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Yeah, Tickets!


After all that waiting, you have finally received your event tickets, we hope you have an amazing time. No matter what the event it’s time to embrace analogue; let your lomoswap disposable camera loose. Your camera has been registered to you and given its very own unique code that can be read by smart phones. Any one who you lomoswap with can scan this code and will be added to your photos reel once the photos are uploaded after the event. lomoswap allows you to get back to analogue, admit that your not in control and embrace the joy of not knowing what will happen and where your lomowsaping adventure will end. As an added bonus the guys over at have been kind enough to donate some prizes for you to win!...



Step 1: Don’t forget your camera ! Step 2: Download the app to your smart phone or log on to the lomoswap site with your facebook account. Step 3: Point, shoot & share. Remember to scan peoples lomo codes as you share so you can be connected via the app. Step 4: At the end of the event, drop the lomoswap camera into any lomo bin around the event site. Step 5: Get onto the lomoswap site and start voting for your favourite reels and sharing your photos.

Be a Winner! Diana Awards

Swapzilla Awards

Backpacker Awards

Thanks to the guys at we can offer you the chance to win one of fifty special edition Diana Mini with Flash & Mixed Lomographic Film Kits. There is also a collective prize for the best & most diverse photo reel, each person featured in the photo reel will win tickets to next years Glastonbury festival. If your really lucky you could win a round the world trip with a group of up to 8 pepole, with a Lomo camera of your choice for each person. there will be a world wide vote, with all lomoswap users able to vote for winners through the website and the app.

Who will you meet ? The beauty of lomoswap is that you don’t know, there’s no way of telling who’s going to swap your camera next. lomoswapping gives you the excuse to speak to new people, every one at the event will have something in common and something to share. We’ll even give you a few props to help you break the ice and get swapping. After the event you’ll be able to share your lomoswaps with old friends and the new ones you meet whilst swapping cameras, using our app and website. Alternatively you can share your lomoswaps at an infamous lomography Lomo Wall near you. Details can be found on their web page.

Use your lomoswap camera to show the world what you see, and some of the things you don’t. Treasure the dust spots, water marks and ight leaks that give lomo photography its unique character.



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swap Use Lomoswap to express yourself, get your message out there, through your photography and by writing your own message for someone special or anyone who cares.

The Lomographic movement started upon the discovery of the Lomo Kompakt Automat (aka the LC-A) in 1991. The compactsized Russian camera became renowned for its unique effects such as light leaks, vignette shadowing, and rich, saturated colours. As its fan base grew overtime, the community expanded into a worldwide phenomenon, filling every space with a stream of Lomographs to build amazing Lomowalls. From then on, the community has not stopped coming up with all sorts of creative analogue ideas (and we have not stopped cooking up with fun and exciting Lomographic tools, as well!) that keep Lomographers busy tinkering with their special projects, exhibitions, and collaborations. If you enjoy the lomoswap challenge, visit our site to find out more about the different cameras and the huge selection of analogue beauties we have to offer.

Lomoswap Guidebook  

Lomoswap Guidebook