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A few years ago we were new to Leeds, but a few months ago we were elected to work full time as the student leaders of your students’ union, Leeds University Union. If you’re new to university, you might be wondering just what a students’ union is. The following few pages will give a taste of everything we do, and hopefully show you why we’re such an important part of life in Leeds. There’s one piece of advice we have for everyone, no matter who you are: that’s to get involved in Union life at every opportunity! Your Exec Mark (Communications and Internal Affairs), Harriet (Welfare), Ben J (Education), Hannah (Activities), Ben F (Community), Charlie (Equality and Diversity).

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Welcome to your Union Located at the heart of campus, your Union is a space to meet people, make new friends and get involved. A lot happens in the Union building, but it also acts as a hub for activity across campus, throughout Leeds and beyond.


Clubs & Societies

When you come to Leeds, you’ll become a member of Leeds University Union, alongside 32,000 others – one of the biggest student communities in the country.

They’re an essential part of university life, offering everything from debating to sky diving. The hard part is deciding which of the 302 to join.

Creating Change

Shops, Bars, Clubs

We’re student-led, so your ideas shape everything we do. We’re here to help you change the things that you want to see changed.

Whether you’re looking for lunch or a good night out, we host a great range of services. Even better, we reinvest the money spent in them to support you.

Help We offer free independent advice if you have problems or need a helping hand, and campaign on the issues that matter to you to make your time at Leeds better.

Representation The six students elected to lead your Union, academic reps, community reps, hall reps, and activities reps all work hard to make sure you love your time at Leeds.

Welcome to University Universities are places of learning, but they’re different to schools or colleges. At Leeds, staff and students work in partnership to decide on what is learnt and how. Throughout your time at university you’ll be presented with opportunities to engage and realise your potential. As your Union, we’re here to help you make that happen.


Department Societies

We supported staff and students working together to establish the Partnership Agreement: an outline of expectations between staff and students. We’re here to make sure you get the most out of this partnership.

Departmental societies are a great way to get to know people on your course away from the classroom, but they’re so much more than that. They provide limitless new opportunities, from guest speakers to careers events.

Academic Reps

Education Officer

School and Course Reps make sure student views are heard by the University. Last year they created 600 changes on campus to make the University better for you.

One of your six elected student leaders, Ben J, works with the university at the highest level to make sure the university is working better for students.

Welcome to Le


For most students, Leeds isn’t just the name of your new university. It’s also the name of your new home. So when you come to Leeds, you don’t just become a member of the academic community – you join a new local community too. We work to represent you across Leeds, and ensure positive student contribution is recognised.

Community Officer


Ben F works with the University, local council and local residents to promote community issues – safety, housing and crime – making sure your new home is a happy one.

We think giving is better than taking, which makes volunteering an important part of what we do. Last year, Leeds students gave 88,461 hours to local, national and international projects.

Residents’ Committees Halls of Residence are where many lasting connections are formed, so we think it’s important you get the most out of your time there. Your Halls of Residents’ Committee makes sure this happens through organising events and socials.

Leeds and Beyond Our work doesn’t stop at the boundaries of Leeds. We work on a national level alongside the NUS, lobbying the government on key student issues.

Welcome to Leeds 2011 - Information Postcards  
Welcome to Leeds 2011 - Information Postcards  

Four postcards with pieces of useful information about Leeds University Union.