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what kind of music do you sing? Violent Divine is all about hard rock music so... hard rock music it is... in lack of a better definition signed? very soon will be write your own songs? yeah in Violent Divine it’s mostly lyrics. I do write my own songs but most of them don’t fit the Violent Divine concept. It’s more like a creative process where I need to get the shit out of my system. other band members? Q, Klaus and Gus... all in the Divine family

instruments? IN Violent Divine it’s only vocals but I play guitar, bass, keyboards and drums at very different levels of skill # of songs you have recorded? OMG too many to even try to figure out an exact figure. Hundreds of songs probably. # of records you have out? One album with Violent Divine. Some compilation albums with Violent Divine and some singles... Previous to Violent Divine there are some hard to get albums, singles and a few vinyls as well. Hopefully they’re all dead and buried by now. # of songs you have written but not recorded? Actually most songs are recorded in one way or another since it’s sort of part of the creative process, sort of incorporated in the writing itself. ever toured? Violent Divine has so far toured Sweden, Finland and Lithuania. Previous to Violent Divine I’ve also toured in the Soviet Union, Denmark and the UK. touring now? No. plans to tour? Definately! We expect the next Violent Divine album to come out shortly and extensive touring will obviously follow. on any soundtracks? No

where does your song material come from? Impatience, anxiety, happiness in a most manic blend influences? Mainly from the early 70s to today’s music. I have a very wide taste in music spanning from glittering pop songs, electronica, dance, glam rock, industrial rock. artists you like? Actually I care more about individual songs than artists but... Alice Cooper, Kiss, Slade, Sweet, T-Rex, Ratt, Motley Crue, Mudvayne, Nirvana, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Garbage, Foo Fighters, Motorhead, Ministry, Manic Street Preachers, The Cure, Depeche Mode... the list is quite endless besides family and close friends, who would you say your number 1 fan is? I’m not sure family and close friends are that huge fan of what I do and it wouldn’t be fair to people to point out a #1 fan. They know who they are... parents supportive of your music? Not really, unless I get filthy rich and bring presents like exclusive sports cars and shit ever in a school talent show? Yea if so, did you win? Most of them actually

favorite thing to wear when performing? I’m a jeans and t-shirt-kind of guy... my Dr Martens, and old biker leather jacket from the late 60s stool, standing,...? There are never any chairs on stage so... might need a wheel chair from time to time though... have any groupies? I prefer to call them very close friends supportive stuff fans have done? Yea lots of things from showing up at the shows, spreading the Divine gospel to their friends, setting up shows, street team activities, making requests.

favorite place to play? So far Finland is at the top of my list. I dare any other country to make me reconsider that. Invite me and my band to your place! have any music videos? With Violent Divine we so far made Rush You, Let’s Go and Levitate. Previous to Violent Divine I made a few that I’m trying to forget about.

first single? With Violent Divine it’s Rush You swear in your lyrics? Yea... I got the word “fuck” censored in some US radio stations. It’s at the end of Morning Show. Hilarious favorite memory in the business? In a previous band we were temporarily out of both drummer and bass player, but the somewhat coked up A&R said that it was no problem since they could be replaced with the drummer and the bass player that was at that point touring and recording with Elton John. besides family and close friends, who was your first real fan? Eh... probably a teenage girl wearing pink clothes back in the 80s have your own private jet? not yet. But when I have one I’d like John Travolta to be the pilot how about a yacht? No tour bus? No, they’re rented each time. hippie van? I had two earlier. Dodge RAM or whatever they’re called. Very comfortable since you can transform the back seat into a bed... have a crush on another singer? I was in love with Donna Summer when I was a kid but that crush sort of faded with time... favorite song that you’ve written? It’s always the most recent song but as far as those I recorded I like Malfunction the most.

why’s that one your favorite? It’s twisted and depressing in a way that I meant it to be. tell me about some of your top 8 myspace friends! Well it’s Violent Divine and the other guys obviously. Angelica is probably the first person to discover Violent Divine - our first fan who I believe have attended most shows so far. I met Leenstar at Trash Fest in Finland and she’s now a good friend. She helps out with design, street teams and lots of stuff. Nana is from Finland and I met her at Trash Fest as well. She helped organize the latest Finnish tour and gracefully nursed the band. Jo is the famous Mama Trash and the mother of all of us trashed rockers. She’s also a very good and honest friend. have any myspace, livejournal, etc. fan groups? Yeah. mikedivine and of course all the other stuff like FaceBook, Helgon... too many to remember them all... I’m not on LiveJournal yet paparazzi care about you? Yeah a few... I have to keep bribing them not to publish all of their snapshots... it’s getting out of hand smile when you sing? yeah when appropriate if you sit when you perform, do you cross your legs or no? I can cross my legs while standing or when I trip over all the cables on stage buddies with anyone famous? I guess but fame don’t matter shit to me when it comes to buddies. I’m friend with persons and not because of what they have accomplished on stage or in the studio.

goal you’d like to achieve this year? (musically) Write a few songs and obviously keep working for the next Violent Divine album to come out smoke to make your voice raspy? No I’ve earned that already. Now I just smoke to look like an idiot or someone that suffer from spontaneous combustion... look at that guy... he must be on fire since smoke is coming out of his mouth... it’s a ridiculous habit and a waste of time. I’ll quit any day...

This has been an exclusive Violent Divine US Street Team Interview Š 2008 &

Violent Divine Vol 1  

2008 interview I did on Violent Divine for the Street Teams on myspace. Vol 1 Mike Divine.

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