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Old Bar and Real Ale


In conjunction with our FestivALE the Old Bar will celebrate British Sausage Week by serving a wide selection of locally sourced british sausages in a variety of dishes. See our menu inserts for more details. Enjoy!

The Old Bar is proud to serve the following ales from across Yorkshire.

The Old Bar takes its cask beer very seriously indeed and has worked hard over the past four years to build up a reputation for quality beer. We have gone from two hand pumps on the bar to eleven with seven of these in constant use and the other four reserved for Ale festivals. We take most of our beer from small microbreweries run as family businesses, although we do take some beer from the slightly larger macrobreweries. However whether its micro or macro the brewery is always local to us. We believe it is important to support the local brewing community and keep our carbon footprint as low as possible; after all Yorkshire is home to some of the best breweries in England so why would we want to venture further afield? We hope that you enjoy a pint with us and if you really want to learn more about real ale then join the union’s ale society, Ale Soc. Cheers!

The Black Sheep Brewery Situated at the gateway to Wenslydale, Masham is the home of the Black Sheep brewery, who have been brewing beer there for 19 years. The founder of the Brewery Paul Theakston has six generations of family who like him have been brewing their beer in Masham. After the family firm Theakston’s Ltd became part of Scottish and Newcastle, Paul was looking for a new opportunity to brew real beer in the time honoured fashion.

Black Sheep Ale

Ruddy Ram

Golden Sheep

By far our best selling cask beer, a well hopped, light golden best bitter with a distinctive, dry, refreshing taste, to be enjoyed in true Black Sheep style through a rich creamy head. Brewed using our traditional methods and finest ingredients.

Full flavoured premium bitter, with a rich fruity aroma. It is brewed with many generous handfuls of choice Golding hops giving a bittersweet malty taste, followed by Black Sheep characteristic long, dry and bitter finish.

A beer that’s exceptionally dark in colour with a rich, biscuity flavour. This warming ale is brewed with a touch of barley and generous handfuls of chocolate malt. Connoisseurs will particularly enjoy the notes of chocolate and liquorice.

Golden Sheep is a beautifully balanced Blonde cask beer, with a dry and refreshing bitterness. It develops with light, citrusy fruit flavours, and a clean, crisp finish. Brewed using time honoured methods and fermented in our Yorkshire Square vessels.

Today Black Sheep is still going strong and is reaching pubs all across England; they even export the bottled beers to a range of international destinations. The Old Bar is proud to be one of Black Sheeps ‘Flagsheeps’, meaning that you will always find at least two of Black Sheep’s four beers on sale behind our bar. Black Sheep brew four beers, Best Bitter, Black Sheep Ale, Riggwelter and the newest addition to the flock Golden Sheep. Always using the best ingredients and traditional Yorkshire methods means that the beer they brew will always be top quality and ewenique to them.

The Old Bar is now Cask Marque accredited. The Old Bar is now Cask Marque accredited. Leeds University Union is only one of two unions in England to achieve this accreditation and we are extremely proud of this achievement. We would like to thank our sponsors, the Black Sheep brewery.

Black Sheep brewery was born and Paul and his head brewer at the time (Paul Ambler) were off around the length and breadth of Britain salvaging traditional brewing equipment, many pieces being saved just before the demolition balls destroyed them forever.

Best Bitter

The Cask Marque scheme was developed in 1998 to ensure that the customer was served an excellent quality beer every time. Pubs are assessed regularly on taste, appearance, aroma and temperature of their cask ales to ensure that the customer is always getting a good pint.





Santiam IPA: 5.0% ABV 10th in their second series of American IPA’s, rich golden coloured ale with a spicy, zesty finish.

Great Northern: 5.1% Pale, dry & extremely bitter, intense citrus aroma.

Bud-E-Kins: 5.0% an amber bitter, brewed with a selection of traditional British hops & a blend of Maris Otter & crystal malt.

Brewer’s Reserve: 5.0% A premium strong dark ale, with malt character coming from the use of plenty of chocolate and crystal malt.

Now That’s What I Call Beer ’39: A refreshing, straw coloured ale, brewed with American Hops.

Jail Break: 3.8% A pale session beer brewed using Chinook and Nelson Sauvin hops.

Embers: 4.5% a rich, golden, flavoursome beer, with hints of caramel and chocolate with a well balanced hoppy finish.

Brock’s Bitter: 3.8% Traditional malty brown bitter with nutty after taste.

Burley Street




Monza: 3.5% a traditional mild that is hand-crafted using Maris Otter, Brown and Chocolate malts, and mildly bittered with English hops. A fullbodied yet very easy drinking beer.

Bow Hauler: ABV: 4.1% A light coloured best bitter with a dry, grainy body balanced by the ‘classic’ taste of East Kent Goldings hops.

Red Rat: 4.3% Full bodied, with a sweet caramel maltiness. Intense hop finish with citrus & spice aromas dominating. Dry hopped with Simcoe.

Butterley Bitter: 3.8% Gold, smooth drinking, with a soft malt flavour.

Fully Laden IPA: ABV: 6.0% An IPA with a hefty alcoholic strength and loads of Bobek hops used late in the boil to give it a citrusy, sweet floral taste and aroma with a satisfying bitterness.

Rat Catcher: 4.0% Lager coloured, with a smooth creamy wheat malt character.

Liquorice Stout: 5.0% Roast flavours complimented by real Yorkshire Liquorice.

Brewery Locations in Yorkshire




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Old Bar Festivale 2011 Monday 31st October to Saturday 5th November

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In t he Ol dB



1. Acorn - Wombwell/Barnsley

7. Rat - Huddersfield

2. Black Sheep- Masham

8. Ridgeside - Meanwood/Leeds

3. Burley Street - Burley/Leeds

9. Riverhead - Marsden

4. Fernandes - Wakefield 5. Geeves - Stairholt/Barnsley

Monday 31st October to Saturday 5th November

6. Kelham Island - Sheffield

* All beers is subject to availability from the brewer and management reserve the right to withdraw any products if necessary. All info was correct at the time of going to press.

Leeds University Union.

Old Bar Ale Festival  

Decribing the range of local ales on offer in The Old Bar, Leeds University Union, during the Ale Festival 2011.

Old Bar Ale Festival  

Decribing the range of local ales on offer in The Old Bar, Leeds University Union, during the Ale Festival 2011.