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The new Courier Exchange Mobile App

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The App that puts your drivers on the Map


Courier Exchange Mobile App – real-time connection with all your drivers and sub-contractors The smarter way to stay in touch and in control. The new Courier Exchange Mobile App gives you instant, real-time management of your drivers and regular sub-contractors whilst they’re on the road, putting you firmly in control.

Your drivers submit their availability so that you, as the operator, have constant, live access to their status, enabling you to respond to load notifications and plan return journeys.

Exchange Members can now equip all of their employed drivers and regular sub-contractors with this great new app, and your sub-contractors don’t have to be member of the Exchange to use it.

Courier Exchange Mobile App is just one of then great new services available to members on Exchange 2.0. giving you the visibility you need to ensure better, quicker, more efficient management of your team.

Then with just a couple of clicks, the Courier Exchange Mobile App shows you the actual live location of each of your drivers, their loads and their availability on the Live Availability Map.




Improved Load Matching

More Journeys registered to you

All your Courier Exchange Mobile App equipped drivers and sub-contractors will be on the Live Availability Map and visible on the Exchange enabling you to pinpoint their location and access their availability, easily and instantly. So when new loads are posted to your despatch office, you can instantly match loads with your available drivers/sub-contractors.

Journeys (including return journeys) are submitted on the Exchange by your drivers using the Courier Exchange Mobile App using ‘one click’ buttons, which are registered on your behalf under your company name. That means less work for your office dispatcher and greater visibility on the Exchange for your company.

To save you time and mileage, you’ll be notified automatically about loads that are in an easy-to-reach radius of your driver’s locations. And, when it’s your company that’s posting the load, Courier Exchange Mobile App locates the drivers nearest to the pickup location and notifies them about the new load.

Driver information

Instant driver information As well as knowing the exact location and availability of your drivers and sub-contractors, you’ll also have instant access to their event logs and records giving you accurate, up to date information at the click of a button.

Driver profile

Your Company Details

View Current location

Team 2

Team 1 Team 3

Full driver profiles for every driver

A bigger, better profile on the Exchange

You’ll be able to create full profiles for all your drivers and sub-contractors who are Courier Exchange Mobile App users, allowing you to keep all their compliance documentation (such as Drivers Licences, ADR Certification etc) in order. You can also set up renewal reminders to ensure that you keep their documents fully up to date.

It’s great advertising – when all your drivers are using the Courier Exchange Mobile App they are all visible under your company details on the Exchange. Your full team of drivers and sub-contractors are then listed under your company name which presents a truer reflection of your company’s capabilities and resources to other members on the Exchange. In short, in puts your company firmly on the map.

As for security, it’s all in your control – by selecting appropriate access levels, you can choose exactly who sees this information and who doesn’t.

Courier Exchange Mobile App. The App that puts you on the Map

Download Courier Exchange Mobile App – it couldn’t be easier. The Courier Exchange Mobile App app is quick and easy to setup. To start go to

Go to and download the app for your iPhone or Android Phone.

Then all you do is:

1. When your account has been activated (See Step 4

1. Enter your ID number and company name. Click on the right account name from the selection offered.

2. Enter your username and password -those you use on the current Exchange.

3. Vehicle size selection. This is important as this is the vehicle that will be used when you register return journeys on Courier Exchange Mobile App.

4. Confirmation email. This will confirm your address to ensure you are signing up to the right account. Once you’ve received it, just click on the link.

5. Now download Courier Exchange Mobile App. Courier Exchange Mobile App. The App that puts you on the Map.

So download the Courier Exchange Mobile App today.

Using Courier Exchange Mobile App above) and you have installed the App – log in.

2. You will be asked to allow the app to use GPS – it’s not essential but it is advisable as not using GPS can mean your location is inaccurate by up to 1km. IMPORTANT – Please ensure your 3G connection is turned ON (if not at your home or office) as your WIFI signal will typically only reach a few metres.

3. Now you can start…The app has been designed to work in the background even if you open another app, say to make a call. [This ensures you have uninterrupted service, as long as you have a connection).

4. Once logged in, your location will be tracked automatically. [To turn this off, simply click on the ‘Stop Tracking’ button]. Using your current location, you will be tracked on the Live Availability Map. The ‘Update your Status’ option allows you to change the status of your availability i.e. ‘It is not a return journey’. If you have any questions about Courier Exchange Mobile App or need any assistance, please get in touch with us on 0844 255 3500. You can also submit a ‘Support Ticket’ by clicking on the ‘Support’ link located at the top of the Courier Exchange Mobile App Map.

It’s the smarter way to stay in touch and keep in control of your team for quicker, easier, and more efficient operating.


If you’d like further information or details please call us on 0208 993 7100 or email on E&OE. Copyright © January 2013 Transport Exchange Group. All rights reserved.

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