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we’re Fawcett, We are the United Kingdom’s leading group who campaign for equality between women and men. We trace our roots back to 1866, when Millicent Fawcett began her lifetime’s work leading peaceful campaign for women’s votes.

We are all about women’s rights.

We campaign on everything that is women’s rights related; women’s representation in politics and public life, on equal pay, on pensions and poverty; valuing caring work; and the treatment of women in the justice system. Right now we’re focusing our efforts on the voice of women in politics. As a charity we need all the help we can get from you, our supporters, we’ve given you all a tie that you can wear in any way you like to show your support for Fawcett’s campain for women in politics.

What’s the problem? Women have had formal rights of political suffrage for nearly 100 years, yet the representation of women in politics (in terms of both their presence and voice) remains shockingly poor. The 2010 general election returned only 143 female MPs (out of 650) or just 1 in 5.The coalition cabinet at present contains just 4 women out of 23 positions only 17%.

What’s Fawcett doing? Despite government commitment to reform the electoral system, the under-representation of women has barely been mentioned in debate, nor any action proposed to address this. In parliament Fawcett is lobbying MPs across all parties to raise the issue and push for genuine reform. We have submitted evidence to an enquiry on electoral reforms. Fawcett is also preparing ground for public campaigning on this over the next 6 months.

How you can help

wear your tie with pride

1) Contact your MP and raise your concerns. You can find your MP and their contact details here: 2) Ask them what action their party is taking to tackle the under-representation of women in politics. You can use and personalise this template letter form our website : 3) Let us know what they say! 4) Wear your tie to show support and help get national recognition.


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