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2175 Arrowhead The stately five bedroom home offers everything you need for the folks that love to entertain. Over 4400 sq ft of luxury living. Crafted beamed ceilings, pizza over, oversized island, gourmet kitchen and walk in pantry... Large bedrooms, amazing master suite with sitting area. A stunning back yard and pool as well as a gun safe and extensive security features. See page 12 for more information and additional listings

Wendy Teixeira

Patterson Realty (805) 310-3505

423 Monterey Road

Gabriel Fernandez

Capitol Realty Investments, Inc (805) 550-5792

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Lee Central Coast Newspapers |  Friday, March 16, 2018 | A1

Everything has been updated and upgraded with nothing left stock. As you walk through this home, you will continue to be impressed at every turn. Premium carpet, scratch resistant (better than real!) wood floors, new cabinets throughout, designer counter tops and remodeled bathrooms and more. The master bedroom has been expanded into a suite with room for a sitting area that you won’t find anywhere else in the area. See page 2 for more information

423 Monterey Rd Remodeled to peRfection!!

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A2 | Friday, March 16, 2018 | Lee Central Coast Newspapers

Go green in your lawn and garden this spring Everything has been updated and upgraded with nothing left stock. As you walk through this home, you will continue to be impressed at every turn. Premium carpet, scratch resistant (better than real!) wood floors, new cabinets throughout, designer counter tops and remodeled bathrooms and more. The master bedroom has been expanded into a suite with room for a sitting area that you won’t find anywhere else in the area. 2,200 square feet with four bedrooms! This gem has multiple areas inside and out that are perfect for entertaining. Incredible game room addition adds space for entertaining with flair and charm and a very private patio in addition to the tropical back yard. This home has it ALL! It even has a dog run on the side of the house ready for your furry family members to experience the beauty as well. Your beautiful home new home is located close to EVERYTHING, parks, shopping and freeway access, yet private and quiet. Very low maintenance and single story for the buyers that want beauty and ease in one package. Seller is willing to show his pride and joy with an appointment. Just call (805) 550-5792 to schedule a time that is convenient for you!

Gabriel Fernandez BRE#: 01316271 (805) 550-5792

Capitol Realty Investments, Inc 722 E Main St #112

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‌Spring is a season of rejuvenation. As the cold days of winter drift away, spring blooms begin to sprout and grass regains its lush green look. Green is certainly a color that’s synonymous with spring. Gardening enthusiasts can find a way to make spring even more green by embracing several eco-friendly gardening practices as they bring their lawns and gardens back to life in the months to come. „„ Create a compost pile. Composting is an eco-friendly way to enrich lawns and gardens. Composting helps to conserve water because compost promotes moisture retention in soil, reducing homeowners’ need to water their lawns and gardens while also helping them to save money on their water bills. Composting also helps homeowners avoid the need to use potentially harmful chemical fertilizers because compost is a natural, slow release fertilizer. In addition, according to Canada’s Green Action Centre, compostable materials make up 40 percent of residential waste. So composting can

dramatically reduce the amount of waste homeowners ultimately send to landfills. „„ Replace gas-powered mowers with reel lawn mowers. Reel mowers may seem like relics from simpler times, but today’s reel mowers, while just as eco-friendly as their predecessors, are unlike those of yesteryear. According to the Planet Natural Research Center, an online resource for organic gardeners, gaspowered engines emit more than 10 times the hydrocarbons per amount of gas burned than auto engines. But reel mowers are fuel-free and less expensive than gaspowered mowers. Planet Natural also notes that reel mowers snip grass like scissors, leaving finer trimmings that can serve as nourishing, weeddeterring mulch for yards. „„ Water at the right times of day. Homeowners who water their lawns and gardens at the right time of day can help the planet and reduce their energy bills. As spring gradually gives way to summer, temperatures typically rise. Watering during the coolest times of the day means

less water will be lost to evaporation, ensuring water-needy soil will get all it needs to help lawns and gardens thrive. Early morning watering before the sun reaches its midday peak and/or evening watering as the sun is setting are typically great times to water lawns and gardens, rather than when temperatures are at their hottest. „„ Use a rain barrel. Rain barrels provide another great way to conserve water while tending to lawns and gardens. Rain barrels collect and store rain water from roofs and downspouts, keeping water from washing into sewage systems where it can’t be put to good use. Water collected in rain barrels can be used in various ways. Many homeowners can use water from rain barrels to water their lawns, gardens and houseplants, saving money on their water bills along the way. Spring gardening season provides a great opportunity for lawn and garden enthusiasts to embrace a variety of ecofriendly practices that can save them money and protect the planet.

3 ways to use your lawn to improve curb appeal

a lush 1. Maintain green lawn.

Lawns that fall into disrepair may not give buyers a correct impression about how homeowners maintained their homes. Lawns with multiple dead spots and grass that appears more brown than green may lead many buyers to assume that the home’s interior was equally

Lee Central Coast Newspapers |  Friday, March 16, 2018 | A3

‌Returns on home improvement projects vary. In its annual Cost vs. Value Report, Remodeling magazine notes the projects that yield the best returns on investment in a given year. But a host of factors, including the type of market (buyers’ or sellers’) and the region where the home is being sold, ultimately combine to determine if homeowners’ investments in home improvement projects will provide the returns they were hoping for. Though there’s no way of guaranteeing a home improvement project will yield a great return, real estate professionals often cite improving curb appeal as an excellent way to attract prospective buyers and potentially get the asking price or more when selling the home. Improving curb appeal makes even more sense in today’s real estate market, when many people do their own searching via real estate websites such as Trulia or Zillow. When using such sites, buyers will likely be less inclined to click on a listing if exterior photos of the property are not eye-catching. Various projects, including tending to lawns and gardens, can improve curb appeal. An added benefit to focusing on landscaping to improve curb appeal is it promotes spending time outdoors in spring and summer. In addition, many lawn- and garden-related home improvement projects need not require professional expertise.

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ill-cared for. Maintaining lush green lawns is not as difficult as it may seem. Applying fertilizer and aerating at the appropriate times of year (this varies by region) can promote strong roots and healthy soil, making it easier for grass to survive harsh conditions like drought. When watering in summer, do so in early morning or evening so as little water is lost to evaporation as possible.

2. Address brown patch. Even well-maintained lawns can fall victims to brown

spots. According to the lawn care professionals at TruGreen, lawns in regions with hot temperatures and high humidity can be infected with brown patch, a common lawn disease that is caused by fungus, which can produce circular areas of brown, dead grass surrounded by narrow, dark rings. Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences notes that removing dew that collects on grass leaves each morning, which can be accomplished by mowing or dragging a water hose across affected areas, can be an effective way to

reduce brown patch. Homeowners without much lawn care experience can consult professional landscapers to address the issue. But those looking to sell their properties should note that buyers often walk the grounds of homes they are considering buying. So addressing any issues on the lawn should be a priority for sellers.

dogs 3. Confine to certain areas.

Dog owners may want to let their pets roam free in their yards. But homeowners about

to put their properties up for sale may want to confine their four-legged friends to certain areas. That’s because dog urine can be high in nitrogen. Nitrogen itself is not harmful to lawns, but in high concentrations it can contribute to yellow or brown spots. Also, highly acidic dog urine may even adversely affect pH levels in the soil. Curb appeal can go a long way toward helping homeowners sell their homes, and a lush lawn can be used to catch the eye of prospective buyers.

Use renovations to create healthier homes ‌Home renovation projects are done for several different reasons, whether to update styles, repair damaged or broken items or to achieve more living space. More than ever before, homeowners are choosing improvement projects geared toward making their homes healthier. Establishing a healthy home means different things to different people. For example, to an environmentalist, a healthy home may incorporate ecofriendly or green products. To those with young children or mobility-impaired seniors, a healthy home may be one free from potential hazards. Others may view a healthy home as one that alleviates allergies. The World Health Organizations says inadequate housing conditions, such as poor ventilation, radon, urban pollution, and moisture issues, can contribute to many preventable diseases and injuries — especially respiratory problems, nervous system disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and

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cancer. Furthermore, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ranks indoor air quality as a top five environmental risk to public health. EPA studies have found that indoor air pollution levels were roughly two to five times greater than outdoor pollution levels. People interested in making

their homes healthier can embrace these renovations and lifestyle changes. „„ Be aware of furniture materials. Toxic PBDEs, which are chemicals used as flame retardants on furniture fabrics produced prior to 2006, can send toxins into the air. Some manufacturers may still use

these flame retardants in new forms, but with similar risks. Before purchasing furniture, ask if a product is treated, and select naturally fire-resistant materials like wool and cotton. „„ Lighten up. Lighting is often underappreciated but can have a dramatic impact on whether a home feels inviting, warm and/or uplifting. Experiment with different types of bulbs and lighting fixtures to turn drab and dreary environments into brighter places. Lighting may improve mood and productivity. „„ Let the sun shine in. Modify window treatments to let more sunlight into the house. There is evidence that the sun, particularly UV light, is a potent bactericide. The Sunlight Institute advises that there’s no harm in letting natural sunlight do its work, as bacteria within eight feet of low-intensity UV light can be killed in 10 minutes. „„ Inspect and service woodburning appliances. A study

published in the American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology has found regular inhalation of wood smoke limits immune activity and function, and anyone who burns wood indoors should be aware of these potential health risks. Ensuring proper ventilation of smoke and routinely cleaning the chimney can help cut down on particulate matter. „„ Turn to nontoxic cleaning products, pesticides and insecticides. Always opt for nontoxic, natural products when cleaning in and around the house. „„ Declutter the home. A cluttered, hectic space can affect emotions and mental state, never mind attracting dust and making a home harder to clean. Spending time in spaces that do not elicit stressful feelings is healthier and can help residents to rest and recharge. Making a home healthier can be on the list of this year’s renovation plans.

A4 | Friday, March 16, 2018 | Lee Central Coast Newspapers

How empty-nesters can transform their homes ‌After bringing home a bubbly baby boy or girl, it can be hard for parents to imagine that a day will come when their kids are off to college and then onto their own apartment or house. After spending decades nurturing and caring for children, parents are then left with a suddenly quiet house and probably much more time to spare. If saying goodbye to the kids also means extra house, there’s the option to downsize or make that extra space more useful. Homeowners who choose to stay put can renovate vacant rooms into spaces that meet their newfound needs. „„ Hobby haven: If you’ve always meant to set up a crafting room, home-brewing station or an artist’s studio, now is an ideal time to do just that. Figure out which supplies you will need and begin reworking that former bedroom into a new sanctuary for leisure interests. „„ Guest suite: If you’ve never had a spare bedroom to

entertain guests, a child’s former bedroom can fit the bill. It may not be that difficult to transform such spaces into relaxing and inviting rooms for overnight guests. Be sure there is at least a queen-sized bed and a dresser or chest of drawers to stash belongings. Select paint colors and linens in neutral tones so the room will be inviting to guests. „„ Living room redo: When there’s an entire soccer team coming over to hang out, that large sectional sofa or modular seating may be ideal. Now that the kids are out of the house and their friends are no longer coming over for movie night, living rooms can be made more intimate with small-scale seating. A small sofa and two comfortable chairs may be a more fitting option. „„ At-home gym: Save on gym membership fees by building a mini studio right at home. Choose one of the larger bedrooms and then fill it with some fitness equipment,

such as an elliptical trainer, a bench press bench and some free weights. Store rolled-up mats in the closet for yoga or Pilates sessions. „„ Expanded bathroom: If space has always been at a premium in the bathroom, borrow area from an empty bedroom and turn it into a spa. Install a soaking tub separate from the shower, and fill the room with other amenities, such as a warming lamp or even a small sauna. „„ Home office: Working from home a few days a week may be more plausible when nearing retirement, as it will be a smoother transition from heading to the office each day to spending more time at home. Turn a bedroom or den into an office space with a new desk and bookshelves. An empty nest can be a bittersweet experience, but parents can make such situations work for them by transforming their homes to better reflect their current needs.

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SOUGHT AFTER CYPRESS RIDGE, ARROYO GRANDE! 3 bedrooms plus bonus room, 3 bath, single story situated on large beautifully landscaped corner lot with some golf course views. Features attractive tile floors, kitchen has granite counters, Silgranit sink, stainless steel appliances & pantry, living room has fireplace & built in entertainment center, large separate formal dining, Master has access to back patio, separate jetted tub & shower with beautiful new tile, granite counters & walk in closet. So much more! Check out property website at $775,000. Call Era Polly, 878-2490.







BEAUTIFUL COTTAGES ON THE GREEN IN ORCUTT! Completely remodeled 4 bedroom, 3 bath features attached guest quarters complete with a full kitchen, 3/4 bath and walk in closet. Additional features include awesome kitchen with new cabinets, granite counters & pantry, Hunter Douglas planation shutters, beautiful hardwood floors, large living room, separate family room with fireplace and so much more! Located very near expansive green belt area. $599,000. Call Steve Wisz, 720-0604.


GORGEOUS CARRIAGE DISTRICT, SANTA MARIA! Beautifully upgraded with all the bells and whistles features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, approx 2,083 sq ft. Expansive living area with stunning fireplace, kitchen has gorgeous granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances & walk in pantry, both bathrooms beautifully remodeled, newer lighting, dual pane windows, roof & outdoor patio. Entertainers dream backyard features indoor BBQ area & much more! $564,000. Call Louie Real, 478-9328.





EXQUISITE MONARCH RIDGE TOWNHOME IN NIPOMO! Most popular floorplan features 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, approx. 1,933 sq ft,, upgrades and craftsmanship showcase the very best in townhome living with the finest materials and decorator touches features plank wood and stone flooring, tall ceilings at both levels, view of the ocean from the upstairs guestroom/office, end unit located steps away from the Monarch Clubhouse. All three bedrooms have luxurious bathrooms and walk in closets with California Closet storage systems. $638,900. Call Rebecca Larsen, 268-3551.




OLD MILL RUN, ORCUTT HOME HAS EVERYTHING! 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, features generous size living space with 10 foot ceilings & recessed lighting, beautiful kitchen has granite countertops, large pantry, stainless steel appliances, oversized master with spacious bathroom has his & hers vanities & closets and deep soaking tub. New air conditioning unit and dual thermostat system for each level and much more! $539,000 Call Steve Wisz, 720-0604.


FOXENWOOD ESTATES IN ORCUTT! Features 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, approx 2,167 sq ft, situated on approx 10,454 sq ft corner lot features dual pane windows, updated lighting & plumbing fixtures, nice wood laminate flooring, upgraded tile shower in master, spacious bedrooms, family room with fireplace. Check out property website at $530,000. Call Era Polly, 878-2490.

GREAT ORCUTT OAK KNOLL LOCATION! Offers 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, approx. 1,620 sq ft located on cul-de-sac street walking distance to Ralph Dunlap Elementary School offers separate living & family rooms, fireplace, plenty of room on this approx. 12,197 sq ft lot to add RV parking. $439,000. Call Steve Wisz, 720-0604.

EXCEPTIONAL HOME IN WESTGATE RANCH! 3 bedrooms plus bonus room which could easily be converted to fourth bedroom, 2.5 bath, approx. 2,125 sq ft, has new carpet & interior paint, formal living/dining, great kitchen has attractive tile floors, large breakfast bar, plenty of cabinets opens to family room with fireplace, spacious master has walk in closet, separate tub & shower and large slider to back patio, indoor laundry room, good size beautifully landscaped lot. Very nice! Check out property website at www.1844rosita. com. $424,900. Call Era Polly, 878-2490.

NICE SPACIOUS SANTA MARIA NORTHEAST HOME! 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, approx. 2,313 sq ft features beautiful curb appeal and double door entrance, living room with fireplace, kitchen has granite tile counters & pass through to large family room with high wood ceiling & wood stove, good size master has slider to back patio that features nice brick pavers & beautifully landscaped garden area. Check out property website at $419,000. Call Era Polly, 878-2490.

HOME SWEET HOME IN SANTA MARIA! Very spacious & well maintained 3 bedroom, 2 bath features living room with brick fireplace, kitchen has tile floors & counters, large eat in area, dual pane windows, solar tube skylights for added light, newer interior paint, nice low maintenance backyard with covered storage & fruit trees, Santa Maria South East location. $355,000. Call Era Polly, 878-2490.

WELL MAINTAINED IN DEL CIELO! 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 living rooms, formal dining room & sunroom, newer carpet, appliances & granite countertops, upgraded laminate flooring, 2 storage sheds and nice yard. Set up to accommodate a lift elevator. Priced at $81,900. Call Steve or Melissa Wisz at (805) 720-0604.

EXCELLENT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY! Great opportunity to own 6 well maintained units located in Northeast Santa Maria. 3 units are 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and 3 units are 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 4 one car garages, onsite parking and each have their own laundry. Office Exclusive. Priced at $840,000. Call Era Polly, 878-2490.

OPPORTUNITY IN OLD TOWN ORCUTT! Beautiful completely remodeled in-line commercial space in the heart of Old Town Orcutt. Upgraded from top to bottom with all the bells and whistles including HVAC and new roof features a large glass store front that caters to the natural foot traffic in Old Orcutt. $595,000. Call Clifford Rhea at 260-4154.






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Lee Central Coast Newspapers |  Friday, March 16, 2018 | A5

BEAUTIFULLY REMODELED ORCUTT HOME! 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,330 sq ft with possible detached studio. Features new kitchen appliances, cabinets with easy glide drawers and granite counter tops, large family room, separate dining room, remodeled bathrooms, newer windows, new laminate flooring in bedrooms, upgraded doors throughout, end of cul de sac location. $410,000. Call Steve Wisz, 720-0604.

Surviving a home renovation get better. Even though remodeling can be taxing, the end result is often worth it. Here’s how to look forward to the silver lining and come out unscathed.

Discuss the project before it starts.

All family members should be in agreement before the first hammer is swung. Decide on as many details as you can ahead of time and have a firm plan in place. Establish backup choices for tiles or color schemes in case the items you want are out of stock. Trying to make decisions under duress may result in bad choices.

Do one project at a time. It’s tempting to want to improve as much as possible at once to maximize

motivation and renovation materials. However, having no place in which to escape the mess can elevate stress levels. Do not think about renovating kitchens and bathrooms all at once, or you will not have any working fixtures for tasks like washing up.

take lots of time and will likely take longer if you are doing the work yourself in your free time. Build lots of extra time into the project so you are not disappointed when delays happen — even when you’ve done your best to avoid them.

Have everything in place …

Construction environments can be messy, loud, smelly, and a host of other unsavory adjectives. The chaos that ensues when life is turned upside down can be overwhelming, particularly for the person who spends the most time in the home while work is being done. Build escape moments into the plan and make sure everyone else Metro Creative Graphics‌ at home is on board. During the real grind of the project, a Planning, patience and an understanding night or two at a hotel may be of what the project entails can make a welcome respite. home improvements easier to survive.

Before demolition even begins, have building materials bought and stored, contractors and subcontractors lined up, and see what you can do to minimize the time workers need to spend in your home.

… but expect delays.

In a world where things move at lightning speeds, renovations have not gotten the memo. Home projects

tE LIS St jU D tE LIS St jU PE


117 Regal Drive, Santa Maria- Townhomes East One features 2BD/2BA, living room with fireplace, formal dining area, kitchen with pantry, private patio entrance. Common area includes tennis court, clubhouse, picnic area. Low HOA dues. Priced at $215,000. Call Sue or John Lixey to view.



3130 Rod Drive, Orcutt- Spacious and open floor plan on this 4 bedroom home with approx. 2,014 sq. ft. Asking $464,000 Call Sue or John to view.




Bob Gayle



3108 Dian Drive, Orcutt- Updated Orcutt home in Rolling Hills

Estate. Nice curb appeal on this 3 bedroom home located in quiet cul-de-sac. Kitchen with granite counters, walk-in pantry. Family room with solar tube, gas log fireplace. Master bedroom with walk-in closet. Large backyard patio. Asking $487,000 Call John to view 345-7069




Reverse Mortgage Specialist


608 Patterson, Orcutt- 4 bedroom 2 bath, Courtyard entry, Corner Lot, Tile Roof, Walking distance to Patterson School. Priced at $419,000. Call Sue or John Lixey to view.


Call today to learn more about this HECM loan program* for accessing your home’s equity.

Real Estate Broker, California Bureau of Real Estate License 00466813 • NMLS License. 582948

4567 Foxenwood Lane , Orcutt- Spacious and open floor plan located across from the pool/spa area and greenbelt. Featuring 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, Formal living room, with fireplace, spacious dining area opens to the kitchen and breakfast nook. Attached 2 car garage. Priced at $345,000. Call Sue or John Lixey to view.


A reverse mortgage loan could help you fix up the place.

Plan an escape zone

Division of Aegean Financial, CA BRE #01478751 • NMLS #157935

Owner must be 62, maintain property as primary residence and remain current on property taxes, any fees and *This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency and this offer is not being made by an homeowners insurance. Other agency of the government. 17-016 conditions may apply.


A6 | Friday, March 16, 2018 | Lee Central Coast Newspapers

‌Homeowners invest large sums into improving their homes to make them more comfortable living spaces or to increase their odds of selling quickly. The Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University predicted U.S. spending on home renovations and repairs to peak at $327 billion in 2017. Whether one is doing a large renovation or a small remodel, life may be turned upside down during the project. Furniture may be moved out of the room, walls may be demolished, water or electricity may be turned off, and appliances may be missing or not hooked up. Home improvements often drum up dust and disarray. Such projects can try the patience of any homeowner, and things may get worse before they

Keller Williams Coastal Valley Sue Lixey, Realtor (805) 478-5728 BRE# 01082974

John Lixey, Realtor (805) 345-7069 BRE# 02003224

Era Polly Real Estate Inc. announces new team member Era Polly Real Estate Inc. is proud to announce the newest member to their team, Gina Rocha. Gina has been a positive advocate for the Orcutt, Santa Maria and Central Coast area for over 20 years. Her caring attention to detail, enthusiasm, positive and professional personality makes Rocha your home buying and/or selling experience extremely easy, enjoyable and financially rewarding. As a full-time Real Estate Professional, Gina brings her years of accounting experience and a previous business owner that personal touch to provide the best service possible. She is currently Treasurer of

the Orcutt Acdemy High School Boosters and Head Coach of the Orcutt Academy Dance Team. A very involved mother and grandmother, Gina understands the demands of schedules, value in time and strives to achieve the best for her clients. Gina is passionate and diligent in making sure she has tirelessly researched all aspects and opportunities to find the perfect home for your deserving family. Her skills in new technology and abundant knowledge of the market helps her negotiate your best financial investment. For any of your real estate needs, contact Gina directly at (805) 714-9239.

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PRICE REDUCED!! 4275 Parkdale Ln, Orcutt - Very nice 3br 2ba home in desirable Country Hills subdivision. Seller has done a complete clean-up making it move in ready. Located on a cul-de-sac safe for the little ones. Home has a nice floorplan and no wasted space. A must see for your fussiest buyer! $422,900

1811 S. Broadway, Santa Maria 110 S. Mary, Suite 6, Nipomo Kalua Kuhnle, Manager-Nipomo Office Pamela Hogue, Manager-Santa Maria & Lompoc Office

BRE# 00874459


JOE “Paul” Garcia 805•878•3862


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SOLD! 1032 Maggie Lane - Beautiful Monarch Dunes Home in Nipomo!! Extensive Upgrades! 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths,Plus Office or Extra Bedroom, Tile Roof, Solar Power, Kitchen opens to Family Room & Dining, New Stainless Steel Appliances, Wonderful Granite Counters in Kitchen & Baths, Master Baths Offers Large Shower, His & Her Vanity Areas with Storage, Big Walk-in Closet! Attached 2 Car Insulated Garage! Serene Patio, No Backyard Neighbors & Views! 1584 Sq Ft! Life is Good In This Amazing Community of Custom Homes! Amenities include Pool, Spa, Tennis and Golf! $575,000!

Diane Adams 805.570.9099 BRE#01103806

417 Chalfonte Ct. - A beauty in Hancock Park looking for new owners, four bedrooms, three baths, Family Room, large corner with covered patio and pool, great for entertaining or just quite relaxing time. Newer widows, flooring and tile work, balcony off the Master Bedroom, a pleasure to show. $554,900

Sandi Frazier

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Lee Central Coast Newspapers | Friday, March 16, 2018 |

Rain barrels provide an eco-friendly opportunity to repurpose rain water while helping homeowners conserve water and save money. But homeowners must exercise caution when using rain barrels in their lawns and gardens. Water collected by rain water should never be used for drinking, cooking or bathing. Pet owners should know that water collected by rain barrels also should not be used to bathe pets. Rain barrel lids should also be tightly secured to prevent mosquito infestations. Secure rain barrels to also protect children and pets from falling in. Overflow valves should always direct water away from structures to prevent water damage to homes or sheds. In addition, to reduce risk of falls and injury, homeowners should be certain that water is not directed toward sidewalks, driveways or other areas where foot traffic is common. Before the arrival of winter, homeowners should disconnect their rain barrels from downspouts to prevent the formation of ice.

Business: (805) 934-2105

How to control common spring pests ‌Just when winter thaws out and people are anxious to enjoy the blooming flowers and luscious lawns of spring, pesky pests can appear and impact comfort levels and safety. Many pests resume their levels of activity as spring draws closer and temperatures warm up. The presence of these insects and rodents may cause problems in and around a home, which makes it essential to recognize them and avoid issues. The following are some of the more common spring pests and how to remedy infestations.

Pavement ants

Pavement ants are some of the most common pests residents encounter inside and outside of their homes. These ants are light brown to black with appendages that are lighter than the rest of their bodies. Small in stature, pavement ants have parallel lines on their heads and thorax, according to pest extermination company Orkin.

blood while living on the body of living hosts. Pets can bring fleas inside the yard and home in warm weather. According to the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program, flea larvae develop more quickly at higher temperatures. At normal room temperatures, the entire life cycle of a flea is about 18 days. Several flea control products are available to control fleas on cats and dogs. There also may be powders and sprays to alleviate flea infestations in the home. Vacuuming is also very effective in killing larvae in the carpet and at picking up adults. Metro Creative Graphics‌

Ants are a nuisance that become more active as the weather warms.

Although pavement ants nest outdoors, they can enter homes through small crevices in search of food scraps. Their large colonies may not disappear until treatment is introduced. Keep foods in tightly sealed containers, clear counters and floors of crumbs, and address water

sources, such as leaks. Pesticides may be needed in extreme conditions.


Fleas are tiny, jumping, biting pests that must find a host upon which to live. As ectoparasites, they feed on


An errant wasp, hornet or yellow jacket may have survived winter and ridden out the colder temperatures within a home. Once the weather warms, queens will begin to look for places to lay eggs and establish colonies. Treating areas where wasps are seen entering and leaving the home is key. Seal holes as soon

A8 | Friday, March 16, 2018 | Lee Central Coast Newspapers

2512 Santa Rosa Street BRAND NEW CUSTOM-BUILT HOME located in Los Cabos. This lovely home features an open floor plan and custom touches throughout. The amazing kitchen includes granite counters and the latest stainless appliances. Crown moldings adorn all the rooms for a truly elegant look. Small, but private, OFFERED AT yard with large concrete patio. Landscaping complete and $429,900 lockbox on by 2/27. Call today to see this beauty!!


$50,000 PRICE REDUCTION on this SPECTACULAR brand new custom-built home with breath-taking panoramic views of the SM Valley to the coast. Just completed by one-of-the-best local builders and includes many dramatic features. With 12-foot ceilings, crown moldings, extensive use of travertine tile flooring, and gourmet kitchen, to maximize your enjoyment of the incredible views from most of the rooms. You’ll find alder cabinets + 9’ doors throughout, built-in freezer/fridge, double ovens and a six burner cooktop. The dramatic floor-to-ceiling fireplace accentuates the huge Great Room along with the adjacent built-in bookcases. With a split floor plan, this home is perfect for entertaining out-of-town guests or for an extended family. Horses OK/possible vineyard. Tour:

as possible. Although wasps help control other insect populations, their painful stings and potentially aggressive nature can make them challenging to have around a home. If a nest is found, hire a professional to remove it.


Many spiders are not harmful enough to humans and pets to be much of a problem. In fact, spiders can be helpful to have around to control the populations of other insects. Still, many homeowners would prefer these web-slinging friends remain outdoors. Therefore, sealing cracks in a home’s foundation and repairing small openings around windows and doors can help keep spiders out. Also, alleviating moisture issues in basements, garages or attics may keep out other bugs that would be prey to spiders. Homeowners can take the steps necessary to cut down on pests in and around their homes.

Avoid invasive plant species Metro Creative Graphics‌

Crocus blooms are some of the first seen in early spring.

Early-blooming spring flowers

Metro Creative Graphics‌

Many invasive species of plants are attractive, but they can wipe out native plants.

„„ Garlic mustard „„ Mayweed „„ Norway maple „„ Yellow rocket „„ Australian pine „„ Oxeye daisy „„ Bermuda grass „„ Ground ivy „„ Chinese privet „„ Cotton thistle

„„ Purple loosestrife „„ Japanese honeysuckle „„ English ivy „„ Kudzu „„ Autumn olive „„ Paper mulberry People can learn more about invasive species by speaking with lawn and garden professionals.

‌The arrival of spring is a welcome occurrence for many people. Budding flowers are among the harbingers of spring. Spring flowers can revitalize winter-weary people just when they need it most — and provide reassurance that brighter, warmer and longer hours of sunlight are just around the corner. Cold-tolerant flowers are hardy enough to start blooming before the last frosts have dissipated. Other flowers will begin to fill in as days warm a little bit more, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Home gardeners looking to warm up their gardens with early blooms can use these flowers in their early-season containers, window boxes and planting beds. Pansy: Pansies prefer cool weather, which can make them one of the best flowers to plant in early spring and late fall. Pansies come in a variety of colors, so there’s bound to be an offering that will blend with any homeowners’ landscape design. Creeping phlox: Also known “moss phlox,” creeping phlox is a short ground-cover that is a herbaceous perennial. Phlox produces small, fragrant flowers in dense clusters, which can attract wildlife, such as butterflies, to their mats across the soil surface. Snowdrops: Snowdrops can peek out even when there is snow still on the ground — sometimes as early as January and February. But their name

is actually a reference to their appearance, as snowdrops have three white petals that hang down like drops dripping off the stem. Violets: These flowers are closely related to pansies and, as a result, prefer cool seasons. Violets are generally slightly smaller than pansy blooms, but they can be just as beautiful. But as with pansies, violets will start to fade when the heat arrives. Crocus: Crocus plants are relatively small, only reaching three to six inches in height. However, their grass-like leaves are some of the first sprouts that can be seen among bulb and corm plantings. Preferring full to partial sun, these gold, purple, lavender, white, or yellow flowers can be enjoyed during the earliest days of spring. Daffodil: Daffodil bulbs produce cheerful, yellow flowers in early spring. They’re one of the most recognizable flowers thanks to their familiar shape and fragrant aroma. Lenten rose: Hellebores, also called the Lenten rose or Christmas rose, can tolerate light frosts. These blooms get their name from the time of year when they bloom, which is typically around the Christian Lenten season. Despite their name, these delicate flowers are not actually related to roses, however. Early-blooming flowers give winter-weary gardeners hope that spring has arrived.

Lee Central Coast Newspapers |  Friday, March 16, 2018 | A9

‌Intuition may suggest all plants that provide habitats for wildlife and produce oxygen for the atmosphere are good no matter where they are planted. However, non-native plant species that are introduced into areas across North America can pose significant threats to an ecosystem. Foreign plants can wreak havoc on native plant species and agricultural industries. Scores of plants are aggressively invading certain areas of the country. Invasive species are introduced largely due to human action, such as planting non-native plants. Plants also may be introduced through boating and fishing. Wind and rain may introduce non-native plants to a particular region, while some plants are introduced through animals. The organization says that not all non-native plants are harmful and some can be beneficial. But non-native plants that take over and cause severe damage in areas outside of their normal range are considered to be invasive, and efforts must be made to keep invasives under control. Gaining awareness of the pathways through which invasives spread can help people avoid introducing invasive species. Some invasive plants are very attractive and they may be for sale at some garden centers, but such plants should be avoided for the benefit of local ecosystems. In addition, weeds and seeds can be hidden in potting mixes or lawn and garden products and essentially sneak their way into regions where they do not belong. Homeowners who learn to recognize invasive species can decrease their risk of introducing such plants to their properties. The following are some common invasive species:

How to pet-proof a home

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‌Tens of millions of households throughout North America include pets. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation reports that more than 80 million households in the United States include companion animals, while the 2014 Canadian Pet Market Outlook reported that 57 percent of Canadian households owned pets. Pets are a big responsibility, and responsible pet owners recognize that the work begins even before pets come home. Pet proofing a home protects pets from accidents and injuries as they grow acclimated to their surroundings. „„ Install childproof latches. Much like children after they learn to crawl and then walk, young pets tend to be curious, and that curiosity can put them in precarious positions. Pet owners should install childproof latches on low drawers and cabinets, especially those beneath sinks where potentially harmful cleaning products are typically stored. Curious pet paws may be able to pry or pull open cabinets and drawers, but childproof latches can make that

considerably more difficult if not impossible. „„ Close toilet lids. While images of puppies drinking from toilets may elicit some laughs, the nonprofit organization American Humane warns that chemicals in common toilet cleaners can be deadly to pets. In addition, small puppies or kittens can drown in toilets. Keep all toilet lids close when toilets are not in use. „„ Keep potentially harmful items out of pets’ reach. Household cleaners beneath the kitchen sink are not the only items around the house that can be harmful to pets. Medications should always be stored on high shelves where pets cannot reach them. In addition, make sure all laundry room items, including detergent and dryer sheets, are stored out of pets’ reach. Discuss human foods that might be harmful to pets with a veterinarian and make sure such foods are not left out where pets can reach them when you are hosting friends or family members. If necessary, make sure all foods are served on dinner tables or kitchen counters that

are inaccessible to pets. „„ Conceal all wires. Today’s homes are more connected than ever before, and that often translates to more wires around the house. Make sure all wires are bundled together and out of the reach and view of pets, who may be tempted to chew on them. Even wires that are out of reach may tempt pets if they can see them, so pet owners should make concerted efforts to conceal wires. „„ Move or remove potentially poisonous plants. Plant lovers may not have worried if their plants were poisonous when they had no intention of welcoming pets into their homes. But prospective pet owners should research each plant in their homes to make sure they’re not poisonous. Move potentially poisonous plants to places where pets cannot access them. Remove any poisonous floor plants from the home before purchasing or adopting a pet. Pets, particularly puppies and kittens, tend to be curious. Pet parents can protect pets from their own curiosity by pet proofing their homes.

A10 | Friday, March 16, 2018 | Lee Central Coast Newspapers

Awnings can make outdoor spaces more comfortable ‌Many homeowners are eager to step outdoors upon the return of warm weather. Outdoor living spaces have grown in popularity as more and more homeowners embrace opportunities to entertain and lounge around in their yards. Outdoor entertaining areas can be great, but such spaces may go unused when summer sun makes it uncomfortable to spend time outdoors. But a retractable awning can change all that. Homeowners often find awnings can be worthwhile investments that can be beneficial both inside and outside of the home.

Increase usable yard space Awnings can create privacy and establish boundaries for outdoor living areas. Place an awning over a deck, tables and chairs, or an entire patio area.

Some people like to install awnings over a portion of their pools to provide shade for those who want to escape the sun’s rays. Motorized awnings can be retracted with the push of a button, which can help homeowners with physical limitations.

specific light conditions to grow. Awnings can protect shade-loving plants from harsh sunlight and filter the sun for plants that require indirect light. They can be placed over a patio container garden or permanent garden structure.

Protect against sun damage

Add value for buyers

Awnings provide excellent protection against sun damage, as they can shield outdoor furniture from direct sunlight, helping to reduce the chances for discoloration or fading.

Reduce air conditioning costs

In addition to shading outdoor living areas, smaller awnings can be placed over southern- and western-facing windows, shielding interiors

Metro Creative Graphics‌

against the sun’s rays. In turn, this may reduce reliance on air conditioners.

Expand gardening possibilities

Some plants require very

For those who may be selling their homes soon, awning may help them receive top dollar. Today’s buyers want houses that have attractive and functional exteriors, and an awning can provide that competitive advantage over similar homes in the neighborhood. When renovating outdoor areas, homeowners should not overlook awnings that can make outdoor living spaces more livable.

Sammy Robinson

BROKER Cell: 805-720-6990 samauri_samm y@samm BRE #01355003

1113 South Broadway, Santa Maria, CA 93454

















! M CO












Open Floorplan. Indoor private laundry room and pantry. Two full baths! Common area pool and spa. Located near shopping.

Established and prestigious Lake Marie Estate home with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths.




Finest Living In Deerfield





Centrally located in large office condo.

! VE


This property consists of 3 lots. Excellent opportunity for commercial or residential development. You can smell the ocean from this recently renovated beach bungalow! Option to buy empty lots.



Foxenwood Custom Built Home





Beautiful Ventana home with ocean views & spacious private rear yard is located on a cul-de-sac backing to open space above the Chumash Park with serene views of rolling hills & coastal oaks.








Very nice remodeled 3 bedrooms, 2 bath home, with large living room, new flooring through-out. New remodeled kitchen with new flooring and granite counter tops and new cabinets. Bathrooms have been remodeled, home has been painted inside and out.



$799,000 1396 ACRES Of POSSIBIlITY!

13 Acre parcel with great building sites in prime Orcutt Hills area. Surrounded by vineyards, with mountain and even ocean views. Secluded, yet so close to town, shopping, and all services.


Stacy Camacho 805-878-7890 BRE# 01311753

fay Curry 805-260-1190 BRE# 01718863

$2,495,000 WOW! AMAzING BUIlDABlE lOT!

6 separate parcels that potentially could be separated further. Active well on property and legal rights to another well o site. Power available. Horse barn, corral, water tank for existing well, rural dirt air strip, and possibilities for growing a variety of crop types.


Daniel Moreno 805-345-0158 BRE# 01731091

Richard Villareal 805-455-1500 BRE# 01144629


Zoned DR-4.6, parcel is 18.32 acres between La Purisima Road (North) to Mesa Oaks. Great opportunity for developer.


Debbie Smith 805-886-8928 BRE# 01447762

Bobby Rivera 805-722-2262 BRE# 01407321

Gloria Sprinkle 805-440-9931 BRE# 01470283

Lee Central Coast Newspapers |  Friday, March 16, 2018 | A11


“The Top Independent Brokerage on the Central Coast”

VEMENT O R P M I E !! – PRIC try Club

Wendy Teixeira R E A L T O R ®



!! Marie e k a L tiful

CalBRE #01345995

( 805 ) 310 - 3505

2702 oCotillo Orcutt! This four bedroom, three bath with over 2300 sq ft of living, home offers the downstairs bedroom and bath room everyone asks for! With a three car garage, corner lot and this great price, who could ask for more???? Priced at $479,000

I don’t just lIst homes, I sell homes! G PENDIN – ! S E T a INE EST LORRa

!! tory! S e l Sing

ing Pend rails t s e tiful W Beau


4477 kris Dr

1159 kit Way


570 raymonD

Four bedroom, one story home with a 3 car garage all on about 1/2 acre. Neutral colors, formal living and dining areas, private guest suite, light and bright. It went fast $739,900

Beautiful4bedroom,onestoryhomewithathreecargarageinOrcutt! This lovely home offers a nicely sized kitchen with breakfast bar, breakfast area & formal dining room & nicely sized family room. Off of the dining area is a great‘’bonus’’ room.The master suite is situated in the back for privacy & features dual sinks, lots of closet space & a cathedral ceiling with access to the back yard. Listed at $517,500

Beautiful 4,000 sq ft Westrail beauty has a great open and flowing floorplan. Cute sunporches for sipping coffee or reading a book. Two family rooms, two master suites, Great possibility for granny quarters, detached 3 car garage all on one gorgeous acre. Reduced to $824,000.

This one of a kind home offers unique features! Beginning with amazing Mexican Driftwood rock, 10 ft windows, slate flooring, & more all on a private acre. This 5 bed/4 bath home even offers fun entertaining options including a large area with a Santa Maria style BBQ. Built in grill, & roomy island in the kitchen. The garage can fit a 30’ RV has 1/2 bath & 800 sq ft upstairs office, too! Too many amenities to list! Priced at $767,000

!!!! SOLD

A12 | Friday, March 16, 2018 | Lee Central Coast Newspapers

2223 Crystal

Nicely reduced. Beautiful and room Irish Cottage. Hardwood floors, gourmet kitchen, breakfast area, Glorious sunroom, a master suite fit for a king, an amazing wine cellar and a sprawling pool. All this for $915,000.

o Foxenwo

Estates b u l C y r t d Coun


!!! istrict D e g Carria

1561 Canyon Creek

2406 WeDgeWooD

421 Patterson roaD

326 e Camino Colegio

Cobblestone Creek! Located in Orcutt, this beautiful 4 bedroom home offers 2 en suites and countless upgrades. A great opportunity for multi-generational living or just privacy. Granite tile counter tops and gorgeous cabinetry are the center point of the gourmet kitchen. 3 bedrooms and 2 and 1/2 baths are located upstairs. Enjoy a nicely sized patio sheltered from our ocean breezes and lush landscaping for outdoor entertaining. Listed at $549,000

This one story home offers over 2300 sq ft of beautiful living space.There aretwonicelysizedbedrooms&alargeoffice(thatcanbeeasilyconverted back to a third bedroom) situated on the north side of the home. The family room has a lovely fireplace & is the focal point. The gourmet kitchen features a working island, Be sure to take a peek outside, the little pond, patio areas and lush landscaping are sure to please! $529,000

One of the oldest homes you’ll find on Patterson Road in Orcutt utt is this diamond in the rough built in 1935. 3 bedroom, 2 bath th home. This is your opportunity to own over an acre in Orcutt with endless possibilities! The main home faces Patterson Road. There are Beautiful trees and mature landscaping. A great opportunity for the creative buyer! Priced at $562,500

Carriage district!! ! Step back in time when seeing this 2,331 square-foot cottage built to 1936 on a 13,000+ square feet lot. You’ll be surprised to find that all three bedrooms have their own personal bathrooms. The large family and living room provide ample room for entertaining. This home has so much character and has been lovingly maintained. Hurry! Priced at $599,000


tes e Esta i r a M


! reage c a / w tt


le Pe e!!! Sa i t u C t rcut


2175 arroWheaD

853 Via esmerelDa

740 mable Court

The stately five bedroom home offers everything you need for the folks that love to entertain. Over 4400 sq ft of luxury living. Crafted beamed ceilings, pizza over, oversized island, gourmet kitchen and walk in pantry... Large bedrooms, amazing master suite with sitting area. A stunning back yard and pool as well as a gun safe and extensive security features. $1,130,000.

Situated down a quiet paved driveway sits this exquisite 4,400 sq ft estate on over 4 acres of bliss. This four bedroom home will not disappoint. Privately situated master suite, a secondary suite, two guest bedrooms, and living areas that will surpass even the most experienced entertainer! Huge family room, bar area and dining rooms for enjoying all life has to offer. Priced at $1,150,000.

What a great first time home! This three bedroom home offers real hardwood flooring and a spacious family room. Enjoy an updated kitchen open to step-down dining area with pretty fireplace. The pergola shelters the stamped concrete patio and opens to a nice deck and large backyard. Newer dual pane windows, roof and other features complete this home. Situated at the end of a cul-de-sac and walking distance to Alice Shaw, Righetti, Lakeview and Pacific Christian schools. Priced nicely too! $385,000

C a l l 805 - 310 - 3505

!! sted! i L t s Ju

428 s thornburg Centrally located, this two unit property offers a two bedroom, one bath with garage in the front with $1,400/ mo rental income. The back unit offers one bedroom and one bath and is always rented at $750/mo. Live in one and rent the other! Hurry, it won’t last!! Priced at $390,000

• “Exactly who you need to get exactly what you want.” • w w w. C a l lw e n dy. Co m

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