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JUNE / JULY 2011 EDITION 47 Distributed free to all households and businesses in Croftamie Community Council area

Ard Ghaoth wind farm proposal at Craigievern Farm

As currently proposed the turbines would be visible, from the position of the photo, approximately within the outline as shown below

“BanksRenewables is part of the Banks Group. . . . The company identifies suitable sites for onshore wind farms, as well as looking at opportunities for other forms of renewable energy generation” (taken from the recent leaflet circulated to all households in the area - Ed)

The company has been visiting all the local community councils and community development trusts and held a three day public exhibition in the Buchanan Arms, Drymen, towards the end of June. Members of the public were able to view the proposals, express their opinions, and to put questions to the Banks team, as well as complete a feedback form. If you weren‟t able to visit the exhibition or didn‟t get a leaflet you can contact the company on 0844 2091515, go to their website or email them at Croftamie Claivers is aware that many folk may have anxieties about the proposals while others may be in favour, and would welcome contributions. The views expressed would be those of the contributors and not necessarily those of Claivers. The next Claivers will be published in late th September or possibly early October. Copy date 12 September.

Annual Gardening competition 2011 The annual competitions for the best kept garden and for hanging baskets will be judged in late July / early August. The judges are likely to arrive without warning so be prepared!! But please don’t panic as this is meant to be a fun affair for the village.

Village Barbeque

Sunday 28th August 1.30-4.00pm Croftamie Nursery grounds Food and soft drinks provided Fun for all the family Entry by donation to village funds



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Editorial nce again the weather features large in this edition. This time it‟s the wind that produced such havock everywhere in May including in and around the village – see page 13 for specific stories, as well as mentions in other features. Wind is also responsible for the front page story, with the prospect of a wind farm within the view of many homes. While Claivers welcomes contributions on this topic, the paper itself will take a neutral stance. Well, did you spot the awful spelling error in the last edition? As it was a genuine word the spell checker didn‟t pick it up and the proof reading also missed it. I can only apologise! It doesn‟t matter how many times it‟s proof read there‟s always something else when the printed version arrives. A great summer to all our readers! **********************************************


Kilmaronock Parish.

Kilmaronock kirk on the Sunday after the tragedy, there we were praying to the very same God to comfort the devastated family – and He will, believe me. There are some things we‟ll never understand, but two pieces of wood stand on a lonely hill, and the Christ who hangs on the crossbeam says „I feel for all who suffer. I have felt abandoned, too, but I still stubbornly believe in a God who‟ll see me through my anguish, and hope you‟ll keep believing too, and find the same.‟ Rev Fred Booth Locum Minister (Tel. 01436-831858)


Councillor’s Column Received 15th June 2011

am afraid that, as usual, I am writing this at the very last minute having missed Sheila‟s deadline again!


However, as I am, very surprisingly, writing this in sunshine during a break from catch-up gardening, perhaps I can welcome the possibility that we may have a summer to enjoy after all. Nevertheless, looking back at the last edition of Claivers when we were reflecting on the problems of our second severe winter, you will want to know what is happening to learn from the experience. In the Spring, all Community Councils were invited to submit their comments and suggestions and then in May more than half our communities were represented at a meeting to bring together experiences and offer improvements. Kilmaronock Church


etting round the parish when the storm struck in mid May wasn‟t easy. You‟d go up a road to visit a parishioner, turn a corner and see nothing but broken tree limbs and branches straddling the way. So back you came, realising that the farm folk on the other side of the tree were stranded till a chain saw cleaved a path, and you were lucky to just reverse and get on with things. Saddest of all was the death of the young van driver on Mollanbowie Road in Balloch. Those who attended the scene said he stood no chance: the girth of the trunk just crushed the cabin and a life was lost in an instant. It makes you wonder, doesn‟t it? Had he not been diverted because of the storm; had he just gone up Mollanbowie Road half a second before or after he did, he may still be alive. But at the precise moment a big tree keeled over he was directly in its trajectory and a wife lost a husband, children a father and parents a son. Where was God then? Maybe even He couldn‟t put His hands under a falling tree and hold it safe till the van passed by: but couldn‟t He have prevented the driver going up the fatal road by toppling a lighter tree further down? Some things make you wonder, don‟t they? There are always going to be some things make us doubt: always going to be some things make us question our faith, but for ministers like me, we find churches still holding on to our belief in God‟s goodness because, as I found in

Now your Councillors, of whom I am one, are meeting fortnightly right through to September to work through with the various Council services, the lessons learned and the changes they are making to their operations to improve responses and performance should we have another spell of severe weather in future winters. There will then be certain policy changes to be suggested, some of which could be costly, to take on board further improvements. All Council services are affected and we‟ll want to ensure they work together, but please be assured that I am making certain that access on minor roads is no longer the forgotten issue. As active citizens we are now recycling almost half our collective refuse – well done everyone! The new food bins are the latest effort to divert more from the grey bin and the expensive costs of landfill. Even with a dog and two compost bins, it is still surprising what the O‟Brien household can have for the new bin, so every little helps. Next probably towards the end of the year, cardboard will be collected separately as it has a high value at present and is worth selling on in bulk. [Food collection bins arrived in Drymen in mid June, so let‟s hope Croftamie isn‟t far behind – Ed] Keep reporting potholes as you notice them – I do every week to make sure they are on the list and are dealt with. The roads repair budget this year is back to the high level last seen in 2008/09, so we should see more resurfacing and repairs. In other services I am afraid there is evidence now of cuts beginning to work through as the Council adjusts to a £10m budget reduction with a continued freeze on the level of Council Tax. Continued on page 3


As ever, apart from a couple of weeks holiday, I am around all summer and can be contacted via Viewforth on 0845 277 7000 (lo-call number) or at home on 660616, also on email at Colin O‟Brien *************************************

Minutes of Croftamie Community Council Meeting th 13 April 2011 at 7.30pm Held at:- The Wayfarers

Present: Robert Scott (Chairman), Pat Mill (Secretary), Andy Robertson, Anna Watson, Willie Nesbit, Sheila Welsh, Councillor Alistair Berrill, Dougie Bain and Andrew Lee Drymen CC, and PC Cummins Apologies: Alan Methven March’s Minutes Minutes of last meeting approved “as amended” :- Proposed by Andy Robertson, Seconded by Anna Watson Planning: No items of specific interest noted on Stirling Council Planning List (nothing within Croftamie boundaries). Anna Watson - Planning website for LL&TTNP - There may be a retrospective application to be made for alteration to an existing cottage, however details are awaited and Anna will confirm status at next meeting Andy Robertson -Planning at “Dalnair House”. Stirling Planning to be asked for “update” status, however there is little we can do to push forward. Proposed Gala Day – Drymen-Buchanan-Croftamie Andrew Lee and Dougie Bain asked for our Community‟s th participation on the Gala Day which is on the Sat 11 June 2011 The day will consist of a procession in Drymen, to end up at the field where there will be games and stalls etc. There is also a Gala Queen for the under 12 year olds. There will also be a junior disco during the afternoon and there will be various bands performing in the evening for the adults. A full draft schedule will be put on the CCC notice board and further details in The Claivers We have been kindly asked as a neighbouring community to participate. If anyone has any ideas about this fun day please contact Robert Scott who will liaise with Drymen CC Police Report (Mar to April 2011) This report covers the period since the last meeting. A case of dangerous driving occurred on the A809 and a suspect is being sought There have been thefts of a bike & power tools from unsecured outbuildings and also some scrap metal. Roadside hand held radar will continue – multiple stops in Croftamie RTAs Two minor, however there was one fatality on the 31.3.11 at the Devil‟s Pulpit. PC Cummins was unable to give information on this accident, however after consideration and discussion it was agreed to invite the Collision Prevention Officer to the next meeting to get his thoughts on this blackspot before approaching SC Roads Dept to try again to get something done to prevent further tragedies. Operation Ironworks started this year with the new st camping byelaws coming into force on 1 June 2011 and also the ban on drinking alcohol in public places. PC Cummins was asked if the Ironworks was not just

displacing the anti social behaviour. If individual communities inform the police they will react in the normal way. Community Council Business 1. Roads. Various points noted ref condition of our roads – RS to collate and write to Les Goodfellow (Roads) 2. Community Transport Facility. Update. 3. Roads – Stirling Council – 4. Margaret Steel Co-opting to CCC, Anna Watson to submit necessary forms. rd 5. Community Partnership Meeting. Notes 23 Mar 2011 There has been a number of Volunteer Rangers taken on. If we wish the Ranger Service Manager to come to our next meeting to discuss their services please let RS know. There will now be fees to be paid to launch boats on the Loch. Details will be posted on notice board when figures known. And lastly there are new boats to allow the Park to manage the Loch, Photos on notice board. Stirling Council Councillor Berrill‟s Report/Comments. Mobile Library looks like it will not be affected by SC cuts. The forthcoming election results may not be known immediately after. It will be the next day before counting is done and result known. Stirling Council has had Best Value Audit carried-out Result TBD AOB 1 2 3 4

5 6



Social Media Training – 4 and 11 May at Stirling. Anyone interested? Affordable Housing Needs – LL&TTNP. Participation requested – RS will write. Steering Group? Ref Direction of Rural South West Forum RS to email response Cycling Friendly Communities – Grants available to fund cycling promotion. If anyone has project related to promoting cycling let us know. There may be funding available. Ref to CCC notice board. Andy Robertson – Asked if Croftamie could get community wind power system Large stone boundary wall looks as though it has been lowered making it less likely to be a safety issue for the Main Road. th

Next Meeting:- Wednesday 11 May 2011 at 19.30hrs at Croftamie Nursery Meeting was closed at 21.10 by Robert Scott

Minutes of Croftamie Community Council Meeting 11th May 2011 7.30pm Held at:- The Nursery Present: Robert Scott (Chairman), Pat Mill (Secretary), Andy Robertson, Anna Watson, Margaret Steel, PC Cummins, Colin Wilson, David Young and Mr. Durie. Apologies: Alan Methven, W Nesbit, Councillor O‟Brien, Pam Campbell and Sheila Welsh April’s Minutes Minutes of April‟s meeting approved :- Proposed by Andy Robertson, Seconded by Anna Watson Continued on page 4


Planning: Stirling Council Planners have asked us for our comments ref David Young‟s new application. This new proposal is the same house on the same site but accessed off the B834 Killearn Road. As road access issue off the A809 has been addressed, and as long as the existing road access now being proposed is suitable, we have no objections Anna Watson - Planning website for LL&TTNP -. Refuse bin alongside our roads. Residents have mentioned that the bins are being left out but not taken away from roadside. CC to investigate if we can get bins moved after being emptied. Planning status at Dalnair House. Stirling Planners have confirmed that there are currently no applications currently on the house. All previous applications have passed their valid dates. An application was noted at 7, Cattermills. RS to check that all neighbours have been notified. Proposed Gala Day – Drymen-Buchanan-Croftamie We have had no response to the Gala Day proposed by Drymen CC. We have asked the CC Trust if they would like to get involved and await their comments. It was suggested that the Nursery may be interested in some capacity. AW to investigate. Police Report (April to May 2011) Community Constable – Tony Cummins 1. Operation Ironworks- Encompassing the forthcoming Alcohol/Camping byelaws and tackling ASB, C6 Clearway, Road safety and Traffic management st Operation Ironworks 2011 started on 1 April with the official nd launch being on Good Friday 22 April. Dedicated patrols are being deployed with local community officers carrying out additional patrols between weekend operations. We are planning with our partner agencies for the implementation of st the Alcohol and Camping byelaws that come into force on 1 June. The C6 clearway legislation is being enforced and several fixed penalties already issued. Parking restrictions in the form of double yellow lines along full length of Pier Road, Balmaha, have now been implemented. Regular patrols have resulted in both persons moved and a robust enforcement with FP being issued. Work is currently ongoing at Sallochy to upgrade it and provide a designated camping area. It is currently closed to the public. Police are working with partner agencies to minimise disruption and ensure persons do not use the site illegally/interfere with works. 2. .Speeding- Croftamie Speed enforcement has been undertaken in the village. The camera partnership has also been operating on the main A811 trunk route. st There was a fatal road collision on 31 March on the A809 at the Devils Pulpit. Police and local authority experts are carrying out a full investigation. It was asked if the hand held radar could be used on the 40MPH as you go out of the village to the south. PC Cummins said it was not possible for a number of reasons. It was felt that even a police presence would help deter these people speeding. 3. Other Items of note Since the last meeting there has been a recorded housebreaking – Pirniehall. There are no figures of last months RTAs as yet. A by-product of the continued road checks in recent weeks has been several drugs recoveries. Community Council Business 6. Roads:- Various points noted ref condition of our roads – RS has written to Les Goodfellow &



Stephen Todd (Roads): Croftamie Bridge, Catterburn and Pavement at bus stop. Community Transport Facility. Facility still providing transport on Thursdays. Anyone interested should contact CC Trust. Info also on Notice Board. th Rural South West Area Forum. Mon 16 at 7.00pm at Balfron - Anna Watson & Margaret Steel would try to attend.

Stirling Council Councilor O‟Brien sent his apologies AOB 7



Social Media Training – 4 and 11 May at Stirling. It‟s on tonight 8 Affordable housing needs – LL&TTNP participation requested – RS has written. 9 Community wind power system – Representative from Renewables Company would like to come to next meeting. It was agreed that as the Trust also had a similar approach, we could ask them both to investigate the possibilities. st 10 LL&TTNP Park Plan meeting on 31 May RS to attend. th

Next Meeting :- Wednesday 8 June 2011 at 19.30hrs at Croftamie Nursery. Meeting was closed at 21.10 by Robert Scott

DRAFT Minutes of Croftamie Community Council Meeting 8th June 2011 7.30pm Held at:- The Nursery Present: Robert Scott (Chairman), Pat Mill (Secretary), Andy Robertson, Margaret Steel, PC Cummins, W Nesbit, Councillor Lambie, Sheila Welsh and Colin Wilson. Apologies: Pam Campbell Anna Watson April’s Minutes Minutes of May‟s meeting were read & approved: - Proposed by AR, seconded by MS Planning: Stirling Council Planners have asked us for our comments ref David Young‟s NEW application. These have been issued to Planners by RS. The original application, with access off the A809, was refused. Planning website for LL&TTNP – As AW is on holiday the applications to be checked for last month. The application noted at 7, Cattermills. RS to check that all neighbours have been properly notified. - RS phoned planners and left a message but they did NOT phone back. He will try again. Police Report (May-June 2011) Community Constable – Tony Cummins From last meeting - 40mph limit just outside village – PC Cummins has raised this topic with Traffic Partnership Agency who are currently monitoring the A811. They were asked to extend to cover the A809; however it had been looked at before and found NOT to have the right criteria to be taken on board. This will be looked at again in light of our request and the latest RTAs In relation to this section of road it will be subject to a significant road presence” where the police are targeting traveling criminals and road safety. No crimes reported within Croftamie Continued on page 5


RTAs – One fatality on the A809 at The Queens View. If there are any witnesses please contact PC Cummins. There have been a few house break-ins in the Drymen area, however it is likely to be travelling criminals. Whilst targeting those criminals other issues were uncovered e.g. drunk driving, drugs and vehicle safety issues. Operation Ironworks now in place since 1.6.11 and it was found that during the Friday with the good weather things were found to be relatively quiet and visitors when informed of the camping byelaws were understanding and responsive in a positive way. Community Wind Power System – Representative from Energy4All ref Craigievern Paul Phare of Energy4All made a representation ref the above proposals. His remit is to inform Local Councils and other bodies about possible participation in these proposals if they go ahead. There are a few ways where the community can get involved. Firstly by raising money and then investing in the project with an expected return of 15%. Secondly as an alternative the developer may set up a Trust Fund that could be used by local projects. There are likely to be seven different CCs all or any of which could benefit. There could be a position of Development Officer acting on behalf of these seven CCs to oversee the process. Community Council Business 9. Roads: Response to our letter:- copy of letter received will be put on notice board th 10. Rural South West Area Forum. Mon 16 June at 7.00 Balfron – It looks like no-one from CCC could make it this month, however the Minutes will be put on notice board. Stirling Council Councillor Lambie‟s Comments/Report will be appended to these minutes for council records and will be available on the notice board. The Stirling Council Roads programme for this year will also be put on the notice poard. AOB st 11 LL&TTNP Park Plan meeting on 31 May RS and AR attended on your behalf and assisted in giving the Park Authority guidance on what is most important to us. We will be getting postcards for us to mark up any suggestions etc and we would ask that they are returned. 12 The street lighting in the centre of the village appears to be on 24hrs a day. 13 We have received Alan Methven‟s resignation. We would take this opportunity to thank Alan for his support over the years and wish him well in the future. Robert Scott to send a few paragraphs to the Claivers to try to get some other residents interested in joining the Community Council 14 Steering Group: two members were invited by Stirling Council. We could not get anyone available on these six dates. 15 Carers: Flyer to be put on notice board 16 Community Partnership – Could not go to this meeting in Arrochar. Willie Nisbet stated that he felt it was a good thing for the LL&TTNP members to get out and about within the Communities. 17 Central Scotland Police Spring Newsletter to be put on notice board 18 Volunteers:- Flyer on notice board 19 Seminar ref Stirling Council's response to severe weather. Nobody could make this RS sent apologies by email. 20 The Community Partnership have sent us an application form which we should return ASAP.

21 Community Grants:-dates for submission of application had been received from Stirling Council. RS to send to AW Next Meeting: - Wednesday 14th Sept 2011 at 19.30hrs at Croftamie Nursery Meeting was closed at 21.10 by Robert Scott

Schedule of remaining Community Council Meetings for 2011 all on Wednesdays at 7.30pm in Croftamie Nursery Month July August September October November December

Date No meeting No meeting th 14 th 12 th 9 No meeting

Croftamie Community Council - Membership e have received Alan Methven‟s resignation due to ill heath. We would take this opportunity to thank Alan for all his support over the years and wish him well in the future.


We have now lost two members over the last year and we are urgently seeking residents who may be interested in being co-opted onto the Community Council. We meet once a month, in total seven or eight times a year, and it is fairly informal but also quite interesting. If you are interested please contact Robert Scott on 01360 660 637 ********************************

Croftamie has a Facebook Page! Lee Crompton has set up a Facebook page for Croftamie. This is at an early stage and comments would be most welcome. The web address is ftamie-Community/112411612180871 . If like me you are not yet signed up for Facebook you can see the front page so to speak, but if you want to access any of the links you need to be signed up yourself. [Ed]


Community Police Notes

Op Ironworks will continue throughout the season and I look forward to more positive reports.

Telephone scam 9th June 2011

Rural thefts 19th June 2011

A telephone scam has recently come to light whereby householders receive a telephone call from a person claiming to be from BT and demanding immediate payment to prevent the householder's phone being cut off due to an unpaid bill.

Throughout the force area we regularly receive reports of stolen scrap metal and persons in vans or pick-ups going round farms and rural businesses looking to take away scrap. Recently quad bikes and other agricultural machinery have been taken from rural farms and more than likely carried off in vans.

The caller claims to be able to demonstrate that they are from BT by temporarily cutting off the householder's phone. This is done by the caller putting their telephone on mute but remaining on the line to prevent the householder making any outgoing calls. Credit or debit card details are then asked for by the caller. Under no circumstances should you give your personal details or bank details to anyone who calls you at home. Reputable companies and organisation will never ask for these details. If you are in any doubt about a caller terminate the conversation.

Males Arrested For Theft 10th June 2011 th

On 9 June 2011, following a concern call from a member of the public, police attended at a private property in Croftamie. Two males were found on the property with the intention of committing theft. They were also found in possession of stolen goods. They were duly arrested and soon discovering the delights of the police cells at Stirling. They have been charged with various crimes of dishonesty and are appearing at Stirling Sheriff Court from police custody.

These 'scrap collectors' will often ask if they can take scrap but if unchallenged, can take whatever is lying around or come back for something that they think is of value. While some premises may be happy to get rid of scrap there is potential for theft not only from your own premises, but neighbouring businesses or farms. Stolen items have included scrap metals, new cable, fuel from tanks or vehicles, quad bikes and other machinery. We would like to be kept informed of anyone travelling around the area calling at premises. A brief call to the police with type of vehicle and registration number is all that is required. This allows patrols to check out the vehicle and occupants.

*** Anyone with information can contact Central Scotland Police on 01786 456000 or information can be given anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. You can also follow Central Scotland Police on Twitter and Facebook. PC 717 Cummins Drymen ***************************************

In the current economic climate please be aware that scrap metal, or indeed anything can be a target for thieves. If you see anything suspicious please contact the police asap.

PACT Update-Op Ironworks-Camping and Alcohol Bylaws 13th June 2011 st

On 1 June 2011 the new Camping and Alcohol bylaws came into force for East Loch Lomond. There have now been two weekends with the bylaws in rd force, including Friday 3 June when we had the best weather we have seen in a long time. I am delighted to report that in that time we have seen full compliance with the laws. There have been a couple of parties who have attended unaware of the new rules but as soon as they were made aware by NP Rangers or Police they booked into the local formal campsites or the new Forestry site at Sallochy - which has been refurbished and is now open. This has resulted in no instances of reported or observed ASB or crime along East LochLomond. Areas that at one time were more akin to a rubbish tip are clean and tidy. I am also pleased to report that during my Ironworks patrols, while in the Trossachs areas, that while these were fairly busy with campers, they were responsible and not causing any issues. When speaking to these persons none of them stated they had previously used ELL, all stated they were regular visitors to the Trossachs.

The newly refurbished and extended Drymen Church was the setting for a concert given by Milngavie’s Douglas Academy Chamber Choir on Sunday 12th June. The choir is drawn from the senior students of the Academy, not all of whom are studying in the School of Music. Other items included a saxophone quartet and a clarsach solo, and it was a most enjoyable afternoon’s entertainment. The concert was given in aid of Crossroads Caring Scotland, West Stirlingshire branch, and raised the wonderful sum of £856. It was the first non church event to be held in the recently re-opened building which proved to be a magnificent setting for such an occasion. Thanks are due to everyone who made it possible.

The annual collection for Crossroads Caring Scotland will take place during the week beginning Monday 5th September


Church of Scotland General Assembly - May 2011 At the end of May I accompanied Alex Macpherson, Minister of Drymen and Buchanan churches, to the General Assembly week in Edinburgh. Having grown up in the Church of Scotland, but spent almost 40 years elsewhere, I had returned home to the Church of Scotland, but realised I knew almost nothing about its organisation, its people or procedures. For those, like me, who have never attended an Assembly, let me tell you that the Church of Scotland is not dead; it is made up of highly intelligent, and thoroughly committed men and women. This year‟s Moderator, Rt Rev. David Arnott, is one such man. He also has a lively sense of humour. The organisation of the week was seamless and efficient … they have obviously been running the Assembly for a fair number of years! It was good to see a huge hall filled by both MEN and WOMEN, not just women. . that made a nice change! The morning worship was joyful, and the unaccompanied singing quite amazing. The short talk each morning by the Moderator was always excellent. Although Monday‟s debate on “same-sex relationships and the ministry” was reported on television and in the newspapers, it is perhaps interesting to note that few

national papers or TV channels considered the events of the rest of the week newsworthy. That was a shame because there were many important issues well researched, reported, and debated with intelligence and passion. Another important debate was about updating the role of presbyteries. Whilst there is general agreement that there is a real need for change, the end result of that debate was NO CHANGE. I felt that was a great shame. There are many churches like ours throughout Scotland and the wider world that are growing, listening, grasping change and reaching out into the community, so change is happening anyway. The church is not dead; it has a hope and a future. Perhaps the greatest surprise for me during the week was the vibrancy and commitment of the young people. The Youth Assembly of the Church of Scotland is very much alive, and full of energy. So if you are 16 to 25 years old, get in touch, you could missing out on a lot of fun and action. Drymen Church was reopened at Easter; the building is beautiful and the congregation is growing; more young families join us every week for action-packed Kids 4 Christ sessions; there is a crèche every Sunday for babies and toddlers. God is at work in this valley! Come and see for yourself any Sunday at 11.30am. Everyone is welcome. Jenny O‟Keefe


In and Around Croftamie Village Croftamie WRI 4th May AGM and prize giving The new committee was elected: Gillian Munro (President) Chris Bilsland Mary McDonald (Treasurer) Carole Ferguson (Vice President) Anne Ewing Pat Strong(Secretary) Jodie Allan Hilary McDougall Eleanor McQuade Competitionsst Smocked article - 1 Pat Strong. st Iced Victoria Sponge – 1 Pat Strong, nd rd 2 Carole Ferguson, 3 Agnes McQueen. Annual Prizes Points prize - Pat Strong. Betty Clark Memorial trophy (iced Victoria sponge) Pat Strong. Anne McKenzie Quaich for needlework - Pat Strong. Housewifery (creamer and sugar bowl) - Carole Ferguson Rose Bowl - Margaret Munro. Handicrafts - silver salver - Pat Strong The first meeting of the new session is on Wednesday, th 7 September at 7.30pm in the Nursery. The speaker will be from Endrick Blooms and will be giving some pointers on how to do the perfect flower arrangement The Competitions are: Fresh flower arrangement in a wine glass, and jam filled swiss roll. Members £14.00 for the year, Visitors £2.00 per meeting.

Dunbartonshire Federation Show – 7th May 2011 In Kilmaronock Millennium Hall, Gartocharn

Crafts Doorstop: 2nd Gillian Munro, 3rd Pat Strong Nursery Rhyme in Calligraphy 1st E Swanson Action Photograph: 2nd Gillian Munro Baking Sultana Cake, 9” : 2nd M Ronald Nine Minute Microwave Dumpling – Magazine Prize: 1st Agnes McQueen (The above is copied, pasted and edited from the Federation website and I hope is accurate, as I found the method of reporting some results a little confusing - Ed)

Drymen Show Saturday 28th May 2011 The Rural competitions were held in Drymen Village Hall

Congratulations to the following for their wins – in some cases multiple. Mary Ronald (5) Agnes McQueen (3) Chris Bilsland (1) Margaret Munro (2) Pat Strong (2)

Eleanor McQuade (1) Elaine Swanson (2) Mary McDonald (1) Betty Laing (1)

(As copied down from reading the Stirling Observer.-Ed)

Sporting Activities (Adapted from the Federation website –Ed)

GOLF: The Dunbartonshire Federation Competition took place on th 25 May 2011 at Cardross Golf Club in what can only be described as wet and windy conditions. After a count back over the last 6 holes the eventual winners by 0.4 of a stroke in the greensome format were Margaret Gibb and Sheila Welsh. They will go on to compete in the National Final on th 12 September 2011 in Stranraer, when they will tee off at 10.10 am. Refreshments will be available for competitors and spectators. CURLING: st The National Final took place in Forfar on 21 March 2011 when the Federation team of A Rankin, E Sturgeon, P Kirkpatrick and I Carswell were 2nd in the Low Road.

Trophy Winners Perpetual Calendar – E Swanson Lettering Trophy class 18 Magazine Prize – Agnes McQueen Foursomes - Breakfast in Bed: 3rd Croftamie – 34½ points

STADIUM BOWLING: th The National Final took place on 18 April 2011 in Dundee when the Federation Team of I Carswell, A Rankin, C Bilsland and M Boyle reached the semi finals where they were beaten by the eventual winners. The team and supporters travelled with Drymen WRI by bus and they all had a great day.

Display Table: 2nd = Croftamie – 52½ point Knitting and crochet Socks: 2nd Pat Strong Hat, any ply: 3rd Pat Strong Gloves, any ply: 3rd Pat Strong Prem Baby Hat 3 ply: 3rd Pat Strong Article in Heavy Crochet: 2nd Pat Strong Sewing and Embroidery Japanese Folded Patchwork: 1st Pat Strong Child‟s Pinafore: 2nd Pat Strong

OUTDOOR BOWLING: th The Federation Competition took place on 19 May 2011 at Helensburgh High Green. In first place were I Carswell, M Gordon, C Bilsland and M Boyle. They will go on to nd compete in the National Final on 22 August 2011 in Stonehaven. Good luck to those progressing to national finals later in the year. Let‟s hope for better weather for the golfers than last year.


From above clockwise: President Gillian Munro presents prizes at the Croftamie WRI AGM on 4th May, to Pat Strong, Carole Ferguson, and Margaret Munro. Below: Two of Croftamie’s displays at the Dunbartonshire Federation Show


In and Around Croftamie Village Croftamie Community Trust Activities Village Litter Pick-up


The annual village litter pick-up took place on Saturday 7 May. Despite a terrible forecast, the weather was kind to us, and we had another excellent turnout with 16 participants. The National Park had again augmented our supplies of equipment, so everyone was kitted out with hi-vis jackets, gloves, litter pickers, hoops and bags. Hearteningly, there was less litter than in previous years, but our most unusual (and largest) single piece was a car bumper, rescued from the Catter bridge. In addition to picking up, volunteers also cleaned the phone box and litter bin and cleared some of the ivy which was overgrowing the bridge. Afterwards we repaired to the Wayfarers for a well-earned refreshment, and were able to sit out and enjoy the sunshine. Thanks go to everyone involved, and to all those who pick up litter on a regular basis. Anne Ewing

Village Plant Sale We decided that it was time to re-instate the plant sale which used to be an annual event in the village calendar. The th morning of Saturday 14 May saw us putting up tables and a gazebo, kindly lent by David and Jodie Allan – and in a strong wind it was a real team effort! We were lucky with the weather, in that it stayed dry and sunny for the morning.

Lots of plants from tomatoes and beans to bedding plants were available – thank you so much to everyone who donated, and to Alan from Spadeworks for lending boxes to carry the bedding plants. By 11.00am we were all set, and the stalls were cleared of everything by 12.30. Hilary McDougall and Chris Bilsland sold strawberry tarts, which went down really well. To everyone who came along – thank you for supporting the sale. We raised over £100 for Village funds – and next year we hope to make it even bigger and better. Anne Ewing

Sustainable Village The second open meeting of Croftamie Community Trust st was held on Tuesday 21 June. Colin Potter, architect with a special interest in low energy design, is leading the sustainable village initiative, and gave an illustrated talk to introduce the idea of the “passive” house. See separate insert.

Barbeque Following on from the success of last year, there will be a th barbeque for all residents and their friends on Sunday 28 August 2011 from 1.30-4.00pm at the Nursery. See separate notice. Flyers will be circulated nearer the time.

Internet Café / Computer Surgery It is planned to run a regular internet café and computer surgery from the autumn. Further details will be available in the next Claivers, so watch this space!

Croftamie Community Bus Service

Every Thursday Morning to Milngavie and back The minibus will leave Croftamie Nursery at 10am, and return to the village just after 12 noon Fare £2.00

Pick-up points: Croftamie Nursery, Cycle Track bus stop, Stove Centre bus stop, Mill Quadrant If you need picked up elsewhere, please tell Anne Ewing, The Schoolhouse. Telephone: 660877 or email: Drop-off points will be arranged to suit – don’t worry about having to carry heavy shopping Supported by Croftamie Community Council and Croftamie Community Trust

The bus is not just for the elderly and / or those who can’t or don’t drive. Why not leave the car at home for a change and save fuel? Do a big heavy shopping with the car one week and a smaller lighter one the next week. Enjoy the sociability of the journey. Take advantage of the wide variety of shops, banks, and services in Milngavie, and / or have a coffee in the bookshop.


Litter pick-up volunteers of all ages garbed, equipped and ready to go Picking up along the main road

Washing the BT phone box

Enjoying well earned refreshments at the Wayfarers after the pick-up

Struggling in the wind to erect the gazebo before the plant sale

The plant sale in full swing


In and Around Croftamie Village What’s On


hat's on and stayed on during the Great Storm? The electricity supply in the village, thanks to the renewed infrastructure recently installed by Scottish and Southern Energy. It was in April that we all suffered from essential shutdown, to allow that work to be carried out. Certainly a piece of fortunate timing. Outlying areas were not so lucky, some being without power for several days. The high winds wrought havoc and many a household is still recovering from the effects. At least there have been no late frosts to cause more damage to delicate bedding plants. By the time that the judges will be doing their rounds, I am sure everything in the garden will be as rosy as usual. Every summer Croftamie is a ribbon of rainbow colour from end to end, a display enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. At the Red House, Thomas Robinson Architects have just launched a range of six energy efficient house models, aimed at self builders and property developers alike. Unveiled at the Home Building and Renovating Show at Glasgow, the smallest of the off-the-peg plans are for a house with an estimated annual heating cost of under £200. These can be seen on and are well worth a look. Such specialist architects are few and far between, however, in Croftamie we have not one but two. The post office is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, now offering a fantastic laundry and dry cleaning service, even extending to pet bedding. Also available are shoe repairs and, to top it all, a full house cleaning utility. We all make use of post office services - it would be good if some of these transactions could be carried out in Croftamie. A viable post office is a benefit to any community. The Wayfarers' entertainment programme now includes a quiz night, scheduled for the last Wednesday in every month. Twenty pounds to the winning team. The following night brings the Lomond Folk Club members to Croftamie for an evening of wide ranging music and a few traditional stories. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the two rib-eye steaks and a bottle of wine for the £20 you could have won the previous night. A karaoke session on either Friday or Saturday rounds thing off nicely, if rather more noisily. The Wayfarers' is now on Facebook, log on for more details. A Claivers competition for all the younger people of the community. A tree was planted in the grounds of the old school, to commemorate the birth of Prince William. There will be a prize for the person who can find and identify the species of that tree (it will be marked with a ribbon), and email me the best information of Prince William's life to date. Something to do in the holidays. Sion Barrington

Cancer Research UK Generous Croftamie residents raised £164.95 for the recent collection. Thank you for digging deep at this difficult time of recession. Be assured that your donations are much appreciated by Cancer Research UK, and all involved. Moira Degan

Sponsored Rider


roftamie was the scene of an unusual cyclist on Monday morning, March 28th, when a sponsored rider came up the Pirniehall [back ] road about 10am. Rosalind Jarvis was doing the challenging ride from Lands End to John o„Groats, in aid of CINI, Child in Need India. Her ride took her 22 days cycling, an amazing feat considering it is over 1100 miles. After leaving Croftamie, she had a short pit stop in Gartocharn before cycling up the A82 to Crianlarich and on up north. Some nights she spent in a mobile caravan and others with friends. CINI was started in 1974 by a paediatrician Dr Chaudhuri on the outskirts of Kolkata, as a small clinic for under 5`s. Now CINI has grown to cover almost 5 million people in some of the poorest parts of West Bengal. Although the prime focus is on preventing and treating malnutrition, over the years the services have extended to cover health care for women and children, education and protection issues. They run a street children centre. As a long standing partner with local communities as well as central and local government CINI has twice received the prestigious National award for Child Welfare, from the government of India. Ros`s focus for her ride was to study the effect of climate change on these vulnerable groups. She was prompted to do it in memory of her late husband Geoffrey Jarvis and she has received over £25,000 so far in sponsorship. Donations are still coming in. Margie Stephen

Ros stops for a breather and a photo opportunity


In and Around Croftamie Village Storm Stories Monday 23rd May “Timber!” The recent gale that brought a huge tree down in our garden (right) has produced quite a new meaning and spelling to several words. For example spillikin in my dictionary can mean a splinter of wood, etc and in the plural can also mean a game in which players try to pick up each spillikin from a heap without moving any of the others. The tree, which we think is a lime, brought half down about four other smaller trees leaving a mobile jungle to be untangled. Andy Robertson and Donald McKechnie kindly appeared and helped to clear the road. John Steel did a great job organising a fence bypass to keep the sheep out, but not before a very determined one with two lambs had insisted in coming into the garden. We nick-named it Obama as it was over here at the same time as the President. Logs, Log a rithm, Log chip, Logger, Logging, and Logisticks all spring to mind as part of the clear-up. Logistics can mean the detailed planning of any large complex operation. With 20 tons being an estimate of the tangle of the piles, this definition seems appropriate. David Stephen

From Katrina Gardner

Katrina‟s problems started on the Monday morning before the worst of the gale. She was working with her Park Life and Stirling Life team when at about 9.45am they heard a very loud noise. A large beech tree from across the Back Road had come down (left), fortunately missing the house but the higher branches enveloping her car. When the tree was in due course removed, her car had suffered surprising little damage apart from a few bumps and scrapes and was still drivable. It also brought down the phone line to the Drymen exchange lines beyond it, so Katrina‟s team was unable to function and had to move elsewhere for a while. The Back Road had the luxury of two police officers and their patrol car to warn motorists of the problem. What a difference later in the day when so many trees were down and roads blocked that the police were in demand everywhere!

From Gillian Munro

Gillian had no phone line or Internet. But she did have a photo of her house with a tree sitting on the roof (below). Luckily it didn't do too much damage but her TV aerial was tied to the trunk until she could get it back on the chimney.

Welsh Household

We were fine on the Monday morning.

The phone line attached to the telegraph pole (above) still worked although it was lying on the ground under the beech tree. It continued to work when we lost our power mid afternoon, though of course that meant the internet was gone. As I was just starting my Claivers emails this was not convenient. When the power came back some 52 hours later the phone stopped working. But the freezer contents were still frozen. We were without the internet connection for 12 days, and the land line for 10, and I spent several hours in the library trying to keep up. All we lost otherwise was half a little plum tree. The other half has visibly grown since. Many thanks to those who responded to my request for storm stories. I know that many others had problems and hope that by now things are getting back to normal. Editor


In and Around Croftamie Village CONGRATULATIONS !!

to Jenny Riddle who celebrated her 95th birthday on Wednesday 15th June. She is seen enjoying one of Agnes McQueen’s meringues during the regular Wednesday morning coffee convention.

Caddis fly larvae can be found in running fresh water, sand grains and other debris built into protective cases for their soft bodies. Newly hatched larvae will begin to spin a sheath of silken thread around the abdomen, to which the extraneous material is cemented in a spiral pattern. Scientists are researching the possibility of using caddis silk as an alternative to conventional stitches in surgery. Further development points to the likely discovery of a new super adhesive, with the ability to simply stick body tissue together. This silk has the added benefit of being completely unaffected by water. After a year in the larval stage, a mothlike adult emerges, grey or brown in colour and flying mostly at night. Swansea, a Welsh university, looks like coming up with a solution to our perennial midge problem. There are forty species of these tiny, biting insects and, in some places, there can be as many as ten million to the acre. Fortunately, only the female of the species does the bloodsucking. Researchers have identified a fungus, Metarhizium anisopliae, which has a deadly effect on all members of Culicoides, without harming anything else. Already licensed for use south of the border, it is hoped that it will soon be available here. Baited midge-traps can be set out and the fungus can also be laid across the landscape by helicopter or tractors. Fingers crossed on this one. Sion Barrington *********

Nature Notes


ature knows best, species evolving over time to be best suited to their local environment. The recent high wind which tore across the Central Belt brought this fact home with some force. Sessile oaks (Scottish) have their leaves on little stalks, while their acorns sit snugly tight onto the twigs. In a tempest, Scottish oak trees can easily shed their foliage, at the same time holding on to the fruiting bodies, as yet unripe. English oak trees, brought in because they grow more rapidly and reach a greater size, have a peduncle (stalk) on the acorn but not on their leaves. In a summer storm, the immature pedunculate acorns are blown away and leaf-laden branches are liable to be torn off. At least there will be plenty of firewood this winter. Not only were limbs lost and whole trees blown over, many nests became dislodged with the loss of numerous fledglings. At the edge of the village I came across three rooks in the road, two parent birds and one of their windswept chicks. The youngster was fully feathered and appeared to be twice the size of the adult birds. It was also quite oblivious to the danger of road traffic. The parents tried to coax the juvenile to safety, going through the "come and be fed" routine - to no avail. Next came the out and out attack, both birds in full assault mode and feathers really flying. The engorged chick beat a quick retreat into the roadside undergrowth. Once junior had been made safe, both parents set off to forage for food, returning some twenty minutes later. All members of the Corvidae family demonstrate considerable reasoning ability.

Here is Ailsa Stirling with the tree planted to celebrate Prince Williamâ€&#x;s birth. (See Whatâ€&#x;s On, page 12)



Gillian Munro Upholsterer & Furniture Restorer

The Old Station Yard Croftamie

Servicing Holiday Lets / B&Bs General household laundry Dry Cleaning / Alterations Pet Bedding Linen Hire Available. Drop off at one of our agents: Croftamie Post Office, Croftamie Lomond View Stores, Gartocharn Youngs Newsagent,Alexandria The Village Shop, Balmaha Costcutter General Store, Buchlyvie Keirs Newsagent, Balfron

G63 0EU Phone: 01360 661138 Mobile: 0780 360 9320

The WAYFARERS BAR and RESTAURANT Main Street, Croftamie, G63 0EU 01360 660358

Too busy for housework? Let us take the strain. Special rates when you mention this ad!

2 main meals for £10 Take-away Menu Special: Monday-Thursday 2 rib-eye steaks & a bottle of wine for £20

Loch Lomond Steamie Block 4 Unit 3 Lomond Ind. Est. Alexandria G83 0TL 01389 759918 Facebook Wayfarers Restaurant

Tel: 01360 660743

Also at The Old Surgery, Buchlyvie

If you are interested in „subscribing‟ to updates for the Croftamie website, and receiving an email if new information is posted, please send an email to asking to be updated.

Monday – Friday Saturday Sunday

7.30 – 5.30 7.30 – 5.00 8.00 – 5.00


Going Carbon Neutral Stirling Homes with big heating bills are the latest target for groundbreaking environmental group Going Carbon Neutral Stirling. Work in local communities has shown that over a quarter of the average person's carbon footprint relates to domestic heating and lighting. Carbon savings - and big cuts in energy bills - can be achieved ... but the whole topic of renewables and energy-saving measures can be a minefield. That prompted Going Carbon Neutral Stirling (GCNS) to set up Energise Stirling with help from the Climate Challenge Fund. GCNS has been working with manufacturers of solar panels, wind turbines and ground source heat pumps to arrange a bulk buy purchase that will make these technologies cheaper to install. For example, solar panels to heat water normally cost around £5000 but GCNS can source them from £3000 to £3500. Solar photovoltaic panels that generate electricity are usually well over £10,000 for a 3kW system (the recommended size for a medium to large home). GCNS can offer this at around £5000. Even better news is that you would get around £1000 a year from the government for the energy you generate, meaning that the panel would pay for itself within five years. And did you know ... * Solar panels can save around a tonne of CO2 each year, significantly reducing your carbon footprint * GCNS will be visiting homes to survey their potential for the different technologies * Surprising to some, solar panels are not dependent on the sun's heat but its light - they even work when it's cloudy! Through our work with local residents, GCNS has found that people in houses with stone walls are fed up of getting vague or even incorrect advice. This year, GCNS has been working with specialists from Historic Scotland to provide householders with the expert advice they need. This is achieved by identifying the best measures and materials for saving energy in older properties. To make it more affordable, GCNS has again arranged discounts with manufacturers and installers of products such as insulation and glazing. A GCNS worker would be happy to visit your home to see what measures are suitable for you. As a non-profit making organisation, GCNS will give impartial advice. If renewables or other energy saving measures are not suitable for certain homes, especially if they don't really save much energy or carbon, GCNS will make that clear to householders. For more information, contact GCNS on 01786 468762 or email Alan Rennie Carbon Reduction Community Facilitator Going Carbon Neutral Stirling Keep Scotland Beautiful Wallace House 17-21 Maxwell Place STIRLING FK8 1JU


Balquhidder Summer Music Balquhidder Summer Music is in its 26th year of providing classical music concerts in Balquhidder Kirk on summer Sunday evenings. In 2011 there are five concerts, the first on 10th July and the fifth on 7th August, all at 7pm. A good line-up of musicians has been arranged. Details are on the website, which includes the concert programmes and pictures of some of the participants. Tickets £8 (concessions £7), and season

tickets £30. Do come to this long-running concert series which has built up a reputation for high-quality music by young professional players and singers. For more details, call Alan Clarke, 01877 384 338. *********************************

Changes to Health Services in NHS Forth Valley The third and final phase of the new Forth Valley Royal Hospital at Larbert opens in July 2011. This will allow a wide range of acute services currently based at Stirling Royal Infirmary to transfer across to Forth Valley Royal Hospital as planned. This includes Accident and Emergency services for the whole of Forth Valley which will transfer from Stirling Royal Infirmary to Forth Valley Royal Hospital th at 8.00am on Tuesday 12 July 2011. th

A new Minor Injury Unit will also open on 12 July 2011 on the Stirling Royal Infirmary site which will become Stirling Community Hospital after acute hospital services have transferred to Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

Know Who To Turn To When you need advice about health or you are feeling unwell, it is important to know who to turn to. To help you make the right choices, NHS Forth Valley has produced a booklet which has been distributed to GP practices and community pharmacies and is also available on the Forth Valley website


St Marys Episcopal Church Main Street ABERFOYLE

Regular Services: every Sunday at 11.15am HOLY COMMUNION


Rector: Rev Richard Grosse Tel 01877 382 887


National Park Notes. It has been quite a while since I have put pen to paper and try to keep you up to date with the goings on in the National Park. With the arctic weather that we had from November last year to March this year most things but the bare essentials ground to a halt. We may well never get a winter like that again for a while, but there have been lessons learnt on how to cope better. It was a joy to get some wonderfully sunny weather in April - it almost made up for the icy misery earlier on. On the subject of sunny weather and summer the National Park Authority with the help of its partners launched its Loch th Lomond Waterbus service on 13 June. This was piloted last year and proved very successful. So if you would like a day out without the car why not give it a try? There are a wide choice of routes that take in most areas around the Loch. There has been a lot of publicity about the East Loch Lomond Byelaws so I`m sure you will all know about them. st They were introduced on 1 June and hopefully will be successful in reducing the worst of the anti social behaviour on the east side of the loch. We will be spending the summer monitoring the effects both here and elsewhere. As far as the National Park Board itself is concerned we`ve been through quite a few changes in the last year, the main one being the reduction in Board Members from 25 to 17, which I have to say was long overdue. One consequence of this is that the proportion of elected Board Members has risen quite a bit, although there still have to be Government Appointed Members as we are a " National" Park. We have also had quite a change of faces too, with all but one of the 6 Appointed Members being new to the board. We have also had 3 new members elected last year. The last time I wrote we still had Mike Cantlay as our Convener. He has since stood down and left the Board. At our March Board Meeting we elected a new Convener and Depute Convener. They are Linda Mckay and Craig McLaughlin respectively. Linda was appointed to the Board last October and is presently Principal of Forth Valley College. Craig is a long serving Councillor on West Dunbartonshire Council and has been on the Board for a few years. th Linda chaired her first full Board Meeting on 20 June which was held in Kinlochard (the Board decided last year to hold some of its meetings in locations around the Park ). Hopefully this will help the new Board Members to get a feel for how different areas of the Park work. As our new Convener Linda will also be spending time this summer getting out and about in the Park trying to meet as many people as possible. As ever if you have any National Park related issues that you think I could help with please contact me on

01389 830265 or at Have a great summer. Willie Nisbet.

Loch Lomond Water Bus Launch th

Monday 13 June, 11am

After a successful pilot last year, a new Water Bus Service th

for Loch Lomond was launched on 13 June to run until September. This is the first scheduled boat service that allows access to east, west, north and south of Loch Lomond. Linked rail and bus services mean that visitors can now enjoy a great day out on Loch Lomond in less than an hour from Glasgow with train stations just a five minute walk from the water bus stops. Routes include – Balloch to Balmaha, Balloch to Cameron House and Balloch Country Park, Rowardennan to Inverbeg, Inveruglus to Inversnaid and Inveruglus to Tarbet. Ruth Crosbie PR and Media Manager Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Direct: 01389 722016 Mobile: 07834 334108

The new water bus. For further information and timetable see the village notice board Photo: LL&TTNP

Gartocharn Garden Club SYLLABUS FOR 2011/2012 [up till the next Claivers] Thursday 21st July

11.30 am

Saturday August Thursday September 15th

Dawyck Botanic Garden

a guided tour.

Flower Show - Please see local press for date

7.30 pm

Louise Bustard gives an illustrated talk entitled “South Africa-a Gift to the Earth”




eading musicians in Scottish traditional music will be th gathering in Kippen on Saturday 27 August for a day of music, dancing and fun for all the family. The afternoon will be filled with warm and welcoming acoustic sessions in the local pubs and the day will be rounded off with a lively supper ceilidh dance in the village hall, all to raise fund for the local hospices. Tune for CHAS Fiddles, accordions, banjos, pipes and guitars will have everyone toe-tapping in the Cross Keys and Inn at Kippen as many well-travelled and award-winning artists share their talents with anyone that would like to join in. The gastropubs will be serving their usual delicious fayre to complement the music. Jig for Jane The Neil MacEachern Ceilidh Band and David Oswald Scottish Dance Band, both regularly featured on the BBC‟s Take the Floor, will provide the music for a „Jig for Jane‟. There will be a grand raffle for Stathcarron Hospice as part of the evening‟s entertainment and a two-course buffet will be served. Come along and dance like you‟ve never danced before in what promises to be a swinging hoolie. All welcome. Date: 27 August 2011 1pm: Tune for Chas in the Cross Keys & Inn at Kippen Entry to the daytime sessions are free. There will be collections for CHAS 7pm – midnight: Jig for Jane in the Village Hall £10 entry. BYOB. Proceeds to Strathcarron & CHAS Jig for Jane is in celebration of Jane Singleton, a wellknown and much-admired Kippen resident, who loved a ceilidh. If you are interested in joining in the acoustic sessions or would like more information about coming to the day-long music festival, then contact Angela MacEachern on 01786 870803 or Shiona Mackay 01786 870131 or email ********************************

Computer System Tool Warning


everal people have contacted me recently having been affected by System Tool. This piece of malicious software (malware) reports that it has found many unsuspected infections by viruses and trojans on your computer, but can be „fixed„ by buying the program. The bad news is that you HAVE been attacked. The good news is that probably the only issue is this program itself and that the cure involves only a couple of changes to the system and registry, though the snag is finding them. I have heard of people being told that the system has to be restored to its “as-new” state with the consequential loss of programs and files such as photos and other documents, and paying several times more than is needed. This is NOT necessary, however it does need some specialist knowledge and care to solve the problem but should take only about an hour„s work. So, how did the system come to be infected and why did the anti-virus software not detect it? The most likely cause has been that a legitimate advert was hacked and the System Tool offered to unsuspecting readers of the advert. As we install more and more software on our systems these days, updates can become an almost daily task and it‟s all too easy for a rogue to slip by. Unfortunately this type of infection, though totally undesirable, is a legitimate program, in format at least, as far as the system is concerned, which is why it is not alerted.

Increasingly, it is problems like this, and spy ware in general, that is more likely to cause annoyance and slow the system rather than destroying a system completely like some viruses. An anti-virus program alone therefore is not enough these days - your protection should address malware as a whole. Finally, always show a degree of caution, and ensure, when asked to make changes to your system, that you consciously initiated the change. Doug Ashworth Ashworth Computing Services *******************************************

Stirling Young Carers oung Carers are children and young people aged 7 to 18yrs who care for a parent, sibling or other relative who can‟t manage without their help. The family member may have:


    

a long term / terminal illness, physical or sensory impairment, mental ill health, addiction to alcohol or drugs learning disability

What does a Young Carer do? Young Carers provide emotional support, intimate caring, additional child care, general caring, and domestic chores. These incredible children assume a level of responsibility usually expected of an adult. The Government cannot provide all the support services that often we might need and sometimes children and young people can naturally assume these caring roles out of their love for the family member. Because of their responsibilities to others, Young Carers often miss out on the educational, vocational and leisure opportunities their peers take for granted. Stirling Young Carers try to minimise the impact of the children‟s and teenagers‟ caring role, help them with any problems they might have, introduce them to others in the same position. We can help by offering Young Carers free short breaks and days out, groups – a place to chill out and have fun, individual support if it‟s needed, advice, advocacy workforce training. Is this you or someone you know? Want to know more? Contact us: Stirling Carers Centre: 01786 447003 Registered Charity No. SCO20213 Co Ltd by Guarantee No. SC165487



Buy Fresh Top Quality Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Fish and Game Award-winning home-made Steak Pies

Sausages and burgers Fruit and Vegetables Plus a wide selection of Cheeses and Patés THE SQUARE STREET DRYMEN Tel: 01360 660512


Tel: 01360 660955

William McKay


Station Yard, Croftamie Specialist Motor Vehicle Repairs • Servicing • MOT Preparation Batteries • Tyres • Exhausts 01360 660980

KILLEARN Tel: 01360 550502


(LADIES FASHIONS) 46 Main Street, Drymen, G63 0BG


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Croftamie Claivers Edition 47 June/July 2011  
Croftamie Claivers Edition 47 June/July 2011  

Croftamie Claivers Edition 47 June/July 2011