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I have chosen to pursue this course at your university, becauseI am interested in the behind the scenesactivity that is involved in Film and Television. It fascinates me to think about all the work that goes into moving image productions and how this is always changing due to the continuous technological developments within the industry. I became interested in media when I was acting in a production, which was being filmed; I found the idea of being behind the camera equally as fascinating as playing to the camera. I then chose to follow BTECMedia 2 this enabled me to manipulate a brief from a client and create it into a final product. I had a real senseof achievement with the end product and problem solving, overcoming some of the technological limitations and restrictions that I encountered. We had a visit to Ravensbourne, which gave me insight to the production elements in the world of fashion, and how the media plays a significant part in marketing this industry. This inspired me to start researching a career in the media industry. I am currently studying Level 3 (film & TV) – through which I have explored a wide variety of media related activities, such as editing, 2D and 3D animation, multi camera studio set ups and advertising for television. Through this course I have learnt that preparation such as brainstorming ideas and storyboarding is key to a successful end result. Technically I have learnt how to operate different types of cameras and to know when to use a certain camera for the assignment set. Working through light apertures and camera angles I have realized how you can create a mood from a certain shot or angle. Integral to this work has been my ability to work creatively and effectively as part of a team. Beyond the school curriculum I helped the media department in a variety of events such as open days and tasters sessions. This has involved me working as part of a promotional team. I do this by inspiring and informing children. This has really developed my communication skills when relating with a broad range of individuals. I have also attended a summer school at Ravensbourne where we were asked to create a live show for a futuristic TV show called "The Source". I learnt a phenomenal amount in such areasas vision mixing and actively working behind the camera and looked at the importance of the role of the director. I was struck by the level of engagement students had with the course and the senseof fun they showed. The tasks we were set felt very real and the facilities and resources where outstanding. From this moment I knew I wouldn't want to go anywhere else or do anything else. As well as having media related interests I am an officer at a Boys Brigade company and help keep children active with a variety of sports and games. This Summer I also volunteered as a sports leader on a camping trip. I further enhanced my experience in relating and communicating with a variety of different age groups. In real life work experience I’ve had a two week work placement working with a landscaping company where I dealt with the public and advised them on products suitable for their needs. Another major task was to re brand and establishes a new layout for the store. From this experience I achieved getting some regular employment with the company. I have also found work at the weekends with a family contact in the construction industry.

For the past two years our school has held cross-curricular days teams focusing on Olympic values and the Fair Trade organization I was elected group leader for both. This developed my organizational skills and my ability to articulate ideas and listens and promotes the ideas of others. My team was awarded first place overall. I have also won a Jack Petchey award for being the most outstanding achiever. I was proud of this achievement due to effort and dedication I put into my work. I consider myself to have grounding in many of the technical skills required to participate in this course, gained from my BTECMedia course and the courses that I have attended beyond the curriculum. Through a variety of means I have also demonstrated a strong ability to work as part of a team with a diversity of individuals. I believe this to be a vital ingredient in being successful on this course. Fundamentally I have a real passion, interest and a deep level of enjoyment for TV and film and consider myself to be a suitable applicant.

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