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Ashlee D. Evans 3001 Longfellow Ave Hazel Crest IL, Phone (773) 980-9398 e-mail:



My main strength is in customer service. I’m working to become a project manager so I can become a part of a company that will help cater to my career goal. Seeking to mode and sharpen my skills by building the company market through different projects. My greater goals are: to take a position as a project manager, be heavy skilled in mobile/web base development. Ideally, I’m seeking to venture into project sales, marketing, and web base market and branding building. Through experience, I’ve developed a strong-mind, perseverance and a determination to lead and succeed. Ultimately, I’m looking to become a part of a well working team to be proud of.

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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Computer Skills (WPM: 45) Microsoft Office Microsoft Power Point Microsoft Publisher Microsoft Excel EMAS Software Call Listing Average 112 calls in one shift Excellent work ethics Work well under pressure Decision making skills

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Excellent product research skills to help better customer and company goals Public Speaking / Proposing Skills Develop leadership skills in team projects. Excellent problem solving skills Great in setting up visual organization for projects. Posses strong experiences in graphic art and design.

Education Robert Morris University: Chicago campus, 401 S State St Chicago IL 60603 Major: Business Administration Minor: Applied Computer Science

2012- 2013

Project Experience Blowing Up Balloons:

From: 06/2013 Present

Assistant project coordinator Project: 4 events, Completion at 100% Manage incoming clients events and accounts. Make a project projection list that ensures task, payment and deliveries are all on schedule. Appoint and manage team to event. Schedule meeting and keep contact with clients to assure customer satisfaction. Report any changes and keep record of all stages of project. Little Ladies of Elegances: Head Coordinator Project: 5 events for 2 months, Completion at 97%

From: 06/2013 To: 07/2013

Coordinate an after school youth program for young ladies ages 5-9. Put together an itinerary that implements the key goals in the program. Appoint and manage a team that encourages the mission of the company. Schedule meetings and execute all preliminaries including marketing and promoting the event. Follow out project plans for each class. Report all changes and any needed adjustment that was commented by team and clients.

Work Experience Robert Morris University: 401 S State St. Chicago, IL 60604 Phone: (312)935-4500 From: 12/2012 To: 05/2013 Position: Call Specialist (Recruitment) Duties: Make calls to potential students, using EMAS software, for assign Robert Morris University campus in the state of Illinois. Promote the university academic curriculum , scholarships and degrees. Promote events and other marketing incentive to potential students. Be well knowledgeable about the university programs and degree offers, answering all questions. Make high volume calls of 100+ calls per shift and set appointments for advising academic department. Meet and greet students on designated appointment date and be a tour guide for them around the university campus. Starbucks: 18322 South Governors Hwy, Homewood, IL 60430 Phone: (708)798-3251 From: 06/2011 To: 08/2011 Position: Barista Duties: Providing excellent customers service while inspiring each customer. Make beverage through specific beverage routine. Have knowledge of products and company to better service any problems and inquires the customer may have. Stocking and keep track of daily product intakes. Keep up with daily tasks, keep store clean and properly organize displays and stock.

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