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Pick up a menu & look through our fantastic dishes.


Order your food at the bar and receive a fancy beeper.


When you buzz go to the serving hatch for your food



Seasoned tortilla chips served with tangy salsa, sour cream and melted cheese





Just like our standard nachos but with jalapenos, guacamole and extra cheese

If our chips are not enough for you why not top ‘em:




Beans, cheese, gravy, BBQ sauce

Meat chilli or veg chilli

SOUP OF THE DAY Served with a bread roll. Please see specials board for details

ONION RINGS (V) 6 giant beer battered onion rings with your choice of dip

£2.50 GARDEN SALAD Mixed leaves and tomato with a light French dressing



JACKETS (V) A pipping hot jacket potato


5 succulent strips served with your choice of dip

£3.00 MINI VEGETABLE SAMOSAS 6 spicy vegetable samosas served with a sweet chilli dip

£3.00 GARLIC FLATBREAD (V) 2 oval garlic flatbreads. Add cheese for 50p

£2.00 HOT MOZZARELLA MELTS (V) 5 mozzarella fingers filled with hot jalapenos


Try our selection of toppings:



Beans, cheese, gravy, coleslaw, Tuna mayo

Meat chilli or veg chilli

unky Add ch y bits n a chips to s for £1 b o and b luding (not inc toe s) ta o p t e k jac



SANDWICHES AND STUFF Add chips to any of the below for £1. All our Sandwiches are served with a lightly dressed side salad

THE NEW YORK DELI PANINI Salami, Pastrami, Tomato and mozzarella


DUCK & HOISIN WRAP Duck in Hoisin sauce with spring onion and water chestnuts

£3.50 This wrap was created for the old bar by Matt Lingaard who is studying Bar Quizology at Leeds Uni

FALAFEL & ROASTED VEG WRAP Mini Falafel balls and Roasted Peppers, Courgette and Red Onion


THE OLD BAR CLUB PANINI Chicken, Bacon, Tomato and melted cheddar

£3.50 THE ROAST DINNER BAGUETTE A Crusty Baguette filled with your favourite roast dinners. Ask one of our team or see our specials board for details.

£3.90 This baguette was created by Leanne Bibby who is a clever clogs Phd student at Leeds.

a Ad d u l a r g e r r te a o ica no to a m e r re a k f a s t b yo u r r 5 0 p fo yday Ever pm -1 11am


Have your choice of toppings on either a Bap or a warm croissant. Something else off our menu you’d like in your bap? Simply ask one of our friendly staff!


CHOOSE FROM: Egg Sausage Sausage (V) Bacon Hash Browns Beans

Tomato Cheese Ham Mozzarella, Salami Pastrami

THE MAIN EVENT ROASTED VEG & FETA SALAD A summery herb salad topped with roasted vegetables and feta and drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette

£4.50 CRAYFISH & AVOCADO SALAD Crayfish tails and sliced avocado on top of a bed of mixed herbs served with a sweet chilli mayo

£5.00 POSH FISH & CHIPS Salt & pepper crumbed plaice goujons and battered calamari served with chips and a lightly dressed side salad

£5.00 HOMEMADE LASAGNE With a lightly dressed side salad and chips

£5.00 HOMEMADE VEGETARIAN LASAGNE (V) With a lightly dressed side salad and chips


CHICKEN & CHORIZO SKEWERS 2 skewers served with a side salad and a garlic flatbread

£5.00 HALLOUMI & VEGETABLE SKEWERS Peppers, Courgette, Red Onion and Halloumi skewers served with salad and a garlic flatbread

£5.00 BACON & RED ONION QUICHE An individual homemade quiche served with chips and a lightly dressed side salad

£4.50 BROCCOLI & STILTON QUICHE A classic homemade combination served with chips and a lightly dressed side salad

£4.50 Ad d a g a r f latbrea lic d or chips to a of your ny main meals fo r just £1.00

(V) These dishes are suitable for vegetarians. Fish dishes may contain bones. All dishes are prepared in an environment that is not free from nuts, seeds, gluten or lactose, therefore, all dishes may contain traces of these and other allergens.

PLATES WITH MATES MEGA NACHOS (V) BURGERS Our Beef Burgers and speciality burgers are made for us by Malcolm Michaels Butchers from Kirkgate Market and are all served in a floured bap with chips too. You lucky people !

BEEF ¼ pound beef burger with hamburger relish and salad

£3.95 CHICKEN ¼ pound breadcrumb coated chicken burger with mayonaise and salad

£3.95 VEGGIE (V) ¼ pound of glorious veggieness coated in breadcrumbs with hamburger relish and salad

£3.95 SPECIALITY BURGER See our specials board for our daily burger with a difference. It could be aything from Lamb to Ostrich! Ask one of our staff or see our specials boards for details.


A huge mound of seasoned tortillas covered with tangy salsa, cool sour cream and oozing melted cheddar cheese

£8.50 MEGA NACHOS ULTIMATE EDITION (V) Just like our standard version but with lashings of guacamole, loads of extra cheese and spiced up with jalapenos

£10.00 CREATE YOUR OWN PLATTER Choose any 2 of our chip options and add any other 2 from our bits & bobs section to make your own sharer (not including jacket potatoes) Served with any 2 dips from BBQ, Garlic Mayo, Sweet Chilli or Salsa


SPECIAL OFFERS DAILY OFFERS 11.00am - 1.00pm Add a regular Americano or Tea to your breakfast bap or c..... for 50p

12.00pm - 5.00pm Add chunky chips to any of the bits and bobs for £1 (Not including jacket potatoes)

ALL DAY Add a garlic flatbread or chips to any main event for £1

JUST DESSERT LEMON MERINGUE PIE An individual Pie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

£3.00 CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE Served warm with vanilla ice cream

£2.50 STRAWBERRY PAVLOVA SUNDAE Strawberry and vanilla ice cream, meringue, strawberry sauce and a wafer


BEER & BURGER DEAL All day every day Choose from any of our burgers plus any pint of Carlsberg, Tetleys or Strongbow


SUNDAY DEAL Choose any two mains from the main event menu for only:

£6.50 *Excludes burgers.

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Old Bar menu  

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