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20-WEEKS Written/Directed by Leena Pendharkar Produced by Jane Kelly Kosek

Maya and Ronan are madly in love. He is ready for children, she is not. But when they are faced with an untimely pregnancy, they happily decide to move forward.

When their baby is diagnosed with a serious health condition at the 20-week scan, they must decide on whether or not they want to continue with the pregnancy.

He is ready to terminate, she is not. And ultimately, their relationship is tested.

20 Weeks is a romantic drama about love, science and how prenatal and genetic testing impacts everyday people.

It uses scientific images behind the backdrop of a love story focusing on Maya and Ronan to explore this.

Tone: Romantic Drama

With Surrealist Visual Elements

And an understated, gritty acting style that allows for improvisation.

With loose camera work.

Against the backdrop of modern day Los Angeles.

Past: Pastel Colored Wardrobe

Present: Secondary Colored Wardrobe

Leena Pendharkar, Writer/Director

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20 weeks Look Book  

20 weeks Look Book