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Burger FESTIVAL Flavoured Burgers £5.00

Cajun Veggie Burger £6.00

These burgers are forever changing, from more traditional combinations like beef and chorizo or pork, apple and sage, to the more interesting side of things including Black Sheep ale and Jack Daniels burgers. Just ask at the bar to find out what flavoured burgers we have in today and go on a culinary exploration.

This homemade patty of potato, onion, peppers and Cajun spicing provides an excellent meat free alternative to our Cajun chicken burger for those who love the flavours of the Deep South. Served with salad and mayo.

Speciality Burger £5.00 Have you ever been to the zoo, and asked “I wonder what THAT tastes like?!” Well this is the burgers for you! In the Old Bar, we always endeavour to bring you something new, interesting and above all tasty. There are limits of course, so don’t expect to sit down and tuck into dolphin or panda, but don’t be surprised if you end up trying a bit of ostrich, kangaroo, and who knows maybe even crocodile!

Sloppy Joe £6.00 This classic American style burger is a juicy ¼ pound beef burger covered in homemade chilli and cheese and comes with a dip of your choice.

Gammon Burger £6.00 This 8 oz gammon steak in a bun comes with your choice of egg or pineapple and is served with salad and a dip of your choice.

Fish Finger Burger £6.00 3 cod fish fingers topped with tartar sauce and salad served with chips. Just like mum used to make.

Breakfast Burger £6.00 We’ve all made them on a Saturday morning to try and banish the Friday night hangover, now we’re providing them for you all day. Sausages, bacon, egg, hash browns and beans served win a bun with chips, what else could you need?

Italian Burger £6.00 A taste of the Mediterranean in Leeds. This burger is served with salad and is topped with pesto and mozzarella for that little taste of Italy in sunny Leeds.

Mega Burger £8.00 This monster of a burger combines a ½ pound of beef with 2 sausages, cheese, bacon, onion rings, BBQ sauce and an egg. Served on ciabatta bread this monster should be able to fill anybody up.

Dessert Burger £4.00 This is, if I say so myself, one of my better -creations. Two pineapple Fritters sandwiching a big ball of ice cream, covered in raspberry sauce, all inside a brioche burger bun. Oh and this is the one without chips, you get three big balls of ice cream instead. *Not served with chips.

Burger Festival Menu September 2012  

A selection of mouth watering burgers in the Old Bar from 17th - 30th September

Burger Festival Menu September 2012  

A selection of mouth watering burgers in the Old Bar from 17th - 30th September