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Edition 5 Winter/Spring 2009 Cover Feature

Bethel Brings it Home for City School’s got Talent

Bethel in full swing Last term students from City of Leeds, West Leeds and Allerton Grange schools took part in an exciting new competition 'School's Got Talent'. There was a wide range of acts including dancers, singers, rappers and beat boxers. The judges were blown away by the level

of talent and the winning act, solo singer Bethel, put on an outstanding performance that won the judges’ vote. Second place was won by the Beat Boxers closely followed by Indulge, a four-piece dance group. Following the success of the competition Leeds City Learning Centres want to make this year's competition even bigger and better. There will be a variety of workshops, led by professional singers and dancers, taking place during the summer, which aim to nurture and develop existing talent in Leeds schools. If your school would like to be involved contact the Derek Fatchett CLC on 0113 2883540.

Winners of 2nd and 3rd Place were high-energy dance group Indulge and the Beat-Boxers, both from Allerton Grange School

Comments from Bethel: How did it feel to win the competition? “It felt great to win the competition. I was really surprised that I won because I didn't think I would beat the high standard of acts.” When did you start singing? “I first began singing when I was seven years old with my uncle who is an artist and my mum who sings in a choir.” What are you doing now? “At the moment I'm working with a vocalist and writing my own songs.”

The Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre is a state-of-the-art Information Communication Technology learning centre serving the North-West of Leeds. As Part of the Education Leeds School Improvement Service we work closely with schools, local community groups and businesses to promote 'learning at the heart of the community'. The team at DFC is comprised of a handful of staff who each have a special role to play in the effective running of the centre. Right: A wintery morning at DFC Meet the Staff, Training and Inset, Summer Projects Review, Out of Hours sessions... Inside

What we do

Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:

Download Meet the Staff Staff Feature Paul: ICT Technician “Our latest kit is these new EeePC’s which are mini laptops. It’s taken a few weeks of research and development to get all 70 machines ready for the students. I think they will be really useful as a reference and note-taking tool for lessons and at home - and it will be great to get my desk back!”

Technical Team Jason (right) and Paul (below) can assist you with any technical requirements you may have when you visit the centre. This may range from setting up video cameras to preparing the Lego

English as a Second Language Annette works full time at the centre to provide extra support to students who speak English as a second language. There are a range of classes available for students at different levels. Contact Annette if you know any students who might benefit from these classes.

Administration Team Victoria (below right) and Claire (below left) are always on hand to welcome you to the centre and assist you during your visit to Derek Fatchett. Contact the administration team if you would l i ke t o b o o k facilities at the centre or for any other general enquiries about DFC.

Site Maintenance Staff robots for a robotics session. The technical team are also on call at the centre, so if you encounter any problems Jason and Paul can always help you out.

Jim and Anthony ensure the centre is kept clean, tidy and presentable for everyone using the facilities at DFC.

Study Support Kaya organises a range of out-of-hours activities at the centre as well as supporting students on vocational courses. Contact Kaya if you would like to arrange a visit to the centre with your group or if you would like to find out more about some of the activities on offer.

Multi-Media Chris is the Multi-Media Coordinator at the DFC and is available to assist groups and individuals using the wide range of video and audio equipment and software accessible at the centre. Contact Chris if you need advice on video cameras or music software, chroma key or video filming and editing.

Teaching Staff Michelle (right) and Sian (below) teach various vocational courses and training sessions at DFC including the BTEC Diploma in Media, which provides students with the equivalent of four GCSEs grade A to C. Contact Sian or Michelle if you have students interested in a work related programme.

Centre Manager Andrew oversees all programmes and activities available at the centre and supports the core staff team. He works alongside senior staff within the Learning Communities Team to develop services and improve the quality of learning for all.

Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:

Download Facilities in the Centre The Derek Fatchett CLC has seen some recent changes to create a more accessible and customer-focussed environment. The improvements include a new toilet block on the ground floor with access to showers, a new Creative and Media room with Apple Mac computers and development of the conference facility to provide a state-of-the-art Conference Centre with access to all the necessary services.

Photography and Film: The centre provides access to a fantastic range of film and photography equipment. This equipment is available to book in conjunction with one of our training rooms, which have access to film and image editing software.

Cyber Café: Cyber Café: The centre boasts an excellent Cyber Café installed with 18 computers and access to the internet. Healthy snacks and water are available and, in this area only, students can eat and drink whilst using the PCs.

Robotics: The Robotics training room has recently been installed with 16 brand new widescreen PCs. The Units are held in specially designed frames that create extra space in the classroom. This has been really beneficial during Robotics Control Sessions and Digital Blue Animation. The new computers are also installed with a wide range of software including the Adobe Master Collection. This provides access to image, web and video editing packages.

Other Facilities: Derek Fatchett CLC also has access to a Cyber Café, Video Edit Studio and Chroma Key facility, Video Conferencing facilities and four further training rooms equipped with interactive whiteboards and computers.

Music: The Music Studio has been developed to increase the size of the recording booth and provide extra storage space in the control room. The control room has also been installed with a new Macki Desk which will improve the recording facilities at the centre.

Conference Centre: The finished Conference Centre provides a maximum capacity of 60 with access to a brand new conferencing unit including: screen, projector, document camera and DVD player. The conferencing unit will be displayed in an impressive media wall to create an aesthetically pleasing space. There is also a new delegate area equipped with comfortable seating, a refreshment unit and multimedia screens. The aim of the development is to create a well-lit and welcoming space for all delegates and schools using the facility.

Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:


School’s got Talent School’s got Talent

School’s got Talent Grand Final 2008 featured the following acts: 1) Olivia from West Leeds 2) The Rappers from North Leeds 3) Mixed Spice from Derek Fatchett 4) Indecisive from West Leeds 5) Beat Boxers from North Leeds 6) Capacity from Derek Fatchett 7) Darlington from West Leeds 8) Indulge from North Leeds 9) Bethel from Derek Fatechett The pictures were grabbed from the video of the event, which was recorded and simultaneously broadcast live to the other CLCs by the media and technical teams. There is a DVD of the event available. Email for more details or to get involved in this years competition.

Pictures taken from the Grand Final video

Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:

Download Grand Final Pictures


The competition was judged by Dorothy Smith - Director of School Improvement, Christine Bates - Leeds College of Music: Music Pedagogy & Social Psychology, Gail McIntire - West Yorkshire Playhouse and David Prosho - Artforms: also a professional actor appearing in, amongst others, Hollyoaks. Prizes were awarded by David Lascelles, Executive Producer of Carnival Messiah and Executive Chairman of Harewood House Trust.

Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:


Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:

Download Derek Fatchett CLC Update Winter/Spring 2009

Continuing Professional Development We provide a wide variety of training sessions to help staff access the extensive range of software and equipment available at the CLC. Sessions are available for all levels, from very beginner to advanced user, so don't be afraid to try it out.

Up and Coming Courses: Introduction to Chroma Key Studio Wednesday 22nd April 3.30-5.30pm. Using our dedicated studio, you will learn about framing and focusing the camera; basic lighting techniques; setting up of the equipment -

microphone, video and audio mixing desks. Also, how to use PowerPoint presentations to add backgrounds to video and using the autocue.

Introduction to iMovie Thursday 30th April 3.305:30pm. On this video editing course, you will acquire basic video editing skills using iMovie, part of the iLife '08 suite. You will learn how to import video into the software, edit clips, trimming and splitting, adding or stripping audio tracks, adding transitions, titles, credits and exporting

CPD Music -

Learn how to create simple tracks using Garageband. The loops are already available, you just need to put them together. It's simple once you know how. You can also learn how to use more advanced software such as Reason, which could be used with secondary school students.

TV Studio & Video Editing - The CLC has access to a Chroma Key Studio where students can create a news broadcast and weather forecast. Staff are available to support sessions in the studio and you can receive training on video editing before you bring your class to the CLC. These sessions are suitable for all ages.

for different media. Introduction to Video Editing using Final Cut Pro Tuesday 14th May 9.304.30pm. On this video editing course, you will acquire basic video editing skills using Final Cut Pro in our Mac suite. You will learn how to organise and set up Projects in Final Cut Pro, capture video, edit clips and export movies. You must have basic camera and editing knowledge before booking this course.

For more information please visit the website: or contact Sian Phillips at the CLC.

Animation -

Engage young people in storytelling and teach children how to create storyboards through animation workshops. The CLC has access to Digital Blue Animation software, which is suitable for primary schools as well as Frames Animation, which can be used with secondary school students.

Photography and Photoshop Bring your class to the CLC to take part in a day of Photoshop. You’ll learn how to create aliens and use special effects in Photoshop. Resources are available to deliver these sessions and training is provided.

Control Technology Lego Robots and Robotics Invention Systems are a fantastic way to teach control units to primary pupils. There are a number of challenges that pupils must complete whilst leaning how to use the robots. Resources are available to deliver these sessions and training is provided.

Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:


GCSE Easter Revision Sessions Need extra help to achieve good grades? Why not come to Derek Fatchett CLC and take part in revision sessions in English, Maths and Science?

Wednesday 15th April: 10.00-12.00 and 13.00-15.00 Thursday 16th April: 10.00-12.00 and 13.00-15.00 Use this opportunity to try practice exam questions with help and support from qualified teachers. There will also be access to revision resources online such as Sam Learning

Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:

Download: Edition 5  
Download: Edition 5  

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