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Mr P Cooper 7 Farwell Road Totnes TQ9 5LJ 23 March 2012 Dear Mr Cooper Thank you for your email letter of 12 March 2012 and, registering your complaint about the consultation on the KEVICC dress code. Given that you have made a formal complaint, it is my role as Chair of Governors to respond. Governors acknowledge that any debate about dress code or uniform is an emotive issue engendering strong issues on both sides. We acknowledge your anger, but the decision has been made to reintroduce uniform and we will not be reopening this debate. First, let me put this decision into context: for over a year Governors have been aware of comments suggesting that the lack of uniform was a concern to prospective parents. This prompted us to investigate further through consultation of a wide range of groups in the community. We completely understand the assumption that the consultation was a knee jerk reaction to Ofsted; however this is not the case. Governors genuinely wanted to be informed of the wider college community views before deciding on the next stage in the process. Little discussion of the issue took place in Governors’ meetings before the start of the consultation process other than to agree to consult. Governors wanted to hear from prospective parents in primary schools and the staff who advise these parents on their choice of secondary school. We also wanted to ensure that students’, parents’ and staff opinions were sought. Governors were issued with the statistics from the consultation and comments from a wide range of people. This was a massive task. Governors met and discussed the findings in the context of the current educational climate. The process of deciding what this will look like is one which must be undertaken carefully and in consultation with students if it is to be successful. Decisions over the type of uniform have not been made but will be made in consultation with students and other stakeholders. Correspondence to the Governing Body should always be address to the Clerk to the Governors. Please do not send any emails to individual Governors especially as the email list you have is out of date, incomplete and contains names of people who are no longer Governors.

The Governing Body regrets that our decision to reintroduce uniform has caused divisions in the community, but we believe that even if the consultation process had been carried out differently the majority view would still have been the same. We acknowledge that there were ways we could have approached the issue differently and this will inform us in the future. Our task now is to move KEVICC forward in an uncertain educational climate and to celebrate our students and their achievements. We hope that parents will offer us their support. Yours sincerely

Jane Collings Chair of Governors

Mr Cooper Let 23 3 12  

The process of deciding what this will look like is one which must be undertaken carefully and in consultation with students if it is to be...

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