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WELCOME! Welcome to “The Fan Experience Tip Sheet. There are 101 tips here for you to try out.

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INSTRUCTIONS This tip book is not designed to be read from cover to cover. Do not print it out! You will wear out your cartridge. Read online, dip in and out and ACT IMMEDIATELY on each tip.

Do not spend an excessive amount of time analysing or deconstructing the tip. TRY IT OUT and record the result. You can then refine it dependent on what you observe. This is a tool for inspiration and action. This is how you will get the best out of the tips. 3

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Social networks are a hot topic in music business. We must note the fresh trends, patterns and cultures on social networks and we must work the music business model in. This is because in the past we could control broadcast and print. However, people make up social networks not pixels. You cannot control people.

This means that social networks are more than just a marketing tool. To think like this means that we are applying some out-dated ideas from our broadcast way of thinking to a medium that begins with the opposite principle to broadcast. In broadcast we talk first. On social networks we listen first.


Social networks are for socialising not broadcast! Mass posting of content can annoy potential fans. People are open to conversation on social networks not broadcasting.


Different social networks are for different things. They have different audiences and have different policies. Use them wisely.



There was a time when some people predicted that the internet would separate us all. In fact, the reverse is true. We are more connected now than in any point in history. This is because connection and therefore communication is a basic human drive. We have always been driven to connect. Using means of communication from smoke signals and talking drums to the telegraph to the telephone and then mobile phone. We are firmly in the Digital Age and as such we are always online and this means we must be present. The fans are online all the time this means communication is a key ingredient to creating a compelling fan experience.


Listen to the fans and act on what they ask of you. Let them know any actions were “Fan Requested.� This helps the fans feel appreciated.


Describe what you do as specifically as possible. Being generic will make sure you blend in with the rest.



The Digital Age has given us more power. We have the power to express ourselves across the globe immediately. We can connect and communicate with others who share in our expression immediately. This makes your fanbase hot property. The more active, responsive and connected your fanbase, the more lucrative it will be. Not just to you but to others So treat your fanbase well. How you treat your fanbase will determine how they treat you in return. People make up fanbases not data. Hell hath no fury like a fan scorned‌ 15

Sales and marketing can run up large budgets! Balance this with fan retention strategies. Your fans are your assets.


Big fans numbers mean little if your "fans" do nothing. Are the fans motivated to come to your events? Or click on your content? It’s responsiveness that counts not 17 numbers.


Many of the most profitable music genres in music business started in a community with no direct music industry involvement. Community has always been an key part of music. In the past communities were geographic founded by village or by town. Now communities are psychographic, meaning that values and interests are the foundation. This is because the world is becoming more connected, so we are finding out what we have in common with people from different countries. We congregate around things we can share. Harnessing the power of community is an important part of increasing global reach. 19

Focus on creating community instead of increasing email sign ups and followers. It is community that attracts new fans. 20

Always have a forum on your website. Start off a guestbook, message board or Facebook Fan Page wall feed and work up to the forum. 21 This builds community.


It is well-known that people are hungry for content on the web. We have produce content all the time from status updates to full length music movies. We need good content and we need content that will travel around the world. Partnering with the fans is essential to creating viral content. Give the fans the tools so that they can interpret the music in their way and share it with others. Fans are more likely to share something that they have made for their friends. This can then be directed back to the original work. 23

Are your fans messing with your music? Use fan creations like remixes, mash ups, and you Tube videos as part of a stage show. (With permission!)


Encourage word of mouth by nurturing fan creativity. Give them the tools to reinvent your work by issuing audio and video parts. Fans love 25 to share their creations with other fans.


Partnership is essential in moving the music business forward. People are reaching out to each other around the globe and this is creating massive opportunities for better music business relationships. You can reach goals faster by partnering with others through pooling resources and expertise. Partnerships also mean you can set and meet bigger goals that were once out of reach. You can also lighten work loads and increase fanbases overnight. Real life is not about competition. Real life is about collaboration. 27

There are two markets for fans. Business to Business and Business to Consumer. You need Business to Business fans too. Build relationships, networking is just the start. 28



Many things sustain relationships. The “Cool Surprise� is one of them. The great thing about cool surprises is that they create magic moments in the mind of the fan.

Create a pleasurable environment for the fans online and offline. As humans we move away from pain and towards pleasure so this is a way of bringing the fans to you and getting them to stay with you. Cool surprises give the fans something to talk about to other fans and potential fans. It is also important to give the fans great memories. 31

Do you know the fans’ birthdays? Why not send them a personalised card or email, maybe even a gift!


Do you share a birthday with your fans? Surprise them! Let them know and you can celebrate together in a way that suits you best!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR Leena Sowambur is an established expert in digital music business. She has two music business degrees and ten years in digital marketing and PR. Leena has held roles within Sony , digital marketing agency Outside Line and the pioneering music dotcom Peoplesound where her clients included Universal, EMI and Warner. Leena has plenty of indie sector experience as well and can name Sanctuary, Echo, Beggars Banquet and Ministry of Sound amongst her independent clients. In her marketing and PR capacity, Leena has led some big campaigns. She arranged for fans from all over Europe to chat with the Sugababes via SMS by coordinating a joint venture between O2, Universal, the Sugababes, Outside Line and technology provider Flytxt. Leena also secured massive online coverage and airtime for Bon Jovi by collaborating with Heart FM. Another project saw Leena arrange a fan led press junket with Mary J Blige. Leena’s next step was Sony where she looked after a larger roster of RCA artists from Beyonce to Take That. Amongst many campaigns, Leena commissioned the build of the first official Take That website, and coordinated an online European Shakira album release. 34

As an example just some of the artist campaigns that Leena has worked on include:Shakira, Longview, Chris Brown, Destiny's Child, Darren Hayes, Take That, Fiona Apple, Killa Kela, Angie Stone, John Legend, Savage Garden, Rod Stewart, Luther Vandross, Anthony Hamilton, Bow Wow, Raheem DeVaughn, Citizen Cope, Syleena Johnson, Mary Mary, Kindred Family Soul, Charlie Wilson, Mint Royale, Aphrodite, ShyFX, Paul Oakenfold, Real Ibiza V, Pulp, Pink, Ginuwine, Bic Runga, Jamie Foxx, T-Pain, DMX, 50 Cent, Eminem, Bon Jovi, SLK, Jon B, A, Psychid, Three 6 Mafia, Empire soundtrack compilation including Quincy Jones - The Italian Job, John Williams Jaws and Danny Elfman - Planet of the Apes; Total Music Mirror Premium CD Giveaway comprising of Pet Shop Boys, Cream, Kaci, Muse, BBMak, Zero 7, Beverley Knight, Cher, Depeche Mode, Oxide and Neutrino; Red Magazine Feel Good compilation including Moloko, Lisa Stansfield and Catatonia; Metro Life Live In London covermount CD including Suede, Basement Jaxx, Turin Brakes and Carl Cox; Instant Music Premium CD Giveaway comprising of Stereophonics, Travis, Marti Pellow, Stereo MCs, Feeder, Shaggy and Gabrielle; Eve Magazine Relax compilation including Groove Armada and The Orb... Leena’s primary business venture is “Positively Music”. Positively Music is a coaching business that helps top music industry organisations create communities of enthusiastic and passionately loyal fans. Leena is writing a book called “The Fan Experience” which will teach the music industry how to put the fan or client at the centre of their business. Leena is also developing courses and products to accompany the book. Leena speaks all over the UK on the subject of digital music business. Events regularly include University of Chester, University of Westminster, The Manchester College, London Metropolitan University, Croydon Council, Southwark Council and Portobello Business Centre. Leena also currently lectures at the University of East London.


In addition to music business, Leena also has interests in property, food, fitness and boutique hotels. Leena’s UK and Mauritian land and property assets equate to £3M. In food, a new concept in fat loss foods is being developed with her colleague, fitness model and celebrity personal trainer Amille Glegg. In fitness and boutique hotels, Leena is developing the business for luxurious and exclusive residential martial arts training and spa centres starting in Mauritius. In her spare time, Leena enjoys travelling, writing music, socialising with family and friends and training in fitness and martial arts. She is concerned with all aspects of conservation and wild life preservation.

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The Fan Experience Tip Sheet Sampler  

Welcome to The Fan Experience Tip Sheet. 101 tips to a better fan experience for music business by Leena Sowambur, Founder of "Positively Mu...

The Fan Experience Tip Sheet Sampler  

Welcome to The Fan Experience Tip Sheet. 101 tips to a better fan experience for music business by Leena Sowambur, Founder of "Positively Mu...