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June 23, 2012

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Cherry Valley Bicentennial Mutt Strut

In n this s Issue A14 A18

Herkimer County HealthNet A39 Home Improvement A30

“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” ~ Mark 8:36

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012 CHECK YOUR AD: ADVERTISERS should check their ads on the first week of insertion. Lee Publications, Inc. shall not be liable for typographical, or errors in publication except to the extent of the cost of the first weeks insertion of the ad, and shall also not be liable for damages due to failure to publish an ad. Adjustment for errors is limited to the cost of that portion of the ad wherein the error occurred. Report any errors to 518-673-3011 HE HAVE BAGS of 80# Quickcrete redimix (concrete, brick and all purpose), 94# Portland cement and 70# mortar type(s), 100# black beauty sand blasting, & 50# fast set cement and 50# water softener salt. All available at C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016 RESTORE & PRESERVE the natural look of your deck with Wolman Restoration System available in Clear or UV resistant Cedar and Redwood Toners, guaranteed to bead water for two years. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518568-7016


All Kinds. Corrugated Plastic Signs With Stakes. Call Beth at Lee Publications 518673-0101 or email Please allow 7-10 working days to receive your signs after ordering. LOOKING TO DO AN AUCTION? We Specialize in Estate Auctions, Sportmans, Business Liquidations, Real Estate, Farm and Machinery Auctions. Call Jr’s Auctions, JR (518)993-4668 or Tim (518)332-5157


Get the best response from your adver tisements by including the condition, age, price and best calling hours. Also we always recommend insertion for at least 2 times for maximum benefits.


TO THE GRADUATES OF 2012 We are proud of your achievements and wish you every happiness throughout your future.


C.H. BURKDORF & SON “Quality Building Materials” 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville • 518-568-7016 •

JR’S DISCOUNT GROCERIES, 56 Willett Street, Fort Plain, NY 13339, 518-993-4668. Lots of name brand items at discounted prices!! Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm, Tuesday evening we are open till 9:00pm. Don’t Miss Out!! MAKE our phone ring so we can return the favor!! Place your reader ad today. Only $4 for the first 14 words. 518673-3237


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Call Brian For Prices Prices good thru 6/30/12


Mrs. M. LLC Hours: Saturday Loading 8am - Noon or by Appt. 1100 Carlisle Rd., Canajoharie, NY Prices subject to change without notice

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

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On the cover Published weekly on Saturday by Lee Publications 6113 St. Hwy. 5, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428

Publisher, President

Frederick W. Lee

(L-R) Senator James Seward joined Otsego County District 7 Representative Beth Rosenthal, Springfield Fire Princess Alyssa Baker, Springfield Fire Queen Ashley Miles, and NYS Assemblyman Marc Butler for a photo at the Cherry Valley Bicentennial celebration.

V.P., General Manager

Bruce Button

Photo by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

V.P., Production

Mark W. Lee Circulation Manager... ....Tony Keba Classified Ad Manager.......Peggy Patrei Comptroller........Robert Moyer Managing Editor......Joan Kark-Wren Page Composition.......Deborah Countryman Production Coordinator........Jessica Mackay Shop Foreman...........Harry Delong

Ad Sales John Snyder, Sales Manager 518-673-0129, Mark Fowler, Sales Associate 518-673-0116, Kristen Lee, Sales Associate 518-673-0100, Bill Fox, Sales Associate 518-673-0165, Mary Skinner, Sales associate 518-673-0130, Reader ads 518-673-3011 or 800-218-5586 Bruce Button-Corporate Sales Manager 518-673-3011, Accounting/Billing-Alyce Moyer 518-673-0149, Commercial Printing-Beth Snyder 518-673-0101, Delivery concerns-Tony Keba 518-673-3011, Send all correspondence to: PO Box 121, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 Advertising e-mail: Editorial e-mail: Web site: 518-673-3011 Phone • 518-673-2381 Fax

We cannot GUARANTEE the return of photographs. Publisher not responsible for typographical errors. Size, style of type and locations of advertisements are left to the discretion of the publisher. The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the publisher. We will not knowingly accept or publish advertising which is fraudulent or misleading in nature. The publisher reserves the sole right to edit, revise or reject any and all advertising with or without cause being assigned which in his judgement is unwholesome or contrary to the interest of this publication. We assume no financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertisement, but if at fault, will reprint that portion of the ad in which the error appears.

The Original Valley Pennysaver is delivered to 100 percent of the homes in the following towns: Ames Marshville Brooksman Corners Nelliston Buel Oppenheim Canajoharie Palatine Bridge Ephratah Randall Fort Plain Salt Springville Freysbush Sprakers Hallsville Sprout Brook Hessville St. Johnsville Lasselville Starkville Find The Original Valley Pennysaver in strategic locations in: Amsterdam Little Falls Charleston Mohawk Cherry Valley Richfield Springs Dolgeville Salisbury E. Springfield Sammonsville Fonda Sharon Springs Fultonville Springfield Center Gloversville Stratford Herkimer Tribes Hill Ilion Vails Mills Johnstown

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012


SPORTSMAN AUCTION, guns, hunting & fishing items, ammunition, bows & accessories. Gun Consignments WANTED. Wednesday evening June 27th @ 6:00pm JR’s Auction, 56 Willett Street, Fort Plain, NY 13339 518-993-4668

for all types of, Silver Gold & Diamond jewelry. Gold Is At An All-Time High

William Doerrer & Son Jewelers 16 Canal Street, Fort Plain

FOR RENT: Store Front space, 1000 sq. ft. with some shelving. Call (518)332-5157 Details.

(518) 993-3388

1/2 Off Select Flowers

Whispering Pines

Mon.-Sat. 9AM-6PM Closed Sun.

Vegetable Plants 4Pk $1.25 ea

SEVERAL FAMILY YARD SALE: 9-5 each day. 87 Main Street, Fort Plain. A wide variety! July 3 &4

YARD SALE: 62 Orchard St., Canajoharie, 9-3pm, June 23rd. Rain date, June 24th. Household items, glassware, kitchen items. Something for everyone!

Tomatoes • Peppers • Cucumbers • Squash • Fall Cale Crops Veg Plants for Fall • Broccoli • Cauliflower • Lettuce Spend $20 & Get A Free Flower! Firewood - $55 Face Cord 526 Rt. 170A West of Salisbury off 29 or Rt. 170 out of Little Falls to 170A

GARAGE SALE: Lamps, tables, household decorations, computer parts, clothes & misc. Thurs., Fri., & Sat., June 28th, 29th & 30th, 8am-5pm 1259 Stone Arabia Rd., Fort Plain. HUGE PATIO SALE: Luggage carrier, women’s bikes, Adirondack items, porcelain dolls, figurines. So much more! Low prices. Don’t miss this one. June 28th & 29th. 10am-5pm. 74 Loomis Street, Little Falls GARAGE SALE by the Residents of Arkell Hall Adult Home. 55 Montgomery St., Canajoharie, NY. Many various items for sale. Rain or Shine at the Arkell Center. Saturday, June 30th, 2012, 9am-4pm. MOVING SALE: Many items must go. Down sizing. Tables, chairs, bedroom sets, dressers, mirrors, rocker, couch set, end stands, close up desk, more antiques, stereo, exercise bike, and so much more! Call 518-248-5322. 44 East Main, St. Johnsville GARAGE SALE: Milkyway Farm, Thursday, June 28th & Friday, June 29th, 9am to 5pm. 979 State Highway 67, Fort Plain. 518-993-2512. Baby ducks & goats, perennials, bucket milking machines w/vacuum pump, clothing, old anvil, dressers, old wooden wheelbarrow, dog crate & lots of interesting items.


Many New Items In Our Store! stop by and check them out Hrs: Mon.-Fri. 10-6; Sat. 9-5; Sun. 10-4 844 Ft. Hunter Road, Amsterdam, NY 12010


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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

June 23, 2012 Hello Again, Well, what happened in your world during this past week? In the world of pro golf, Webb Simpson won the U.S. Open. Tiger Woods, the most famous active name in pro golf dropped out of sight. His chances of ever matching Jack Nicklaus seem to be slipping away. Mrs. Simpson was by her husband Webb’s side. She was in her seventh month with their second child. I wonder if someday that child will follow his or her father’s footsteps and become a pro golfer. In our local rural area the scent of fresh-cut hay is everywhere. Farmers are taking advantage of the ‘no rain days’. Driving past an Amish farm, I saw a six-horse team hitched to a gasoline engine baler and wagon. As a boy, farmers in our area only used a team of two horses. Those six-horse teams are truly worth watching. It must be a real task to handle a six-horse, side-by-side team. I drove past a farmer who was outstanding in his field. According to a news column in a Schenectady County daily newspaper, “The Daily Gazette,” Forage Dairy U.S.A., which operates a greek yogurt production plant in Fulton County, plans to spend $120 million building a 188,000 square foot addition. It appears Forage sales as of December 31st amounted to $141.7 million, making it the fourth largest producer of greek yogurt in the United States. Dairy production is necessary for yogurt. For our area, this good news is a win/win situaton. Summertime weather sprinkled with our share of rain seems to be poking its nose into our area. Soon school children will be released for summer vacation. Remember those wonderful summer days when we were young? Every summer friends and relatives from New York City would invade our country home. Dad would usually wallpaper a guest room, paint the porch floor. Mom, with the help of a neighbor lady, Mrs. Roberts, would prepare meals, polish and shine the furniture, carpet sweep the front room carpet, re-mop the floors, and polish the white and black keys on the old square-type grand piano. If I remember correctly—one summer we had 12 relatives and guests at one time with our family of five. The house seemed more like a hotel. You know the old saying—17 mouths to feed. The guests always brought along a bottle or two of Irish whiskey. Dad, who claimed he didn’t care for that stuff, always managed to take a nip or two. Maybe it was for his stomach’s sake. One day when Mrs. Roberts was helping with the housework, Mom prepped a large dish of scalloped potatoes with ham—a real family favorite. Little Pete (Wayne) Roberts was there with his mother. At lunchtime, Mom served the scalloped potatoes. She noticed that little Pete seemed to really enjoy his first two servings and asked, “Pete would you like some more scalloped potatoes?” Back came a quiet reply, “Nope, don’t want no more ‘galloped’ potatoes. Full ta the ears.” Pete eventually grew up, leaving Middlefield, spending over 20 years in the U.S. Army. I wonder, when eating army chow, did he ever remember Mrs. Lee’s ‘galloped’ (scalloped) potatoes? For me, that was many, many years ago and I do remember. Why do we all seem to remember some special dish our mothers prepared? Last night I located a yellow box of books in our library. A complete set of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little House” books. I’m

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

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sure we all remember “Little House on the Prairie.” I spent a pleasant evening reading “The Farmer Boy,” one out of the set of eight books. Part of my book review would include, “Just plain good reading.” Now—to round out the “What happened this past week?”, I’m sure you will enjoy learning that “Cow Plop Bingo to Return on July 7th” was the front page headline on the Little Falls daily newspaper, “The Times.” It appears a Cow Plop Bingo event will take place at the German Flatts town park on Saturday, July 7th. If you intend to visit German Flatts on July 7th, it might be advisable to not wear open-toed footwear. Now for a stupid question: Mom asked her teenage daughter, “Have you seen the broom?” I am contemplating a change in my career. Every week I have to dream up something to write about in “Hello Again.” Writing each week always creates some troublesome thoughts. Should I say this?—Maybe I shouldn’t. Should I mention democrats, republicans, Protestants, Catholics, or Jews? Is this cute, funny, or corny? What about our president or his wife who said, “This is the first time I have ever been proud of this country.” She said it publicly not once, but twice. I’m grateful the boys and girls who gave their lives for this country didn’t hear her message. Should I have mentioned that? So you see the problem “Hello Again” is creating in my old age? Maybe I will become a weather predictor. Every day all I would have to say is “It may rain today or again, it may not.” Either way I could not be wrong. On the other hand, if I do not predict it is going to rain on your daughter’s wedding day and it does, you might, in a fit of anger, have some choice words pointed in my direction. Maybe I will keep on, keeping on with “Hello Again.” Should I change the name from “Hello Again” to “Still Here.” Some critics might suggest, “That’s enough again.” “Who taught you that swear word?” Tommy’s mother asked after the youngster blurted out a loud curse. “The Easter Bunny did,” he answered. “You said the Easter Bunny? When?” “Last Easter when he fell over your laundry basket on his way downstairs with the candy eggs.” It’s always easier to learn from a good teacher. The Bible says, “Faith comes from hearing and hearing by the word of the Lord.” If you have questions or doubts about your life or relationship with the Lord, why not try visiting a local Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church? Last night as we sat near the beautiful Mohawk River enjoying a couple of hot dogs with potato salad, a couple of birds were flying overhead. A squirrel was racing back and forth on the mowed lawn. We saw a couple of fish flip their tails in the river and return to the safety of their world. The river as a mirror was reflecting the trees on the south side and the white clouds overhead. It seemed the Good Lord was sending a special message. I am here. Enjoy today and I will still be here tomorrow, too. God must love you in a special way. Why would he allow you to live in our wonderful area if he didn’t?

Fred Lee and the Lee Family

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

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ATTENTION REGISTERED REPUBLICANS Primary Election Tuesday, June 26TH 12:00 - 9:00 PM Vote at your regular polling place While three quality candidates for US Senate are running, your Montgomery County representatives have endorsed

WENDY LONG Please exercise your right to vote!

60th Wedding Anniversary

OPEN HOUSE for Richard & Shirley Button

Fort Plain True Value and Just Ask Rental 12 Willett St Fort Plain (518)993-3834 Full time cashier position open, serious inquiries only! Must have retail experience. MOHAWK VALLEY IBA is proud to introduce Snap Seal Waterless Wash & Wax. The easiest way to put a lasting shine on your car, truck, even areas around your house. 518-993-2543 Fort Plain True Value and Just Ask Rental 12 Willett St Fort Plain (518)993-3834 Tiki torches and citronella oil are here! Both are $4.99 and up depending on size and style. COUPON CLIPPERS: Save more when you join Canjo Coupon Queen on Facebook. Great savings for groceries and department stores along with recipes and more.

DO YOU NEED A BABYSITTER for the Summer? Experienced, mature 19 year old girl would love to help you out! Call Stephanie at 518-669-0651 FIRE WOOD for SALE: $55.00 for face cord. Located on 526 RT. 170A, Little Falls, NY. Take Route 29 West out of Salisbury and turn left on 170A. Watch for Whispering Pines Green House on the left. You can place your Line Ad in this Publication for as little as $400.

518-673-3011 Deadline Every Thursday at Noon

CONSIGNMENTS WANTED for Jr’s Auctions every Tuesday Evening, 6:00pm. Don’t miss it! Call Jr’s Auctions, JR (518)993-4668 or Tim (518)332-5157 For Sale – Outdoor vinyl rugs for outside your camper. Very soft and easy to clean, size 9’ by 15’. Easy to fold up and Store. Phone (518) 9933368 or (518) 791-3428


Saturday, July 7th Noon - 4PM

“The Water People Since 1912” • Celebrating Our 100th Year

at The New York House Bed & Breakfast 110 Center St. (one block east of Rt. 10), Sharon Springs


Come and help celebrate this milestone event for this great couple! Light refreshments will be served.

4th Generation Family Owned & Operated New York State D.E.C. Certified



GOULDS & STA-RITE Pumps - Service Sales & Service Rt. 20, Sloansville

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

Mill Road Mercantile

Beautiful Handcrafted Reproduction Furniture Wreaths • Wall Decor Curtains • Table Cloths Runners • Candles Rustic & Primitive Decor Ourr Pricess and So Much More Can'tt Be e Beat!! Friday - Sunday 10 am - 4 pm 1565 Mill Road, St. Johnsville, NY 13452

518-568-3251 JR’S AUCTIONS: We do ALL kinds of auctions, farming, estates, sportsman’s and more. Pick-up & delivery available. Call, JR (518)993-4668 or Tim (518)332-5157. + OUR FATHER, thank you for people that care about us. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. + Sunday school student’s Father’s Day prayer. UMC 518-993-3863 Jack Russel/Puggle mix puppies, 9 weeks old, very cute, friendly, loves children and are healthy. $275.00 Call (518)9934668 for more information. ARCHERY TOURNAMENT. Friday, July 20th, 6:30pm, at The Sportsman’s Den, 36 Canal St, Fort Plain. 518-9931010. HOME-GROWN BEEF FOR SALE. USDA inspected. Pieces, quarters, halves or whole. Damin Farm, 518-5682643

CATER your parties with us. Your guests will love it. Mercato Pizza & Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie. 518673-4411

Pickle Hill Greenhouse

709 Pickle Hill Rd., Fort Plain, NY • 518-993-3586

Cher ries

OUR FATHER, help us to open wide our hearts. In Jesus’ name we pray. Prayer for 2Corinthians 6:13. UMC 518-9933863 SOLID MAPLE round kitchen table w/2 leafs; Cherry hutch, great condition; Black computer desk. 315-867-3303 WANTED: A good home for pug/rat terrier puppies, very cute, healthy, 7 weeks old, 3 females and friendly. Asking $275.00 Call (518)9934668 for more information. NOTICE: Jr’s Auction in Fort Plain are Every Tuesday & Wednesday night at 6 pm. Preview at 5pm. Thank you, Jr. Call (518)993-4668 for more information.



“SPECIAL TRUCKLOAD SALE” Seasoned Approx. 5 Face Cords Delivered - $375.00 SEASONED SPLIT MIXED HARDWOOD $225 Full Cord

OUTSIDE FURNACE TRUCKLOAD SPECIAL - approx. 12 Face Cord Chunked Mixed Hardwood $700 Delivered within 25 mi. radius. HEAP ACCEPTED

697 Snells Bush Rd., Little Falls, NY 13365


Now taking orders for Sweet Cherries, must have orders by July 5th

Blueber ries Ar e Her e! Saturday, July 21, 2012

Canajoharie-Ft Plain Elks #2621 will be making their annual visit to the Syracuse VA Hospital.







Please drop off at the Lodge after 4PM on Old Station Road, Nelliston or call the Lodge at 993-2621 or 221-9290 Tom Yager, Veterans Comm. Chairman

PROFESSIONAL Cleaning & Detailing Car ~ Truck Motorcycle NOW TAKING APPOINTMENTS Please e Calll Bob b Failing g IIII

518-376-1151 emaill - St.. Johnsville,, NY d on n the e cornerr nextt to o Cumberland d Farms Located

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

The Family of Marion Young Lawson would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to all who have supported us throughout her illness and passing. As with the loss of all loved ones, nothing can fill the void...we just learn to cope without them. It is truly consoling to know so many care. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. A special thank you to the staff of Mountain Valley Hospice for the excellent care of Marion, and her family as well; to Ralph and staff of Rte 80 Bowl for a wonderful reception; and to Pastor Nancy Ryan for your respect and compassion from beginning to end...

Conrad Lawson and Family

Shady Maple Produce 116 James Rd., Fort Plain, NY 518-993-4589

Open Mon.-Sat. 8am-7pm; Closed Sunday

HERKIMER HOUSE FOR RENT: 3 Bedrooms Full Bath upstairs, downstairs kitchen, dining room, livingroom, full bath. $500 tenant pays utilities. 315-866-2692 FREE HAY: Good for cows, 3+ acres, you cut, bale & haul. Ready now. Van Hornsville area. Call Charissa 518-706-6344 leave message FOR SALE: Bunnies, $5.00 each; Indigo Blue Peacock Chicks, $40.00 each. Leave message 518-568-7271 PUBLIC AUCTION, June 26th, Tuesday evening. Consignments, tools, miscellaneous items, food & more!! @ JR’s Auction, 56 Willett Street, Fort Plain, NY 518-993-4668 OUR delicious bread is homemade and served free with every dinner. Mercato Pizza & Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie. 518-6734411

FREE TO GOOD home! Three male kittens, 1 black, 2 black & white. Born on April 14th. 518774-0394 NEW FEATURE: ITEM OF THE WEEK at The Sportsman’s Den. This week, ZOOM and GULP baits, 30% off! Fluorescent bobbers, Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! Different specials weekly. 9931010. PICK 5 for meats, frozen seafood and grocery items, Peruzzi’s Meat Market, 69 Church Street, Canajoharie. 518-673-3382 2005 CHEVY Malibu LT, tan, 60k, V-6, auto, leather, alloys, full power. SALE: $9,495. John C. Miller, Inc. 518-762-7124


Handicap Lady with no legs in desperate need of a Stair Lift as soon as possible. Call 315219-0765 or 518-4707396

MOHAWK VALLEY EYECARE Dr. Carol A. Balfe, O.D. 70 Erie Blvd., Canajoharie, NY 13317 Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm

Accepting most insurances including: Medicare, VBA, CDPHP, MVP, BCBS of U/W and Davis Vision - Including CSEA & Fidelis Same Day Service on Some Prescriptions Fast Turnaround on Most Others

CALL: 518-673-2015

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

Alkie’s Vacuum Sales & Service for the following:

Royal, Miele, Oreck, Electrolux, Hoover, Bissell, Dirt Devil, Kirby & Eureka Copy

Accessories • Parts • Bags & Fax Service Shampoo and More (315)) 823-0914 585 East Main St., Little Falls, NY 13365 Hours: Mon. & Wed. 9-5; Fri. 7-7; Sun. 10-4; Tues., Thurs. & Sat. Closed

2008 HONDA Accord EX-L, green, 30k, V-6, auto, 4-door, heated leather, moonroof, 1owner. Loaded!! SALE: $18,995. John C. Miller, Inc. 518-762-7124 Call 518-673-3011 To Place Your Ad 2007 KIA Rio LX, black, only 20,000 miles, 4cyl., auto, 4-door, AC, CD. Great on Gas!! SALE: $9,750. John C. Miller, Inc. 518-762-7124


at Lee Publications, 6113 State Hwy. 5, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428. 518-673-0101 HAIRDRESSER Will Travel to your home. Call “Cori’s Hair Creations” 315-823-4388 (leave message) HOG CASINGS by the hank $26.95, Peruzzi’s Meat Market, 69 Church Street, Canajoharie. 518-673-3382

2007 Harley Davidson 1200 XL Custom Vance & Hines Pipes, Vance & Hines Fuel Pak, Stage 1 EFI Kit, Black, 8,500 Miles, Excellent Condition!


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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

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WANTED Violin’s Viola’s Cello’s CASH PAID

Various Sizes 10x10 to 20x40

Pre-WWII - Any Condition At My Shop or Your Home 518-356-2549

“You Should Hear What You Have Been Missing”


500 OFF Anyy Hearingg Aidd Order



Featuringg World d Famouss Unitron n Hearingg Productss We come to you in the comfort of your home • Hearing Aid Testing • Fitting • Adjusting

Call Today For Your Free Hearing Test (315) 796-7491 This is not a medical exam but rather a test to determine proper amplification.

Great for Weddings, Campers & Parties. Built from 1 3/8” heavy duty pipe & fittings with heavy valance tops, ends & sides available. Also various sizes of tarps in white or silver.

Bill 518-883-3041 S H E E T R O C K : 1/2”x4x8”, 10”, 12” and 14”. Also 1/2”x8’ moisture resistant and 5/8”x8’, 10’ & 12’ Fire Code. Joint compound, tape, drywall screws and primer available to complete the job. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518568-7016

NEED PIPE? We can supply you with perf. & solid drainage pipe 4”x100, 4”x250 and 6”x100”. Smoothwall pipe in 4”x10’ lengths. Fittings for both available. Schedule 40 in 2”, 3” & 4”x10 pipe & fittings. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016

WANTED: Someone to cut and square bales approximately 5 acres, on Old Trail Rd, Fonda, NY. 518-673-8221

AUCTION EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT @ JR’s Auction, 56 Willett Street, Fort Plain, NY 13339, 518-993-4668









Blacktopping & Seal Coating


Mowing Available

Call Today For An Estimate

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

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4x4 Utility Vehicle

Also available in green.



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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

Cherry Valley celebrates Bicentennial Day

by Elizabeth A. Tomlin By all accounts the Cherry Valley Bicentennial celebration was a huge success. “I think it was a 100 percent success!” declared Cherry Valley Mayor Jeff Stiles. “We have had so many good comments, thank yous, etc.,” added Dorothy Johnson, Cherry Valley Clerk-Treasurer. The Village of Cherry Valley was incorporated on June 4, 1812, and a 200-year celebration commemorating that event took place on June 9, 2012. The event began at 7 a.m. with a pancake breakfast and 'Car Cruise-in' with Big Al at the Cherry Valley Firehouse. “The pancake breakfast turnout was the best we have had in several years,” commented Johnson. All day long there were games, crafters, vendors, food, bands and raffles taking place at the old Alden The Cherry Valley Fire Dept. proudly marched Field School and the Village Park. “All of the events along with numerous other fire fighting compa- were very well attended,” said Mayor Stiles. About nies that attended the Bicentennial Parade. 30 vendors showed up to take advantage of the Photos by Elizabeth A. Tomlin event. The newly crowned Otsego Dairy Princess, Jessica Hadlock, was on hand with members of her Court to meet people and tell them about the importance of three dairy products a day for a healthy diet. “I want to help promote the dairy industry and the agricultural industry,” Hadlock said. A Bi-Centennial Parade, organized by Scott Flint, Marty Fields, and with the help of the whole Cherry Valley Fire Department, kicked off at 6 p.m., with bands, floats, and many other fire companies marching. Senator James Seward and NYS Assemblyman Marc Butler also attended the festivities. “This was all done by many, many citCherry Valley - Springfield Marching Patriots were a treat to izens, organizations, and businesses both the eyes and ears with their dynamic performance. donating their time and money,” said Johnson. “Bi-Centennial committee members put in many, many hours of hard work- and fun- planning and organizing this event, but without the help of all of our residents, it would not have happened.” Johnson said a Basket Raffle took place, “with baskets donated by many generous individuals and organizations.” The evening was marked by a 45 minute firework display attended by a very large crowd and ended with a dance at the Community Center with music provided by the Redeemers, from Rhinebeck, NY. Cherry Valley Historical Association dressed in heritageA good old-fashioned time was enjoyed rich costumes for the parade. by all.

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012


C A IN . Closed D N V O R A I n AD ER S 7am-4pm • Su

M • Sa M m p 8 U m a 7 S on.-Fri.


ours: M H r e m New Sum Premium m Quality y S/4/S S Knotty y Pine 1x4 1x4 1x4 1x4 1x4

8’ 10’ 12’ 14’ 16’

Our Price $3.60 $4.50 $5.40 $6.72 $7.68

1x6 1x6 1x6 1x6 1x6

8’ 10’ 12’ 14’ 16’

$4.40 $5.50 $6.60 $8.68 $9.92

$8.20 $10.25 $12.30 $14.35 $16.40

1x8 1x8 1x8 1x8 1x8

8’ 10’ 12’ 14’ 16’

$5.60 $7.00 $8.40 $10.50 $12.00

$11.20 $14.00 $16.80 $19.60 $22.40

Compare At $5.60 $7.00 $8.40 $9.80 $11.20

1x10 1x10 1x10 1x10 1x10

8’ 10’ 12’ 14’ 16’

Our Price $7.04 $8.80 $10.56 $12.88 $14.72

1x12 1x12 1x12 1x12 1x12

8’ 10’ 12’ 14’ 16’

$8.00 $10.00 $12.00 $15.40 $17.60

Compare At $14.00 $17.50 $21.00 $24.50 $28.00 $16.80 $21.00 $25.20 $29.40 $33.60

Premium m Quality y Tongue e& e Knotty y Pine Groove 1x6 1x6

8’ 10’

Our Price $3.60 $4.50

1x8 1x8

8’ 10’

$4.40 $5.50

Compare At $5.20 $6.50 $8.67 $10.80

We Also Carry Hemlock Band Sawn Lumber We Special Order Metal Roofing & Siding Custom Cut to your length, painted starting at $1.80 / ft. We e Havee In n Stock k Large Quantitiess off Foill Backed Foam m Insulation 1/2” 3/4” 1” 1 1/2”

$6.00 $8.00 $10.00 $13.00

2” 3” 4”

$16.00 $20.00 $24.00

We Have In Stock Grain For Your Animals Chick Starter • Pig Grower Layer • Beef Grower Horse Feed • Calf Starter Sheep & Goat • Salt Blocks

315-429-3627 302 Bacon Brook Rd., Dolgeville, NY 13329

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

Don’t worry if you make a mistake! You can print another at!

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

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RAMSEY - 5 year old male Pit Bull, 57 lbs. Found on Hilltop Road and Route 162 in March 2012. Lively and playful. Very loving dog. Should be the only pet in an adult home. Housebroken. Microchipped.

KIRA - Beautiful female Bearcoat Shar Pei, 5 years old. Came to the shelter in June. Very well behaved and great on leash. Microchipped.

MARCO - 7 year old Basset Hound. Came to the shelter on May 23rd. CHARLENE - Beautiful adult female, JENNY - Lovely 2 year old black and Knows the “sit” command and loves to grey with green eyes. Found in Palatine white female. Came to the shelter in May with her 3 kittens (adopted). in June. A cuddler, very sweet. go for walks.

SYLVIE - Pretty 2 to 4 year old female tiger. Found on Kringsbush Road, St. Johnsville in June 2011. Fine with other cats.



BRODY - 3-4 year old male Staffie, 60 lbs. found on Route 30A, Glen in December 2011. Knows commands. Affectionate, ok with older kids, good with dogs, not cats. Housebroken.

ORIANA - Lovable female Dutch Shepherd mix, 4 years old. Came to the shelter in April. A great family dog, good with kids. Likes belly rubs! Microchipped.

Cat Litter and Dish Detergent

WRATH OF GRAPES Over 9,000 Bottles of Wine In Stock 51 Hancock Street, Fort Plain, NY

Joseph Nalli, Esq. Counselor at Law Fort Plain 518-993-4486

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Bestt Buyy Appliance • Quality New & Used Appliances • Appliance Repairs

315-823-0861 578 E. Main St., Little Falls

AMISH & NON AMISH CRAFTS & Farmers Market is forming. Anyone interested please call the Willow Tree Shoppe 518-993-3311 or stop in at 6143 State Hwy. 5, Palatine Bridge NY. Wed., Thursday or Friday 11-5 or Saturday 11-4. THERE IS NO FEE FOR JUNE HAVE YOUR arrangements for you or your loved ones been prearranged? Call Vincent A. Enea Funeral Service LLC, for prearrangements, traditional funerals, Veterans Services, and cremations. Call anytime! 518-568-7040 or 315-866-1500 for more information. WHISPERING PINES GREEN HOUSE: ½ price on select flowers. Vegetable Plants $1.25 a 4/pk. Located on 526 RT. 170A, Little Falls, NY. Take Route 29 West out of Salisbury and turn left on 170A. Watch for Whispering Pines Green House on the left.



BFR 454 Casull Revolver $500. New Holland 478 Haybine $1,900 OBO. Both in very nice condition. Call Shawn at 607-2870380. COMMON PINE: Excellent for trim boards; Also 1”x6” tongue & groove and 1”x12” rough cut. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville. 518-568-7016

BLACK & WHITE COPIES only 15¢ each. Lee Publications.

6113 State Hwy. 5, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428. Open MondayFriday 8 am - 5 pm. 518-673-0101 or RECORDS WANTED: We’ll buy your old records from 19301970. 45’s, 78’s, Albums, Rock-N-Roll, Blues, R&B, Country, etc. Call Pete 518-6732384.


It doesn’t get any easier than Snap Seal waterless wash & wax. The lazy man’s way to shine. Available at MV IBA. 518-993-2543


We can print what you need. Please allow 2-3 weeks in advance. Call Beth at Lee Publications 518-673-0101 FOR SALE: 2002 Ford Explorer XLT, v6, auto, 4×4, 144k. Financing available. Call Turnpike Auto located on Rt. 20, East Springfield, NY (607)264-3680 Fort Plain True Value and Just Ask Rental 12 Willett St Fort Plain (518)993-3834 We have a huge selection of solar stake lights starting at $1.99. CUSTOM PLOWING & DISKING. Reasonable rates. Call 315-985-5415

Herkimer County Humane Society Mutt Strut The 16th Annual Mutt Strut was held on Sunday, June 3, on the campus of Herkimer County Community College. Through the efforts of all our volunteers, sponsors and walkers, the shelter raised almost $10,000, with all the proceeds going to the care of our animals. What a wonderful turnout we had. As always, the Mutt Strut brought back some of our former “residents” for many happy reunions. Our expanded vendor tent was a hit this year and our water stops were very welcome. Up on Stage was back to keep the party moving. We had raffles of several different baskets donated by area businesses and supporters. Please check our summer newsletter for a complete list of all donators. We would like thank all our STRUTTERS who came with their dogs or perhaps walked one of our shelter dogs. We could not do this without you. Also, we would like to thank all of our volunteers including board members and the members of our newly organized volunteer group. If you are interested in volunteering, please call the shelter at 315866-3255. Listed below are the top finishers and the total they raised in three categories: Teams: Team Russ $606; Team M&M $296; Team Yoda $165

Individuals: Lorraine Kolwaite - $285; Pat Spadaro $200; Jessica Button - $189 Students (Under 16): Isabelle VanPatten (14) - $200; Zane Synenki (4) $75; Aubrey Banner (5) - $55 Mark your calendars for the 17th Annual Mutt Strut. We will also be celebrating our 100th Birthday in 2013! Hope you can be a part of this very special milestone. The present location of the Herkimer County Humane Society in Fort Herkimer was purchased in 1962. The facility consists of a shelter house, outdoor exercise kennels, a play yard and the main shelter. The main building contains shelter offices, cat rooms and dog kennels. The house is used for Society office space, meeting rooms, laundry facilities, animal grooming, emergency animal rescue holding room and more storage. The Humane Society has grown quite a bit since its humble beginnings. Our board of directors consists of eleven members, all volunteers who contribute in some way to keep things running. The Humane Society is a non-profit organization with a 501 C 3 designation -- NOT a county run agency. We depend almost entirely on volunteers and community support.

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012 + OUR FATHER, we thank you for our parents. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. + Sunday school student’s Father’s Day prayer. UMC 518993-3863 2009 HYUNDAI Santa Fe LMTD., AWD, maroon, 32k, V-6, auto, leather, moonroof, Infinity stereo. Loaded!! SALE: $22,995. John C. Miller, Inc. 518-762-7124 SEE OUR FACEBOOK page to peruse our menu Mercato Pizza Restaurant. Mercato Pizza & Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie. 518-673-4411 BLACK LAB PUPPIES, AKC registered, mother on premises, shots, vet checked, $350. Ready June 1st. Call 518-9935190 or 518-774-6300 MOHAWK VALLEY IBA has a complete line of ASI Professional Cleaners and Waxes for cars, boats and motorcycles. 518-993-2543

2009 HONDA Civic LX, maroon, 29k, 4cyl., auto, 4-door, AC, CD, full power. Great on Gas!! SALE: $15,995. John C. Miller, Inc. 518-762-7124 WEEKNIGHT SPECIALS: $8.95. Mercato Pizza & Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie 518-673-4411 Austrian Shepherd/Blue Healer mixed puppies, 12 week’s old, friendly and ready to go! $175.00 Call (518)993-4668 SUMMER SPECIAL on PPG exterior paints and stains. Available at C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville. 518-568-7016 CHECK OUT OUR produce at really low prices, Peruzzi’s Meat Market, 69 Church Street, Canajoharie. 518-673-3382 + OUR FATHER, help us to have faith. In Jesus’ name we pray. Prayer for Mark 4:40. UMC 518993-3863

2006 YAMAHA Road Star Midnight Silverado, 1700cc, hard bags, windshield, Mustang custom seat w/back rests, 22k, black. $7,900/OBO. Road Ready!


Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Biblical Scholar on Israel, the Middle East and Bible Prophecy

Speaking Schedule: Saturday evening, June 30, 2012 6:30pm - 8:00pm Sunday morning, July 1, 2012 Adult Sunday School Class: 10:00am - 10:45am Church service: 11:00am - 12:15pm Location: Cornerstone Baptist Church 7274 State Highway 10, Ames, NY 13317 Phone: 518-673-3405 Email: Pastor Al Potter

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Answers to this week’s puzzles Restaurant for rent or lease. Located on busy Rt 5. Serious Inquiries ONLY! Call George @ (315) 717-7055

20x30 TENT with four sides for rent. Canajoharie Volunteer Fire Department 518-3766136

8 FOOT TABLES & folding chairs for rent. Canajoharie Volunteer Fire Department 518376-6136

Having problems with your well or pump? Call The Water People Provost Brothers! 518868-2126

WINE and Beer served. Mercato Pizza & Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie. 518-6734411 CHECK IT OUT,

(518) 673-3011 ~ To Place Your Ad

LOOKING for A GREAT PLACE for your business? Call (518)3325157 for more information.

Whatchamacallits In the days when butter was made at home on the farm, patterned stamps were used to make it more presentable at the table — or, you might say, to make a favorable impression on guests. Willis “Skip” Barshied’s butter stamps, shown here, are typical of the home-use butter stamps of the 1800s. Butter stamps were also used in commerce. After the butter was worked and salted, dairies usually molded it into blocks or rounds to be measured, stored and sold. Common butter mold sizes were 1/2, one and two pounds. These blocks were often impressed with various designs. Some imprints were solely for decoration, while others identified the butter maker. Having an accurate weight

was important to consumers. If a customer paid for one pound of butter they wanted to get one pound. Many butter molds were adjustable so that the amount of butter could be increased or decreased to get the correct amount.

This did not stop dishonest merchants and dairies from selling underweight rolls of butter. The problem became so bad that in 1893 the California state legislature passed a law making it a misdemeanor to sell underweight rolls of butter.

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012 NEED WATER? Topping off pools, landscaping ponds, etc. 518-9932496, 518-332-4254

HAVING A PARTY? Did you know the Canajoharie Volunteer Fire Department rents the kitchen and banquet room. For your convenience we now have an elevator. 518376-6136

NEED BUSINESS CARDS? Full color glossy, heavy stock. 250 ($45.00); 500 ($60.00); 1,000 ($75.00). Call Beth at Lee Publications 518-673-0101 or ROOF AND FLOOR TRUSSES: Fabricated for residential, commercial or agricultural construction. Call for a free quote. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016 KEEP THE INSECTS OUT with Larson Combination Storm/Screen Doors. 32” & 36” x80” white in stock at $137.85. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016 Can you cook? Want to run a business? Restaurant for rent or lease. Located on busy Rt 5. Serious Inquiries ONLY! Call George @ (315) 717-7055 MULTIPOO, Morkies, Bishonpoo’s, Yorkies Pups. 28 year breeder. Ready now for July (PD00302) 607-9658180 SQUARE DANCE Lessons begin, Ed Center, Spring St., Gloversville. July 9, 6-8pm WANTED TO BUY: Old Grit newspapers (not the Grit magazine). 518-5685115

MAGNETIC SIGNS for trucks and cars. Call Beth at Lee Publications 518-673-0101

Fort Plain True Value and Just Ask Rental 12 Willett St Fort Plain (518)993-3834 EasyCare Platinum Paint and Primer in one is available here! We’ve got the color selection you need at a price that fits. Stop in and see one of our color experts for all your painting needs.

We want to hear from you! Send your comments & suggestions to the Original Valley Pennysaver PO Box 121, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 OR email HATE THOSE STAINS caused by algae, mold, mildew, moss & lichen? Use SPRAY & FORGET with no rinsing needed. It really works! C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016 Fort Plain True Value and Just Ask Rental 12 Willett St Fort Plain (518)993-3834 Mrs. Wages and Ball canning supplies are in stock! Stop in and see our large selection.

LOOKING FOR IT? Selling it? Looking for work? Looking to hire…

Give us a call at 518-673-3237 to place your reader ad today. ATV TRAILERS by Bosski Industries first automatic “Dump Assist” trailers GVWR 800lbs.+ 1600lbs. models available. Come check them out at North Creek Auto 315-866-3698 WE do catering for ALL events! Make your life easier. Call Grandma’s Kitchen, 7 West Main Street, St. Johnsville, NY at (518) 568-8310. Need a Great Gift Idea? Get an Auto, Truck or Motorcycle Detailing Gift Certificate! Call Bob Failing III (518)376-1151

Grandview Baptist Church Corner of Lydius & Washington St. Fort Plain, NY

We care.....“because He cares....” I Peter 5:7 Sunday School - 10:00am Morning Worship - 11:00am Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study - 6:30pm

Pastor Dan West

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2437 State Rt 7 PO Box 670 Cobleskill, NY 12043 518-234-2558 518-234-4430 Fax

Snowplowing, Plumbing, Electric, Kitchen & Bath, Remodeling, Masonry, Siding & Windows, Minor Landscaping & Small Backhoe Work, Additions, Furnace, Boiler & Wood Stove Installations, Etc. “100’ Rooter” Professional Drain Cleaning 24 HOUR SERVICE




Spray Foam






Humphrey Memorials, Inc.


24 Willow St., Amsterdam, NY 12010

Call 843-0307

Established in 1946


Showroom Open By Appt


Dixon McFee Matthew Spaulding


“We Buy Scrap Iron & Metals” ROGER CREWS AUTO SALVAGE Now w Open n forr The e Season!

(518) 993-4749

Spring g Street Fortt Plain,, NY Y 13339n

Todd McFee C.J. Karker

Contractor’s Millwork, Inc. Est. 1986

Bill & Dee Dwyer 266 Shun Pike Rd. Sloansville, NY 12160 (518) 868-4662


Monumental Design & Sales Cemetery Lettering Memorial Restoration 3051 State Rte. 28, Herkimer, NY 13350 315-866-4471 or 518-848-0963

Call 518-284-2040

Buying Used Firearms

Tim Lighthall 518-993-2504 518-265-5848

Edward Updyke

Insulation $ave on Your Heating and Cooling Bills $ave Energy


Owners/Operators: Alden and Steven Witham Sharon Springs, NY


REAL ESTATE John n P.. Case


Licensed Sales Representative

“Your Indoor Comfort Controller” Residential & Commercial • HEATING • PLUMBING • COOLING

Kinship Properties

24 Hour Emergency Service FREE Estimates 40 years experience Family owned & operated Justin & Russell Mattice Palatine Bridge

518-281-8008 518-568-2776





Barrett’s Transmissions General Repair

Snow Plowing & Removal Commercial & Residential

“Over 30 Years Experience”

Cleaning Out Your Basement, Attic, Home, Business, Etc.? Call for Trailer Rental Prices to Haul Your Stuff Away! Also, Hauling Crusher Run, Gravel, Etc.

Garry-Jason Barrett

Top Dollar Paid for Scrap Iron or Cars

148 Ripple Road Cherry Valley, NY 13320

315-823-4903 or 315-868-5747

Call Tony Crews, Owner for details


Phone & Fax:


To Advertise Your Business Call 518-673-3011 or Fax to 518-673-3245 $13.00 Weekly for 13 Weeks $18.00 Weekly for 4 Weeks

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012 CLIP & SEND


PO Box 121, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 • Ph: 518-673-3011 OR 800-218-5586


14 words $.10 each additional

Deadline Thursday Noon - Fill Out This Form OR Call Us To Place Your Reader Ad • READER AD FORM • Date________ COPY:

____ # of Weeks

______Starting Issue Date (Saturday Date)

(First 14 words $4.00 each additional word 10¢)

______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ 14 words - $4.00

______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ 24 words - $5.00

______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ 34 words - $6.00

Name (Print): ____________________________________________________________________ Farm/Company Name: ______________________________________________________________ Street: ______________________________________________ County: ____________________ City: ________________________________________________ State: ____________ Zip: ______ Phone #: ____________________________ Fax #: __________________ Cell #: ____________ Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________ Payment Method: K Check/Money Order K American Express K Discover K Visa K MC Card #: ______________________________________________ Exp. Date: __________________ MM/YY

Name on Credit Card (print): ________________________________________________________ Signature: ____________________________________________ Today’s Date: ________________ Amount Paid: ________________________________________ Ph: 518-673-3011 or 800-218-5586 • Fax: 518-673-2381 • Email:

Mail: The Original Pennysaver, PO Box 121, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428

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WEEKLY SALES EVERY MONDAY HOSKING SALES - FORMER WELCH LIVESTOCK Weekly Sales Every Monday 12:30 Produce, Misc. & small animals; 1:00 Dairy; ** We will now sell lambs, goats, pigs, feeders immediately following Dairy. Calves and cull beef approx. 5:00-5:30PM. Help us increase our volume - thus making a better market for everyone. ** We are Independent Marketers - working 24/7 to increase your bottom line. Take advantage of our low commission rates. Competitive marketing is the way to go. Monday, June 18th sale - cull ave. .70, Top cow .85 wt. 1692 $1438.20 cows up to $1613.52 Bulls/Steers top $1.04 wt. 1551 $1613.04, bull calves top $2.45, heifer calves top $2.00, Goats up to $110, Lambs $1.20 - $1.85, Cull sheep .20 - .70. Monday, June 25th - Normal Monday sale. Monday, July 2nd - Special: ROB-MICH Farm Registered & Grade Holstein Herd Dispersal. 40 Head (20 Registered) 36 cows, 4 Bred Heifers. Monthly Fat Cow and Feeder Sale. Monday, July 9th - Monthly Heifer Sale. Monday, July 16th - Monthly Sheep, Lamb, Goat & Pig Sale. Saturday, Oct. 13th - OHM Holstein Club Sale. Brad Ainslie Sale Chairmen 315-822-6087. Saturday, Nov. 3rd - Fall Premier All Breed Sale - Call early to consign to make catalog and advertising deadlines. Café is now open for breakfast and lunch - great food! LOOKING TO HAVE A FARM SALE OR JUST SELL A FEW GIVE US A CALL. **Trucking Assistance - Call the Sale Barn or check out our trucker list on our Web site. Call to advertise in any of these sales it makes a difference. Directions: Former Welch Livestock 6096 NYS Rt. 8, 30 miles South of Utica & 6 miles North of New Berlin, NY. Call today with your consignments. Tom & Brenda Hosking 6096 NYS Rt. 8 New Berlin, NY 13411

607-699-3637 or 607-847-8800 cell: 607-972-1770 or 1771





Friday, June 28 • 5 PM PREVIEW ALL DAY SELLING: Including Over 12 COMPLETE KITCHEN SETS in Cherry, Oak, Hickory, Chestnut, Ginger Maple, White, Honey Maple & Other Cabinets In Many Styles Including Pantries, Lazy Susan & Blind Corners & Top Cabinets; LARGE SELECTION OF GRANITE COUNTER TOPS; Pallets of Solid Hardwood Flooring; Ceramic Flooring; Laminate Flooring; 3.25” Brazilian Tiger Mahogany Hardwood PreFinished Flooring; Granite Flooring; MOLDING Including Oak, Pine, Poplar & FRP Casing, Baseboard, Crown molding, Spindles, Hand Rails & more. KITCHEN & BATH: Including Kitchen and Bath Room Faucets; Pedestal sink & toilet combo; Vessel Bowls; Corian(r) style Kitchen Sinks; Granite Kitchen Counter Tops & more. NEW TOOLS: Including Over 100 Lots of Brand Name Tools Including Air Compressors; Nail Guns; Generators; Cut Off & Miter Saws; Table Saws; Battery Operated Drill; Power Kits & More. TERMS: Cash, Check, Master Card or Visa, 13% Buyer Premium w/ 3% Discount For Cash Or Check.

Antiques & Auctions


Collecting by Larry Cox TV lamp Q: When my family bought our first TV during the early 1950s, it was essential that it also had a TV light that provided illumination, but not so much that it distracted from the sharpness of the picture. The lamp we had featured the image of a black panther. I still have it, and before I throw or give it away, please advise me. — Peggy, Naperville, IL A: I, too, remember the old TV lamps. The one I recall featured a design of two Siamese cats, probably inspired by Si and Am

from “Lady and the Tramp.” Most TV lamps sell in the $25 to $35 range, but as with most collectibles there are always exceptions. Recently I saw a “cowboy and horse” TV lamp from the 1950s priced at $150 in a fancy Scottsdale, AZ, shop. Q: I recently found a “Wrinkle Proof” iron with stand, model NE909. It is operational, and I wonder how much it is worth. — John, Albuquerque, NM A: I always hesitate to answer questions about older irons, since when I do, it almost always trigCont. Next Page

KING’S Sun. June 24th

Breeder Sale ~ 11:33am

Sat. June 30th - Estate Auction ~ 6:33pm Complete Household Auction from Cooperstown Area Check for Pictures & List

Thurs. July 5th

Food Auction ~ 6:33pm Burrows Rd., West Winfield, NY

(315) 822-5221






• PREVIEW 5:30


Meats; Sirloin Tips, Bacon, Pork Roast, Chicken Breasts & Nuggets, Fresh Fruit, Apples, Onions, Potatoes, Cheese, Paper Products, Coffee, Hot Dogs, Cereals, Bread. Stock Up Now for 4th of July!!

Location: Robin's Nest, 230 Stevers Mill Rd., Broadalbin, off Rt. 29. 1.5 mi. East of Rt. 30 & 29 traffic circle.


Terms: Cash or Check. No Credit Cards. Check payable to Cash. Everything sold as is, where is. 10% Buyer's Premium. Snack Bar.


For Info. Danny Young Auctioneer, 518-883-3306

Page 29

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

Antiques & Auctions


Cont. From Previous Pg.

gers dozens of others. So before you dust off the iron at your house and contact me, read this response carefully. Most “sad irons” are selling in the $15 to $25 range. Although there is interest in some of the older, more unusual irons, demand for them is not as hot as it was several years ago before our economy tanked. David Irons is an expert and might be able to help you. Contact him at 223 Covered Bridge Road, Northhampton, PA 18067;; and 610-262-9335. Irons has written what I believe is the defini-

tive book about vintage irons, “Irons by Irons,” which can be ordered directly from him. Q: I have an original one sheet of “Rebel Without a Cause” that I got from our little neighborhood theater in 1955. What do you think it is worth? I have been offered $1,000 for it. — Bill, St. Charles, MO A: L’Imagerie Gallery in Hollywood is offering one for sale priced at $4,000. Keep in mind that condition is extremely important. If there are rips, tears or stains ... need I go any further?

MONDAY, JULY 2, 2012 1 PM


40 Head (20 Registered) 36 cows, 4 bred heifers. Cows are in all stages of lactation with a few exceptionally fancy young cows here!! Watch for these two maternal sisters: Toyful is a Super uddered Talent already scored VG she sells fresh in April. JJ is her 2yr. old Sept. Storm sister every bit as fancy & sells due in Sept. to Seeker-Red. Super is another Talent that is a sure bet to score VG she sells with her just fresh Mac 2yr. Dtr. Special VG 87 R&W due sale day to Sept. Storm. Other job interests prompts this extremely short notice sale, seize the opportunity to buy outstanding cows while your neighbors are making hay!! SALE WILL BE HELD AT OUR FACILITY DURING OUR REGULAR MONDAY SALE - HOSKING SALES 6096 STATE HIGHWAY 8, NEW BERLIN, NY. 30 miles south of Utica, 6 miles north of New Berlin, NY. Dairy will start at 1:00PM, quality consignments welcomed.

Owners: ROB-MICH HOLSTEINS Bob & Michele Franklin & Family Newport, NY 13416 315-845-8009

(c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

Hosking Sales Tom & Brenda Hosking 6096 State Highway 8 New Berlin, NY 13411 607-699-3637 or 607-972-1770 or 1771

JR’s s Auctions

Don’t Miss This Auction!!

56 Willett St. Fort Plain, NY 13339

Don’t Miss This Auction!!

8 • Tim m (518)) 332-5157 JR (518)) 993-4668


Sportsmen n Consignmentt Auction!!

June e 27 Weds s @ 6:00 0 PM! • Guns, Hunting Clothes, Fishing Tackle & More!! Also Bring your Campers, 4 Wheelers, Boats, Canoes, Trailers Special Mention Guns!! th

• 1 Winchester 32-20 with Octagon Barrel & Scope (Nice Condition) • 1 Winchester 12 Gauge Model 37 (Nice Gun) • 1 Double Barrel Shotgun (Repainted Wall Hanger) • This is only a partial list many more coming!! • More Last Minute Guns Coming, Call For List!!!!

Bring Your Guns To Sell, Turn Them To Cash!!

and Hunting items to sell!! The Larger Items will Sell Outside!!

Call to consign and for questions! We expect to have another nice selection of guns available for Auction!! Stay posted!! Auctionzip ID #29324 Guns not on premise until day of sale. Preview starting at 12:00 noon. No Buyers Premium. Major Credit Cards accepted.

UPCOMING AUCTIONS June 26th - Tues. Eve. 6:00PM • Consignment Auction - Groceries, Tools, Frozen Meats & Much More!! June 27th - Wed. Eve. 6:00PM • Sportsman Auction, Guns, Hunting & Fishing Items, Tools & Much More!! Don’t Miss It!! Consignments Wanted!! July 3rd - Tues. Eve. 6:00PM • Consignment Auction July 7th - Sat. • Flea Market & Auction July 14th - Sat. 10:00AM • Tailgate & Small Animal Auction!! Consignments Wanted!! First Come First Sell!! Lots of Excitement!! July 21st - Sat. • On Site Furniture Auction Aug. 18th - Sat. 9:00AM • Special Horse & Tack Auction. Consign early for advertising. Aug. 25th - Sat. 10:00AM • On Site Estate Auction. Location & list to be announced. Tons of tools, snowmobile, table saw & more Sept. 15th - Sat. 10:00AM • Public Antique Auction!! On Site in Sharon Springs, Antiques, Early Pumps, Prints, Tools & More!! (See Auctionzip #29234 for pictures & updates)

For Details, Consignments or Full list of Auctions - ID #29324 Call JR @ 518-993-4668 or Tim @ 518-332-5157

Looking to do an Auction? Contact us if you have items or Real Estate to sell. Do it the Auction Way!! Pick-up Available!!

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

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525 E. Mill St., Little Falls

(315) 823-1709 40 McKinley Rd., Dolgeville


(315) 429-9962

Full line of Building Materials - Customer Steel Orders including Garages, Pole Barns, House Packages. Complete line of Treated Lumber for your deck projects.


$ 49 on Seconds Steel Roofing. Many Color In Stock. Lin/Ft


for Custom Size

Edge $ 25 Weather Standard Color 25 Lin/Ft

Year Warranty

Did you know? Though ceiling fans are most associated with warm-weather seasons, most can be effective throughout the winter months as well, helping circulate warm air throughout a room in much the same way they circulate cool air during the warmer weather. Most of today’s fans have a switch near the motor housing that alters the direction in which the fan’s blades turn. When a ceiling fan is used in the summer, its blades push the air downward, moving cool air around the room. The air blowing around the room is what

Tips for decorating with stronger colors

cools people within the room. When the blades’ direction is altered, the blades then push the air upward toward the ceiling. This drives the hot air, which typically rises to the top, down toward the edges of the room. This helps circulate warm air throughout a room, making for more even heating. What’s more, this improved heat circulation helps combat window sweating that results from condensation on the glass when hot air is not effectively circulated throughout a home.

(NAPSA) — When it comes to decorating, color experts are predicting that homeowners will be seeking out stronger colors in their search for intensity. Seeking sensation The bold choice to turn to vibrant, optimistic colors is twofold: a search for euphoria for some and, for others, a sense of oneself. According to PPG Pittsburgh Paints color expert Dee Schlotter, for many people, intensity is a survival strategy in times of crisis. “For some, it means seeking out extremes of sensation, rebelling against the bland existence that comes with cynicism and disenchantment. For others, it means ‘unplugging’ in order to reconnect with a life they feel is fleeting,” added Schlotter. Sensation seekers will go for colors that stir the senses and set them in motion, amping up the chromatic density of their lives. Expect their spaces to be full of strong contrasts — heavy and weightless, shadow and light, hot and cold. On the other hand, some individuals will use strong color as a way to turn inward and unplug. Expect

them to opt for quiet, understated palettes accented by deep, rich colors in order to create the space they need to take time to relax. If you are thinking of taking the leap to strong, deep color, here are some tips: • If you appreciate deep, rich colors outside your home — whether in the clothes you wear or when you see these colors in restaurants or other people’s homes — then you will probably also like them in your own home. • Consider an accent wall. This is a great way to get a smaller taste of strong color while still adding interest to the room. • Test first. Use a large test sheet and a “time test” — view your color in all light: morning, noon and night. Live with it for a few days to make sure you love it. • Don’t let timidity hold you back. Recognize that there’s only one life to live and there’s no time to waste. If not now, then when? To learn more about the latest color trends for decorating, visit the PPG Pittsburgh Paints website at www.

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

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Mattice & Sons LLC Centrall Airr Anywhere

Do you have Hot water, Baseboard or electric Heat? Don’t think you can have Air Conditioning? Yes, you can.........

y g

a f


We have many Split System Air Conditioners up to 4 zone at affordable pricing to meet any budget. Fujitsu, Sanyo or Chigo systems. These units also produce heat down to outside temperatures as low as 14˚F.

Call for Free estimates

24 hours - (518)) 441-0142 We also offer Heating & Plumbing

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

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Dining & Entertainment Yankee Baseball Trip Sunday July 15th vs. LA Angels Excellent seats, sections 233A plus 207 Buses pickup at Dolgeville, Little Falls, Canajoharie and Fonda.

$115 per person includes tickets & transportation.

Forr moree information n call 315-429-3220, 315-429-9871 or 518-568-2776 Sponsored by the Dolgeville Violet Festival & Rotary Club

Grandma’s Kitchen

Fresh Baked Goods Daily S June 24th U N

Breakfast Only Till 1pm

June 25th

M Roast Beef or O HotHot Turkey N Sandwich w/FF T June 26 U Buffalo Chicken E Wrap w/regular side S th

June 27th

W Cheeseburger or E Hamburger Deluxe D w/FF or Onion Rings & Drink








th T H June 28 U Cold Salad Plate or R Chef Salad S




Also Available: W INGS , C OOKIES , W RAPS , S ALADS , ETC . 95 Main Street Fort Plain


June 29th Fried Fish Sandwich or Fried Clams w/ coleslaw or baked macaroni & cheese


June 30th Grilled Pork Loin

Desserts Daily – Sun. 7am-1pm Mon. - Wed. 6am - 2pm Thurs. 6am - 2pm Fri. 6am - 5pm • Sat. 6am - 2pm

518-568-8310 7 W. Main St., St. Johnsville, NY 13452

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

Dining & Entertainment Dine In Or Take Out 993-5306



N Alll Youu Cann Eatt Pancakes 3-77 pm N Beans-N-Franks N Sm.. Crispyy Chickenn Salad N Spanishh Ricee w/Veg



N Scallopedd Potatoess & Ham m w/Veg N Seafoodd Saladd Coldd Plate

Wrath of Grapes Fine Wine & Liquor 51 Hancock St. Fort Plain, NY • 518-993-2624

Over 9,000 Bottles Case Discounts on Wine

Mix & Match

Foxmoor Wines (Calif.) Cab, Merlot & Chard.

$4.29 each or 3/$11.99 Mix or Match



N ALLL YOU U CAN N EAT T SPAGHETTI 3-77 PM N Italiann Beeff Sandwichh w/Fries N Spaghettii w/Meatballs,, Hott Sausagee and/orr Tosss Salad



N Chicken-N-Biscuitss w/Veg N Mushroom m & Swisss Burger w/Fries



N Freshh Haddockk Dinner,, (Friedd orr Baked)) w/Potatoo & Veg N Mac-N-Cheesee w/Veg w Englandd Clam m Chowderr N New



N Friedd Clamss w/Potatoo & Veg N Primee Ribb w/Potatoo & Veg 3-77 PM



N Applee Cinnamon Pancakes Breakfastt Only Closedd att 12:300 pm

Homemade Soups & Desserts Hours:: Mon.-Sat.. 7 AM-77 PM Sun.. 7 AM-12:300 PM

122 Hancockk St.,, Fortt Plain

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

ELKS “SUMMERFEST” Sponsored By: Howard “Moe” Mosher JR. Contracting At the Canajoharie - Fort Plain Elks Lodge #2621 Watch next week’s edition of the Pennysaver for all the details!!!

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

Dining & Entertainment Hungry Bearr Cafe

(518) 568-2700 Tues., June 26th

- Chicken & Biscuits, Mashed & Dressing - Philly Burger, Grilled Onions & Peppers on a Grilled Hardroll w/Ranch Dressing & FF

Wed., June 27th - Stuffed Shells w/ Toss Salad & Garlic Bread - Honey BBQ Crispy Chicken Melt on Grilled Texas Bread & FF

Thurs., June 28th - Oven Roasted Hot Turkey Sandwich w/Mashed - Liver & Onions w/Mashed or FF & Salad

Fri., June 29th - Fresh Haddock, FF or Mashed & Salad - Fresh Haddock On A Roll

After 4:00 PM Roast Beef, Mashed or FF & Salad

Sat., June 30th - 2 French Toast, Meat & HF - Garbage Omelet w/HF

Sun., July 1st - 2 Blueberry Pancakes w/choice of Meat - Sausage Gravy on a Pancake or Biscuit HOMEMADE SOUPS AND PIES DAILY

Now Accepting Credit Cards

7304 State Hwy. 5, St. Johnsville, NY Tues.-Thurs. 6am-3pm; Fri. 6am-7pm; Sat. 6am-11:30am; Sun. 7am-11:30am; Closed Mon.

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

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Dining & Entertainment All Senior Citizens Receive 10% OFF June 21-28th • Every Friday Fish & Chips Special - $5.75 HOURS: Sun.-Wed. 7am-5pm; Thurs. & Fri. 7am-7pm; Sun. 7am-5pm

80 Erie Blvd., Canajoharie 518-673-0011

Serving Creative Interpretations of Classic Favorites in a Casual Setting

Now Open for Lunch 11:30-3pm Wed.-Fri Open for Dinner Tues.-Sat. at 4pm (518) 993-8065 70 Canal St., Fort Plain, NY 13339

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

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Employment WANTED:

Auto Sales Needs Clean up and All around Help. You MUST have experience, possible part time. If interested call (518) 568-2416

EXPERIENCED D AGRICULTURE E TECHNICIAN N AND/OR R CONSTRUCTION N TECHNICIAN wanted to fill immediate opening at our St. Johnsville or Richfield Springs locations. Full time position with excellent pay and benefits.

Please send resume to:

Or apply within at either: Springer’s Inc, 55 West Main St. Richfield Springs or 7403 State Hwy 5, St. Johnsville 2007 HONDA Accord SE, red, 53k, V-6, auto, 4-door, AC, CD, full power. SALE: $12,995. John C. Miller, Inc. 518762-7124 2003 CADILLAC Deville, red, only 59,000 miles, leather, AC, CD, chrome wheels. Loaded!! SALE: $9,995. John C. Miller, Inc. 518-762-7124 50 Lb. LARD for $62.50, Peruzzi’s Meat Market, 69 Church Street, Canajoharie. 518-673-3382 FOR SALE: 4-16” Aluminum Rims for GM w/tires, 6 lug. Asking $125. 352-303-5648 WANTED: Used or new egg cartons. 518-6733611 WE CARRY FABRAL roofing & siding panels with LIFETIME warranty against fading and chalking. Galvanized, red, white & green in stock and can be ordered cut to length with many colors available. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville. 518568-7016

TAILGATE & SMALL ANIMAL AUCTION, Saturday, July 14th, 10:00am. Consignments WANTED. Will sell right off the back of your car, truck or trailer!! First come first sell!! Bring your items and we will try to sell them!! @ JR’s Auction, 56 Willett Street, Fort Plain, NY 518-993-4668 NEW SHIPMENT of Honda Power Equipment. Mowers, Tillers, Pumps, String Trimmers and Generators. Your authorized Honda Power Equipment Dealer, serving central NY since 1968. Vertucci Power Equipment, 1831 St. Hwy. 20, 5 miles west of Richfield Springs, NY (315)822-4264. ROXUL: The better insulation for the energy efficient, quiet & safe home. Fire resistant, water repellent and made from stone. For more information call C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville. 518-5687016

APARTMENTS AVAILABLE FORT PLAIN: Upstairs (1) 1 bedroom and (1) 2 bedroom. Include heat, water, trash. No smoking. No Pets. Available July 1st. 1 Bedroom $500 month. 2 bedroom $550 month. 518-993-4613 or 9932329


only 75¢ page. Lee Publications. 6113 State Hwy. 5, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428. Open MondayFriday 8am-5pm. 518-673-0101 or FOR SALE – 17 ft. Bow Rider Pleasure Boat, 4 cyl. Volvo Penta, I/O motor, full canvas, w/trailer a 1985 Invad. Excellent shape! Asking $2,500.00. Phone (518) 993-3368 or (518) 7913428 PROTECT YOUR FOUNDATION: Plastmo Gutters are durable and easy to install for the DIY. Available in white or brown. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016 DID YOU KNOW we can furnish your home from the basement to the roof! Check it out at C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-5687016 BIKERS stop in & try Snap Seal on your windshield, cleans bugs, dirt, grime, without scratches. 100% money back guarantee. Mohawk Valley IBA. 518-993-2543 SPECIAL HORSE & TACK AUCTION: Saturday, August 18th @ 9 am. Consign early for advertising! Trucking available. Call Jr at (518)993-4668 2006 CHRYSLER Sebring Touring, silver, 72k, V-6, auto, AC, CD, full power. SALE: $8,995. John C. Miller, Inc. 518762-7124

LAWN CARE SERVICE. Cut, trim and mow. Reliable, Reasonable, R e s p o n s i bl e . F R E E ESTIMATES 518-6733561 Leave Message. 2002 MITSUBISHI Eclipse GT Spyder Convertible, white, 73k, V-6, auto, AC, CD, full power. SALE: $8,995. John C. Miller, Inc. 518-762-7124 Fort Plain True Value and Just Ask Rental 12 Willett St Fort Plain (518)993-3834 NEW!!! We now have Huffy bicycles in stock!!! WANTED: Massey Ferguson Model 41, 3Pt., 7’ sicklebar mower with Dyna-Balance. Call 518673-2786 FOR SALE: 90amp flux wire welder; Kobalt air compressor, 110 or 220 volts. Call 518-993-5897 or 518-844-8344 DARE to DREAM FITNESS – Open 7 days a week, 24 hours. Call Bob Failing III (518)376-1151 HARLEYS BOUGHT & SOLD. Please call Bob Failing III (518)376-1151 WE DO AUCTIONS!! Call us with your estate or auction needs!! We have lots of people that want to buy your product!! We do... Estates, In House, On Sites, Farms, Real Estate, Business Liquidations, Sportsman’s & More!! Pick up & delivery available!! JR’s Auctions!! Call JR @ 518-993-4668 or Tim @ 518-332-5157 WANTED: A home for Beautiful Hanging baskets, Vegetable Plants and flowers. Whispering Pines Green House located on 526 RT. 170A, Little Falls, NY. Take Route 29 West out of Salisbury and turn left on 170A. Watch for Whispering Pines Green House on the left. WE HAVE! Timberwolf log splitters. Call for pricing + models available. North Creek Auto 315866-3698

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Little Friends Nursery School graduation by Jessica Ferguson For 48 years, Little Friends Nursery School has changed the lives of so many children. On Friday, June 15, at the Reformed Church of Canajoharie they celebrated another wonderful year of stu-

dents. It was a very happy night with a few tears for the little friends who would be going to pre-k or kindergarten next year. We all enjoyed a wonderful dinner with cake and a beautiful ceremony hosted by

the beloved Mrs. Lois Comins, with a few surprises from her granddaugher, Mrs. Jessica Ferguson. To celebrate so many years of loving and caring service we had a special guest

alumni, Kirsten Lennon, come and say a few words. Kirsten was an alumni from the class of 1984. It was a wonderful night and we are so proud of all our little friends.

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

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CANAJOHARIE APARTMENTS 52 Maple Ave. 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT Beautiful - Modern AC, Dishwasher, Range, Refrigerator Superior Service





Includes Heat & Hot Water


518-673-8500 “Stick Built Quality” Modular Homes

REAL ESTATE Discounts for Mature Adults in Canajoharie

Cozy Efficiency w/wall to wall carpet . . . . . . .$295 Comfy 1 Bedroom w/wall to wall carpet . . . . . .$415 Both Apts. have Low Cost Heat, Hot Water & Laundry Room

Call Nancy or Tammy at


between 8am-1pm Mon.-Fri.

PALATINE BRIDGE 192 Casler Rd. Little Falls, NY 13365

T.F. Koehler Ph. (315) 891-3254

Will be available July 1 St Johnsville, Upstairs, 2 bedroom, Off Street parking, You pay own utilities, NO PETS. $450 a month plus Security Deposit. Call


COMPLETELY REMODELED ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT Heated, appliances included, off street parking, no pets, non-smoker, security required.

Call after 7pm

Leave a Message



YA R D S I G N S :

please pick up your prize at our office Located at: 6113 State Hwy. 5 Palatine Bridge, NY

BANNERS BANNERS B A N N E R S any size. Call Beth at Lee Publications 518-673-0101 or email Please allow 7-10 working days to receive your banner after ordering.



1998 FORD EXPLORER Sport 4x4, 183k, $1,500/OBO. 518-2311951

16x24 full color with stakes, double sided. Stakes included. Only $15.00 each. Call Beth at Lee Publications 518-673-0101. Please allow 7 to 10 business days when ordering. Fort Plain True Value and Just Ask Rental 12 Willett St Fort Plain (518)993-3834 It is officially BBQ season, we have grills, replacement parts, charcoal, and more. Come in and get expert advice and great prices.

LAMINATE YOUR DOCUMENTS up to 11x17. Lee Publications, 6113 State Rt. 5, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428. 518-673-0101 or

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

Herkimer County HealthNet identifies community making efforts toward a healthy living HERKIMER, NY — One community at a time, Herkimer County HealthNet continues to support its mission; to promote the well-being of individuals who live, work, play, and learn and Herkimer County. HealthNet’s wellness committee recently visited the Village of Poland and Town of Russia after the committee identified that the community has made many efforts toward improving the health of its residents. Adam Hutchinson, Executive Director of Herkimer County HealthNet said, “This community serves as a model as a rural community that is making a commitment to the health and well-being of its residents on multiple levels. This collaborative effort among various organizations in their area is crucial to our mission.” Hutchinson also mentioned that many communities in Herkimer County are making an effort through various grants, but this particular community is showing improvements through many aspects. Some of the projects taking place in the Poland area include the following activities: • Havers Nice N Easy is currently working with HealthNet and Cornell Cooperative Extension with increasing the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables

as part of a grocery /convenience store project through the Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work, and Play program. • The Poland Central School District Cafeteria has a Fresh Express Food Center for its middle and high school students, which was partially funded by HealthNet’s Rural Health Network grant. • The Town of Russia recently made improvements to its playground through HealthNet’s Creating Healthy Places grant and is participating in the development of HealthNet’s Trail Guide. Just this year, the Town made the playground smoke-free. Herkimer County HealthNet’s Wellness Committee meets every month and is working together with communities to further support their healthy efforts. For more information about Herkimer County HealthNet please call 315-8671499 or visit www. HealthyPlacesInHerkim erCounty. If you would like to contribute to the services provided by Herkimer County HealthNet, please consider a donation by visiting Herkimer County Health Net’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of individuals who live, work, play, and learn in Herkimer County.

ROOF LEAKING? We carry GAF/ELK Lifetime Warranty premium roofing architectural laminated shingles. 6 colors in stock with 14 available. Call for Prices. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016


available at Lee Publications. 25¢ a page. 6113 State Hwy. 5, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428. Open MondayFriday 8am-5pm. 518-673-0101 or NOW is the time to protect your driveway with LATEXITE, the leader in driveway sealer! Premium Plus and Airport Grade available in 5 gal. pails at C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016 SNAP SEAL WATERLESS WASH & WAX works on metal, glass, plastic, fiberglass and even ceramic tile. Not recommended for tile floors. Available at Mohawk Valley IBA. 518993-2543 WANTED TO BUY: Aluminum rims, $5.00 each; junk cars & trucks, $125.00 each. Wanted: Scrap metal, farm equipment, steel, tin, appliances, copper, aluminum. 315-858-1257 or 315-858-2253 BAKED VIRGINIA HAM $4.99 Lb., Genoa Salami $3.99 Lb., (sold by pounds only) if less than a pound 50¢ more a pound, Peruzzi’s Meat Market, 69 Church Street, Canajoharie. 518-673-3382 Fort Plain True Value and Just Ask Rental 12 Willett St Fort Plain (518)993-3834 Ball 12pk 4oz and 8oz jelly jars, Ball 12pk quart, w/m quart, pint, w/m pint and 9pk pint and a half canning jars are all in stock now! Stop in and see the large assortment of canning supplies we have!

Page 39 FREE PRODUCTS/ DAILY DEALS: Sign up to receive offers on free products and services plus get Daily Deals in your area. Sign up for FREE go to www. SPECIAL DRIVING & DRAFT HORSE SALE Saturday, August 18th, 9:00am. Horses, ponies, draft horses, new & used tack, small animals, pony carts, drive your horses thru the ring!! Consignments WANTED!! JR’s Auction 518-993-4668 Free Ice Cream!!!!!!! USED TIRE SALE: Huge Inventory, mounting & balancing FREE. No appointment necessary! Save money call Auto World, 534 North Perry Street, Johnstown 12095. 518-762-7555 Fort Plain True Value and Just Ask Rental 12 Willett St Fort Plain (518)993-3834 Brazos walking sticks and canes have arrived! Stop in and check out these Made in the USA items. THINKING OF BUILDING A NEW DECK! Check out our pressure treated lumber, fasteners and protective finishes. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016 2003 GMC 1500 SLT, leather, v8, auto, 4x4, 4 dr. w/114k. Call Turnpike Auto for more information. Turnpike Auto is located on Rt. 20, East Springfield, NY (607)264-3680 WAX ON, WAX OFF. Its just that easy. No need to wash first, so it saves time and money. Snap Seal Waterless Wash & Wax. Available at Mohawk Valley IBA. 518993-2543 Need a new car? Get 0% financing at Sampson Motor Car where everyone is approved! 261 East Main Street Amsterdam. 518-848-7359

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

Calendar of Events ORIGINAL VALLEY PENNYSAVER NOTE: Calendar entries must arrive at the Original Valley Pennysaver’s office by the Tuesday prior to our publication date for them to be included in the calendar of events. Send events to Lee Publications c/o The Original Valley Pennysaver, 6113 State Highway 5, P.O. Box 121, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428. E-mail: or JUN 1-30 Arkell Center News and Events for June Arkell Center, Canajoharie, NY. • Daily Activities: Cards, dominos and

reading. • Monday-Friday: Noon meals provided by the Meals of Montgomery Program (M.O.M). Reservations required by noon

Ames - Sprout Brook UMC

Cherry Valley Assembly of God

613 Latimer Hill Rd. Ames, NY 13317 518-673-2265 Rev. Dr. Campbell Laker

37 Alden St., Cherry Valley, 607-264-3306

Sunday Service 9:30am

Pastor David Carpenter, Jr. Sundays 9:30am

Church of Christ Uniting

Church of the Nazarene

PO Box 896 Richfield Springs, NY 13439

Rev. Deborah Waldron

3316 State Route 29 W Johnstown, NY 12095 Offices: 518-762-2982 Cell: 857-523-8417

of the previous day. • Wednesdays: 3-4 pm. Gentle Yoga with instructor Sylvia Wohlgemuth. • Monday, Wednesdays & Fridays: 10:15-11 am. Senior’s Exercise Program with Bob Smith. • Defensive Driving Schedule: Aug. 20-22, 14 pm, Sept. 17 & 19, 5:30-8:30 pm. Call 518673-4408 to reserve a seat. Sponsored by The Shults Agency. SPECIAL EVENTS • June 26: 11:30 am 12:30 pm. Blood Pressure Clinic. Home Health Care Partners Corp. (Cosponsored by St. Mary’s & Nathan Littauer Hospital). Will also be providing health & wellness info. MEETINGS • June 28: 2-3 pm. Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Christian Church of Charleston Four Corners

1380 E. Lykers Rd., Sprakers 518-922-9088 Pastor Brett Popp Sunday School (adult & children) 10am, Worship 11am, Sunday Eve. Prayer 6:30pm, Thurs. Eve. of Encouragement 6:30pm

Cornerstone Baptist Church

Currytown Reformed Church

7274 St. Hwy. 10, Ames 518-673-3405

Sunday Morning Service 11:00am Sunday School for All Ages 10:00am

Sunday School 10am, Adults & Children Morning Worship 11am, Youth Ministry 5:45pm, Evening Worship 6pm, Wed. Bible Study & Prayer Meeting 7pm, Awana Club 6:15-8:15pm

Dolgeville Christian Fellowship

Dolgeville United Methodist Church

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

3 Elm St., Dolgeville, NY 13329 315-429-9142

21 N. Helmer Ave., Dolgeville Pastor: Rev. Diane E. DiLuzio 315-429-7381

588-594 Albany St., Little Falls, NY 315-823-1323

Everlasting Joy Believers Fellowship

Faith, Hope and Love

Dr. Marvin Isum, Pastor

Worship Sunday 10:30am Midweek Fellowship Tuesday 7pm

Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd 26 Moyer St., Canajoharie 518-673-3440

Holy Communion Sundays at 9:30am Fellowship Time to Follow Call for Holy Day services

The Rev. Virginia L Ogden, Rector

Pastor, Rev. Mark Fowler

Worship 11:00am Sunday School @ 9:30am beginning September 18th Bible Study - Wednesdays @ 12:30pm

66 Hancock St., (Rte. 5S) Fort Plain, NY 13339 315-858-2112 Pastor Carolee Coye

Sunday Service 10am

Fonda Fultonville United Methodist Church

Fordsbush Bible Church

11 Montgomery St., Fultonville Pastor Nancy Pullen • 853-3311 Sunday Morning Worship 9:15-10:15, Sunday School 9:15-10:30, Coffee Fellowship Following Service Our Mission-To Actively Follow Christ and To Inspire Others To Accompany Us.

Fultonville Reformed Church Corner of 5S & 30 Pastor Jane Hubschmitt Sunday School 10AM Family Worship 10:30AM

131 Clark Rd., Fort Plain 518-568-7606 Pastor Kevin Keever

Church Directory

Call 518-673-3011 To Place Church Listings or Fax Listings to 518-673-2381

Service: Sunday 9:15am Church School: Sunday 10:15am


Caregivers Support Group Meeting with Lisa Hubbard. Sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Assoc. of Northeastern, NY. • June 30: 9 am - 4 pm. Arkell Hall residents will be having a garage sale at Arkell Center, 55 Montgomery St., Canajoharie. Please stop by and support our ladies. JUN 23-24 Montgomery County SPCA Fundraiser 1442 Burtonville, Fultonville NY. Summer Festival & Marketplace. Call 518-875-6919. On Internet at www.humming JUN 25 Father’s Day Basket (or should I say cooler) Fundraiser Drawing Frothingham Free Library, Main St, Fonda,

Sunday Mass 10am Coffee Hour following Sunday Mass Sunday School & Youth Group Tuesday 10am Mass & Bible Study Friday 10am-2pm Thrift Shop

Christian Fellowship 18 W. Grand St., Palatine Bridge 518-673-5128 Rev. David W. Bowley Sundays 11:30am, For other service times please call

Fort Plain United Methodist Church 39 Center St., Fort Plain Rev. Alan Griffith

829 St. Hwy. 162, Sprakers 518-673-2772

Rev. Donald Hoaglander Sunday School 9:15am Worship Service 10:00am

Ephratah Reformed Church 140 Co. Hwy. 140, Ephratah, NY To live and share Jesus Christ both locally and globally. Everyday.Everywhere.Everyone.

Pastor Jeff Hindrliter Sunday School for all ages 10am September-June Sunday Morning Worship 11am Prayer & Praise Thursdays 7pm

First Baptist Church Springfield Center, NY Rev. - Gary Tryler Sunday School 10:00am Morning Worship 11:00am Sunday night Worship 6:00pm Wed. night Bible Study 7:00pm Free meal & music every 2nd Sat. of the month 4-7pm Coffee house every 1st Sat. of the month 4-6pm

Freysbush United Methodist Church

Church Office 518-993-3863 Parsonage 518-993-3645

Freysbush Rd., Fort Plain 518-993-3645 Rev. Alan Griffith, Officiating

Home of Victory Christian Academy

Office Hrs Tues & Thurs. 10am-4pm ALL WELCOME, Worship Service 11am

Worship 9am, Sunday School 10am ALL ARE WELCOME coffee hour to follow service

Glen Reformed Church

Grace Christian Church

State Hwy 161 in the Hamlet of Glen 4 miles South of Fultonville

20 Center St., St. Johnsville, NY 13452 Rev. Harry J. Teuchert 315-866-8626

Grace Episcopal Church Fr. Kyle Grennen, Priest-in-Charge

Sunday School 9:30am Worship 11:00am

Sunday 11:00am Holy Communion/sermon

Sunday School 10am, Morning Service 11am, Eve. Service 6pm, Wed. Service 6:45pm, Thurs. Visitation 6pm

518-212-6022 Pastor Tim Alicki Sunday Worship at 9. Sunday School immediately following Children’s Message

32 Montgomery St., Cherry Valley 315-858-4016

Church Directory

Call 518-673-3011 To Place Church Listings or Fax Listings to 518-673-2381 Lassellseville United Methodist Church State Hwy. 29 Pastor Robert A. Lindsay Worship: Sunday 9:30am Sunday School to start soon

Oppenheim United Methodist Church Route 29 Pastor: Rev. Diane E. DiLuzio 315-429-7381

Grandview Baptist Church 15 Washington St. Fort Plain

Pastor Dan West Sunday School 10am Morning Service 11am Bible Study & Prayer Meeting, Wednesday 6:30pm

Lighthouse Baptist Church 1524 St. Rt. 29A, PO Box 114 Stratford, NY 13470-0114 315-429-8854 Pastor Martin Smith Sunday Morning Worship 10:30am; Wed. Eve. Prayer Meeting 6:00pm; 2nd & 4th Sunday Dinner following Morning Service with Afternoon Service following dinner “Old-Fashioned Bible Preaching”

Our Lady of Hope R.C. Church 115 Reid St., Fort Plain, NY 13339 Parish Office 518-993-3822

Pastor: Father Dennis Murphy

Worship 9:30 Sundays, Totally Awesome God-TAG time 6:30pm Wednesdays beginning in Oct., Sunday School 9:00am beginning September 18th

Mass Schedule: Saturday, 4pm; Sunday, 8:30am & 11am; Mon.-Thurs. 8:30am. Confessions: Sat. 3 & by appointment Please call parish office for Holy Day schedule

Reformed Church of Fort Plain

Reformed Church of Sprakers

165 Canal St., Fort Plain, NY 13339 518-993-4302 • Rev. Nancy E. Ryan Sunday Worship 10:30am, AA meetings on Tues. 7pm, Home of Manna House Meals, A Community Meal Program-Sat. & Sun 5pm

St. John’s & St. Mark’s Lutheran Church 143 Church St., Canajoharie 518-673-2224 Pastor Zach Labagh Sunday Worship 11am, Christian Ed. 9:45am

St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church 31 North Helmer Ave., Dolgeville 315-429-8338 Father William A. Gorman Sunday Mass is 10:30am, Daily Mass Mon. & Wed. 8am

St. Paul’s Universalist Church 565 Albany St., Little Falls

Holy Family Parish Little Falls, NY 315-823-3410 Saturday 4pm Sunday 10:30am

Marshville Evangelical Church Route 10 South Rev. David Bowley Worship Sunday 9am

Randall Christian Church NY Rte. 5S Sunday Service 10am

Pastor Lance Borofsky

Worship ~ 10AM

St. John’s Lutheran Church 774 St. Hwy. 163, Freysbush, NY 518-421-1027 Sunday Worship 9:30am, Sunday School 10:30am, You are invited... Ladies Aid W.E.L.C.A. Meets 1st Sat. of every month. For Fellowship in Christ’s Service. Handicapped Accessible

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church 7690 Rt. 80, Springfield Center 315-858-4016

Fr. Kyle Grennen, Priest-in-Charge

110 E. Smith St., Herkimer, NY 13350 Services - Every Sunday - 10am & Wednesday - 6:30pm 315-292-7539 email -

St. John’s Reformed Church

Reformed Church of Canajoharie 15-19 Front St., Canajoharie 518-673-2816 Rev. Miriam Barnes Worship 10am, Nursery Provided, Christian Education for children & adults 9am

14 Park Place St. Johnsville, NY 13452 518-568-7700 Pastor Mike Yezierski

Sunday Worship 6pm, Tues. Prayer 7pm, Bible Study 7pm (Wed., Thurs. & Fri.) We teach the fullness of God’s Word, a life of holiness for the believer, and salvation for all who trust in Christ’s sacrifice.

St. Johnsville Methodist Church

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

32 W. Main St., St. Johnsville, NY (next to NBT Bank) 518-568-3007 Church 518-568-2405 Parsonage Rev. David Johnson

Worship Sunday 3pm

36 Lydius St., Fort Plain, NY 13339 518-993-4442 Rev. Kenneth Dingman

Sunday Eucharist, 9:30am Coffee - Fellowship follows service Holy Days - as announced

Sunday Worship 10:30am, Tues. Bible Bungee-Jumping 7pm, “Bible Study” that actually makes sense! A Vibrant, Welcoming Community of Faith & Vision

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Community

Stratford United Methodist Church

170 Rural Grove Rd., Sprakers, NY 12166

Route 29A 315-429-9085

Masses Sunday 8:30am & 11am

Rev. Roger Waldron

The Holy Spirit Polish National Catholic Church

The House of Zion, Inc.

The Rose of Sharon Church of God

Sunday Worship 9am, Sunday School 10am, (No services in July, meet at St. John’s St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Canajoharie). Communion on the first & third Sundays

Weekly Masses: Sat. 4:30pm, Sun. 10:30am

518-568-7983 • 315-866-8626


5430 St. Hwy. 10, Palatine Bridge 518-673-2224 Rev. Zach Labagh

3636 St. Hwy. 5, PO Box 627 Fonda, NY 12068-0627 518-853-3646

Faithfully Following Jesus Christ Sunday Worship 10:30am

Service Sunday 10am Coffee hour following service. Our Church is a home to inquisitive, spiritual free thinkers with diverse religious beliefs. All are welcome.

Trinity Lutheran Church

National Kateri Tekakwitha Shrine and Indian Museum

7 East Main St., St. Johnsville, NY 13452 Rev. Harry J. Teuchert

1 Church St., Cherry Valley

Mass at 11am on Sunday

Sunday School 9am, Morning Worship 9:30am Wednesday Evening Worship 6:30pm

68 W. Main St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7396


618 E. Gansvoort St. Little Falls, NY 315-823-0793 Father Rafal Dadello

296 Co. Hwy. 119 St. Johnsville, NY 13452 518-568-5507 William Hayes Pastor Joyce Loughran Assistant Pastor

Seeker’s Fellowship

112 Sprakers Hill Rd

Mark Tiffany, Preaching Elder

Joy Fellowship

580 Dillenbeck Road, Palatine Bridge 518-673-2382 Saturday Morning Worship Service 11:30am

United Methodist Church of Canajoharie 50 E. Main St. 518-673-2717

Jesus says - “Come Unto Me” Join usSpecial Music Ministry, Beautiful Surroundings, Friendly People Sunday Service 10:30am - Email: Communion Last Sunday of the Month

Worship 9am

1485 St Rt 20, Sharon Springs, NY 518-284-3307 Pastor Fred Jones Worship Service Sunday at 11am & 7pm Tuesday night 7pm Bible Study at 122 Moyer St. Wednesday Bible Study at Spring Meadows 6pm Friday Youth at the Church All Welcome at 7pm

Valley Alliance Church 85 E. Main St., Nelliston 518-993-3458 Pastor Dave Prahst Sunday School (all ages) 9:15am, Sunday Worship 10:30am, Wed. Praise & Prayer 7pm, Fri. Youth Group 7pm (7-12th grade)

Sunday Worship 11am

The Christian Church of Rural Grove 518-922-7831 Pastor Joshua Fetterhoff

Sunday School (all ages) 9:45am, Morning Service 11am, Eve. Service 6pm, Wed.-Family Night 7pm, “Where Bible Teaching is Fundamental”

The Time for Truth Ministries PO Box 351 Amsterdam, NY 12010 Phone 518-843-2121 Cell 518-774-8558

Victorious Life Church RMI Fellowship 104 Main St. & 431 St. Hwy. 80 Fort Plain, NY 518-993-3102 Sunday School 9am, Morning Worship 10:30am, Youth Group 5pm, Evening Worship 7-8pm

Calendar of Events NY. 1 dollar. A man’s wheeled cooler stuffed with a DVD, BBQ, car, baseball stuff and much more. JUN 25 Summer Reading Program Begins Frothingham Free Library, Main St., Fonda, NY. Sign up now! Call 518-853-3016. JUN 27 Blessing of Animals

2nd Planning Session Reformed Church of Canajoharie, Fellowship Hall. 7 pm. Call 518-6733737. JUN 28, JUL 5, 12, 19 & 26 Ilion Civic Band A series of summer concerts of light classical, semi-classical and popular band music in different venues throughout the Village of Ilion. Composed of talented ama-

teur as well as professional musicians, the Ilion Civic Band brings Thursday evenings to life for a large crowd of area residents. • June 28 - Ilion Civic Band 7:30 pm - Central Plaza Gazebo • July 5 - Ilion Civic Band 7:30 pm - Central Plaza Gazebo • July 12 - Ilion Civic Band 7:30 pm - London Towers apartments • July 19 - Ilion Civic Band 7:30 pm - Central Plaza • July 26 - Ilion Civic Band 7:30 pm - Ilion Marina More information can be found at www.ilioncivic Bring a lawn chair. JUL 4 Independence Day Celebration & Strawberry Festival Fort Klock, 2 miles East of St. Johnsville, NY on NYS Rt. 5. 12-4 pm. Declaration of Indepencence reading at 1 pm. To be followed by a Tryon Militia salute. Antique dealers will display and provide preservation information for your heirlooms and antiques. Add to this strawberries, homemade cakes, ice cream, strawberry shortcake and refreshments for a small fee. Listen to


Low Mileage, Runs Great, Looks Great




DOB 5/11/2012, Canajoharie, NY. 2 males, 6 females. Black & Yellow. Available July 6. Family raised. Parents on premises. Will have first shots and be dewormed . . .$500.00


Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

Calendar of Events

AUG 20 & 22, SEP 17 & 19 Defensive Driving Courses Arkell Center, Canajoharie, NY. • Aug 20 & 22: 1-4 pm. • Sept. 17 & 19: 5:308:30 pm. $20/person. All classes will be held in the Community Room of Arkell Center. Upon completion, individuals qualify for a NY ate point & insurance reduction certificate which will be mailed to them. Payment required in the form of a check or money order made payable to The Shults Agency or cash paid on the day of the first class. Bring your drivers license.. Contact Joam Cimino, 518-6734408, leave your name and phone number. SEP 8-9 Giant Craft Fair Fort Klock, 2 miles East of St. Johnsville, NY on NYS Rt. 5. 10 am - 5 pm. Sunday 10 am - 4 pm. Over 100 talented artisans and crafters will offer their handmade creations. This is one of the best craft fairs in the northeast area. Food is available. Free admission to the craft fair plus free parking.. Contact Fort Klock, 518-568-7779. SEP 13-14 Fall Book & Bake Sale Frothingham Free Library, Fonda, NY. 11 am - 7 pm. Call 518-8533016.

SEP 24 “The Help” Book Discussion Frothingham Free Library, Fonda, NY. 11 am. Please pick up your copy from the Library (New York State Council of the Arts). Call 518853-3016. SEP 29 Colonial Barn Dance Fort Klock, 2 miles East of St. Johnsville, NY on NYS Rt. 5. Attendees are encouraged to wear period clothing, or come as you are. There will be colonial music, callers and refreshments. Fort Klock closes for the regular season on Columbus Day. Contact Fort Klock, 518-568-7779. DEC 2 St. Nicholas Day Fort Klock, 2 miles East of St. Johnsville, NY on NYS Rt. 5. Noon 0 3:30 pm. This tradition was brought to American by the early Dutch and Palatine German settlers. It is celebrated at Fort Klock the first Sunday in December every year. Bundle up your family and come celebrate this rich heritage with St. Nicholas. There will be warm fires, spiced cider, hot chocolate, cookies and gingerbread. St. Nicholas will have a wooden ornament for each child, plus a storyteller, colonial music and militia drills. Fort Klock is open Memorial Day to Columbus Day, 9 am - 5 pm, Tuesday thru Sunday. Contact Fort Klock, 518-5687779.

FREE DELIVERY please see our Facebook page for details Mercato Pizza Restaurant. Mercato Pizza & Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie. 518-673-4411

musicians fill the air with old time music. Contact Fort Klock, 518-5687779. JUL 6, 7 & 8 Churches of the Mohawk Valley present a Three Day Revival Firey Hill near Fort Plain, NY. Celtic Gospel Revival with the Sky family from Prince Edward Island! Contemporary & gospel worship music with the esteemed Christian artist & performer, Sherry Anne and seminars with local Mohawk Valley pastors. Enjoy hayrides, fishing, games & activities for the whole family on 400 acres of scenic beauty with plenty of room to rough camp for the weekend. No admission!. Contact Mike & Mary Delnero, 315-8230303 or e-mail mike_ JUL 7, AUG 4, SEP 1, OCT 6, NOV 3 & DEC 1 38th Acoustic Coffee House Fultonville Methodist Church, Montgomery St., Fultonville, NY. 6:30-10 pm. Now into our 4th year, the no admission, no donation Acoustic Coffee House is open to all types of music as long as no vulgarity, doesn’t offend anybody and acoustic. If you can’t make it at 6:30, that’s

OK there is a new performer every 9-13 minutes on average. Call 518-853-4964. JUL 27 Stone Soup Musical Concert Fort Klock, 2 miles East of St. Johnsville, NY on NYS Rt. 5. 7 pm. Come and enjoy these popular local musicians playing a variety of traditional blues, original and folk songs. Featured are Suzanne Bladek, vocalist, on guitar, Joseph Sinchak on mandolin, Nick Friers on guitar, Peter Liljeberg on bass and multi-talented David Bladek. Concert to be held in the Dutch barn where the acoustics add to this musical jamboree. Please bring lawn chairs for your comfort. Donations are appreciated and accepted.. Contact Fort Klock, 518-568-7779. AUG 4 St. Johnsville Alumni Association Banquet Knights Inn, Little Falls, NY. 5-6 pm Down Memory Lane. Family Style Dinner 6 pm sharp. $22.50/person Make check payable to St. Johnsville Alumni Association and include year of graduation. Send check to Janet Shuster, 150 Crum Creek Rd, St. Johnsville, NY 13452.

INDOOR ARCHERY RANGE and FULL SERVICE ARCHERY SHOP at The Sportsman’s Den, 36 Canal St, Ft Plain, 518-993-1010. Lessons and loaner bows available. PARKER Bows and Crossbows. Lifetime warranty, Made in America, affordably priced, Layaway Available.

Fort Plain True Value and Just Ask Rental 12 Willett St Fort Plain (518)993-3834 Hot weather got you down? Air conditioners start at $99 and and fans start at $4.99.

Vendor Mall @ the Newport Marketplace. 40 Vendors selling Collectibles, Treasures, New and Hand Crafted Items 7583 Main St., Newport 315-845-8822

INSULATION: All Types. New/ Existing Buildings. Free Estimates. Fully Insured. Call Upstate Spray Foam Insulation 315-822-5238.

(518) 673-3011 ~ To Place Your Ad

Fort Plain True Value and Just Ask Rental 12 Willett St Fort Plain (518)993-3834 We rent tables, chairs, tents, cotton candy, popcorn, and sno-cone machines. Stop in and get them reserved for your party!

Painting, yard work, cellars and attics cleaned, windows washed. Call Damian @ 518-844-8615 or 607-287-0380

DINNER SPECIAL: $29.95 bottle of wine and two dinners. Mercato Pizza & Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie 518-6734411

Page 43

2006 SUBARU Baha Sport, silver, 52k, 4cyl., auto, moonroof, leather trim, full power, all wheel drive. SALE: $17,995. John C. Miller, Inc. 518762-7124 (518) 673-3011 ~ To Place Your Ad

FOR SALE: 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier, 4 Cylinder, automatic. Nice car, great on gas! Call Turnpike Auto located on Rt. 20, East Springfield, NY (607)264-3680

NOW OPEN In St. Johnsville: Vincent A. Enea Funeral Service LLC, 20 Bridge Street, St. Johnsville, NY. Call anytime 518-568-7040 or 315-866-1500.

Send in this completed He y page. All correct k ids Fill entries will be put in a in for , drawing for $5.00! a c this han pag Include your name, age, $5. ce to e 00! win and address and mail to: The Original Valley Pennysaver, PO Box 121, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428. • One entry per person. • Drawing limited to those under 12 years of age. • All entries must be received no later than 5 p.m. Monday, July 2, 2012. Winners may pick up their $5.00 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday-Friday, at 6113 State Hwy. 5, Palatine Bridge, NY

Congratulations to the 6/9/12 winner — Danny J. Byler of Fort Plain Look for the answers in next week’s issue!

Answers to last week’s puzzles below

Page 45

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

Automotive SEARCH & RESCUE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The Tri-State Emergency Team is recruiting volunteers to provide wildland and underwater searches. This includes all aspects of field and underwater search. The Tri-State Emergency Team responds when requested by NYS Forest Rangers and other Police agencies throughout New York State, Western Vermont and Massachusetts. We are looking for certified SCUBA divers, experienced boat handlers, and people who enjoy hiking and the outdoors in general. The team will provide training and complete support as needed. Our headquarters is located in Waterford. Applicants need not live in Waterford to volunteer. If interested, please call 518-237-6744 or visit o u r w e b s i t e w w w.

FOR SALE: 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe AWD, 108,000 miles, Runs Great, Tires New, No Issues! $8,500 (Blue Book is over $10K) 518231-1420 YOU HAVE ASKED FOR IT & NOW WE HAVE IT: COLD PATCH for your driveway in 50# bags. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016 Fort Plain True Value and Just Ask Rental 12 Willett St Fort Plain (518)993-3834 We have a huge selection of solar stake lights starting at $1.99.

FREE COFFEE MUGS for your restaurant. Yes FREE. Call Beth at Lee Publications 518-673-0101 or

1986 HD 883 Sportster, 33k miles, $2,500/OBO. 518-231-1951

WANTED: VIOLIN’S, VIOLA’S & CELLO’S. Cash paid. Pre-WWII, Any condition. At my shop or your home. 518356-2549

INVOICES for your Business - 2, 3 or 4 part forms. Very reasonable. Call Beth at Lee Publications 518673-0101 or email

LET US HELP you get rid of your unwanted stuff. Place a reader ad today. Only $4.00 for the 1st 14 words. Call 518-673-3011

# # # # #




Lube, Oil*, Filter

with Coupon *Up to 5 qts. oil (Basic excludes trucks & diesels) • FREE Tire Rotation & Brake Inspection • FULL Service Shop/ASE Tech • Minor & Major Repairs $ 00 • Tune-Ups • Oil Changes • Brakes • Inspections 5 Off • Exhausts • Tires • Check Engine Lamp NYS


Free Estimates on Repairs

FREE TOWING with Repairs within a 15 mi. Radius Offer good thru 7/31/12 with coupon

607-264-3680 •

5519 US HWY. 20, E. Springfield

1131 Barker Rd., Dolgeville

315-429-8069 USED CARS BOUGHT & SOLD DEALER # 4220003


2011 Chevy HHR 14,000 Miles, Loaded 2008 Chevy Cobalt 4 Dr., Auto, Silver, 26,000 Miles 2008 Pontiac G6 GT Black, 49,000 Miles 2007 Honda Accord LX 4 Dr., 52,000 Miles, Black 2006 Ford Mustang Conv., Red, 36,000 Miles 2004 Pontiac Vibe AWD, 59,000 Miles 2003 Chevy Impala 4 Dr., Black 2001 Chevy Impala 4 Dr., Burgundy

TRUCKS TOO! 2010 Dodge Journey 16,000 Miles 2008 Buick Enclave AWD Loaded 2008 Chrysler Town & Country Swivel & Go, 31,945 Miles 2007 Chevy 2500 HD Ext Cab, Long Box, 2WD, Loaded, Flat Lt. Burgundy, 28,000 Miles Bed 2006 Chevy 3500 Box Van, 67,800 Miles Towing 2006 Ford F-350 P/U, 2WD, White, 68,000 Miles Available 2006 Pontiac Torrent AWD, V6, 54,000 Miles 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 74,000 Miles 2004 Toyota Sienna Van, Loaded, AWD, DVD’s 2001 Ford E450 Box Van, Diesel, White, 50,000 Miles

The Tire Shop A Multi Line Dealer


WE NOW DO OIL CHANGES 155 Erie Blvd., Canajoharie, NY

OPEN: Mon. - Sat. 8-5

Calll Scottt att


Best Quality Best Service • Best Price

Midway Body Shop Mike Fredericks - owner 6152 St. Hwy 5 Palatine Bridge, NY 13428

• FULL COLLISION REPAIRS Now using environmentally-friendly waterborne paint from PPG same paint used by new vehicle manufacturers • FRAME STRAIGHTENING • WE INSTALL SPEEDLINER® SPRAY IN BEDLINERS Call or stop in for appointment

518-993-2215 R A R E & FA S T ‘06 Caddy CTS-V

Automotive FOR SALE: SIRIUS Starmate 5 Satellite Radio Receiver with PowerConnect Vehicle Kit. 518-378-3279 FOR SALE: 1948 Ford 8N tractor with plow and a t t a c h m e n t s , $3,000/OBO. Call 607264-3680 CENTRAL BOILER EClassic OUTDOOR FURNACES. Cleaner and Greener. 97% Efficient. EPA Qualified. Call North Creek Heat 315-866-3698 MUSICAL EQUIPMENT, drums, guitars, amps, accessories. Shoppers Square, Little Falls 315867-7119 FOR SALE: Craft-AMatic twin bed, like new. Call (518)332-5157

DO YOU NEED A BABYSITTER for the Summer? Experienced, mature 19 year old girl would love to help you out! Call Stephanie at 518-669-0651 FOR SALE: Pellet Stove, Holds 240 Lbs of pellets. Also Wood Stove, glass door, fire brick lined. 518673-5288 Fort Plain True Value and Just Ask Rental 12 Willett St Fort Plain (518)993-3834 Peak Premium Bug Wash with Rain-Off is now in stock and just .99 per gallon! LIKE US ON FACEBOOK Mercato Pizza Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie. 518673-4411


Pa In y Off NO Month T Ye s ars !

We’re Not the Bank - We’re We’re Your Your Neighbors Ever yone’s Approved! • No Credit Check | 0% Financing

100 offf any down n payment $$

If you mention this ad 166 E. State St., Johnstown • 762-3626


Red, 53k, V6, Auto, 4 Door, AC, CD, Alloys, New Tires, NADA Retail=$15,025

6.0 liter V-8, 6spd std, all options, black w/tan leather interior, 48,000 miles.

Reduced to $21,000 518-221-4103 3 orr 518-673-0104




John n C.. Miller,, Inc.

509 9 NORTH H PERRY Y ST.,, JOHNSTOWN N • 518-762-7124 Quality Open: Mon.-Thurs. until 7 pm; Fri. until 6 pm; Sat. until 12:30 pm. d e n Also open any time, any day by appointment. Pre-Ow

Page 47

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

Automotive THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: “Lets Attend Church This Sunday”. You and your family are welcome at Grandview Baptist Church, corner of Lydius & Washington St., Ft. Plain, NY. Sunday School 10am. Morning Worship 11am. WOOD PELLETS: Summer Sale on NEW ENGLAND PREMIUM PELLETS with low ash. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville. 518-568-7016 BAIT!! WORMS, MINNOWS (fatheads, shiners, suckers) LEECHES, DOBBIES, CRABS, etc.. at The Sportsman’s Den, 36 Canal St, Ft Plain, 993-1010.

LOOKING FOR Clean, Friendly Auto Service? Come to Licari Motor Car, Rt. 28 N, Herkimer, NY (315)866-4141 WE BUY OLD BARNS! Looking to buy old barns! Call 603-8205898 or e-mail

Now Doing Motorcycle Inspections!

Call 518-993-2496 518-332-4254

AUTO FINANCING for EVERYONE at Licari Motor Car, Rt. 28 N, Herkimer, NY (315)8664141

123 State Route 168 Fort Plain, NY 13339 M-F 8am-8pm Sat & Sun by Appt.


Member of Over 20 Years

Rte. 28 North, Herkimer, NY

Clean, Professional & Courteous Service, All Repairs w/ 1 Year 12k Warranty.

FREE TO GOOD home! Three male kittens, 1 black, 2 black & white. Born on April 14th. 518774-0394


Call Beth at Lee Publications 518673-0101 Questions CUFFE COMPUTERS offers affordable repairs and upgrades as well as custom built systems. 518-993-4833. GET A FREE FLOWER with a purchase of $20.00 at Whispering Pines Green House. Located on 526 RT. 170A, Little Falls, NY. Take Route 29 West out of Salisbury and turn left on 170A. Watch for Whispering Pines Green House on the left. ST JOHNSVILLE 2 bedroom, new appliances, wall to wall, $500. plus 518-887-5520 518-8666827 ST JOHNSVILLE 1 bedroom apartment, stove & refrigerator included, $375.00 plus. 518-8875520 518-866-6827




Oil Change 95 w/Free Tire

All Extended Warranties Accepted

Rotation & Brake Check

Certified Technicians

Free Estimates

All Underbody Repairs NY State Inspections





Lifetime e Brake e Padss Excluding HD Trucks Coupon

Fulll A/C C Service e Starting As Low As



95 State Rte. 28 North, Herkimer, NY - Just behind Hannaford Supermarkets

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

Page 48


Bank approved loans with rates as low as

3.99% Credit qualified






Auto, 3.5L CD5cyl, Player, PS,PullPW, Very Sunroof, Tow Pkg, all your Toys!Nice! #P1078








Florida Truck, 6.0L Diesel, Lthr, DVD #P1043






22” Custom Wheels, Leather, Sunroof $




Put Some Excitement Back In Your Life! #P1085





143k 143k

57k 57k



5 Spd., PZEV, Air, CD Player #P1096

4dr, Auto, AC, Clean! #P1035


Auto, Sporty, Dual Exhaust, Must See! #P1013



$ $



$ $

$ $


Auto, 4x4, Sunroof, Tow Pkg., E.C.!

06 PONTIAC G6 SE1 #P1104



120k $12,575


Limited, New Tires, Loaded, Roof #P1073 6.0L Gas, Flat Bed, Ready to Work!! #P1072 Spoiler, Hood Scoops, Chrome Rims, Runs Great #P1007






05 DODGE DAKOTA SLT CLUB CAB V-8, Auto, 4x4, Nice Truck!


147k $10,085



3rd Row, Lthr, Loaded, Great for Family Road Trips! #P1031




03 CHEVY S-10 CREW CAB V6, 4dr, 4x4, Auto, Ready to Go!!

V6, Auto, Air, Stow & Go Seats #P1039



V-6, 4x4, Loaded, Nice Condition!









Manual-5, Dependable, Great MPG!

08 HONDA REBEL 3,000 Miles



AWD, Nav., LIke New! #P1087



Leather, Roof, DVD, Ready for Anything! #P969


June 23, 2012

50% Off Sale Hurry! Sale Ends June 30TH

Get Your Estimate Now To Be Booked!

In This Section Š Graduation


Top Reasons to Choose A+ Rated Contracting 1. Lifetime Warranty Program 2. Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval 3. Fully-Insured

And Coming Soon: Š Camping Š Shop Canjoharie

4. All Work Satisfaction Guaranteed at a 100% Level in Writing 5. Outstanding Reference List 6. Start & Finish Date Given 7. Financing Available with All Credit Scores 8. No Job Too Big or Small, Even Handyman Service Work 9. We Take Credit Cards 10. Purchase is Only as Good as Product & Professional Install Together

+ Siding, Roofing & Additions + Complete Home Remodeling Services 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed • Free Estimates

518-853-6111 OR 518-744-7040

Page 1 - Section B • ORIGINAL VALLEY PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

Section B

June 23, 2012 • ORIGINAL VALLEY PENNYSAVER • Section B - Page 2

Congratulations Class of 2012! Empower Federal Credit Union Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 1-800-462-5000

The Elephant Bistro 64 Church St. Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-6700

WM Doerrer & Son Jewelers 16 Canal St. Fort Plain, NY 13339 518-993-3388

Parkside Drive-In 7485 State Hwy. 5 St. Johnsville, NY 13452 518-568-2802

Ripepi’s Restaurant 7850 St Hwy 5 St. Johnsville, NY 13452 518-568-7656

Canajoharie Golf & Country Club 154 Golf Club Rd. Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-3636

S&G Auto Body 6804 State Hwy. 5 Fort Plain, NY 13339 518-993-9975

Little Friends Nursery School 35 Robinson St. Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-5342

Valley Automotive 55 East Main St. Nelliston, NY 13339 518-993-3124

Mike Heroth Water Treatment 407 Murray Hill Rd. St. Johnsville, NY 13452 518-762-2202

Vincent A Enea Funeral Service 20 Bridge St. St. Johnsville, NY 13452 518-568-7040

Lombardos 7845 State Hwy. 5 St. Johnsville, NY 13452 518-568-7111

Gina’s Mane Attraction 15 W Grand St. Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 518-673-5001

Dockerty Florist & Greenhouse 4 Crouse Blvd. St. Johnsville, NY 13452 518-568-2212

Sitterly’s Quality Auto 7826 State Hwy. 5 St. Johnsville, NY 13452 518-568-2416

Settlers Block Antiques 39 Church St. Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-2997

St. Johnsville Nursing Home 7 Timmerman Ave. St. Johnsville, NY 13452 518-568-5037

Kelly’s Korner Kuts 38 Willet St. Fort Plain, NY 13339 518-993-3343

Masi’s Auto Body 7809 State Hwy. 5 St. Johnsville, NY 13452 518-568-7404

The Hungry Bear Cafe 7304 State Hwy. 5 St. Johnsville, NY 13452 518-568-2700

The Tire Shop 155 Erie Blvd. Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-5399

Pavlus Orchard’s 272 Hickory Hill Rd. Fort Plain, NY 13339 518-993-2643

Daisyann Fredricks Sewing & Alterations 197 W Ames Rd. Canajoharie, NY 13307 518-673-3197

Joseph Traudt Inc. 39 Floral Ave. Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-5351

Nice & Easy 95 Main St. Fort Plain, NY 13339 518-993-3337

The Village Restaurant 59 Church St. Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-2596

Herman A Prime Garage 18 River St. Fort Plain, NY 13339 518-993-5555 Sno-Pro 6459 State Hwy. 5 Nelliston, NY 13410 518-993-3269 MW Roosevelts and Son 210 Erie Blvd. Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-3214 Dutchtown Ace Hardware 54 Dutchtown Plaza Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 518-673-8200

The Hearn Agency 209 Erie Blvd. Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-3263 Mohawk Valley Eye Care 70 Erie Blvd. Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-2015 Shults Agency 3 Canal St. Fort Plain, NY 13339 518-993-2387 Christman’s Cycle 6136 State Hwy. 5 Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 518-993-2225

J&H New & Used Furniture 6663 State Hwy. 5 Fort Plain, NY 13339 518-993-4381

Lock Stock & Barrel Sporting Supplies 5794 State Hwy. 10 Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 518-673-2166

Freihoffers 67 East Main St. Nelliston, NY 13410 518-993-3300

Shults Auto Center 243 W Grand St. Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 518-673-524

Follow Your Dreams

Photo by Tim Shaffer Alicia Mary Stetin - Class President Holly Elizabeth Schwab - Valedictorian Katie Noelle Mason - Salutatorian Keisha Nicole Williams - Vice President Danielle Elizabeth Congdon - Treasurer Brooke Mae Booth - Secretary Tobias Nixdorf - AFS Exchange Student Emily I. Hoffman Alexis Izzo Sylvia Melina McFarlane Mackenzie Marie Stahler Ashley Marie Yacobucci John B. Adams Cameron DeMetrius Akey-Clark Emily Jeanne Bailey Catherine Ann Banks Rusty R. Baumes Caitlyn Mae Bevins Dante Joseph Binotto III Devon Bleja Megan M. Bleja Zachary Frank Blood Brooke Lynn Bobar Keith John Briggs Emily Noelle Brown Murphy Allen Brown, Jr. Daniel N. Brownell, Jr. Michael William Francis Buccolo Rebecca Campiglia Anthony Michael Cardamone Rachel Jean Christman Gabriel Richard Cirtwell Brittney Nicole Clay

Cara Lynn Clouthier Jacob Coso Alexis Amber Cushman Patricia Lynn Cyr Michael Ethan Eckler Eric Anthony Ehrenreich Molly Jean Feulner Anthony Nello Franchi Dakota Cameron Frasier Austin Blake Fridenberger Marissa Ann Glasser Gabrielle Marie Gomez Ashley Marie Green Nicholas Andrew Hernigle Ryan Ernest Hodge Joseph M. Horning Cody Paul Hotaling Anthony Christopher Introne Morgan Jacksland Kalvarie Rose Johnson Taryn Lee Jones Kimberlee Leigh Jump Allyssa Jayd Kilmartin Ashley Christa Knight Tyler Lamphere Taylor Bailey Lathers Timothy Charles Liebing Nickolas Nathan Lilley Kaylee A. May Dominic Michael Mazzarella Lucas M. McLaughlin Nicholas William Mead Theodore William Mead

Dillan Moak Rebbecca Elizabeth Moshier Codey Austin Mount Philip Nalli, Jr. Nicholas Giovanni O’Connor Brittany Ann Ouderkirk Tierra Abbie Paddon Alyssa Marie Paratore Cody Joshua Plant Zoe Elizabeth Rhinehardt Matthew Avery Rhodes Sierra Rayne Rockwell Cody Schwab Kristen Morgan Shults Benjamin R. Siegle Jenna Maryn Sierra Andrew Michael Smith Hunter Zane Spaulding Darien Marie Sullivan Stephanie Lillian Terwilliger Tyler Derek Towse Katerina Nikole Tsampasis Tyler M. Voght Sheldon Klaus Vosburgh Katie Marie Walther Christopher Thomas Ward Jonathan James Ward Aisha A. Wilson Claire Jean Wilson William T. Winsman, Jr. Alexander Jeffrey Yacobucci Brett Michael Zbras

Page 3 - Section B • ORIGINAL VALLEY PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

Congratulations Canajoharie Seniors!

June 23, 2012 • ORIGINAL VALLEY PENNYSAVER • Section B - Page 4

Congratulations Fort Plain Seniors!

Celena Antone Jordan Baker Shinara Beauregard Monica Boyer Lacey Brock Gabrielle Brownell Amanda Busch Victoria Carter Randall Conrad Lucas DeBoer Harold Dettmer III Ashley Dooley Gerricka Fahy Sierra Hanson Sabastian Hassler Megan Hazzard Charles Hinkle Samuel Hoffman Avery Johnson Samantha King Derek Lamb Bianca Mabbett Bryan MacFadden Zackeray McCoy LyRissa Mento Austin Moore

Gabrielle Moshinskie Nicole Nestler Cameron Perry Raymond Ponte, Jr. Samantha Potter Tara Resch Keith Reynolds Gerald Robinson Nicholas Roosevelt Becca Rush Michaela Schuyler Tara Schuyler Desiree Shoemaker Daniel Smith Tiffany Smith Matthew Soto Eliza Stanley Samantha Steinhauer Christopher Stetin Zachary Strobel Brandon Trumbull Amber VanAlstyne Neal Wagner Korey Wilder Kelly Yager

Page 5 - Section B • ORIGINAL VALLEY PENNYSAVER • June 23, 2012

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To Your Good Health by Paul G. Donohue, M.D. Is it a migraine? Dear Dr. Donohue: I have had headaches since I was 12. I am now 32. I hear people talk about their migraine headaches and wonder if I might have them. What makes a headache a migraine headache? I take aspirin for my headaches. It helps, but not all that much. Are there special medicines for migraines? — K.D. Answer: Yes, there are special migraine medicines, so it is important to determine if your headaches are true migraine headaches. Some of the distinguishing attributes of migraines are the following: They begin before age 40. More women have them than men. The headache starts out with minor pain but often progresses to intense and incapacitating pain. The word used to describe it is “throbbing.” Nausea and vomiting frequently accompany it. In a little more than half of migraine patients, the headache is on one side only. Bright lights and

noise intensify the pain. Sufferers try to find a dark, quiet room where they can lie down until the headache goes, and that can take four to 72 hours. Migraine sufferers can identify triggers that bring on their headaches. Stress, missing a meal, too much or too little sleep, menstrual periods, bright lights, certain odors like cigarette smoke or perfume and fatigue are some of the things that start a migraine. Alcohol — beer and red wine in particular — chocolate, some cheeses and cured meats like hot dogs, sausage and bacon are triggers for some. Aspirin, Tylenol, Midrin and naproxen alleviate mild migraines. Cafergot is a migraine standby. A group of newer drugs are especially good for migraine sufferers. Seven of them are available. Some names are Imitrex, Maxalt and Zomig. Imitrex comes as a nasal spray and as an injection, administered like insulin. Zomig also comes as a nasal spray. This is a

godsend for those who become sick to the stomach along with the headache. Not all migraine headaches produce all the signs and symptoms I mentioned, but if you have more than two of these characteristic symptoms, it’s a good bet that you suffer from migraines. Dear Dr. Donohue: Many of my friends take aspirin for the prevention of a heart attack or stroke. I decided I should join them. Is this a wise move? — K.H. Answer: Aspirin and similar drugs are the rule for prevention of heart attacks and certain strokes. The aspirin dose in greatest use is 81 mg — low-dose aspirin. Three different regimens for the prevention of stroke are acceptable: Plavix, aspirin or aspirin combined with sustained-release dipyridamole. The aspirindipyridamole combination comes in one tablet called Aggrenox. Note that these are for prevention of second heart attacks and strokes.



What do Amelia Island, Barret-Jackson, Pebble Beach, and Utica, NY all have in common?


The quality of automobiles that will grace the lawns surrounding Fountain Elms on July 1, 2012.

See them at The Fountain Elms Invitational, a gathering of concours and national show winners from throughout the country, RIGHT HERE IN UTICA, in conjunction with the Antique Car and Motorcycle Show. Sponsored by Oriskany Garage & Tire and presented by the Mohawk Motorcades Automobile Club at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, 310 Genesee Street, Utica, NY.

July 1, 2012 Free Admission • Don’t Miss It

For the prevention of a first heart attack or stroke, patients should consult their doctor, who will evaluate each pa-

tient’s risk. Based on that, the doctor will recommend a regimen that’s appropriate. It’s not a good idea to self-medicate

with any medicine. (c) 2012 North America Synd., Inc. All Rights Reserved

Be an energy efficient host this summer Energy efficiency tips from NYSERDA for hosting summer guests Summer is here and that means you will probably be hosting more visitors at your home. Whether you’re entertaining guests for a short period or an extended summer stay, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) offers these tips for energy-efficient hosting. • Illuminate with ENERGY STAR®. As you start increasing use of your outdoor space, buy ENERGY STAR qualified outdoor lighting for your porch, deck or patio. Making the change from traditional lighting to ENERGY STAR lighting can result in an energy savings of 75 percent or more. • Microwave it or grill it. Can’t stand the heat in the kitchen? Use your microwave oven as much as possible in the summer rather than your regular oven. Microwave ovens use around 50 percent less energy than conventional ovens. You can also fire up the grill and dine al fresco! Your house will stay cooler and you’ll save energy. • Check the date. If your current refrigerator was made before 1993, replace it with a new ENERGY STAR model which uses half the amount of energy. If you have a fridge from the 1980s, replace it with an ENERGY STAR qualified model and save over $100 per year on your utility bills. • Keep it at zero. To save energy, keep the temperature of your freezer at 0°F. • Curtains closed. Block out heat by keeping blinds or curtains closed during the day, especially on south-facing windows. • Change the way you dry. If possible, dry clothes on a clothes line. If you use your dryer, try to do full loads, or reduce drying time for partial loads. • Keep your lint trap clean. Remember to clean the lint trap before every laundry load; it’s an important energy saver and one of the easiest things you can do to increase drying efficiency. This step can save you up to $34 each year. • Think early and late. Use ovens, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers in the early morning or late at night when it’s generally cooler outside. For more information on NYSERDA programs, please visit

The Temperature Is Rising & The Savings Are Sizzling!

Great Selection of Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles with Ice Cold Air and Prices That Won’t Leave You Overheated!



V6, Auto, Air Cond., 7 Pass., Power Windows & Locks, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, 1 Owner Trade-In, 40,046 Miles

265HP V6, CVT Auto, Dual Zone A/C, Full Power, AM/FM 6 Disk CD, Tilt, Cruise, 18” Alloys, 1 Owner Trade, 53,454 Miles





2008 NISSAN MAXIMA SE V6, CVT Auto, Air Cond., Fully Loaded, Leather, P. Sunroof, Bose Stereo, Bluetooth, Tilt, Cruise, 18” Alloys, Spoiler, Sharp! 51,702 Miles





CVT Auto, Air Cond., Fully Loaded, Leather, P. Sunroof, Bose Stereo, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, 34-47K

270HP V6, CVT Auto, Air Cond., Fully Loaded, Leather, P. Sunroof, Bose Stereo, Bluetooth, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, 47,835 Miles





265HP V6, Auto, Air Cond., Power Windows & Locks, AM/FM 260HP V6, Auto, Air Cond., Power Windows & Locks, AM/FM CD, CD, Tilt, Cruise, ABS, 53,986 Miles Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, Bedliner, Tonneau Cover, Only 29,788 Miles




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2011 NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5S CVT Auto, Air Cond., Power Windows & Locks, AM/FM CD w/iPod Input, Tilt, Cruise, Only 18,163 Miles







V6, CVT Auto, Air Cond., Full Power, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, 18” Alloys, 59,631 Miles

CVT Auto, Air Cond., Power Windows & Locks, AM/FM CD w/iPod Input, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, 1 Owner, 53,759 Miles


CVT Auto, Air Cond., Power Windows & Locks, AM/FM CD w/iPod Input, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, Spoiler, 40,948 Miles

CVT Auto, Air Cond., Power Windows & Locks, AM/FM w/6 Disk CD, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, 1 Owner, 33,518 Miles




2010 Toyota Matrix S AWD








12,495* 2006 Nissan Murano S AWD


V6 CVT Auto, A/C, Full Power, AM/FM 6 Disk CD, Tilt, Cruise, 18” Alloys, 30,508 Miles


V6, 6 Spd, A/C, Power Windows & Locks, AM/FM CD, Bedliner, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, 69,291 Miles


V6, CVT Auto, A/C, Power Windows & Locks, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, 18” Alloys, 64,030 Miles

11,995* 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT

CVT Auto, A/C, Power Windows & Locks, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, 1 Owner, 59,063 Miles



14,395* 2006 Nissan Frontier C/Cab SE 4x4

CVT Auto, A/C, Power Windows & Locks, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, 1 Owner, 56,875 Miles

2008 Nissan Versa SL H/Back

260HP V6, Auto, A/C, Power Windows & Locks, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, Bedliner, Alloys, 34,194 Miles $

CVT Auto, A/C, Power Windows & Locks, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, Great MPG’s, 33,731 Miles

2008 Nissan Sentra 2.0S



16,795* 2009 Nissan Murano S AWD

CVT Auto, A/C, Power Windows & Locks, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, 1 Owner, 36,428 Miles

2009 Nissan Cube S



17,995* 2010 Nissan Frontier K/Cab SE 4x4

Auto, A/C, Power Windows & Locks, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, 1 Owner, 30,746 Miles

2010 Nissan Altima 2.5S





V6, Auto, A/C, 7 Pass., Rear Buckets, P. Sliding Doors, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, 89,071 Miles *Taxes, Title & Registration Fees not included.

320 N. Comrie Ave., Johnstown, NY • 518-736-1300

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Summer Is Finally Here!

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Watering tomatoes and other July gardening tips by Charlie Nardozzi, Horticulturist and Leonard Perry, UVM Extension Horticulturist Proper watering of tomatoes, controlling slugs, and rejuvenating spring annuals are some of the gardening activities for this month. Dark leathery spots on the blossom end of tomatoes is likely to be a condition called “blossom end rot” that’s caused by uneven watering. Mulch will help moderate the fluctuating moisture lev-

els that nature provides, and it’s not too late to spread some around your plants. Mulch will help the soil from drying quickly after wet weather — another fluctuation that may lead to this disease in tomatoes as well as peppers, squash, and even watermelon. Also, make sure with a soil test that both the pH and calcium levels of your soil are correct. Coffee grounds, diatomaceous earth, iron phosphate bait (use cau-


tion or not at all if pets roam the area), crushed egg shells, and even raw sheep’s wool can deter slugs and snails. Spread any of these materials in a ring around individual plants. Wrap pots with copper tape to keep slugs from crawling up. One of the more common controls is simply to place saucers of beer among your plants, which attract the slugs and in which they drown. Or simply place boards in your garden, under

August 14-19, 2012



# of Adult Tickets

which they’ll hide by day and can be found and gathered. Pansies, lobelia, petunias, and some other cool season annuals can go into a slump in midsummer with the heat. To rejuvenate them, cut back the stems by one half and apply liquid fertilizer when you water to bring them back and they will start blooming again for late summer and fall. Many of the newer cultivars (cultivated varieties) of petunias, however, keep on blooming. Plus, they are “self cleaning”, meaning the old flowers just wither and drop off, so you won’t need to cut them back as was common with older cultivars. Many of the newer selections of annuals have been bred to require a highly fertile soil, so make sure you apply plenty. If they stop blooming, or have fewer blooms, this may be the reason. Fertilize regularly

according to label directions, at least weekly. If using an organic solution such as liquid seaweed or compost tea, you may need to fertilize with every watering. Take just one-half hour every day to inspect the garden and pull weeds. Weeds really do sprout overnight and by next week they’ll be towering over your tomatoes and annual flowers. A visit to the garden before work, or as soon as you get home, can keep the weeds in check. Strawberry plants are actively growing and new runners are spreading everywhere in mid-summer. Remove runners to keep plants spaced according to the method you’re using so plants will put their energy into producing future fruit instead of new runners. Left alone, a bed will turn into a mass of foliage and few berries. Usually everbearers are planted in

hills, with runners removed. June-bearing cultivars are usually planted in rows, with runners kept within the beds and removed from the paths. At the first sign of powdery mildew on phlox, bee balm, and other susceptible plants, treat with Serenade or other labeled fungicide, such as one with potassium bicarbonate (relative of baking soda). Spray plants every two weeks, thoroughly wetting the foliage. Birds love blueberries as much as we do, so protect the fruit with netting. Use stakes to suspend the netting over the shrub so birds won’t reach the berries. Secure the netting to the ground to prevent birds from sneaking in. Get your cover in place before the berries turn ripe.

$5.00 per adult ticket - mail in deadline August 10th Send Self-Address envelope to: Herkimer County Fair PO Box 47 Frankfort, NY 13340 0 November 6, 201

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While you are out and about, snap a photo of community events, school events, anything that involves people and send it to us. You never know, you may see it on the next cover of the “Original Valley Pennysaver”! Please send photos to

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Congratulations St. Johnsville Seniors!

JUNEE 30,, 2012 JUNEE 30,, 2012

JUNEE 30,, 2012

JUNEE 30,, 2012

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Valley Pennysaver 6.23.12  

Valley Pennysaver June 23, 2012

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