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Exhibitor Information and Application Cambridge Holiday Inn – Sunday, March 25th 2012 10:30 am to 4:30 pm AND/OR Guelph Best Western Conference Centre – Saturday, April 28th 2012 10:30 am to 5:00 pm Guest ADMISSION - $10.00 (Donation will be made to Charity) We support Power of Hope as our local Charity for the women and children within our community. Now our second year we are better known, want to present ourselves in the most professional manner and will be doing extensive promoting for the upcoming shows. Booths will be available first come first serve. We have exclusivity with companies, however; there may be some similarity to products lines. We have the right to refuse a company or product that is not considered ecofriendly, natural in ingredient or does not favour our environment. No strong perfume, incense or smudging is allowed inside the building to accommodate those guests with sensitivities. The Holiday Inn has a restaurant available for guests and exhibitors. The Best Western does not have a restaurant available within the building however there is an eating area, please bring your lunch. We encourage giveaways at your table and free samples of therapies Special pricing is arranged for Non Profit and Community Organizations. Please contact Lee for information Each booth price includes: Three foot high side rails EITHER four feet or six feet in length and eight by eight foot draped back drop • One six or eight foot table depending on space, with white or black basic covering. You may drape your tables with your own coverings. • Chairs maximum two included in pricing. • Business listing on website for six months • Promotion on social media ie. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, local online newspapers. • Closer to the show you will receive a PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE Including: FIVE Admission tickets for friends/clients, TWO Show Promotional posters and a bunch of flyers to hand out (value $100.00) • Wireless Internet where applicable and at show planners discretion. • Hydro where available. Please provide extension cords, power bars, taping where required. • Set up time will be sent out closer to the show • Signage, massage tables, exercise equipment must fit within the perimeters of the booth. • Space can be shared with another business. Both information is required •

We encourage you to put our logo on your company website and join our Facebook page or Twitter. The more promotion our participants can offer, the better it is for all!


ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITY TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS after the Show. Blue Lizard Productions will interview your business at the show while they create our Show video. They will film your booth, ask you questions about your business and produce a copy of a 30-60 second video clip that can be used on your own website, Facebook, YouTube, or email. Video Commercials are a great way to put your business out to the world. This would normally cost hundreds of dollars should you hire them independently

SHOW SPECIAL: $60.00 including HST

(One video per show)

PLEASE READ APPLICATION THOROUGHLY FILL IN ALL AREAS. Complete, sign online (typed signature acceptable) and return page two by email.

Cheques are acceptable. No Credit Cards. Payable to: Lee Pryke - 99 Roseview Avenue, Unit 1 Cambridge, ON N1R4B1 PREFERRED PAYMENT METHOD Email money transfer to: Your space will be allocated as your PAYMENT and Application are received.

APPLICATION Email page THREE AND FOUR to or mail with payment to address above

Please check availability for Double Spacing CHOOSE: 

Video Production at your booth $60.00

 8 x 4 Cambridge (six foot table no electricity ) $230.00  8 x 6 Cambridge(six foot table with electricity) $240.00  10 x 6 Cambridge (eight foot table with electricity) $250.00  8 x 4 Guelph (six foot table no electricity) $230.00  8 X 6 Guelph (six foot table electricity limited) $240.00  10 X 6 Guelph (eight foot table electricity limited) $250.00 Additional Promotional Opportunity:  Gift for Loot Bags (first 100 guests N.B. paper items are usually thrown out so make it of value ie. Gift certificate



$ $





EXHIBITORS NAMES: NAME OF BUSINESS: MAILING ADDRESS: CITY: POSTAL: PHONE: CELL: E-MAIL: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: DESCRIPTION OF YOUR BUSINESS AND PRODUCT: DESCRIPTION OF YOUR BOOTH: (Include signage, banners, additional tables, equipment etc.) Miscellaneous Requests: *** PLEASE READ, SIGN AND EMAIL APPLICATION TO Or mail to address above with payment Applications require FULL payment and are NON-REFUNDABLE. (Applications not accepted receive Full Refund) The event coordinator may promote through social media, newspapers, flyer distribution, road signage, website, online newspapers, Radio and TV, word of mouth and cross promoting with exhibitor websites. We cannot guarantee exact attendance, however we do our best to provide a venue for our exhibitors to expand their network, sell their wares, and promote their services to the best of our ability. NOTE: The Exhibitor shall indemnify and save the Healthy Choices Wellness Show, it's owners, their employees, agents, the property owners etc. from all claims for the loss, damage or injury to persons or property caused through any wrongful act, neglect or default and shall not be held liable to the Exhibitor, their employees, agents or customers for any personal injury or damage of property in accordance with Canadian Insurance Laws. The Exhibitor shall be responsible for the Insurance of his or her own property. Any disorderly or unprofessional conduct will result in immediate dismissal from the show with absolutely NO refunds! *** Exhibitor Signature:

(Typed name acceptable)