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中翻英選品 • 專業 email 1. PI 要訂出一套規定, 什麼地方放照片, 什麼地方 放產品型號, 規格, 特點等等...必須要一塊一塊 的規定好, 不能夠超過規定太多 2. 如果能夠統一, 這樣我們的 PI 才可以有一致性, 公司的形象才能被創造出來 3. 我試著做一簡單乾淨的編排, 將這些規定的區 塊固定好, 以後照這樣的規定去做, 應該可以表 現出產品的價值感 4. 附檔

1. We need rules for creation of PIs, ie. a set layout for: Product photo; Model number; Spec chart; Features; Etc. 2. Once a layout for these elements has been established it should be followed fairly closely. 3. Once we have this standard we can produce consistent PIs, and create a consistent company image. 4. I have tried to come up with a simple, clean arrangement, which establishes a layout to follow. If we follow this kind of layout, we’ll be able to better show off a product’s strengths. 5. Please see the attached preliminary PI standard and reply with comments or questions.

1. 關於 XXX siren 功能目前已和 XXX 確認,沒有 XXX LED 功能。 2. 如有需要增加此功能,則產品的價格、電路、 機構需從新評估,請告之是否有此需求,如果 有則也將告問 XXX 是否有此需求。 3. 適用歐洲市場要符合 CE 與 ROHS 的標準即可, 至於功能則依客人需求。

1. Regarding the XXX siren’s functions, we have already confirmed with XXX that it does not have the XXX LED function. 2. To add this function would require a new circuit, housing and price estimate. Please let us know if this is what we should do, and we will also XXX if they need it as well. 3. Conforming with CE and RoHS will not be a problem. Regarding functions, we can proceed according to the customer’s needs.

今天 XXX 主任跟供應商連絡後告知: 1. 此產品標籤我們必須自行列印給供應商, 供應 商幫我們貼 2. 因為如此, 所以我們必須使用我們自己標籤的 尺寸規格製作

After communicating with the vendor today, XXX has informed me: 1. We must provide the product label for the vendor, who will then apply it. 2. As a result, we must use our own label dimensions specifications to create the label.

1. 上週 XXX 主任 已有請廠商寄送最新樣品,但還 不確定何時會到 XXX, 2. 待樣品到後會進行測試防水效果,如通過測試 後 則會將樣品寄送給您參考 3. 2. 目前預計寄送時間為下週快捷。

1. XXX already asked the vendor for samples last week, but we don’t know when we will receive them yet. Once the samples arrive we can test the weather resistance. If they pass, we’ll forward the samples to you. 2. We anticipate being able to send you the samples via next week’s courier.

中翻英選品 • 專業 email 1. 是的 我從 XXX 那邊收到 test report。 2. 產品電流特性,因無樣品 故目前無法提供,廠 商說目前尚未有正式量產的產品出來,故無法 提供電流值。 3. 並一直催促我們下單,待他們量產後 即可提供 相關電流值,目前會持續請廠商製作樣品並提 供相關值作參考。 4. 與 XXX 討論後,建議沒有必要變更 model numbers,因僅僅只是輸入的電壓範圍增加, 若一定要加,則目前的規則中並無電壓的部 分,因此建議是在現有的 model number 後面 增加一碼流水號 A,已表示版本更新(輸入電壓 範圍由 11VDC/VAC~30 VDC/VAC)。例如 XXX 改 為 YYY 5. XXX 月初的時候 XXX 經理有報過相關價格給 XXX 參考,目前價格為現有 XXX 的價格再漲價 USD XXX 6. 廠商回覆 XXX 的 MOQ 為 1K PCS

1. Yes, I received the test report from XXX. 2. We don’t have a sample on hand so I’m afraid we’re unable to provide the current draw at the moment. The vendor says production hasn’t begun so they aren’t able to provide the final values either. 3. They keep pressing us to place an order, once they start production they can supply the figures right away. We will continue to try to get a sample from the vendor so we can give you the information. 4. After discussion with XXX, we don’t believe it necessary to change the model numbers. Only input voltage has increased, if this will be the only change, the model number does not reflect this officially, if a change is necessary we could add a revision marker (ie. A) to the existing model number and note the update (input voltage range 11~30 VAC/VDC). For example XXX would change to YYY. 5. At the beginning of XXX Ms. XXX provided an estimate, the present price for XXX would increase $XXX USD. 6. The vendor has stated the MOQ for XXX is 1000 units.

1. 膠殼問題 已有調整方案,正式量產時此問題不 會再出現。 2. 因 LED 顯示狀態時,是以快速閃爍的方式進行 顯示,無法修改。故 會稍暗,但應該不影響看 的效果。 3. XXX 目前設定彩附件的方式,不直接固定在機 身後面,當客人要使用則自行打動後利用螺絲 鎖上。(作法與 XXX 一樣) 4. 建議可以無須再次移動,因效果差異 不大,或 多或少都會有點影響。





1. 目前僅能從六種聲音中選出兩種進行設計。 2. 如要變更聲音則須重新開始進行設計,目前進 行中 PCB LAYOUT 則需要停止。 3. 有詢問幾間廠商但廠商接回復沒有類似的聲 音, 如要一定要您附檔中的聲音則需要另請廠 商使用寫程式的方法進行設計,須額外支出一 筆寫程式的費用

There is already a solution for the problem with the plastic housing, and once production begins the problem will not be present. The LED indicator works by rapid flash and cannot be modified, so it will appear to be slightly dimmer than an always-on LED. However this should not affect its visibility. At present the XXX is a separate item, and is not attached directly on the rear of the unit. When the customer wants to use the XXX, they must attach it via a screw. (Method is the same as XXX). We suggest there is no need to move it, the difference made isn’t really significant.

1. As of now we can only choose two sounds from among six for the design. 2. If more sounds are desired, a redesign will be required and present work on the PCB will have to stop. 3. A few vendors have been approached but so far none have a sound similar to the sample you provided. If you want that sound we’ll have to get a vendor to write software, which will require coding costs.

中翻英選品 • 專業 email 1. 並沒有測試 XXX 因樣品功能 無此功能,僅有 Beeping alert . 2. 2-way function 僅只是當 XXX 被觸發撥出電話而 您接到電話後 可直接於受話方的話機直接輸入 指令(數字+* or # 有點忘了) 3. 當指令輸入成功 則您可聽到 XXX 當下附近的聲 音。 4. 說明書 已連同樣品一併寄送給您了。 5. 測試報告請參考附檔.




4. 5.

每一年目錄的製作與修改, 總是不停的來 回修改, 不確定與不正確的規格與訊息重覆的加入 與刪除......浪費了很多的時間與人力的成本. 如果在做目錄之前, 能夠收集齊全相關的正確資料 後, 再進行編排, 正確的機率是否較高? 時間是否較 好掌控? 除非必要, 是否可減少頁面的大幅度調動 與增加? 每一次目錄編排將要完成時, 總是再做大 幅度的調動與增加. 目錄完成的目標日期遙遙無 期. 我們應該製定一個規則, 每年的目錄製作 規畫好了之後, 就不要再做大幅度的變動了. 如果真有必要加入新的產品, 是否可以使用其他的 方式來增加? 例如: 單張的 DM, 以插頁的方式夾在目錄 當中發送. 或是其他的方式?? 產品目錄是有期限的, 一直增加與修改, 不 但會錯失產品上市時機, 更會增加公司的成本. 以上是我各人的意見, 僅供參考指教. 此本 2011 目錄, 我預計 XXX 月底一定要完 成送印, 請各位多多幫忙.

We haven’t performed any tests because the sample does not have that function. It only has a beeping alert. The 2-way function is only available after the XXX is triggered and dials out. When you answer the phone, the receiver can enter a command (a number plus * or #, I can’t recall exactly). Once the command has been entered, you can hear whatever sound is coming from the vicinity of the XXX. The manual has been mailed along with the sample itself. Please see the test report attached.

Every year when we’re creating and editing the catalog there’s an endless back and forth of revisions. Unclear or uncertain specs and information is repeatedly inserted and deleted, wasting a rather lot of human resources and capital. Before making the catalog, if all related (and correct) information could be collected in one place, and only then editing work begun, wouldn’t overall accuracy increase? And time be more easily managed? Unless absolutely necessary, would it be possible to reduce large-scale adding and rearranging of pages? It seems every time the catalog is about to be finished, there is always a new round of major changes and additions. The target finish date ends up extending to infinity. We should establish a rule. Every year, when the plan for how to revise the catalog is finalized, no further large-scale changes should be permitted. If there is something which must absolutely be added, perhaps there might be another way to do so? For example, with a single-sheet DM inserted when the catalog is being sent out. This is just one possibility. A product catalog is time-limited. By continuously inserting and editing, not only do the best moments to introduce new products get passed by, but the overall expense to the company increases. The above are my personal opinions. I just felt the need to make a few comments in the hopes of improving the overall process of catalog creation. I estimate the 2011 catalog must certainly be sent to print by the end of XXX. Let’s all work hard together!

中翻英選品 • 專業 email 1. 更新 schematic, 之前寄送的檔案 為舊版本的。 2. 是故意將 24V/0.5A 與 24V/0.25A 的負載皆設定 為 500mA,因 XXX 用同一個 0.1A 規格。 3. 若將 24V/0.25A 的負載調低 則測試時間會過長 (約 30’S 假若使用者持續按 Load button)


1. XXX 測試 XXX 的庫存產品,有時也會出現相同 問題但不是每 PCS 都會發生。 2. 當 Relay 輸出 未接負載時,偶爾會彈跳一次, 但如果接 2A 的負載則會彈跳 2~3 次。 3. 研判因該是 XXX 本身的問題,這是 XXX 本身普 遍存在的物理反應,但品質較好的 XXX 會改善 以及降低此現象的發生。(一般在設計 Control panel 或是 Counter 的時候 都會降低其接受性 號的反應速度來避免發生問題) 4. 另外 有可能是因為 XXX 有換過 XXX,而新的 XXX 反應較差,而造成此現象加重。 5. 當 customers 將 XXX 接至反應極為靈敏 Control panel ,若 XXX 被觸發一次,則有時會造成有 多次觸發的狀態產生,但如果負載接的是 XXX or XXX light 則不會有太大問題產生。 6. 已請 XXX 如何改善此問題的發生。 7. 待廠商有回覆時 會再告知您相關訊息。

1. XXX tested products we have in stock. Some units have the problem, but not all PCS have it. 2. When the relay activates without a load, it will occasionally spike once, however with a 2A load it will spike 2~3 times. 3. Looking into it it would appear the XXX itself has a problem relating to the XXX’s typical physical reaction. Higher quality XXX reduce the problem’s occurrence. (Normally when designing a control panel or counter the reaction speed is lowered in order to alleviate the problem). 4. Also, it’s possible that XXX changed XXX, and the new XXX isn’t as good and makes the problem worse. 5. When the customer connects the relay output to a control panel with a very quick response time, and the XXX is triggered once, it can sometimes seem to trigger a number of times, whereas if a XXX or XXX light is connected then the problem won’t be too serious. 6. We’re already asked XXX how to improve the situation. 7. Once we receive a reply from the vendor we’ll send an update.

1. 根據您附檔 PCB layout 做法,成本會提高很 多,而且也很少有人這樣做。 2. 大多數的作法都是由電源輸入端來控制輸出聲 音的格式。 3. 所以經修改後如附檔設計備忘中,請參考 basic version 的部分。 4. 另價格的部分,會再請 XXX 經理報價


2. 3.

2. 3. 4.

The schematic has been updated, the file sent earlier is the old version. We’ve purposefully set the 24V/0.5A and 24V/0.25A loading to 500mA, since we’re using 0.1A XXX. If we decrease the loading on 24V/0.25A, testing time becomes very long (about 30 seconds if the user continuously presses the load button).

According to the PCB layout method you attached, cost will increase a lot, and few people will use it in that way. The majority of users will use the power input in order to control the sound output type. I have modified the Design Notes, please see the right-hand section “basic version” in the attached file. Regarding price, I will ask XXX to provide a quote.

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