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Stop dieting! You are attractive. Anti - diet campagin. We are Diet.con The first diet campaign idea was for an introduction of right diets to 20 - 25 years old male and female. Aim of the diet campaign was that people realise a wrong diet and change their behaviour. However, tutor told us others have already presented the right diets also our young target audience would not interest. That time, we received UAL health adviser’s email that nationally Obesity is a huge problem but underweight students in UAL should be concerned. Otherwise, our target said “ I am fat, I need to go on a diet.” However, they are normal weight or on underweight.

Anti - diet “Stop dieting!”. Our Campaign is from our life. Fashion and beauty cultures have been developing as many young people are interested in slim body. Personally, I tried one single food diet for 3days and lost weight a bit. However, my healthy was badly changed. Otherwise, the youth may know the risks of wrong dieting but they do not stop. They want to be a model. Also believe that figure would bring more attentions and loves surround them. However, They already have a slim, loves and attentions. Therefore, our campaign wants to tell you “ Stop dieting, you are attractive.”

Anti - diet campagin “ You are attractive ” encourages young girls that diet do not work your confidence and attractiveness.

I want to create a campaign about overlooked issues happening around us easily.

I am a girl and a young student.I think global warning is big problem nationally but the problem seems to quite far from me. So, I want to be involved in my campagin target audience to understand a big core issue and a real solution from me and my friend’s life. Also, I agree with key issue related the issue and public changed that.

A good Jonerny in research part. uncountable inspirations form all.


Planty foods and less activity bring obesity issues and we spend a great deal of money to sort out the problem

Indivisual research

Obesity rates that have risen three-fold or more since 1980 in some areas of North America, the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands, Australasia and China.

Most cases of obesity are caused by eating too much and moving too little.Intaking over calories(Male 2,500, Female 2,000) per day and less physical activity cause overwight. Also, child obesity issue has been rising becaue of gentics and lifesyle from their childhood. 1 . Calories 2 . Lifestyle choices 3 . Lack of physical activity 4 . Genetics 5 . Medical reasons As result, Obesity rate is increasing nationally. It leads to serious diet-related chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stroke, and certain forms of cancer. As a result, government spends money related obesity.

high obesity rate 1. USA 2. maexico 3. United kingdom Low obesity rate 1. vietnam 2. laos 3. madagascar

Indivisual research

Obesity leads leads to serious problems such as Hight blood pressure, high cholesterol and Fatty liver disease and diabets and breast, colon or endometrial cancers. UK obesity funds The cost of obesity to NHS in England to rise to £6.2 billion. It is estimated that the cost to the NHS in England of obesity in 2007 was £4.2 billion and would rise to £6.3 billion in 2015.

NHS homepage supply various diet programmes, wrokshops and dieting infornation.

Co research

We researched east young people diet habit. Survey monkey 14 to 16 Jan

Your gender and nationality?

What is your main food?

Rice 85.7 %

Potat o 17.14 %

Brea d 5.71 %

20-25 male and answered in east part. Young peopel’s main food is rice and noodle. They have a high education level of diet, food knowledge and percetion.

Co research

In your opinion, what is a right diet for losing weight?

How much alcohol you drink per week?

Also, they know what is right deit and keep their figure with a balanced meal and exercise regulary. Specially, most people answered they dont eat dinner after 8pm. Alchole

Co research

How much tea or coffee you drink per week?

Young people drink tea than coffee daily. Otherwise, they know tea helps to digest but they dont drink over 2 cups Young people in Korea drinks coffees more than teas but they also know drink much coffee harms their body balance.

Co research

We researched west young people diet habit. Co research Interview and observing 10 to 22 Jan

We oberved young people Young people usually buy ready meal and tins. They buy as can as they eat for

in Tesco at E&C convenient foods, Frozen food, dont shopping much food and a day.

Vegetarian friends interviews Anne (F, 20) and Sindy (Female, 22) Anne wanted to lose weight so she was vegetarian for 3yeas. However, only eating vegitables are not healpful. So, she have had balanced meal and then lost nealry 30 pounds Sindy has been a begetarian since 3 years old. She can’t digest all meat so she eat only vegetables. This interview shows that being a vegetarian is not a good way for losing weight. Frieds interviews Our friends in LCC college are usually skip breakfast or eat couple of days. They eat tosted bread or serial with milk. Some of male students drink alchol every friday.

This is the West & East Food Guide Pyramid.

Indivisual research & group research

Fat Sugar

Fat, oils & sweets

Milk, Yogurt & chess


meet poultry, fish, dry brands, eggs and Nuts


Rice & pasta,

Bread, Cereal.


meat, chicken

vegetable oils Vegetable


Rice & noodle

other whole grains Daily physical activity

Western Foods

Eastern foods

Indivisual research & group process

1. 2. 3. 3.

Western foods Most foods are deep fried with high calorie sauces. Roast Beef or pork is a main dish. Dinner time is around 7-8pm Tea or coffee with cakes or snackes

1. 2. 3. 4.

Eastern foods Main ingredients arerica vegetables. Most foods are boiling only with a little slat. Dinner time is before 7pm No desert time but drink teas

East diet is fresh and balanced meal. So, Obesity rate is low. In other hand, Obesity rate is highly increasing in the west also western diet is not working. Normally, their main foods are deep fried or roasted for a long time. In addition, they dont eat row fresh vegetable excluded in salads. Potentially, they take much sugar which is causing a huge epidemic of health problems in our society including diabetes, cancer and heart problems.

As reslut, we decied to change people’s wrong diet behaviour and rebuild up the concept of right diet methold. Our aim is that 20 -25 female (LCC students) encourage pople eat balanced meal to lose weight.

We create visual campagin

Our group name ‘Dietcon’ is balanced and low calorie food to lose weight healthly. So, we created health dieting visual poster.

We rethink our target audience and back to think about our capagin.

Totur adviced “Balanced meal and good diet havit have already fully published. Also, Our target, Young people would not hear about our campagin.�

We relised we also dont like to hear about our campagin. I already know what is right diet but It seems to really. So, We needed to rethink about our campagin of diet message and target audience. We reviewed our survey, previous and under weight research.

Indivisual research

This is a great turning point to acess different aspect of diet.

Health diet survey to UAL health adviser. I sent her to ask obesity about UAL obesity. She suggested underweight would be considered because Ual studdents are infulenced by fashion.

Under weight

Indivisual research

When we start research about a new target ‘young girls on average and under weight’ our campaign process is easily developed step by step because of previous research. Also, The issue is really related my life. So I could be involved in our target audience side.

I saw over 10 dieting advertisings and on the road, social media easily per a day. My feeling was guilty about my body shape and wanted to go on a diet.

Initial campaign ideas

Young people forget that being underweight or skinny brings their own health risk and danger. The mass media affects young people’s thinking of beauty, which makes them think they are fat and they want to lose weight. we started to look at the under weight diet. We compared previous obesity research and under weight issues and then a new compagin idea was built up step by step.

From our survey, young people said “I want to go on a diet, I am fat.� However, they are arleady slim.

Survey monkey 14 to 16 Jan friends interview 10 to 22 Jan

I believe that enjoying reaserch journey can gives me divers inspirations and unpredictable discoveries. Indivisual research

Galleries in London I visited pop art exhibition at barbican, Andy Warhol: Photographs at photography gallery, ’OSPAAAL Posters Show’at kemistrygallery and Hannah Höch at whitechapelgallery. 20th century pop art books I read books Roy Lichtenstein by Janis Hendrickson and other pop arts books. Watching beauty, celebrityon and young trend films on youtube I tried to close young pople’s trends and thought. Most films mentioned following hollywood starts make up, fashion and body shape(Before & After)

So, I built up our campagin brand imge trough these research

I tried to meet pop artists in London and become a explorers

Indivisual research

Face Red dots on Pure beige

hand writings in a bubble speechs Blush lines Solid balck and catoon style. Colour complementary color,

Hair nomarally yello hair

Roy Lichtenstein by Janis Hendrickson (Author) This book described that apotheosis of banal, everyday objects simultaneously constituted a criticism of the traditional elitist understanding of art. Also, I gladed to meet various his work in the same place and his works gave me different inspirations. I met him in Pop art exhibiton in Barbican again.

Pop art exhibition at barbican. I tried to understand pop art stlye, history and artist’s works. specially, I needed to get inspirations of typography for our logo ‘DIET.con’ ideas. Pop art emphasis object. Typography is not perfect and look like hand drawing typography. A key words typography from is bold or Italic to emphasis the meaning of conversation.

Andy Warhol: Photographs 1976 - 1987 at photography gallery One of popular pop art artist ‘Andy Warhol’ took black and white images of the world around him from celebrity parties to street scenes with a 35mm camera. His daily life seems to normal but not normal. His several photos are linked by needlework. The piece of works presented as like pop art.

Logo Images should be shown campaign core issue and platform cleary.

After watching the film “Scale Measures Your Weight in Celebrities Like Beyonce, Rihanna” I think It makes people more silm. I recognised young people are senstive their weight on the scale. Otherwise, they judge overweight standard with celebrity’s weight. So, scale is a symbol thire main of diet purpose.

logo Inspirations I brought a chair in the pop art exhibition and sketched every typographies. I lighted up an initial idea of logo which shape is a scale. Basically, ‘ DIET ’ is bold more than ‘.con ’. 1. Initial idea

2. Sketch ‘.con’ from the exhibition 3. Digital sketch




Digital sketch On the illustration. Letter ‘ I ’ and scale needle to be a one. Finding perfect rotation of typography on the a half wheal of scale window was difficult to be looked like a perfect shape. Also, People confused about n so I made it better. 4. Final sketch


Our group selcedted my logo to show our campagin identity. So, we developed typo the logo shape together.

Diet.con logo

Our logo guide compelited in the class

Text type Slogan We create an anti - diet campagin to stop your unnessary and unhealthy diet.

K 100

C 99 M 99 Y9 K1

Logo Sticker This sticker logo sticker which is placed next diet typo on the product

Typography Tiltle

Looong time no see Sam

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz BadaBoom BB / Regular

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Body

Helvetica / Light abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

C 48 M 11 Y 13

Diet con research book  
Diet con research book  

This diet.con book is a research book for supporting the Anti-dieting camapign.