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Culpeper Times • March 8-14, 2018


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Time to prepare as spring nears So close you can smell it. Oh man I love this time of year. Daffodils and crocus pushing up through the cool soil giving us the first few flowers of spring. Forsythia and fruit trees showing off their vibrant flowers. Grasses turning green, maples showing buds. Dogwood and Red buds preparing for the show. The fragrant sent of spring filling the air. The world is waking up, stretching out, and asking "Are you ready?". What will your answer be? Will you take the time to enjoy this spring? Will you look around you? Will you take a moment to breath deep and let the warm sweet air of spring fill your lungs? Will you take in the beauty that is spring in Virginia. I hope you answer yes to at least one of these. I hope you take every opportunity to enjoy every moment of your life and the world that surrounds you. We will not get today back, take advantage of the moments within it.


Donald Sherbeyn

It's easy to forget this is supposed to be an article about what to do in your landscape this month. So.. its March, What would you like to do in your landscape this month? Pretty good chance if you want to, in March you can. For me March is typically the first time I really start getting into the beds and the lawn. Gardening in spring is an open canvas we can move plants, install new plants, add new lawns or cut out lawn to make new bed space. We can plant trees or build new outdoor spaces we will use throughout the year. A few must does on my list for march each year are as follows. Beds: Inspect all planting, Edge and clean, treat with systemic all in one, install pre emergent herbicides as needed and mulch as needed. When mulching you only need 3-4 inches of total mulch in your beds, more than this can be harmful to your plantings. Mulching early means you get everything done before most of the perennials start popping through the soil. Lawn: Inspect lawn, determine if weeds

are an issue or if new turf is needed. (Its almost impossible to deal with both of these issues properly at the same time) Aerate, seed, and fertilizer * or* treat for problematic weed. Many weeds can be dealt with later in the season but new seed won't be as easy to get growing so depending on your exact issue it may be a good idea to go ahead and get that lawn jumping now and worry about the weeds later. Mature trees: Inspect and treat issues if found. If winter or wind damage is present I recommend contacting a good licensed arborist to have the issues dealt with. There are tree companies that specialize in the removal of trees. These same companies may not be as good at corrective pruning as they might be at removal. If pruning is done wrong serious damage can

be done to trees. As with anything Choose the right professional for the project at hand. In Landscaping, Hardscapeing, Aquascaping and Landscape maintenance the right pro should be chosen for their knowledge. Don't be afraid to ask the tuff questions and be sure the pro you are about to hire actually knows what they are supposed to be doing for that hard earned money you are about to pay them. Life rule #2 Things happen we cannot control, We can however control how we react to them. Choose to react in a positive way. Donald Sherbeyn is the owner of Sherbeyn’s Landscape. You may reach him at 540-727-8835 or splclawn@msn. com. Visit


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Culpeper Times - March 8th, 2018  

Culpeper Times - March 8th, 2018