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Discovering What’s Possible


Working together with students, families, and schools to understand and overcome obstacles to learning.

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Welcome Dear Friends,

Lee Pesky Learning Center started as a one-to-one intervention clinic where we helped kids with dyslexia learn to read. As we served more kids and families, we began to learn a lot about how to better serve the needs of our clients. We learned a lot about the things that affect learning and what to do about them. We learned about instructional practices in reading, math, and writing that work better than others for kids with learning disabilities. We learned that children with LD have tremendous gifts that when leveraged make a considerable difference in their ability to overcome the challenges they face. We learned that parents need resources and tools so that they are equipped to support their child at home and in school. We also learned over the past 18 years that there are pervasive and persistent challenges in our field that require new ways of thinking to address. And we learned that we are ready to start taking these challenges head on. This year, with your support, the guidance from our incredible board, and the trust of our community, we are tackling some of the biggest issues in our field with innovative, collaborative and effective solutions. Together we are discovering what’s possible.

Evelyn Johnson, EdD Executive Director


2,169 15

of students met or exceeded learning goals


Evaluations given


of students who completed counseling treatment experienced positive treatment outcomes






Number of people served

19 School districts served

4,118 Academic intervention hours

At Lee Pesky Learning Center, we always ask

What if? O

ur team works tirelessly to improve and evolve our services for students, families, and teachers. Every child has promise and

deserves the chance to experience success. LPLC is the place for children and adults with LD to discover what’s possible.

What if

people with LD weren’t defined by

their disability?

What if

we could

reach everyone?

What if every child’s learning

needs were met?

What if children with LD weren’t defined by their disability? Every year, in every classroom, one in five children struggles with a learning challenge. Too often, these students experience significant obstacles and frustration in school. Over time, that frustration leads to a negative self-perception, and a child begins to feel defined by what they cannot do. LPLC changes the odds for people with learning disabilities. The Pesky Way, the Center’s approach to unlocking success for students with learning challenges, focuses on the needs of the whole person. We learn about each child’s strengths, take the time to build relationships, and help children meet their goals. And, we are very successful. Our services have over a 90% success rate. When children experience success, their confidence builds – and together, we aim higher. We help our students develop strategies, learn to use technology to accommodate their needs, and teach them how to set goals and accomplish them. Goals like going on to college. Our services don’t stop with K-12. LPLC’s College Transition service prepares students with LD to go on to college and graduate school. Our college transition and coaching programs give students with LD and their parents the tools to select colleges with the services they need to reach their dreams.

What if we could reach everyone? We develop innovative, educational resources for kids, parents, and teachers to enhance learning in the classroom and at home. Discover a resource today at

Teaching kids who learn differently takes expertise. This expertise is in short supply – critical shortages of special education teachers have been reported nationwide, including in Idaho, for more than 25 years. As a result, kids with learning disabilities don’t have access to the individualized instruction they need. We are a small service center headquartered in Boise that’s not discouraged by our size but empowered by our expertise and commitment to helping every child realize their potential. This passion has guided us to find ways we can reach children beyond our geographic limits. In 2013 LPLC started offering Distance Academic services to provide high quality intervention to kids who live in places without these resources. Through technology we are bringing face-to-face intervention services to children and families across Idaho and beyond. Students who learn differently should have access to teachers who know how to reach them. We are taking the expertise we’ve developed at the Center, The Pesky Way, and using it to train new teachers – teachers who will be able to provide the specialized instruction that kids who learn differently need to be successful.

What if all children had their needs met? Getting off to a great start with learning makes a tremendous difference. When preschool teachers and care providers have the tools they need to help young children develop strong early reading and math skills, children enter school ready to learn. On average, more than 20% of students in every classroom has a learning challenge that requires additional support to address. Most teachers don’t receive the kind of preparation required to meet the needs of all children in their classes. LPLC professional development changes that.

We empower teachers to reach the diverse needs of every student in their classrooms by providing them with teaching approaches and research-based learning tools developed by our Professional Development and Early Childhood Education staff. Our training improves student outcomes. More children learn to read better, learn to do math better, and learn to write better when their teachers attend our classes.

Meet Will “I was scared, discouraged, and mad at the world. I could not account for the differences between my perceived capabilities and the work I was actually producing. It was intensely frustrating.”

I am a 29 year-old attorney working and living in Boise, ID. I am also a proud alumnus of Lee Pesky Learning Center (LPLC) and was recently appointed to sit on LPLC’s Board of Directors. My experience as a student at the Center has not only provided me with an enormous appreciation for the remarkable work we do, but has also instilled a deep desire in me to help the organization grow and flourish. My parents brought me to LPLC as a struggling 5th grader. I was scared, discouraged, and mad at the world. I could not account for the differences between my perceived capabilities and the work I was actually producing. It was intensely frustrating. At first I was reluctant to accept help, but after spending time with my teachers, I felt comfortable and was able to start making progress. My successes did not always come quickly and were not always in the form of A’s and B’s–it often felt like a long fought battle to just survive. Despite barely keeping my head above water, the staff at LPLC was my beacon of light. I was no longer alone; someone understood and was there to help. The kindness and hard work of LPLC’s staff will forever be imprinted on my life.

Looking back, I can understand how frustrating it must be to try to understand the effects of a learning disability as a parent, grandparent, teacher, or friend: it simply is not something that can be expressed effectively. Similarly, I cannot do justice to the real and lifelong value of the work being done at the Center. LPLC provided me with a remarkable gift: it gave me the tools to become the person I am today. The person I always knew I was. It is a tremendous honor to be a board member and donor of LPLC. The staff, teachers, families, communities, and donors who make it possible for LPLC to exist are truly changing people’s lives. Thank you so much for your support, your courage, and your generosity; you are making a significant difference in the lives of every student who passes through LPLC’s doors (including me)!

“LPLC provided me with a remarkable gift: it gave me the tools to become the person I am today. The person I always knew I was.”

Our Year in Numbers Fiscal Year 2015

Board of Directors Michael Shaughnessy, Jr., Chair Greg Pesky, Vice Chair Gregory Byron, Secretary

Total Revenue $1,595,174

Bill Keller, Treasurer

Alan Pesky, Honorary Chair and Co-founder


Lesley Andrus


Anna Eberlin Lori Frank Buckner Harris


Kurt Liebich Barbara Morgan

48% Fees for Service 37% Donations 15% Grants

Cynthia Murphy Mary Graf Nelson Wendy Pesky, Co-founder Karen Peterson Decker Rolph Matthew Weatherley-White

Total Expenses $1,447,546

William Young

16% 8%

76% Program Services 8% Fundraising 16% Administration


The listings on the following pages reflect the names and cumulative gifts of donors who contributed to Lee Pesky Learning Center between October 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015. When preparing a report of this nature, there may be unintentional oversights. If we have mistakenly spelled, listed, or omitted your name, please accept our apologies and contact our office at (208) 333-0008.

Center Supporters Over $100,000

Bernice and Milton Stern Foundation/Bernice Stern Good Samaritan, Inc Pesky, Alan and Wendy/Pesky Family Foundation


M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

$25,000–$49,999 Mrs. Anne Ford


Browning Charitable Foundation Roy A. Hunt Foundation Pesky, Andrew and Elaine The Big Wood Foundation The Grossman Family Foundation The Lois E. and Neil J. Gagnon Foundation United Way of the Treasure Valley


Andrus, Lesley Cahalan, Tom Cheston, Jr., Gene and Elsie Daniel and Mary Reeves Foundation Deer Creek Fund of the Helen K. and Arthur E. Johnson Foundation Down, Ann Poses, Fred and Nancy Rosen, Lois Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. The Kapp Family Foundation The Poses Family Foundation Zell, Sharon


An Anonymous Family Foundation Halpern, Mimi Hare Family Foundation\ Richard Hare

Idaho First Bank JR Simplot Company Foundation Harris, Buck and Julie Peco Foundation/Peter Curran Peterson, Scott and Karen Rendon, Lisa and Michael Pelton Statewide Education Philanthropic Gift Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation The CAPROCK Group, Inc The Fletcher Jones Foundation Theodore & Renee Weiler Foundation, Inc. Thornton Byron LLP


Anonymous Baxter, Andy Bennett, Marshall and Arlene Braun, Fred Brush, Cheryl Bullis, Moya Byron, Greg and Cindi Coe, Buzz and Penny Dozoretz Private Foundation Ehrlich, Alvin and Elaine Feldman, Bill and Joan Firestone, Julie Glickman, Stuart and Rivian Golden, Morley and Deana Goldenberg, Jeff and Susan Goldwyn, Peggy Elliott Grossman, Sam and Peggy Heart of Gold Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation Helzel, Larry and Rebekah Hoffman, David Holland & Hart LLP Idaho Central Credit Union Jellinek, Judy Joseph, Peter and Theresa Kalkstein, Shawn and Karen Kissler Family Foundation Philanthropic Gift Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation Lehman, Barbara and John Liebich, Don and Marcia

Liebich, Kurt and Treacy Little Sprout Foundation/Ed and Sue Dumke Marvin, Mort and Suzanne McElhinny, Wilson and Lisa Nixon, Diane/Deeds Foundation Onetto, Marc and Sally Ormsby, David and Lindsay Perc H. Shelton and Gladys A. Pospisil Shelton Foundation Advised Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation Pesky, Greg and Naomi Poppen, Joel and Teresa Pugh, Kevin Rapaport, Peter and Bitty Skogheim, Jill Street, Paul and Peggy The Sue and Eugene Mercy Jr Foundation Tidwell, Kiki Wainwright, Brian Walker, Mallory and Diana Wallach, Henry Wood River Women’s Charitable Foundation Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation Worcester, Heidi and Rick


Billhardt, Jack and Pat Condon, Leon Curran, Terry and Nancy Darman, Patty and Gary Family Foundation Feldman, Joyce Fery, Mike and Patty Frank, Lori and Jerry Friedman, Merrill and Dave Johnson Gund, Sarah Herrman, William and Dana Herson, Lazer Jones, Justin Karetsky, Skip and Nancy Keller, Bill and Celeste Kustra, Dr Robert and Kathy Maderis, Anna

Marvin, Steve and Samantha Massa, Robert and Ellen Masser, Philippe and Kathleen Sutherland McElhinney, Gwynne and Robert McAndrew Meuleman Law Group PLLC Meuleman, Wayne and Susan Nalen Foundation/Skip Nalen O’Neill, Peter and Barrie Oppenheimer, Skip and Esther Panache Pesky, Andrew and Elaine Phillips Gold & Company, LLP Poster Construction/Brian Poster Rappaport, Daniel Renick, Beatrice Schlesinger, Richard and Sheila Smith, Katelyn and Shane Smooke, Richard and Judy Stremmel, Carl and Frann The Hampton Foundation The Morris & Bessie Altman Foundation Wallace, John and Ellen Weatherley-White, Matthew Weisberg, Don and Erin Gathrid Wirth, Bill and Marnee Worcester, Robin

Up to $499

Amazon Smile Anonymous Barney, Kristine and Mark Bastian, Morris and Elaine Bauwens, Jeanne Belew, Kevin Berg, Egon and Marge Binegar, William and Wendy Blair, Susan and Arnold Blum, Scott and Joanne Blumenstein, Sarah Bonde, Deborah and Alan Bradley, Jen Brookover Hollis Brooks, Bob and Marilyn

Center Supporters Cont. Brown, Chris Buck, Pete and Nancy Cadwell, Linda Carver, Coree Cassell, Jay and Gay Weake Cenarrusa, Freda Clark, Debbie and Charles Clohessy, Anne and Steve Coltoff, Phil and Lynn Colvin, Heather Crow, Sabrina Curtis, Don and Susan Drake, Lyman and Debra Dutcher, Jim and Jamie Dyer, Darlene and Ted Eberlin, Anna Edwards, Bob and Linda Egertson, Eric and Bini Ehrlich, Jon and Noa Fallon, Pat Fields, Bob and Joan Fishman, Mike Forman, Mel and Susan Frank, Bob Frankel, Barry and Nina Freilich, Cecilia Fritsch, Teresa Gingrich, Lisa Glaser, Deb and Andrew Rafkind Glass, Anne Goddard, Steve and Debby Goff, Mary and Dick Goodman, Nick and Mindy

Graf Nelson, Mary Graham, Vicki Greenspon, Stuart and Camilla Trinchieri Grosvenor, Abby Guicheteau, Patti and John Hanson, Chris and Joseph Hardwick, Kimberly and Mort Hardy, Kay and Gregory Kaslo Harris, Tim and Lynne Henges, Jay and Carolyn Hirschheimer, Larry and Randi Hirsh, Andrew Hirsh, Jamie Hirsh, Philip Hughes, Mary and Ron Idaho Computer Users Group Isaacs, Jed and Susan Jamison, Matthew Jaquet, Wendy and Jim Jenner, Page and Maureen Jewett, Link and T Johnson, Evelyn and Andy Joseph, Jim Joy & Thomas Kealey Foundation Kingston, Erik P Kozin, DDS, Alan Kreizenbeck, Mary Lane, Cristianne Lane, Martha LaVallee, Barbara

Leavitt, Robin Ledger Domain Levitt, Richard and Vivian Liebich, Mark and Kim Limbacher, Jr., Richard and Michelle Lindenauer, Arthur and Susan Linder, Josh and Meryl Linder Ledwitz Littman, Irv and Trudy Lokken, Tena and Bob Lufkin, Elise and Amos Galpin Lufkin, Elise B Marion and Irwin Spirn Surges-Prokop, Mary Jo Markhoff, Mike and Nancy Mason, Flora Mason, Gwen Mason, Rachel McIntyre, David and Melody McLaughlin, Jim and Willa Meuleman, Heather and Joe Meuleman, Pat and Bobbi-Jo Miley, Scott Miller, Butch and Susie Miller, Kristin Moats, Louisa and Steve Mitchell Morgan, Barbara Munson, Liz and Bob von Stade

Murphy, Cynthia and Kingsley Okun, Sandy and Bonnie Olbum, Bing and Carolyn PETRA International Pierson, Andrew Pincus, Irwin and Perl Pipal, Owen and Katherine Podhajski Kreiling, Blanche Puchner, Phil and Ann Ritter, Alicia and Robert Deen/Ritter Consulting Robinson, Kris Roos, Julie and Michael Roper, Victoria Roth, Dick and Leslie Rothenberg, Bob and Robin Rubin, Amy and Kobi Jaeger Sanna, David Saucerman, Kristi Scales, Lisa and Robert Walther Schreiber, Michael Schwartz, Barbara Service, Jim and Natalie Shafran, Jay and Connie Shaughnessy, Michael and Tricia Shoemaker, Alvin and Sally Shutkin, Peter and Tippy Siegel, Howard and Roberta Simplot, Adelia Slattery Orthodontics

Slow River Coffee Smith, Wallace and Mary Clagett Smith Spiedel, Sandy Spirn, Marion and Irwin Steele, Andy and Anne Stone, Barry and Carol Straut, Barney and Barbara Tavares, Roberta The Draizin Foundation Inc. The Johnson Company/ Dale Johnson Thomas, Ted and Penny Thompson, Ann and Ted Tryon, Susie Turteltaub, Adam and Rhea Unger, Charlotte Vogel, John and Judy Music Wagner, Darcy Walker, Willy and Sheila Weekes, Harry Weidman, Joel and Ann Woolley, Virginia and Bill Wynkoop, Debra Young, William Yusen, Walter and Jane Zipper, Adam and Michele Zipper, Roberta and Gary


Recognition Donations In Honor Of Ron Delsener for his induction to the Long Island Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Mort and Suzanne Marvin  Aaron Marvin’s Bar Mitzvah  Barry and Nina Frankel Mort and Suzanne Marvin  Steve and Samantha Marvin Adam and Michele Zipper Roberta and Gary Zipper Rachel Mason  Mason, Flora Julianne Masser  Philippe and Kathleen Sutherland Masser Alan Pesky  Lois Rosen Wendy and Alan Pesky  Buzz and Penny Coe Skip and Nancy Karetsky Blanche Podhajski Kreiling Richard and Sheila Schlesinger Barbara Schwartz Howard and Roberta Siegel Andy and Anne Steele Barry and Carol Stone The Hampton Foundation  Henry Wallach The Pesky Family Mort and Suzanne Marvin Liz and Bob von Stade Munson  Andy and Elaine Pesky Egon and Marge Berg Andrew Hirsh Jamie Hirsh Philip Hirsh Butch and Susie Miller

Andy Pesky Family Diane Nixon Jerry Sussman’s Birthday  Mort and Suzanne Marvin Saul Turteltaub’s Birthday Irwin and Perl Pincus

In Memory Of Joan Condon Leon Condon  Dr. Alvin J. Feldman  Joyce Feldman Jeanette Marie Gorman Gwynne McElhinney and Robert McAndrew  Rod Kagan  Julie Firestone Lee Pesky  Link and T Jewett Heidi and Rick Worcester Walter and Jane Yusen Bernice C Stremmel  Carl and Frann Stremmel Charles Winick Mort and Suzanne Marvin

In the Name Of Carson Cadwell as part of his Christmas gift Linda Cadwell

In Recognition Of Mothers Susan and Arnold Blair

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2015 Annual Report – Lee Pesky Learning Center  
2015 Annual Report – Lee Pesky Learning Center