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Issue 5

Sports Editorial With the BUCS campaign in full swing, we find ourselves staring at the Christmas break firmly in the eye. The quality of the opposition has definitely improved this time around in all sports, particularly in Rugby League, where our boys have faced their first defeats in 5 years! Recent weeks have been more successful, however. It seems like that was the wake up call they needed. All of our teams will be looking to ensure a firm standing in their respective leagues before we all head home for mince pies and presents. So let’s get out to those pitches on a Wednesday afternoon and give our guys the support they need! I have received numerous emails since the last issue went to print, requesting coverage of sports and teams that have otherwise been left in the shadow of the more “popular” sports. I welcome this! Keep them coming and I will endeavour to continue broadening the scope of sports in these pages. Kind regards, Sean Datson Sport Editor


Carnegie Sporting Words Tom Lloyd Deputy Editor Carnegie Sporting Words has returned to Headingley Carnegie stadium for the second year. The celebration of sports writing invited a wealth of guests from both the sporting world, and wider celebrity, to express what sport and the media meant to them.

Film critic Barry Norman gave an insight into what cricket, as did author of Leather on Willow, a Very English Affair, Duncan Hamilton. This year’s focus was on the ever-changing world of sports journalism and the history it shares with some of Britain’s greatest sporting passions. To celebrate and promote the new genera-

tion of sports journalists the event held the first ever Pongo Cricket Emerging Journalist award. Set up by Cricket’s Joe Sayers, Pongo is a media platform for fans to contribute their own stories, blogs and reviews on the world of cricket. If you have a keen interest in sport and how it is projected in the media, then why not try

your hand at some real sports journalism. Leeds On is constantly looking for bright new talent to report on the wealth of sporting achievement at Leeds Met. If this is something that you are interested in, then contact Sean Datson, the sport editor at sport_editor@

LA Galaxy Truffles Climb Intramural Table With 6-0 Demolition Job Against Sugarwell FC

By Adam Wuestner Intramural Football LA Galaxy Truffles 6 Sugarwell FC 0 Bouncebackabiltiy was the word of the day as Galaxy came back from two successive defeats to demolish a weak Sugarwell side. On a fine day at Bedquilts, The Galaxy had a virtually a full squad to chose from resulting in the strongest line-up of the season. Galaxy started the game in fine flow, and with the same swagger witnessed in previous weeks but today there looked to be more confidence in the team, more incentive if you will, Galaxy were up for it. Early attacks saw some lovely runs by Scrobez and when released he showed some deft touches and silky flicks to get the other players into the game. A deflected shot which resulted in a corner gave Galaxy their

first chance of the game, Sean ‘Bizzle’ O’Neill drifted in a textbook corner, and Captain Marvel, Jordan Philiskirk, rose like a salmon and powered a header just over. This didn’t phase the Galaxy however it just added fuel to the fire and kept them wanting to attack. Liam ‘Mara’ Price picked up on a loose ball and put in a deep cross which got picked up by Chris Cooper, after an excellent touch he steadied himself, and got a shot off which hit the post, the crowd groaned, however the jeers turned to cheers when the ball cannoned off the post onto the keeper and the ball rolled in. The one goal advantage installed new belief into the truffelites and the fans were in full voice, spurred on by the return on Mr Hainsworth, who unfortunately wasn’t present last week after suffering alcohol poisoning after a lame 6 pints. One man revelling in the new

formation was Coops, if you were blind you could’ve been forgiven for mistaking him for Fabregas the way he was bossing the game and passing the ball around the pitch, Coop’s picked up the ball and sprayed it right to Rob Ryan, who could have been mistaken for Arshavin, mainly because he stands about 3foot tall, but Rob was in a lot of space and after a couple of shimmy’s put a ball across to Bendtner (Sam Hallam) who spurned another chance. This game was seeing Galaxy produce some of their best football of the season; a second goal was surely not far away. Another Philiskirk header resulted from the corner, and the ball flew across goal but no touch was made to tap it home, Jordan can sure win a header, just a shame he cannot control where it goes after, otherwise he’d be prolific. The second goal also came with an air of doubt over who was going to claim it, Ryan picked up the ball on the left flank after some neat play by Mara, Rob threw a couple of stopovers into the mix and put in a cross, which was deflected into the Sugarwell goal, Rob celebrated like a mad man doing his trade mark Papa Roach shuffle however his team mates were unimpressed and congratulated the defender instead, own goal. Ben Palmer was ever solid putting thwart to any Sugarwell reprieve, at 2-0

the next goal was always going to be crucial and Palms put the boot in to any comeback, literally, he put his boot into about 4 Sugarwell players, fairly of course. At right back Robert Twigg was solid as ever, getting a lot of the ball and supporting the attack well. At 2-0 Galaxy started to look a bit sloppy at the back, Palms dallied on the ball like he was waiting for a bus, and the bus arrived but took the ball off him and started a Sugarwell attack however Jord stole it right back and stuck two fingers firmly up at the opposition for even thinking about an attack. Jord then released the ball to Coops, who in turn released Hallam on the left wing, Hallam dropped a shoulder and fooled the defender and got the ball onto his right foot and then played an inch perfect pass to the fast approaching Morris on the edge of the box, Morris smashed home the ball to the top corner expertly and put Galaxy 3-0 up. It’s no secret Fergie likes his players to get hitched and take more responsibility in life to settle them as a player, so it’s no surprise that Sean’s upturn in form has came in line with him getting a little lady friend. Sean grabbed the game by the scruff of its neck and strode forward with the ball, he then was faced with the same thuggish midfielder in a 40/60, however, the underdog came through and Sean continued with

the ball, and approached the box, and Sean pulled out a cheeky little effort along the floor which rolled in the bottom corner. Galaxy’s football continued to be slick with Jamie Slater in the thick of it in the early exchanges in the second half; he passed it to Morris, who teed up Hallam who could only hit the side netting. The Truffles fifth goal, however, was pure class. Ryan played a high pass across to Hallam who controlled it exquisitely and then in turn played in across goal to Cooper who coolly slotted home, this overtook Morris’ goal as Galaxies goal of the season, and I firmly believe you won’t see a better goal in the Intramural league all season. Now it was a matter of adding insult to injury to Sugarwell, the game was over. Galaxy had a corner and it approached Palmer who, surprise surprise, got above the defender but embarrassingly he headed wide with a poor connection, it looked harder to miss, Palmers first attempt to win Muppet of the Match. George Nash was a mere spectator in the Truffles goal. Mara broke forward, and put in a nice cross, however no-one met it, ‘ATTACK THE F*CKIN BALL LADS’ he cried, this provoked a reaction from the fans, however I bet Mara wishes he hasn’t called for that as a high ball came to him seconds later, and he

didn’t attack the ball, he swung, he missed, he held his head in his hands, he looked embarrassed, and the laughter was deafening, another Muppet contender. Jamie, then, swung in a nice corner and Rob won the ball and put it home for Galaxies 6th and his 1st of the afternoon. The game was over, and all that happened in the remaining minutes was contenders for Muppet of the match: Rob was tackled and reacted in a Drogba like scream and looked hurt, but he wasn’t and was soon on his feet, MUPPET. The last main contender came from Palms who had stolen the ball, he was coming through midfield and got the ball trapped in his feet, he then proceeded to fall over the ball and looked very silly indeed, but I’m unsure who was the biggest Muppet, Palms for being tackled by the ball, or the referee who gave him a free kick for it. Michael ‘Scouse’ Regan was another contender for Muppet for saying he didn’t want to come on as it was too cold, what a bloody wimp. Scroby was, eventually, voted Muppet of the Match as his theatrics throwing himself about the pitch, some poor touches, his one-on-one and primarily for his being sick and pulling himself off before half time cemented him as Muppet of the match. Let’s hope Galaxy can continue this form into the next match.

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Tom Lloyd Deputy Editor By Adam Wuestner Intramural Football Carnegie Sporting Words has returned to Headingley Carnegie stadium for the sec...