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Extending the boundaries of Information & Control..

CORPORATE INTRODUCTION With more than 22 years experience, MAXXESS has an excellent reputation for being one of the earliest pioneers of Enterprise Security management solutions MAXXESS software and hardware is acknowledged as one of the leading Security Management software solutions establishing itself as a core business function amongst some of the world`s largest organizations

New Thinking in Solutions... •

Security solutions must now evolve and adapt to changing environments and security requirements

Traditional, fixed, security systems are being replaced by flexible security frameworks

Considers the entire security challenge

Goes beyond traditional protection to include communications and management for preparedness, response and recovery

Also encompasses emergency management and operational safety

Providing network– based software solutions

Delivering a flexible and extensible event and system management framework for multiple facilities worldwide • • • •

Security Emergency Management Facilities Management Operational Management

Company Mission MAXXESS mission is to provide innovative solutions that enable organizations to protect their people, operations and information. MAXXESS has a reputation of relentless development of new security technology for the global solutions that leverage the customer ’ s IT infrastructure, thus providing A truly versatile global solution, MAXxess is a privately held company with our main headquarters in Anaheim, California. MAXxess Systems Europe, Ltd operates in the U.K. and services Europe, Middle East and Africa.

MAXXESS Development Philosophy MAXxess is totally committed to IP based Security Solutions, By using the latest technologies and developing them into solutions that move in step with today's ever changing business requirements. Whether we are developing new state of the art enterprise security systems or pioneering Enterprise Frameworks, our systems allow management to see the bigger picture, make informed decisions, respond quickly to events and allow our customers to share information throughout their organization. We believe in extending the boundaries of enterprise Security solutions. We were one of the first companies to offer CAT 5 security all the way to the door. We were a pioneer in the integration of operating systems with security systems to achieve a total management awareness system. We were the first to integrate security, health, emergency management and life safety functions into one integrated system. We believe in backward compatibility. Our systems are known for their ability to integrate to legacy systems, not only our own but, in many cases, the legacy systems of other competitors. We operate to a rigorous new product development methodology that involves all departments at each phase of the development. We require sign off from engineering, manufacturing, marketing, QA, engineering support and training at the completion of each phase. All new systems go through extensive cycle life testing. We never release a new system until it has been tested in-house, beta tested at select sites and then life cycle tested in our laboratory.



DEVELOPING THE FUTURE MAXXESS thoughts about the future of our business developments While we are known as a technical leader in the security industry, we believe our success is ‌‌tied to the way we think of security in our new designs, developments. MAXxess believes that the future of our business depends on not treating security as just a silo of information. Security needs to be seamlessly integrated with other operating systems and presented holistically in order to increase management awareness and help them make informed decisions. We believe that new security systems should not be developed as isolated, stand alone systems.

In many ways security is intertwined with every facet of the Enterprise. It is directly related to policies, procedures, processes and protocols. We view security as more than a protection and response function. Security systems can be used to help ensure that the actions and responses of the entire Enterprise conform to a set of standards determined by the management of that Enterprise. For instance, security is an important component of the employee search, vetting and hiring process. It is a major consideration in just about every department, including IT, finance, accounting, personnel records, inventory, warehousing, receiving and shipping to name a few. Our thinking of security as the heart and soul of the Enterprise, is a major departure from industry thinking and, as seen with the introduction of our EndPoint framework systems, shapes our development activities


The way forward in developments MAXxess believes that the dominant characteristics of electronic security systems going forward will be use of shared resources and integration with other operational function. Traditional security systems have used dedicated resources for sensing, communication and management. As security requirements have become more demanding, however, economic considerations have required the use of shared, rather than dedicated, resources. This is first evidenced in the move toward the use of shared IP networks [Ethernet LANs, MANs, LANs and VPNs] as alternatives to dedicated security networks. This trend is increasing under the pressure of higher bandwidth demands [particularly for video security] and the requirement for the incorporation of mobile endpoints into the security network. This use of shared networks is, however, also represents a significant move toward material and energy efficiency. Universal use of [often pre-existing] Category 5/6 networking infrastructure significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the manufacturing elements of distributed security systems and, since the energy consumption of networks is essentially independent of their utilization, the sharing of these networks among operational systems can materially reduce overall energy consumption. The integration of security with other operational functions such as building management, climate control and lighting not only extends the effectively of the security function, but also permits an effective implementation of global policies designed to promote operational efficiency. Critically, the event-responsive nature of security operations permits the adoption of aggressive resource management policies that can be modified as required in response to unplanned events. Overall, we see electronic security as a central element of an effective and responsive organization management which is able to meet stringent efficiency requirements while adapting to unplanned events


ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS AT WORK One major effect of MAXxess solutions is that the Enterprise can now establish standard policies, procedures that are communicated throughout the organization. ... One effect of the Enterprise can make policies and procedures are reinforced at the most critical of times, at the time of an event. Security personnel will be presented with the response that management has pre-determined to be the proper response for that event. In addition, the MAXxess system will either directly notify affected

A second effect is that the Enterprise can provide a more cost effective solutions. By using shared networks, they can cut installation and life cycle costs by at least 40% A third effect is that the Enterprise can now cost-effectively integrate many of the functions needed for both physical and logical security. MAXxess offers a solution that allows the Enterprise to manage cardholders across multiple systems spanning HR, IT and security. This solution educes the administrative burden of requesting, approving, entering, updating and deleting cardholder information across all of the Enterprise ’ s physical access systems when cross site access is required. A fourth effect is that the Enterprise can now automate the monitoring and enforcement of business controls in real time and can break down the normal silos of physical security information and develop a shared information infrastructure. A fifth effect is that the Enterprise can now better comply with internal and government regulations directed at physical security. And finally, the Enterprise can now uniformly control multiple sites and multiple systems in multiple geographic locations. WWW.MAXXESS-SYSTEMS.COM

On going development It is MAXXESS team that have successfully combined technical know how with new concepts and used innovative and determined mines to achieve this success. There is a very product & solution oriented culture that runs through the company touching every aspect from our sales right through to our development process.

Behind the scenes of

any quality software development like any other engineering project is of course best practices with a highly complex flow of logic in our software, automated QA testing which delivers the advance new release. At MAXXESS innovation starts by listening form End Users demands that they accrue every day in today's demanding business markets. Each development or enhancement is reflected with an outline specification with the ability to be very flexible, high performance to suite many types of projects As the new developments are finished they are then subjected to automated builds and testes on a day to day basis and reviewed by our product development team before they are finally released


CENTRAL VIEW MAXxess software is designed around a highly mature security management engine [eAXxess] and a highly flexible event management framework [EndPoint]. These components are tightly integrated and, together, provide a complete security operating system. This software has been designed around a hierarchical control structure that provides the ability to manage complex, distributed systems while minimizing the scaling limitations imposed by excessive centralization. The software has been designed to take maximal advantage of the Windows platform for ease of implementation and cost-effective hardware support. All of the communication elements of the system utilize TCP/IP protocols so that the implementation choices are not limited by networking considerations.

The software has been developed in C++ for ease of support and extension. We have selectively used web extensions [i.e. thin clients] in areas in which they provide realistic operational benefits without compromising the security and integrity of the system. We anticipate that this element of the software will grow as the support infrastructure for its effective use improves.


Open Architecture TT

The majority of the MAXxess software is, theoretically, transfer-

rable from the Windows environment to other operating systems; in particular, Linux. We do not see a significant motivation for this migration at this time because of the effective use that the software makes of the total Windows environment infrastructure. From both a hardware and software support perspective we believe that this is the appropriate environment for the majority of the software at this time. web extensions of the software do, and will continue to, use software under GPL licenses. As these components of the system are extended, more of the overall system functionality will reside in this truly open architecture environment. AXxess solutions can be used to open up the architectural limitations that our customer ’ s are experiencing with previously purchased systems. Because, the MAXxess software connects to most third party software systems and to standard hardware, our software has actually been used to integrate to some of our competitor ’ s proprietary legacy systems. Once we are integrated the customer can now go through the MAXxess system to grow their infrastructure and therefore eliminate many of the costs and constraints that they were facing prior to adopting the software.


TOTAL SERVICE & SUPPORT MAXXESS ongoing commitment to its solutions and world wide dealer network is support and education MAXXESS ongoing commitment to its solutions and worldwide dealer network Is support and education We regard support as a high Priority our support centres around the world provide local support with a promptly and professionally as possible. Our Technical Support Specialists are vastly experienced in handling all types of customer support situations. Our staff not only has expertise with MAXXESS hardware and software, but also has in-depth knowledge of all components of the total security and software solution, including networks, databases, operating systems, peripheral equipment, and third party devices and applications.

Afterhours support Out The MAXXESS Technical Support group offers both its Authorized Reseller partners and End User partners the opportunity to purchase emergency telephone support for after-hours assistance. This offering consists of a MAXXESS technician available via pager to assist you during an emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Annual software upgrades Maintaining the current release from MAXXESS software is vital to the development and maintenance of your customer's. The purchase of the Annual Software Upgrade and Technical Support Service by the Authorized dealer for a specific End User site is available after the expiration of your manufacturer’s warranty and makes available to you every commercially released version of software as well as our standard telephone technical support services which consist of Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST


Global support with a local feel Value Added Reseller ( VAR ) We offer a full complement of training programs at our educational centers around the world. For Value Added Resellers, we offer an in-depth factory certification training program, including instruction in software & hardware, installation and configuration, and system troubleshooting. All course modules include handson projects and exercises, as well as student comprehension testing. System User Training We also offers training programs for System Users. Because of the modular design of the course material, classes can be restructured to fit the system type and the knowledge level of the audience. Learning Solutions offers factory System User courses running on a monthly schedule. For MAXXESS System Users who have purchased Direct Support contracts from their Value Added Reseller, MAXXESS requires student attendance of certification training through the Direct Support End User Program. This training track is also beneficial for those End User customers who would like a deeper understanding of their systems installation and configurations. Information regarding this educational program can be found on the System User Schedule. Successful completion of this certification Regional and On-Site Training MAXXESS also offer's Regional and On-Site training courses. Regional training is the same as factory training content but for logistical reasons less hardware will be available. Regional training may be attended by many VAR staff and may lead to certification. Please review the On-Site schedules within the appropriate region. Regional courses are offered from time-totime at designated locations within our areas of operations. Customized On-Site courses can be arranged on request.


WORLDWIDE USERS MAXXESS solutions are being used across the world, in many various markets End Users that use MAXXESS Solutions are from some of the worlds largest organisations with facilities' across the world, yet MAXXESS simplicity , flexibility and affordability means it can also be used small and medium sized organisations.

MAXXESS is used in the following business sectors • • • • • •

Telecommunication Healthcare Government Education Financial Aviation

Emirates Airline Emirates Tower FBI Fluor Daniel Four Seasons Hotel, General Electric Gulf Bank Golden Nugget Casino Green Mountain Power Harrah's Casino Hertz Rent-a-Car HP Mobil Oil MWB NASA National Geographic Nokia Open University Proctor & Gamble

• • • • • •

Retail Industrial Oil & Gas Energy Military Leisure

Q8 Oil Q-Ter Northwest Airlines Saskatoon Airport Seattle School District Securities & Exchange Commission Star Technology Shell Oil Stamford University Sega Saudi Airline Toyota Towers Total Oils T-Mobile University of California Los Angeles University of Qatar University of British Columbia US Army / Air Force Vimpelko

Contact Us MAXXESS Systems, Inc.

Headquarters Asia , USA , South & North America 1040 N. Tustin Ave. Anaheim, CA 92807 USA Tel: +1 ( 0 ) 800-842-0221 Tel: +1 ( 0 ) 714-772-1000


Europe, Middle East , Africa Doncastle House, Doncastle Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, England RG12 8PE Tel: +44 ( 0 ) 870 234 7654 Fax: +44 ( 0 ) 870 234 765 WWW.MAXXESS-SYSTEMS.COM

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