio Door

e l a S

• Renewal by Andersen has installed 73,071 windows in Central Virginia, and each one is etched with the Andersen logo—a symbol of excellence for 116 years • Our Fibrex® composite material is so strong we’re able to build thinner frames with a greater glass area that allows more natural light into your home • We eliminate the middleman and manage your entire project—from selling and building the windows to the installation and warranty Call to schedule your FREE Window and Patio Door Diagnosis


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Culpeper Times | June 20-26, 2019  

CRI hosts 3rd Thursday concert | Health: June is HHT Awareness month | Results of Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby | Lions Club honors Melvin Jo...

Culpeper Times | June 20-26, 2019  

CRI hosts 3rd Thursday concert | Health: June is HHT Awareness month | Results of Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby | Lions Club honors Melvin Jo...