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세상과 통하는 또 하나의 소리 VIA CANADA



세상과 통하는 또 하나의 소리 VIA CANADA

세상과 통하는 또 하나의 소리 VIA CANADA


세상과 통하는 또 하나의 소리 VIA CANADA


peOpLe & HORse

RALPH RA, the man who listens to horse in the ear of mind. The Earth is beautiful. It is beautiful because it is full of living being. On this planet, there are some people who can commune with this nature. Ralph Ra is a unique person among those people. There is one of the most significant stories on talking “heart-toheart”. When Buddah raised up a branch of a small flower without any word, out of a total silence among people, his disciple Gaseop answered with a calm smile(拈花示衆 ). Mystically, Ralph seems to know how to commune with horses. He is the only Korean instructor who runs the riding stables in Langley. Ralph is a romanticist, who embraces the story of nature in his heart.

Written by Suk Jung Oh / Translated by Alex Lee / Photo by Julia Lee


Happy Business


Joe's Table everyone and try to help them obtain experience in real job environment. Q: Did you have any difficulties with DA people at work? A: Nothing. We just needed to assign right jobs to them according to their abilities.

Q: When was it open and who are the major customers? A: We opened this shop in June, 2013 and students from colleges around and people in this area are our major customers.


“Joe’s Table brand is maintained by quality and its unique spirit.”

Q: Why do people come here to buy your coffee? A: People like making purposeful purchases to contribute to a non-profit business. Of course, enjoying best quality coffee around this area is the first reason.

Jenna Christianson-Barker / Director of Operations Jenna is Operational Director of Joe’s Table Society, the legal operator of Joe’s Table coffee shops. Her husband is a pastor serving for a small local church she has a master’s degree in social business management area. In Joe’s Table, her role has a great impact. Her strong vision of Joe’s Table’s success is the very heart that makes Joe’s Table walk and run.

Q: How is your business? A: We are already profitable over break-even point. We have a robust sustainability strategy. We do not want to depend on governmental funding or any donation from other donors. We are fully self-sustained and we are a fully independent Social Enterprise. “No fund raising – self sustaining” is our spirit.

Q: What is your employment policy? A: Joe’s Table has 5 DA employees (DA: Different Abilities) out of 9 – “inclusive employment” policies. We try to employ

Q: What are your strategies for competitiveness? A: Our strategy is to let people be aware where the money they spend will go. Helping local people creates motivation for customers to buy. More than this, we serve only the best quality


Joe's Table

coffee, with 100% Arabica beans that are roasted locally. As well, for overseas market, we will supply specially roasted coffee and will maintain the same quality all around. Q: What is your expansion plan? A: A new store is going to be open in downtown Vancouver at the end of the year. In China, 1,000 shops are planned. Locations are to be picked by end of 2013 and those shops will start to be opened from mid-2014. We will maintain same business policies and all the same coffee beans and the same brand image all around. In Korea, by mid- 2014, the first shop will be opened. Q: Do you have any other special business programs? A: We have “Catalyst Training Program”. This is to train people with Different Abilities to get job experience at our shop so that they can use their experience here as a spring board to find any other career in the future. We try to train 3 people at a time, giving “work” experience. While they are being trained here, they are treated as regular employees of Joe’s Table and are being paid fully. Q: How do you deal with DA people with too low functionality? A: We try to hire everyone and let them obtain job experience. First, they usually start work for inside jobs with assistance from others. Q: What’s the scope of Joe’s Table Society’s operation? A: Joe’s Society is the main body who operates all the coffee shops and manages scholarship fund. Scholarships are provided to those people who study in special education areas.

Q: How do you feel about Joseph’s art works?

Employee: Kate Isaac “The most exciting part of working at Jeo’s Table is to be a part of something important. I wish to pursue a career to help people and am trying to study in Special Education area. Here, we all feel like one family and can feel the deep stream of Christianity. Joe’s Table has a good management team and it is definitely different from Starbucks or other coffee shops.” Employee: Frances “I started working for Joe’s Table from May, 2013. I didn’t dare to try to find a job before I came to know Joe’s Table. Now I am so happy that I can make coffee for other people. I would like to be a trainer to teach other people with Different Abilities”. Employee: Jihwan Chung “I am very good at repeated simple works: folding envelopes and napkins and so on. I love making hot-chocolate for people. I love to drink what I make for them too, if they are too slow to take!”

세상과 통하는 또 하나의 소리 VIA CANADA

Q: How do you operate the Gallery? A: We curate art works through partnership with other nonprofit organizations who help people with disabilities. They are primarily Bethesda Parent Society, posAbilities, and Alternatives Creations Studio and their organizational mandate is to help people with special needs find opportunities of normal social life.

A: Joseph’s works are full of emotions expressed purely. And we feel connected to Joseph all through the shop. When people look at Joseph’s works and others’ they can feel the struggle expressed inside their works. Especially those people with similar difficulties will feel more.


Happy Business

불완전한 사회 속 소수를 위한 사회적 기업

내가 본 캐나다는 약자를 위한 사회복지가 참 잘된 나라이다. 아무리 그렇다 해도 약자는 어디서나 존재한다는 사실에는 캐나다라고 해도 예외일 수는 없다. 특히 밴쿠버 내 가장 중심가에 있는 다운타운에 모여있는 홈리스들을 보게 되면 정부의 힘만으로는 한계가 있다는 것을 알 수 있다. 그 래서 주목하게 된 것이 사회적 기업이다. 사회적 기업이란 영리 기업과 비영리 기관 사이에 있는 사업체를 일컫는 말인데 가장 큰 특징은 직접 이윤 을 생성하여 다시 단체에 투자한다는 점이다. 또 단순한 물질적 기부가 아닌 사회의 일원으로서 적극적 참여와 보다 넓은 커뮤니티적 성장을 추구 한다. 사회적 기업은 단순히 좋은 일을 하는 적선 단체의 개념을 떠나 젊은 사업가들이 추구하는 사업 모델로서 급 부상하고 있다. 밴쿠버만 하더라 도 2013년에 정부에서 두 기업에게 38만 달러의 지원 대책을 마련하였고 2012년에는 Vancity 은행이 총 9억 원의 대출을 해주었다. 캐나다에서 가장 빈곤하다고 손꼽히는 밴쿠버 이스트사이드만 해도 사회적 기업이 100여 개에 달한다고 한다. 이번 기획을 통해 현 시대가 요구하는 사회적 기업들 의 다양한 형태와 변화되어 가는 사회 속에서 더불어 나눔을 추구하는 이들 기업과 사람들 사이의 소통을 나눠보고자 한다.

Written by Areum Kim


세상과 통하는 또 하나의 소리 VIA CANADA




세상과 통하는 또 하나의 소리 VIA CANADA



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