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“Kitchen creative� with Chippie Just add fresh new doors & tops all cut, edged and drilled for you Step 1 Sketch, identify & measure To guide the Timbercity cut shop, make a simple sketch of each cupboard area to be replaced. Include arrows to show which way doors open. Measure every door, side panel and drawer-face and write each dimension on to your sketch. Also number every element.

Step 2 Transfer numbers to old doors Then transfer each number to the actual doors, side panels and drawer-faces.

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Step 3 Remove hardware Unscrew the handles and then remove each entire door, unscrewing the hinges. Then carefully remove the stove hob and sink.

Step 4 Record hinge positions Measure and record where the existing hinge holes and base-plates are. The base-plates may have to be repositioned, as old hinge holes may be too weak to hold the new hinges and doors.

Step 5 Lift off tops Remove the screws that hold the postform tops on to the cupboard carcasses. Break the silicone seal where a top meets any wall tiles, to avoid damaging the tiles. Use the existing postform tops as templates for the new ones, especially if you will be re-using the previous hob and sink etc. If not, obtain the dimensions of the new items and indicate them in the right position on your sketch.

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Step 6 Let Timbercity do the hard stuff Take your sketch (and the old doors and tops, if you so wish) to your nearest Timbercity and discuss your needs. We will draw up a cutting list, cut all doors, drawer fronts and tops required, cut out the holes for hob and sink, and cut the pot holes for hinges on all doors, plus drill guide holes for the screws. Then we’ll deliver your order to you, neatly packed and ready to assemble.

Step 7

Replace tops

Move the new tops into position. Coat the cut surfaces of the hob and sink holes with silicone to prevent water damage to the chipboard inner. Then refit the hob and sink, before fastening the top to the cupboard carcass using chipboard screws. Seal the join between top and wall with silicone sealant.

Step 8 Fit doors, drawers & hardware Fit the new doors by inserting the hinges into the holes which have been potted for you. Fasten them on with the screws. Then fit the new drawer faces. Measure the positions of handles carefully to ensure they are all at the same height. Drill pilot holes for the screws and screw the handles on from the back of the door.

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Step 9 Thank Timbercity Our economical cutting plans and accurate cut/edge/drill service eliminate high costs and hassle. Plus our amazingly wide range of colours, finishes and fittings help turn a tired kitchen into an inspired kitchen. Don’t rip it out, update it. Timbercity will show you how.

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Sketch, identify & measure Step 1 Transfer numbers to old doors Step 2 Your Project Partner Then transfer each numb...

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