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Welcome to So we have two new editors within LIME ready to bring you some great new content for the next year. Chris the music editor looks at new talent, The Maccabees, singles, albums and music news in this issue while Paddy focuses on new film The Invention of Lying and takes a quick look at Hyde Park Picture House. We’re always looking for new writers here at LIME so if you want to bulk up your CV a bit and get involved contact either me, Chris or Paddy on the below email addresses. Enjoy! Rachel Email: Mobile: 07716605945 Music Editor: Chris Hall ( Film Editor: Paddy Doyle (


Staying In




Every month Phillip Charles delves into Leeds music scene and pulls out some unsung heroes, this month dinosaur pile-up is under the spotlight These guys are utterly hilarious; more serious than Tenacious D but more comical than Rooney, it is clear why their debut is selling like hot cakes (“over 250,000 in the first 2 hours” according to their WHHM broadcast) and although titled “the most powerful EP in the universe” this might not be a joke. They parody melodramatic pop, producing catchy melodies that fall into the background to support tantalising guitar riffs. After a few plays of “Summer Hit Single” I was hooked, and quickly reached for my wallet to make it 250,001. The band is heavily influenced by Foo Fighters fuelled by their obsession with Dave Grohl. This obsession is evident in some songs like “My Rock and Roll” that features Tom Dornford’s playing much heavier bass line and a puncher drum beat. Betting that these guys will be signed to a major label is like holding royal flush- you can put your student loan on it. They have gained national recognition by both radio and NME, their future is dazzlingly bright. They have

played at both Leeds and Reading festivals, and will be playing at The Well on the 13th November. Grab yourself a bargain and get a ticket now before they explode on to the mainstream, and prices inflate to match. Bottom Line These lads are set to take over the globe in their 6 seater van affectionately named “Truck Delorevan Bigland”. So check them out at

Photographs by Liam Henry

The Maccabees Saturday 10th October 2009 @ The 02 Academy, Leeds “Yorkshire, Yorkshire!” a chant that pulsates around the room, bringing the already ecstatic and pulsating crowd together. An echo of what seems to be cultural pride reverberates around the room. However, the band, soon to take to the stage, hail not from the north, but the south. Born and bred in London and now based on the shores of Brighton, The Maccabees, tonight, intend to impress, to prove to everyone there, that Leeds is their home from home. It was tonight that would decide their fate, an anticipation fuelled crowd watch eagerly, hoping and praying that their expectations of this up-beat quintet are met. If all goes well, this could be a gig that goes down in Maccabees history. There’s a timid “hello” from front man Orlando Weeks, and a nerve stricken smile from guitarist Felix White, proving that even rising rock stars such as these can also succumb to nerves. Within seconds of this awkward introduction, they realise the place is packed, every inch is covered, not one seat is empty and there is not one person in the room who is not there to see them. This level of interest clearly wasn’t expected. As the crowd scream and cheer, smiles creep on to their faces, they seem to realise how much fun can be had with this, the final night of their tour. With this new sense of ease they burst into No Kind Words, a crowd favourite from their recently released second album, Wall Of Arms.

The album was considered a masterpiece among the already loyal fan base; it was this album however, that secured them a place amongst indie royalty. With sales figures on the up and single after single reaching the charts, The Maccabees are now rubbing shoulders with the likes of underground indie giants The Cribs, and have officially taken their place as Britain’s new favourite indie-pop band. The set draws to a close and the triumphant Maccabees depart from the stage, politely bowing to the audience that has made tonight such a success. The lights are lowered, and the room is almost pitch black, cheers and screams fade into silence. Seconds later guitars are tuned and microphones replaced, an encore is surely imminent. Realisation sets in throughout the crowd and the once silent room is filled by screams for more. The energy level of the room again bursts through the roof. When final song draws to a close Orlando, Felix, Hugo, Rupert and Sam are almost in tears, it is apparent they too can not believe how amazing this has been. Everyone begins to leave, merchandise in hand, they know they have witnessed something special. That this could be the last time they see The Maccabees in such a small surrounding, as after tonight’s performance, an arena tour is surely on the cards. By Fraser Knott


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