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Template This Menu grid, each two lines of

is set out on a baseline

body copy and its leading is equal to one line of solid set title text and is equal to three lines of captions.


Vegetarians, please note that the letter ‘v’ is used to indicate the meals that are suited to meet your needs.

‘The baseline grid is essentially the graphic foundation upon which a design is constructed; it is the starting point of a layout design.’

Crispy fried goat’s cheese, rich plum tomato and shallot salad, with a balsamic dressing. Onion & Jerusalem artichoke tart, slow roasted pumpkin & butternut squash, with beurre blanc. Smooth & creamy walnut mousse galette, wild mushrooms, crispy shallots, with a sweet sherry vinaigrette dressing. Foie gras & chicken liver parfait, lightly toasted brioche, with a red onion relish.

V £7.25




Beetroot cured Scottish salmon, cauliflower pureé, beetroot relish, with creamed horseradish.


Brasserie herbed pancake baked with Kirsch and gruyère cream, spinach, & cured ham.


Ham hock & piccalilli terrine, warm lentil and smoked bacon vinaigrette.


Seared diver scallops, Jerusalem artichoke pureé, with a lemon truffle vinaigrette dressing.


Lettuce Fork?

All of our starters come with an optional side salad, shown on the left is a lettuce fork from the Victorian era.

Main Course ‘Every grid consists of the same basic parts, no matter how complex a grid becomes the main principles stay the same.’

Baked parmigiano, layers of courgette, tomato, aubergine and mozzarella; basil, parmesan, olives. Spinach, ricotta & mild chilli filo parcel, with roast mediterranean vegetables and fresh red pimento coulis. Grilled asparagus stem & red onion tart with melted gruyere and spicy tomato salsa. Pan fried fillet of seabass, sauté garlic prawns, warm potato & green bean salad, mustard dressing.

The letter ‘v’ is set in a way that allows the height of the one letter equal the height of thelines of body type.

V £14.00




Poached halibut escalope, lime & crème fraiche spinach, spiced tomato & cumin dressing.


Morrocan spiced rump of lamb, harissa, chargrilled mediterranean vegetables, with barley couscous.


Slow roast sticky honey & white pepper duck breast, with buttery dijon mash & french beans.


8oz fillet steak; watercress confit, tomato and field mushroom; with café de Paris butter or béarnaise or beaujolais marrow bone butter.


In the Victorian era, ice cream was a popular, new and very fashionable desert. The ice cream would often be served with a special solid silver ice cream knife and spoon as it was frozen solid. Thankfully you wont be needing a knife to cut our ice cream.

Ice Cream?

Desserts* & Coffee ‘The golden section refers to an ancient Greek system that enables elements of design to be perfectly proportioned.’

Crème brûlée, with clotted cream shortbread. Fresh cut Orange and passionfruit nougat terrine, mango & mint salad. Sugared almond & raisin pancake, with sticky toffee sauce. Lemon tart, with raspberry sorbet. Pear & almond bakewell pudding, blackberry ripple vanilla ice cream. Dark chocolate fondant, with pistachio ice cream Rich strawberry trifle; Pedro Ximenez sherry shot. Sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce & fresh cornish clotted cream. *Our desserts are all freshly prepared and served with a choice of our homemade ice creams or Cornish clotted cream.

A three column grid the list of our coffees can be aligned with the title word coffee.

Espresso Double Espresso Cappuccino Latte

As all our desserts are vegetarian the letter ‘v’ on this page is set in 300pt type to cover all of the dishes.

V £5.00


£5.00 £5.50

£5.50 £5.50 £6.00


£2.30 £2.70 £2.70 £2.70


Template Menu  

Menu designed for a resteraunt that is based around typographic grids and layout.

Template Menu  

Menu designed for a resteraunt that is based around typographic grids and layout.