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Anna’s Journal June 15 Yesterday was my 39th birthday. I had a tough day at work. When I got home I wished I could sit in my patio, drink wine and smoke a cigar. Since it was my birthday, I should well do what I want to do. When I lived with my parents, smoking was clearly not allowed. Now that I am a parent I cannot smoke because I have to set good examples to my children. I cannot say “Look, I’m old enough, I can do what I like with my health, okay?” My beloved daughters gave me their hand made cards. Lovely drawings in their own words. Very cute! They helped me to blow the candles and sang birthday song twice. Our helper took some pictures of us and the girls were very happy. The girls wrote that I was the best mother in the world. How sweet indeed.I have never thought of myself as a very good mother because even though I have two girls under my charge, I remain a very self absorbed human being till this day. There are four types of mothers. The self sacrificing type. One who is frugal, conscientious and constantly has the interest of her domestic frontier and her children at heart. Example: my good friend, Sue Lee. The well groomed type: One who spends more time on grooming than taking care of their children. Example: Thank goodness I do not know any. The undomesticated type : One who leaves everything to her domestic helper or nanny to take care of her children. Example: I am sometimes guilty of that. The want to have it all type: One who tries to juggle her time between the children’s schedules, her conjugal duties and personal interests. Example: me and many other working mothers. So I reckon, I am like millions of other working mothers who try to do what we can while we continue to do what we like to do with our lives.

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