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Swed Photographs are from my own personal collection that I have taken on trips to Sweden from 2008-2009 with my Nikon D50. Photographs are not to used with out my permission or distributed online or printed. Sverige 채r vackert!!


Norrkรถping3 Vaxholm4 Ikea

Sverige exhibit5 Stockholm


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Norrköping was a small city about 160,00 people, I was there for one and half days. I got to walk the city that is very clean and the older buildings are preserved. The shopping centers looked as if they were built in the 60’s, the grocery stores all had similar layouts. There is allot of beauty in this small town, and one of my favorite memories is noticing 2 young girls paying attention to me as I was talking in English, they didn’t even give me space they were right at my elbows as I was explaining an accent color to my friend.




r r o kö


One way to get to Vaxholm is to take a boat ride from Stockholm through the archipelago. The town is small, it is on an island and a very tourist friendly city. How could it not be with its cute red houses that welcome you in, more modern houses are on the island as well. The air is much colder here since its on the water but a cool breeze 4 was always blowing.



Djurgårdsvägen 60 SE-115 21 Stockholm SWEDEN

This exhibit was going on prior to me arriving but it had been suggested to me. Normally they don’t allow photographs to be taken but for this exhibit it was allowed and away I went to take pictures of past designs and to see how Ikea would be set up in a museum. The museum is Liljevalchs, upon walking there in the summer I noticed the front doors looked like a wardrobe from the catalogs, but wasn’t sure since some museums have interesting doors.

Once in I see the products displayed in artistic ways, I took loads of photographs but these are my favorites to share. The starter pacsk where floating from the ceiling in one room, chairs stacked in another each room has quite a bit of stuff to look at. Including all the covers up to date, I was ammused at how small they used to be and how they did not always show their product on the cover. As well as how the font changed to what it is now.

My favorite room was the one with the paper light fixtures since the lighting in there was most dramatic with the natural lighting coming in from above and making abstract shapes on the floor. As well as seeing who where the designers to what popular designs.

Also on the first two rooms that connect there were these puzzle pieces that held history of the company and I was amased to see John Lennon and Yoko on there. I did however get to vist the store outside of stockholm. The round design was nice looking from the outside but to walk it up and down rather annoyed me, I do preer the block square shape . But none the less it was nice to see the difference in stuff they had there and in the USA, like patio stuff and more, very cute.




Stockholm is the capital of Sweden with a million diverse people living in it. The air is clean to me and the city is less packed than where I live but it is so beautiful to walk and see the beauty of the old building with so much detail and color. I have had the pleasure to see the city in later winter and summer , a major contrast of snow and green. None the less the city is beautiful to walk around and get lost in while gazing around. Even the tap water is clean and sweet! The city is very much alive at about all hours in the summer with people. The palace is very well intact from the outside, and is packed with tourist walking about and photographers taking pictures, posing families and more its nice to see we were all sharing the beauty of the city and loving it.


Stockholm has plenty to do with stores, museums, and to look at, and a great city to photograph as well. The older part in the castle is called “Gamla Stan” (the old town). Thus area of course is the most packed with tourist but walking further past is is an area of green, woods and museums and larger homes. Coming back in to the other side is the shops, business, office and city apartments. As you can see the city streets are very clean, and recycling areas can be often close. Drottninggatan (Queen’s street) is the street to take to the palace, you will see lions statues the closer you get they guard the palace. Near T-Centeral is also another lively area since you arrive there after you get off the Arlanda airport express train. Depending where you come out there is shopping centers and lots of places to eat and hotels to get settled fast to explore the city streets..




Roaming I have been very lucky to go to Sweden if you ask me, all it took was 3 months of no shopping, or eating out or going anywhere really the occasional drinks night out. But other than that I was able to save to go, once I was there it was all worth it! The Swedish Krona is less than the US when I went so I had money while I was visiting. Luckily they speak English and are patient when trying to speak Swedish. But I am learning the language to blend in more next time I can go. A good heads up warning if you go grocery shopping there bring your own bag or if you use their bags you have to pay for it. This was a shock to me but I had brought my own bag since I Learned in Helsinki, Finland that I needed a bag. Also public bathroom cost you 10:- , but they are cleaner than American public bathrooms. Also 2r/hr stores are almost non existent, except for the 7eleven and one other, so if you ave a late night need to eat from the jet lag confusion, that would be the place to go. Also there are lots of them so not a problem to find one near by your hotel. Drinks in bar s can very costly in certain bars, also if you want to buy your own drink you have to go to a government controlled store called “Systembolaget�. Also buy subway tickets from the newpaper/ gas station like store for it to be cheaper. The public transportation is very good in Sweden! Sweden overall is a great place to visit like any other place that isnt home, but there is extra charm in the country for me to love it! Leenstar aileen


eden The Dalahäst is normally red for the traditional but I noticed they had black ones the first time I went, btu they were out of stock all i could see was “svart” meaning black in Swedish. The second trip I found my Dalahäst.

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All photographs are of and may not to used with out my permission or distributed online or for print.

Roaming Sweden  

My travel through 3 of Sweden's cities with my photography, Enjoy!

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