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Colorado Horse Park: Colorado Hunter Jumper Association

I arrived to the show at 7:30am, looking upon the hunter ring I saw they had already begun warming up, and I remembered that it is impossible to ever beat anyone to a horse show.

Above: The courses for the hunter ring Below: The first rider enters the ring

The first round of riders in the hunter ring was a class of only two people, this show was the smallest one I have ever been to.

A flat class follows after the riders complete their jumping rounds. Pictured above: Riders lined up with their numbers facing the judge. Below: Workers raise the jumps for the next class.

Some behind the scenes at the Hunter ring. Pictured above: The rider’s trainer and friend watch at the gate. Below: A rider waits their turn.

The Hunter ring is always slow, so I turned around and watched the Jumper ring. Pictured above: The announcer recording placings from the judge. Below: A rider learns her coarse.

Above: A rider enters the ring for her first round. Below: He was a little fresh!

For such a large horse he jumped BIG over the first line of jumps!

Jumper rounds are timed, clean rounds move on the jump off, riders memorize both courses before entering the ring (10-12 jumps each). The rider pictured finished their first round in 62.493 seconds!

The warm up ring was used by both Hunters and Jumpers to practice a few jumps and learn their courses before going to compete. At this show the Jumper’s courses were set inside the warm up ring.

Behind all the show rings were the barns, this show was so small there was only one horse in a stall. All the other riders used their trailers.

Next to the parked trailers was an empty ring where this rider took advantage to lunge her horse. A bit of exercise for the horse.

At the end of the show day the ring is left put together for either the next day’s show or to be taken down at a later time.

Images and Text by Lee Osburn 2018

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This is my story covering a day at the Colorado Horse Park horse show.

D1 assign05 osburn  

This is my story covering a day at the Colorado Horse Park horse show.