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yurds on II ~Iolb'uck revers lo Doug Loges and 12 more on a McKeoge pass to Darren WooBy Richard Polen dall. The McKeage-Woodall pass ,combination ended the drive with : sportswriter OSt of the rushing a 1O-yard touchdown. _ records Jerry Evans set' Sweet Springs took its first at Oak Park High second-half possession from its School in t he late 1960s have own 11 to the Rock Port 9 in a been broken. But alter 16 years drive highlighted by a reverse to of state-championship games in Loges. Rock Port then twice Missouri, no one has carried the stupped Woodall for no' gain, ball in a state prompting the Greyhounds to fin a 1 more line up for a field goal. It was a times than __._ c fake that backfired when a pass Evans. .. apperie\i·; by Rick Clemens was knocked The y-ear ·t(ll •. duwn by Malt Wilczek. ', At first; it didn't seem to mat- . was 1968, the first-ever Missouri state highter. Rock Port fumbled three _ school football ch; mpionships, plays later, and Sweet Springs Oak Park lost to M"Cluer 17-13 took a 12-6 lead when Jay Heer-: in the Class 4A championship man took a inside handoll.16 -· n· s-foot-L, 180· .J ,J'd~ for;; I(HlChdc,wn. I

pound tailback, carried the ball 37 times lor 158 yards in Coach .Gladden Dye's wing-T offense. "We had something like 19 first downs to their seven and outrushed them about 200-30," Evans said. "We didn't get any breaks and we had a lot 01 .turnovcrs." Evans, who turned 35 two weeks ago, now owns J & J Drywall, a drywall and sheetrack business. He has buill' a Iew houses on the side including the one he and wife Kathleen,' daughter Bethany, ~, and son Jason, 7, reside in Kansas City, North. Alter high school, Evans played Iootball and baseball - three ye-ars at the Universtty of .. l~,-" •.---"c:-o~,.-~~~~".=,,-----~--.--. _. ..___ . .".. ;;:,'.!.c .,,, .,,'.:


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Kansas. lIe experlm~Jed with lier. our seasons paralleled. I'll nev"W, semipro football and baseball er lorget it." man, for' a while before settling into Evans wasn't lhe whole show every! his business career. at Oak Park, however. There site.;' Evans played college ball at was Scott Henderson, a defenEva 190 pounds and weighed more sive tackle woo later played at ords I 01 Missouri; Ihan tha t at times, but he now is the University yardaj back to his high-school playing Brett Dingerson, a linebacker weight. And the memories still who went to West Point; and a but he are sweet. Arrnst host of others who played colwho n "I had 1,700 or 1,800 yards lege ball across the Midwest. 900 ya - rushing my senior year (at Oak During the regular season the Arm Park)," Fvans said. "It was a · Northmen's only loss came ken E little ovc: a mile. That's' one · against Westport, 7·0. That thing I rc.nernber. I carried the · Westport team was coached by yards Dan Stanley, now head coach at stood I ball 28-30 times a game. my trr Winnetonka. "We had a simple offensesaid ... five yards and cloud 01 dust. In the semifinals Oak Park now. B played Jefferson City, a team And it seemed as long as we that had a 71-game winning " get foo kept the Chiefs would streak snapped two years earwin. It \~ as amazlnz the way I




Plainville skates past Wellsville 14..,0 for Class 3A state champ -O"lellFi"iday~they'comdnT:do any"-thl" best on'·-this'.turf, buT'you 'midwaithrou~ the first quarler'-"--Dulan's"to'uch-down-"long with snow: .. , ~ _ thing about ~he I~yer of Ice that couldn't get any traction at all in gave the Cardinals a 6-0 lead. Tony Winslow's two-point conconve _. . ~oated the held Saturday morntho"".". " . Pl.rtnvllle's . other touchdovn version run capped a rally from Denl a~hattan, K~n ..- WellB-·--lng. Not-surpnslngly., Wellsville Making the day even worse for earn.' midway through the ttu-d a 13-0 first-quarter deficit. .ville Coach Jim. Wnght . and Plainville combined for 14 Wl'lIsvllle was , Plninville's deqnnrt cr 0" a H yard run by . We •• . purchased special artlf i- fumbles. Wellsville lumloll'd Iense. The Eagles threatened just Ger ald Kennedy. RlI . .Vlctorla 8 ctnl tur~ shoes for hls players el~h~ (lines and lost four. OIH'(" movine ~n<.:~~,:" the' P!El!!1~~._~~_Ii.'{i. ~ _ quart hefore. ,he. Kansas Class SA "I ve never, had to deal with ville 20 just before halftime. three Manhattan, Kan.-Victoria cI~am.plOnshlp game Saturday at anything like this," said Wright, Wellsville settled lor a fIeld-goal Washburn Rural 21 quart, made a second-quarter touch: Kansas St,ate University. Dunng ~,n his 2~th year 01 ,coacillng. try that, .ent wide right. . K.!'pau.'1:.!'fI.Eunt..Cll!:I1)_C!.!.~3_, two n down and two-point conversion wellsville s 14These people who don t want to > "I'd iiI e to try the last play of Lawrence, Kan -Washburn way t stand in an 8-6 victory over Cee01038 to Plain,pl"y all n~~ur~1 l,urf •. l~ ~hcy had. the fir:st !Oilt! aeil;n." Wright !mid. Rural's Antonie Dutan returned West .r: :!!e•. Wdght'5 .'"' pJOy~~,:f'.m':·'!h~" (artlflC'!nt: f)n~~""~···V:'C!.~l ·~1.J:\'e - t:-!~:l"::omc~~::n; '·a'··h.:,:,::'~e~~lofL-A ~ yards for. :1 -·t·r(1ll~ In th~ Kiln~a:'t r;l~~~ . \·2:\ . Erght· -championship game at KSU cham; team· would today they'd have second different." touchdown with 4- minutes, 21 Stadium. have been better off thoughts. Plainville didn't move the ball seconds left, lifting the Junior Centralia scored on an esttskates. "Quite a few kids ended up not consistently against Wellsville, Blues past Wichita Kapaunmatedin-yard run by Kurt DinkAlthough. stadium workers wearing the turf shoes. They said but·a l Il-yu rd touchdown run by Mount Carmel 21-13 in the Class el (yard lines were covered 'by cleared the 2 inches of snow that regular basketball -hoes worked quarterback Grady Gaschler 5:\ ch .mpionship gume,

By Richard Polen






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