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Top 10 Social Media Platform to reach your Customers 1. FaceBook Facebook is a number one-most famous social media platform that enables customization of user interface, facebook also includes installing applications to personalize the experience further. Facebook Users are connected to their friends very rapidly as they could get notifications when friends in their network has done changes or updates to his/her existing profile or status. 2. Tumblr Tumblr is another popular blogging platform that used to provide a loophole for unethical online promoters until recently. Earlier, if you reblogged a Tumblr post (as opposed to giving it a Like), the link in your profile which showed up in the trackback would magically become dofollow. However, if you simply share a link to your content on Tumblr by pressing the green Link button, that links will be dofollow. Besides, to encourage the Tumblr crowd to like or reblog your post, create a compelling custom title and description for your blurb. It is a good idea to have many tubmlr followers as they spread your news quickly. You can also buy tumblr followers if you want to increase your fan base. You can find many websites offering cheap tumblr followers . 3. MySpace A large and dissimilar audience uses MySpace. Hence, it’s tough to advise who these people are. Available in fifteen different languages, MySpace gives customization of profile and integration of features such and blogs, groups, bulletins, widgets. It is mostly used by the entertainment industry such as musicians, bands and comedians. It also allows the rise of independent bands by providing a platform that bypasses the big players in the industry. 4. Twitter Twitter is a popular micro blogging platform that enables users to send messages in the form of 140 characters or less. It first started as a means to communicate within friends, family and coworkers and has evolved into a powerful social media platformas a great and exceptionally fast way to broadcasting information. 5. LinkedIn At number two is LinkedIn. Linkedin says “Relationships Matter” is extremely suitable to demonstrate us what this social network does. Believing that people relationships is a precious asset, LinkedIn serves to help folks and organizations to build and maintain them. This gives professionals a benefit to be extra successful and helpful in their careers by leveraging on as well as contributing there to own professional and trusted network. 6. Digg

Playfully named as Digg, it is a platform to dig for good information and release latest news. Discovering and sharing websites is basically what Digg is about. Users “digg” for web content and submit links to Digg. These contents include from anything from technology to sports. Subsequently, Digg becomes a system that allows the internet audience to drive the type of quality of information on the web. The main effect is that there’s no editorial monitoring, so we must be careful when it comes to collecting data and information. 7. HubpagesHubpages is another most social media platform where you can blog and share an information. You may've noticed that some "hubs" have dofollow links in them, while some have nofollowed ones. According to Hubpages themselves, either your account needs to have a particular number of points or the score of that particular hub needs to be at least 40 for you to be able to provide dofollow links in your hubs. is pretty much like WordPress in the way they fight comment spam: it doesn’t let dofollow links in comments or profiles either. 8. Blogger (Blogspot) As you probably know, Blogger is presently owned by Google. Many say that Blogger posts get indexed incredibly fast. Yet another advantage of having a presence on this platform is that the links you get from Blogger posts are dofollow. 9. Reddit Reddit is a popular social bookmarking site that lets you bookmark about any type of your content (images, videos, text, etc.). The great part about Reddit, is that it links to your post directly (not via a redirect), and that all links from it are dofollow. So, if you haven't got a Reddit profile yet, it's probably worth setting up one. To bookmark a URL on Reddit, just click "Submit a new link" in the upper right corner. 10. BizSugar BizSugar is a community where people create and/or share small business news and tips. So, if your content is around the topic of business, entrepreneurship, social media, online marketing or similar, go ahead and register with this site and click "Submit an Article" to proceed.

Top 10 social media platform to reach your customers  
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