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Edition 2 Spring 2008 Cover Feature

Saturday Fun

with berries (using lots of alliteration). Letter Writing – an alien, called Bee Bopalula, is coming to earth to visit, the task is to compose a letter telling the alien the good and bad things about Earth. Other projects include Robotics, creating t-shirts and animation. What do you enjoy about working at the Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre? I find it very rewarding. The children that come are all very enthusiastic and love doing all the different activities. Some can be very shy initially but at the end of the units they seem to have just grown in confidence. Working with children from all different schools gives me a

Carole and the Saturday fun crew take a break from their activities by chilling out in the Cyber café. Every Saturday at DF CLC we run Saturday Fun Sessions from 10.00-12.00 in the morning. These sessions are delivered by Carole Toothill, from Alwoodley Primary. Carole explains a little more about what the sessions involve.

Who are Saturday Fun sessions aimed at? Year 5 and 6 Children who’re struggling with Numeracy and Literacy We use Saturday Fun to boost them using ICT, ready for SATS. Which schools do the children that attend Saturday Fun Sessions come from? Schools including: Springbank, Shakespear, Gledhow Allerton High School, Rossett school, Lawnswood High School and Alwoodley Primary School. What kind of projects do you complete at Saturday Fun Sessions? I organise loads of different projects for the Saturday fun sessions, for example: Designing Advertisements –I bake blue bread, and let them Sogand: “Really fun! It's great, you can try it, inspiring them to write a “wow” make your own slide show in powerpoint.” advertisement about how blue bread is bursting

Jaspal: “It's fun and you can learn new things like making music in acid-pro”

useful insight into IT provision across the city, it is also benefits the children to share and compare learning. If you know any students that may benefit from Saturday Fun sessions please contact Kaya Barker at DFC – 0113 2883540 or email A new programme of sessions is due to start from Saturday 23rd February.

What we do The Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre is a state-of-the-art Information Communication Technology learning centre serving the North-West of Leeds. The Derek Fatchett Centre works closely with schools, local community groups and businesses to promote 'learning at the heart of the community'. The team at DFC is comprised of a handful of staff who each have a special role to play in the effective running of the centre. Pictured right: A wintery morning at the Derek Fatchett Centre


Centre Facilities, Meet the Staff, Training and Inset, Out of Hours sessions, Showcase...

Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:

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English as a Second Language Teacher

Staff Feature

Claire: Administration “This has been a busy term for us, we’ve had 61 conference bookings which means I’ve been busy making sure catering, technical and booking confirmations are met. We’ve had nine Primary schools through the door for robotics sessions.”

Technical Team Jason (right) and Paul (below) can assist you with any technical requirements you may have when you visit the centre. This may range from setting up video cameras to preparing the Lego robots for a

Annette works full time at the centre to provide extra support to students who speak English as a second language. There are a range of classes available for students at different levels. Contact Annette if you know any students who might benefit from these classes.

Administration Team Victoria (below right), Claire (below left) are always on hand to welcome you to the centre and assist you during your visit to Derek Fatchett. Contact the administration team if you would like to book facilities at the centre or for any other general enquiries about DFC.

Site Maintenance Staff Kath works to ensure to centre is kept clean, tidy and presentable for everyone using the facilities at DFC. She prepares all refreshments and deals with any catering requests for the day. If you book a Robotics session for your Primary School Kath will make sure your drinks are ready for you to enjoy at break time.

robotics session. The technical team are also on call at the centre, so if you encounter any problems Jason and Paul can always help you out.

Study Support Kaya organises a range of out of hours activities at the centre as well as supporting students on vo c a t i o n a l c o u rs e s. Contact Kaya if you would like to arrange a visit to the centre with your group or if you would like to find out more about some of the activities on offer.

Teaching Staff Michelle (right) and Sian (below) teach various vocational courses and training sessions at DFC: including the BTEC Diploma in Media which provides students with the equivalent of 4 GCSE's grade A to C. Contact Sian or Michelle if you have students interested in a work related programme.

Multi-Media Chris is the Multi-Media Coordinator at the DFC and is available to assist groups and individuals using the wide range of video and audio equipment and software accessible at the centre. Contact Chris if you need advice on video cameras or music software, chroma key or video filming and editing.

Centre Manager Andrew oversees all programmes and activities available at the centre and supports the core staff team. He works alongside Senior Staff within the Learning Communities Team to develop services and improve the quality of learning for all.

Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:

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We provide a wide variety of training sessions which help staff access the extensive range of Software and Equipment available at the centre. There is no strict timetable for these sessions and we are very flexible about delivery times and length. We recommend between 1-2hrs per session. If you need more time you can always book again! Sessions are available for all levels, from very beginner to advanced user, so don't be afraid to try it out. Let us know what you want; we can always accommodate your needs. Video Production – Staff can receive training and learn how to operate camcorders and video cameras. There is also a video studio with access to a Chroma Key facility. Visit the studio and learn about some of the activities you could run with your class. Animation – There is a wide range of animation software available including Digital Blue, JASC and Frames. This is suitable for both Primary and Secondary school students and is an excellent way to creatively engage students whilst linking it to other subjects. Music – Learn how to create simple tracks using Garageband. The loops are already available you just need to put them together. It's simple once you know how. You can also learn how to use more advanced software such as Cubase, Logic and Reason.

Video Editing – Learn basic editing skills or study more advanced software. The centre is equipped with several video editing packages, including Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro. You can also learn how to burn DVDs and use iDVD. Photography – We have access to a wide variety of digital cameras from simple point and shoot to more advance manual settings. You can also learn about uploading photos and saving them on the computer.

Graphics – Learn how to manipulate images, create posters and flyers, 3D landscapes, storyboards and presentations. Learn how to use Photoshop, Corel Draw, Corel Bryce, and Kar2ouche. Control Technology – There are some fantastic ways to teach control units to Primary pupils. You can use Lego Robots and Robotics Inventions Systems Software or try out the Commotion Control box to create a light show. Basic Skills – We can provide basic skills training including all Microsoft Office Software, interactive whiteboards and general email and internet usage. If you don't feel confident using ICT we can help you get started. Sian Phillips, Media Teacher at DFC, recently ran some Photoshop sessions for teachers from John Smeaton School in South Leeds. They required basic training using Photoshop to assist them in teaching BTEC graphics modules back in school. These sessions have introduced basic concepts in Photoshop including using layers, selection tools, the tool box, gradients, text, filters and effects. John Smeaton staff were given the opportunity to create a film poster using photographs of themselves and other members in the group.

Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:

Download Derek Fatchett CLC Update Spring 2008

Out of Hours Activities Monday

If you know any students that would like to join any of these Out of Hours Activities please contact Kaya Barker: 0113 2883540 or email

E-Games 15.00-17.00 Aimed at year 7, 8 and 9 students with an interest in computer games, students work in teams to complete tasks and score points for attendance, team work and behaviour. Each week the teams challenge each other. MTV Boom 15.00-17.00 Originally a music video competition for school children in the UK. Students select a piece of music and create 1 minute music video. This year students will be competing against West Leeds CLC, to find out who has the best film making skills in Leeds City Learning Centres.

Tuesday Music Technology 15.30-18.00 This group is facilitated by the Youth Service and a local DJ. Students use music software such as Reason and Acid Pro to create their own tracks and music. Looked after Children Mentoring Project 16.00-18.00 Including students from Carr Manor, Benton Park, Allerton Grange, City of Leeds and Parklands schools. This project aims to support looked after children and help them to achieve higher grades. Students are recruited from University of Leeds to work on an individual basis with looked after children and help them to improve their school work each week after school.

Wednesday E-Games 15.00-17.00 The club is aimed at year 10 and 11 students and enables them to obtain the equivalent of 2 GCSEs at the end of the course. Students write game reviews and design games graphics which enable them to complete BTEC Media Units and gain a qualification. Looked after Children Mentoring Project 16.00-18.00 Children currently attend the Wednesday sessions from Carr Manor, Ralph Thoresby and Parklands schools. This project aims to support looked after children and help them to achieve higher grades. Students are recruited from University of Leeds to work on an individual basis with looked after children and help them to improve their school work each week after school.

Thursday Fashion Club 15.00-17.00 This term students that attend the fashion club will be designing handbags which they will create using the laser cutter at South Lees CLC. The handbag designs will be created at DFC using Techsoft 2D Design software.

Saturday Saturday Fun Sessions 10.00-12.00 These sessions are aimed at pupils in years 5, 6 and 7 who require extra help with numeracy and literacy. Pupils get the opportunity to use a range of ICT and Media equipment. REEMAP 10.00-12.00 REEMAP is an educational charity striving to attain a position where educational achievement of young people from Black and Minority Ethnic origins in West Yorkshire, matches the best of any city in the UK. City of Leeds School Music Sessions 10.00-12.00 These sessions are open to any young people up to the age of 16 years old. Students will have the opportunity to create their song and lyrics using Garageband software. The school also hopes to work with local community groups that would like to get involved in the project

Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:

Download Derek Fatchett CLC Update Spring 2008

Facilities in the Centre The DF CLC is in the process of being redeveloped to create a more accessible and customer focused environment. The improvements will include a new toilet block on the ground floor with access to showers, as well as new toilets on the first floor. The conference facility is also being developed to provide a state of the art Conference Centre with access to all the necessary services.

Photography and Film: The centre provides access to a fantastic range of film and photography equipment. This equipment is available to book in conjunction with one of our training rooms which have access to film and image editing software.

Cyber Café: Cyber Café: The centre boasts an excellent Cyber Café installed with 18 computers and access to the internet. Healthy snacks and water are available and, in this area only, students can eat and drink whilst using the Pcs.

Robotics: The Robotics training room has recently been installed with 16 brand new widescreen PCs. The Units are held in specially designed frames which create extra space in the classroom. This has been really beneficial during Robotics Control Sessions and Digital Blue Animation. The new computers are also installed with a wide range of software including the Adobe Master Collection. This provides access to image, web and video editing packages.

Other Facilities: Derek Fatchett CLC also has access to a Cyber Café, Video Edit studio and Chroma Key facility, Video Conferencing facilities and 4 further training rooms equipped with interactive whiteboards and computers.

Conference Centre: The finished Conference Centre will provide a maximum capacity of 60 with access to a brand new conferencing unit: including screen, projector, document camera and DVD player. The conferencing unit will be displayed in an impressive media wall to create an aesthetically pleasing space. There will also be a new delegate area equipped with comfortable seating, a refreshment unit and multimedia screens. The aim of the development is to create a well lit and welcoming space for all delegates and schools using the facility.

Music: The music studio is being developed to increase the size of the recording booth and provide extra storage space in the control room. The control room has also been installed with a new Macki Desk which will improve the recording facilities at the centre.

Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:

Download Derek Fatchett CLC Update Spring 2008

Showcase Benton Park Interactive Media:

Every month we present a showcase of work completed by students at the Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre. This is an opportunity for staff to praise good work and show examples of excellent achievement. If you have work that has been completed by your students at the centre please get in touch to arrange having it displayed in Download.

Here are some examples of photographs taken by Benton Parks’ Interactive Media Students:

Ryan Morris

Paula Ledger MTV BOOM!: Students from MTV Boom work on their music videos.

Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:

Adam Hargrave

Joe Dunstan

Download Derek Fatchett CLC Update Spring 2008



BTEC Media: Here are some examples of digital photography and image manipulation by our current year 11 BTEC Media






Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:

Download Derek Fatchett CLC Update Spring 2008

Summer Schools Everyone at DFC is fed up with the cold dark winter months and is really looking forward to the sunny season. So we're already begun to put together an exciting range of projects to enjoy during the summer break. This summer there will be a wide variety of sessions on offer to young people in Leeds. These will include… Mixing Pot of Multi-Media Games and Activities – There will be an exciting range of sessions in Music, Animation, Video, Robotics and Photography. These sessions will be aimed at Primary School children in Leeds. A mini-bus service will be available for schools with large numbers of children who are unable to arrange transport to the CLC.

Horror Film

Battle of the Bands

Horror Film with Special Effects Make-Up – Students will split into groups and provided with a short script. Each group will be taught camera techniques and given tips on how to create a horror film. Special effects artists will visit the centre to help create a truly horrifying movie.

Battle of the Bands – School bands, musicians and recoding artists are invited to visit the CLC and compete against each other for the ultimate prize, a two day recording session at DFC. Entrants will be expected to work in groups to produce a piece of music and music video. The competition will be judged by Local Bands and Music Producers.

Animated Music Video Animated Music Video – Students will create a short animation using either photographs or clay models. There will be a number of music tracks to choose from and the group will have to decide which one is the most suitable. The group will then be split into smaller teams who will all work on separate sections of the song.

Battle of theCourses Accreditied Bands There will also be an accredited programme of course on offer this summer which will be released in the next edition of Download. If you are interested in any of these projects please contact Kaya at DFC. You can also book rooms and facilities at DFC if you would like to organise projects during the summer so please get in touch before spaces fill up.

Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre, Bedford Field, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2LG Tel:0113 2883540 email:

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