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My Evaluation of Advertisement  After researching into my product and identifying its target audience I then discovered it was unisex kids aging from 5-8 all they way to adult around 3336. From that I knew it was to wide and then decided to target a niche in that, so I then deiced to go with males from 13 – 25. After I decided my target audience I then started thinking about a proposal and ideas for my advert. What I wanted from my advertisement was to one to make an advert that would sell converser letting us feel like we are dealing with a real client. My first idea was to film shots of the show and actors legs running/park our (free running) but then after undergoing a viability test I realised that from what I though of in my mind and what would of happened would have been very different. So I then looked over converses adverts again looking more into converse's background I then chose a day in the life of a boy at first I thought it sounded boring and very dull but then after storyboarding my idea and using certain thing converse do in there adverts such as basketball and skateboarding the idea then became dull and more exciting an idea. The purpose of creating this advertisement was to make us feel like we where really hired. This made us feel like it was a real world scenario, the reason it made us feel like that was, having a real client and trying to fit to a brief and working to a deadline. This helped me a substantial amount due to it showing me how much pressure you can be under if you don't get things such as paper work or filming out of the way at the start of the project. Overall I think the purpose of making this advert was to help us gain experience with the research into making an advert and create other skills such as camera work and editing also helping us with project and time management. The research I did for my converse advert was a vase amount compared to what I normal would research, as a result of this it felt very new and it was a lot harder. On the other hand because of the effort and amount of researcher I did it gave me a lot more insight and a lot more to go on with what I can do relating to converse and what path I wanted to take to entertaining my audience. From my research of prior adverts I found out that converse sound is very kind of rock or punk, also in their adverts and posters they all include a skateboard and a basketball. Knowing this this changed my vision on what I wanted to do for my advent and because of that I changed my concept. Another thing that changed my thoughts was the shot types after researching their history Converse talked a lot about their look because of this I thought how I could make my advert look visually (Camera views) so I then decided to change my advert to a point of view to POV and not to keep thinking about how the person look to fit my target audience and instead think about what the person see's. My conclusion on how useful research was clear that it played paramount in the pre production Planning my advert took up a considerably amount of time however spending all amount of time and effort was to very productive, all the things I planned and thought off paid off in the finished product of my advert. Throughout the whole project the pre production paperwork took the most time. The paperwork I used were: Risk Assessment, Budget, Requirements, Story board, Call Sheet, Contact Sheet, Location Recce, Release

My Evaluation of Advertisement  Agreement, Location Release Form, Footage Log, Asset Log and a EDL. I found all these piece of paperwork very useful because it constantly helped me know were I was in the project and what is still need to be done. Thought this project there was one thing that I could of hugely improved on? Time management, my time management was quite poor in this project I spend far too much time with pre production I had minimal time for filming and editing my advertisement. However though determination I finished it on time. The time I had left to create my production and post production was very limited due to the time on my paperwork however during filming the first scene (class room) of my advert I realised I didn't need to film the other 3 (bedroom, road and park) due to it being a lot longer than I thought if I could somehow of change the story I could of been done in 1 more scene. So that what I did instead of going to a number of locations and filming I chose to base it in a basketball court (front fields). After filming that last scene I watched back over my footage and saw that the shots were extremely successful. Thought editing my first draft of my advert was finished within a short amount of time. The lesson after I then watched my fellow classmates adverts and they watched mine and I then asked them to fill out a questionnaire. A majority of the feedback I received were the viewers saying saying they enjoyed it but they also talked about improvements to the colour correct due to it being kind of yellow. I then went back to edit my advert knowing what I needed to change I then tampered with the colour correcting in my advert until it was perfect. However after editing it I then didn’t use it due to having to cut my advert down to a minute long, this reinforced the idea that we are dealing with a client and to do what I client wants. After now finishing the entire project I looked back and reflect to see if I kept my original ideas and if what I wanted to achieve, was achieved. I looked back at my proposal, to my original advert idea and then realised I didn’t really keep to my idea that much, I filmed 2 of the 6 scene that were on my story board and were suppose to be in my advert however even if d di film them my advert would be way to long advert. Also in my proposal I talked about how I wanted the advert to fit into the target audience and after looking at feedback from my questionnaire and other types of responses. I then saw that it did fit into the target audience.


this is my evulatation of converse

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