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February 18, 2012

Volumee 2 • Numberr 31

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“This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” 1 John 4:10

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

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Dolgeville & Little Falls Big M ONLY!

Hot - Hot - Hot Prices DOLGEVILLE

During Our Big M Supermarkets


FEBRUARY FREEZE! Sale Starts Saturday 2/18 Runs Thru Friday 2/24


Our Own Storemade

Italian Sausage $ 99



10 LB Bag

U.S. #1

Bonus Pack


New York Strips

Cut to Order

$ 99


White Potatoes


3 99

$ 99

California Iceburg







Strip $ Steaks







Spiral Hams


$ 69 Lb




Black Forest Cooked

HAM Wunderbar


2 Lb. $ 99 1 Lb. $


Hill N’ Dale by Land O Lakes




$ 69


Whole & 2% Low Fat




Kretchmar “Premium” Mix N Match Lb Pkgs

Beef Franks 2/$ & Bratwurst



$ 99



48 Oz.

Grower’s Pride 59 Oz.

Orange Juice



Big M Giant 20 Oz. Loaf




Big M Dolgeville & Little Falls • Open 7 Days A Week

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

Dolgeville & Little Falls Big M ONLY!

Hot - Hot - Hot Prices


During Our Big M Supermarkets


FEBRUARY FREEZE! Sale Starts Saturday 2/18 Runs Thru Friday 2/24

Cora Imported All Cuts 1Lb.

¢ HAMS ¢ Cora




$ 99

Giant 20 Oz. Bag


Best Yet 6 1/2 Oz. Stems & Pieces




Your Choice








Pork Loin


$ 99

$ 79 Chicken




Fresh-Store Made

Whole Boneless

Sirloin Tip Italian Bread




10 Lb. Avg




16 Oz.

Busch & Busch Light PRICE! Keystone & Keystone Light Poland Springs Old Milwaukee & Old Mil Light

1 Spring Water BEER ¢ SODA 88 $ 00

Giant 3 Liter Bottle

Your Choice!

18 Pk. 12 Oz. Cans



Best Yet 2 Liter




12 PK




+ Dep

30 Pk. 12 Oz. Cans



99 +Dep

Big M Dolgeville & Little Falls • Open 7 Days A Week

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

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On the cover Published weekly on Saturday by Lee Publications 6113 St. Hwy. 5, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428

Vocalist Ruth Devoe of Fonda has been attending the Sunday afternoon dance at the Broadalbin Hotel’s Pub & Eatery for well over 20 years.

Publisher, President

Frederick W. Lee V.P., General Manager

Bruce Button V.P., Production

Mark W. Lee Circulation Manager... ....Tony Keba Classified Ad Manager.......Peggy Patrei Comptroller........Robert Moyer Managing Editor......Joan Kark-Wren Page Composition.......Deb Countryman Production Coordinator........Jessica Mackay Shop Foreman...........Harry Delong

Ad Sales John Snyder, Sales Manager 518-673-0129, Mark Fowler, Sales Associate 518-673-0116, Kristen Lee, Sales Associate 518-673-0100, Tom May, Sales Associate 518-673-0165, Mary Skinner, Sales associate 518-673-0130, Reader ads 518-673-3011 or 800-218-5586 Bruce Button-Corporate Sales Manager 518-673-3011, Accounting/Billing-Alyce Moyer 518-673-0149, Commercial Printing-Beth Snyder 518-673-0101, Delivery concerns-Tony Keba 518-673-3011, Send all correspondence to: PO Box 121, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 Advertising e-mail: Editorial e-mail: Web site: 518-673-3011 Phone • 518-673-2381 Fax

We cannot GUARANTEE the return of photographs. Publisher not responsible for typographical errors. Size, style of type and locations of advertisements are left to the discretion of the publisher. The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the publisher. We will not knowingly accept or publish advertising which is fraudulent or misleading in nature. The publisher reserves the sole right to edit, revise or reject any and all advertising with or without cause being assigned which in his judgement is unwholesome or contrary to the interest of this publication. We assume no financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertisement, but if at fault, will reprint that portion of the ad in which the error appears.

Photo by Elizabeth A. Tomlin Presidential fun facts • Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Washington, John Kennedy and Dwight Eisenhower are portrayed on U.S. coins. • Presidents portrayed on U.S. paper currency are: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses Grant, William McKinley, Grover Cleveland, James Madison and Woodrow Wilson. • Vice presidents were originally the presidential candidates receiving the second-largest number of electoral votes. The Twelfth Amendment, passed in 1804, changed the system so that the electoral college voted separately for president and vice president. The presidential candidate, however, gradually gained power over the nominating convention to choose his own running mate. • The oldest president inaugurated was Ronald Reagan (age 69); the youngest was John F. Kennedy (age 43). Theodore Roosevelt, however, was the youngest man to become president— —he was 42 when he succeeded McKinley, who had been assassinated. • The tallest president was Abraham Lincoln at 6'4"; at 5'4", James Madison was the shortest.

The Original Valley Pennysaver is delivered to 100 percent of the homes in the following towns: Ames Brooksman Corners Buel Canajoharie Ephratah Fort Plain Freysbush Hallsville Hessville Lasselville

Marshville Nelliston Oppenheim Palatine Bridge Randall Salt Springville Sprakers Sprout Brook St. Johnsville Starkville

Find The Original Valley Pennysaver in strategic locations in: Amsterdam Charleston Cherry Valley Dolgeville E. Springfield Fonda Fultonville Gloversville Herkimer Ilion Johnstown

Little Falls Mohawk Richfield Springs Salisbury Sammonsville Sharon Springs Springfield Center Stratford Tribes Hill Vails Mills

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012 CHECK YOUR AD ADVERTISERS should check their ads on the first week of insertion. Lee Publications, Inc. shall not be liable for typographical, or errors in publication except to the extent of the cost of the first weeks insertion of the ad, and shall also not be liable for damages due to failure to publish an ad. Adjustment for errors is limited to the cost of that portion of the ad wherein the error occurred. Report any errors to 518-673-0101 HAVE YOUR arrangements for you or your loved ones been prearranged? Call Vincent A. Enea Funeral Service LLC, for prearrangements, traditional funerals, Veterans Services, and cremations. Call anytime! 518-568-7040 or 315-866-1500 for more information.


P L A T I N U M #




J E W E L R Y #


“WE BUY M-F 9-5 ESTATES!” SAT. 9-3 36 N. MAIN, G’VILLE # # 725-8255 # STERLING#DIAMONDS#


Get the best response from your advertisements by including the condition, age, price and best calling hours. Also we always recommend insertion for at least 2 times for maximum benefits.


Like new baby changing table that is also a dresser; Used high chair; Real nice Round Oak Table with 6 chairs-1 Leaf; Blue Wing Chair; A lot of small stands; Gliders; Barrel Bar with 2 Stools; A lot of nice clothes; Assortment of Jewelry. J&H Used Furniture, 6663 St Hwy 5, 2 Miles West of Nelliston. Phone: 518-993-4381 CREAM PUFF 2004 Chrysler Sebring, 4Dr., Lt. Green, V6, auto, AC, leather power seat, sunroof, power windows/ locks, chrome alloy wheels, 38,800 miles, one owner, super clean, $9,888. Main Motorcar, Main Street, Johnstown. 518-762-3183 FOR RENT: 3 bedroom house in Nelliston. Kitchen, living, dining, laundry rooms, off street parking, heat, electric, water not included. $800 a month, 1st month rent + security a must. Proof of income needed. Call Tom 914-227-4390 We want to hear from you! Send your comments & suggestions to the Original Valley Pennysaver PO Box 121 Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 OR email Having problems with your well or pump? Call The Water People Provost Brothers! 518868-2126

Grandrib 3® strong, durable and attractive


The Grandrib 3® Advantage • 29 ga. structural quality, full-hard steel • Anti-siphon groove • UL 2218 Class 4 hail resistance Available in Galvanized, GRIII Colored G60 & GR III • UL 790 Class A fire resistance Plus Colored G90 • Can Be Ordered Cut to Length • Lifetime film integrity warranty for walls and roofs Many Colors To Choose From • 30 year warranty against fade and chalk ONE WEEK LEAD TIME • 10 year edge rust warranty against acid rain Please Call for prices

C.H. BURKDORF & SON “Quality Building Materials” 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville • 518-568-7016 •



A PA RT M E N T F O R RENT: Fort Plain, Newly renovated, HUD Approved, 1 bedroom, 1st floor. NO PETS. Please Call 518-9932397 Leave Message. HERDSPERSON wanted on a 200 cow dairy, salary and benefits based on experience. Call 315-8237004.

WE PAY CASH! for all types of Gold & Diamond jewelry. Gold Is At An All-Time High

William Doerrer & Son Jewelers 16 Canal Street, Fort Plain

(518) 993-3388

If I were to characterize George Washington’s feelings toward his country, I should be less inclined than most people to stress what is called Washington’s love of his country. What impresses me as far more important is what I should call Washington’s respect for his country. -Randolph G. Adams

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

Hello Again, My mind seems to keep wandering back to the 1950’s—my high school and college days. So! “What’s up in your world?” Did you wake up ugly this morning or did you let him sleep? Most of my high school days in Cooperstown and college days in Oswego tend to keep me supplied with good memories. However, I do remember one situation in college, which brought out the wrong side of my Irish. I had to take an art course in Modern and Abstract Art. I will quickly admit my art skills are not in demand. Sometimes with the aid of a ruler or straightedge, I can draw a straight line. Before I paint a picture with words, which is too negative, let’s chat about the art class. During the first day of class, the professor or art instructor made the following point very clear. He said, and to paraphrase, “Students, in studying modern or abstract art it is very important that we realize, no judgment can be made concerning the quality of a piece of modern-abstract art for the beauty of the piece is always in the eye of the beholder.” For the first piece I turned in, he gave me a bold F mark or grade. So much for his first lecture. During the semester, I turned in other—works of art—receiving the same F mark. I finally confronted the professor questioning the F marks and reminded him of his first lecture concerning “beauty in the beholder’s eye.” With that, he invited me to leave his class. How did I, a college freshman, dare to question his judgment? I refused to vacate his class and was able to receive an appointment with the college dean. The dean eventually agreed with me. He called for a meeting with the professor and me. The short long of it is, I received and accepted a B+ for the final marking period. I often wonder what power of persuasion the dean used to persuade the professor to change his mind. Possibly he felt that I was willing to pursue this problem to the bitter end and felt a change of mind would serve better. Sometimes we—that is—all of us, can see the light and change our minds. The following tale might be an example. A building contractor wanted to give a politician a sports car to convince him to send a high-budgeted

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

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deal his way. The politician objected and said, “Sir, common decency and my sense of honor would never permit me to accept a gift like that.” “I understand,” the contractor said. “Suppose we do this, I’ll sell you the sports car for $10.” The politician thought for a moment or two. “In that case,” he said, “I’ll take two.” When a horse attempts to jump over the fence rail during a field trial or show, his faith has to be absolute. He instinctively believes he will drop again to the earth on the other side. If he didn’t—he would never jump—losing because he did not believe. A born loser. That is the kind of thinking we possibility-thinkers must develop and have concerning the Palatine Bridge Corridor. The winners in life think, “I can, I will.” If we doubt or vocalize doubt, the Palatine Corridor cannot and will not happen. We will have already lost. Let’s keep the following thought foremost in our minds when the factory outlet stores along with stand-alone specialty shops, recreational vehicle campgrounds, country & western theater, bed and breakfasts and motels, golf courses, etc., become a reality. Hundreds, if not thousands, of our family members, friends and even new comers will enjoy permanent employment. Even farm roadside markets and now-existing businesses will enjoy a new way of life. There was a local valley grocery that owned a monkey that would often sit on a pickle barrel and play the harmonica. A patron saw that the monkey’s tail was hanging in the barrel and told Carm. Carm replied, “Don’t bother me, I’m busy. Go tell the monkey.” Whereupon the patron approached the monkey and said, “Do you know your tail is hanging in the pickle barrel?” “I don’t know,” replied the monkey. “Hum a couple of bars and I’ll see if I can pick up the melody.” It will be spring before we know it. Spring always indicates a new and fresh beginning, and yet everyday is a fresh beginning if we start if off by being grateful to the one who creates everything. Be grateful. Say thanks to our Heavenly Father. Treat today as a spring day. Say hi to your neighbor for me. Fred and Sylvia Lee and the Lee Family

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

Don’t worry if you make a mistake! You can print another at!

See Page A14 for the Answers to All of These Puzzles

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012




We Can Help You Buy, Sell and Trade Globally Premium Anthracite bagged Coal, 40lb. plastic bags. 60 bags on a skid. Nut, Pea or Rice. $295.00 per ton picked up; $305.00 per ton delivered within 15 miles. Benuel fisher Auctions 518-568-2257

PREFINISHED HARDWOOD FLOORING: 2¼”, 3”, 4” & 5” widths, many colors available with Lifetime Finish Warranty. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016

YARD SIGNS: 16x24 full color with stakes, double sided. Stakes included. Only $15.00 each. Call Beth at Lee Publications 518-6730101. Please allow 7 to 10 business days when ordering.

MAIN MOTORCAR, Main Street, Johnstown 518-762-3183 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram. For All Your Vehicle Needs, Sales, Service, A c c e s s o r i e s

GENERAL HANDYMAN including plumbing, electrical, & much more! Ft. Plain & Surrounding Areas. Reasonable rates. Call Ron 518-9933409, (Cell) 518-5733060.(FP) PITTSBURGH PAINT: Over 2000 colors available in Flat, Eggshell or Semi-Gloss latex paint. Available at C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville, 518568-7016

BANNERS BANNERS BANNERS any size. Call Beth at Lee Publications 518-673-0101 Please allow 7-10 working days to receive your banner after ordering. SPORTSMAN’S AUCTION, Wednesday Evening, Feb. 29th at 5:00PM at JR’s in Fort Plain. Bring your guns & other items to sell! Call for an updated gun list!! 518-993-4668

INSULATION: All Types. New/ Existing Buildings. Free Estimates. Fully Insured. Call Upstate Spray Foam Insulation 315-822-5238.

2009 HYUNDAI Santa Fe Lmtd., AWD, maroon, 31k, V-6, auto, leather, moonroof, alloys, Loaded! SALE: $23,995. John C. Miller, Inc. 518762-7124

FAX SERVICE available at Lee Publications. 25¢ a page. 6113 State Hwy. 5, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428. Open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. 518-673-3237

COMMON PINE: Excellent for trim boards; Also 1”x6” tongue & groove and 1”x12” rough cut. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville. 518-568-7016

The important thing today is not what we say of Lincoln but what Lincoln would say of us if he were here in this hour and could note the drift and tendency in American life and American politics. ~Stephen Samuel Wise

Community Cashback 100% of Proceeds To Benefit

Herkimerr County Humane e Society PLEASE HELP US HELP THE HERKIMER CO. HUMANE SOCIETY. WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP?? 1.) Purchase Quality “Best Yet” Private Label Products 2.) Remove the UPC Barcodes 3.) Bring Barcode Labels Into the Dolgeville Big M 4.) Deposit Barcode Labels in the “Dog House” Located at the Front of the Store.

y UPC C Barcode e Collected d 2¢ *Forr Every willl be e Donated d to o the e Herkimer County y Humane e Society You & Big M Supermarkets Working Together to Make a Difference - Dolgeville Store Only -

15 Lamberson St., Dolgeville (315) 429-8518 MARKET

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

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“The Water People Since 1912” • Celebrating Our 100th Year


4th Generation Family Owned & Operated New York State D.E.C. Certified



GOULDS & STA-RITE Pumps - Service Sales & Service Rt. 20, Sloansville

I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow. ~Woodrow Wilson ROMEO ROMEO where art thou??? at Ragtime! 39 Main Street, Fort Plain, NY. For the make me an offer sale. Winter hours: Friday and Saturday 1ish to ? WOOD PELLETS. Winter Special on New England Premium Pellets with low ash. BUY NOW & SAVE. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016

1669 Main Street • Pattersonville, NY

518-887-5504 SPECIALS

Nutrena Safe Choice equivalent to Blue Seal Safe Start. . . . . . . $16.30 Stock & Stable Sweet equivalent to Blue Seal Rider 12 . . . . . . . . . $9.50 Triumph Senior . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $13.00 Shavings 3.25 cu. ft. paper bag. . . $5.50. . $4.75 (with feed purchase limit 10)

Bestt Buyy Appliance • Quality New & Used Appliances • Appliance Repairs

315-823-0861 578 E. Main St., Little Falls

MOHAWK VALLEY EYECARE Dr. Carol A. Balfe, O.D. 70 Erie Blvd., Canajoharie, NY 13317 Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm

Accepting most insurances including: Medicare, VBA, CDPHP, MVP, BCBS of U/W and Davis Vision - Including CSEA & Fidelis Same Day Service on Some Prescriptions Fast Turnaround on Most Others

CALL: 518-673-2015

SEE OUR FACEBOOK page to peruse our menu Mercato Pizza Restaurant. Mercato Pizza & Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie. 518-673-4411 2007 TOYOTA RAV4, AWD SUV, blue, 4cyl., auto, AC, all power, 37,000 miles, one owner, $21,555. Main Motorcar 518-762-3183 20x30 TENT with four sides for rent. Canajoharie Volunteer Fire Department 518-3783279 or email PICK 5 for meats, frozen seafood and grocery items, Peruzzi’s Meat Market, 69 Church Street, Canajoharie. 518-673-3382 MAIN MOTORCAR Jeep Wrangler Head Quarters. Service, parts, accessories. Pimp your ride. Main Motorcar 518762-3183 2008 DODGE Nitro SXT 4x4, tan, 34k, V-6, auto, AC, CD, full power. SALE: $16,995. John C. Miller, Inc. 518-762-7124

FOR SALE: 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager. $995 down. $50 per week. No interest. No credit check. Credit on Cars. 518-762-3626 FOR SALE: 1999 Ford Taurus $895 down, $50 per week, no interest, no credit check. Credit on Cars. 518-762-3626 YAMAHA RAPTOR 90cc low miles, $800/OBO; 1996 Camaro hood, mint condition. (text/call) 315868-9938 FREE COFFEE MUGS for your restaurant. Yes FREE. Call Beth at Lee Publications 518-6730101 FOR SALE: 2006 Pontiac Vibe AWD $8,500. 4cyl., auto, sunroof, 118,000 miles. Excellent condition. 518-673-4465 WANTED TO BUY: Old Grit newspapers (not the Grit magazine). 518-5685115



STAG PARTY TICKETS for Gerald Mead Jr. On sale now. Contact Ancel at 518-210-0900

HARLEY DAVIDSON’S bought and sold. Please call Bob Failing III for more info. 518-376-1151 RESTAURANT Position Available! Duties to include: Bussing, dish washing, cleaning, occasional waiting on tables. Weekend/Evening Shifts. $8.00/hr. References required. 518224-8886

George Washington is the only president who didn’t blame the previous administration for his troubles. Author Unknown

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012 Don’t Be Left Out In The Dark!

WILL TAKE trade-in’s, I want Good used snowmobiles any brands any years old, will trade you for Brand NEW. Hud-son portable Sawmill, or firewood processor, tractor log skidding winch, wood elevator. Even a New Stihl chainsaw. Call Hudson Forest Equipment 800-765-7297. Barneveld, NY. DINNER SPECIAL: $29.95 bottle of wine and two dinners. Mercato Pizza & Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie 518-6734411

WE CARRY FABRAL roofing & siding panels with LIFETIME warranty against fading and chalking and ENERGY STAR APPROVED. Can be ordered cut to length and many colors to choose from. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville. 518-5687016 2005 DODGE RAM 3500 dually, 4x4, black Laramie Cummins diesel, auto, AC, heated, leather, all power, 63,400 miles. Main Motorcar, Johnstown, NY 518-7623183

The aging process has you firmly in its grasp if you never get the urge to throw a snowball. ~Doug Larson

18-Volt LED Area Light #52750 500 Lumens, 9 hrs. per charge $105.95 #52775 750 Lumens, 6 hrs. per charge $115.95 #52712 1200 Lumens, 3-1/2 hrs. per charge $129.95 • Shines 360°, lights up your whole room • Bright, cool white LED light • Uses 18V DeWalt NiCad or Lithium-Ion batteries

Batteries Not Included With Battery - Add $49.95 Great light for doing chores, camping, in the office, or as a kitchen light.




Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

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For atmosphere and cuisine “there’s no place like DOME!”

by Elizabeth A. Tomlin Service with a smile, service with a flare, when you come to the DOME49, that’s what you’ll find there! Chef and owner Richard Brown, known for his style and flare- and as being a “hard worker,” has opened the doors to the newest establishment around, offering classic Italian cuisine, and “All American Sunday brunches.” The establishment, the DOME49, located at 49 Hancock St. (Route 5-S), Fort Plain, has already been labeled as a success after a few short days of being open for business, and the reviews are impeccable! “We went there to eat last night,” said Fort Plain Area Merchants Association President, Linda ScaffidiFonti. “It was packed! But the service was prompt, and they were very quick about serving the meal. It’s a cozy atmosphere, nicely decorated, very tastefully done, and stylish. I felt an ambiance of comfort as soon as I walked through the door.” Scaffidi-Fonti said they chose the prime rib from the extensive menu, and it was “superb!”

Scaffidi-Fonti reported that the appetizer, entrée, salad and dessert were all included with the price of the meal, and a Valentine special also included a glass of champagne. “The owner came out to say hello to us and to the other diners,” ScaffidiFonti said. “It was the first time I had ever met him, but I went back today and he joined the Fort Plain Area M e r c h a n t s DOME49 Owner/Chef Richard Brown and Association. So, he fiancée, Manager Tracy Montoni, pose for a is the newest mem- Valentine’s Day photo during a very busy ber and he even evening at the newly opened establishment offered for us to in Fort Plain. have our meetings there! He is made up salads using arugula and other greens. Serving very hospitable.” Brown, who said he is very quality food tops his list of priinterested in getting involved orities in his business. With her ready smile and in Fort Plain activities, is also interested in supporting local sincere concern for the customers, it is easy to see that business. “I went to the farmer’s mar- Brown’s fiancée and restauket last year and I told the rant manager Tracy Montoni, farmers I would definitely be is an added benefit to the busiinterested in buying produce ness. Her Italian ancestry, and locally,” Brown stated, as he experience at Beardslee Castle, launched the authentic Italian cuisine you’ll see on the menu at DOME49. Brown said that the restaurant served 57 people on the evening of Valentine’s Day, and 266 dinners were served for their opening weekend, of Feb. 10. “Richard is very outgoing and a very hard worker,” said Lion’s Club member Amy Dievendorf. “He always was when he was in the Lion’s Club. Anything he puts his mind to, he goes all out. He’ll make it a success!” Diners (from left) Richard Flanger, Judy Flanger, Marjie Gentile Call the DOME49 for reser(partially hidden), Pat Gentile, Joe Kollmann, Sandy Kollmann, vations at 518-673-3600, or Michelle Gentile, and Gary Gentile raise their glasses in a check them out on the web at Valentine's toast to DOME49’s Owner/Chef Richard Brown and “There’s no place fiancée Tracy Montoni. like DOME!” laughs Brown. Photos by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

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“SPECIAL TRUCKLOAD SALE” Seasoned Approx. 5 Face Cords Delivered - $375.00 SEASONED SPLIT MIXED HARDWOOD $225 Full Cord

OUTSIDE FURNACE TRUCKLOAD SPECIAL - approx. 12 Face Cord Chunked Mixed Hardwood $700 Delivered within 25 mi. radius. HEAP ACCEPTED

697 Snells Bush Rd., Little Falls, NY 13365


NEED WOOD? WE HAVE IT! Common pine, select pine, clear pine, hardwood, mouldings, spruce, Douglas fir, pressure treated and plywood. Just what you need for your fall projects! Also WOOD PELLETS! C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016 FREE SNOW? How about ice? Makes good ice cream, but it may break down your roof! Call us if you need help with this years snow removal. And oh, we have insurance. Call now to schedule 1-800-FORROOF or 315-823-0298. Lakeside Kanga Roof WE HAVE! Timberwolf log splitters. Call for pricing + models available. North Creek Auto 315866-3698

FOR SALE: Fryers, Pizza Prep, Sandwich Prep, Smallwares, Conveyor Pizza Ovens, Coolers, Deli Coolers and more! Building full of Equipment, to much to list, at auction prices. Take a look & Make an offer. Everything Must Go! Call (315)868-7115

HAVING A PARTY? Did you know the Canajoharie Volunteer Fire Department rents the kitchen and banquet room. For your convenience we now have an elevator. 518378-3279 or email

STAY AT HOME MOM of one looking to babysit out of St. Johnsville home. Loves kids, reasonable prices, knows toddler and infant CPR, home baby-proofed, own educational games, videos, toddler and infant toys. 518-7635351

TWO FISHING LURE display cabinets with locking glass doors, 2 7 ” H x 1 4 ” W x 3 ½ ” D, excellent condition. Original cost $110. Plus 40 collectible lures, tagged and priced. Total value for all $550. Asking $250. 315-866-9342. No answer, leave message.

CENTRAL BOILER EClassic OUTDOOR FURNACES. Cleaner and Greener. 97% Efficient. EPA Qualified. Call North Creek Heat 315-866-3698

COLOR COPIES only 75¢ page. Lee Publications. 6113 State Hwy. 5, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428. Open MondayFriday 8am-5pm. 518673-3237

MAIN MOTORCAR, Main Street, Johnstown 150 new and used vehicles to choose from. Stop in for a hassle free experience.

If men were angels, no government would be necessary. ~James Madison

Answers to this week’s puzzles

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012 WANTED - CA$H PAID: for old jewelry, books. Dolls toys, even if broken, 1970s older. 1960s & older: Clothing. Old frames, Christmas, Halloween items. Interested in almost anything old. Shirley 315-894-9032. 2008 DODGE Avenger R/T, 4 door sedan, inferno red, V6, auto, AC, power leather seats, full power, alloy wheels, one owner, 21,000 miles, $14,988. Main Motorcar, Main Street, Johnstown 518-762-3183 THINK SPRING Rare Special Car: 1998 Porche Boxter hard top & soft top convertible, silver bullet, red leather, V6, 5 speed manual, all power, 33,600 miles, perfect, $19,999. Main Motorcar 518-762-3183

BLACK & WHITE COPIES only 15¢ each. Lee Publications. 6113 State Hwy. 5, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428. Open MondayFriday 8am-5pm. 518673-3237

CONSIGNMENTS WANTED for Our Next Auction, Feb., 21st in St. Johnsville at 6:00PM Frozen food, meats, cheese, and much more! Stock your freezer & frig! 518-993-4668


2008 FORD F-150 Crew Cab XL 4x4, grey, 37k, V8, auto, alloys, AC, CD, full power, bed liner. SALE: $23,995. John C. Miller, Inc. 518-762-7124

2009 JEEP Wrangler Unlimited, 4 door, silver, 24k, V-6, auto, AC, CD, hard top, full power. SALE: $25,495. John C. Miller, Inc. 518-762-7124

If you love what you do, come have fun and work for us! We are a full service family salon and a Paul Mitchell Signature Salon! Applicants must possess a valid NY cosmetology license. Interested parties should contact Tracey at

Aphra Behn (1640-1689), the first woman in England to become a professional writer, also worked as a spy for King Charles II of England.


1-800-962-2739 ext. 386

D.S. Coal Stoves and Wood Stoves. Non electric models available. 24 to 48 hrs. burn time. Lots of models and sizes to choose from. Benuel Fisher Auctions 518-568-2257 NEED BUSINESS CARDS? Full color glossy, heavy stock. 250 ($45.00); 500 ($65.00); 1,000 ($75.00). Call Lee Publications 518-673-0101 Beth WANTED: Crafters & Vendors for St. Johnsville’s Springfest May 10th, 11th and 12th Call Gail at 518-5688310 of email for more information.

With lies you may get ahead in the worldbut you can never go back. -Russian Proverb

Model: Christina Eastbrook Fairfield Cambridge Eldorado Grayson

Queen n Set $999.00 $799.00 $699.00 $599.00 $499.00 S429.00

TwinSet $719.00 $569.00 $499.00 $439.00 $359.00 $299.00

FullSett $899.00 $759.00 $669.00 $589.00 $459.00 $389.00

KingSet $1299.00 $1099.00 $999.00 $899.00 $749.00 $649.00


634-636 E. MAIN ST. LITTLE FALLS, NY 13365 Phone: (315) 823-2640 • Fax: (315) 823-2641

Page 16

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

ANDRE - 7 month old male brindle and white Pit Bull mix, 55.7 lbs. Found on Klock Road, St. Johnsville on January 13th. Friendly and playful, knows “sit”, and has a very sweet expressive face.

FRECKLES - 3-4 year old male Pit Bull mix, 54 lbs. Found on Polin Road, Charleston in April 2011. Very sweet and friendly, ok with dogs but not cats. Fine with kids.

ARIZONA - Beautiful 2 year old longhaired female, grey/white/orange. JENNA - Adorable 4 month old tiger and Stunning green eyes. Came to the shel- white female, green eyes. Came to the ter on February 14th. shelter on February 11th.

BAXTER - Large, handsome 10 year old male, 21 lbs. Declawed front feet. Should be our only pet. Very friendly.

DAWSON - Very handsome male Collie/ Hound mix, 2 1/2 years old. Knows his HOBY - 5 year old male Bloodhound, 108 commands, excellent on leash, fine with lbs. Lived with a dog and cat. Playful and other dogs. Housebroken. very loving. Enjoys going for walks.

EMMA - Very cute 6 month old female Pit Bull. Found on Pine St., Tribes Hill on February 12th. High energy and loves squeaky toys!


8th Annual Bowling Tournament to benefit Shelter Sunday, March 11th at Iroquois Lanes 4 person team/$80 per team 9 pin no tap format 2 shifts - 1 and 3pm For infomration and to register call Iroquois Lanes at 673-5498

30 gallon or larger trash bags and cat litter WRATH OF GRAPES Over 9,000 Bottles of Wine In Stock 51 Hancock Street, Fort Plain, NY

Joseph Nalli, Esq. Counselor at Law Fort Plain 518-993-4486

Page 17

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012 PUBLIC WELCOMED: “Winter Warm Up” Soup & sandwich Luncheon. February 24th, 11am to 2:00pm at The Fort Plain United Methodist Church, 39 Center St., Fort Plain. Soup, Assorted Sandwiches, Dessert and Beverage All for $6.00. Take outs available. Call (518)993-3464 for more information. 2008 JEEP Liberty Sport 4x4, black, 41k, V-6, auto, moonroof, full power. SALE: $17,995. John C. Miller, Inc. 518762-7124

FOR RENT: 2 bedroom upstairs apartment. Heat, hot water and appliances included. $600 plus security deposit. Rental application required. 518-6733843 (518) 673-3011 ~ To Place Your Ad

2008 SATURN AURA XR 4Dr. sedan, silver, power heated seats, full power, V6, auto, AC, one owner, 20,400 miles, $16,555. Main Motorcar, Johnstown. 518-7623183

I’m a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. ~Thomas Jefferson

MANTIS Deluxe Tiller. NEW! FastStart engine. Ships FREE. One-Year Money-Back Guarantee when you buy DIRECT. Call for the DVD and FREE Good Soil book! 877-439-6803

ATV TRAILERS by Bosski Industries first automatic “Dump Assist” trailers GVWR 800lbs.+ 1600lbs. models available. Come check them out at North Creek Auto 315-866-3698

2006 BUICK LaCrosse CX silver, 59k, V-6, auto, full power. SALE: $10,995. John C. Miller, Inc. 518-762-7124

LET US HELP you get rid of your unwanted stuff. Place a reader ad today. Only $4.00 for the 1st 14 words. Call 518-673-0101

Grandview Baptist Church

Welcomes You Sunday School Sunday Worship Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study

10:00AM 11:00AM 6:30PM

Bible Believing, Fundamental, Independent

Dan West, Pastor Corner of Washington & Lyduis St. Fort Plain

Page 18 SEARCH & RESCUE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The Tri-State Emergency Team is recruiting volunteers to provide wildland and underwater searches. This includes all aspects of field and underwater search. The Tri-State Emergency Team responds when requested by NYS Forest Rangers and other Police agencies throughout New York State, Western Vermont and Massachusetts. We are looking for certified SCUBA divers, experienced boat handlers, and people who enjoy hiking and the outdoors in general. The team will provide training and complete support as needed. Our headquarters is located in Waterford. Applicants need not live in Waterford to volunteer. If interested, please call 518-237-6744 or visit o u r w e b s i t e w w w.

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012 EVENT TICKETS?

We can print what you need. Please allow 2-3 weeks in advance. Call Beth at Lee Publications 518-673-0101 STOVE PIPE: 24 gauge 6” & 8” x24” black stove pipe, elbows and dampers available at C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016 2008 SUBARU Impreza 4 door sedan, AWD, black, auto, 4cyl., full power, 13,000 miles, $14,555. Main Motorcar, Johnstown. 518-7623183 NOW OPEN In St. Johnsville: Vincent A. Enea Funeral Service LLC, 20 Bridge Street, St. Johnsville, NY. Call anytime 518-568-7040 or 315-866-1500. 50 Lb. LARD for $62.50, Peruzzi’s Meat Market, 69 Church Street, Canajoharie. 518-673-3382

2008 DODGE Nitro 4x4, tan, V6, auto, AC, 17,000 miles, one owner, perfect, tow pkg., $19,555. Main Motorcar 518-7623183 INVOICES for your Business - 2, 3 or 4 part forms. Very reasonable. Call Beth at Lee Publications 518673-0101 2008 PONTIAC G-6 GT Dk. grey, 33k, V-6, auto, full power, chrome wheels, 4 door. SALE: $13,495. John C. Miller, Inc. 518-762-7124 The Fort Plain Merchants Association Welcomes Dome49 to the Association. Dome49 is located at 49 Hancock St. (Route 5S), Fort Plain 2008 VOLKSWAGEN Jetta S, 4Dr. sedan, silver, 5cyl., auto, AC, all power, 37,400 miles, very nice car. Main Motorcar 518-762-3183

LAMINATE YOUR DOCUMENTS up to 11x17. Lee Publications, 6113 State Rt. 5, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428. 518673-3237 HOME-GROWN BEEF FOR SALE. USDA inspected. Pieces, quarters, halves or whole. Damin Farm, 518-5682643 HOG CASINGS by the hank $26.95, Peruzzi’s Meat Market, 69 Church Street, Canajoharie. 518-673-3382 Need a new car? Get 0% financing at Sampson Motor Car where everyone is approved! 261 East Main Street Amsterdam. 518-848-7359 FAX & COPY SERVICE at Lee Publications, 6113 State Hwy. 5, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 (518) 673-3237 MAGNETIC SIGNS FOR trucks and cars. Call Beth at Lee Publications 518-673-0101


Page 19

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012 VIEWPOINT VINYL REPLACEMENT WINDOWS are durable, low maintenance and ENERGY STAR APPROVED with lifetime warranty against glass breakage. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016 JEEP WRANGLER HALF DOORS. Tan canvas, Great shape!! No damage at all. Fits all wranglers from 19881995. Zipper windows. $75.00 Or best offer. Call 914-329-5720 for details ask for Will. Located in Fort Plain. SIGNS SIGNS SIGNS All Kinds. Corrugated Plastic Signs With Stakes. Call Beth at Lee Publications 518673-0101. Please allow 7-10 working days to receive your signs after ordering. I BUY HUNTING RIFLES for my collection. 518-673-0029, 518321-5372

THERMA-TRU FiberClassic, Smooth-Star and Steel Exterior entry door units. Many styles to choose from. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville. 518-568-7016 FREE PRODUCTS/ DAILY DEALS: Sign up to receive offers on free products and services plus get Daily Deals in your area. Sign up for FREE go to www. ONE OWNER PERFECT 2007 Saturn Outlook XE SUV, AWD, V6, auto, AC, sunroof, alloy wheels, full power, $51,900 miles, $18,888. Main Motorcar, Johnstown 518-762-3183 Dining Room Set, $750. Prime condition, 5/4 solid maple hard rock colonial 7pc. chairs 6 ladder back, rush seats, 94” extended 2 arms. 518-762-6388

Proprietor: Tanya Towne


LIVE BAIT • Minnows • Spikes



36 Canal St., Fort Plain, NY 13339 518-993-1010 SAVE GAS...SHOP LOCAL Carrying Products Made In The USA

T-F 8-6, Sat. 8-2, Sun/Mon. CLOSED

Vendor Mall @ the Newport Marketplace over 30 Vendors selling Collectibles, Treasures, New and Hand Crafted Items 7583 Main St., Newport 315-845-8822

RECORDS WANTED: We’ll buy your old records from 1930 1970. 45’s, 78’s, Albums, Rock-N-Roll, Blues, R&B, Country,etc. Call Pete 518-673-2384.

SAVE MONEY EVERY MONTH on your electric and natural gas bill. Please call Bob Failing III. 518-376-1151

WINE and Beer served. Mercato Pizza & Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie. 518-6734411

We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once. ~Calvin Coolidge

Nordic Track Treadmill FOR SALE Nordic Track ViewPoint 3200 Treadmill includes the following features: • 7” monitor with cable/DVD hookup • Built-in sound system that is MP3 player compatible • Built-in fan • Up to 12mph • 12 incline settings • iFit Technology • Handgrip cardio feedback • 2.5HP continuous duty motor

Asking $700 OBO 518-514-8623 or

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

Page 20 Fulton County Hwy. 119 Stratford, 3.8 acres, country getaway, handyman special, parking lower lot, upper with cabin, woodstove, outhouse, hunting fishing close by, $13,500. 518894-1863 (518) 673-3011 ~ To Place Your

BAKED VIRGINIA HAM $4.99 Lb., Genoa Salami $3.99 Lb., (sold by pounds only) if less than a pound 50¢ more a pound, Peruzzi’s Meat Market, 69 Church Street, Canajoharie. 518-673-3382

FOR SALE: 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, 6cyl., automatic, 4x4, 141K. Road Ready! Call Turnpike Auto for more information, located on Rt. 20, East Springfield, NY (607)264-3680

INDOOR Flea Market at St. Johnsville, Sat., March 3rd at 9:00AM Produce, meats, cheese, house plants, jams & jellies, and much more! Call to reserve your space 518-993-4668

USED TIRE SALE: Huge Inventory, mounting & balancing FREE. No appointment necessary! Save money call Auto World, 534 North Perry Street, Johnstown 12095. 518-762-7555

You can place your Line Ad in this Publication for as little as $400.

Irish Wolfhound puppies, F/M, ready beginning Feb., vet checked, home raised. 518-568-5817

Abraham Lincoln - the spirit incarnate of those who won victory in the Civil War - was the true representative of this people, not only for his own generation, but for all time, because he was a man among men. ~Theodore Roosevelt

518-673-3011 Deadline Every Thursday at Noon

WE ARE YOUR JEEP HEAD QUARTERS! Over 30 new and used Jeeps in stock! Main Motorcar, Main Street, Johnstown. 518-7623183 WANTED: Dry and private place to play and possibly store musical instruments. Will pay a monthly rent at the right price. Contact 518-8445076 LOOKING for it? Selling it? Looking for work? Looking to hire… Give us a call 518-673-0101 and place your reader ad today.

FREE DELIVERY please see our Facebook page for details Mercato Pizza Restaurant. Mercato Pizza & Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie. 518-673-4411 OUR delicious bread is homemade and served free with every dinner. Mercato Pizza & Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie. 518-6734411 ICEY Sidewalks and driveways are a NO-NO! Rock Salt in 50# bags available at C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518568-7016 2008 DODGE Caliber SE, 4 door, black, 4cyl., manual trans., AC, 69,000 miles, one owner, $7,990. Main Motorcar, Main Street, Johnstown. 518-762-3183 CHECK OUT OUR produce at really low prices, Peruzzi’s Meat Market, 69 Church Street, Canajoharie. 518-673-3382

Whatchmacallits Few fields of human endeavor have made the bounding strides that medicine has since the end of the 19th Century. But change was not always this rapid. From before the founding of Rome, bloodletting was an accepted medical practice. Bloodletting was based on the belief that the body contains four humors — phlegm, yellow bile, black bile and blood. An excess or deficiency of any of these humors was thought to directly influence a person’s health. Bloodletting, known as phlebotomy, was used to bring


the humors back into balance. The instrument shown here, called a fleam, was heavily used in the 18th and 19th centuries. A patient’s vein would be opened and blood collected in a bowl. The “treatment” was

stopped when the patient started feeling faint. George Washington asked to be bled heavily after he developed a throat infection. He died from the infection in 1799 after being drained of more than 3 1/2

pints of blood within 24 hours. By the early 20th Century, phlebotomy was condemned as quackery. This fleam, owned by Willis “Skip” Barshied Jr., is slightly corroded, not bloodstained.

Page 21

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012


690 East Main St. Little Falls, NEW YORK 13365



Guiding Businesses Today, Towards Success Tomorrow

Our 25th Year In Business!

• Tax Return Preparation • Payroll Processing • Investment Services

18 North Perry St., Johnstown, NY 12095-2120 Telephone: (518) 762-9298 Fax: (518) 762-7449

INCOME TAX PREPARATION Linda J. Gould ~ Over 35 Yrs. Experience John P. Gould

E-filing, All Returns A-Z Reasonable Prices ~ $50 & up In-home Service By Appt.

(518) 993-4706 11 Division St., Fort Plain, NY Hrs: Mon.-Thu. 10-8 • Fri. 10-4 • Sat. 10-12 If your tax records are not currently affected by identity theft, but you believe you may be at risk due to a lost wallet, questionable credit card activity, or credit report, you need to provide the IRS with proof of your identity. You should submit a copy of your valid governmentissued identification — such as a Social Security card, driver’s license, or passport — along with a copy of a police report and/or a completed IRS Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit, which should be faxed to the IRS at 978-6844542. Please be sure to write clearly. As an option, you can also contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit, toll-free at 800-908-4490.

The IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers by e-mail to request personal or financial information. The IRS does not send emails stating you are being electronically audited or that you are getting a refund. If you receive a scam e-mail claiming to be from the IRS, forward it to the IRS at

Make the most of your tax refund While preparing your tax return for electronic filing, make sure to use a strong password to protect the data file. Once your return has been e-filed, burn the file to a CD or flash drive and remove the personal information from your hard drive. Store the CD or flash drive in a safe place, such as a lock box or safe. If working with an accountant, you should ask them what measures they take to protect your information.

(StatePoint) — This year, the IRS estimates the average federal tax refund will be about $3,000. That’s the largest single chunk of disposable income most taxpayers receive in a year. If you’re due to cash in,

don’t waste it on things you don’t need. Put the money toward goals like college, retirement or eliminating debt. Consider free online services like, which help you establish a budget for these goals.

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

Page 22




“Where Quality Comes First”




Scenic Ridge Builders LLC

Custom Cupolas Available

2437 State Rt 7 PO Box 670 Cobleskill, NY 12043 518-234-2558 518-234-4430 Fax

John Z. Stoltzfus Fort Plain, NY 13339

Edward Updyke

Building & Renovations



Snowplowing, Plumbing, Electric, Kitchen & Bath, Remodeling, Masonry, Siding & Windows, Minor Landscaping & Small Backhoe Work, Additions, Furnace, Boiler & Wood Stove Installations, Etc. “100’ Rooter” Professional Drain Cleaning 24 HOUR SERVICE

Tim Lighthall 518-993-2504 518-265-5848



Buying Used Firearms Bill & Dee Dwyer 266 Shun Pike Rd. Sloansville, NY 12160 (518) 868-4662 goodgunbuys@



Scenic Ridge Fabrics 151 Aird Rd., Fort Plain


From the Kitchens of Mohawk Valley Cookbooks (Benefit Amish Schools)


To Advertise Your Business Call 518-673-3011 or Fax to 518-673-3245

24 Willow St., Amsterdam, NY 12010

Call 843-0307

For FREE ESTIMATE Showroom Open By Appt

$13.00 Weekly for 13 Weeks $18.00 Weekly for 4 Weeks

Spray Foam Insulation $ave on Your Heating and Cooling Bills $ave Energy

Call 518-284-2040

Contractor’s Millwork, Inc. Est. 1986 Owners/Operators: Alden and Steven Witham Sharon Springs, NY

MONUMENTS Humphrey Memorials, Inc. Monumental Design & Sales Cemetery Lettering Memorial Restoration 3051 State Rte. 28, Herkimer, NY 13350 315-866-4471 or 518-848-0963 Established in 1946 MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED

Dixon McFee Matthew Spaulding

Todd McFee C.J. Karker






Barrett’s Transmissions General Repair

LLC “Your Indoor Comfort Controller” Residential & Commercial • HEATING • PLUMBING • COOLING 24 Hour Emergency Service FREE Estimates 40 years experience Family owned & operated Justin & Russell Mattice Palatine Bridge


Snow Plowing & Removal Commercial & Residential

“Over 30 Years Experience”

Cleaning Out Your Basement, Attic, Home, Business, Etc.? Call for Trailer Rental Prices to Haul Your Stuff Away! Also, Hauling Crusher Run, Gravel, Etc.

Garry-Jason Barrett

Top Dollar Paid for Scrap Iron or Cars

148 Ripple Road Cherry Valley, NY 13320

315-823-4903 or 315-868-5747

Call Tony Crews, Owner for details


Phone & Fax:


Page 27

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012


Friday, February 24


from 11:00 am ‘til 2:00 pm

at Fort

Plain United Methodist Church

39 Center St. • Fort Plain MENU: Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, Homemade Tomato Soup, Assorted Sandwiches (including Grilled Cheese) Dessert & Beverage All For $6.00 Take outs available • 518-993-3464

Come -- Warm Up With Us and Enjoy!


Freysbush Methodist Church Held at Fort Plain True Value

Wednesday, February 22, 3 to 6 pm or until chicken is sold out

Take Outs Only $6 per Half For Tickets 518-993-2278

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

Page 28

Rt. 80 Bowl

VanHornesville 315-858-2149

Smorgasbord February 20th • 5-9 pm 1100 Adults • $500 12 & Under


Roastt Beeff • Ham m • Pork

Dine In Or Take Out 993-5306

MON., FEB. 20



N Spanishh Ricee w/vegg N Chickenn Cordonn Bleu w/Friess

TUES., FEB. 21


N Meatloaff w/Potatoo & Veg N Chilii Dogg w/Friess & Colee Slaw

WED., FEB. 22



N Fishwichh w/Fries N Spaghettii w/Meatballs,, Hott Sausagee and/orr Tosss Salad



N Chicken-N-Biscuitss w/Veg N Roastt Beeff Meltt w/Fries

FRI., FEB. 24


N Freshh Haddockk Dinner,, (Friedd orr Baked)) w/Potatoo & Veg N Mac-N-Cheesee w/Veg w Englandd Clam m Chowderr N New

SAT., FEB. 25


N Friedd Clamss w/Potatoo & Veg N Primee Ribb w/Potatoo & Vegg 3-77 PM

SUN., FEB. 26


N Applee Walnutt Pancakes Breakfastt Only-Closedd att 12:30PM Homemade Soups & Desserts Hours:: Mon.-Sat.. 7 AM-77 PM Sun.. 7 AM-12:300 PM

122 Hancockk St.,, Fortt Plain

Page 29

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

Wrath of Grapes Fine Wine & Liquor 51 Hancock St. Fort Plain, NY • 518-993-2624

Hungry Bearr Cafe (518) 568-2700 Tues., Feb 21st - Chicken & Biscuits, Dressing, Mashed & Gravy - Hot Roast Pork Sandwich, Dressing, Mashed & Gravy

Over 9,000 Bottles Case Discounts on Wine

Mix & Match

Foxmoor Wines (Calif.) Cab, Merlot & Chard.

$3.99 each or 3/$10.99 Mix or Match

Wed., Feb 22nd - Baked Lasagna w/Meatball & Tossed Salad - Honey BBQ Crispy Chicken Melt on Grilled Texas Breas w/FF

Thurs., Feb 23rd - Stuffed Pepper, Mashed, Applesauce - Chicken Salad Sandwich, Cup of Soup, Salad

Fri., Feb 24th - Fresh Haddock, FF or Mashed & Salad - Fresh Haddock On A Roll After 4:00 PM Roast Beef & Mashed or FF & Salad

Grandma’s Kitchen

7 W. Main St., St. Johnsville, NY

Dinner Service Sat., February 25, 2012 4P.M. - 8P.M.

Sat., Feb 25th

Reservations Required - Takeout Available Please call (518) 568-8310 For reservations or to place your takeout order

- Tuna Melt, FF, Salad - Mushroom Swiss Burger, FF, Salad

Dinner includes your choice of soup or salad, an appetizer, entree and dessert.

Sun., Feb 26th - 2 French Toast, Choice of Meat & Homefries - Sausage Gravy on a Pancake or Biscuit HOMEMADE SOUPS AND PIES DAILY

Now Accepting Credit Cards

7304 State Hwy. 5, St. Johnsville, NY Tues.-Thurs. 6am-3pm; Fri. 6am-7pm; Sat. 6am-2pm; Sun. 7am-11:30am; Closed Mon.

Menu Options Salads: Tossed Salad w/ House Dressing Caesar Salad Soup: Italian Wedding Soup Seafood Chowder Appetizers: Broccoli Croissants Sharizo Sausage Puffs Crab Puffs Stuffed Mushrooms Entrees: Roast Beef w/ Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Green

Entrees: Bean Casserole Roasted Turkey Breast w/ Savory Apple Stuffing and Honey Glazed Carrots Oven Roasted Salmon w/ Rice Pilaf and Steamed Broccoli Smoked Pork Loin w/ Savory Apple Stuffing and Steamed Asparagus Dessert: Cherry Crisp Peach Cobbler Super Chunky Chocolate Brownies

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

Page 30

February Cof fee House Sunday, February 26th 3-5pm Featuring Bob Gould and the “Bob Cats” proceeds to benefit Schoharie Flood Victims

5 donation at the door

$ 00

St. Johns-St. Marks Lutheran Church Church Street, Canajoharie

For more information call


Grandma’s Kitchen

Fresh Bakedd Goodss Daily

Hott Soups & Chilii Daily

S Feb. 19th U Special - Garden N Medley Quiche th

20 M HotFeb. Roast Beef or O Hot Turkey N Sandwich w/FF st

Feb. 21 T U Buffalo Chicken E S Wrap w/regular side Feb. 22nd

W Cheeseburger or E Hamburger Deluxe D w/FF or Onion Rings & Drink

T Feb. 23rd H U R Chicken Alfredo S

Feb. 24th

F Fried Fish Sandwich or R Fried Clams w/ coleslaw I or baked macaroni & cheese


Feb. 25th 3 egg ham & cheddar scrambler, bagel or muffin, Homefries & Coffee

Desserts Daily – Sun. 7am-1pm Mon. - Wed. 6am - 2pm Thurs. & Fri. 6am - 2pm • Sat. 6am - 2pm

518-568-8310 7 W. Main St., St. Johnsville, NY 13452

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

raiser Pancake Supper d n u F FOR


at Johnstown Reformed Church 351 N. Perry St., Johnstown, NY

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 4:30-7:00PM Adults $7.00 • Children under 12: $4.00 EATT IN N ONLY









Also Available: W INGS , C OOKIES , W RAPS , S ALADS , ETC . 95 Main Street Fort Plain


Page 31

Page 32

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

1747 Historic Nellis Tavern Benefit

ANTIQUE SHOW Saturday, March 3, 2012 10 am - 4 pm Great Location At:

2 Erie Blvd. Canajoharie, NY Donna Reston Show Manager (518) 843-1601

REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE ~ 25 DEALERS $4.00 Admission ~ Appraisal Booth: 2 items for $5.00


Sat. Feb. 25th Consignment Auction 6:33 PM Sun. Feb. 26th Breeder Sale - 11:33 AM Thurs. March 1st Food Auction - 6:33 PM Sat., March 3rd Consignment Auction - 6:33 PM Open Mon., Wed.-Sat. 9-5pm • Closed Sun. & Tues. Burrows Rd., West Winfield, NY

(315) 822-5221


J.R.’ss Auctions

56 Willett St. Fort Plain 13339 (518)) 993-4668 No Buyers Premium

Sportsman’s Consignment Auction!!

Wednesday February 29th @5:00pm! 56 Willett Street Fort Plain, 518-993-4668 Guns • Geese Decoys • Gun Racks Hunting & Fishing and More!


ALREADY Y CONSIGNED • 1-- Stevenss Modell 200,, 300 0 Win n Mag,, Excellentt Condition • 1-- 7400 0 REM M 30-06,, Nice e Shape • 1-- Marlin n Rockyy Modell 1936,, Case e Harden,, 30/30.. • 1-- Ithaca a Modell 37,, Featherlight,, 12 2 GA • 1-- British h En nfield,, 303 3 CAL • 1-- Steven n Modell 58 8 Boltt Action,, 20 0 GA • 1-- Winchesterr Modell 94,, 32 2 Special • Manyy More e Coming

Call for Updated List of Guns! For more information or details call (518) 993-4668 Debit & Credit Cards Accepted


Antiques & Auctions

Polishing antique furniture Should I clean and polish a Federal-style walnut sideboard that has been in the family for generations and looks dusty and drab? Many antique furniture pieces, particularly sophisticated ones like your Federal sideboard, had highly polished finishes. As you can imagine, in the period before electric lighting and manufactured plastic laminate, glossy surfaces that reflected and amplified light were highly prized. By cleaning and polishing your sideboard, you are restoring the early appearance and approximating the maker’s intent. In addition to being

unsightly, dust can abrade the finish. It can also create a microclimate of higher relative humidity that encourages mold growth and provides a food source for the mold. The best way to remove dust is with a HEPA vacuum and a magnetic dust cloth. Aerosol and liquid polishes should not be used on antique furniture. After the dust is removed and the piece cleaned, paste wax should be applied to the finished surfaces. A glossy surface can usually be achieved with one or two applications. Source: www.

Spots on antique glass Is it true that mineral oil from the drug store can remove cloudy white spots on antique glass? Cloudy white spots on antique glass are not deposits. They are tiny holes that result from leeching or the loss of some of the chemicals in the glass. This kind of deterioration is often made worse by repeated washing with strong detergents. Because the spots are the result of loss, they cannot be cleaned off, although the appearance can usually be improved by a light application of mineral oil or baby oil. An improved appearance results from the oil seeping into the chemically deteriorated


areas and filling up the holes. It seems like no two susceptible pieces of glass deteriorate in the same way so there is no guarantee that the oil will work every time or completely remove the cloudy areas. Eventually the oil goes away and the cloudy areas return. If you want to give it a try, start on a small spot to see if it’s going to work for you. Use a piece of an old cotton T-shirt to apply the oil. Remember that oil makes glass very slippery so place a thick bath towel on your work area before you start and — be careful. Source: useum

Page 33

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012


Antiques & Auctions

Preserving old newspapers I have several newspapers from the early 20th century documenting events in the history of the United States. They have discolored and tear easily. How can I preserve them for my children? Newspapers produced in the 20th century are printed on papers composed of wood pulp. Wood pulp papers have inherent problems including a high lignin content that causes discoloration and short fiber length that makes the paper weak. Exposure to light, improper handling and poor stor-

age can increase the rate of deterioration. To preserve them interleave newspaper with a buffered archival paper, place them in an archival paper folder and then in an archival paper box that is slightly larger than the outer dimensions of the newspaper. These materials can be purchased through archival supply catalogs. The box should be stored in a room that is dark and dry, but not an attic or basement. Source: www.

Storing an old book I have an old book. How do I store it properly? If you have an old book in your house that is special to you or your family, you should consider special storage for it. One of the easiest ways to protect a book, especially a fragile or damaged one, is to place it in a box. Rare book boxes are made of high quality materials and can be purchased from archival supply companies. They can also be custom made by book conservators. A shelved book should not slouch, lean or be packed too tightly with other books. Also, rare books should never be stored in an uncontrolled environment such as an attic or basement. Source:

HUGE ANTIQUESS & COLLECTIBLES FLEAA MARKET! **** Frankfortt VFW Location*** 4274 Acme Road - Frankfort, NY 13340 Sunday, March 4, 2012 10AM - 4PM

Admission n $1.00 0 (Children n 12 2 and d underr Free) Food d Concession n Available Seee Websitee forr Listingss and d Upcomingg Flea a Markets Vendor Booths Available

Forr more e information n contact: Margie e Widay y orr Ted d Widay,, Jr. 315/790-4133 3 orr 315/790-8799 www.widayau

On-Site e Restaurant Equipmentt Liquidation FORMERLY TJ MINNITI'S





WEEKLY SALES EVERY MONDAY HOSKING SALES - FORMER WELCH LIVESTOCK Weekly Sales Every Monday 12:30 Produce, Misc. & small animals; 1:00 Dairy; **We will now sell lambs, goats, pigs, feeders immediately following Dairy. Calves and cull approx. 5:00-5:30PM. Help us increase our volume - thus making a better market for everyone. **We are Independent Marketers - working 24/7 to increase your bottom line. Competitive marketing is the way to go. Monday, Feb. 13th sale - Top cow .90 wt. 1431 $1287.90 cows up to $1580.32 Bulls/Steers top $.95, bull calves top $1.5250. Dairy feeders up to .90. Dairy milking age top $1750, bred heifers up to $1150. Monday, Feb. 20th - Monthly Sheep, Lamb, Goat & Pig Sale. Special 16 BoerCross kids from one farm. Monday, March 5th - Monthly Fat Cow & Feeder Sale. Monday, March 26th - Special Holiday Sheep, Lamb, Goat & Pig Sale. Note this date is the last week of March. Friday, April 6th - 11:30AM Spring Premier All Breed Sale. Selections are underway. Accepting registered high quality cattle give us a call. Monday, April 9th - Monthly Heifer Sale. Saturday, April 21st - Annual Spring Machinery Sale & Plant, Tree & Shrub Auction - accepting consignments groups or single items. Consignments already coming in call today to get into advertising it will make a difference. Expecting a field full of quality farm equipment. Saturday, April 28th - Sale held on Farm. Otego, NY. 11:00 AM. Gretna Acres Registered Brown Swiss Complete Dispersal. 100 Head sell. This is a long established breeding herd (50 years) DHI tested, AI sired. Regular herd health program. LOOKING TO HAVE A FARM SALE OR JUST SELL A FEW - GIVE US A CALL. **Trucking Assistance - Call the Sale Barn or check out our trucker list on our Web-Site. Call to advertise in any of these sales it makes a difference. Directions: Former Welch Livestock 6096 NYS Rt. 8, 30 miles South of Utica & 6 miles North of New Berlin, NY. Call today with your consignments. Tom & Brenda Hosking 6096 NYS Rt. 8 New Berlin, NY 13411

607-699-3637 or 607-847-8800 cell: 607-972-1770 or 1771

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

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Dollars and Sense 525 E. Mill St., Little Falls

(315) 823-1709


40 McKinley Rd., Dolgeville

Bestt a Flatt Paint

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Classs 1 Cellulose n Insulation • Thermal Protection • Fire Safety • Sound Control • Attic & Sidewall Installation

Colorr Solutions s Flatt Paintt



• Our best window for resisting severe weather • Lifetime Warranty Coverage • Perfect Fit Installation

Ed Anderson & Son Carpentry Inc “Building & Alterations”

Ames, NY

(518) 673-3497

by David Uffington Make 2012 the year you do it yourself When it comes to home repairs and maintenance, you don’t always need to hire others. Make this the year you do it yourself — and save money. Here are some projects you can do yourself if you take it one step at a time: • Install laminate and tile flooring: The key is making sure the base flooring preparation is appropriate for the laminate. Ask questions before you buy and read the instructions. Putting laminate flooring on a plywood subfloor upstairs is different than putting down flooring on concrete in a basement. • Plumbing: You can repair a leaky faucet or toilet that keeps running, install washers, toilets and sinks, and more, but know when the project is too big. If the project involves pipes that bring water into your home or if it involves digging up the yard, it’s too big. • Simple electrical repairs: You can install a new outlet, dimmer switch or thermostat. You can rewire a lamp. Buy a voltage detector and be sure to cut off the power at the circuit panel. The key is to know when a project is out of the range of your abilities — and safety. For many elec-

trical projects, your local code likely will require a licensed electrician. • Decorating: Look through magazines at the library for ideas that appeal to you. Paint, wallpaper and new slipcovers or throw pillows can change the look of any room. Here are some more tips: Some of the big-box hardware stores have videos on project howto, but the best ones are on where others have posted videos of their own. You’re also likely to learn more about what NOT to do by watching these. Expand your tool box if you need basics such as a hammer, two types of screwdrivers, and so on, but borrow any expensive tools you’ll only need once. If you haven’t done a project before, read the instructions twice. Ask for advice, and get a friend to help. If a friend is doing a new project, offer to lend a hand. You’ll pick up ideas and hints. Take classes: Saturday morning classes at the local big-box store can teach you the basics for various home-repair projects. Rule of thumb: Know your limits so you don’t end up paying more for a professional fix. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

Page 35

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

This is a Hammer by Samantha Mazzotta Prepping for Spring It’s still February, but spring planting season is just around the corner — even in traditionally colder areas of the country like the Northeast, which experienced a warm winter with little snow this year. That means homeowners should be going over their outdoor lawn-care and garden tools and equipment, making sure everything is ready to go when March roars in. If you treated wooden-handled tools with linseed oil or other wood treatment and hung them up over the winter, take those tools down now and wipe away excess oil and check for water damage or other problems. Make sure that hinged parts move smoothly and are free of corrosion and dirt. Then, place the tools in an easily accessible place, ready to grab when you need them. Lawnmowers and other equipment also need to be readied for the growing season, even though it may be awhile before they’re needed. Take the lawnmower out of the garage or shed to a well-ventilated area. Check the blades to make sure they’re free of rust and corrosion; if you detached the blades for stor-

age, reattach now. Turn the mower upright and, with the spark plug disconnected and the fuel tank empty, give the starter cord a few pulls. Next, connect the spark plug and fill the tank with the proper fuel-oil mixture (see the manufacturer’s manual for details). Start the mower and allow it to run for a minute or two. Then, shut it down and store it upright in an easily accessible place, ready to use. Do the same with other outdoor equipment over the next couple of weekends. Not only will you know that your tools are ready when the weather is, but you’ll be able to repair any damaged tools or equipment before they’re needed. Home tip: Keep tools dry and accessible by installing a pegboard with adjustable hooks on one wall of the garage, shed or workspace. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.





HUGE INVENTORY OF OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT • One of a Kind! • Scratch & Dent • Slightly Used • Low Prices

Next to Triple A Appliance 189 Market St. • Amster dam

(518) 843-1222 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-5; Sat. 9-1

Mattice & Sons, LLC 24 Hour Emergency HVAC Contractor Ready To Handle Any Of Your Needs!

Call for FREE Estimates

We offer Energy Star® rated heating systems, so you can save 30% on heating costs while staying warm.


518-441-0142 Heating • Cooling • Plumbing

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PO Box 121, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 • Ph: 518-673-3011 OR 800-218-5586


14 words $.10 each additional

Deadline Thursday Noon - Fill Out This Form OR Call Us To Place Your Reader Ad • READER AD FORM • Date________ COPY:

____ # of Weeks

______Starting Issue Date (Saturday Date)

(First 14 words $4.00 each additional word 10¢)

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Name (Print): ____________________________________________________________________ Farm/Company Name: ______________________________________________________________ Street: ______________________________________________ County: ____________________ City: ________________________________________________ State: ____________ Zip: ______ Phone #: ____________________________ Fax #: __________________ Cell #: ____________ Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________ Payment Method: K Check/Money Order K American Express K Discover K Visa K MC Card #: ______________________________________________ Exp. Date: __________________ MM/YY

Name on Credit Card (print): ________________________________________________________ Signature: ____________________________________________ Today’s Date: ________________ Amount Paid: ________________________________________ Ph: 518-673-3011 or 800-218-5586 • Fax: 518-673-2381 • Email:

Mail: The Original Pennysaver, PO Box 121, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428

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Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

Local vocals attract multi-county attendees to Broadalbin

by Elizabeth A. Tomlin There’s a place where folks gather on Sunday afternoons to dance, relax and to sing with the band. That place is the historic Broadalbin Hotel’s 1854 Pub & Eatery, and the band that has people coming back every week is the Fox Creek Band with renowned vocalist Linda Lee.

“I like the people and the atmosphere here,” Linda Lee remarked. “Everybody is like family.” People come from all over the Mohawk Valley to become part of this “family,” and some of the people that are among the crowd have been attending the weekly event for well over 20 years.

Linda Lee of St. Johnsville leads the vocals with the Fox Creek Band. Other band members include Ron Bender of Gallupville, John Mento of Oppenheim, Phil Minnich of Fort Plain, and Larry Edwards of Broadalbin. Photo by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

Janet Daves of Amsterdam says her brother played in the original band at the historic hotel. “We were right here from the very beginning,” Daves says. “My brother, Dick Barnes, was the first one who started the music here with Larry Edwards. They started playing here back in the 80’s, and I’ve been coming here almost every Sunday since then.” Daves recalls that the original band was called “Cheyenne.” Larry Edwards of that original band lives in Broadalbin and currently plays lead guitar with the Fox Creek Band. Lena Paro of Johnstown said she meets her cousin from Fort Plain at the dance on Sundays. “But if she can’t come, I come alone anyway,” Paro says. “It’s like family here. No one is a stranger.” Although it appears most people come to

dance, as the floor is crowded with dancers, folks from the audience are also invited up to sing with the band - and Linda Lee backs them up if they are shy about singing in front of the audience. Linda McIntosh of Broadalbin needs no back up and is a favorite and a regular vocalist, singing each week with the band. “She has a wonderful voice!” attested Janet Ouderkirk of Palatine. Ouderkirk has only been coming to hear the band for “about a year and a half.” Ruth Devoe of Fonda is also a regular vocalist, and is also credited with a beautiful voice. “I’ve been singing here for years,” Devoe reports. “We come for the music, to be with friends, and to sing. It’s like one big happy family!” For more information call 518-8835414.

Valentine Teddy Bear and Doll Tea Party Raggedy Ann and Elmo attended the tea party at the Pink Parlour, Saturday, Feb. 11 at the Shops at 25 West. The event was one of the

many activities scheduled for the Second Annual Valentine’s Day in Little Falls.

Those who visited the Pink Parlour for the Tea Party were lucky enough to enjoy refreshments with Elmo and Raggedy Ann. Photos by Mary Skinner

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

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Real Estate Discounts for Mature Adults in Canajoharie

Cozy Efficiency w/wall to wall carpet . . . . . . .$295 Comfy 1 Bedroom w/wall to wall carpet . . . . . .$415 Both Apts. have Low Cost Heat, Hot Water & Laundry Room

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9.2 Acres - beautiful view. . $24,000 Owner Financing 5.3 Acres - beautiful view. . $19,000 Owner Financing 3.6 Acres. . . . . . . . . .. . . . .$15,000 Owner Financing

Town of Manheim: 59.9 Acres - mostly woods. .$77,000 Owner Financing 17.9 Acres - field & woods. .$43,000 Owner Financing

More Land Available To Rent or Buy 518-861-6541

Buying a home Thinking about buying a home? We have information that can help! Got questions? Talk to one of our housing counselors! 1. Figure out how much you can afford What you can afford depends on your income, credit rating, current monthly expenses, downpayment and the interest rate. 2. Know your rights • Fair Housing: Equal Opportunity for All- brochure • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) 3. Shop for a loan • Looking for the best mortgage: shop, compare, negotiate brochure 4. Learn about homebuying programs • Homebuying programs in your state • Let FHA help you (FHA loan programs offer lower downpayments and are a good option for first-time homebuyers!) 5. Shop for a home

• Choose a real estate agent • Wish list - what features do you want? • Home-shopping checklist? take this list with you when comparing homes • Homes for sale (including HUD homes) • "Fixer-Uppers home purchase and repair programs • Manufactured (mobile) homes • Build a home 6. Make an offer • Making an offer 7. Get a home inspection • 10 Questions to ask a home inspector 8. Shop for homeowners insurance • Homeowners insurance • 12 ways to lower your homeowners insurance costs 9. Sign papers You're finally ready to go to "settlement" or "closing." Be sure to read everything before you sign! • Settlement Costs and Helpful Information Source:

CANAJOHARIE Modern 2 Bedroom Apartment Freshly Painted, Canajoharie Schools, Off-Street Parking, Utilities Separate. No Pets. Security and Referenced Required. Call Janet Stanley at 315-525-3582 or email

Call 518-605-2292

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

Calendar of Events ORIGINAL VALLEY PENNYSAVER NOTE: Calendar entries must arrive at the Original Valley Pennysaver’s office by the Tuesday prior to our publication date for them to be included in the calendar of events. Send events to Lee Publications c/o The Original Valley Pennysaver, 6113 State Highway 5, P.O. Box 121, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428. E-mail: or JAN 28 - FEB 25 Kari Alissa O’Mara (East Gallery) & Heejung Cho (West Gallery) Earlville Opera House,

Ames - Sprout Brook UMC 613 Latimer Hill Rd. Ames, NY 13317 518-673-2265 Rev. Dr. Campbell Laker Sunday Service 9:30am

Christian Church of Charleston Four Corners

1380 E. Lykers Rd., Sprakers 518-922-9088 Pastor Brett Popp

18 East Main St., Earlville, NY. Showing of Kari Alissa O’Mara black & white photo exhibit in the East Gallery and

Cherry Valley Assembly of God 37 Alden St., Cherry Valley, 607-264-3306

Pastor David Carpenter, Jr. Sundays 9:30am

Church of the Nazarene 3316 State Route 29 W Johnstown, NY 12095 Offices: 518-762-2982 Cell: 857-523-8417

Sunday School (adult & children) 10am, Worship 11am, Sunday Eve. Prayer 6:30pm, Thurs. Eve. of Encouragement 6:30pm

Sunday Morning Service 11:00am Sunday School for All Ages 10:00am

Dolgeville Christian Fellowship

Dolgeville United Methodist Church

3 Elm St., Dolgeville, NY 13329 315-429-9142

21 N. Helmer Ave., Dolgeville Pastor: Rev. Diane E. DiLuzio 315-429-7381

Dr. Marvin Isum, Pastor

Worship Sunday 10:30am Midweek Fellowship Tuesday 7pm

Faith, Hope and Love Christian Fellowship 18 W. Grand St., Palatine Bridge 518-673-5128 Rev. David W. Bowley Sundays 11:30am, For other service times please call

Freysbush United Methodist Church

Pastor, Rev. Mark Fowler

Worship 11:00am Sunday School @ 9:30am beginning September 18th Bible Study - Wednesdays @ 12:30pm

Fonda Fultonville United Methodist Church 11 Montgomery St., Fultonville Pastor Nancy Pullen • 853-3311 Sunday Morning Worship 9:15-10:15, Sunday School 9:15-10:30, Coffee Fellowship Following Service Our Mission-To Actively Follow Christ and To Inspire Others To Accompany Us.

Fultonville Reformed Church

Freysbush Rd., Fort Plain 518-993-3645 Rev. Alan Griffith, Officiating

Corner of 5S & 30 Pastor Jane Hubschmitt

Worship 9am, Sunday School 10am ALL ARE WELCOME coffee hour to follow service

Sunday School 10AM Family Worship 10:30AM

Grace Episcopal Church

Grandview Baptist Church

32 Montgomery St., Cherry Valley 315-858-4016

Fr. Kyle Grennen, Priest-in-Charge Sunday 11:00am Holy Communion/sermon

15 Washington St. Fort Plain

Pastor Dan West Sunday School 10am Morning Service 11am Bible Study & Prayer Meeting, Wednesday 6:30pm

Heejung Cho in the West Gallery with her exhibition “Urban Illusion.” Call 315-691-3550. On Internet at www.earlville FEB 1-29 Arkell Center News and Events for February Arkell Center, Canajoharie, NY. • Daily Activities: Cards, dominos and reading. • Monday-Friday: Noon meals provided by the Meals of Montgomery Program (M.O.M). Reservations required by noon of the previous day. • Wednesdays: 3-4 pm. Gentle Yoga with instruc-

Page 39 tor Sylvia Wohlgemuth • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Thursdays: 2-4 pm. 2nd Time Around Big Band Practice. • Monday, Wednesdays & Fridays: 10:15-11 am. Senior’s Exercise Program with Bob Smith. FEB 18, 23 & 24 Cosby Gibson Emack & Bolio’s, 366 Delaware Ave., Albany, NY. 7 pm. • Feb 18 - West Amsterdam Farmer’s Market (Indoor), 1863 State Hwy. 5S, West Amsterdam, NY - 9 am - 1 pm. • Feb 23 - Folk Alliance International, Memphis

Church Directory

Call 518-673-3011 To Place Church Listings or Fax Listings to 518-673-2381 Cornerstone Baptist Church 7274 St. Hwy. 10, Ames 518-673-3405 Sunday School 10am, Adults & Children Morning Worship 11am, Youth Ministry 5:45pm, Evening Worship 6pm, Wed. Bible Study & Prayer Meeting 7pm, Awana Club 6:15-8:15pm

Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd 26 Moyer St., Canajoharie 518-673-3440 Feb. 22 The Holy Eucharist and Imposition of Ashes 1 & 7pm Holy Eucharist Sundays at 9:30am Fellowship Time to Follow Call for Holy Day services

The Rev. Virginia L Ogden, Rector

Fordsbush Bible Church 131 Clark Rd., Fort Plain 518-568-7606 Pastor Kevin Keever Sunday School 10am, Morning Service 11am, Eve. Service 6pm, Wed. Service 6:45pm, Thurs. Visitation 6pm

Currytown Reformed Church 829 St. Hwy. 162, Sprakers 518-673-2772

Rev. Donald Hoaglander Sunday School 9:15am Worship Service 10:00am

Everlasting Joy Believers Fellowship 66 Hancock St., (Rte. 5S) Fort Plain, NY 13339 315-858-2112 Pastor Carolee Coye Sunday Service 10am

Fort Plain United Methodist Church 39 Center St., Fort Plain Rev. Alan Griffith Church Office 518-993-3863 Parsonage 518-993-3645

Home of Victory Christian Academy

Office Hrs Tues & Thurs. 10am-4pm ALL WELCOME, Worship Service 11am

Glen Reformed Church

Grace Christian Church

State Hwy 161 in the Hamlet of Glen 4 miles South of Fultonville

20 Center St., St. Johnsville, NY 13452 Rev. Harry J. Teuchert 315-866-8626

518-212-6022 Pastor Tim Alicki Sunday Worship at 9. Sunday School immediately following Children’s Message

Sunday School 9:30am Worship 11:00am

Holy Family Parish

Joy Fellowship

Little Falls, NY 315-823-3410 Saturday 4pm Sunday 10:30am

296 Co. Hwy. 119 St. Johnsville, NY 13452 518-568-5507 William Hayes Pastor Joyce Loughran Assistant Pastor Sunday School 9am, Morning Worship 9:30am Wednesday Evening Worship 6:30pm

Page 40 Downtown Marriott, Memphis, TN, Room 1922, 12 midnight. • Feb 23 - 10:30 pm Room 1811, “Neutral’s Not Enough” Showcase • Feb 24 - 12:30 pm -

Church Directory

Call 518-673-3011 To Place Church Listings or Fax Listings to 518-673-2381 Oppenheim United Methodist Church Route 29 Pastor: Rev. Diane E. DiLuzio 315-429-7381

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012 Troubadour Room, between Saturday and Sunday • Feb 24 - Room 1914, solo set - Access Film Showcase. On Internet at Lighthouse Baptist Church 1524 St. Rt. 29A, PO Box 114 Stratford, NY 13470-0114 315-429-8854 Pastor Martin Smith Sunday Morning Worship 10:30am; Wed. Eve. Prayer Meeting 6:00pm; 2nd & 4th Sunday Dinner following Morning Service with Afternoon Service following dinner “Old-Fashioned Bible Preaching”

Our Lady of Hope R.C. Church 115 Reid St., Fort Plain, NY 13339 Parish Office 518-993-3822

Pastor: Father Dennis Murphy

Worship 9:30 Sundays, Totally Awesome God-TAG time 6:30pm Wednesdays beginning in Oct., Sunday School 9:00am beginning September 18th

Mass Schedule: Saturday, 4pm; Sunday, 8:30am & 11am; Mon.-Thurs. 8:30am. Confessions: Sat. 3 & by appointment Please call parish office for Holy Day schedule

Reformed Church of Fort Plain

Reformed Church of Sprakers

165 Canal St., Fort Plain, NY 13339 518-993-4302 • Rev. Nancy E. Ryan Sunday Worship 10:30am, AA meetings on Tues. 7pm, Home of Manna House Meals, A Community Meal Program-Sat. & Sun 5pm

St. John’s & St. Mark’s Lutheran Church 143 Church St., Canajoharie 518-673-2224 Pastor Zach Labagh Sunday Worship 11am, Christian Ed. 9:45am

St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church 31 North Helmer Ave., Dolgeville 315-429-8338 Father William A. Gorman Sunday Mass is 10:30am, Daily Mass Mon. & Wed. 8am

St. Paul’s Universalist Church 565 Albany St., Little Falls

Cooperstown Farmers Market Cooperstown Farmers Market, 101 Main St. in

Pioneer Alley, Cooperstown, NY. 9am - 2 pm. Winter veggies, apples, meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, baked goods, jams, crafts, maple syrup and more. Call 607-547-

Marshville Evangelical Church

National Kateri Tekakwitha Shrine and Indian Museum

FEB 18, MAR 3 & 17, APR 7 & 21

Route 10 South Rev. David Bowley Worship Sunday 9am

Randall Christian Church NY Rte. 5S Sunday Service 10am

Pastor Lance Borofsky

Worship ~ 10AM

St. John’s Lutheran Church 774 St. Hwy. 163, Freysbush, NY 518-993-4442 Rev. Kenneth Dingman Sunday Worship 9:30am, Sunday School 10:30am, You are invited... Ladies Aid W.E.L.C.A. Meets 1st Sat. of every month. For Fellowship in Christ’s Service. Handicapped Accessible

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church 7690 Rt. 80, Springfield Center 315-858-4016

Fr. Kyle Grennen, Priest-in-Charge

110 E. Smith St., Herkimer, NY 13350 Services - Every Sunday - 10am & Wednesday - 6:30pm 315-292-7539 email -

St. John’s Reformed Church

Sunday Worship 6pm, Tues. Prayer 7pm, Bible Study 7pm (Wed., Thurs. & Fri.) We teach the fullness of God’s Word, a life of holiness for the believer, and salvation for all who trust in Christ’s sacrifice.

St. Johnsville Methodist Church

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

32 W. Main St., St. Johnsville, NY (next to NBT Bank) 518-568-3007 Church 518-568-2405 Parsonage Rev. David Johnson

Worship Sunday 3pm

36 Lydius St., Fort Plain, NY 13339 518-993-4442 Rev. Kenneth Dingman

Sunday Eucharist, 9:30am Coffee - Fellowship follows service Holy Days - as announced

Sunday Worship 10:30am, Tues. Bible Bungee-Jumping 7pm, “Bible Study” that actually makes sense! A Vibrant, Welcoming Community of Faith & Vision

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Community

Stratford United Methodist Church

170 Rural Grove Rd., Sprakers, NY 12166

Route 29A 315-429-9085

Masses Sunday 8:30am & 11am

Rev. Roger Waldron

The Holy Spirit Polish National Catholic Church

The House of Zion, Inc.

The Rose of Sharon Church of God

Sunday Worship 9am, Sunday School 10am, (No services in July, meet at St. John’s St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Canajoharie). Communion on the first & third Sundays

14 Park Place St. Johnsville, NY 13452 518-568-7700 Pastor Mike Yezierski

518-568-7983 • 315-866-8626


5430 St. Hwy. 10, Palatine Bridge 518-673-2224 Rev. Zach Labagh

Worship 10am, Nursery Provided, Christian Education for children & adults 9am

Faithfully Following Jesus Christ Sunday Worship 10:30am

Service Sunday 10am Coffee hour following service. Our Church is a home to inquisitive, spiritual free thinkers with diverse religious beliefs. All are welcome.

Trinity Lutheran Church

15-19 Front St., Canajoharie 518-673-2816 Rev. Miriam Barnes

7 East Main St., St. Johnsville, NY 13452 Rev. Harry J. Teuchert

1 Church St., Cherry Valley

Mass at 11am on Sunday

Reformed Church of Canajoharie

68 W. Main St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7396


618 E. Gansvoort St. Little Falls, NY 315-823-0793 Father Rafal Dadello

Weekly Masses: Sat. 4:30pm, Sun. 10:30am

Seeker’s Fellowship

112 Sprakers Hill Rd

Mark Tiffany, Preaching Elder

3636 St. Hwy. 5, PO Box 627 Fonda, NY 12068-0627 518-853-3646

580 Dillenbeck Road, Palatine Bridge 518-673-2382 Saturday Morning Worship Service 11:30am

United Methodist Church of Canajoharie 50 E. Main St. 518-673-2717

Jesus says - “Come Unto Me” Join usSpecial Music Ministry, Beautiful Surroundings, Friendly People Sunday Service 10:30am - Email: Communion Last Sunday of the Month

Worship 9am

1485 St Rt 20, Sharon Springs, NY 518-284-3307 Pastor Fred Jones Worship Service Sunday at 11am & 7pm Tuesday night 7pm Bible Study at 122 Moyer St. Wednesday Bible Study at Spring Meadows 6pm Friday Youth at the Church All Welcome at 7pm

Valley Alliance Church 85 E. Main St., Nelliston 518-993-3458 Pastor Dave Prahst Sunday School (all ages) 9:15am, Sunday Worship 10:30am, Wed. Praise & Prayer 7pm, Fri. Youth Group 7pm (7-12th grade)

Sunday Worship 11am

The Christian Church of Rural Grove 518-922-7831 Pastor Joshua Fetterhoff

Sunday School (all ages) 9:45am, Morning Service 11am, Eve. Service 6pm, Wed.-Family Night 7pm, “Where Bible Teaching is Fundamental”

The Time for Truth Ministries PO Box 351 Amsterdam, NY 12010 Phone 518-843-2121 Cell 518-774-8558

Victorious Life Church RMI Fellowship 104 Main St. & 431 St. Hwy. 80 Fort Plain, NY 518-993-3102 Sunday School 9am, Morning Worship 10:30am, Youth Group 5pm, Evening Worship 7-8pm

6195. On Internet at mersmarket FEB 19 All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast Ames Fire Department, Ames, NY. Pancakes, sausage, eggs, liver sausage, homefries, sausage gravy, applesauce, donuts, orange juice, coffee, tea & milk. ALL YOU CAN EAT! Contact Chief Alan Dean, 518-673-5415. Ice Fishing Class for Women & Children 36 Canal St, Fort Plain, NY. 2-5 pm. This freeevent is limited to only 15 participants. Preregister at 518-9932653. Contact Tanya, 518-993-1010. FEB 20 MVC Scholarship Competition Application Deadline Open to any high school junior or senior within the area: Albany, Fulton,

Hamilton, Montgomery, Saratoga, Schenectady and Schoharie counties. Each applicant must submit a tape or CD of two selections (one should be a classical number) and 3 letters of reference (at least one from a vocal music teacher) to scholarship chairman Gay O’Brien, Box 2440, Ballston Spa, NY, 12020. Deadline is Feb. 20. The tapes will be reviewed by a panel of qualified MVC judges and finalists may be asked to perform at a live audition. The winner, who will be awarded a $500 scholarship to be used at the student’s discretion, will be contacted by the end of February and will perform at the annual Classics concert March 11. Application forms are being mailed to school and private music teachers throughout the area this month. They may also be obtained from Mrs. O’Brien, 885-

3781. Funds for the scholarship are raised through a weekly 50-50 raffle conducted by the chorus and special donations earmarked for the scholarship fund. FEB 21 Puzzle-A-Mania Fonda Library, Fonda, NY. For all ages, free food and beverages sponsored NYSERDA. Call 518-8533016. Zee Avi The Moon and River Café, 115 South Ferry St., Schenectady, NY. 7:30 pm. Free. all ages. All free. Singer/Songwriter, Pop Rock, Indie. Rockstar Open Mic every Sunday Night - 7:30 pm. On Internet at Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper Fonda-Fultonville United Methodist Church, Montgomery St., Fultonville, NY. 4-7:30 pm. Freshly made pancakes,

sausage, liver & sausage gravies, applesauce, cookies & beverage of ch oice. Adults $7, 12 & undr $3. Immediate family $20. Proceeds to benefit Glen/Mohawk Scholarship fund. FEB 24 Winter Warm Up Soup & Sandwich Luncheon Fort Plain United Methodist Church, 39 Center St., Fort Plain, NY. 11 am - 2 pm. Homemade Chicken Noodle soup, homemade Tomato soup, assorted sandwiches (including grilled cheese), dessert & beverage. All for $6. Take outs available. Call 518-9933464. FEB 25 Earlville Opera House 18 East Main St., Earlville, NY. For shows and entire family events click - orcall 315691-3550.

Kevin Wayne and “The Retrobilleze” Maple Ski Ridge. 1 pm. On Internet at kevinwayne63 or Rick Sachetti, Bob Jonas, Betski K The Moon and River Café, 115 South Ferry St., Schenectady, NY. 8 pm. Free. all ages. All free. Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock. Rockstar Open Mic every Sunday Night - 7:30 pm. On Internet at www. FEB 27 Arya Chowdhury The Moon and River Café, 115 South Ferry St., Schenectady, NY. 8 pm. Free. all ages. All free. Singer/Songwriter Indie. Rockstar Open Mic every Sunday Night 7:30 pm. On Internet at concerts

KEEP THE COLD OUTINSULATE! Kraft faced and unfaced fiberglass insulation available at C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016 KEEP THE COLD OUT with Larson Combination Storm Doors. 32” & 36”x80” white in stock at $137.85. C.H. Burkdorf & Son, 35 Hough St., St. Johnsville 518-568-7016 8 FOOT TABLES & folding chairs for rent. Canajoharie Volunteer Fire Department 518378-3279 or email

The best time to make friends is before you need them. -Ethel Barrymore

FEB 29 Benefit Concert for Schoharie Crossing Winners Circle, Fonda, NY. 6:30-9 pm. Leap the Creek Benefit Concert for Schoharie Crossing Historic Site Flood Relief. $10 cover charge. Tons of great music, food and it’s for a good cause. Contact Tricia Shaw, 518-8297516 or e-mail MAR 3 34rd All Free Acoustic Coffee House Fultonville Methodist Church. Montgomery St., Fultonville, NY. 6:30-10 pm. Held downstairs. The no admission, no donation Acoustic Coffee House is open to all types of music as long as no vulgarity, doesn’t offend anybody and acoustic instruments only, (Bongos, shakers and tambourines good replacements for drums). If you can’t make it at 6:30, that’s OK there is a new performer every 9-13 minutes on average. Future Acoustic Coffee

MAKE our phone ring so we can return the favor!! Place your reader ad today. Only $4 for the first 14 words. 518673-0101 CATER your parties with us. Your guests will love it. Mercato Pizza & Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie. 518673-4411 THE SPORTSMAN’S DEN is now carrying a full line of Parker Compound & Cross Bows. 36 Canal St., Fort Plain, NY 518-993-1010 FOR SALE: 1997 Ford F150 4x4 ext. cab. $1,395 down. $50 per week. No interest. No credit check. Credit on Cars. 518-762-3626 FOR SALE: Pellet Stove, Holds 240 Lbs of pellets. Also Wood Stove, glass door, fire brick lined. 518673-5288

House shows - first Saturday of every month 3/3, 4/7, 5/5, 6/2, 7/7,8/4, 9/1, 10/6, 11/3, 12/1 for the year of 2012. Call 518-8534964. Antique Show Arkell Museum, 2 Erie Blvd. Canajoharie, NY. 10 am - 4 pm. Benefit 1747 Historic Nellis Tavern. Contact Donna Reston, 518-843-1601. Family Game Afternoon Fundraiser Frothingham Free Library, Fonda, NY. 1-4 pm. $3/person or $10 for a family. This fundraiser includes playing games and refreshments. Call 518-853-3016. APR 3, MAY 5, AUG 20 & 22, SEP 17 & 19 Defensive Driving Courses Arkell Center, Canajoharie, NY. • April 3-4: 1-4 pm. • May 5: 9 am - 3:30 pm. • Aug 20 & 22: 1-4 pm. • Sept. 17 & 19: 5:308:30 pm. $20/person. All classes

will be held in the Community Room of Arkell Center. Upon completion, individuals qualify for a NY ate point & insurance reduction certificate which will be mailed to them. Payment required in the form of a check or money order made payable to The Shults Agency or cash paid on the day of the first class. Bring your drivers license.. Contact Joam Cimino, 518-6734408, leave your name and phone number. MAY 10-11 Spring Book, Bake & Plant Sale Frothingham Free Library, Fonda, NY. 11 am - 7 pm. Includes for sales gently used books, videos and DVDs along with plants and delicious home baked goods. Call 518-853-3016. SEP 13-14 Fall Book & Bake Sale Frothingham Free Library, Fonda, NY. 11 am - 7 pm. Call 518-8533016.

2007 HONDA Accord SE, red, 52k, V-6, auto, alloys, full power. SALE: $14,995. John C. Miller, Inc. 518-762-7124

BAD CREDIT? Need a car? No worries! Main Motorcar, Main Street, Johnstown. 518-7623183

WEEKNIGHT SPECIALS: $8.95. Mercato Pizza & Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie 518-673-4411

FOR SALE: 1948 Ford 8N tractor with plow and a t t a c h m e n t s , $3,000/OBO. Call 607264-3680

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK Mercato Pizza Restaurant, 38 W. Main St., Canajoharie. 518673-4411

1997 GMC JIMMY. 4x4, $995 down, $50 per week. No interest. No credit check. Credit on Cars 518-762-3626

FOR SALE: Rice Coal, $5.20/40 lbs., $260/ton. Bylers Storage Sheds, 5284 St.Hwy10, Fort Plain

2007 FORD Mustang GT, Dk. grey, 30k, V-8, auto, leather, sharp! SALE: $20,995. John C. Miller, Inc. 518-762-7124

They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom. -Confucius

You can place your Line Ad in this Publication for as little as $400.

518-673-3011 Deadline Every Thursday at Noon

Cuffe Computers offers affordable repairs and upgrades as well as custom built systems. 518993-4833.

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

Page 43

Send in this completed He y page. All correct k ids Fill entries will be put in in for , a c this a drawing for $5.00! han pag Send completed page $5. ce to e 00! win with your name, age, and address to: The Original Valley Pennysaver, PO Box 121, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428. • One entry per person. • Drawing limited to those under 12 years of age. • All entries must be received no later than 5 p.m. Monday, Feb. 27, 2011.

Congratulations to the 2/4/12 winner — Katie J. Byler of Palatine Bridge

Look for the answers in next week’s issue!

Answers to last week’s puzzles below

Page 45

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012



Red, 52k, V-6, Auto, Alloys, Full Power, 4-Door SALE


John n C.. Miller,, Inc.


509 9 NORTH H PERRY Y ST.,, JOHNSTOWN N • 518-762-7124 Quality Open: Mon.-Thurs. until 7 pm; Fri. until 6 pm; Sat. until 3 pm. d e n Also open anytime, any day by appointment. Pre-Ow

Use the recommended grade of motor oil You can improve your gas mileage by 1–2 percent by using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil. For example, using 10W-30 motor oil in an engine designed to use 5W-30 can lower your gas mileage by 1–2 percent. Using 5W-30 in an engine designed for

5W-20 can lower your gas mileage by 1–1.5 percent. Also, look for motor oil that says “Energy Conserving” on the API performance symbol to be sure it contains friction-reducing additives. Source:

R A R E & FA S T ‘06 Caddy CTS-V


Tax Refund Checks Accepted Here Call Mr. Waters for An Appointment

C el eb rat i n g ov er

7 5 Ye ars! Free Gas Give Away up to $100 excludes commercial vehicles

Have your Vehicle serviced & enter to win

6.0 liter V-8, 6spd std, all options, black w/tan leather interior, 46,000 miles.

Reduced to $22,500 518-221-4103 3 orr 518-673-0104

210 Erie Blvd Canajoharie • 673-3214

The Tire Shop A Multi Line Dealer


WE NOW DO OIL CHANGES 155 Erie Blvd., Canajoharie, NY

OPEN: Mon. - Sat. 8-5

Calll Scottt att


Best Quality Best Service • Best Price

Midway Body Shop Mike Fredericks - owner 6152 St. Hwy 5 Palatine Bridge, NY 13428

• FULL COLLISION REPAIRS Now using environmentally-friendly waterborne paint from PPG same paint used by new vehicle manufacturers • FRAME STRAIGHTENING • WE INSTALL SPEEDLINER® SPRAY IN BEDLINERS Call or stop in for appointment


Automotive Ask the TECH Questions

Tire Service What type of tires should go on my vehicle based on my driving? What can happen if I install a set of tires having a size not recommended for my car? My car shakes at certain speeds… What causes this? Can my driving habits affect tire life? Check Engine Light Does the light mean my car needs a tuneup? When checking out the cause of the light, are there any other services that need to be performed at the same time? Is it normal for the light to come on briefly when I start my

car? Air Conditioning Service What happens if I continue to use my car’s A/C system, even though it’s not cooling properly? Water drips underneath my car when I use the A/C system. Is this normal? A musty odor comes out of the A/C vents at times. Can anything be done about this? My car’s A/C system seems to cool intermittently and I hear a clicking on and off from underneath the hood. What does this mean? I have an older car that still uses R-12 or Freon refrigerant. Does it make sense to switch it over to R134a?


Pa In y Off NO Month T Ye s ars !

We’re Not the Bank - We’re Your Neighbors Everyone’s Approved! • No Credit Check | 0% Financing

’96 Honda Accord

895 Down


$50 a week

166 E. State St., Johnstown • 762-3626

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

Page 47

Automotive Ask the TECH Questions has compiled a list of questions to ask your technician before you have your maintenance performed. The questions cover: Oils, Filters and Fluids What fluids will you check? Is the oil you’re putting in my car the right type for the way I drive? Is an oil filter change included with this service? When should I get my next oil change? What fluid should I change next? How often should my fluid level be checked? Will my car’s instrument panel alert me if fluids are low? Belts and Hoses What’s the differ-

ence between a V-belt and a serpentine belt? Why does my aftermarket V-belt have notches? What are branched hoses and why might these be better for my vehicle? What is electrolytic corrosion and how did it get in my cooling system? Brake Service Is there anything I can do to help the brakes on my car last longer? How does the work being performed eliminate the symptoms my car exhibited or my complaint? Are there any related services my car needs while this service is being performed?

Vehicle Need Inspection? No Problem ... Call Us!

518-993-2496 518-332-4254

123 State Route 168 Fort Plain, NY 13339 M-F 8am-8pm Sat & Sun by Appt.


Including Van Shelving and Roof Racks, Truck Toolboxes and Ladder Racks




• ASE Certified Mechanic

• We Service ALL Vehicles Including Diesel


Exp 2/25/12

Check our website for: Specials, Inventory & Pricing Unlimited Mileage Warranty Available on Most Vehicles. NYS Inspections • Servicing All Makes & Models

607-264-3680 •

5519 US HWY. 20, E. Springfield

Scratch & Dent Inventory Sale Up To 70% Off Manufacturer’s List Price!

221 W. Fulton St. Gloversville, NY 518-725-1203 Mon., Wed., Fri. 8-6; Tues., Thurs. 8-5; Sat. 9-Noon

Original Valley PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

Page 48

$12,995 174k


Sunroof, Lthr, Loaded, New Condition

$15,995 $9,995 110k 53k


Auto, Htd Lthr, CD Player, Loaded,PS, LowPW, Miles! VerySharp! Nice!

$10,995 95k


$15,995 60k


All Pwr, Great Cond, Ready to Roll!


V6 Loaded, Very Nice!



Wolfsburg Edt, Loaded, Htd Lthr, Sunroof Sunroof, Tinted Windows, 5spd, Sharp!

$13,995 107k


$13,995 106k


Like New Work Van, Great MPGs!

$13,999 51k


Htd Lthr, Conv, Great MPG, Like New, Low Miles

$13,995 VEHICLES UNDER $10,000 SALE!! $8,995






Auto, 4x4, Sunroof, Tow Pkg., E.C.!



Sunroof, Htd Lthr, Loaded, Great Buy!


01 FORD EXPLORER SPORT TRAC 5spd, Manual, 4x4, V6, Low Miles





5spd, Low Miles, Great Gas Mileage!



$7,995 95k

V-8, Auto, 4x4, Nice Truck!


6cyl, Auto, 4x4, Nice Winter SUV!



5spd, CD Player, Ready to Roll!




Auto, PW, PL, Low Miles, Like New






Loaded, Heated Lthr, Roomy with Class!




V-6, 4x4, Loaded, Nice Condition!




Auto, 4cyl, PW, PL, Exc Condition


$6,995 118k


Manual-5, Dependable, Great MPG!



Gas/Elec, Super MPGs! Like New!


03 DODGE DURANGO SPORT V8, Auto, 4x4, Low Miles



Rear Heat/AC, 7 Pass, CD, Great Family Vehicle!



Sunroof, 5spd, CD Player, Exc MPG!

Page 1 - Section B • ORIGINAL VALLEY PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

February 18, 2012

February 18, 2012 • ORIGINAL VALLEY PENNYSAVER • Section B - Page 2

Brand NEW

2011 Dodge Charger R/T Hemi, Leather, Super Trac Pak, Moon Roof, “Road & Track”

Was $39,910

Now $34,986* New 2012 Chrysler 200 Touring V6, Automatic, Handsfree Phone, Power Windows, Locks and Mirrors, Sirius Satellite Radio


- $2,000 Customer Cash - $1,000 Conquest Lease

New 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan AVP

New 2012 Jeep Compass Sport

Stow-n-Go, Rear Air, Sunscreen Glass, Power 1st, 2nd and 3rd Row Windows, Alloys Wheels

4x4, Automatic, Handsfree Phone, Sirius Satellite Radio, Power Windows, Locks and Mirrors, Fog Lamps



- $1,000 Customer Cash - $500 Bonus Lease Cash - $1,000 Conquest Cash - $750 Minivan Owner Loyalty - $2,000 Balloon Bonus Cash - $500 Presidents’ Celebration Bonus

NOW $19,980*

- $1,000 Customer Cash - $1,500 Balloon Bonus Cash - $500 Presidents’ Bonus - $1,000 Conquest Lease

NOW $19,500*

NOW $19,780* New 2012 Jeep Liberty Ltd Jet Edition 4x4, Power Heated Leather Seats, Handsfree Phone, Infinity Sound System, Sirius Satellite Radio

New 2012 Dodge Journey AVP Power Windows, Locks and Mirrors, Sunscreen Glass, Touch Screen Radio w/Aux and USB Port



- $3,000 Customer Cash - $5,000 Lease Cash - $1,000 Conquest Lease - $2,500 Balloon Bonus Cash

- $500 Customer Cash - $1,000 Conquest Lease - $1,500 Balloon Bonus Cash

New 2012 Ram 1500 Reg Cab ST 4x4

New 2012 Ram 2500 Crew Cab ST 4x4 -

4x4, Power Heated Seats, Nav., Sunroof, Power Tailgate, V6


NOW $18,795*

NOW $18,450*


New 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo X

You Save $7,614!

$1,500 Customer Cash $1,114 No-Charge HEMI $1,000 Conquest Lease to Retail/Lease $1,000 Trade Up Trade In Bonus $500 Ram HD Snow Plow Bonus $1,000 Returning Lessee Loyalty Cash $1,000 Truck Month Bonus Cash $500 Military Customer Cash

NOW $30,506*

$29,590 -

- $1,000 Customer Cash - $1,000 Conquest Lease

NOW $36,765*

New 2012 Ram 3500 Crew Cab SLT 4x4 You Save $7,114!

$1,500 Customer Cash $1,114 No-Charge HEMI $500 Military Customer Cash $1,000 Conquest Lease to Retail/Lease $1,000 Trade Up Trade In Bonus $1,000 Returning Lessee Loyalty Cash $1,000 Truck Month Bonus Cash

NOW $22,476*

$53,525 -

New 2012 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SLT 4x4 You Save $7,500!

$1,500 Customer Cash $500 Military Customer Cash $1,000 Conquest Lease to Retail/Lease $1,000 Trade Up Trade In Bonus $1,000 Returning Lessee Loyalty Cash $1,000 Truck Month Bonus Cash $500 Ram HD Snow Plow Bonus $1,000 Diesel Trade Assistance

NOW $46,025*

$38,885 -

You Save $9,614!

$2,000 Customer Cash $1,114 No-Charge HEMI $500 Military Customer Cash $1,000 Conquest Lease to Retail/Lease $1,000 Trade Up Trade In Bonus $1,000 Returning Lessee Loyalty Cash $1,000 Truck Month Bonus Cash $1,500 Balloon Bonus Cash $500 Presidents’ Day Event Bonus

NOW $29,271*

All rebates to dealer as listed, tax, title fees extra. Must qualify for all available rebates to receive the new offer. Offer expires 2/27/2012. • • • •

RANDALL IMPLEMENTS CO., INC. 2991 State Hwy. 5S, Fultonville, NY 12072 518-853-4500 SHARON SPRINGS GARAGE 1375 Rt. 20, Sharon Springs, NY 13459 518-284-2346 FRANKS WELDING & FABRICATION 339 E. Main St., Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-2797 GINO’S RESTAURANT 49 Church St., Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-0036 LENZ & BETZ FUNERAL HOME 69 Otsego St., Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-3231 PERUZZI’S MEAT MARKET 69 Church St., Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-3382 FREIHOFER’S 67 East Main St., Nelliston, NY 13410 518-993-3300 BECKER’S AUTO SALVAGE 796 McKinley Rd., Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 518-673-3238 M.W. ROOSEVELT AND SON 210 Erie Blvd., Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-3214 FRASIER’S FLORIST 126 Dillenbeck Rd., Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 518-673-3596 SPRINGER’S INC. 7403 State Hwy. 5, St. Johnsville, NY 13452 518-568-2016 PRIME SIGNS 25 Park St., Fonda, NY 12068 518-853-3526 PALATINE VALLEY DAIRY 68 East Main St., Nelliston, NY 13410 518-993-3194 MACFADDEN & SONS INC. 1457 Hwy. Rte. 20, Sharon Springs, NY 13459 518-284-2090 JUST YOUR STYLE 101 Mill St., Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-5311 FUCCILLO AUTOPLEX 6460 St. Hwy. 5, Nelliston, NY 13410 518-993-5555

Page 3 - Section B • ORIGINAL VALLEY PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

JOSEPH TRAUDT, INC. 39 Floral Ave., Canajoharie, NY 13317 518-673-5351

February 18, 2012 • ORIGINAL VALLEY PENNYSAVER • Section B - Page 4

Being smart about weeds can save time, back strain by Dean Fosdick, AP Hand weeding is one of the most demanding chores in gardening, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Mulching, spraying, plant crowding and inexpensive stand-up tools can ease much of the back-straining work. “Weed control is personal,” said Barb Pierson, nursery manager for White Flower Farm, Litchfield, CT. “To me, there are two types of weeds. Those that spread quickly and look terrible, and those that don’t look so bad but if you leave them in your garden, it will appear messy.” “Some people enjoy cottage or natural gardens that have tons of weeds but you

don’t notice them because the flowering plants are so big and bodacious,” Pierson said. “Yet if you have a simple garden, those weeds will stand out.” It pays to know your plants before uprooting anything, she said. “Otherwise you might pull up something you like — something attractive that’s trying to self-sow and naturalize, like violas or pansies.” Weeds generally are considered the thugs of the garden because they steal sun, water and nutrients that you’re trying to direct toward edibles and ornamentals. They often appear unsightly and out of place. But weeds have a positive place in na-

ture. They can be used to prevent soil erosion, provide food and cover for pollinators, and supply organic matter to depleted ground. Despite all that, it may be necessary to do some hand weeding around the yard. And there are ways to save time and effort doing it. Weed after it rains, when the ground is softer and weeds are easier to pull. Weed when the plants are small. Weed whenever and wherever you see them pop up, at any time of year. Or try: • Crowding your favorite plants. “The lazy man’s guide to gardening is to plant your flowers so tight there isn’t room

enough for any weeds to compete,” Pierson said. • Mulching. “Compost and leaves can smother weeds while making your soil healthier,” Pierson said. • Using the right tools. Long-handled hoes, string trimmers and propane-fueled “flamers” have helped gardeners avoid many an aching back. • Spraying with synthetic herbicides. Weed-killing chemicals have proven effective, but don’t overdo it. Targeting the spray rather than broadcasting it, and timing applications for windless days should reduce some of the ecological hazards.

Michael A. Rochet, MD

Valley Restaurant Equipment & Supplies

Member - Christian Medical & Dental Association

February Specials

Family Medicine Specialist

Now Accepting New Patients

Caring for Toddlers to Seniors


Accepting Most Insurances

Conveniently located at 608 East Main St., Little Falls, NY Phone/Fax: 315-823-0542 • Email -



Boneless Dubuque Hams. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1.89/lb. American Range Gas Fryer Layout Bacon, 15 Lbs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .$32.95 Pecorino Romano Cheese. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$7.99/lb. 120000 BTU, 35/50 Fat Capacity Imported Provolone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$6.79/lb. All Stainless Steel Sharp NY State Cheddar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$5.79/lb. Long Stix Pepperoni . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8.00 35 Lb. Gem Clear Fry Oil . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $29.95 So Kleen Pot & Pan Soap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$6.99/Gal. Big D Degreaser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$8.99/Gal.

Blowoutt Special

In His Service 5010 State Hwy 30, Suite 102, Amsterdam


Kitchen gadgets - complete line of spices - #10 cans - dairy - paper & party supplies - frozen foods & much much more! Full warehouse of used restaurant equipment at our other location 18 Church St., Little Falls!

Page 5 - Section B • ORIGINAL VALLEY PENNYSAVER • February 18, 2012

Complimentary Maintenance

February 18, 2012 • ORIGINAL VALLEY PENNYSAVER • Section B - Page 8


Bridal Guide

creative styling 4755 St. Hwy. 30, Amsterdam


Bridall Package • French Pedicure • French Gel Manicure • Up Do •Make Up Airbrush Save Up to $20.00 Free Consultation All Your Special Occasion Wedding Needs Tues.-Fri. 8-7pm; Sat. 7-3pm

Weddings . . . . . . Starting @ $60000 Portrait CD . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10000 School Photo CD . . . . . . . . . $10000

Call for Details

Shop Johnstown


Corner of Rte. 30 A & Rte. 67 • Johnstown At 762-3252 Johnstown Open 5am-11pm Gulf Great Deli Selection Featuring Boar’s Head, Meats & Cheeses, Sandwiches, Fresh Salads, Chester Fried Chicken



Hot Foods To Go!

Delivery Mon-Fri 10am-2pm

Use Your Tax Return for a Year-Round Vacation in Your Own Back Yard!

Buy directly from the Farm and Save! Single bag or by the ton. The cleanest & driest available! Available at:

Hickory Hill Farm (formerly B&B Crop Farm)

• Corn Burning Stoves • Wld Bird Feed •

Hydro Pros

81 Briggs Street, Johnstown 518-762-8827

TUES-FRI 10-6, SAT 10-2

Vintage Café



Delivery & Take-Out Available Catering Service

Come dine in our Vintage Ice Cream Parlor Atmosphere! “Where it’s Always Homemade, Always Delicious”

Featuring a variety of homemade entrees,wraps, sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts and much more.

Open n Monday-Fridayy 7 am-22 pm 21 W. Main St., Johnstown, Call 762-0030

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds & Mixed


B & B Country Stoves

Old Trail Rd., Johnstown • 762-1362

ring Deli, and Cate es Whitey’s Meat, eat orr Ourr Pric an’tt Beat Ourr M uC You

Stephen Melita Owner


Street 204 Nor th Perry 095 Johnstown, NY 12

mous BBQ’s! Watch For Our Fa




99 North Comrie Ave • Johnstown • 762-0074 See Us First!

Don’t Assume the Bigger Box Has The Better Offer!

Whether you say bay-zil, or baa-zil, there’s one thing everyone will agree on. Juicy, sun-warmed tomato chunks mixed with olive oil, freshly torn basil and garlic spooned over hot pasta is truly a feast sublime. What’s pesto without fresh basil? Besides having extraordinary taste, basil is incredibly easy to grow. Not only does it add grace to the herb garden or tomato planting, but the numerous shapes and sizes make excellent additions to a perennial garden, shrub border or container garden. Smaller basil cultivars make a superb edging for the perennial border or vegetable garden. Plant a large maroon-leafed basil between lettuce and leeks for a splash of rich color. Cinnamon basil and orange-scented geraniums in a sunny container radiate the scent of warm orange-cinnamon rolls. Seed racks and catalogs are filled with amazing varieties. There are sweet, scented, Italian, Thai and Greek basils, each with a different leaf shape and flavor. Most edible basils are cultivars of the species Ocimum basilicum. The smooth-leaved types that grow two to three feet tall are the best-known for culinary use. There are also highly perfumed crinkly-leaved and ruffly-leaved varieties which make superb pesto and double as smashing focal points in the landscape. Opal basil’s deep red to purple leaves display a striking contrast to green, gray and blue-leaved plants in the perennial border. Culinarily, they make beautiful soft pink sorbets and vinegars. Although their flavor is superb, be cautious about using them in foods such as creamy white soups — their color may lend a dark purple or gray tint to the food, not very appetizing by most stan-

dards. In contrast to the large types, the tiny-leaved basils produce small, 6” mounds and are unmatched as edging plants. These small globe basils have a delicate flavor that is best used fresh. Basil asks for nothing more in the garden than full sun and well-drained soil. It grows quickly from seed, and multiple seedings provide a season long harvest. Basil thrives on warm weather and is frost sensitive, so don’t get impatient and sow seeds too early. Harvest basil just before flower buds form and continue harvesting to keep the plant producing in a bushy form. Once the plant begins to expend energy in flower and seed production it will lose some of its potency. Cut or pinch basil just above a leaf or pair of leaves, removing no more than a quarter of the plant. This leaves plenty of foliage to keep the plant healthy and looking good. To preserve basil, you can air dry, oven-dry or freeze: Simple air drying preserves the basil taste for use all winter. Rinse leaves in cool water, gently shake off extra moisture. When thoroughly dry, tie a handful of stems firmly into a bundle. Place bundle in a paper bag, gathering the top of the bag around the stems then tie again. Label and hang to dry where the temperature doesn’t get above 80 degrees F. After two to four weeks, the herbs should be dry and crumbly. To oven-dry, place leaves on a cookie sheet and put into a 180 degree oven for three to four hours, leaving the door ajar. Once basil is dried, store in an airtight container in a cool, dark cabinet. Keep the leaves whole if possible to preserve the oils. To retain just-picked flavor, freeze basil in water or

olive oil. Put a handful of washed leaves in a food processor with enough water or oil to make a slurry. When processed, pour into ice cube trays to freeze. Once frozen, store in a well-labeled freezer container. You can also make your favorite pesto recipe and freeze the final product. There are also many popular herb vinegar recipes available as yet another way to preserve your basil harvest for months to come. Enjoy!

Promote family time at the table Today’s families are busier and more budget conscious than ever and it seems like opportunities to come together are scarce. Kids may be engrossed in extracurricular activities and Mom and Dad may be putting in extra hours at work to make ends meet. But making the time for fam-

ily can improve family relationships and foster success for kids and adults alike. Perhaps nowhere does the opportunity to enjoy family time occur more than around the dinner table. Only one in five families sit down to dinner together, with many instead grabbing meals

on the go or choosing fast food. Neither option is especially healthy or cost-conscious. But there are ways even the busiest families can enjoy a healthy meal together without breaking the bank. Families can enjoy intentional time around the dinner table as a

Quality Generators Since 1927

lifestyle with these suggestions. • Embrace technology. It’s hard for many people, parents and children alike, to go an hour without being on the Internet. Families looking to spend more quality time together at the dinner table can now make the most of their time and


Authorized Sales & Service I Electric Motors & Apparatus I Rewinding I Machining I Pump Repair I Sales & Service AC & DC

their budget thanks to, a user friendly online resource that provides a variety of easy and budgeted weekly meal plans, complete with delicious dinner recipes and a corresponding grocery list so you just print and go shopping! • Be efficient when shopping for groceries. Trips to the grocery store can quickly turn into expensive odysseys for unprepared shoppers. Since time is of the essence for most families, be sure to bring a grocery list along on your next trip to the grocery store. A well-planned list can drastically reduce time and money spent at the store, which only leaves more time for the family and money in your pocket. • Emphasize the im-

portance of dinner together. Eating dinner together is just as essential to building a strong family as healthy food is to building a strong body. Dinnertime provides the perfect opportunity for families to converse, connect with and relate to each other on a daily basis. “Instead of crowding your full plate, we think that families should simplify,” says Jane DeLaney, founder and President of “Making time for a shared meal around the dinner table means more time together ... more enjoying, more embracing, more capturing moments, more memories, more eternal perspective, and more reflection. It means more of all the things that truly matter.”

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510 Folts Rd., Herkimer

We Buy • Sell • Trade Quality Used Cars (518) 627-4171 • 266 St. Hwy 67 - Amsterdam - Next to Cappie’s Drive-In

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The wonderful world of basil

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FEB.. 29,, 2012 FEB.. 29,, 2012

FEB.. 29,, 2012

FEB.. 29,, 2012

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February 18, 2012 • ORIGINAL VALLEY PENNYSAVER • Section B - Page 12

500* 500*


With Additional Presidents’ Day Weekend Customer Bonus Cash

IS THE TIME TO BUY! Maxima 3.5 SVs

Model #23611

Model #16211

Model #13112

Model #22212, 22412& 22612

2011 Nissan Murano AWDs

2011 Nissan

2012 Nissan Altima Sedans

2012 Nissan Rogue AWDs

$750 Customer Cash $500 College Grad Cash***

$1,500 Customer Cash $750 NMAC Captive Cash** $500 College Grad Cash***

$2,500 Customer Cash $500 NMAC Captive Cash**

$500 Presidents’ Day Weekend Bonus Cash*

$500 Presidents’ Day Weekend Bonus Cash*

$500 Presidents’ Day Weekend Bonus Cash*

$500 Presidents’ Day Weekend Bonus Cash*

$1,750 Total Available Savings

$3,250 Total Available Savings

$3,500 Total Available Savings

$3,500 Total Available Savings

Or take advantage of



$2,500 Customer Cash $500 NMAC Captive Cash**

Financing on Most Other Models Terms vary between 36-60 Mos. Must be approved thru NMAC Financing at Tier 0 or Tier 1. See dealer for full details. • Must take delivery between Feb. 17-20th to take advantage of Presidents’ Day Bonus Cash. **Must finance thru NMAC and approval at Tier 0 or Tier 1 to qualify. ***Must be a graduate within last 24 mos. of a 2 year or 4 year graduate degree. See dealer for details.

If you’re not ready for a new vehicle, choose from the cleanest selection of pre-owned vehicles around.

2011 NISSAN MURANO S AWD 260HP V6, CVT Auto, AC, Full Power, AM/FM 6 Disc CD, Tilt, Cruise, 18” Alloys, Only 3,053 Miles! $


2011 JEEP WRANGER SPORT 4X4 V6, 6 Spd, AC, PW, PL, AM/FM, CD w/Steering Wheel Controls, Bluetooth, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, Only 4,567 Miles $




265HP V6, Auto, AC, PW, PL, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, Bedliner, Tonneau Cover, Alloys, 23,295 Miles $

260HP V6, Auto, AC, Fully Loaded, Leather, Rockford Fosgate Stereo, Nav. System, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, Sharp! 29,438 Miles $



2009 NISSAN MAXIMA S’s 290HP V6, CVT Auto, Dual Zone AC, Full Power, P. Sunroof, AM/FM, 6 Disk CD, Tilt, Cruise, 18” Alloys, 18-37,000 Miles Starting at $ 2 TO CHOOSE







1.6 Liter Turbo, CVT Auto, AC, Full Power, P. Sunroof, AM/FM CD w/Ipod Input, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, Fun to Drive, 1 w/Nav, 11K Miles

2.4 Liter, Auto, AC, Full Power, AM/FM CD w/Sat Radio, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, Conv. Pkg., Only 4,118 Miles $

265HP V6, Auto, AC, PW, PL, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, Bedliner, Alloys, 33,272 Miles $

CVT Auto, AC, Fully Loaded, Leather, P. Sunroof, Bose Stereo, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, Only 30,310 Miles $

Auto, AC, PW, PL, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, 1 Owner, 30,176 Miles, Great MPG’s! $


Starting at $ 2 TO CHOOSE









Auto, AC, Full Power, P. Sunroof, AM/FM 6 Disc CD, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, 51,851 Miles $

CVT Auto, AC, Fully Loaded, Leather, P. Sunroof, BOSE Stereo, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, 1 Owner, 64,127 Miles $

260HP V6, CVT Auto, AC, Fully Loaded, P. Sunroof, Bose Stereo, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, Local Trades, 61-62K $

260HP V6, 6 Spd, AC, PW, PL, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, Factory Spray-In Bedliner, Alloys, 68,894 Miles $

CVT Auto, Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Power Locks, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, ABS, 37,976 Miles $





V6, Auto, AC, Full Power, Dual P. Sliding Doors, 7 Pass., AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, Only 40,429 Miles $

CVT Auto, AC, PW, PL, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, Spoiler, Only 7,396 Miles! $

2.5 Liter, Auto, AC, PW, PL, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, Bedliner, 1 Owner, 50,170 Miles $

2.5 Liter, CVT Auto, AC, PW, PL, AM/FM CD w/Ipod Input, Tilt, Cruise, ABS, 78,254 Miles $














4 Dr, Auto, AC, Full Power, P. Sunroof, AM/FM CD, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys, 1 Owner, 78,731 Miles $


*Taxes, Title & Registration Fee not included.

320 N. Comrie Ave., Johnstown, NY • 518-736-1300

Valley Pennysaver 2.18.12  

Valley Pennysaver February 18, 2012

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